Haunted Hospitals (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

The Nurse Medium

- I was a nurse, I was young, I was excited about it.
There was nothing in my nursing training that could've prepared me for a moment like that.
- Terrifying's putting it lightly.
- Lower energy, demonic energy.
- In my heart, I knew that something evil was just behind that door.
(screaming) (ominous music) (soft music) - (narrator): Phyllis Juliano is a newly minted registered nurse.
She's been on the job for just a few months.
- I was excited about it.
I was a nurse, I was young, I was working at a hospital When I was telling people I was working in the psych ward, their immediate reaction was, "Oh, God!".
When you think of the psych ward, you think of people who are "crazy", unpredictable.
For me, it was cool because I was intrigued with psychology.
- (narrator): The hospital is near a large prison; inmates who require psychiatric care are often transferred to the hospital where she works.
- So we would have to take care of the patients when they came in that were from the prison.
I had to administer meds that were ordered from the doctor and I had to take blood daily to check their levels.
- (narrator): Today, Phyllis must take a blood sample from a patient who is viewed as a safety risk for staff.
(knocking) - Is he restrained? - Yep.
- They were coded.
So, for example, if somebody was code yellow, they didn't necessarily have to be restrained, but you couldn't go in by yourself.
Code blue was the highest level of security.
This particular patient was code blue.
You're sure? - Absolutely.
- The security guard answers yes, the patient is restrained.
- (interviewer): Tell me what was told to you about this particular patient.
(door buzzing) - This patient was a transfer from the burn unit.
He was recovered, but he was severely burned.
- (narrator): The patient is struggling with many things, but fear of pain is not one of them.
Phyllis knows he set himself on fire.
- He was restrained because he was psychotic.
I was intrigued, and I was scared.
When I went into the room, there was an energy that I felt.
And I believed, in my heart, that he was dangerous.
I also knew that he was HIV-positive, so, you know, the full gamut of red flags was there.
- (spooky voice): He is not restrained.
- I turn around, I see nobody's there.
It was so fast, I wasn't even trying to process with logic who was calling me or saying that.
I just figured, "There's somebody behind me", but I just couldn't see him.
- (narrator): Phyllis looks for the source of the disembodied voice.
- I looked out the door and saw nobody.
The voice was obviously a male's voice; there were no male nurses on the ward.
We had doctors who were male, but nobody on the ward that I knew about, and there were no visitors at that time.
It was the middle of the night.
- (spooky voice): He's not restrained! - I get chills through my entire body.
I just couldn't believe what had happened.
- (spooky voice): He's not restrained! (dramatic music) - It was absurd for a doctor to be there.
The patient didn't make any sort of reaction.
Clearly, I was the only one that heard it.
Who are you? - He's not restrained.
- The man, the doctor, whoever was here, he kept saying: "He's not restrained".
(dramatic music) Those three words struck me to my core.
- (narrator): Phyllis is shaken by the experience and is left with a question she's not sure can be answered.
- Who was that doctor? And they said there was no doctor.
There was nobody here.
The doctor in scrubs? He was just in the room with me! Can you come into the room with me? I knew that, going into that room, I had to be composed.
I was terrified, but I knew that I had to have it together.
- (narrator): But even more than that, Phyllis needs to approach the patient to draw his blood.
- Now, my heart is pounding.
I was feeling fear.
Help! I was screaming: "What the (beep)? I thought he was restrained!" - (spooky voice): He's not restrained! - (narrator): Nurse Phyllis Juliano recieves mysterious warnings about a dangerous patient.
- It was a punch in the face.
Got my mouth and my teeth.
I was shocked.
I was confused, "How did this happen?" And I'm bleeding.
I was so scared and confused, and your heart is beating a mile a minute and you're sweating You don't even know what to do.
It's almost like a deer in headlights.
You're just frozen.
- (narrator): The security guard reattaches the patient's restraints, but Phyllis is looking for answers.
- How did this happen? How did you not know? How did you not know he wasn't restrained? We found out later there was a default in the clip.
At some point during the night, it unclipped.
- (narrator): Phyllis realises what she's been fearing has been true all along.
- He's not restrained.
- (narrator): A voice from beyond has saved her from even more harm.
(growling) - I didn't want people to think I was crazy.
I didn't want to be abnormal.
There was another nurse who was in that unit who transferred to a different unit.
She was an older nurse.
She was very seasoned.
She was the one that told me: "There was a doctor that used to work in here all the time.
Patients loved him, but he died.
" And I said, "Well, what did he sound like?" And I described him, I said: "Was it like a raspy, stern voice?" She goes, "Yeah, that was him.
" - Medicine is a calling, not a job.
The people that are drawn to it don't lose that sense of duty and they don't lose that sense of calling when they die.
All around the world in hospitals and medical facilities, there are reports of physicians and nurses that are still on duty many years after they've physically left their bodies.
- (narrator): When the older nurse tells Phyllis that she has seen the doctor too, Phyllis is grateful for the encounter.
- (interviewer): Was there any doubt in your mind that this doctor saved your life? - He totally saved my life, in more ways than one.
I don't know if I mentally would've come back from that.
I knew I'd experienced something not of this world.
- Not all ghosts have nefarious intentions.
Some of them can actually benefit the living and work to help and protect them.
In this particular case, the ghost actually saved her life.
(eerie sounds) - It seemed from that moment on, episodes like that, for me, and experiences, became more frequent.
- (narrator): Weeks into her new job, Phyllis is switched to the night shift, where she meets a newly admitted patient.
- A woman arrived who was classified as schizophrenic.
She came in through an ambulance, having an episode at home.
A family member called.
(indistinct PA announcement) Is she not stopping? Get ready to sedate her.
(woman screaming) (door buzzing) - (woman screaming) - Even from the hallway, I could hear what she was saying.
"They're trying to get me! They're trying to get me!" Which is not abnormal for somebody with schizophrenia.
(woman screaming) But it was something that was calling to me.
I felt the need to go into the room.
- Of all the haunted medical facilities around the world, I think by far the most paranormally active tend to be the behavioural facilities, psychiatric wards.
And if you look at the type of energies that you get in these locations, you have people that are in a great deal of emotional distress essentially all of the time.
(woman screaming) - (narrator): Suddenly, the patient is eerily silent.
- When I first walked into the room, it was cold.
However, soon as I got in there, the cold started turning to heat.
So hot.
- Stay away! - She didn't want me there.
There was something that didn't want me there.
- Help me! (screaming) - Her body was moving in a way that wasn't normal-- and I'll use the word 'normal' because people do writhe in certain ways when they're going through episodes.
Can you tell me what's wrong? - Stay away! Stay away! - It's gonna be all right.
I'm going to help you.
- (narrator): Remembering her earlier experience, Phyllis believes her patient - is experiencing something beyond schizophrenia.
- (moaning) - When I put my right hand on her shoulder, she knew that she needed help.
(growling) - They're gonna get me! - I said: "I'm gonna pray over you.
" (growling) I ask you to save her.
I ask you to protect her.
I ask you to protect her, please.
I said: "Archangel Michael, dispel any demons that are over her.
I feel them.
I feel them in her.
She's not crazy.
" Save her, please! Send them away! (growling) - What we're really talking about here is a David and Goliath situation.
Phyllis is armed with good intentions, but she isn't a trained religious practitioner.
She's not versed in these kind of ceremonies.
- Save her! Protect her! (woman screaming) - To go head-to-head with a dark entity like this is actually playing with fire.
- At that moment, I didn't even know why I was doing that.
I still prayed over her.
Protect her.
Please, save her.
I felt something abnormal and something lower energy, because at that point I didn't know what demonic energy was.
(growling) - (howling) - The nurse said: "What are you doing?" I said: "I'm praying over her.
" (screaming) I knew that she was sedated.
I knew that there was nothing else that could be done.
- Please, help me! - Send them away! Set her free! It freaked me out so bad that I couldn't stop doing what I was doing.
I just knew that if I had stopped praying I knew at that moment that my faith was the only thing I had in that room.
Send them away! Leave her be! She was in danger.
Her soul was in danger.
Her life was in danger.
- Set her free! - (screaming) (narrator): Nurse Phyllis Juliano is terrorized by paranormal activity on the hospital's psychiatric ward.
- And I just kept praying and praying, I never closed my eyes.
Normally when I pray, I close my eyes.
(hissing) Set her free! She got very tense and her back arched, and her neck was erratically bent backwards and I see the shadow, and it was a hazy muck, evil.
That's what it felt like to me.
(screaming) And I saw this thing rise out of her.
(growling) She looked relieved, as if I had just given her a magic pill for all the pain she'd been feeling to go away.
- Thank you.
- I felt the peace in her and I said, "Thank you, God".
There was nothing in my nursing training that taught me or could've prepared me for a moment like that.
- Phyllis may have tapped into something larger than herself which acted as an ally in this confrontation against the dark entity.
- Immediately following that, when they asked: "Oh, she's calm now?" I said: "Yeah, she's sleeping.
" They just figured it was the medication.
I didn't know what to say to anybody.
How do I explain that to somebody without looking crazy? I'm still young; they're gonna put me somewhere if I come across and say: "Well, I just dispelled an evil entity from the psych lady in room 1.
" You know, you just don't do that.
- (narrator): Instead, Phyllis has to find a way to cope with how the paranormal events she experiences at the hospital change her life.
- I started seeing things, more than ever.
- We're still not sure how people see ghosts, but some people seem to be able to register the presence of the paranormal.
- I knew it was going to be something I had to negotiate with God.
It was gnawing at me, just knowing that "You're missing your mark, girl.
I gave you this gift, you need to work it.
" People who knew that I had these gifts started sending people to me who they felt needed help, so now I'm teaching them how to dispel their demons and to watch them heal and move on with their lives and reclaim their light.
That's my reward.
- Thank you.
(growling) - No! - (narrator): Suzanne Caldwell is a registered nurse working in hospice care at a large hospital.
- Hospice is a very different branch of nursing.
Hospice patients, they're not going to get better.
They're not going to get up and walk out.
Your focus is making sure that your patient is comfortable and getting them to be at that peace.
That's such a rewarding experience, to be a part of that patient's life in their final days.
What a wonderful gift it is to go to work every day and to help people.
- (narrator): But Suzanne notices the peace she feels at work doesn't always carry through into the night.
- There were experiences throughout the night that didn't seem to happen on the day shift.
Typical routine for my shift would be I would come on to the unit and I would find out what patients I was having that night, look at their medication list to see the timing of their medications, and then go about your night, and whatever comes happens.
(PA announcement) (low growl) There was a specific room, the call light would always go off in the room even though that room was always empty.
The nurses that I worked with on night shift, they knew that there was something going on.
It just felt completely different when you started to walk down that hallway.
Nobody liked to go down that hallway by themselves.
And there's one particular room at the end of the hallway that everyone talked about that they didn't like the way they felt when they were in that room.
It gave them the creeps.
You felt like you were being watched.
Just a very heavy presence.
You can feel that there's just a lot of things around you but you can't see them but you know they're there.
(door slamming) It was very unsettling and I got out of there as fast as I could.
It was the beginning of my shift and I was walking down the hallway near that room with a nurse assistant.
- (narrator): Suzanne is stopped by a colleague who's disturbed by something he just witnessed.
- You don't wanna go back there, girls.
- He happened to mention to me that, "Oh yeah, there's a man in that room.
" That shocked me and startled me.
I was walking down the hallway to that room.
- (interviewer): Was the feeling going into that room similar or different? - The feeling I got was much more intense.
It was just really heavy.
It was hard to breathe.
And I saw something out of the corner of my eye.
(gasping) There was a moment when I thought, you know, "Why is somebody back here?" But then I quickly realised that I could see through him.
I was shaken to my core.
God loves me! Registered nurse Suzanne Caldwell is faced with supernatural events at work.
- God loves me! God loves me! I was terrified, but I knew that God would take care of me.
I got out of there as fast as I could.
I knew that I was not welcome in that room.
- She may have observed something called residual energy.
It may have been the impression of a person that had once stood there but may not actually be standing there, in spirit or otherwise.
- I didn't know that it would hurt me or that he would do anything, but it was threatening, like: "This is my area.
Get out of here.
" - When it comes to negative entities, oftentimes, in a situation where you've got one that is protective over a space, they actually don't really like to be noticed that much, and sometimes it's when they're noticed that the problem actually starts.
- (narrator): The fright Suzanne endures brings to mind something she's tried very hard to ignore.
- I had these experiences my entire life, of seeing and feeling things, and I would speak out to my parents about it but it was always, you know, "It's your imagination" or "You're just seeing things.
" In 1983, I was 6 years old.
The moment I woke up, I knew I was not dreaming, and immediately just felt this incredible presence.
I knew I wasn't alone in the room.
What I would call the demon was completely black.
I couldn't see through at all.
The demon actually spoke to me, which scared me even more.
The demon started to say: "God doesn't love you.
" Um I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I really try not to.
- (interviewer): OK, why don't you have some water? - OK.
The demon started to tell me that God didn't love me, God didn't want me.
The demon said: "I can love you better than God can.
" I just kept screaming: "God loves me! You can't make me stop loving God!" I just kept saying it over and over again until finally, he said to me: "If you ever tell anyone this happened, I will come back for you.
" - (interviewer): So you felt that his threats were real? - Oh, I was terrified.
I was absolutely terrified.
I was definitely scared growing up and going through my life, and I tried my best to forget about it, but it was still in the back of my mind.
And so it got to the point that I knew it wasn't something that I could talk about.
- Going good so far? - Yeah, going good.
Just checking the whole hall.
I was afraid to tell anyone, because I didn't want them thinking that I was crazy, I didn't want to give a bad impression, so I kept it to myself.
- (narrator): Suzanne returns to day shift, hoping to put to an end any further encounters with the paranormal.
- I started my shift and I had a new patient arrive.
He'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
You could tell that he was going to decline a little bit quickly.
Hi there! In hospice, your focus is making sure that your patient is comfortable, that they're not in pain.
Shall we? Thanks.
So, your room is all ready to go.
As a hospice nurse, the one thing that you can guarantee is that someone is going to pass away on your shift.
(beeping) He had not taken a breath in a couple of minutes.
I walked over to him and listened to make sure that he didn't have any aspirations, I looked at his pupils to make sure they were fixed and dilated; he was completely unresponsive.
When a patient passes, we clean them up, take any IVs, any catheters, any tubing that they may have and just get them more presentable for the funeral home.
While my nursing assistant was out getting linens for the bath, I took my patient's IV out, and as I was taking the IV out of his hand, I suddenly knew that someone was watching me.
I knew that I wasn't in the room by myself.
It was my patient.
His body is laying in front of me and I have his IV in my hand, but there he is again, standing there, solid as can be.
- (spooky voice): Why doesn't that hurt? - He said: "Why doesn't that hurt? I don't feel that.
" And I just stood there for a second like, "What is he talking about?" And then I realised that I had his IV in my hand.
I don't think he understood that he had died.
I'm looking at him and I'm wanting to run away, and I was scared to death to move.
I didn't want him any closer to me.
- Give me that! - No! (narrator): Hospice nurse, Suzanne Caldwell encounters a terrifying entity who refuses to let go.
- Give me that! - No! I was too afraid to run and I was too afraid to look away.
- Give me that.
- A lot of people believe that if you pass away, that once you're making that transition, you're not aware of it and you become confused.
Suzanne -and many other people- tend to believe that if people passing away don't make their transition, that this is going to be a negative event.
- One of the things that we're told in hospice is to still talk to your patients even when they're unresponsive.
We're taught to comfort them.
It's OK.
You've passed on.
So that was the first thing that I could think of, is telling him everything's OK, everything's taken care of.
Everyone talks about a white light, and so I asked him.
I said: "Do you see a white light? "That's where you need to go right now.
That white light is full of warmth, it's full of love.
" And the confusion on his face went away, and I just turned for one brief second to put the bloody IV in the trash can, and when I looked back he was gone.
(sobbing) - What's going on? Are you all right? - I was white as a ghost.
I'm OK.
But it took a few minutes for me to regain my composure so that we could finish cleaning him up.
I had a good feeling that I helped him.
- I think Suzanne's belief that she was acting as the spirit guide definitely fulfilled something in Suzanne as well, because she had this early experience that was so frightening for her.
This incident healed something that really needed to be healed from her childhood, especially now that she's made a positive connection with this world that she's feared so much.
- It was an eye opener for me.
Everything just came flooding back from my whole life, all these experiences I'd had that I've dealt with and kept a secret really had happened, it was real, and so everything came full circle.
Just a wave of emotions, really.
So then it was kind of like a mission.
One of my friends that I graduated high school with had created a paranormal investigative team in our town and I reached out to him, and now I'm surrounded by a team of people that I've become very close friends with.
I want to help people, and not in a nursing way now, but to help them be OK when they're experiencing things.
I didn't want anybody else to ever feel the way that I did growing up.
I wanted them to know: "You're not crazy.
You're OK.
This is real and I believe you.
" (eerie music) - (narrator): 41-year-old Spencer Gaudet is ready for a career change and has just been hired as a cook by a hospital-affiliated nursing home.
- What made me good for this job was my cooking experience and also the way I can relate to people.
I always pride myself on giving a good quality meal and trying to make people happy.
- Oh, look at those! Oh, what a treat! Thank you! - You're welcome.
I enjoy working with people, get to interact with them, talk with them, learn their stories.
- So what's on the menu for lunch today? - It's a surprise, but make sure you try the apple crumble.
- Oh, will do! - Talk to you later.
It is a very stressful job.
I was preparing close to 200 meals per mealtime for the residents, and I found that just unbelievable.
My normal day started at about 5AM.
It was absolutely fantastic the first time I got into the kitchen.
It was just you have a lot of meals to prepare.
- [Code blue room 305.
] - (narrator): Spencer gets a visit from a nurse checking in on a meal for her resident, but there's something else awaiting him.
(dripping sound) - I noticed sand or mud coming up through the floor.
You know what? There's this mess in here I gotta clean up.
- I'll come help you.
- I wasn't too sure what to think of it.
It had me completely confused.
Ugh! - What is that? - I don't know.
It keeps bubbling up from here.
Was it just due to the building, just due to the fact that the building was built on an old swamp? - (narrator): But there's something that rattles Spencer and his co-worker: there's absolutely no source for the strange mud to emerge from.
- There were no other spots where this was coming up.
- (narrator): Disappointed about the rough start to his first day on the job, Spencer tries to be lighthearted.
- This place is cursed.
- (narrator): But it's not just a feeling.
Two weeks into the job, Spencer is struggling to understand something else about his workplace.
- It was a Tuesday morning that I'd gone in, just ready to get the day going, get everything done, and I was working at my prep table and I heard whistling in the background.
(whistling) (loud clank) (whistling) So of course I went and I looked around the corner, checked down by our dishwasher And there was nobody in there, so I opened the door to the kitchen and looked down the hallways.
The hallways were completely bare.
There wasn't a soul out there.
I had to take a step back, because I was like: "I know I'm not hearing things.
I just heard that whistling.
" I just tried to blow it off, thinking: "OK, it must have been somebody in the hallway.
" I started to do my prep again for the day (man screaming in rage) And out of nowhere, I heard something that was unexplained.
(mac screaming) And it kind of really caught me off guard.
It almost sounded like an angry spirit.
It just threw me for a complete loop that I literally had to stop working for a few minutes just to collect my thoughts.
I felt that there was something watching over me in the kitchen, just that unexplainable presence of, you know, "Who's behind me? Who's watching me?" - (narrator): But the sound stops abruptly, leaving Spencer with questions he can't answer.
- At that moment, I was more taken aback by everything that I didn't understand it.
- (narrator): And thoughts he'd rather not entertain.
- This experience I thought was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Unfortunately, it seemed to have opened a door to a lot more.
- (narrator): Spencer Gaudet barely starts his new job at a nursing home when strange events put him on edge.
- I'd be in at 5 o'clock in the morning to get breakfast ready for the residents at the facility.
I was always alone in the morning and that's when any type of unexplained activity happened.
I walked back into our storage area, and a box that I had just passed that was sitting on a shelf hit the floor.
I jumped about a foot off the ground when that box hit the floor.
I wasn't ready for it, because up until then it was just whistling.
There was no reason for anything to be thrown off the shelf unless there was something in there that was very negative.
- Poltergeists will move objects that actually have interactions with its environment in real time.
Spencer, he's bombarded with a number of different sensory experiences that can be really frightening for somebody who has never experienced this before.
- It was trying to get my attention and it scared the living bejesus out of me.
(panting) - Hey - Oh, you scared me.
- What happened? - At one point, I was starting to doubt myself.
I thought maybe I was going crazy and this wasn't actually happening.
I decided to start asking co-workers if they had experienced the whistling or just any type of unexplained activity that had happened.
What is happening here? - The things you're talking about - (narrator): And Spencer finds out something shocking.
- You're not the first person to talk about stuff like this.
- They looked at me and said there was a gentleman who had recently passed that enjoyed whistling.
(whistling) - Other people heard the whistling as well.
- This is really happening.
- This is really happening.
- It definitely scared me.
I was really unsure after that on what other negative things were gonna happen.
(growling) - (narrator): Spencer soon learns about other paranormal activity in the nursing home.
- After explaining my experiences to a couple of the nurses who had been there for 15 to 20 years, I was informed that there was a small shadow figure that, at times, had been caught on our closed circuit security system.
- The camera is an amazing development, because not only does it see different things than the human eye, but it of course has the ability to record those images, so oftentimes these cameras, especially things like security cameras, will pick up on different frequencies than the human eye is actually able to record at.
- When that small female was seen on camera, within 12 to 24 hours we would have a resident pass away.
(eerie music) I don't believe she was the one in the kitchen.
Downstairs, it was a completely different feeling.
- (narrator): Spencer's awareness of the spirits haunting the residents only adds to his anxiety.
- My senses were heightened.
I actually started to look for it.
Expecting, you know, something to jump out at me each and every morning I went into the kitchen.
It got to be very stressful, started making me very agitated.
There was definitely a different type of energy at that point in time.
It was almost like something had taken over me and put me in a different frame of mind.
Out the corner of my eye, I saw a black shadow or a mist against the wall And I was literally frozen in speech.
I couldn't talk or ask "Who's there?" It was just a weird sensation.
I was still able to see through the black cloud, looked like a figure, and it was there against the wall, and gone.
- (interviewer): So that must have been really terrifying for you? - Terrifying's putting it lightly.
I believe it was from a negative entity that was affecting me.
(thud) (clank) - Some people, during hauntings, will report feeling drained of energy or depressed, and sometimes they actually relate that to some sort of spiritual phenomenon that's going on, but what we've found is that it more has to do with how people are actually interpreting the phenomenon and having to go and prepare their brain day after day for the onslaught of something new happening.
During a haunting, there's many different things that can be going on, and what can be really difficult, especially for the people that are experiencing it, is the fact that the activities may not be connected to each other.
- (narrator): Drained by his experiences, Spencer looks to the past to get answers about the nursing home hauntings.
- After doing some research, I did find a story that did kind of explain that situation which gave merit to what was happening at the time.
The story I had discovered was at one point in time there was a girl and her father; he had gone hunting and apparently there was a large storm.
So his daughter came out to look for him.
- Papa! - He was so dehydrated and malnourished at that point in time that he saw what he thought was a bear coming towards him.
He raised his rifle, took a shot.
(gunshot) When he got over to where this apparent bear was it was his daughter.
So he had accidentally shot his daughter and killed her.
(sobbing) - (narrator): Spencer connects the area of the accidental murder to the location of the nursing home, and while he finds a way to make peace with what he went through - I was able to accept the experience for what it was, feeling that the spirits were always gonna be there.
They would let you know that they were there whether they were a friendly spirit, an angry spirit - (narrator): But the stress of the kitchen becomes too much, and he eventually quits.
At the nursing home, the dark shadows continue to be present to this day.