Harold and the Purple Crayon (2001) s01e04 Episode Script

A Dog's Tale

1 Aahaah Aahaah You act on attention, like ladies and gents, when I mention my name at the door.
And I hope you pardon me, see by my card.
I am finding a world we mexplore.
You're in the dream I have drawn.
You're like the wings for my song.
I get a lift with your gift to know right from the wrong, really strong.
Our imagination will find this occasion to go where we know we belong.
Aaaaah! It was Harold's bedtime but Harold couldn't sleep.
He felt lonely sometimes, lying in his bed at night.
Harold thought it might cheer him up to play with his dog, Lilac.
Harold loved Lilac but a stuffed animal wasn't quite the same as a real dog.
Harold thought maybe if he had a real dog he wouldn't feel quite so lonely.
Lilac had come to life! And she was already quite hungry.
Lilac was thirsty too, after performing so many tricks.
Harold and Lilac had discovered the secret entrance to a hidden cave.
They had awakened a sleeping bear and the bear wasn't too happy about that.
Harold hoped a pot of honey would put the bear in a better mood.
Harold never could have faced the bear without Lilac by his side.
He decided that a dog as brave and fun to play with as Lilac deserved a doghouse.
But not just any doghouse.
It was a palace built for two.
With two of everything.
Harold was beginning to discover that Lilac wasn't the neatest roommate.
And she didn't always listen either.
Lilac had ruined Harold's sweater! And her wagging tail was erasing the beautiful house Harold had drawn for them.
Harold tried to stop her.
Bad dog, Lilac! At first, Harold was relieved that Lilac had gone.
Now he wouldn't have to put up with her mischief anymore.
And Harold was sure Lilac would be back before too long.
Any minute now.
Lilac would come running back and Harold was sure she'd be very sorry for all the trouble she'd caused.
Harold waited and waited and waited.
After a while.
Harold began to feel lonely again.
Very lonely.
So he decided to find another friend to play with.
It wasn't easy trying to play fetch with a fish.
What Harold really wanted was a dog a nice.
quiet dog who wouldn't chew everything and track muddy footprints all over the house.
But this dog was a little too quiet.
So Harold drew a peppy dog.
The peppy dog wanted to play fetch but not with Harold.
Harold realized that he didn't want to play with just any dog he wanted Lilac.
Harold began to wonder where she'd gone and why she still hadn't come back.
Maybe Lilac was never coming back.
Harold couldn't bear the thought of never seeing her again.
Lilac! The world felt so much bigger and emptier without her.
Lilac! There she was! Whoa! There was only one place Harold hadn't looked.
Harold was afraid to disturb the bear again but he had to know whether the bear had seen Lilac.
Maybe he'd asked the wrong question, Harold thought.
The bear had been so helpful the least Harold could do was thank him.
There she was! Harold wasn't ever gonna let Lilac run away from him again.
Lilac was stuck at the bottom of the cliff! Harold was desperate to help Lilac but what could he do without his purple crayon? Harold was relieved to find Lilac safe but now they were both stuck at the bottom.
Even with his purple crayon Harold wasn't sure how to get back to the top of the steep, jagged cliff.
Harold and Lilac were out of the pit, and they'd done it together.
But there was still one thing Harold knew he had to do.
I'm sorry.
Harold felt badly that he'd hurt Lilac's feelings by yelling at her and he promised he'd never do it again.
Harold wished he could go on playing with Lilac forever.
But he was getting so sleepy.
It really was time to go home.
Lilac was sad that Harold had to leave.
She couldn't be sure she'd ever see him again.
But Harold would never leave Lilac behind.
As Harold drifted off to sleep he thought about how wonderful it was to have a friend like Lilac.
They didn't always agree but he knew he and Lilac would always be there for each other.
And as long as they were together, he'd never feel lonely again.
The purple crayon dropped on the floor and Harold dropped off to sleep.