Harry Wild (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

An Unhappy Happy Is A Dangerous Thing

1 Hiya.
Uh I was -- I was told I could borrow money here.
Told by who? Uh, Rory, at the pub.
He's -- He's my uncle.
- You're Rory's nephew? - Mm.
You got collateral? Yeah.
What, you a time traveler? Did you just pop in from the late '90s? That's worth feck all, mate.
This is what phones look like now.
This is all I have.
Since you're related to Rory, I'll trust you, just this once.
I'm not a time traveler.
Whatever you say, mate.
Hey, Rory doesn't have siblings.
I'm a nihilist.
I thought it was just one drink.
Mm, yeah, well, we had one, and then we had a few more.
Any coffee? Mm.
Kitchen, black.
No sugar for me.
Harry! Harry, are you in there? Harry! Open up, it's Fergus! I need your help! Harry! Are you in there?! It's Fergus! Open up! You'll never guess what happened.
This isn't a good time actually.
It's Happy.
He's heard about what you and I've been doing.
One of his loan sharks was murdered last night.
So? Call the guards.
He doesn't trust the guards! I don't care! I'm not gonna help him.
He threatened to break your little sister's arm, or have you forgotten that? Course I haven't bloody well forgotten.
Look, he's promised to rip up Malky's debt if we find out what happened.
Harry, I'm gonna do this with or without you.
I'd prefer it to be with.
You can let yourself out when we're gone.
Wait, why are there two mugs out? Oh, God.
Listen, whatever happens, don't mention him threatening Liberty, okay? Hm.
So you're her, eh? No, she couldn't make it, so I came instead.
You what? Yeah, yeah.
Happy, this is Harry.
She was just joking.
- You think is funny, do you? - No, I don't.
Much like threatening to break little girls' arms.
Business is business, and you'd want to keep yours out of mine, love.
You invited me into your horrid little business.
Well, I can go, and you can find out what happened to your employee on your own if you prefer.
He wasn't my employee.
He's my son.
No way.
Ringo was your son? He was.
Except he didn't know.
We never told him.
Never told anyone.
Only me and his mammy knew.
You hungry? Help yourself.
This is my restaurant.
You're my guests.
You're Mr.
Pang? No.
He's Pang.
Borrowed some money, couldn't pay it back.
Now I own a restaurant.
He loves me, the little fucker.
Says "Ah, Mr.
You make my life so much easier now.
" I don't speak like that.
Have you no dishes to wash? Ringo was a good boy.
A bit too nice to be a moneylender.
Lapped up all the sob stories.
Someone split his head in two with an ax.
We do this, I have conditions.
One, I'm not serving anyone up to be murdered back.
That's not happening, and there's no discussion.
Number two, when we're done, you rip up Malky's debt, and you never go anywhere near Fergus' family again.
The mouth on this one.
I like you, Your Highness.
You've got balls.
I do.
Great big hairy ones.
So, let's go, shall we? Where? Scene of the crime.
Don't touch anything.
The writing's part of a longer quote.
"The darker the night, the brighter the stars, the deeper the grief, the closer is God.
" God's nowhere near this place.
It was written by a poet, Apollon Maykov.
He was a friend of Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Heard of him? Did he do the "Mr.
Men" books? "The Brothers Karamazov"? "Crime and Punishment"? "The Idiot"? The quote is interesting because it's often attributed to Dostoevsky.
Common misconception that it's in "Crime and Punishment.
" It's not.
"Crime and Punishment's" interesting.
I must remember to put it on my reading list.
Raskolnikov, the main character, kills a moneylender albeit a woman in the book.
What's that got to do with anything? Ringo wasn't a woman or a Russky.
He was a moneylender, and he was killed with an ax, which is what Raskolnikov uses.
Wait, wait.
So what's it about? Raskolnikov thinks he's superior, intellectually and in every other way.
He thinks he can get away with murder.
He kills the moneylender because he considers her a crook, and then he accidentally kills her half-sister, who's an innocent.
After that, he's racked with guilt, and it leads to his undoing.
Ringo has a brother, right? Toby? Nothing to do with me, that one.
He's a mentally challenged young man.
Yeah, but he's also a half-brother.
We have to find Toby! Derek, it's Happy.
Listen, mate.
Derek, shut up.
Derek, stop fecking crying and put Sheila on the phone.
Now! Sheila? Where's Toby? We think whoever hurt Ringo might go after Toby, too.
Is he there? God give me strength! Sheila, just tell me where he is! He's with the school.
They haven't told him about Ringo yet.
He's on a school trip, and she doesn't know where.
Have her call the school, find out.
Sheila, listen to me.
This is important.
Call the school.
Find out exactly where he is and then call me back.
Have you got that? She's doing it.
Come on.
How do you know me brother? Oh, we met recently and really hit it off.
He said you liked games.
I'm really good at "Gran Turismo.
" He lets me play it on his PS4.
I'm not supposed to go off alone.
Ah, Toby, you're not alone.
You're with me.
Split up.
We can cover more ground.
Is it you I have to send a message to? My arms hurt.
Are you alright? Did he harm you? He was nice.
He was my friend.
His name was really hard to say.
Yeah, that's it.
Do you know him? Where did he leave the message? It tickled as he wrote it.
So you were wrong.
He's not copying "Crime and Punishment.
" I never said he was.
He has an agenda, but he's not done yet.
Usual, please, June.
You'll never guess in a million years what happened to me.
You bumped into your ex, Petra.
How the bloody hell did you guess that? Well, your watch is missing.
You keep your wallet in your back pocket, and usually you're just tilting a little bit.
You're sitting up straight right now, so I'm guessing that it's not there, and you've probably lost your phone.
Oh, great.
Still, that was some pretty impressive Sherlock shit right there.
And I saw you getting into her car at Lidl earlier.
She always robs you.
I don't know why you keep putting yourself through all this.
June, this one's on me.
Bumped into Petra.
Oh, Glenn.
Whenever will you learn? When his dick drops off, like other men.
Did either of you see anyone here at my table? - Mnh-mnh.
- Apart from you? Yes, Glenn, apart from me.
"My dearest Harry, I'm sure you can appreciate my delight when I discovered who you are.
It's kismet, don't you think? We're two sides of the same coin, you and me.
You use literature to solve crimes, and I use it to murder.
How perfect we are for one another.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov.
I thought that we could communicate through letters like in the book.
That's why I picked it.
You could be Helene, and I could be Frank.
But when I thought it through, it was impractical.
So I thought of another way.
Yours affectionately, R.
" Hello, Harry.
Call me Raskolnikov.
You know my name.
I need to know yours.
Rodion Romano-- Don't do that ag-- I'm warning you.
Don't make me angry.
It's Billy, it's Billy.
So what do you want to talk to me aboutBilly? Dostoyevsky's version of me is all wrong.
Consumed by guilt.
I could've killed Toby, but I didn't, because I was in control the whole time.
Did you ever actually read "Crime and Punishment"? Of course I have.
Time and time again.
Well, it sounds like you don't understand it.
Oh, but I did.
Oh, I did, Harry, and it was a revelation.
I could hear Dostoyevsky speaking to me with every word.
"You are Raskolnikov," he was saying.
"The true Raskolnikov, not this imposter on the page.
" And then I was in a pub, and I overhead two men talking.
One of them needed cash.
His friend told him of a moneylender who lived nearby.
"Go see Ringo.
" I had the book in my hand, Harry.
I mean, it was a sign.
A sign that you're a psychopath.
You can't know me, Harry.
I am the oceans.
I'm a blade of grass.
I'm a feather.
I'm the air.
You're a fucking nutcase.
Now, I thought you'd understand.
Well, I do understand.
We are two sides of the same coin, remember? You want No.
No, you need me to stop you.
You can't stop me.
I've only just started this.
And the moneylender deserved to die, but what if I kill someone who doesn't deserve it? You don't need to do this.
To test myself, I do.
I mean, how will I ever know if I'm truly superior? You already have someone in mind, don't you? Maybe.
Someone who's just too perfect.
And maybe if you're smarter than me, you'll get there first, but hurry, Harry because he dies at 11:45.
Can you narrow it down at all? I mean, is it an old book or Oh, I don't know! Someone who dies clutching a vital clue.
It could be a thousand different books.
But I thought I had it.
Just for a moment when he said Oh! So, how's Lola? Should I be disturbed that we're trying to stop a man from being murdered and you're thinking about my granddaughter? - Well, no, I mean - She's fine! She asked about you, too.
Oh, did she, now? Well, is she calling 'round any time soon or I'm gonna have to tell Charlie.
Oh, you can't do that.
Happy doesn't want the guards involved.
This is someone's life.
How would you feel if an innocent man died? Yeah, alright, but but what if Charlie doesn't listen to you, as per usual? Well, there is someone else I could talk to, but but we still have to find out who the victim's going to be.
Well, we've got time, though, right? I mean, it was gone a quarter to 12:00 this morning when he called, so we've got at least That's it! That's what I thought! It's not the vital clue! It's time! Oh, Fergus, you're a genius! - Uh, what's happening now? - Billy.
Billy said 11:45, not a quarter to 12:00.
Yeah, but that's the same time, so what difference does it make? Sherlock Holmes.
Ha ha ha! Oh, here.
"Adventure of the Reigate Squire.
" Oh, yeah.
Dead man's found clutching a torn piece of a note that reads, "At quarter to 12:00, learn what may be.
" But his victim will be called William Kirwan.
We have to find him before Billy kills him.
Can I call you back at -- Of course there is.
Who's going to be murdered now? You don't look very lost to me.
We did meet briefly, Mrs.
Wild, at Charlie's little do a few weeks ago.
You may not recall, you were rather excitable at the time.
Of course now we know why.
Yes, we do.
I bet you remember, of course.
And it's Professor Wild, not "Mrs.
" Never been a Mrs.
And here we are in the same boat once more.
One would hope a woman of your years would know better.
Passes the time while I wait for the bingo to open.
A man is dead, Mrs.
Levity's hardly appropriate.
Gallows humor, Mrs.
Mitchell-Tiernan, A.
Oh, is that something to do with air-conditioning? Assistant commissioner.
Assistant? Any chance of a coffee? Black, no sugar.
What Jesus, Harry, it's like you've got bloody Tourette's.
Life's too short to deal with people like her.
Go home.
We have the phone if he calls.
We'll deal with it.
I'm sure he'd much rather talk to you than me.
- Hello, Harry.
- Aah! Don't turn around, don't turn around.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I just didn't want to talk with other people listening in.
You lied.
William Kirwan was already dead at 11:45.
You're reading too much into it.
It was about the name.
The name was enough.
Want to know how I did it? I already know how you did it.
The cat.
Took him a couple of days ago.
God, he was frantic to get it back.
He had 200 flyers up around the place.
And he was so grateful when I showed up with that flea-bitten thing.
Didn't think twice about turning his back on me then.
Writing the quote in cat food.
It's a nice touch.
Thank you.
See, I like cat food.
It has an excellent adhesive quality.
Covered a teacher's car in it once before.
She didn't much appreciate that.
So what are you going to do now? Are you feeling guilty? Not a bit.
As for what's next, I don't know.
I haven't really decided that.
But when I do you'll be the first one I call.
Oh, God.
Oh! How are you so bleedin' calm about it? He was in your car! I know! I was in there, too.
He doesn't want to hurt me.
You can't know that! You couldn't possibly know that! He needs to prove that he's smarter than me.
He can't do that if I'm dead.
He's insane, Harry.
Insane means unpredictable.
What's this Book of Dicks, then? It's an online forum for teachers and lecturers.
We share horror stories about pupils.
Most inventive acts of disobedience, pranks, that sort of thing.
Like covering a car in cat food? It happened to a teacher at St.
Iona's Private School six years ago.
I spoke to the teacher this morning.
She knew exactly who did it, but she couldn't prove it.
The pupil's name was Billy Lund.
This is his family home.
Yeah, not the sort of place you'd expect a nutter - like him to grow up.
- Hmm.
Gosh, what can I say about myself? I love to find the essence of truth in the mundane.
The way a leaf tilts, shadow on brick.
So tell me about your gallery.
Oh, no, it's not my gallery.
The owner wishes to remain incognito for now.
But he's interested in my work? It's early days yet, and we still have a lot of people to see, but I must say, your work really does stand out.
I'd love to see some more.
Jacques, make sure that shipment goes out today.
Patrick, it's alright if he makes a few calls here? Absolutely.
Make yourself at home.
- Come.
- Okay.
These are striking.
Tell me about them.
Ah, well, that was ambitious.
It was going to be called "25" -- one photo every day for 25 years.
They're all the same person? Yeah, my son Bill.
25 years.
That's 9,000-plus photos.
That's a lot to ask of a young man.
He left a thousand photos early.
"25" became "22 and 114 Days.
" Not so snappy.
Such a selfish little We don't always know where we went wrong, do we? Who the bloody hell are you? Why are you in my kitchen? I'm Fer-- Jacques.
I'm -- I'm I'm Jacques.
My boss is talking with Mr.
Lund right now.
Is -- Is he your dad? He's my fiancé.
Oh, right.
What are you doing with his laptop? That? Um, yeah, I'm I'm trying to keep my job, you know? My boss, she's a total dragon, and, uh, well, I forgot to put something on my phone, so she'll bloody kill me, you know? - Who's your boss? - She works with this gallery.
She's talking with your da-- uh man about an exhibition in New York.
Ha! I'll be on show.
'Cause that's me! Bloody hell! Yeah.
Oh, here.
That's amazing.
You're -- I mean, thank you.
That's very nice of you.
I don't regret a second I spent on it.
Still, I'll always see it as unfinished.
- Mm.
- Hello, darling.
- Come here.
- Mwah.
Miriam, this is my fiancée, Siobhan.
Siobhan, Miriam represents -- Yeah, I met Jacques, and he told me.
So what are you two talking about? "25," of course.
Such a shame.
Paddy put so much time and effort into it, but Billy was always a bit selfish.
You know Billy? Oh, God, yes.
I knew Billy first.
We went to school together.
Childhood sweethearts.
We were engaged for a bit, a couple of years.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
And now you're marrying his dad.
I know.
Pads and I laugh about it all the time, but we were just kids then, like, barely in our 20s, and I was a late developer.
These just practically popped up overnight, didn't they, Pads? - Oh, yes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Mm.
That was uncomfortable.
I mean, I don't know what kind of thing turns a person into a psycho, but your girlfriend doing the dirt with your da? Well, it can't help.
And he photographed him every day for 22 years.
You said he was a big fella.
He looks like a strong wind could snap him in two.
He reinvented himself.
He grew up dominated by his father.
The one good thing in his life, his girlfriend, blossoms, and Patrick Lund notices her, takes that from him, too.
Billy doesn't want to be weak anymore, so he hits the gym, makes himself physically powerful, but that's not enough either.
He still feels inadequate.
Then along comes Dostoyevsky, and in Billy's warped mind somewhere, he he thinks the answer to all his problems is to kill, like Raskolnikov.
Killing makes him feel in control for the first time in his life.
And I don't think he's gonna stop.
The suspect's name is Billy Lund.
Approaching suspect's front door.
Breaching now.
Go, go, go! - Moving.
- Go, go, go, go, go! Move, move, move! Upstairs! Clear.
There's no one here.
Bollocks! It was mentioning my old teacher and the cat food, wasn't it? Cat food? What the hell are you talking about? No, you've messed with my family.
Now I'm gonna mess with yours.
Got a little granddaughter, right? Charlie Charlie, pick up.
Your da had to nip out.
I said I'd mind your sister till you got back.
Come on, Libby.
Bath time.
We didn't even finish our game.
Oh, I think you had me beaten.
You'd better do what your big brother tells you, huh? Come on, stinker.
Wait for me upstairs, alright? You and Her Majesty getting anywhere? Yeah.
We're close.
Have you got a name for me yet? Don't lie to me, boy.
I'll know if you're lying.
Not yet, but soon.
It's not an exact science, you know.
Tell Her Highness from me -- I'm not a patient man.
In you go, love.
I'll be right behind you.
You'll be fine.
Orla? Are you guys okay? Lola and I are at the station.
We're fine, but something's happened to Charlie.
He's disappeared! - What?! - He was supposed to be right behind us! No one knows where he is, Har-- Billy? What have you done? Just what I said I'd do.
If you hurt Charlie, I What? You'll what? Hunt me down? You think you're better than me.
Superior? No, no, I'm not superior.
Well, there's only one way to know for sure.
I'm gonna kill your son, Harry.
Don't you dare.
I'm gonna kill your son at 5:00.
That gives you exactly one hour and four minutes, and I've given you everything you need to find me.
Let's see who's really superior.
Harry! Are you in there? It's Fergus.
Happy's fumin' you brought the guards into this.
- He said he's gonna -- - He's got Charlie.
- What? Who, Happy? - No, Billy! Billy's got Charlie! He told me I had until 5:00 to find him.
He said that he'd given me everything that I need.
- What has he given me? - The phone, right? No.
I looked at it.
There's nothing there.
Uh, how about the book? "84 Whatsit.
" I -- No, it's that that quote.
"The darker the night, the brighter the stars.
" The poster, right? There was a poster on Ringo's wall.
Oh, it was by your man.
What's his name? - Van Gogh.
- I saw that.
I'd forgotten about it, but it was called "The Starry Night.
" How do you know it? Well, it was on the wall of the art room at school.
I used to stare at the thing twice a week, right, but the darker the night -- a night sky.
Oh, my God! Yes, yes! You clever boy.
"The brighter the stars.
" There were stars and moons all over the ruins when we found Toby! Yeah, exactly, right? "And the deeper the grief.
" William Kirwan.
He'd lost his cat.
That's sort of grieving, isn't it? Tenuous, but very Billy.
"The closer is God.
" Charlie's in a church! A church? In Dublin? Yeah, that really narrows it down.
Which one? No, hang on a second.
There is something on here.
"Cool Atim.
" Right, he's got the high score on "Snake.
" In fact, it's the only score.
I know where he is.
Cool Atim.
Church of our Lady and the Irish Martyrs.
It's up by the People's Park.
Ray! Call me when you get this! I think I know where Charlie is.
Happy, they're on the move.
Call you when I know where they're heading.
No one seems to be here.
Why are you whispering? I don't know.
It's a church, isn't it? Shit! I jumped to conclusions.
Maybe it was something in the book.
Something I didn't see.
And I left it behind.
We only have 10 minutes left.
Fergus, oh, God, what am I going to do? Charlie could "Crime and Punishment.
" He's here.
Okay, he's marked a passage here.
Something to do with Napoleon.
Blah blah blah.
"Master" "Massacre in Paris.
Forgets an army in Egypt.
Jest at Vilna.
Altars set up to him after his death all of --" Napoleon.
Yeah, he was a general, a French general.
No, no, no.
Time to call in the cavalry.
Shit! No signal.
Stay here.
He doesn't know that you're with me.
If things go wrong, get help.
Charlie, can you hear me? Ow! Shh! Where is he? I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
I, uh Lola! Orla! They're fine.
They're at the station.
I came through the tunnel, but I can't get you out.
It's too narrow.
You made it just in time, Harry.
Did I make it too easy? No.
No, you made your point.
But the guards are coming.
Fergus! I know you're there.
Wherever Harry goes, you're never really far behind, so just come out now! He's not here.
I didn't have time to get him.
You only gave me an hour.
Well, let's hope he is in there because I'm gonna count to three and then I'm gonna cut your son's hand off.
- One! - Billy.
- He's not here.
- Two! You're gonna have to kill me first! No, I won't! I won't! I am so much stronger than you.
I'll just push you out of the way.
- Aah! - Get off her! - Three! - Alright, alright! Stop, okay? I'm here.
Just put her down, please! - Stay there! - Okay, okay! Stay back! It's over now, Billy.
I got here before 5:00.
I win.
I think I made it too easy.
Make it harder next time, but tonight, I win.
Next time, it'll be so much harder.
You'll see.
You'll be even more motivated to stop me because I'll have killed your son.
No, no.
No, if you do that, then it's over.
I won't play your game anymore.
Yeah, right! You'll just walk away! You! Leave it to the others to stop me?! - Aah! - Harry! Put that down, boy.
This is the first time I've ever been pleased to see you.
How did you know we were down here? I didn't.
Thought you were upstairs.
We were going to sneak up on you.
Not many people know about this tunnel.
Me, I was an altar boy here.
Shut up! Just shut up! This was a private gathering.
Neither of you were invited.
I'll just have to kill you both now.
There's only one person dying here today, son.
We're not talking about killing.
No one's gonna be killed here.
That's right because you're all under arrest.
Lay down your weapons.
You're handcuffed to a bloody wheelchair.
No one's going to listen to you.
Bullets are faster than axes, and you're going to pay for Ringo.
Think about it, Happy.
If you kill him, you're killing him in front of a guard.
Be smart, do the right thing, and a guard will be in your debt.
No, I bloody won't.
He's saving your life.
Yes, he will.
He can't get you off a crime, but he will owe you a favor.
I really want to kill him, though.
But Ringo he wouldn't want you to, right? He's right, Happy.
Ringo hated violence.
If it'd make you feel better, you could shoot him in the leg.
What? He's not gonna Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! You were right.
That did make me feel better.
- Oh! - Fergus! Quick, get help! You gonna rip up me dad's debt like you promised? You can tell Malky from me he's got an open line of credit whenever he wants.
You owe me, guard.
Come on, Ron.

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