Harvey Beaks (2015) s02e26 Episode Script

The End and the Beginning (Part 1; Part2)

1 [upbeat music] Harvey Harvey Harvey Okay, so this is a game I made up.
I don't have a catchy title yet, but it's like hide and seek, except you yell a pasta dish - when you find someone.
- Ooh! What if we call it, "Ready Spaghetti"? - Yes! - And you gotta wear - a bug on your head.
- No! Mine's laying eggs.
One, two three, ready spaghetti! Tagliatelle! [laughs] Pad Thai! Mac 'n cheese! Lasagna Bolognaise! Dandan noodles! Kugel! Pasta al carbone! Blargle gargle! Fettucine Alfre do.
Excuse please, little girl.
Have you seen these two babies? Mom? Dad? Ohh! [light music] [munching] Little babies grow so big! Who knew babies do that? Thank you, Beakses, for food.
No, thank you.
I've been dying to try out that new scone recipe.
Fee, are you sure you're comfortable over Yeah I'm cool thanks.
[bell dings] Ooh! Who's excited for crumpets? - So, Bada - I Bada.
- I Grada.
- I Foo! You have an interesting accent.
Where are you two from? We live in Greater Impland Empire.
Is very nice.
Lots of bees.
So many bees.
Oh, before I do forget, I want to give gift.
Yes, thank you for taking care of our babies.
[laughs] Really, you didn't have to ahh! Ahh! Snakes! Snakes! In Impland Empire, snakes are for money.
[grunting] Mommy? Daddy? What do you guys do for a living? Well, little baby Foo, your Papa is artist.
I am whittler.
These are my whittle treasures.
This is tiny house! Cost one snake.
And this is tiny elephant.
Cost one snake.
And this is tiny snake.
Cost two snake.
- There's blood on those.
- No, no, no.
That is creative juices from hands.
Sometimes I get so creative I get woozy.
- And I am accountant.
- Uh oh really? Yes, I best accountant.
One, two, three, four, - five, six, seven, eight - She very good.
- 9, 10, 11 - Knock it off! All I wanna know is where have you two been, huh? Why'd you leave Foo and me all alone for so long? And now I'm supposed to be like, "Oh hi, how's it going? - Everything's cool.
" - Crumpets anyone? Bad time? Okay I'll come back.
We didn't leave you.
- You leave us.
- Huh? I tell you very serious story now.
Both: Whoopa doopa! Whoopa doopa! Whoopa doopa! What are you doing? Traditional Impland Empire story beginning festivities.
- Maybe skip that part.
- So no ham juggling? No, just tell me what happened.
Was a beautiful Harumday.
Business had been very good.
So house was full of snakes.
[screaming, panting] Grada and I decide to go look for more anti-venom plants.
Are my babies most comfy? [laughing] Now everyone knows best anti-venom plants grow at top of very tall Mt.
And of course, once you climb mountain, the first thing you must do is traditional mountain climb yoga stretches.
Okay, babies, now we not get cramps.
Babies? Babies?! Husband! Babies go missing! Maybe they fly? [both giggling] Wait.
Only babies with wings fly.
- Do our babies have wings? - Mm, no.
Then they must still be up on mountain top.
I go this way.
You go that way.
- Find them? - No.
Okay, we keep looking! - Find them? - No.
Find them? No.
- Find them? - No.
How many times did you circle that mountain? Ah just 15 or 20 thousand.
- I account them all.
- Winters were hardest.
- I lose toe.
- We eventually leave mountain, but we never ever, ever stop searching for our babies.
[laughs] Now we can be family again.
I got the poops.
I gotta use the kitchen.
No Fee, that room's not we talked about this last time! Doop, doop, doobie, doobie, doobie, doobie Doop do What am I gonna do, Harvey? They're total weirdoes.
I always imagined my parents would be more like, I don't know, your parents.
Yeah I'll admit, they're kinda Both: Poop-a-doop! Poop-a-doop! Poop-a-doop! Unexpected.
But they seem really sweet and nice.
I don't know anything about them.
Like, how far can they spit? What's their favorite kind of mud? Are they allergic to pizza? [sighs] How do I know they'll be good parents? Well, I guess you could test them.
Test them how? And Foo will bite.
A lot.
It's like an involuntary reaction.
Hey Mommy? Daddy? These people are here to see you.
Parent Inspectors.
We heard there were some long-lost parents in this house.
That is us! So yeah, we're gonna need you to come with us for testing.
It's all very official.
Harrumph, harrumph, harrumph.
I need you two to understand that the finding of our reports will determine if you're cool enough to be parents.
We will do whatever it takes! It is like old proverb.
If you want something, you find jellyfish and you make whisper into his ears.
Then you mail jellyfish to third uncle who makes jellyfish pie.
Then you eat pie and you know to believe in your dreams.
Okay one point docked for weird sayings.
Can I just say I'm surprised Fee and Harvey aren't here for this? It's kind of important you know? Now the first test is what we call, - "The First Test.
" - What are these? Those are supposed to be your kids.
[sniffing] - These are not my babies! - Death to the imposters! Ahh! [roars] [yelling] We get many points, yes? This time we'll use your real baby.
- Is definitely real.
- We don't have to destroy him.
Here we have many food choices.
Cake, salad, cup 'o nails.
Which one should you feed him? Oh, that's a easy one.
We feed him traditional jellyfish borscht.
Made from blend of delicious jellyfish and watery yogurt.
Mm! Mm-mm! Mm! Mm! Shh, this put hair on your chalakas.
[crying] So this next test is to see how you wait, where'd they go? What are you doing? I caught a fish so that we could show you how good we are at soccer.
That doesn't even make any sense.
[grunts] Goal! Okay, that's it.
We're done! So we pass inspection? Why couldn't you just be like normal parents? Just go back home to your weirdo country.
Foo and I are fine on our own.
We always have been.
Wait, that was Fee? Then who the heck are you? - # Life's a daydream # - [giggling] - # Of fields and soft streams # - Mommy? Mommy? Sunshine, bold leaves Roots of tall trees [gurgling] Hold the hands of those you love And tell them the things that you dream of Our time moves fast Warm winds through the grass by the small stream Not what it seems we are what we choose to be Be free - Fee? You okay? - How can I be with them? They left us alone all those years.
I guess I don't see it that way.
'Cause to me, they looked for us all those years.
- Babies? Babies! - # Find your way home # - Both: Babies! - # You're not alone # Both: Babies! Both: Babies! Side by side, we're stronger still Crickets sing and campfire spills Its magic light Up through the night by the small stream Not what it seems, we are what we choose to be Be free I hope they like apple, 'cause this pie has lots of a-peel.
That doesn't really work with apples.
- Hey, Harvey.
- Oh, Fee! I'm glad you're here.
I need a good apple pun to go with this pie I made for your parents.
So um, I'm cool with my folks now.
So you guys are gonna be our neighbors now, huh? Uhh, no.
Foo and I will go home with them.
- We're leaving Littlebark.
- What? 2 - Claire, what are you doing? - Ahh! Harvey's talking over here! Good morning everyone.
Before we all enjoy the playground, I thought it'd be nice to discuss what we each want to accomplish with today's play time.
I wanna get through one day without crying.
Everybody look at me! Sounds like everyone wants to have fun, and my favorite thing about having fun is following rules.
Rule number one: always look both ways when using the slide.
Wow, what a rush.
Rule number two: always share with each other.
Ehh, uhh, uhh, uh.
Rule number three: never swing past the safety line I drew on the tree.
The results can be dangerous.
- Just ask Kratz.
- Yeah.
And could you all please not draw anything explicit on my cast? - I'm looking at you, Piri.
- Ehhh, ehhh.
But the most important rule of all, guys, just remember to have fun! [all cheering] Carefully, very carefully.
Hey! You don't belong there, mister.
- Boop.
- [screaming] [grunting] My leaves! What is that? Hello? Are you okay ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ay, ah, ah! [growls] [grunting] No! Not my dry erase board! Ehh? [yelling] [moaning] [snores] Ah.
Uh! [grunting] [growls] Uh, uh! Ah! Oh! Ah! [panting] [roars] Mm! Aw, you poor thing.
Why don't you want to wash up in the bathtub? And track mud all over the house? I just shampooed the floors! Who just throws mud at someone they don't even know? When I was a kid, I had plenty of reasons to throw mud at people.
If I was hungry or if I'd just eaten.
Yeah, your Mom was terrifying.
You know, you should go and tell them that they hurt your feelings.
I don't ever know where they live.
Guys, there are two small creatures stealing our recycling bins.
That's them! Okay, I'm gonna go tell them how I feel.
Remember that jiu-jitsu move I showed you, sweetie.
Hello? Excuse me? Ugh! Ooh! How about we start over? - [growling] - My name is Harvey.
We can understand you, stupid.
Well, I just wanted to say that you really hurt my feelings earlier when you [mocking] And I just wanna say you hurt my feelings meh, meh, meh, meh.
- Hey! Stop that! - [mocking] Hey, stop that! I mean it! Or I'll ahh! Or you'll what? Or we'll have to go through the official handbook of conflict mediation in its entirety.
I was wrong about you.
You're not a threat.
You're just boring.
Let's get outta here.
Hey, wait, we haven't resolved our conflict! Dude, buzz off.
You're bugging us.
Right, Foo? Ahh! Ahh! I stubbed my toe.
Ooh, that looks like it hurt.
- [spits] There.
- No, it still hurts.
- Ow! Ow! Ow! - There we go.
- Um, that's not goo - Ahh! Screaming at it will help! - Ahh! - Wait, just come with me.
I have some medicine and snacks at my house.
Yeah right.
We don't wanna go anywhere with you.
- Right, Foo? - Umm, well what kinda snacks do you have? There we go, nice and snug.
- Who wants some orange juice? - I do! Harvey said you two were new to Littlebark.
Uh yeah.
Why don't you tell us a bit about yourselves? I don't know.
I'm Fee, he's Foo.
Ooh! Well, Fee, Foo, we're going to have dinner.
Would you like to call your parents and see if you can stay? It's taco night! Uhh, we don't have parents.
- What do you mean? - I don't know.
We just don't have parents.
What? Is that weird? - Oh.
- But who takes care of you? It's just me and Foo.
I'm sorry.
Foo and I have to go.
Bye! Well, wait! [door closes] [both spitting] [spits] Eh! [upbeat rock music] Whee! Ahh! - [both laughing] - Whoo-hoo! Uh-uh.
This was fun! You guys wanna hang out tomorrow? Uhh, yeah, sure.
I'm really glad we're friends now.
[wind gusting] Wow.
I'm really gonna miss you guys.
Where are you going? Oh, right.
We're leaving.
Mom and Dad said we should get back home in a few days.
- Fee and Foo! Come see! - Look at this! We made you a farewell card! Sorry it says, "Happy Retirement.
" You can blame Kratz for that.
I stitched the banner with me and Claire's hair.
Wait, What?! Aye! Bye, Felica! [dance music] Oh shoot, was that the card? Guys, my bad.
[both laughing] Stop! I have prepared a statement.
[clears throat] "Dear Fee and Foo, "I wish you were both in jail.
"You stole my best friend, you smell, "and you're both trash people.
I do not like you at all.
" That's all I have to say.
- Can we have a hug? - Yeah, okay.
We will haunt your dreams forever! - [whispering] Forever.
- [scoffs] Hey! You didn't think we'd let you go without saying good-bye, did you? I'm gonna miss your faces.
Hey, you're all welcome back anytime.
Absolutely, you're part of our family now, too.
Hug sandwich! Delicious food you feed us is starting to disagree with belly.
- We go now.
- We will say good-bye with our most sacred of farewell rituals.
- I kick you.
- Oh! - And I kick you! - Oh! - You're welcome.
- Hey Michelle, next time I see you, we're gonna get those face tattoos we talked about.
Nice! All right, sun is setting and wolves come soon.
Is time for leaving! Mom, Dad, don't forget the travel bag.
Oh yes.
So good you remembered.
Without these, we all die painfully.
You are very responsible, my babies! Well, I guess this is it.
Oh, I almost forgot.
I made you a letter writing kit so we can stay in touch.
[munching] Oh! I thought that would happen.
- So I made some extras! - Thanks for the snack, Harvey! - Tastes like paper.
- Bye Harvey! [whimpers] - Harvey.
- What? - Harvey! - Wha-a-at? [crying] Harvey.
Foo, help me out, here.
[blubbering] I'm gonna miss you.
You know what? Come here! [all crying] Okay, bye.
Thanks for everything! - Have safe travels! - I'm gonna miss you guys! - Be safe, Fee and Foo.
- Bye! [somber music] Good-bye, Fee.
Good-bye, Foo.
Honey, you didn't come down for dinner.
I I don't know what to do.
I'm happy they found their family, but why'd they have to leave? Why can't they stay forever like you guys or Michelle? Sometimes people come into your life and sometimes they have to leave.
- That's so sad.
- It is sad.
But you're also really lucky you got to be their friend.
Nothing's ever going to change that.
[hopeful music] Dad: Yeah.
You found each other.
When a friend comes into your life, it changes you a little.
They challenge you.
They make you laugh.
They make you stronger.
# # Each person gives you a gift.
A special part of them that you keep forever.
It's like they're always with you.
[upbeat music]