Harsh Realm s01e01 Episode Script


1 Sniper's nest.
One o'clock, top floor.
This is Romeo 7-3.
Hold your fire.
This is Romeo 7-3.
We're boxed in our position in a building at Vinogradska Ulica.
- Over.
- Copy that, 7-3.
- Remind me why we're here.
- Peacekeeping mission.
Hell of a job we're doing.
You got something, Hobbes? Go back.
What are you See them, Waters? Six kids.
Six kids.
I got 'em.
- I got 'em.
- What are you Stay there.
Hobbes, you got me? Got you, Waters.
It's okay.
Shh! Shh.
It's okay.
Come here.
Come here.
Shh! Shh! Shh.
Sh Here.
Take her.
Shots fired! Waters! We got a man in trouble! Romeo 7-3.
Stay put, Captain.
- You got air support coming in.
We're gonna hit the building.
- Roger.
- Captain, you gotta call off that air strike.
- We're gonna die here, Corporal.
Hobbes! Waters! Where are you? Hobbes.
Kids whomped me, Hobbes.
You believe that? Last time I do them a favor.
Take it easy, Waters.
They're gonna bomb the building.
I gotta get you out.
Save yourself, buddy.
Go on.
I never believed in fate or destiny or that stuff about your path already being chosen.
Who could believe it when a choice made in the space of a heartbeat can change your life? But here I am, dearest darling wondering what force put me here, brought me to this moment a fate I never wished for but have now certainly attained.
How could I know this moment would change our lives forever? Sophie? Hey, hon.
In the bedroom! Don't come in! - Why? - 'Cause I said so, Tom.
Now, don't.
There's something in the mail from the county clerk's office, Sophie.
Maybe they decided not to give us our marriage license.
Then I won't need the dress.
Well, what do you think? Tom? What are you doing, Sophie? It's my wedding dress, stupid.
I know.
I'm just I'm not supposed to see it until the wedding day.
Thomas F.
Hobbes, I swear, sometimes It's tradition, Sophie, you know? L Well, tradition and all.
Maybe you shouldn't see this, either.
Well, that's one of those traditions I can overlook.
You wanna overlook it right now.
Right now.
I'm thinking California.
California? Is that what you want? I wanna get as far away from here as possible start a life, get a little house.
Another dog.
No kids? Huh? - Hmm? - Well first things first.
I love you, Tom Hobbes But first thing, we better both get some sleep.
Sun's coming up.
Now who could that be at this hour? Lieutenant Hobbes, we wake you, sir? - No.
I was - Your C.
Wants to see you asks that you pack an overnight bag, sir.
- For what? - Didn't say.
Asked us to wait.
Tom, what do they want? Lieutenant Hobbes reporting as ordered, Colonel.
Lieutenant Hobbes, you look tense, son.
At ease.
Your C.
Tells me we're losing you from the army next month.
- Yes, sir.
- Too bad.
I hear you were once a true believer a man of caliber and resource decorated for an act of extraordinary bravery overseas.
That resourcefulness saved your friend's life.
You wanna know why you're here.
That's damn good food, Hobbes.
You know a classifed project known as Harsh Realm, Lieutenant? Harsh Realm? It's a simulated war game, a virtual reality game used to teach situational war strategy.
Pentagon developed it kept it under wraps.
Cold War came to an end.
You know the rest.
Pardon me for asking, sir, but what does that have to do with me? You're here to play the game.
We've got it online, looking for a crackerjack soldier who can beat our high-scorer Sergeant Major Omar Santiago.
You know Santiago, Lieutenant? Most decorated combat veteran to serve in Southeast Asia.
But not before beating the reigning Lord of the Realm a title which he's defended from all players since.
- What's the objective? - Take out Santiago.
Ma'am? Remove his virtual character.
Eliminate him from Harsh Realm.
It's just a game, Lieutenant.
Make high score and leave the military a winner.
We pull a few strings for you and your new wife in California.
The video will explain how the game is played everything you need to know about Harsh Realm.
How long's the game gonna take? All on the video, Lieutenant.
Shouldn't be any questions.
I do have one question.
How'd you know I was thinking about moving to California? Who wouldn't move there who's lived here? Technology and the threat of nuclear annihilation in the last half of the 20th century have changed the world forever.
They've changed war and its consequences as they have forever changed the battlefield and the warriors who must still fight on them.
It's been estimated that a nuclear device the size of a small suitcase smuggled in and detonated in New York City would kill several million people instantly and many times that amount with radioactive fallout.
This scenario compelled the D.
D to create the project code-named Harsh Realm.
Using the 1990 census satellite cartography and other classified data the creators of Harsh Realm have simulated a virtual reality where landscapes and people are identical to our world down to every man, woman and child.
By putting players in this simulated crisis scenario we can protect nat Hello? - Come on.
- Back off.
Back off! Here.
Take it.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
Boom! You're dead.
Let's have the watch.
Just as happy to take it off a dead man.
Let's go.
Pockets empty 'em.
Shirt pockets, dick.
- It's my wedding ring.
It's for my girl.
- Well, I'm touched.
Just the ring.
- That's all I want.
- I could've killed you should have.
And now we're both gonna die.
Hey! Hey! Ohhh! Come on.
Waters! Hey! Waters! Hey, buddy! It's Tom! Tom Hobbes! He's over there! Rows of five for a hundred meters.
Spread out! Get the aircraft back in the air! We're gonna fly over.
Leave men on the ground.
Who are you? What's going on? Are you military? Is this the game? Am I in Harsh Realm? My dearest Sophie I know it can't be, but it all seems so real.
Is this what the world will become? Is this nightmare I'm in only a mistake away? Sophie! Sophie! What the hell is this place? Sophie? Dexter? How can this be? You're here.
What are we that we would need to create such a place as this? How do I get out, Sophie? How do I get back to you? All I can think is I must finish the game.
I must find Santiago.
A carat, at least.
Sparkles like a virgin's teardrop.
Where'd you get it? He stole it from me, and I'd like it back, please.
I swear I just heard somebody cock a gun in your bar, keep.
But one rule in this cesspool, and you done broke it, dick.
I just want what's mine.
Lose the gun, it's a conversation.
Don't, and they kill you.
I get to eat your dog.
Ruined my dinner plans.
I'm not leaving without that ring.
I'm telling you now.
That's fine, but you best be talking to the man who owns it.
Welcome to Harsh Realm.
Run along, G.
Maybe you'll get lucky and find Santiago.
How'd you know I was looking? G.
Asked how I knew he was looking for Santiago! Everybody here was looking for Santiago one time or another.
You mean you can't find him? No.
I know where he is.
Then take me to him.
I'll give you my dog.
Hey! For the dog.
So this is Santiago's fence? His fence, his military his gas, his food his world and it just keeps getting bigger.
How do I get over it? Right through here.
Glitch in the software.
Not there, A-hole.
You gotta know where the glitches are, genius.
Uh, we had a deal.
The dog.
Welcome to Harsh Realm.
I will shoot you in the back.
You're gonna die anyway! Least I know where you'll be.
Hey! I got travel plans! Hey! Now, what are you doing out here? Who do you belong to, boy? Where's your C.
O? Evening, Major Waters.
Sergeant Waters, ten-hut.
Hobbes, is that you? Oh, Lord.
They sent you too.
I thought you'd be happy to see me, buddy.
You stupid Hobbes, you gotta get out of here.
- Where's Santiago? - Oh, Mother of Mary.
You don't get it.
The game get in, get out, get Santiago it's all a freakin' lie, Hobbes.
It's no game.
No gettin' out.
No goin' home.
I got the same mission.
- What the hell are you doing here? - What do you think I'm doing? I'm trying to save my ass, so I don't have to live like some dog in the bush.
- Army's got a name for that.
- There's no other way! Now go, Hobbes.
Stay, you're a dead man.
Why am I a dead man? Because my orders are to kill you.
And if I don't follow my orders, I'm a dead man.
You get it? Yeah.
I think I do.
You saved my life.
Now I'm saving yours.
Leave before my wife gets home.
I'll come find you, Hobbes.
I'll help you.
I will.
But not now.
Not now.
Sophie? Mel, who is this? Listen to me, Hobbes.
It's not her.
She's V.
- You married her? - She's not real.
She's a virtual character.
- It doesn't matter.
- The hell it doesn't.
Who are you? I'm Tom Hobbes your fiancé.
I don't like doing this, Sophie, but I don't see another way.
Just don't hurt me.
- Where are you taking me? - I don't know.
I'm not leaving you here with Waters.
What do you have against my husband? He's not your husband.
Where did you get that? Your middle name is Ann.
You've got two sisters and a brother, Sam.
In the real world, they were gonna be in our wedding.
I think you need help.
Would you just let me go? It's not much further.
You gotta trust me.
Oh, my No.
Let me go.
You can't take me over there! You don't understand! You're gonna get us both killed! I'm not.
I'm trying to save you.
- Let her go! - You're insane! - Let her go! - You stay out of this! - She can't come past this fence! - She's coming with me! She can't come past this fence! Stupid bastard.
Give me the keys.
Give me the keys! Come on! Come on! Come on! Keys! She set it off coming through the fence.
It's an implanted tracking device.
Just get it out of her.
- Who is she? - What difference does it make to you? - No difference to me, hell.
- She's a virtual character, isn't she? She means nothing to you, so just get it out of her.
I'm gonna eat that dog yet.
Have a seat.
We gotta shake a leg.
They're tracking us right now.
" Your name's Pinocchio? Forget that name.
Wipe it from memory.
There are people who think I'm dead.
I'd like to keep it that way.
You understand? We're not like her, like the V.
We have consciousness of who we are.
We know this isn't real.
- Then why does it matter? - It's all that matters because Harsh Realm is all that matters.
Why, if it isn't real? You're stuck here, G.
Don't you get it? There's no going back, no going home.
And if they kill you here, it's not just some character they zap, it's you your brain, your consciousness your head where they have you lying on some slab back in the real world.
There's gotta be a way out.
Not for you, not for me.
Only Santiago.
Santiago controls the game and he who controls the game, controls everything.
Then why don't they just take Santiago out in the real world? They can't find him.
They don't know where he is, where he comes in and out.
He's hijacked the whole damn program.
There's only one thing to do.
There's only one choice.
Kill Santiago.
He's gonna get you both killed.
What about her? If she dies here? Never see her again in Harsh Realm.
Hey! Where you going? Far away from you and Santiago! I'm late, but I'm here.
- We good? - Go.
He'll take one more.
One more where? South America.
So long and adios, G.
It was nice knowing you.
- She's getting on this boat.
- No more room.
She's going on this boat.
You let her take your place.
Now you're starting to piss me off.
You paid with her ring.
You let her on.
It's the right thing to do.
The right thing to do? Adios to you all, man.
Get on the boat.
Please, Sophie.
Trust your heart, what it feels.
Somewhere inside you gotta know who your heart was meant for.
Go now.
I promise I'll find you.
Happy? On your feet, Hobbes.
Let's go.
General Santiago.
Welcome to the Realm.
I hear that you intend to kill me.
I had orders to win the game.
Well, you've lost the game, sir.
To make certain of your loss and my victory, I should kill you.
Would that not be advisable? Kill your enemy dead, lest he rise up strong with spite? Spite, Mr.
Hobbes, is not what drives me, but my enemy the men who sent you here to destroy all this.
All this? I provide for my people a beautiful way of life void of strife.
Could you find such a true thing in the real world? What about outside the fence? Those people are just on the wrong side.
As you were.
You must be able to see that now.
You've been sent on a mission from which you can't return.
Single file.
Stay in line.
Keep moving! A man can have it all here.
Who helped Hobbes? His name.
I don't know him or his name.
That's enough.
We don't want Mr.
Hobbes to think that she's been mistreated.
She knows the man's name, and she's going to get it for us by whatever means necessary.
I never believed the stories, but I believe them now about another world and the man who's coming to save us.
I am your savior! I am that man.
Get someone in here to see to her.
I knew it the moment I saw him.
I should be in South America.
What are you lookin' at? Hey.
Let's go.
Move it out.
- What are you doing here? - Saving my ass.
- Why? - Because he'll torture you just to get my name.
Look, I know what he's capable of.
I was sent here just like you.
Now, come on.
Not without Sophie.
She's here.
She knows your name too.
Sophie! - I want you to come with me.
- Let's go, Hobbes.
- It's you, isn't it? - Let's go! Stop right there! Weapon on the floor.
Well, well.
Mike Pinocchio, alive and well.
Waters! It was Mike Pinocchio.
He was here.
For who? Hobbes? My wife I killed her.
You've made a terrible mistake.
Hobbes will never stop now.
Whose destiny is this? It can't be mine.
What is this trial I'm being put through? Is this a test of my love for you? These people are afraid.
They are the hunted and I count myself as one of them now though they look at me strange as if I knew a secret or something.
I love you, dearest one, and will fight my war here.
Know my heart and please don't worry.
I'll be home.
I'll be home.
I made this.