Harrow (2018) s02e05 Episode Script

Ab Initio

1 Previously on Harrow FERN: I found these.
A betting slip from the racecourse.
He claimed 30K for that 20K of fentanyl the police seized.
I thought the dead would be easier to work with.
So, you think, coming to pathology, you've made an error of judgement? I don't know.
But I've met a good dancer.
Do you really believe Brendan Skene shot you? Could I ask you a couple of questions about your ex-husband? Brendan Skene sent a lot of letters home.
He had someone write them for him.
You wrote those letters.
But you didn't write all of them, did you? Which means Skene had a new cellmate.
Francis Chester.
(GRUNTS) I know you told me to mind my own business, but I've found something out and it's important.
Call me back, yeah? (DREAMY MUSIC) Mad world Mad world Mad world Mad world All around me are familiar faces Worn-out places, worn-out faces Bright and early for the daily races Goin' nowhere Goin' nowhere And their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I want to drown my sorrow No tomorrow No tomorrow Mad world - What are you doing here? - Getting a coffee.
The only takeaway coffee in the entire city happens to be exactly where I do my morning Tai Chi.
The point of my morning Tai Chi, Harrow, is to provide solitude and repose, to prepare me for a day of annoyance and grievance.
Why wouldn't you ever tell me you had a niece? You came all this way to ask me that? And to see your 'snake creeps down'.
That alone was worth a trip across town.
- Alright - Seriously You and I have known each other for how long? - Too long.
- Exactly.
So, why wouldn't you ever mention a niece who's a top neurosurgeon? Well, the same reason I haven't told you about my 17th-century ceramics collection.
Because unless it's work, you're not interested.
The real question .
is why do want to know? Look, she's smart, really smart.
She was on her way to becoming the top in her field.
Why would she leave? - Uh, what's the big secret? - You'll have to ask her.
- Well, I'm asking you.
- Well, I'm not telling you.
Ah Couldn't have been professional misconduct.
- (PHONE CHIMES) - Oh Pavich.
I'm not even sure why you're even interested.
- (PHONE BLEEPS) - But I hope it's just idle curiosity and nothing more than that.
(SHIP'S HORN BLARES) (NICHOLS SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY) (CAMERA BEEPS AND CLICKS) What's going on? It's, uh it's very bad news, I'm afraid.
You need to prepare yourselves.
(CAMERA BEEPS AND CLICKS) NICHOLS: Looks like he drowned.
He had his phone and his wallet with him.
We checked his travel card and he boarded a ferry at 7:50 last night.
He never got off.
Now, the tides .
and the fact the body washed up here .
we think he must have fallen off around 8:00.
Well, how does someone fall off a ferry? What was he even doing on a ferry? OK, when was the last time anyone saw him? He, uh he went home sick but that was two days ago.
Harrow? I, uh I just got back from Port Astor last night.
I meant to call him, but .
my phone went flat on the flight.
There's a message from him.
Eight o'clock.
That's the time he was on the ferry.
RECORDING: You have one new voicemail.
New message, 8:01pm.
SIMON: Hey, it's me.
I know you told me to mind my own business but .
I've found something out and it is really important.
So call me back, yeah? What's that about? What did he want to talk to you about? I don't know.
You must have some idea.
- I don't know! - OK, OK.
We'll look into it from our end.
We'll check security cameras on the ferry.
But right now, it looks like accidental drowning, unless the post-mortem tells us something different.
FERN: Are you sure it was an accident? That's what it looks like.
I'm on my way to the morgue now.
Yeah, but, Dad, what if it wasn't? The police are pretty sure he drowned.
Well the police are pretty sure that I stole that fentanyl.
Look .
let's just find out how he died.
Then we'll see what we're dealing with.
- OK.
- And take care.
Promise me you'll be careful.
And if you see anything wrong, anything that doesn't make sense, call me.
I will.
Mum - Hey - It's Simon.
PAVICH: Simon's sister, Karina.
He has a sister? Didn't you know? Their parents are, uh, flying in but they won't be here till tomorrow.
What about David? Not here .
under the circumstances.
They split up.
Three months ago.
Didn't he tell you? KARINA: Simon spoke so much about you.
I wondered his death .
could it be anything to do with his epilepsy? Was he recently diagnosed? No, he had it since he was a kid.
- Did you know about this? - Yeah, of course.
- Can I see him now? - I'm sorry.
Not yet.
We need to complete the autopsy first.
(SOBS QUIETLY) I saw him.
It was only three days ago.
How can he be? (CRIES) We will find out what happened.
I don't need to tell you how important this is.
We miss nothing.
- I'd like to do it.
- No.
Grace will conduct the autopsy.
Lyle, I'd like you to supervise.
Can we have a word? Carry on.
Do you think Simon's death was an accident? I'm just concerned that .
given your completely understandable distress right now, that you might try and link Simon's death to other events in your life.
Are you suggesting that my post-mortem would be biased? No.
No, no, no.
I just don't want anyone else suggesting it.
Simon's autopsy needs to be completely impartial.
No perceived conflicts of interest.
We owe him that.
Dr Fairley? Can you get the CT scan up for me, please? Yes, of course.
Are you OK? I'm more worried about him.
He needs a distraction.
Have you got something? We had an electrocution this morning.
Can you tell me again what happened? I had no idea he was dead.
I just thought it was a blown fuse.
You said all the lights went out around 9:00? Dr Harrow.
Turua Parata.
Crime scene.
I, uh I heard about your colleague.
- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
What do we have? Ross Moran.
Seems a pretty straightforward accidental death.
We're trying to locate family, but fingerprints will confirm.
- Prison? - Been in and out all his life.
Assault, theft, petty crime.
Mostly around racing and gambling.
The neighbour said the fuse in her flat blew.
At 9:00, so that gives us the time of death.
Listening to the races in the bath, radio falls in, race over.
The perils of gambling.
Was there anyone else in the bathroom? This dust mark here.
That radio's been sitting there for months, if not years.
Why would it suddenly fall off the ledge last night? Well, maybe he had a winner.
Got excited, kicked his legs in the air.
And why did he grab the curtain? Electrocution is instant.
There's no time to grab for anything.
Well, there's no sign of forced entry.
The doors are locked from the inside.
The neighbour lives through that wall and all she heard was his radio, so Can you dust for prints anyway? I heard you were like this.
Like what? Like you get a hunch and, suddenly, everyone has to do overtime.
I'm not sure I'd trust my hunches right now, but let's get it dusted anyway.
(HARROW SIGHS) (CAMERA CLICKS) Burn marks? Yeah, it's from the rings he was wearing.
What about that bruising? That's not from electrocution.
No, that's pre-mortem.
So, he could have had a fight with someone.
Yes, but not in the bathroom.
For swelling to occur, this would have happened some time before he died.
No injuries to the face.
- (DEVICE BEEPS) - Maybe he's the better fighter.
And the other person has the facial injuries.
Fingerprints Bureau.
They've run the prints.
OK, all the prints in the bathroom belong to Mr Moran.
- Except - What? - There was a smudge.
- What sort of smudge? When I took the radio out of the water and dried it off, there was a smudge on the back.
And you ran lab tests.
What did you find? Small amounts of talcum, which could be baby powder or From latex gloves.
I'm gonna have to talk to my boss, see where he wants to take this.
The man was a gambler.
I'd start by trying to find out who he owes money to.
(FANFARE PLAYS) (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) RACE-CALLER: Taking off the fence now, Red Fever starting to go and they're followed further back by Lord Shabby, Gold Eagle.
As they turn for home and Lloyd's Luck advances to the lead, about 400 metres left to go, by a length and a half, Marobbin Bay.
Fair Dinkum coming home well down the outside, followed by Crown Silver.
And Velveeta is starting finish well at the sprint now.
Lloyd's Luck is tackled by Marobbin Bay.
Velveeta enjoying another good run.
Lloyd's Luck tackled by Marobbin Bay down the outside.
Go! Go! - Get up! - Go! Go! (SHOUTING AND RACE-CALLING CONTINUES) Yes! Go! Yes! Yes! Marobbin Bay by a long head to Lloyd's Luck, Gold Eagle would be just behind them, followed by Velveeta.
And back behind them, a further gap in the field, the others were Red Fever, they were followed by Marine Girl.
Back behind them, Lord Shabby, Fair Dinkum and Your Highness.
And a long way back (CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) Nice sutures, Dr Molyneux.
His family will be Would you like me to finish up, Dr Fairley? Mm.
(SOAP DISPENSER SQUELCHES) (WATER RUNS) (SIGHS) Anything to contradict drowning? Do you know how he fell off? There were flakes of paint under his fingernails.
We're getting it tested but it's the same colour as the ferry.
Bruising? Probably hit the side on his way over.
And all these other marks on his body They're all consistent with floating in the river overnight and getting caught on things.
Is there any suggestion or possibility anyone else was involved? Not from what I've found.
We'll wait for tox to come back, of course, but the preliminary finding is death by drowning.
What were you doing on that ferry? You don't even like boats.
His sister's ready for him.
You should talk to her.
You did the autopsy.
You knew him better.
It should come from you.
May I touch him? Of course.
Simon Says.
It was our game when we were kids.
Simon always won.
Thank you for looking after him.
It's so nice he's with the people he loved the best.
VOICEMAIL: 8:01pm.
SIMON: (ON RECORDING) Hey, it's me.
I know you told me to mind my own business, but .
I've found something out and it is really important.
So call me back, yeah? To replay, press 5.
SIMON: Hey, it's me.
I know you told me to mind my own business What are you doing? You've accessed my autopsy report.
Are you trying to see if I made a mistake? I'm trying to understand how a perfectly healthy 27-year-old who hates boats falls off a ferry.
Only he wasn't perfectly healthy.
The epilepsy? It's possible he had a seizure.
Well, that would cause him to fall to the deck, not out over the rail.
What if he was sitting on the rail? Anyway, I didn't even know he had epilepsy.
I find it hard to believe he'd have an episode serious enough to kill him.
That's what SUDEP is, sudden unexpected death In epilepsy.
Yes, I know.
It just feels wrong somehow.
Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing what his brain was doing in those crucial moments.
But we might be able to find out what his heart was doing.
The smart watch.
Has anybody checked it? That's when he died.
Now, if he'd had a seizure, we'd be seeing a little tachycardia right here.
No sign of elevated heart rate at all.
And there's also no decrease in heartbeat beforehand.
If he'd had a dizzy spell caused by low blood pressure, we should be seeing the heartbeat slow.
What's this, though, at 8:02? That's when he called me.
VOICEMAIL: 8:01pm.
SIMON: Hey, it's me.
I know you told me to mind my own business, but .
I've found something out and it is really important.
So call me back, yeah? He sounds excited.
Do you know what he was talking about? The police said he boarded the ferry at 7:50.
What's that? Elevated heart rate for three minutes, at 7:30.
We need to find out where he was right there.
Well, all we know is he got off at Duralong Point at 6:30 and reboarded at 7:50.
Do we have anything from the ferry? Uh, security footage? No cameras on the boat.
Only the entries and exits.
That's him getting off.
And that's him boarding the return ferry.
Um, did you find his bag? It must have gone overboard with him.
It'll be somewhere in the river.
So, something happened in that hour and 20 minutes while he was off the ferry.
- What's at Duralong Point? - It's an old wharfie suburb.
It's pretty run-down there.
Why would Simon be there? And do we have his phone records? Do we know where he was at Duralong Point? There's only one tower in the area, so he could be anywhere here.
It's a pretty big footprint.
But, uh, what is the connection between where he went and his death? We are still talking accidental drowning, right? Yes.
Do you disagree? It's not my autopsy.
Thanks for backing me up in there.
Are you disputing my findings? I'm not disputing cause of death.
But don't you want to know why Simon was on that ferry and what caused him to fall off? Did you pinch the phone records? I need to know what he was doing at that ferry stop.
How is that relevant to how he died? Well, we won't know until we get there.
Whatever you're looking for, you think that if you'd have done the autopsy yourself, you'd have found it.
I just need to know what he was doing all the way out at a place that I've never heard him mention.
Well, it seems pretty clear you didn't hear him mention lots of things.
And it's only now, now he's on my autopsy table, that you're starting to pay attention.
Well, newsflash, he's not your patient.
So, whatever it is you find, it's not gonna bring him back.
I hope you find what you need.
(BEEP) Alright.
I'm from the Coroner's Office.
Were you working here last night? I'm looking for a friend who was here.
Yeah, well, it was busy last night.
Can I have one of those, please? Five bucks.
I see it's Ross Moran's turn this weekend.
I'm afraid he won't be laying any bets.
He died last night.
What? How? Still trying to work that out.
That kid was here.
He came in looking for Ross, they went out the back and they had a bit of a fight.
Do you know what about? Is there any footage, security cameras? No.
But it wasn't a big thing.
Ross just told him to piss off, I think, and he did.
What about Ross? He came back in and had another beer.
Look, we can't find a single thing to connect Simon with Ross Moran.
There's no evidence of any previous contact.
There's no phone records of the two of them calling each other.
None of the neighbours have ever even seen Simon.
And, yet, Simon turns up to the bar, asks for Moran.
They have a fight, Simon leaves.
Moran finishes his beer, he leaves.
And within 90 minutes, they're both dead.
They can't possibly have killed each other.
What are you saying? I don't know.
Grace's report said accidental drowning.
Your preliminary report on Moran said accidental electrocution.
Yes, but what about that talcum smudge on the radio? If that came from a latex glove, that puts someone else in the bathroom.
It's not enough to pursue a homicide investigation, not with no other evidence to support it.
Their deaths have to be coincidental.
(SIGHS) Harrow? What do you think's going on here? I don't know.
Look, Maxine is probably right.
They died miles apart, at different times.
Both look like accidents.
But why was Simon even there? What was he looking for? What was he trying to tell me when he rang? Do you think Simon's death is somehow connected to your shooting? And Fern? And the Fiat and the rest of it? If I said that, you'd accuse me of being crazy.
Well, I'm hoping you are, mate.
Because otherwise, what are we dealing with here? I don't think Brendan Skene shot me.
Who did? A man called Francis Chester.
But, unfortunately, he couldn't have.
'Cause he's inconveniently dead.
(LAUGHS) VOICEMAIL: You have one saved message.
Message received 8:01pm.
SIMON: Hey, it's me.
I know you told me to mind my own business but .
I've found something out and it is really important.
So call me back, yeah? To replay, press 5.
To transfer, press 4.
To do SIMON: Hey, it's me.
I know you told me to mind my own business but Hey.
I've found something out and it is really important.
So You OK? Simon.
I'm surprised you're here, actually.
I thought you'd be at work or .
trying to prove that Simon's death wasn't an accident.
Fern told me you think there might be more to it.
I don't know.
He was out there, doing something.
I have no idea what.
How is Fern? I don't know.
She's been out all day, doing something.
I have no idea what.
To be honest, I'm worried about both of you.
- I'm fine.
- No, you're not.
You haven't been fine since you got shot.
I know you.
When bad stuff happens, you chase answers, but sometimes, you get so obsessed with the dead, you forget about the living.
Your daughter needs you.
She doesn't need you chasing ghosts.
What's taken so long? What are you doing here? What are you talking about? We're going to work.
Uh jeez.
You'd think I'd died or something.
Ow! Why are you being so weird? Oh, my God Oh, my God! I I had this crazy dream where you'd drowned and I didn't know why.
- I don't even like water.
- I know! Right? Does this mean you actually cared? Of course I cared.
Everyone was devastated.
So, so glad to see you.
Maybe I should capitalise on this brief moment of whatever's going on inside your head.
Whatever you want.
Great! You can let me drive.
(UNSETTLING MUSIC) What happened?! What happened to you?! It's not about 'what', Harrow.
It's about 'why'.
What? The watch.
We looked at the watch, where it peaked.
You're missing the point.
It's not about where it peaked.
(BREATHES HEAVILY) (SIGHS) I'm sorry about this, Simon, but you know I need to know.
GRACE: Oh, God What's so important at this time of night? What on earth?! The heart rate data.
It's not about the peak.
It's about the flatline.
Why didn't it jump when he was drowning? Because he was unconscious.
I know this is your autopsy, but did you check for unusual chemicals? - Like what? - Like Succinylcholine.
Why on earth would I do that? Can you do that for me? Can you tell me why? 15 years ago, Jonathan Scalera was immobilised with Succinylcholine.
A paralytic drug.
I've seen it used in theatre.
His killer was an anaesthetist.
He used to strangle his female victims while their boyfriends watched.
- Immobilised? - Yes.
I think the same guy killed Simon.
I think he injected him with succs, then pushed him overboard.
It explains everything about Simon's heart rate, the sudden spike, the steady beat, then the flatline.
Look at his neck.
I noted that puncture in my report.
There's a half-dozen similar ones from the current dragging him through stuff on the riverbank.
You don't know this isn't an injection site.
And you don't know it is.
It's all guesswork.
Unless we find succs.
Succs breaks down in minutes.
But the by-products are still traceable.
- If you're lucky.
- Well, then, let's try our luck! Let's take another sample, run another test.
- No.
- It's the only way to be sure! I am sure.
I stand by my autopsy and I'm not reopening Simon's body at 3:00 in the morning to send of more tissue on some crazy hunch.
- What, don't you care?! - I can't care! If I care, then I can't focus on my job and I make bad choices! I did my job and I did it well.
If you want to re-examine Simon's body, then you get clearance from Maxine or my other supervisor.
FAIRLEY: A second autopsy? That's a good idea.
I should have recused myself from that post-mortem.
I thought I'd be OK, but When you speak to someone for the last time, you expect to say something nicer than, "Get back to work unless you're ill.
" He wasn't ill, though.
Well, not with anything obvious that we found in the PM.
So, uh I thought he was just trying to skive off.
You know, chasing your tail.
What do you mean? You know, the shooting business.
That's what he was doing before he went home.
He was looking at the body of your shooter.
Skene? Why? I don't know.
But he logged on to Skene's file after he left work as well.
- Looking for what? - Skene's next of kin.
(DOG BARKS) That's him.
He wanted to know why I never claimed Brendan's body Why didn't you? Look, I did nothing wrong.
The insurance bloke came to me.
I didn't even know Brendan had insurance.
Life insurance? Like I told your mate, he just turned up with a cheque.
What did he look like? Like an accountant.
- Was it him? - No.
- Are you sure? - Listen.
I don't want any trouble.
If this messes with my benefits If you want to keep them, I suggest you tell me exactly what you told my friend.
Why can't you ask him? (GROANS) Letters? From Brendan to your son? Your mate seemed very excited about the fact that someone else wrote them.
Someone else? 'Cause of the fact Brendan couldn't write.
He was he was, um .
you know, dys dys Dyslexic.
- Stupid is what he was.
- So, who wrote these? Whoever he was sharing a cell with.
Mostly a guy called Ross.
Ross Moran? This handwriting's different.
Who wrote these? He never said.
I know what Simon was doing.
I know what he found.
A link between Brendan Skene, who claimed he shot me, and Francis Chester.
They shared a cell together.
Someone called me after Skene was dead.
It has to have been Chester.
The handwriting is identical.
Look, I I know you say that he's dead but somehow, Francis Chester is alive.
Daniel I'm convinced he killed Simon and Moran.
He is covering his tracks.
Daniel, we know exactly what killed Simon.
I did what you asked.
I sent more samples away for testing.
- Tox came back.
- And? You found Succinylcholine? Benzhydrylacetamide, along with increased levels of dopamine.
Modafinil? It's one of the smart drugs.
It's supposed to enhance concentration.
And increased resistance to fatigue, but why was he taking that? His sister said he was doing 12-hour days here, plus his casual hospital work on the weekends.
And he was also studying for exams.
She said he really wanted to impress you.
The Modafinil Simon was taking to stay awake longer had a negative interaction with his epilepsy medication.
It seems like that this brought about a dizzy spell, which caused him to fall off the ferry.
I don't believe it.
He wouldn't make a mistake like that.
I know Simon.
You didn't even know he had epilepsy.
Or a sister.
Listen, I'm really sorry but Simon died because he was burning the candle at both ends.
Why?! Because he was trying to be like you! (BELL TOLLS) (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) KARINA: Dr Harrow? I found this.
From his locker at work.
I think he'd want you to have it.
"Day one, met my boss, "Dr Daniel Harrow.
"What a jerk.
"But brilliant.
" (CHUCKLES) Every day, there's an entry in there, all about you.
It's all my fault.
I worked him too hard.
I'm so sorry.
No-one is to blame for his choices.
He had a job he loved and a boss he adored.
Who can ask for more than that? (SIGHS) Simon SIMON: "Assigned to Dr Fairley today.
Very smart.
"Not as much of a prick as Dr Harrow.
" Oh, thank you very much.
"Today, Dr Harrow realised I'm gay.
"It's only taken him two months.
" I knew from the start! "Dr Harrow doesn't understand the point of a wardrobe.
"He dresses badly.
"His choice of shirts is appalling "and he's obsessed with old people's music.
" "Old people"?! FERN: Dad? What are we gonna do? I was wrong.
There is no conspiracy.
No-one is out to get me.
Simon's dead and I think it's my fault.
Your mum was right.
I need to spend my time with the living.
With you.
No more chasing ghosts.
Come here.
How was it? Sad.
It's not fair.
I need the bike.
Where you going? Dad thinks he's wrong, but I don't.
Wait, Fish.
Just Fish Ross? You in there? Moran? (GRUNTS) (DRAMATIC MUSIC BUILDS) (UNSETTLING MUSIC) (FLAMES ROAR) (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) Next on Harrow How many people have you told about Chester? Let it go, Daniel, before somebody else gets hurt.
FERN: You and Moran are both involved.
You have to get out of here.
The less you know, the better! PAVICH: Pack a bag.
I'm sending you west.
FAIRLEY: Beautiful country, isn't it? You're FROM here? So, there are some secrets in the country.
Not a busy stretch of road.
And, yet, they ran straight into each other.
But if there was another person in the vehicle, they're still out there somewhere.