Haven s02e01 Episode Script

A Tale of Two Audreys

Previously on Haven Every town's got a few skeletons in the closet.
In Haven, people have the ability to do things.
Why should I waste the bureau's time and your talents on this nothing little town? Because I understand these people, Agent Howard.
People like me, we're different.
You seriously can't feel pain? No.
I can't feel anything.
- Chief Wuornos, this is - Special Agent Audrey Parker.
You call your dad "the Chief"? I cal! my boss "the Chief" Duke Crocker.
I've known him since he was five.
He's all bad.
Somebody out there with a tattoo wants to kill me.
- What's wrong? - I can feel you.
I'm sorry about this, Nathan.
There's just no simple answers here.
What are you trying to hold together? Why, Haven, of course.
- Thank you for coming.
- How can we help? Yeah, if you could pick up the pieces and put them in this box.
My dad was keeping Haven from falling apart.
That's your job now.
What the hell are you doing in his chair? New Chief of Police could do wonders for this town.
The last thing Haven needs is the Rev and his self-righteous poison running things.
Excuse me.
Are you Audrey Parker? - And who are you? - I'm with the FBI.
Answer the question.
Haven PD.
Who are you? I am Special Agent Audrey Parker.
Who the hell are you? Okay, why don't we all put our guns down? No.
Why? Because she knows.
She knows she's a fraud.
I'm Audrey Parker.
I know her.
You just came out from under a rock.
Drop the gun! Mr Crocker, it's good to see you.
Good to see you darkening the door of The Good Shepherd.
You know, I don't have a lot of men of the cloth calling me.
I'm curious.
You said it was important.
It is.
Come in.
Come on.
No, I think I'll darken the outside for now.
I'll get right to it then.
I've been thinking a lot about your dad.
You know, he and I were quite close.
He was brave, he was just and he stood with the righteous.
That doesn't sound like him.
He understood the struggle that we face here.
And unfortunately, he was one of its casualties.
My father drowned at sea.
I was there.
Why don't you just tell me what you want? I want to protect our town.
I want to help you.
Tell me about this symbol.
When I know where you stand, I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.
If you knew me as well as you're pretending to, then you would know, I stand for me.
Help! Help! Help! Help! Kid! You okay? - Help! - Come here.
Are you okay? Where are you bleeding from? I'm okay.
It's not me.
It's What the hell? You calling the police? That blood is coming from your plumbing.
So, yeah.
I'm calling the police.
In Haven, the police aren't the answer.
To anything.
You're making a big mistake, Officer.
Don't think so.
Watch your head.
So Lunch? You okay? Fine.
If you say so.
I'm guessing that's her car.
That was a pretty good fake badge and gun she had.
A laminating machine, red state laws.
But I was someone named Lucy once.
Which could all be part of someone playing you.
Maybe, but the thing is, is if that were true Stop! She thinks she's you.
She's not.
In this town, that means she's troubled.
It's someone we need to deal with.
You're right.
So have you thought about what we're going to tell people? About your dad? Been on my mind.
Nathan, when the Chief of Police dies, people tend to notice.
I'm dealing with it.
He's in a cooler in your car.
Got some weather blowing in.
I guess we should get her down to the station.
Or we could talk about it later.
What was that? Just rain.
Just regular old Get in! There's an explanation.
They've sucked up chickens, fish.
In Haven.
- Thoughts? - You think she could have caused all this? The sky did open up and drop frogs on our heads right after she showed.
What the hell was that? - What? - The frogs? I mean, I've never seen that on Animal Planet.
You sure you didn't bring them here? Can we go to the police station? Who'd you call? My boss, Agent Howard.
You dialed behind your back.
Nice trick.
Not easy.
I can do that.
Do you hear that? Let's go! What? Laverne, I need ambulances at the corner of McCausland and Poplar, right now! Holy crap! Looks like this driver didn't want to stick around.
Someone's going to get killed here.
You take care of that, I'll take care of this.
Sir? Sir? Hey! Whoever you are, I can help.
Shut up! He may have spinal damage.
Yeah, that's why I'm going to keep him flat.
You can try to keep him flat, but if he has any compromised vertebrae, You could paralyze him.
Damn! Don't make me regret this.
Okay, sir.
You need to shift.
Ready, and one, two, three.
Let's go, back it up.
Keep going.
- Excuse me.
- Yep.
Oh, I've been working on the rail road A hundred beats per minute? Yeah.
The FBI didn't teach you that.
Camp Fire Girls, right? Yep.
Okay, good.
He's got a pulse.
Can you stay with him until the paramedics get here? I'm going to be right over there.
I'm not going anywhere.
Just waiting for the FBI to show up.
Audrey Parker.
Agent Howard.
How's local cop life treating you? Oh, you know.
Cats in trees.
Like that.
So are you looking for your job back? No, no.
Not really.
Actually, I was wondering did anyone call in today, pretending to be me? No.
Is someone saying she's you? No, no.
It's just It's just this town.
If someone's impersonating a federal agent No.
Agent Howard I'm going to deal with it.
Yes, you will.
Till I get there.
- Agent Howard - Detain her till I arrive.
He's going to make it, but we're not going to get a statement anytime soon.
You took the cuffs off of whatever her name is? Well, I needed her help.
And she knew what she was doing, I got to say.
What about the guy who was in this car? Took off.
These are gnats.
Looks like he was injured.
I'm pretty sure I know why he walked instead of swapping insurance cards.
Well, looks like we know what caused the accident anyway.
What? I talked to Agent Howard, too.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
And what did he have to say? That I should be nice to you.
That you might need some help.
Because there's something wrong with me.
Well, you do have my memories.
And in this town, that probably means that you're troubled.
- You're insane.
- See? I would think that too if I were you.
Stan? Hey, can you take her down to the station and make sure she doesn't leave? Fine.
This is fine.
Tell me, Stan, what's the coffee like down at the station? All right.
What's more dangerous? Drinking and driving or bugs and driving? I guess I know why you didn't return my calls.
I got about a hundred reasons not to return your calls.
How about blood? Running down the street in front of The Good Shepherd Church.
Is that a good enough reason to return my call? When was that? Was that today? Hi, Audrey.
About an hour or two ago.
And the best part, wait for it It was coming from the sprinklers.
Blood, frogs.
What the hell is she doing here? Excuse me? No, I Um, never mind.
Yeah, you know, I got to go.
But, blood, sprinklers Good luck with this.
What is his problem? Guess he doesn't like bugs.
Yeah, really doesn't like bugs.
So how's your Bible knowledge? Well, I know the ten plagues Most of them.
Some of them.
So what? God's punishing Haven? Yeah.
You know, if this happened in any other town, I might go there.
But here Yeah.
So it started at the church.
I'm going to go talk to the Rev.
Yeah and it started when she got here, so I'm going to go down to the station.
Nathan Wuornos.
Now, this is a surprise.
Shouldn't be.
River of blood comes out of your place, hangs a left on Witcham, I'd expect the cops.
Then that's followed by frogs, gnats and flies.
It's the ten plagues of Exodus.
Haven's become Egypt.
Now we can expect dead livestock, boils, flaming hail, locusts, darkness and the death of first-born sons.
If I were you, I'd take that last one personally.
You almost look happy.
Happy? No, I'm not happy.
This is my town and it's being punished.
So? You always believed Haven needed to be punished.
No, no.
I don't want anyone punished.
I want the cursed to ask for God's forgiveness and to rejoin us all in his love.
The troubled don't need anyone's forgiveness.
They're born the way they are.
This has nothing to do with God.
And yet, the plagues are upon us.
Thanks for your time.
Your father, he chose to live among the cursed and it destroyed him.
And it will destroy you.
But that doesn't have to be your path.
Seek God's forgiveness and he may welcome you back into his grace.
I'm good.
Oh, Audrey.
Guys, now is so not the time.
Sorry, but the Chief He needs to be buried.
Yeah, I know.
You're right.
But I need to find the time to talk to Nathan, and now is just not It's not the right time, of course.
But we might be waiting a long time for that.
And Garland deserves to be laid to rest.
We own a piece of the land that would be a fitting and private resting place.
All right, I'll talk to Nathan.
And while you're talking to him, ask him if he would like us to put his name in for interim chief, and whether he So you think I caused the frogs and the bugs? What are you thinking, did I use my magic wand? Or maybe my tricorder? Okay, first of all, a tricorder is just for readings.
Second of all, this all started when you got here.
So, yeah.
You kind of Walk like a duck.
I'm done talking until Agent Howard gets here.
All right.
You know what? I have a lot of work to do, until the next one hits.
So Frogs here.
Gnats here.
You have to put them in the order that they happened.
I thought you were done talking.
I'm just going along for the ride.
When one starts, the other stops.
- Not immediately, but soon.
- It's soon.
And they're in geographical sequence, too.
When you add the direction of the bugs - They connect.
- Moving east to west.
- Following roads? - Except for the flies.
Unless he's on foot.
The flies are not following the roads.
They're chasing someone on those roads.
Got anybody in mind? Yeah, and I'm betting it's that guy that took off after he crashed his car.
He left on foot and then the flies followed him.
And I was with you then.
So we can just go ahead and clear me? Of the plagues? Yeah.
Well, well, well.
Evidence Ryan.
Duke Crocker.
Now, is that the hello that I get after all this time? Hello, Evi.
What do you want? Why do I have to want something? Because your lips are moving.
Maybe I wanted to see you.
Maybe I missed you.
That's not why you're here.
Just out of curiosity, how did you know that I would still be in Haven? What are you still doing in Haven? You should leave.
It's been three years, Duke.
You can't possibly still be mad.
As a matter of fact, I can be.
Maybe I came to make it up to you.
Yeah, I don't think so.
There's a job.
Well, Evi, whatever it is, I am not interested.
I'm going to come back when you're in a better mood.
And showered.
Haven PD.
We need to talk to a Bud and Arlene Shubert.
- I'm Arlene.
- Do you own a '98 Plymouth Sundance? It was involved in an accident.
I I think I better get my husband.
Bud! Come on in.
I'll be right back.
She seems normal.
They all seem normal.
You're the first-born son, right? I thought I was.
Guess I can't be too sure about that any more.
Well, either way, we're not going to let it get to that.
That'd be swell.
My God.
Did something happen to TJ? - Who's TJ? - Our son-in-law.
His car was impounded.
He got a DUI last week, so I loaned him our Plymouth.
Is TJ here? We need to talk to him.
We haven't seen him since Since our daughter Connie died last week, giving birth to our grandson, TJ's son.
He's been drinking pretty hard since then.
- Excuse me.
- I'm I'm sorry for your loss.
But, do you know where he is? I went by his house, but I don't think he's been there in awhile.
We've been caring for Aaron ourselves.
Parker, we got to go.
How far does it stretch? Reports put it at about a quarter mile.
That means the plagues are getting bigger.
And they're headed back towards town.
You serve umbrella drinks? I have bouncers, Evi.
Really? Here? - Please leave.
- You remember Macau.
Think twice as big as Macau.
Yeah, I'm still not interested.
You owe me, Duke.
Um Korolov? I saved your life.
And then you almost ruined it again.
When did you get so sensitive? I know you still care about me.
I don't know how to make this any more clear.
I don't want to be in business with you.
I don't want to be in bed with you.
I don't want anything to do with you.
Can I finish my drink? Suit yourself.
Got an APB out on TJ Smith.
Judging by the bloody hand print on the dash, he's injured.
Without a car.
We'll find him.
You sound just like a cop.
- So? - It's cute.
People want to know if a railcar lost a chemical load.
I mean, there's a ton of skin burn reports near Bruster and Sixth.
- Where's the chief been all day? - I don't know.
Well, I hope he shows up soon.
We could use him.
- Hey, look at that.
- What? Your plagues.
Before, they were in the streaks.
Now this is a circle.
Yeah, which means your "suspect," he stopped moving.
Got a report of a carjacking.
Crane and Monteville.
Hello, TJ.
Put an APB out on the car, and let's go talk to witnesses.
Hey, didn't I just earn myself a spot on this ride? I thought you didn't believe in this whole plague thing.
I don't.
But somebody is doing something.
I don't know if it's chemicals or if he's attracting bugs, but it's dangerous and it needs to be stopped.
And you can help? Why don't we just let her come along, but don't give her a gun.
You seeing this? Wonder how far it's spread.
Steve, what happened? You tell me, Wuornos.
A guy came into the shop and wanted to buy a gun.
I turned him down.
He snatched that lady's car on the way out.
- This guy? - Yeah.
But bloody and half in the bag.
Why didn't you sell him the gun? I didn't want a guy that messed up with a loaded weapon in my store.
Guy that desperate just left? I don't think so.
One call to ATF and you'll have license issues that will take months to resolve.
I sent him to Little Mike.
If you've got cash, he'll sell you anything.
He hangs at the Gull.
Well, I don't see TJ.
That's hail.
That's him.
TJ, stop.
Out of the way! I'm trying to get some units on the road to block him, but of course, they're busy with the flaming hail.
So you actually think that that guy did this? - Yeah.
- What kind of a freak could do that? They're not freaks.
All right, some people call them cursed.
We call them troubled.
I just bought all the patio furniture.
Who are you? FBI.
- Yes.
- No.
- Interesting.
- Hey How well do you know TJ? You think TJ did all this? Yeah.
He's been in here.
A lot.
Drowning his guilt in bourbon.
- What's he got to feel guilty for? - Um He was in Portland when his wife went into labor and died.
Look what I found.
You must be Little Mike.
Don't upset him.
He gets messy when he's cranky.
Saw you go after TJ.
I know why you're talking to me.
Did you sell him a gun? I know he had one when he left here.
That good enough? Well, did he say why he needed one? Something about protecting his son.
- From who? - That's all I know.
- Can I go? - Do you believe him? For now.
All right, so who would TJ want to protect his son from? From whoever he thinks is causing the plagues.
Let's go.
You got older brothers? A couple I know of.
Pop liked to travel.
- Come with us.
- Excuse me? The last plague is death of the first-born son.
Might be me.
Audrey could need help.
Why does everyone think that I want to help? Laverne, I need a two mile perimeter around 55 Crane Street evacuated.
Nathan, hon.
Only the Chief can order that.
You need to call him.
Look, if this goes south, I need you to take care of the Chief.
What happened to him, Nathan? He died.
Nathan, I I'm not going to bury your dad.
- You have to.
You're the only one who - No, I'm not going to do it.
I'm not going to waste a perfectly good cooler.
- What cooler? - You don't mean this cooler.
Locusts? We're up to darkness.
Why are you here? - I'm here to help.
- We need to evacuate this area.
Perhaps our prayers for the Shuberts will be answered and all this will end.
I need to get all these people out of here, now.
They're here to pray for God's mercy.
And his forgiveness.
And if you love Haven, Nathan, you'll join us.
Okay, I need everybody to move back, now! They're not going anywhere.
Nathan, we don't have time for this.
Where's TJ? He's upstairs with the baby.
We tried to stop him.
He's got a gun.
- Put down the gun.
- Who are you? Drop the gun.
I'm not going to hurt my son.
You put down your gun.
What are you doing? - No - Back off.
Just Trust me.
TJ, what are you doing? What God's been trying to do all day.
I'm gonna kill myself.
I'm going to stop all this before Aaron Aaron still needs a father.
You know what's coming next? It's death of the first-born son.
My son! Aaron's going to live.
- I'm dead.
This all stops.
- You don't know that.
It's a risk I'm willing to take.
I just wanted to say goodbye first.
No, God's not doing this, TJ, you are.
You're troubled, like many of the people in Haven.
And if we don't figure out why, or how to stop this, a lot of innocent people will die.
- Hey.
It's happening.
The first-born.
No! Oh.
my God! They're dying- - I'm here, son.
TJ, we need to figure this out.
How much longer are you going to let him point a gun at us? Listen, just let me help you, okay? It's kind of what I do in this town.
- Tell me what happened.
- What happened? What happened.
My wife died.
She died and I wasn't even there.
I know.
And that is awful.
But I need you tell me what happened today.
- I drank.
- Did you go anywhere near a Bible? - Yeah, so? - Okay.
What? When? Tell me.
This morning, when even the liquor wouldn't work, I tried reading the Bible But all that did was remind God I'm still here, and the plagues have been chasing me ever since.
You were at The Good Shepherd Church.
That's when this all started.
Did you read Exodus? Yes.
TJ, it's not God.
It's not the Bible.
It's you.
And when you read, you Read this.
This is insane.
TJ, read it aloud.
Trust me.
"There was once a velveteen rabbit.
"And in the beginning, he was really splendid" Keep going.
"He was fat and bunchy as a rabbit should be.
- "His coat was a spotted brown and white, "and he found that he actually had hind legs.
"Instead of dingy velveteen, he had brown fur, "soft and shiny.
" Keep reading.
"His ears twitched by themselves "and his whiskers were so long "that they brushed the grass.
"He gave one leap and the joy of using his hind legs "was so great that he went springing" It's over now.
"he went springing about the turf on them, "jumping sideways "and whirling around as the others did.
"And he grew so excited that when at last he did stop "to look at the fairy, she had gone.
" How you feeling, Nathan? What if she hadn't pulled it off, Rev? Some of your parishioners would have died.
They know great struggles require great sacrifice.
You know what So, a couple innocents die, your position grows stronger.
No, this has nothing to do with me.
lam just a lowly sinner just like you are.
You're gonna start a war.
It's what you want, isn't it? This is a war, Nathan.
On evil.
On sin.
Now, I was hoping you would join me.
Both of you.
But you refused me, Nathan.
So be it.
Duke, you may not wish to choose a side, but sooner or later, a side will choose you.
Until then, be careful of the company you keep.
The lamb can never lie down with the lion.
What the hell he's talking about? Oh, come on.
Bug infestations, schizophrenic weather.
How do you keep the tourists away? Nathan, Audrey, this is Evi.
- Evi Crocker.
- You have a sister? Unfortunately, I do not have a sister.
No, no.
I'm Duke's wife.
- Wife? - Wife? Oh.
You never told them about me.
Could you please excuse us for a moment? Okay.
Yes, I do care.
Enough that I do not want you sticking around.
In case you haven't noticed, dangerous, freakish things happen in this town.
I know you.
If you stay here, you're going to end up right in the middle of them.
Duke, I know you, too.
And the only thing you hate more than small towns are hometowns.
And yet, what, you set up shop here? And it's time I finally found out why.
I don't know what you're working here, but I'm going to find out.
Evi Believe me, the things that happen here, you can't work an angle on them.
There's no payday for you here in Haven.
I'll be the judge of that.
See you around.
I guess I know what you want to talk to me about.
People need to be told the chief is gone, Nathan.
- They deserve to know.
- Tell them he was lost at sea.
Well, that should do it.
I'll talk to the selectmen and have them appoint you interim chief.
I'll think about it.
We'll print a story in the Herald about these events.
"Global Warming Comes to Haven" or something.
What are you doing here? Just earning a few points with the new police chief.
You could have told me about your dad.
You could have told me about your wife.
Fair enough.
You been thinking at all about what the Rev said? No.
Yeah, me neither.
But just so we're clear I'm the lion.
There are things in this town that I can't explain.
Me neither.
If it makes you feel any better.
But, there is no way that I have your memories.
You googled me, tailed me, I don't know Dayton, Ohio.
My third foster home.
There was a girl there named Theresa.
She told me that foster-dad Jack had been coming in her room at night.
She was 12 years old.
So I waited up for him the next night.
He stank of cigarettes and vodka.
And when he turned off the lights, and he came for her, I put some scissors in his neck.
He didn't even know how it happened.
But he never touched her again.
It's why I became a cop.
Mickey Mouse scissors? I never told anyone that.
Neither have I.
Until now.
Looks like the cavalry's here.
Yeah, looks like.
When you go in there, don't tell them anything.
We'll figure this out.
- Agent Parker.
- Special Agent Howard.
Now then, the woman who stole your identity where is she? She is In the wind.
I'm sorry, sir.
I think she was headed toward the Canadian border.