Haven s02e13 Episode Script

Silent Night

Isn't it a little early to be putting up Christmas decorations? Really? When should they go up? - Ah, Haven's finest! On the house.
- No, no, Joe.
No, really, I'm fine.
I'm full.
I - Mmm-mmm.
I insist.
You take care of people like me.
Keep our troubles away.
We got a call.
Okay, seriously, what's the deal with all these Christmas decorations? Is there some reindeer festival I don't know about? Lay off, Scrooge.
It's my favourite time of year.
Summertime? - Thanks for coming, Chief.
- So, you have a runaway girl? Caught her sneaking around the theatre looking for her mother.
Were you able to get a hold of her mom? She doesn't have one.
I know her father.
He's a single dad.
This is Hadley.
Hadley, these nice people are Did you find my mom? No.
No, I'm sorry.
We didn't.
But we're gonna go ahead and call your dad.
I'm Audrey.
I used to sneak into movie theatres, too.
Hey, listen, you know, I I don't have a mom, either, so I understand.
- Are you playing this right now? - No.
The sound system hasn't worked in three years.
That's weird.
Weird? What? It's Christmas Eve.
It's a Christmas miracle, huh? Get her out of here.
Go, Nathan! I'll go up top! Where are you, Parker? Parker! I got you! - Breathe.
You okay? Thanks, guys.
Guy's got a cervical fracture and tore up his neck, but he'll be all right.
Christmas lights? I know.
It's a hell of a thing on Christmas Eve, huh? Okay.
All right.
Listen, enough with this weird joke, all right? It's not Christmas Eve.
It's July.
Don't be a grinch.
- I know you hate Christmas - Correct.
I hate all the fake cheer.
I hate the fact that you have to put up decorations.
Yeah, but you put them up with your family.
You have some cocoa, and you You don't have a family.
That's why you hate Christmas.
- Yeah.
- You think, Dr Phil? But you know what? You're missing the point.
The point is that it's not Christmas Eve.
If that's how you want to deal, that's fine.
I really don't know what's going on, okay? But you're wrong.
That man, he almost died.
You don't think that there really could be some kind of Christmas trouble, do you? Shh, shh.
Don't say anything.
Hey, this is Parker.
We're on our way in.
Listen, if you see anyone suspicious putting up Christmas crap anywhere, I need you to bring them in.
Copy that.
But why? It's Christmas Eve.
This thing is possessed.
It erased our lead story.
We need a new printer.
We can't afford it.
I just checked the books.
Here we go.
Every Christmas The Herald is up 12%.
We only lost $10,000 this year.
Vincent, we're not in this for the money.
We're in it to "adjust" what really goes on in this town.
Maybe it's time for a change.
This came for us.
It's an offer to buy out the Herald.
Someone wants to shut us down so more people buy the big paper out of Bangor.
That's an insult.
- No, it's a gift.
- It's an insult.
No, it's a gift.
We practically give the paper away.
There are less outdated ways to adjust what really happens.
After all these decades as newsmen, you want to try blogging? Well, I won't sell! Just one Christmas, it would be nice if you laid off the doom and gloom.
You don't need to thank me.
It was the people at the theatre that found her.
They said that she was looking for her mom.
That's my Hadley, always making stuff up.
You know, it's tough not having a mother.
Yeah, it's hard to talk about.
So you should probably get your daughter home.
Fire department, they got multiple vehicle collisions, a lot more than usual.
And half a woman's body washed up onshore.
First report in this morning.
Don't worry.
I sent someone out there.
Happy holidays.
A truck hit the Mohaine bridge? Okay.
- Merry Christmas.
Stan! What can I do for you? Found a guy that looks suspicious, leaving Christmas stuff all over town.
Now we're talking.
- All right.
- Want to lose the costume? - Huh? You mind telling me why everybody seems to think that it's Christmas Eve? Tis the season! Now, would you like to come sit on my lap? - Whoa, whoa! No, it's me.
It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
Very funny.
guys- Not gonna forget this and neither will you.
Audrey, you tried to beat up Santa.
Well, this is a pretty elaborate joke.
You guys decorated half the town.
What about that guy whose neck we almost broke? Was that Wait.
Was that a stunt guy? That's funny.
That was funny.
What are you talking about? Well, you're in on all this, aren't you? What'd you do, cash in half of your parking tickets? What? You know Nathan told me that you were struggling with the holidays and It was my idea to bring in the Santa suit.
You think that it's Christmas, too? It's July.
So? If Christmas was in the summer, then why would Santa wear such a warm suit? Because he lives in the North Pole, Audrey.
You're right.
She's You are obviously going through a lot.
And if you're upset about the guys, they're just trying to have some fun.
I mean, you keep to yourself.
This is a trouble.
It has to be.
Parker? Park Parker.
Stan, what is going on? - More power outages.
And we can't get the substation on the phone.
You know, it was like bumper cars trying to get in here, - lights out all over the place.
Where's Stan? Who's Stan? And then, Stan just disappeared.
And he was just talking to all of us? Yes, he's worked here for years.
Audrey? Is there someone that we should call for you, like a therapist or a guru? I'm sorry, I just can't take you seriously in that outfit.
Really? You're gonna be mean to Santa? Okay.
Good luck finding your imaginary friend.
Have fun.
Okay, so the guy that fell off the ladder, if his spotter disappeared, he would've fallen.
And then, Stan vanishes into thin air.
I just don't understand what it has to do with Christmas.
The holidays do make people crazy.
Nathan, it's not Christmas Eve.
I want to believe you.
- I always believe you.
- But? But everyone knows it's Christmas Eve.
I'm sorry.
Okay, why don't we just go to ground zero, right? Joe's bakery, he hinted that he was troubled.
And that's when I noticed all the Christmas decorations going up.
I have a dozen car accidents.
There's a power outage or some problem at the airport.
So, I don't really have time to go to a bakery.
You deal with that, and I'll go find the source.
Do you want to take someone with you? Actually, yes.
I think I have a Santa who owes me.
Merry Christmas.
You know, I'm flexible this year.
Naughty or nice.
All right? Okay.
What? Hey, you wouldn't let me change, okay? Come on, get into it.
You know, look, there's Santa and a creepy elf guy.
Look at this.
Look at this.
A dog with antlers! Come on.
- No.
- Antlers! - No.
- Nothing? Wow, Nathan was right.
You really do hate Christmas.
Not exactly a big holiday in foster homes.
Believe me, nothing memorable.
Well, you know, if you had family Christmases like mine, not remembering wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
- You like Christmases? - Yes, I do.
Well, this isn't Christmas.
This is a trouble.
This is more Christmassy than it was before, and Joe might be troubled.
That wasn't like that earlier.
That was "Haven Joe's Bakery", right? Audrey, the Haven bakery has always been "The Haven Bakery".
Hey, where's Joe? Where's your boss, Joe? Where's Baker Joe? Where's your boss, Joe? I will never forgive you if you get me banned from the bakery.
- Do you know where Joe is? - I'm sorry.
Big personality.
Owns the place.
Kung Fu Christmas.
Come here.
Look, listen to me.
You need to calm down, all right? Nobody knows what you're talking about.
Listen, this is the first place that I realised that there was something different.
But there was a report that came in from earlier.
Come on.
I'm sorry, she's just not in the Christmas spirit.
Duke! So, what, they only found half her body? What does that have to do with disappearing? Could only half of her have disappeared? I don't know.
I've seen a lot of big fish out there.
No, she wasn't bitten.
And this is too clean of a cut to have been a propeller.
Where's the ambulance? Where are the other cops? Well, maybe they're busy with other cases around town.
The guy said they tried to call 911 again, but it didn't work.
- What? - No one answered.
You're gonna leave me here with the half dead body? Hey, where are you? I'm down at Chester's cove.
You know that 911 isn't answering? Town really is falling apart.
Well, I got a crime scene over here.
Can you just send somebody over? Funny.
Send someone.
Who? I'm sorry, what? Who else would I send? You and I are the only cops in Haven.
Parker? Parker? Oh, no.
You know Nathan Wuornos, right? No.
I mean, does anybody really know that guy? Oh.
Oh, thank God.
I thought you were saying that he disappeared, too.
That would make for a good Christmas.
Remind me, what was under here? What? All right, weird Haven Christmas events, anything come to mind? Not really.
There was the gingerbread man incident.
You can imagine the cover-up! A cover-up we couldn't do if we sold the Haven Herald.
- We're discussing that now.
- Yes, we're having that discussion.
Okay, what about anything where people are disappearing? Here's something.
November 5, 1955.
A man claims to have made all of his neighbours and most of his family disappear.
But they never existed.
But he insisted they did.
So, everyone thought he was crazy.
Sound familiar? Here's one other thing, happened around the same time.
Something else did turn up.
A full-sized train on its own track surrounding a weird green field with a bunch of horses.
No explanation where they came from.
Okay, well, what can you tell me about him? Insane Arthur Chambers, about 50, family man.
- Wait.
- Yeah.
I met a guy named Chambers this morning.
He came to pick up his missing daughter.
If they're related, then he could've made his wife disappear.
Maybe he's the one who's causing all this.
And what happened to the OG Chambers? Tried to "bring everyone back", he said.
But it didn't work.
Killed himself soon after.
No one he described ever reappeared.
If they ever lived, they were gone forever.
Well, whatever this trouble is, if we don't stop it, everybody in the town of Haven could disappear.
Well, that'll make deliveries an awful lot easier.
And a lot cheaper.
Everyone in Haven gets a paper delivered to their door, all 3,101 of them.
What? How many? Check the masthead in today's edition.
last I checked, Haven had over 20,000 people in it.
Glad you're here.
Not easy keeping up with everything today.
I'm looking for the address for a suspect.
Aha! Damn it, you're still here.
It was my one Christmas wish, and it didn't come true.
He's on board with the whole disappearing thing now? Maybe you guys should be partners.
Hey, hey.
You didn't hear Vince and Dave's story.
Who's your suspect? Gordon Chambers.
He was in earlier today.
Looks like he moved to Derry.
Maybe he left town because he knew what he was gonna do to Haven.
Hey, come with us.
Somebody's got to stay here.
We are the only police.
If you are the only police, Nathan, then why are there all these desks? Why are there all these offices? Why are you the only classmates in the class photo? This is It's where the photographer put us.
- Remember? - Nathan, I'm your partner, right? - Yes.
- You trust your partner? Yes.
Thank you.
This is a nice moment.
But we should probably go.
Hmm? Okay, I'll go wait in the car.
Listen, I know that this doesn't make any sense, okay? But I need you to come with me.
Make it, you know, my Christmas present or something.
I hope you're happy 'cause I'm starting to hate Christmas, too.
Hell of a way to start Christmas morning.
What are my chances of getting a wrecker on the radio out here? Give it a shot.
I'll try and move these cars.
I'll supervise.
I hate this song.
You know what present I always wanted when I was a kid? No, but I have a feeling you're gonna tell me anyway.
A Chrome Lightning race sled.
- Polished bottom.
- The bevelled rails.
- Yeah.
- I wanted the same thing for Christmas.
You two wanted the same thing? That's weird.
Okay, I hate to cancel Christmas morning, but the population was almost twice this just a few hours ago.
Really? Hey, Audrey, come check this out.
Doesn't it look like the car just sort of -smashed into thin air? - Yeah.
That's weird, right? It must be hard to be the only person who knows when things get -funky around here.
- Yeah.
Trust me, being right all the time, it's not always the greatest thing.
Yeah, I know.
You know, it's tough for people like you and me.
Maybe I could help you with that.
- You could help me? - You talking to yourself? Huh? Wait.
Did someone else disappear? Duke, you know, our friend? He's got a moustache, a goatee.
He wears a lot of jewellery makes all these jokes, only looks out for himself.
I'm friends with that guy? Okay, when this happened in the '50s, the people that disappeared, they never came back.
We got to find that troubled person.
What happened? What is it? A wall.
A really big one.
We're trapped.
- Not even a scratch.
I think this thing is made of glass.
Really thick glass.
Not any kind of glass I've ever seen.
Stand back.
Well, you think we can go around? No.
See how it curves? I bet you it circles the whole town.
This thing coming down, that would explain that woman being cut in half.
And she was near the town border, too.
So, why hasn't anybody on the outside run into it yet? Are they forgetting all of us, too? Pretty soon there's not gonna be any of us left to forget.
That number's gone down 500 since we've been standing here.
We need to get to Derry, find Chambers now.
Yeah, but if we're trapped in Haven, maybe he is, too.
According to that file, he still owns a store in town.
- What kind of store? - Toys.
Hello? Hello? He's not here.
Just like the article Dave showed me.
Look at this.
Arthur Chambers brought a train like this to life and people disappeared.
Takes playing with your toys to a whole new level.
You think that's what's happening now? With Christmas toys? Something with a giant glass dome.
Like this.
Maybe Gordon Chambers is bringing snow globes to life.
And it's changing the whole town.
It's okay.
We're looking for the one that plays Silent Night.
When I heard it break, I thought you had What? And leave you all alone on what I'm pretty sure is not Christmas? Thank you for trusting me, partner.
Well, I should've trusted you from the beginning.
Yeah, you should have.
Nathan? Vince.
Did you ever feel like you forgot something really important, but you're not sure what? Yeah, I definitely do.
Hey, I need you to help me find someone.
Gordon Chambers.
He's got to be one of the last people in Haven, and I think the Herald is the key.
Well, there's only 20 people in Haven, so Okay.
Can I see your delivery list? You give everyone in Haven a copy, right? Yep.
All 19 people.
Okay, great.
This must be his old house.
All right.
Thanks, Vince.
You guys are a lifesaver.
"Guys"? Never mind.
Mr Chambers? You need to stop what you're doing.
I'm just gonna forget you like all the others.
I'm not like the others.
Why are you special? Listen, I need you to tell me what you think is going on.
People are gone who shouldn't be.
When I saw you at the precinct, you made me realise that.
That I never had a wife.
But that's impossible, because I have a daughter.
She has to have a mom.
So, you know about Arthur Chambers? Grandpa, who loved building his model trains.
I guess a little too much.
He said that we were all troubled, and that one day, we'd make our loved ones vanish forever, too.
And nobody would ever know that they ever existed.
I never thought that was true.
And then today, it happened.
And I don't know if I can undo it.
Where were you? Where were you when this all started? I was on my way to see my daughter.
I moved out of here last night.
But I love my Radley.
I mean, she's the best thing that ever happened to me.
But I moved out.
Why would I do that? Why would I leave her alone? Do you know if I had a wife? You don't know? Your grandfather, he remembered the people that disappeared, but you don't.
So, you can't be doing this.
And your daughter, she remembers her mother It's not you.
It's your daughter.
- She's still alive.
- Oh, my God.
- I thought she disappeared.
- Okay, she's still here.
Does she have her own snow globe? Yeah, I made it for her last Christmas.
Okay, no, listen, I need you to tell me where she is, all right? If we don't find her, these people could be gone forever.
It's just you and me, kid.
Now, where the hell are you? Hi, again, Hadley.
What are you doing here? Matinee.
Is that the snow globe your dad made you? - You know you're a special kid, right? - Yeah.
That's what they say when they leave.
You know that you're turning the whole town into that snow globe? You're crazy.
That's your fantasy world, right? - You love it? - Leave me alone.
Hadley, where do you think everybody went? Where are all the people? I don't know.
People always leave.
My dad walked out on us.
- Your dad loves you.
- He doesn't.
No one does.
Even my mom left me alone here.
And the reason everybody's gone is because people are always leaving me.
It's not the snow globe.
- What's happening? - Haven is turning into your snow globe.
Give it to me.
- Come on! - Why isn't it stopping? Because handing it to me isn't enough.
You're living inside of there, and you need to stop.
I like it in there.
You like it? All alone? Yeah.
You're lying.
You're running away.
You don't know anything about me.
Yes, I do, because we're the same.
You want to be alone, because you think that you have to be.
But you don't.
We don't.
- I do.
My dad left us and now - Things are different.
I know what it's like for things to be different.
But just because they are, that doesn't mean that the people in your life stop caring about you.
Your dad loves you, Hadley.
So does your mom.
Maybe He said that you were the best thing that ever happened to him.
And he was on his way here when all of this started.
He was? Yeah.
He called you "Radley".
They might not be together, but your folks will be there when you need them, trust me.
I know that the real world isn't always everything that you thought it would be.
But sometimes, it can surprise us in good ways.
You just got to be open to it.
Deal? Deal.
it's stopping- - Hadley.
- Mom.
What happened to the movie? How long was I in the bathroom? You didn't miss anything good.
Where are you? Yeah.
Middle of route 19.
I don't remember anything, but I think I may have caused an accident.
Or not.
I don't know.
You didn't cause an accident.
In fact, you helped me clean one up.
I did? Good.
I mean, that's great.
Audrey? Maybe when you get here, you can explain to me why I'm in a Santa costume.
I'm having one of those Haven moments.
I'm here.
Maybe your surprise can explain why I woke up in a toy store this morning.
I just decided to throw a little party.
You? That is a surprise.
A Christmas party.
- In July.
- Yeah.
I'm thinking about starting a new Haven tradition.
Stan! No, ladle.
Right there, ladle.
Hey, Audrey! There's cars in my parking lot and nobody in my bar.
What the hell is going on? Why are there so many cops at my place? Parker is having a Christmas party.
So What? Okay, that's weird.
I thought we were her only friends.
Yeah, Audrey? Why are you having a Christmas party in July? - Audrey.
- Hey, guys.
So, normally, it's after the party that the memory gets a little foggy.
Nobody here can remember what happened today.
Only in Haven.
Audrey, maybe you could tell us what happened today.
I could, but I think you would do a better job of it in the Herald.
Well, this may be the last edition No.
Don't get rid of the paper.
Believe me when I say it's the only reason that Haven's still here.
That's why we're celebrating.
Well, I guess we could call it a gas leak.
- We can do better than that.
- What? Growth hormones in chicken.
We always blame the chickens.
How about ham? Goose? Hey.
I got you guys a present.
- Okay.
Hang on a second.
- For us? Just before you That's awkward.
It's for both of us? That's thoughtful of you.
Come on, open it.
The Chrome Lightning.
I didn't even know they still made them.
No, they don't.
I could only find one.
So, I thought that you two could share it.
- With each other? - Mmm-hmm.
Actually, could you play something else, Hadley? - Yeah.
- Yeah, anything other than that song.
Okay, you need to stop stalling.
Tell us what happened today.
Today, I was reminded how important friends really are.
And how lucky we are to be here.
Come on.
We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!