Harrow (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Non Sum Qualis

1 VOICEOVER: Previously on Harrow SIMON: It's a serial number.
We can look this up and find out exactly who this guy is.
I'm going to find this orthopaedic surgeon before you do.
CALLAN: Why do you get like this? Why do you freak out? Stephanie Quinn? 14 days to pay.
This is not my debt.
What would you do to protect your child? I thought you were smart and you knew things.
HARROW: The police are coming.
I know what they're looking for.
I'll make back the money.
I've got to go see Billie.
You're going to spot me $1,000 worth of E.
I'm going to sell it and then we don't need to speak again.
I heard you're helpful.
I'm very helpful.
VOICEMAIL: You have five new messages.
Received at 1:05am.
MAN: Xantia, why don't you answer the fucking phone? Hell must be nice.
Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
MAN: Xantia, I keep trying to call you.
Where the hell are you?! Call me! VOICEMAIL: Received at 12:47.
(PHONE LINE RINGS) It's about time.
I got your messages.
I've just finished up.
I've got to drop something off and then I'll come see you, OK? Alright, alright.
- What's up? - You are.
Got a pen? (DOG WHINES) Oh, coffee.
Thanks, Harrow.
- Uh! - Where's my car, Linds? What car? Oh, Fern.
You didn't hear that from me.
Here you go, Linds.
- WOMAN: I'm really scared.
- MAN 2: Just step back please, ma'am.
- Just give us a second, OK? Just step back.
Harrow? I believe you know Detective McCloud from Drugs and Serious Crime.
So I'm guessing Drug Squad means that this young lady's fall was a bit complicated.
There was apparently a party on the eighth floor.
Everyone who could has flown the coop.
We've got one young woman in emergency suffering the following symptoms, high heart rate, dehydration, bad hallucinations.
None of them seem to know exactly what they took.
They thought it was some kind of MDMA, but tablets, not tabs.
The problem is the young woman in hospital has a heart condition and her doctors need to know exactly what she took.
Well, how long has she been dead? Um, an hour nearly.
Why? - Have you taken your photos? - Yeah.
Get me the doctor on the phone.
After death, the gastric lining can begin to break down.
Doctor Sharma, I have Daniel Harrow.
I will bring your ladder back, I promise.
What have you got? Female, early twenties, - with polymorphic VT.
- Sustained tachycardia? In bursts, but those bursts are getting really high.
I'm worried that her heart will fail but I don't dare give her anything until I know what she's taken.
So I'm guessing the best way to save her would be to find some unmetabolised traces.
- Exactly.
- I'll call you back.
Who are you calling? - Deputy Coroner.
- BRYAN: What for? Permission.
I need to cut her open.
Oh Damn.
Straight to voicemail.
I say just do it.
Wait, wait.
What? No.
No, you do not have an order for a post-mortem.
Oh, you heard what Sharma said.
There's a young girl in hospital, dying.
- Jesus Christ.
- Here.
- What's her name? - Grace.
Grace Mulgrew.
She's a political law student.
OK, Grace.
Let's see if we can find what you took.
- Anything? - (SIGHS) Nothing much, but we'll take it to the hospital.
I'll need a lift.
- CALLAN: Maybe she didn't die.
- FERN: She fell eight storeys.
- Can you tell me what's happening? - I don't know what's happening.
This just says there's people in hospital with suspected drug overdoses.
- Pete.
Nothing useful in that stomach content? I'm afraid not.
- Thanks for trying, though.
- Mm.
Torsades? It's in and out.
It's not getting any better.
Cardiologist is on her way, but Do you think she's suffering from long QT syndrome? Could be the cause of her rapid heartbeat, but Long QT's pretty rare.
Yeah, and there are like 12 different types.
But it's worth a look.
Since when did you and Pavich start hooking up? None of your bloody business.
Come here.
Uh, Drug Squad's been looking into the social media uploads from that party, trying to work out who might have taken those pills, - or who sold them.
- Mm? There's a photo taken outside that you need to see.
Is that your car? Same model.
Can't see the plates.
You know I wasn't at that party.
I know your daughter has a tendency to borrow stuff, and I also know that she was admitted to hospital not that long ago for an overdose.
It's not Fern's kind of scene.
Yeah, I know.
But if she was at that party, with all that bad gear floating around I'm just saying, look in on her, OK? Oh, and if you do speak to her, ask if she saw who was selling.
'Cause once we find out who it is, we're gonna charge that prick with murder.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Are you alright? (SIGHS) Mum said she wouldn't give you my number.
You were at that party, weren't you? - Yeah.
- Oh, Fern.
How do you know? The police have a photo of my car out the front of the party.
You didn't take what was going around, did you? - No.
- Are you sure you're alright? She's in your morgue, isn't she? Did you see what happened? What are people saying? There are some people in intensive care and there's a girl who, I don't know, she might die because they just don't know what she took.
Can I Can I please see you, make sure you're OK? I'm OK.
I told you this was a bad idea.
- We've gotta go see Billie.
- You're kidding, right? And say what? The pills he gave are killing people.
He needs to hand them in.
- Hand yours in! - I would, but I just flushed them.
We can't just go see Billie and accuse him like that.
Just promise me you won't go, please.
He's dangerous.
(PHONE RINGS) - Hello? - Hi.
It's Jesse.
From school? I know who you are, Jesse from school.
Oh, good.
I just wanted to see if you would like that lift this morning to said school.
Well, normally, but I just got my car back from Ugh! Shit! Steph? Can I call you back? Proceeding to right leg.
Examination reveals fresh contusion on anterior of right knee approximately 3cm by 2cm.
Whatcha doing? - W-what are you? Please, leave.
- Well, that's amazing.
I'm trying to work here.
- Just pause, will you? Pause! - Oh, you Just get him out of here, will you? Is your morning lacking sufficient chaos? - Another overdose from the party? - No.
Her name is Xantia Couttas, a legal secretary.
Her body was found in a pond in the city parklands.
Someone hit her on the head with a rock and then drowned her.
- Sexual assault? Robbery? - Neither.
What? Well, she didn't drown.
Her throat's too swollen.
Hang on.
Someone choked her to death with garden soil.
Billie! Billie! Billie? Billie? Billie! Shit, Billie! Billie? (LINE RINGS) Ambulance.
Drug overdose, 142 Penrose Street, Auchenflower.
Billie? (SIREN WAILS) (KNOCK AT DOOR) It's open! Ambulance.
Hello? Sergeant Dass? You authorised that street autopsy.
- Is that what Harrow said? - No.
He said he thought you'd say no so he went right ahead and did it.
But I know you, I know you miss Melbourne CIB, I know you miss being a detective.
But you're Scenes of Crime now.
Yes, sir.
And make a point of apologising to Maxine Pavich.
MAXINE: "Interfering with a corpse.
" That's the charge the lawyer engaged by the girl's mother is throwing around.
Oh, this coffee is dreadful.
- When were you in Geneva? - None of your business.
Deputy Coroner's not impressed.
If the stomach contents had produced something, it might have made your .
"cavalier sidewalk surgery" easier to spin, but it didn't.
So, when can I finish her post-mortem? The DC wants an explanation as to why you didn't wait for his return call.
Then tell him that the parietal cells undergo lysis, releasing excess hydrochloric acid that quickly destroys gastric mucosa and the dissociating admixture can leak into the stomach cavity - Daniel.
- meaning that if there was any remnants of a pill, - I needed to find it fast.
- Daniel! So, with a girl still dying in hospital, I thought it was worth cutting open a dead one - to try and save her! - Daniel.
I understand.
I do.
And for what it's worth, I think you did the right thing.
So let me finish Grace Mulgrew's post-mortem.
No-one's going near her body, not right now.
Why not? Because her parents are coming in later to formally identify her and, depending on their reaction, we will decide whether it's you or Fairley who completes the PM you started on the street.
What are the river bones still doing here? Well, it's an open case.
Well, can't they go in the bone archive room? Oh, it's full.
- What about cold storage? - Oh, that's full too.
Oh, what What do you suggest? Well, I don't know.
I mean, it's not like we can exactly cremate them.
Why not? You've got the DNA samples? - Yeah.
- You scanned them? - Yeah, but - You retrieved some ortho plate? Well, been no luck with that either.
Is there anything else you need from them? I I mean Good.
I'll put in a request to have them destroyed.
Have Simon get rid of them.
SIMON: Grace Mulgrew.
The girl who fell from the building.
MAXINE: Daniel, you can't be here.
Has she arrived? Yeah, but I'm not allowed anywhere near her at the moment.
Well, I guess we screwed up.
We tried.
That's not screwing up.
- You still at the scene? - Yeah.
I've got like 20 million plastic cups to fingerprint and swab and, uh four used condoms.
Hey, no trace of the drug? That girl in hospital is going downhill.
No, not yet.
Nichols found a bunch of photos from the party.
Witnesses aren't talking.
Young lawyers taking drugs at a death scene.
They're hardly going to incriminate themselves.
They think the seller was a young woman.
Red dress.
There's no clear photos of her yet.
Your friend Detective McCloud is fun.
How come you two didn't hit it off? I guess she's just too easygoing for me.
Uh, booties and gloves, detectives.
Yeah, I just came to see how the printing was going.
If I know Jill, she'll be all over this case in no time.
Is that Harrow? Dan.
Nichols says your daughter Fern may have been at the party.
She says she wasn't.
I'd like to talk to her.
I don't have her number.
Then how did you speak to her? She called me on a landline.
- Was your daughter here? - (PHONE BEEPS) Hey, look, I'm going to have to call you back, OK? OK.
Bub, where are you? Stay there.
- You're bleeding! - It's not mine.
Stop, OK? Why here? No cameras.
Were you wearing a red dress? Baby, they're looking for you.
Just save that girl.
(ON ANSWERING MACHINE) Hi, you've called Stephanie Tolson.
Please leave a message and I'll call you back.
Hey, it's me.
If the cops call asking for Fern's number, don't give it to them.
I'll get these to the lab.
I don't want to know.
I bet they do.
It was left out the back of Turbot Street.
Why the morgue? Well, I guess the person heard a girl fell from a building.
Dead people go to the morgue.
Seems smart to me.
- Fingerprints on the bag? - Shit.
I'm sorry.
Have you spoken to your daughter? Like I said, I don't have Fern's number.
Your ex-wife doesn't have her number either.
It's inconvenient.
Jill, Harrow's daughter's a bit of a wild card.
A wild card who's been admitted for a drug overdose, who sleeps rough and whose father's car, it seems, was parked outside the party.
Is this your daughter, Dan? It doesn't seem like the Fern that I know.
Have you got a recent photo of her? Fern hasn't been much for photos recently.
Let's go see him.
See who? Billie Radbourne.
One prior for possession.
- Same symptoms.
- Same drug.
Was he at the party? Well, he hasn't appeared on any of the social uploads.
The ambos brought him from his house.
They got his phone.
OK, great.
When it's cracked, I want to see recent calls.
Who phoned the ambos? Anonymous 000.
A young woman.
No ID.
Babe, your dad's calling again.
Come on, Fish.
You didn't know what was in those pills.
STEPHANIE: What the hell is going on? Why do the police want Fern? Well, she took my car without asking.
I reported it stolen.
So why was the cop that called me from the Drug Squad? I don't care if you lie to me, just not about Fern.
Did you hear about the girl that fell from a building last night? Bad trip form a party drug.
The cops think that the seller was a young woman.
It wasn't Fern's kind of scene.
It was full of rich, young lawyers in D&G and Paul Smith.
Yeah, that's where she should be! It's a misunderstanding.
I'm just trying to keep her out of trouble.
What do we do? She won't answer calls.
I don't know.
If you talk to her, just tell her to lay low until all this blows over.
If she's got your car, how did you get here? Borrowed Fairley's.
Lyle lent you his car? Deep down, he's a really nice guy.
Whoever stole it, I want them strung up by their thumbs and beaten like a pinata.
Thank you, Constable.
Jessica, tell me when my taxi arrives, will you? Soroya.
- Hi.
- Who's that? The young girl that fell from the balcony and her parents.
Ah, yes.
The one Harrow cut open on the street.
Well, no wonder they're upset.
What would you have done? Waited for the coroner.
I mean, look who's unhappy, everyone.
We have a process.
It is meticulous.
It's a bit slow, but it works.
You know, Harrow and I went to the same school for a while.
Straight As for both of us, until he dropped out.
Why did he drop out? Family stuff.
Harrow is a fabulous pathologist but he's like a painter.
Like a Greco or a Hebuterne or Van Gogh.
Just all wild stabs in bright colours.
No meticulous staying in the lines for him.
All those painters killed themselves.
I don't think he'll do that.
I wouldn't want to be around him when he self-destructs, though.
Are you warning me off him? I'm just warning.
(PHONE RINGS) - Hey, Peter.
- Hi, Dan.
Mad day.
Listen, uh, thank you.
You were right about Hannah's rapid heartbeat.
It was long QT syndrome.
And what about the pills? How did your lab go? They're some kind of mash-up.
Mostly a substituted phenethylamine hallucinogen.
Like N-Bomb? Yeah, but these have traces of fentanyl.
Fentanyl and N-Bomb? That's like petrol and matches.
And in Hannah's case, it triggered a severe drop in her potassium, which caused her heart to beat erratically.
So what did the cardiologist do? IV magnesium? Oh, we tried magnesium but no response, so we had to go with overdrive pacing and she's responding well.
Looks like she's out of the woods.
Anyway, uh, thank you.
VOICEMAIL: The person you have called is not available.
Please leave Are you worried about her? The girl in the hospital? I heard she was going to be OK.
I was just on with Peter Sharma.
Come in.
I was just making some dinner.
Would you like some? If you've got enough.
Well, I've got enough spaghetti.
A lot can be said about a man by the size of his boat.
It's not just the size.
- Is this your daughter? - Fern, yeah.
Is she like you? Oh, she's like no-one.
Strong, wilful, straight As in school.
- But dropped out? - Yeah.
So she is like you.
You've been talking to Fairley.
I want to know about you.
School Captain, cello, the debating team.
Head Prefect, flute, and the Science Club.
Making me the go-to girl for fake IDs and cigarettes and boys.
A rule breaker.
So why Scenes of Crime? What brought you up here? Why'd you drop out of school? My father died.
He was a doctor.
A real doctor.
And that's what you wanted to do.
Save lives.
We do what we're good at.
You did good today.
You saved that girl.
Whoever brought in those pills did that.
Do you mind? No, please.
Hey, man I really need you back again The years are plenty Fairley thinks you're trouble.
Fairley's a smart man.
Cigarettes, fake IDs and boys.
I'm trouble too.
(WHISPERS) I like trouble.
I used to watch you from the van It was your band Don't let us bully you, baby Got problems of the heart And you're the perfect blend - Jill, Billie Radbourne's phone.
- Mm? He calls this number a lot.
Well, if he's using, that's his dealer.
Call it.
VOICEMAIL: The person you have called is unavailable Oh.
Who's it registered to? (SNORTS) Ivanka Trump.
A burner, OK.
So this one's his mother's phone, local Thai takeaway.
So who's this? OK, who is Callan Prowd? Can we track his number? (KNOCK AT DOOR) (KNOCK AT DOOR) You left your phone, Callan! I'm looking for Callan Fern.
Fern Harrow.
We've been looking for you.
Jitterbug You put the boom-boom into my heart You send my soul sky high when your lovin' starts (PHONE RINGS) Hey.
- Oh, my God, you miss him too.
- What? - George Michael.
- No.
I just It's a long story.
- What's up? - Did Pavich tell you? She's authorised to have the river bones cremated.
- Are they going now? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
It feels weird.
- How do you mean? I mean, we still don't know who he is.
This is the first time I think we've ever, you know, failed.
I guess there's a first time for everything.
Look, I'll be in soon.
We need to talk about George Michael.
We really don't.
Take me dancing tonight (PHONE RINGS) I wanna hit that high Hey.
- I had a good time last night.
- Me too.
Heard about the river bones? Yeah.
Pavich said that you fought to keep them.
But that's not why I'm calling.
Dan, Jill McCloud has detained your daughter.
What the hell is going on, Bryan? The girl in the hospital with the heart condition.
She just ID'd Fern as the person who sold her the pills.
Oh, from what? From a blurred photo of the back of someone's head? - That could be Angela Merkel.
- Harrow! I saw your car outside.
You miraculously turn up with some of those pills.
Your daughter fits the description.
I know you love her, mate, but don't play me for a fool.
I want to talk to her.
I'm going to get you a lawyer.
And you don't have to talk to the police until your lawyer arrives, OK? So, what happened? They say they found Callan's number on some drug user's phone.
And that I was selling drugs at some party two nights ago.
Did you tell them where you were that night? Mm.
Callan already told them that I was with him.
I saw on the news that there was some girl who was in hospital.
She, uh, had a heart problem, but she's OK now.
In fact, she's the one that's saying that you were selling pills.
I mean, how would you even get hold of drugs? Exactly.
I don't know.
You'd have to ask some drug user.
Is there anyone else sick in hospital? He wasn't at the party.
So I don't know how that's going to help you.
I don't either.
I'll get you out of here, OK? Don't tell Mum.
(PHONE VIBRATES) (KNOCK AT DOOR) - SIMON: Boss? - I'm not here.
I can hear you, though.
Not if you go away, you can't.
I heard.
They haven't charged her, though, have they? And what are you going to do? I don't know.
If I knew I'd do anything for her.
(COMPUTER BLEEPS) Oh, that's for me.
Sorry, I've been using your computer while you've been Yep.
Analytics on Xantia Couttas, Fairley's choking victim from the pond.
Was that the soil analysis from her throat? Yeah.
It's even messier than the pond water.
Go back.
So? Demethylated metabolites are excreted by a body that's taken a synthesis of methoxy-benzaldehyde.
That's the drug that Grace Mulgrew, the girl who fell from the balcony, took.
And also the drug the girl with the heart condition took.
So why was there traces of it in Xantia's throat? Was there any in her other toxes? Nope.
Only the soil.
Let me see that soil analysis again.
Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium.
Salts found in human sweat.
And what can synthesised hallucinogens make you do? Sweat.
A lot.
Fairley thinks she died around the same time the party was going on.
But nowhere near the party.
And what was that you said you found on her hands? Um Naphtha, propane and silicone.
- Like silicone aerosol spray? - Yeah, maybe.
She was dressed to go out.
Why on earth would she have industrial lubricant on perfectly manicured hands? Care to go for a drive? SOROYA: I'll be back.
I just want to double-check the exits.
- This is it.
- And the soil from here? She lived right there.
That's where the police think she was coming from, anyway.
Did they find any silicone spray in her apartment? Nope.
What if she was headed towards her apartment, hmm? Say, from there? Silicone.
I just found an interesting fingerprint here at the party building.
Interesting how? Interesting because .
she's in your morgue.
We lubricate the hinges and locks every month.
No-one's ever complained.
BRYAN: Well, there you go.
Looks like a pharmacy.
Don't keep incriminating evidence at home.
The Red Rabbits.
- Here.
- That could be our mystery number.
What was the number on Billie Radbourne's phone? (PHONE RINGS) I want this phone unlocked.
So you found her prints at the party.
She threw away a plastic glass while she was leaving.
So she's come back here to her locker, she's put drugs back, she's put money back.
She locks the door, she gets silicone lubricant on her hands.
She's heading back towards her apartment.
Not realising that someone's waiting for her.
She's struck on the head.
He drags her into the shadows where she's too dazed to do anything, while he scoops up the soil.
This guy's sweating, and the sweat from his hands is getting into that soil.
And he's sweating so much because he's taken a Red Rabbit hallucinogen too.
- But - Ambulance! - he makes it home.
- It's open! And that's where the paramedics find him.
Detective? We have a voicemail.
MAN: (ON ANSWERING MACHINE) Xant, you bitch.
Those things you sold me, these red fucking things, they're bad, bitch! I'm going to fuckin' kill you.
I'm going to kill you! Call the hospital.
I want Billie Radbourne detained.
His medical condition MAN: Sir? Hey! Hey! Billie! Billie! Billie! Billie! Stop! Wait! (TYRES SKID) - Here to see my daughter, Fern Harrow.
- WOMAN: Fern Harrow.
She's just been released.
Have you heard from her? - HARROW: No, but I think she'll be OK.
And that drug business? Well, like I said, just a big misunderstanding.
Speaking of Fern, do you know where her old sleeping bag is? No.
Why? I was just thinking about going on a camping trip.
With your teacher friend? Maybe.
Why don't you check in the junk box in the shed? Yep.
- Thank you.
- OK.
Well, I guess I better go.
('TOTAL CONTROL' BY THE MOTELS PLAYS ON STEREO) Looking counterclockwise You never answered my question.
About why you came up here.
Another time.
Steadfast collapse Always certain any moment Maybe you, maybe you What's that? Another time.
Recline complete Dream too sweet I can't do it, not with you Not even with you Maybe never with you And I'd sell my soul for total control Oh, oh, oh My car! Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop, stop.
Stop! Excuse me, friend.
- It's a no standing zone, friend.
- Yes, but I didn't park it here.
- Is this your vehicle? - Yes, but it's been stolen.
There there's been a mistake.
Yep, a $350 mistake.
What? Oh - You look nice.
- The Deputy Coroner rang.
The parents of the girl who fell from the building have agreed to a post-mortem.
But Mbanefo has expressly suggested that you not be the one to perform it.
But I know that you like to finish what you start, so scoot.
Do you know why they didn't want it done? They weren't ready to accept they'd lost her.
Because when we start, it makes it real, somehow.
Go look after her.
Don't you ever do that again.
I'll fill her up the next time.
The girl from the pond.
My autopsy, hm? My autopsy! She just thought she was going to have a fun night.
Until someone sold her a pill.
I saw Fern the other day.
Out the back.
Was she at that party? Harrow? No.
(PHONE RINGS) Soroya Dass.
It's Lyle.
From Turbot Street.
Hi, Lyle.
Now, this is a bit unusual, but remember how Harrow had a view as to how long those bones had been in the river? - Worms, right? - Yes.
It's just that well, I'm not reading the text the same way he did.
You know, I'm not saying Harrow's wrong, but But? I think that those bones might have been in the river for less than a year.
Nine months.
They've gone to the crematorium, Lyle.
Oh, OK.
Well Well, I just thought that you should know that Harrow is not perfect.
- OK.
Thanks, Lyle.
- Very good.
VOICEOVER: Next, on Harrow I want to see if I can postpone the cremation of some remains that were sent to you.
Tell me, was it you who went behind my back? Is there something I need to know? CALLAN: I know you want a place of our own.
My stepmum said it's ours if we want it.
Oh, hell.
SIMON: She lost a lot of blood, so where did she lose it? I don't know.
But it wasn't here.
Sometimes a bloke gets away with murder.
Did you kill him?