Haunted (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Spirits from Below

1 My name is Elle.
The spirits in my house tormented my family and did terrible things.
Thank you guys for being here today.
As you know, we just sold our family home, and all of us who lived in that house had something happen to them.
There were some things that we've never sat down and talked about.
And we're just here to talk about those so that we could bring closure now that the house is out of our family's name.
Mom and Dad met in Philippines, got married in Philippines.
My dad was in law enforcement for over 20 years.
Dad took down a pretty large well-known gang, and, a couple of months later, he was being told that there was a hit out on him, which is why they decided to come out to the United States with not very much planning.
When we first came, Dad was working at the bank, he was working at the, you know, a restaurant as a professional bartender.
It was three jobs at one point, so that he was able to buy us a five-bedroom, two-bath home in Carson.
It was a very beautiful, nice house.
From the moment my family moved into the house I started noticing very scary things.
Hey, we are not making the bills.
I like to wear nice things.
I like to drive a nice car If you don't look at it, it won't scare you.
Well, not really, but, you know, I I do what I gotta do.
When my mom said, "If you don't look at it, it won't scare you," it made me more scared.
Because I knew that in fact, there was something there that my mom was also seeing.
A lot of Philippinos believe in spirits.
We call ghosts mumò.
But you don't talk about it because, you know, if you don't see it, you don't deal with it, it's not gonna happen.
It's like you're feeding it.
That's the reason why I I don't allow anybody to talk about that stuff in my house.
And so my parents wouldn't outwardly or verbally acknowledge it to us, and we never really sat there and compared all of our experiences to each other.
It was just very commonly known that there is mumò in our house.
When I was a little girl, when I sleep at night, I would hear laughing in my room.
The laughing was coming from the dolls.
You know, for a little girl, you see that and you experience that, what do you do? You're scared, you don't know what to do.
I told my mom and dad, but they just thought it was, you know, my imagination.
- Then you just kind of blow it off.
- Right.
So, one night, I was walking straight up to the stairs.
It was the lady I had seen with my mom and then the tall man next to her.
And I just remembered it was Mom who found out I had peed on myself.
She just got mad at me.
And I never said anything.
I never told her what I saw.
I didn't even feel that you guys were an option, my siblings.
You guys were so much older than me.
I didn't really have anybody to talk to.
Well, I felt the same way, but my feeling was "Nobody's gonna believe me.
They're just gonna laugh at me, so I won't say anything.
" The next thing I started experiencing was wherever I was, there was always something with me.
She would be right there.
And it gave me comfort because I was Something I never told anyone was that I was a really lonely kid, and the little girl felt like a friend, at first.
A little while later, I was in your bedroom.
Half our house caught on fire that day.
It was traumatic and heartbreaking because Mom and Dad's house now, part of the house is burnt, and after spending so much money on buying this house and trying to make it a home for us, and now this We count our blessings that everybody was safe.
Thank God you're okay.
The first event of big relevance that happened after the fire affected Jerome, my nephew.
You were just a little bit more than a toddler maybe.
You told your mom or dad that it was a girl who was trying to kill you, trying to drown you.
I remember the fear of Any time I passed by the well, I felt this anxiety.
I just remember having the fear of being by the well or anywhere by water, growing up.
So, the years went by and I was in a really dark place.
I knew that I would never be able to escape the little girl.
I just remember one night in my bedroom.
I took the pills and I slit my wrist, I slit my left wrist.
I was thinking about my future, 'cause I didn't have one if she was going to continuously be with me.
I didn't want that.
I vaguely remember the incident.
I remember her being gone for a little bit, not knowing why.
But yeah, she had to go to the hospital for some reason.
So when I got back from the hospital, I felt doomed.
To escape what I was going through inside the house, I would be out for days, sometimes weeks at a time, because I was always happy outside the house, but, inside the house, I knew the little girl was with me.
And, by the time I was 16, that's when I met Chris.
And, the very first time I met Chris, I had that feeling, like, "Oh, he's the one," and I knew that from a really young age.
I find out I'm pregnant and I ended up giving birth.
And then, before graduating high school, me and Chris got married and Chris ended up moving to my parents' house.
We just didn't have the means to have our own place.
It was just easier.
- Nothing happened at first.
- No.
It was a very happy time.
I wasn't experiencing anything paranormal in my house.
But then it got active again.
And I started to not feel like myself anymore.
I started to feel a lot of rage towards my husband.
Only when we were inside that house.
After the little girl returned, things started to get pretty active.
Over the years, we started noticing the stories that our daughter was telling us.
We would just be playing and next thing you knew there was a new friend.
We called him Red Boy.
We didn't question why we called him Red Boy.
He was just someone we'd play with all the time in the house.
Come, come.
Come, come.
He would dare us to jump.
He would tell us, "Go jump.
Go jump.
" And then that's when I realized why we're calling him Red Boy was because he was covered in blood.
So I felt that I was in an impossible situation where now I've brought my family into this house and we're just stuck now, because we weren't in a position where we could just afford to move out into our own place.
And I just remember one night, I remember Stop it! Stop it! Wow.
You could have killed him.
- The little girl made me do it.
- You didn't say anything? I was saying, "What the hell you fighting with me for?" I felt nothing but darkness.
I felt no remorse, no regret.
But it wasn't me.
And I remember we ended up outside.
But the minute I went outside, I felt light.
I remember you said we need to get out of that house.
We need to move now.
We ended up moving out, and never looked back and moved back again.
You guys telling me your experiences I had no clue.
This is It just confirms that I'm not crazy, because if I'm crazy, then all of you guys are crazy, but we all experienced it in a different way.
After we moved out, Mommy had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
There was a point where she started to slip, you know, even worse and worse in her condition.
So, I went down to visit with her.
It was really hard to go back into that house, but I just wanted to see her one last time.
And, all of a sudden, she said it in Tagalog, "Too bad they want to get you.
" And then I said, "Who?" And she looked up at the top of the stairs and she said "Them.
" "The tall man with dark clothes and his shoes, the little old lady, and the little girl.
" And so I said, "Them? Are they from above?" "Sa itaas or sa ibaba?" "From the bottom?" And, straight face, like almost towards me, Mommy said, "Sa ibaba!" "The bottom.
" It scared the crap out of me.
She passed away and we sold the house as soon as we could.
And I don't want to ever talk about our experiences again after today.
I won't say anything to anybody because I don't want to have to deal with the evilness that I was dealing with in the house.
When everyone talks about it, then something sparks up.
Selling the house is closing that chapter.