Haven s01e05 Episode Script

Ball and Chain

Previously on Haven I need to know more about her.
Best way to find out if your mother came through here is to be a local cop.
When you get a badge, you get to harass me.
Because you're a low-life criminal.
That's a good one.
- You're just using people like you always do.
Are you planning on using Audrey too? - Oh.
You look, uh, nice.
- Nice? - Am I interrupting something? - I can't take your restaurant, Bill.
- You are the spitting image of someone I sold flowers to years ago.
- What was her name? - Lucy.
I believe it was Lucy.
- Our grandmama could cast farther than you, much farther.
- Yeah, well, Grandmama was pretty tough, so I'll take that as a compliment.
- Take it however you like.
- Let's see what you got.
- Watch and learn, brother.
I believe our grandma's doing a little jig in her grave.
Oh, crap.
- Yeah, I think I heard her just fall and break a hip again.
- I'm caught up on that boat.
I'll cut the line.
- No, no, don't do that.
That's my favorite lure.
Besides, I don't think that boat's tied.
See if you can reel it in.
I wonder whose dinghy that is.
- Good job.
- All right, grab her.
Oh, those lobsters reek.
- What's that? Lift that tarp off there.
- No way.
- Oh, Dave, grow a set, would you? - Oh! - Ooh! - I don't believe it.
- It's true.
- You golf.
- Indeed I do.
- You're a golfer.
- I am.
- What, you don't have any hobbies? - Yeah, crime scenes.
- Oh, sounds relaxing.
- Yeah, well, they are to me.
All right, so what do we got here? Okay.
That guy has lived a full life.
He's at least 100 years old.
So what, did you guys move the body? - Yeah, I had to.
The boat was filling with water.
- Pretty old to go boating.
- Pretty old to even get in a boat.
All right, so did somebody just put a tarp over it? - No, the two guys that found the body said it was already under the tarp.
- Under the tarp? - Yeah.
- Oh, now, see? This is so much better than golf.
Well, hey.
You guys okay? - We've been better.
- Much, much better.
- You guys found the body? - We did.
But he didn't look like that when we found him.
- Well, what- what did he look like? - Old, dead.
Now he looks even older, deader.
- Thought you might find this useful.
- Is that the same body? - I believe the police own a camera or two, Vince.
- Well, it can't hurt, can it? - Can we get a statement for the Haven Herald? - Oh, come on, guys.
I've been here less than ten minutes.
Hey, can I- can I ask you about something? Oh, or not something but someone? - Oh, we don't think we know him.
- Hard to tell, though.
- No, no.
This isn't about the body.
You remember that woman that I look like? - In the Colorado Kid pic? - Yeah.
- 1984? - '3.
- Yes.
Do you- do you think there's a chance that her name could be Lucy? - Could be.
- I don't remember a name attached to the photo.
- I got to get out of here.
- Mai tais are calling him home.
Can we pick this up later? - Yeah, sure.
- No ID on the body.
They have anything else to share? - No, but something about this guy seems off.
All right, so somebody puts this guy in a boat and then puts a tarp over him.
The question is, when? - Well, I'd say these lobsters have been dead three days, maybe a week.
He was definitely out for lobster.
Snares, catch bag, tickle sticks.
- Tickle sticks? What, do you know that from your private collection? - My father has a fishing boat.
Well, we should check in with the harbormaster.
If any of the local lobster men are missing, she'll know.
- Yeah, and then maybe she can tell us why somebody this old is still working.
- Beattie.
I didn't even know you were expecting.
- I wasn't.
The adoption just came through.
Aw, this is Benny.
- Well, hi, there, Benny.
Hi, Benny.
Nice to meet you, Benny.
- Okay, who are you, and what have you done with my partner? - Oh, babies do that to people.
I'm Beatrice Mitchell, harbormaster.
But everybody calls me Beattie.
- Hi, I'm Audrey Parker.
It's nice to meet you.
- Well, I scooped up Benny and came right in when I heard about the body.
- Can I? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
Oh, it's okay.
- All right, so have you seen anything- Have you seen anything strange going on around the harbor in the past week? - No, but that boat isn't ours.
I knew it the moment I saw it.
It was reported stolen about a week ago from the Camden Harbor.
- Hmm.
- Well, maybe the lobster gear's stolen too.
Can you ask around? - Can you, Benny? Can you ask? - I can do that.
- Okay, just-can you give her her baby back and turn into a cop again? - Oh.
- Oh, stretchies.
- Wow.
- Call me if you need any more help.
- Hey.
You ever seen a tattoo like this before? - I can't say I have.
- Yeah, me either.
So maybe whoever put it on his arm can tell us who John Doe is.
- I'll make some calls.
- All right.
And I'll go ahead and check Duke's new place.
There's a lot of locals there that might be able to tell us who he is.
You want to come? - I think you can handle that.
- Okay, when are you gonna get past this whole "I hate Duke" thing? You know what? Never mind.
You're right.
Why even talk about it? You know, it's going so well between you two.
- Have you- Excuse me.
Have you seen this guy? Hey, have you seen this guy? No? You? All right.
Hey, have you, um Okay, if any of you guys have seen this man or seen anything suspicious around the harbor Hey! People of the Grey Gull! If any of you know this dude and you could come and tell me anything, you drink free.
- For a month! Your work here is done.
Here you go.
So what are you drinking? - I'm not drinking, actually.
- Audrey, it's my grand reopening party.
Have a drink.
- I really can't.
Okay, just one.
That's good.
- It is Friday night.
- Mm-hmm.
That's true, and this is really good, by the way.
- Thank you.
- But I really need to canvass the crowd.
- Would you relax if I told you that nobody here knows your dead guy? - Wait.
How do you know that? - People like to talk.
I like to listen.
- No, what are you talking about? - Officer Parker, you need to clock out now.
- Okay, well, coming from a man who's never worked a day in his life, that doesn't really mean that much.
- Oh, now, that's not how friends talk to each other.
And I feel like, at this point, we're-we're friends.
- Hmm.
- And as your friend, I worry about you.
All you do is work.
And it would be sad if you realized one day that you forgot to live your life.
- Yeah, well, if I keep eating this unhealthy, I'm not gonna have a life to forget about.
- You quit working for just one night, and I will cook you a healthy, delicious dinner.
- Oh, that is so sweet, but, uh - Next Friday night, right here.
- You plan something in advance? Yeah, no, that's not gonna happen.
- I betcha you cancel before I do.
- Not a chance.
- I can hear the phone call now: "Oh, sorry, Duke.
I can't make it.
The future of mankind depends on me.
" - Excuse me.
Okay, my experience is, the bartender knows more than everybody else.
So has this guy ever come through here? - No.
- Great.
- I'm Nora.
- Oh, Audrey.
Hey, listen, if you think of anything, just give me a call, all right? - Sure.
- Now, that's appetizing.
- Joe Campbell never met a tourist he didn't like.
- Don't forget: next Friday night, dinner for two.
- Yeah, we'll see.
- Mm-hmm.
- Huh? - Mankind's future is safe and sound.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- This is the only place I haven't talked to.
No one else recognizes the tattoo on John Doe.
I spoke to Beatrice.
She said a few lobster men reported lobsters missing from their traps.
- Wait.
So John Doe could be a lobster thief? - Poacher.
- Oh, poacher.
- And while you were gone at your party, I called supply shops to tie the gear on the boat to the person who bought it.
- Ah, that's a good idea.
- Yeah.
No hits yet, but I thought it was a good idea.
- It might be an even better idea if we open the search to Camden, since the boat was stolen from there.
Thank you.
Have you seen this tattoo? - Done more than seen it.
I designed it.
- Did you ever tattoo this on a guy in his 80s or 90s? - Nah, I'd remember that.
- So maybe someone stole your design? - Could happen.
But there's no way that guy got that tattoo as an old man.
Once the skin begins to age, you have to ink the person with a focus on how that skin lays.
Believe me, look a hell of a lot different if he'd gotten this in his 80s.
- So then he got it when he was young, but that would be years before you created it.
- By the looks of it, decades before.
- He wasn't old when he got the tattoo.
Judging by the bone density, John Doe was in his 30s when he died.
- And he died of - Old age.
- Huh.
Is it possible that that extreme type of aging could happen during decomposition? - Don't see how.
Blast it! Dagnabbit! Decomp takes six months to a year, depending on the environment.
- And in the case of John Doe? Maybe a week.
Agh! Careful, Henry, Or I'm comin' over there.
- How do you know it's just a week? - Oh, the flesh was completely deteriorated, but the insects that speed the process along were far too immature.
Henry's throwing wicked balls today.
Maybe if I had a little space.
- Sorry.
- Sorry.
Is there anything that could have sped up the decomposition, like some sort of drug or a poison? - Tox screen was clean.
No, there isn't.
Quit jammin' me, Henry.
John Doe didn't just start rapidly decomposing.
He-he was aging at that rate while he was still alive.
- Is there anything that can explain that kind of aging? - No, there isn't.
But this is Haven, isn't it? - Dr.
The hospital said you were here.
- What the hell? - Doc, you got to help me.
- He's dying.
- You know him? - No.
- I need an EMT at the tennis courts.
- Joe Campbell.
- Campbell? I went to high school with him.
This guy looks like he's 80.
- Yeah, I saw him at the Grey Gull on Friday night, and he was 30, - Well, Bangor confirms it.
Both John Doe and Joe Campbell died the same exact way: rapidly aging and rapidly decomposing.
- You sure you saw Campbell here? - Oh, yeah, I'm sure, and from what I saw, he was feeling pretty good and about to feel even better.
- Haven's finest.
- We're looking into the death of Joe Campbell.
- Yeah, I heard about that.
Some nasty stuff.
- Do you remember the woman that he was making out with at the bar on Friday night? - I think it's very sweet that you still say "making out.
" Sorry I can't be more helpful.
I only saw the back of her.
Joe did have a thing for tourists, though.
- Anyone in particular? - Ones he wasn't married to.
Guess that's why he's not married anymore.
- All right, is Nora working today? - Yeah.
Hey, we, uh, still on? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Don't you work it too hard, now, Officer Wuornos.
'Cause I heard that being a cop can destroy all evidence of having a personality.
Just suck it right out of you.
- He left with that chick.
She was practically assaulting him, but he didn't seem to mind too much.
- She have a name? - I think I heard her tell him it was Helena or Elena.
It was loud in here.
- Did you catch a last name? Maybe she paid with a credit card? - A girl like that has never paid for a drink in her life.
Doesn't even reach for her purse, not even a courtesy grab.
- Pretty? - Not pretty.
Long hair that she doesn't color at home.
You know what I'm saying.
- Yeah, I do.
We need to get a sketch artist.
- I could get a guy down from Portland.
Take a couple of days.
- Days? - Or we could use a local guy I know.
Not exactly a pro, but he's good.
- Yeah, let's do that.
- Cross two celebrities.
- Like Mariah Carey meets Barbra Streisand.
- Yeah.
- Okay, okay, sure.
But a smaller nose than Barbra and maybe more like Penelope Cruz.
- From Carlito's Way? - From every movie except that one.
- Oh.
Smaller nose than Barbra Streisand.
- Mm-hmm.
- Bigger than Penelope Cruz.
Like that? - Is that a beret? - That's a Hermes scarf, Nathan.
You said she looked European.
- Okay, lose the scarf.
But yeah, that- that looks a lot like her.
- He's very good, isn't he? Yeah.
Huh? - Got a couple of hits on Joe Campbell.
One for petty larceny, another for poaching.
Out of Portland.
- Like John Doe.
- Mm-hmm.
- All right, so maybe Helena has issues with poachers.
- Well, every lobster man has issues with poachers.
- That's true, but none of them took Joe Campbell home the other night.
- This Helena was wandering around the harbor.
I thought you might know about it.
- Normally, yeah, but I've never seen her before.
Think she might have something to do with your John Doe? - Well, we don't know yet.
We just know that she was the last person seen with Joe Campbell.
- Joe-Joe Campbell? - Yeah, he died the same way as John Doe.
- Oh, I hadn't heard about Joe.
He was a loser but a gentle loser.
- Beatrice, I- Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize you had company.
- This is my nanny, Abby.
- Hi.
- So you ended up finding some help? - I came all the way out from Nebraska to help out with the baby.
I've been friends with Beattie's family for a long time.
- Abby has been a blessing.
I wouldn't leave Benny with just anyone.
- Pink blanket? You're gonna confuse little Benny here.
- Hand-me-downs.
The adoption came through so quickly.
- Mm! Mm! Mm! Now I know what to get you for a baby gift.
- Okay, seriously, can you stop? You're freaking me out.
- Wuornos.
- The car's loaded up.
I'm ready whenever you are.
- Oh, are you going somewhere? - Maternity leave.
Life first, work second, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, it was nice to meet you, Abby.
- Mm-hmm.
Beattie, what is it? - They know about Helena.
- How much do they know? - They know she's been in Haven.
But they don't know when she's coming back.
- Bait shop in Camden sold the same supplies we found on John Doe's boat to two men in their 30s.
One of 'em had short hair like John Doe.
Store owner identified him as Phil Reiser.
- Great.
Did he ID the other guy? - No, all he could say was, he was average height, average build, drives a green pickup.
The two of them come in every Friday, always pay cash.
- You think green pickup guy is gonna stick to schedule now that his partner's dead? - Wouldn't be the smartest play, but they special ordered a new outboard engine.
Guy expects it in on Friday.
- How much does an engine like that cost? - $7,500.
- Oh, that kind of money will make people do stupid things.
- Almost always.
- Looks like we're going to Camden on Friday.
- Yup.
- # Oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # - This is the part I really hate about stakeouts is when your legs stop working.
- Tell me about it.
- Oh, hey, Duke.
- On the menu this evening is a grilled tiger shrimp marinated in coconut.
Just came in this morning.
- Dinner Friday night, right.
Shrimp, that's- that's actually my favorite.
- Oh, don't even think about canceling on me, woman.
- You know, I'm- I'm really sorry.
I don't think I'm gonna be able to go.
- Let me guess: you are working.
Am I right? - Maybe.
- Mm-hmm.
- Parker.
- Okay, I got to go.
- Yeah, better go save the world, Officer Parker.
I told you I'd win the bet.
- Hey! Please, don't make me chase you.
- James Wardel, wanted in connection with grand theft auto and poaching.
Roommates with Phil Reiser, who had what in his boat when we found him dead? - I believe it was poaching gear.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Yeah, of course you don't.
James what can you tell me about this woman? You know her.
- Helena.
- Helena - I didn't get a last name.
Phil was with her Friday night.
She was intense.
- And when did Phil start getting sick? - Saturday.
We were supposed to go out fishing.
- Poaching.
- Poaching.
- But Phil said he was too sore.
And then he got He got old.
I mean, it was like the life just drained right out of him.
- Why didn't you take him to the hospital? - I wanted to, but he had outstanding warrants.
I put him on the boat, but I didn't kill him.
- This was in Camden? - Haven, not Camden.
We ran into Helena in front of the Gull.
- So Helena was at the Grey Gull the past two Fridays.
And it's Friday.
- Am I too early for dinner? - Right on time.
- Duke.
- Help you with anything? - No, Abby and I are just looking for a friend.
- Cheers.
- No one saw Helena at the Gull last night.
- Well, maybe Helena's a fisherman out to kill poachers.
Never mind.
- Yeah.
A smokin'- hot, poacher-killing fisherman.
- I said never mind.
- All right, every connection we have comes back to this harbor.
And the only similarity between the two victims is their jobs and- - Where they met Helena and how they died.
- Okay, we need to check state records just to see if there's any similar deaths.
- Got somethin'.
Coroner's report has a similar case in Derry.
A 40-year-old man was reported missing.
He died three days later as an old man.
- How did we miss that? - Case is from 1954.
- Ah, okay, well, that makes me feel better.
Do we have any suspects? - Why would there be any suspects? He died of old age.
- Point taken.
- But a woman named Alexandra Leidner found the body.
- Well, this might be a long shot, but maybe she knows something.
Is she still alive? - No.
Alexandra Leidner, born 1925.
Died during childbirth in 1954, one week after the death of the man in Derry.
- Big coincidence.
- Yeah.
- Duke does not like to be canceled on.
Hello? Yeah.
Yeah, we'll be right there.
Helena was at the Grey Gull on Friday.
- What? - She just never made it inside.
- I got to tell you, your emergency response time leaves something to be desired.
I'm gonna die, aren't I? - Duke, when I couldn't make our dinner, you met up with somebody else, didn't you? - Audrey, if you want to put work first in this situation, I'm-I'm fine with that.
- Helena.
Did you sleep with her? - What's that got to do with anything? - All right, there's just no easy way to say this.
This woman has been sleeping with men every Friday night and somehow aging them.
- Oh.
- To death.
- And here I thought I was in real trouble.
- I'm sorry.
You are.
Can we stop this? Whatever this is.
- We need to find Helena, so you can start by telling me everything you know about her.
- Everything? - Broad strokes.
- She found me outside the Gull.
I invited her to dinner after somebody stood me up.
But she only had one thing on her mind.
And as a general rule, I don't turn down beautiful women with an appetite.
- You went home with her, just like that? - No, Nathan, first I passed her a note in study hall.
Look, the truth is, I probably would have said yes anyways.
But with Helena, I had no control.
I can't explain it.
It's like she hypnotized me.
- We need to get him to the hospital.
- Great idea, Nathan.
Which department handles life-draining women? Hmm? Exactly.
I'm not going to a hospital.
You know, this little quandary has "freak factor" written all over it, so I think I'm gonna stick with you and Scooby here.
- Did Helena say anything that might tell us who she is or where she's from? - We didn't do a whole lot of talking.
- Okay, is there anything from waking up that you remember? - She was gone.
- Did you see anything or anyone out of the ordinary? Last night, this morning, at the docks, around your boat-anything.
- No, the last person I spoke to before I went to lie down was Beatrice.
- Beatrice the harbormaster? Wasn't she on maternity leave? - She was at the docks with that elderly woman Abby.
They were looking for someone.
- Helena.
- I think we need to ask her that.
Does Beatrice still live on Little Bay Road? - Contrary to popular belief, I don't know where every woman in Haven lives, Nathan.
- Okay.
- No, where are you going? You need to stay here and rest.
- You mean stay here and die.
Yeah, I don't think so.
- You okay? You need a hand? - When you're nice to me, it reminds me that I'm dying.
- Well, hurry the hell up, then.
- Thank you.
- Are you going somewhere? You're protecting Helena, aren't you? Where is she? - It's too late.
You can't stop her.
- You know what? Excuse me.
- I thought Beatrice adopted one child.
- Hey.
Helena was wearing that purple dress.
- She was wearing this when I saw her.
- "Beatrice Leidner Mitchell.
" - Is that any relation to Alexandra Leidner? This man is going to die.
I need to know.
- Beatrice is Alexandra's granddaughter.
But there's nothing you can do.
- What the hell does that mean? - Two dead men, two children.
Beatrice isn't covering for Helena.
- No.
- That's because Beatrice is Helena.
Okay, where's Beatrice? Helena, whoever she is.
- The lighthouse.
It's private.
Beatrice goes there when it's Helena's time.
- You, you're coming with us.
Hey, Beatrice? We have Abby here with us.
We know you're in there.
Beatrice! I need you to open the door now! Hey, that's another way to go.
Oh, my God.
- Those babies can't be more than a week old.
- Three babies in three weeks? - Oh.
- I thought you were taking the life from these men, but it's- it's the babies that are doing that, isn't it? - I'm so sorry.
- Didn't you know your family's history? - Oh, I thought I could control it, but I can't control anything that Helena does.
- Well that, as they say, is that.
- We need to stop her from delivering this baby.
- Well, it's too late for that.
This baby's comin'.
- Give me room! - Oh.
I need to rest.
You know, when I woke up this morning, I didn't think today was gonna be the day.
Ah, you know what I mean.
- It's not over yet.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't know what Helena was doing, not at first.
- She knows that, honey.
- I need you to help me figure this out, okay, Beatrice? - Now? - Yes, now! If we don't, Duke will die.
- Okay.
- Okay, now, just- just start at the beginning.
- A few weeks ago, I ran into my ex-husband.
I spent the next four days locked in my room.
- Why? - He talked about his new family, the little girl that he just had.
We'd lost a baby, and it tore us apart.
After that, I just couldn't get out of bed, until - Until you became Helena.
- She went out and met that poor guy Phil.
When Helena was in charge, all those feelings were gone.
- And then you would wake up in the morning and- and be pregnant.
- The doctors said that I would never carry a baby again.
And then when I saw Phil dead on the dock- - That's when you recognized the tattoo and you realized what Helena was doing? - Okay, how- how do we stop this? - You can't! - Well, how did you stop her grandmother? - I didn't.
She died in childbirth.
- Come on, man.
Stay with me.
- Do you really hate me? - Hate's a strong word.
I'm dying.
I can feel it.
Generally, I liked being alone.
But I didn't want to die that way.
- You're not gonna die today.
When you die, it's gonna be 'cause I killed you myself.
- The contractions are coming too close.
This baby is coming, like it or not! - Okay, have you ever delivered a baby in the family where the father didn't die? - Never.
Oh! - Okay.
- Okay, Beatrice, I know this is hard, but I still need more answers.
I'll try.
- So you or Helena slept with the men on Friday night? - The babies come on a Sunday, and the men died on the same day.
- Okay, well, Joe Campbell didn't die on Sunday.
He died on a Monday.
Was there something different with the second birth? - There was problems with the delivery.
- What kind of problem? - The baby was in distress.
We had to put him under a warmer for a day until he got better.
- Okay, well, Joe Campbell died Monday afternoon.
Did something happen then? - That's when Abby finally let me hold my baby.
- Okay.
So you held the baby, and-and Joe died.
- Please.
Please don't let me lose another baby.
- Helena already took two men's lives, Beatrice.
And you have the chance to save one.
Will you do that? - Duke! Duke! - Duke! - Oh.
- Give her to me.
Maybe if the father holds the baby, it'll reverse the aging.
Now, I know that I'm basically just winging it, but can you give her to me now? All right.
- He's barely breathing.
- Okay.
- Did you see that? - The baby makes him sick.
They can't be near each other.
- Okay.
All right.
All right.
- Duke, hang on.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
- What are we gonna do with you? So how's Duke? - He's getting better every minute.
- But he doesn't seem to remember what happened to him.
- He'll be fine, as long as we keep baby Jean away from him.
- That's unbelievable.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Beatrice? - She's trying to concentrate on the two babies she has.
She couldn't bear to watch Jean go away.
- Yeah, I don't think Nathan will be able to either.
- Between our agency and Abby, we'll find her a good home.
- Thanks again.
- Think we should tell Duke about the baby? - I don't know.
You know, there's not a rule book for this kind of thing.
- He's not exactly father material.
- But apparently you are.
You know, there's a maternity ward on the way home.
We could stop off if you want.
There's probably a lot of cuties there.
Oh, a little gray looks good in your hair.
Just a little.
- I'm glad that you like it, but seems to be going away.
- How are you feeling? - It's been interesting.
But I'm, uh on the mend.
- Hey, do you remember Beatrice's baby being born? - Of course.
- That's your baby.
That How is that possible? - How is any of this possible? - You're saying that I have a- a son or - A daughter.
Her name is Jean.
But, uh you can never see her, 'cause she's what made you so sick.
Abby's actually found a really good family for her in Nebraska.
- That's good.
- Are you gonna be okay? - Uh I mean, uh you can't miss what you never had.
Thank you for- for taking that for me.
- Actually, I took it for her.
I took it for Jean.
You know, I don't have any pictures of the first day that I was in this world, so I wanted her to have it.
- That's nice.
You know, I think I'm just gonna go check on the food.
- # Oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # # The moon and the sun # # We all come undone # # The night steals the ground # # We all fall down # # Oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh # # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh # # A blue whisper rain # # Dark shadows again # # The crush of a prayer # # Hangs in the air # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # - # Oh # - # Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh # - # Oh #