Harvey Beaks (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

Operation Peanut Butter; Little Littlebark

1 [cheerful music] # Harvey # # Harvey # # Harvey # [snoring] [crash, glass breaks] What was that? Are those rascals Fee and Foo staying up late again? Looks like it's time to talk to them about the importance of eight-hour sleep cycles.
Fee? Foo? You guys awake? Hup! Ow! Harvey, could you keep it down? We're trying to sleep.
Wait, you guys weren't making all that noise? What? No, man.
You keep telling us we need to go to bed early.
But if it wasn't you [all snoring] Huh [glass breaks] Sounds like it's coming from the kitchen.
Okay, get some sleep, Michelle.
Over here! - Whoa! - A little bit to the left! Yes, my left is your left too! We are facing the same way! - Aww.
- Hey, guys! What are you doing? Aaah, mission failed! Abort! - What? - Abort.
- A boat? - A-bort! - You're bored.
- Argh! Abort! A bird! Whatever.
Run away! [all chatter] [jazz music] [yelling indistinctly] - But, Boss - No! [grunts] No, no Papa Jean, no! Please! Not zat.
Not ze stink eye! Oh, the shame! It burns! How can we call ourselves criminals when we can't even steal a single jar of peanut butter? Comrades, we must repent.
[somber music] Yikes.
This is sad.
Yeah, it is.
Excuse me.
Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop.
Did you guys want this? You can have it.
My parents can just buy some more with my allowance.
Ooh, how dare you! We are hardened criminals! We do not accept charity.
We spit on your peanut butter.
Oh, gosh! I didn't mean to insult you! Well, you did! Now get out of here before we get really offended.
Okay, okay.
Don't shoot.
Those guys are jerks even when you're trying to do something nice for them.
- Can I have that? - Yeah, they were pretty rude.
But I still can't help but feel bad for them.
But they're a bunch of crooks.
Even crooks have feelings, Fee.
The squirrels only feel good when they're being bad.
But they're so bad at being bad.
Then we just got to find someone who's good at being bad - so they can get their bad back.
- Uh, what? And I know just the guy.
[thudding] [sighs] Le sigh.
What the? Who goes there?! The name's Bootsy.
[bell dings] Bootsy St.
Sacre bleu! You didn't even ring the doorbell.
You're obviously not a good guy! You got that right, bub.
[gasp] And now you're going to eat that sandwich with your elbows on ze table? [chomps] [all gasp] You are a crazy man.
Have you ever heard of manners? Manners? [chuckles] Yeah, right.
You don't need manners when you're a criminal mastermind.
- You see this scar? - You mean the heart on your face? I got it 'cause I love crime so much.
[all gasp] I came to you because I need your help.
Ah! Ooh la la.
Not that kind of help.
I mean a heist.
And word on the street is, you're the biggest crooks on campus.
Oh, I don't know, Bootsy.
The last time we tried to steal something we failed hardcore.
Cut that out! Get over here! You want to know what I see when I look at you? I see a team of awful, unrighteous villains of the law.
Wow, do you really mean that, Bootsy? Of course, man.
Alright countrymen, what do you say? Are we back in ze game? [all cheering] All right, let's get started.
Here's the plan.
Our target's code name is "hat head".
And word on the street, he's pretty loose with his peanut butter.
[knocking on door] Also, he definitely has not been bribed to let us rob him.
Oh, good! I am glad to hear it.
Anyways, I've been casing his pad for weeks and he always leaves his kitchen window unlocked.
And from there, it's a straight shot to that big old jar of Nutshell Drip.
The what? You know.
That sweet and salty mud.
The liquid legume? Peanut butter.
[all gasp, chatter excitedly] [music] All right, guys, just like we planned.
Jean Claude! Scope out the area.
Amazing cartwheel, bud.
There she is, the big mama.
I don't know about zis, Bootsy If we get caught, II don't think I can handle the humiliation.
You cut that out right now, Mister! You can do this.
Bootsy believes in you.
Anyway, you don't have to worry about that hat head.
That guy's completely distracted.
La la la la la Talking on my phone with all my many friends.
So distracting! Oh! Your confidence gives me life, Bootsy! It is time to commence Operation: Peanut Butter.
[dramatic music] Oh, look.
There's a ladder.
Victoire! [cheering] Nice job, guys! We got the goods so let's amscray.
[chattering excitedly] [gasps] Incroyable.
Bootsy, we have hit ze jackpot! Take it all! Hhold on a sec! Just because we're criminals doesn't mean we have to get greedy, right? How are we even going to manage to carry all that peanut butter? Uh, Billie Jean is a strong woman.
Oh! Mm-hmm.
Zis is amazing! Thank you, Bootsy! Oh! None of zis would have been possible without you! Heh, yeah, huh.
[humming to himself] - Hey, Moff.
- Ah! How's everything going in there? Umm, it's going pretty good.
The squirrels are having a lot of fun.
Well, how nice.
It feels good to help people, doesn't it? I'm glad you feel that way, because the squirrels are helping themselves to the rest of your peanut butter.
Stop right there, you greedy little vermin.
Both: Ah! That's my personal property you're stealing! You're ze greedy one, old man.
Fire! [machine whirs] Augh! Oh, boy.
Do you think we hatched out of eggs? Fee! Foo! Come in! Hey man, how's the plan goin'? Not good.
It's a bloodbath over here.
Stop stealing my stuff! D'oh! I don't know what to do.
Don't worry, dude.
We'll take care of it.
You want what now? We need to borrow all your weapons and cop stuff so we can stop a robbery.
Uhh, please or whatever.
Victory is ours, nerd! Now let's grab the loot and get out of here.
[siren wails] This is the police.
Come out with your hands in the air.
We've got you surrounded, suckas! This probably isn't what Harvey wanted.
- This isn't what I wanted! - Holy Crepe Suzette! The police! What are we going to do? [panicked chattering] There is no escape.
Wait! Bootsy! You can get us out of this, right? Uh, I wasn't really expecting this, but I think you're a great criminal.
I'm sure you could come up with a plan.
- Oi, really? - Come on, boss, lead the way! [sniffs] Oh Bootsy, your faith in me has given me strength.
I think I have got a plan! But we'll probably have to kill the hostage.
What? All right, criminals, I'm giving you to the count of 500 to get your no good keisters out of here! What? A bunch of ugly hats? Now that don't make no sense.
Now! [shouting] An ambush? Ugh! Ah! Ah! Careful! I had two breakfastses this morning! Sean Jean! Give Bootsy some cover.
Jean Claude! More acorns on ze right.
Why, I oughta Oh, no you did notunh! That's it! I'm just gonna buh-zap the biggest target I see! Buh-zap! Oh, no no no! Oh! Ha! Oh what a day.
[all cheering] Oh! I can't remember the last time I felt ze rush of pulling off a heist! You must come with us to present zis to Papa Jean! You go on, squirrels.
It's about time for old Bootsy St.
Claire to hit the road.
Youyou are leaving us? You know why Operation: Peanut Butter was a success, Jean Luc? Because of you.
All of you.
You don't need me anymore.
My work here is done.
I understand.
Good-bye, Bootsy.
I think you mean bad-bye.
[bell dings] [music] To Bootsy! [all cheer] [chatters indistinctly] A little to ze left.
Zere! Perfect.
We will never forget you, Bootsy St.
And your help in our time of need.
Because of you, we now have the confidence to proceed with our next crime: ze elimination of Harvey Beaks!