Harlots (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Tomorrow we re-open in Greek Street.
Culls might not come.
You're a scorpion, Mrs.
Scanwell, and I've asked you to sting Margaret Wells.
The deed grants you your own liberty.
It doesn't extend to the children.
If they're slaves, you will buy them back.
I can never be a whore.
And who is Mr.
Osborne? He's the short straw.
I don't want a life like Kitty and Fanny.
I don't think she likes me.
There is torment waiting, in this world and the next, for those of you who seek base relief in the house of Margaret Wells.
In the sweat of fornication, you will thrust away your soul.
(moaning) For in your heaving and grunting you diminish your God-like form into that of a lumpen beast.
If you release the seed of your loins into her clawing Jades, - disease will latch onto you - Did I please you, sir? - and suck.
- You are lovelier than June.
God can see all your filthy desires.
He knows your lechery.
- Every lascivious thought - Mr.
every lewd and - bestial act of carnality - How did you find her? A sweet and accomplished girl.
As her keeper, you could mold her into the girl of your dreams.
She was a little distant.
Passing shyness, nothing more.
She withdrew when I touched her.
My apologies, Mrs.
I fear your daughter is not for me.
these girls are grinning succubi in rotting ribbons, a poisonous slurry between their legs.
How does she do it? Where does she get her supply of words? They pick away at your merits as though they're They're born out of pain from sewing her own cunny up.
is the she-witch, Margaret Wells.
(knocking) (preaching continues outside) (sighs) Is he to be my keeper? He was very keen to have you, but when I questioned him further about his finances, he fell far short.
(preaching continues outside) We'll find you another, better keeper.
Lady Caroline is barren.
Is she? Poor girl.
Don't pity her, it's her own fault.
The serpent feels no inclination to perform for her.
She must not worship it as I do.
It is such a fine, beautiful beast.
I'd like you to have my heir.
- Would you? - Mmm.
You could bear it and then we could send Caroline off into the country and pretend it was hers.
I wonder what Lady Caroline would think to that.
Who cares? (door opening) Get out.
I need to wash.
This is your own doing, you know.
Do you think I did this to myself? You get these disagreeable experiences because you cannot Disagreeable? Stop pretending you're still a lady.
That went up your arse with the prick of that rake you ran away with.
No more county balls for poor Miss Pettifer.
Only hairy ones now.
I hope he strangles you next time.
I used to get Osborne.
Then you came.
Now no one notices me so much.
Don't you dare be nice to me.
Don't worry.
I'm a bitch.
After we passed A guilty night In reverie Turn away! Do not cross the threshold of the Blackamoor Pimp and the Arch-Bawd of London.
Your lust will confound you.
It will cost you your soul! The blackamoor pimp.
But all suffice The season's past We choose My agreement with your father was a verbal one.
He didn't specify a date for repayment.
But your house is clearly failing, so I wish to withdraw my investment.
(cackling) I ain't got it.
Your father knew it would take time.
But I can offer you the oldest payments known to man: payment in kind.
I've seen your girls.
They're not worth ten shillings.
I don't take kindly to that.
If you cannot see my worth, clearly you have not come close enough.
Turn over and lie still.
(moaning) Harriett, may I have clean water in my jug? (moaning continues) Why does nobody want her? Mr.
Lynch said that she withdrew when he went to touch her.
We were counting on that money.
If he'd have taken her, it'd have paid off half our debts.
Now Lennox wants his loan and we can't pay it back.
Three days, Will.
Three days and the rent is due, and I haven't got it.
Business will pick up.
We've still got our regulars.
(preaching continues outside) I'm going to see Charlotte.
You all right? Of course.
Don't fret.
That day is soon upon us, my brothers, when London (coughing) That's the youngest daughter.
Margaret Wells has debauched her own child! That girl is cursed to have such a mother! What about your poor child? Margaret Wells, you are treacherous to the innocent.
You fake.
You're paid by Dame Death to destroy my trade! Rest, Mother, rest.
(coughing) It was a picture.
Wells cursing and Mrs.
Scanwell crying "Demon!" (laughing) How deliciously vulgar! I swear she'll flounder before the week is out.
The Spartans are preparing for their sacred games.
They would like a sacrifice to augur their success.
Oh, spit it out.
You want to spoil another virgin.
Allow me my metaphors.
Do they make your enterprise any less vile? The terms will be the same.
Your Spartans all have names.
I want one, that's my price.
I have sworn an oath of secrecy.
A pox on your oath, my neck is at stake! Knowledge is security.
One girl, one name.
This house and its vile harlots is an abomination.
Have you no culls with you, Mr.
North? I've got no standing around here.
Margaret Wells! Margaret Wells is an enemy of God! Does that woman never rest? (dog barking) Good mornin'.
Why don't you knock on the door? We could do it in a bed for once.
Do you want it up an alley, in the dirt and the grease? (moaning) What if you can't think of what to say? Or it comes out wrong? Then you just nod and smile and move 'em on to the easy bit.
So you find it easy? If it's giving you no pleasure, manage things, to bring them on.
You can be bold.
By grasping the nettle? Yes.
It's an easy beast to tame.
Make yourself its mistress.
Take a firm hold and set the pace.
Like on a horse.
Start with a trot (giggling) and build to a gallop.
And the more aroused they believe you, the sooner the cannon will fire its balls.
(laughing) I could bestride the world with such a serpent! Oh! There's no easier chimp to master than a man in a bed with a stiff little pintle.
(door opening) Sir George.
Howard! Satan built a palace in the fiery pit The thing that sets us apart is the warmth of our welcome.
It's different here.
The culls we need, they don't want common girls singing bawdy songs.
They want a good time, we know how to give it to 'em.
in foul and flagrant defiance of God's law, like Satan's Palace is pandemonium! She says our house is Satan's Palace.
(preaching continues) Then why don't we show her how we dance? Margaret Wells! (laughing) Keep scrubbin'! Inside now! A masquerade.
You should charge the highest price, and have a password, so only those who have it can get in.
I adore it.
(laughing) Oh, I'll invite some sparkling cheap sorts, add some spice.
I could even snag Lord Fallon.
He's an icy fish but the whole world follows him.
She's done you a favor, that preacher.
How? She's made you notorious.
You're the bad bawd of London, Ma.
When I've striven so hard to be so good.
I'll do your pimping at The Cocoa Tree tonight.
Take Lucy with you.
See if you can help her.
As an instrument of the law, you must be spotless and above reproach.
Yes, sir, absolutely.
When a man knows your vice, he can use you, can't he? And in your position, that's a dangerous thing.
Yes, yes, sir.
Take this to Quigley's in Golden Square and wait for a reply.
That's a brothel, sir.
(chuckles) I like you, Oswald.
You're efficient.
I'd hate to lose you for the sake of your filthy fuck.
(coin purse slapping) What's this for? Your betterment.
I can't see you anymore.
I'm sorry.
Margaret Wells' mother let the evil one spill his seed into her womb.
I'm sorry if I've appeared disapproving.
Well, we are mucky whores.
Being used by all those men.
Being paid.
Money I earn takes care of my daughter.
Where is she? With my sister.
walking upon the earth.
(door unlocking) For you.
You've stood by all this time while your mumma torments me, and you think I'll thank you for your sugar pigs! You fat, useless, grinning baby.
Have a care, Emily.
I care to see you clinging to your mumma's teats when you could be a man! How much does Mr.
Osborne pay? (door opening) From Justice Cunliffe.
- Mumma.
- Knock before you come in.
Emily Lacey is not to have Mr.
Osborne anymore.
Go out and knock! Did you hear what I said? I won't allow it.
Very well.
When Mr.
Osborne arrives, you tell him so.
But keep him happy, even if you have to service him yourself.
(chuckles) He won't dare say a word, ha.
That's Howard's friend, Sir Christopher Rutledge.
Everyone calls him Crispy.
Why? Public school indiscretion, which he failed to wipe from his breeches.
Miss Wells, as dazzling as ever.
May I present my sister, Lucy? She's new to society, so don't startle her with any acts of depravity.
You have my word as a gentleman.
It's not your word she must be wary of.
There's our prize, Lord Fallon.
If we get him, we get 'em all.
I want the skinny blonde! But Miss Pettifer is blonde.
I'll have the skinny one or none at all.
Then none at all.
I have spent thousands here, Quigley! And I pay to do as I like! If I go, I won't be back, and I will blacken your name from Westminster to Wapping.
Has there been some misunderstanding? No, Madam.
I've been extremely clear.
Your job is to get trade for this house, not to lose it! You're unfit for purpose.
(door slams) Any more bets please; don't be shy now.
I've been to a thousand such tedious masquerades.
This time you'll find your every desire is well met, my lord.
I have only one desire, Miss Wells.
And when you exchange your boy for a man, I hope to indulge in it.
Sir Christopher, you know my heart has only one familiar.
Your love is as boundless as a leaking jug.
I'm moved by your tender affections.
All on rouge.
What say you, Fallon? I like my pleasures guaranteed.
I prefer mine stolen and illicit.
Quit before you go too far.
(coins clinking) Rouge again.
My mother would count it a special honor if you'd attend, my lord.
Since when did I give a damn about your mother? My mother is the Arch-Bawd of London.
Did you not know? So we're all to wear masks and pretend we're in Hades? (stifled laughter) Not all of us have to pretend.
I must decline your thrilling offer.
You disappoint me.
I'd heard Lord Fallon was a man of discernment.
To Hades, and all who dare to travel there.
He's gone.
Never to return.
I vanquished him.
For you.
You look as if you've met with luck.
I met with an amorous lady of means.
My mother's giving a party.
Will you come? Yes.
You must wear a mask.
I will.
You must take yours off.
I will.
It's time for you to leave.
Sir George, may I present Mr.
D Leave.
I haven't finished playing.
Well, I'm ordering you back to the house.
- You're making yourself foolish.
- No, you have done that.
Go back to the house or I'll take you there myself.
My sister's still inside.
But you cannot go back in.
(horses clopping) I misplayed my hand.
I let the mask slip for a moment and he saw me laugh at him.
- Over here.
- Sir.
I'll see your sister safely home.
(horse clopping) Thank you.
But be wary.
There are snares all around for us harlots.
(driver shouting) (horse clopping) Haxby! Where's your master? He has not yet come home.
Perhaps he sought more congenial company.
Oh, dear.
Spurned for another.
How will I ease my poor heart? I didn't know you had such an organ in your body.
I swear you're missing an organ, too, Haxby.
(door slams) Mother.
Quigley is here.
- Mrs.
Quigley? - No, no, no, do not trouble yourself, dear Mrs.
Amelia tells me you are unwell.
Here, child.
Run to the apothecary for a soothing draft.
(breathing heavily) I trust you will be recovered enough to preach tonight.
Margaret Wells' wickedness cannot be allowed to proceed unchecked.
I will do your bidding no longer, Mrs.
My daughter and I will seek new accommodations as soon as I am able.
I have a story I would share with you.
The tale of a shameless whore, whom I once saw cavorting with her cull in plain sight.
It was such a lascivious display from a young woman without fear or decency.
I've watched her progress with interest ever since.
What was your name in those days? Does your congregation know? Or your daughter? Enjoy your preaching, Mrs.
(door closing) (gasping) - There you are.
- Thank you.
Good day.
(groaning) (door rattling) (groaning) Oh, no! No! After everything that I've done for you? Please, please, please, Charlie, just let me go.
How could you think of running away from me? I can't stay here, it's torment! But I'm looking after you.
(crying) It isn't right that she treats me like a little boy.
I'm a man.
It's time she saw that.
You saw me steal.
Why didn't you call the watch? It was not for me to judge.
Bloody purse was empty anyway.
You got any money? Come on then.
(unintelligible shouting) Take a flower? Fresh cut this morning.
Penny for a posy, my lady? Hmm.
Tell me, child, have you no family? Oh.
I'll be trained to be a lady's maid? You will.
The house is owned by a most charitable Christian gentleman.
We've placed half a dozen girls in good households.
I can hardly believe it.
What did I do to deserve such good fortune? Thank you, madam.
(door locking) Do I detect a small voice of conscience whispering in your ear? (door opening and closing) You going to try and save my soul? (commotion) This is such a sinful world.
Perhaps you're the one who needs saving.
Vi, Nancy says we're to meet her at Mrs.
You're leaving? The wages of sin don't earn themselves.
Is she coming to Hades, too? Plenty of souls to save there.
You want to see my world, Scanwell's daughter? (chattering and laughter) Have I tied it right? You're perfect, honey.
We should earn some coin tonight.
You do well, there'll be a place here for you, Betsey Fletcher.
(laughing) Why don't I get a mask? Not you.
It's different with you.
You must be seen.
You know that.
(clapping) Who is this handsome stranger? I feel strangely drawn to him.
As you are to all handsome strangers.
I'd pour gold into your lap if I was sure of your love.
You have it.
I love you.
I told you not to lie.
So, you are the ferryman who must be paid.
No, Nancy.
I am Hades, king of the underworld.
And here's my queen.
Tonight will be what we make it.
Well, what you make it.
'Cause you're Margaret Wells, queen of bloody Soho.
(chuckling) (knocking) I was told there was a party.
Take any girl you want.
They're on the house! Take your pick.
This way, you curs! (whipping, laughing) Margaret Wells openly taunts God! Her house sits like a crusting scab over the suppurating boil of Hell.
Thank you, Mrs.
Thank you for showing those sinners where to come.
Welcome! Welcome, one and all.
Welcome to my fiery hole.
(cackling) - Sinners all.
- Pandemonium.
You test God's patience tonight.
Hush, you'll be like thoroughbreds amongst donkeys.
Where are you going? To the masquerade at Margaret Wells'.
I shall take our girls and steal her trade.
That'll show Mother that my judgment can be trusted.
- Oh, take me with you.
- No.
She's taken my allowance, Emily.
You are a donkey.
Marie-Louise, take a message to Mrs.
Wells for me, I beg you.
Tell her I want to come back, and tell her I'll do anything.
La Quigley, she will kill me.
And there will be no respite and no succor Are you moved to repent, sister? I'm not your sister, Ratface.
Who are you to insult me? I earn my coins the same way as you.
I don't earn mine spying for Dame Death.
I do what I must to survive.
Then do this.
to a foul reek.
When the harlot in your arms removes her mask, a grinning death's head is all that you will see.
I am the curate from St.
Clement Danes.
Hearing of your indisposition, I've come to preach in your stead.
Who sent you? A friend.
(laughter) Mother, we must pray for the kindness of that friend.
(laughter) And the skulls will have eyes and the eyes will have jewels.
And there will be feasting in hell with roasted swans and pigs' heads with apples dipped in virgin's blood, and sinners will lick nectar from each other's stomachs, and those of firm and manly impulse Welcome.
(preaching continues) Welcome.
That's Lord Fallon.
Told you I'd get him.
I never doubted.
Welcome to my midnight realm.
(coins clinking) Our visit won't be long.
Pandemonium! (laughing) Let the folderols begin! (coins clinking, clapping) (laughter, goat bleating) I'm here to work.
Gentlemen, may I present a new and exotic addition to our house.
Well, I never! By George, a black Venus.
I am Dido, Queen of Carthage, fated to the underworld for daring to love.
Who dares love me? - Oh! - Very nice.
Now that's how a whore makes an entrance.
- Welcome, sir.
- Ladies.
(laughter) Look at you! I know! You promised me a glimpse without your mask.
You're too much, sir.
Not now.
You could almost be one of us.
Your jealousy is absurd.
He came with the Reptons, I hardly know him.
You think I don't know what a faithless whore you are? You're right.
I've pleasured every one of your friends behind your back, and we laugh at what a credulous ass you are.
A master of musick Came with an intent To give me a lesson On my instrument I thank'd him for nothing And bid him be gone For my little fiddle Should not be played on (laughter) My thing is my own And I keep it so still Though other young lasses May do as they will Too right, we do! My thing is my own And I keep it so still Though other young lasses May do as they will (applause) Well done! You're like Persephone, aren't you? I don't know, sir.
She was tricked into the underworld by eating pomegranate seeds.
Come, Fallon, the games await.
I'll take you to my underworld one day.
And a choir of heavenly bishops with buttocks opalescent as the moon will descend on the House of Wells Go and seek the best culls and bring them away as fast as possible.
- Lord Fallon.
- Mr.
No wonder you're leaving.
Here is much finer sport.
Go and finger your mother, Quigley.
Donations, please.
Thank you.
(coins clinking) That gets them in, not you.
Twice as much again if you want to gain entry.
(laughter) Sit down and shut up.
I got money to make.
(laughing) There's a story about a feast in hell, where the forks are so long that people can't reach their mouths, so all the diners starve to death.
They don't figure out that they can feed each other.
(running) Sir.
(laughing) Pleasure, treasure, and carnage.
I've always wanted to fuck royalty.
(chuckling) Your dusky queen is too delicious to resist.
Four guineas for royalty.
(moaning) (laughing) (moaning) I was determined to be the first to have you.
You're a powerful man.
I bet you always get what you want.
Oh, I do.
But tonight, I'm your queen, and you're my subject.
And you're going to do what I want.
You're no queen.
You're a goddess.
I don't want no quarrel with her.
I'll smile and smile and bring you new custom.
Quigley does not appreciate my talents.
How much do you owe? Sixty, but I'll earn you three every time a penis comes my way.
Sounds like a fair exchange.
Quarrel be damned.
I'll hide you upstairs.
Go on.
(laughing) Well, I always knew you were a whore.
For the first time in my life, I am paid.
(laughing) Well, aren't you full of surprises? Your lordship.
There's a debt to pleasure you still haven't paid, and we must remedy that, don't you think? I have to speak to my mother.
So she can charge me again? It's time to make good, loyal Lucy.
There you are.
Trying to keep out of trouble.
Charlotte, you harlot.
Keep your hands off my pirate.
He's yours for the taking.
Why are you hiding down here? (clattering) Don't you want to sail on the high seas? Of course I do.
My desire is an ocean.
Spill it into me, you brute creature, you corsair.
Now, on this table.
(moaning) Get off her, you're disgusting! Your sister doesn't seem to think so, do you? - Do you? - No.
Maybe now you'll think twice before you lick honey from that Irish rake.
(grunting) Just go.
You gave Margaret Wells my girl? They spirited her away, I couldn't find her.
You went to that bitch's kennel with three pieces of my property.
What did you think would happen? We meant to steal her trade.
Yes, and instead, she stole mine.
You let that she-hound run rings around you, just like that sly harpy upstairs.
Oh, you're a man, all right.
Your brain always in your breeches, too swollen to think.
That's hardly fair.
I should've had a girl.
No daughter of mine would've allowed herself to be duped by a whore.
Why were you the one I chose to keep? Move aside.
I am not yours to command! (whimpering) (candle clattering) (grunting) (panting) (grunting) Would he Have a young Virgin of 15 years (grunting and panting) Master of Music Came with an intent To give me a lesson On my instrument My instrument