Haven s05e18 Episode Script

Wild Card

Previously on Haven - We found William's aether.
Charlotte said if she has aether, she can make a cure.
- There's not nearly enough.
- Look over there.
- I don't believe it.
Nathan was right.
I can end the Troubles.
- Check it out.
- "A man in North Carolina claims he can remove the black tar of evil.
" You think this is for real? - Think it's worth a road trip.
That word, "Croatoan," we found it again, here, carved in a rock.
We're afraid it might be some kind of warning, that whatever it is we're next.
- That was only a half an hour ago.
That woman might still be alive.
Vincent! I had another vision.
We got to go.
- Please say that coffee's for me.
- Yeah.
And it comes with an apology.
Nathan called.
Some lunatic downtown's stirring up a crowd.
Probably just a drunk, but it could be a problem.
- It's fine.
I have to meet up with Audrey anyway.
If we're gonna find a cure for the Troubles, the first step is converting William's aether stash.
- You make it sound so easy, but if you and Audrey can pull it off - Then no more shroud, no more Troubles.
We get to live happily ever after.
- You know, I hope you're still saying that a couple of decades from now.
I don't mean to spook you, but I'll be hunched over a walker, and you'll still be what you are.
- Don't worry.
I got a thing for older men.
- I can hear them approaching.
The end It isn't coming.
The end It's already here.
Why can't you hear? - Is this a Trouble, or just run-of-the-mill crazy? - I don't know.
- Why can't you hear? The galloping hooves, the horsemen of the apocalypse! - Okay, uh, get these people to head home.
We'll take care of him.
- They're coming! Why can't you hear? - I I don't hear anything.
Your tattoo It's the lucky number seven, right? So I think you're gonna be fine.
- They're coming! They're here! What the hell? Oh, my God.
Was he trampled? By horses? - And he heard them coming.
So what are we supposed to do Just wave our arms a bit, and, poof, we've converted the aether? - If only it were that easy.
This is just the first step.
And it's just a theory.
Truth is, I've never even seen this much aether before, much less controlled it.
But I believe we can condense all this aether into a single form.
And that will be the first piece in creating a new Barn.
- A new Barn? I thought the Barn was designed to kill everyone with a Trouble.
- It was, but our new Barn It'll be a cure.
People don't have to die.
You don't have to leave Haven with it.
That's great.
- Don't start celebrating yet.
I never said it was gonna be easy.
- Are you sure this is the right place? - Pretty sure.
- No marks, just like all the others.
- You hear that? The woman She's alive.
- W-what if it's not her? What if it's the killer in there waiting? - Vincent, someone who actually saw Haven's serial killer could be suffocating to death behind that door.
We've got to get her out.
- Oh, my God.
- Are you all right? - Where - How on Earth did you escape? - Could you describe his face? - What did he look like? - What are you talking about? I can't even remember how I got here.
- And she doesn't remember anything? - No, she's lost time.
- Just like all of us back in the cave where Jennifer died.
- And everyone on the beach where we found the Colorado Kid.
Another dead end.
- Maybe not.
Unlike us, this just happened to her.
Bring in Gloria.
Maybe she can do something Help her recover that lost time.
I'll check back later.
I got Troubles to deal with.
So second one in as many hours.
- Looks like this guy was struck by lightning, burned, and fell from a skyscraper.
Look at this.
Roman numeral Just like our guy this morning.
- Yeah, but he looked like he got run over by a horse and carriage.
- Different numbers, different effect.
- So you think this Trouble marks its victims? - Maybe which means our victims might have a mutual friend.
- Maybe our Troubled person is on here or the next victims.
- I'll have someone check the names with the records we salvaged from the police station.
Wish we still had a database.
It'd be much easier if we had contact with the outside world.
I know there's a guy here who can supposedly fix me, but I don't understand how driving 30 miles in the wrong direction is a shortcut.
- Okay, well, technically a shortcut is defined as time spent traveling.
So, when you're driving with expired plates and no insurance in a van that doesn't go over 50, then avoiding cop-infested interstates is a shortcut.
And, you know, may I add that we made it, so maybe we shouldn't be complaining.
Oh, thanks, dude.
We're good for gas.
Okay, yeah.
Yeah, maybe we'll just We'll just we'll just top it up and, you know, maybe just Just check the oil or whatever it is that you do.
- What do you think? Is that my healer? - I don't know.
He looks old kind of magical.
Then again, all old people pretty much look that way, so I don't know, dude.
ls he supposed to be wearing a wizard hat? - I just hope this guy can get all these Troubles the hell out of me.
We heard that we might be able to find someone here, uh a healer.
- This look like a hospital to you? - No, it doesn't.
But someone around here is claiming that they can draw the evil black tar out of the cursed.
That's me cursed.
So what do you say? Can you tell me something about that? - Same thing I tell all the others.
There is no magic cure for your sins.
Whatever you've done, that's on you.
Save your money.
Keep driving.
- You were a half quart low.
I left the keys in the visor.
- Okay.
- It was a waste of time.
- Oh, dude.
Check it out.
Looks like your healer found us.
- I'll check in later, Parker.
Sounds like Audrey and Charlotte have their work cut out for them.
- Well, that sucks.
Think it was a Trouble? - Sometimes in this town, you forget about plain old bad luck.
- What's wrong? Damn.
Where'd you get that? - It's weird.
I'm not sure.
It hurts like hell.
- You know, these, uh These women from other worlds, they're they're not like other girls.
Maybe you're not cut out for it.
- Oh, yeah? About that You and Audrey with her never aging, do you, uh you ever worry about Do you think Charlotte and I can make it work? - I think if you're asking, then you already know the answer.
- The bolt broke.
Not my lucky day.
Dwight we have a problem.
- This Trouble Whatever it is, it's coming for us.
See? Relatively simple with just one, anyway.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Are you okay? - I hope so.
A little light-headed is all.
- Oh.
- What is it? What's wrong? - Gah! My eyes.
I can I can barely see.
- Oh, my God, what's happening to us? - And Audrey's got one too? - Same place, different number.
She's going blind, and I feel drained.
- I feel like someone is beating the hell out of me.
- So this Trouble's affecting people all over town? - Don't know, but with my injuries and Nathan's bad luck, the job's not getting any easier.
- Same here.
Converting the aether it's a tall order if Audrey can't see and I feel like hell.
- Dwight? - What if that's the whole point? What if it's not random? What if we're being targeted? - Because someone's trying to stop us from building the new Barn.
- Put a rush job on the aether.
We'll find whoever's Trouble this is before it takes us out.
Thanks for the help, Rafferty.
Our victim's list of mystery names They're all occult authors, write about the meaning of the Tarot.
- Tarot cards.
Numbered like a regular deck of cards only with Roman numerals.
Ex-girlfriend from Seattle.
- So let's start talking to palm readers.
- Okay, so, Sam, how does this, um, work exactly? - The first step in the healing process is truly wanting to get better, believing that you can.
Looking in your eyes, I know you do.
Now stand up and open your shirt.
We all carry demons Addictions, anger.
But for some of us, our curses are more tangible.
They cannot be overcome.
They must be extracted.
- Uh Mm.
- And that is my curse, my burden to draw the darkness from others.
It's black.
That was amazing.
- Listen, boys, I'd love to help you poke around that woman's brain.
But the morgue, my lab, thanks to a Trouble, they're still overrun by poison gas with a face.
- There must be something you can do.
- Well, I did get intern to lug out this old EEG machine of mine.
Thing's a blast at parties.
If we use it on somebody who's lost time and discover atrophy in the hippocampus, that's physiological evidence of memory loss.
- If that's true, can you reverse the effect? - Maybe.
But I don't even know if this thing's safe to use anymore.
Who wants to go first? - Damn it.
How am I supposed to control something when I can barely see.
- You've done this before.
You've told me about it.
When you were on that hill with William, when his men made of aether were gonna kill Nathan, you stopped them.
You controlled it.
You can do this again.
- Listen, maybe we should, you know, take a break.
I just feel like we're spinning our wheels.
Are we going about this aether thing all wrong? - I don't know.
Mara knew what she was doing, but she learned everything from her - Her father? My father.
- He was a great scientist.
He had an incredible mind.
But his research He went too far.
And when the others discovered what he had done, he was banished to the Void forever.
He died there.
It was a long time ago.
- But why why did they banish him? - He became obsessed with his research began experimenting with forces beyond his control.
- The aether? From the Void? - Yeah.
To my people, aether is like What's the equivalent here? Um Plutonium.
Powerful, and, in the right hands, can do wonderful things, but it can also destroy everything.
- Well, then we better not screw this up.
- Great, the blind leading the crippled.
This'll be good.
- So you two are cops or used to be cops, I guess.
It doesn't take a third eye to read people.
What can I do for you? - Do you recognize either of these men? - Yeah, that's Ben Swing.
That's Mike Russo.
They used to be regulars before the shroud and the explosion of Troubles.
Oh, no, did something happen to Mike? I knew it.
I did a reading for him, and I pulled the Tower card.
That's usually bad news.
I gave him a list of authors with different interpretations hoping that might cheer him up.
- We found your list.
The Tower card, what number is it? - Um In the Major Arcana, 16.
See? - Struck by lightning, long fall just like our victim.
- What card is number seven? - Number seven is the Chariot in the Major Arcana.
- Galloping hooves.
That's what our trampled guy heard.
It drove him crazy.
- Is he okay? - Your Tarot readings, they're coming true, and they're killing people.
- No, I I'm not Troubled.
- Well, you are now.
Both of your customers died, and they were both numbered like this.
- No, that's impossible.
Even if what you're saying is right, I've never drawn cards for you.
I don't even know you.
- Nathan, look at this.
These cards they match the numbers under our wrists.
Audrey's and Charlotte's too.
- The worst versions of these would be blindness, weakness, bad luck, and torture.
Audrey, Charlotte, me, and you.
Why are you doing this to us? - I'm not doing anything to you.
I didn't even know those cards were here.
- This is your place.
How could you not know? - I would never leave cards lying around.
Look at this.
This isn't like dealing blackjack, okay? People come to me with questions, looking for guidance, then I draw cards for them.
- But they're your cards.
You did this.
- Please, look, I-I know what this looks like.
But I swear to you, I don't remember anyone asking me to do those readings, and I don't remember drawing those cards.
- If she doesn't remember doing this, then - She lost time.
We know who can do that.
- The no-marks killer.
He was here, had her do our reading to target us.
After she did the reading, the fortune teller lost time.
Okay, so we know he's behind this Trouble, but who is this no-marks killer, and why is he after us? - I don't know, but he's connected to the lost colony of Roanoke.
That was hundreds of years ago.
Everybody there disappeared.
The only thing left was a warning carved in a tree "Croatoan," whatever that means.
Vince and Dave said they saw it here too.
- I'm sorry.
Did you just say "Croatoan"? - Yeah.
Why? What is it? - It isn't a warning.
It's a name, a monster.
A monster? - He is to the Void what your Satan is to hell.
Aether, it's a part of him.
After your father was banished there, I think Croatoan killed him.
- When we opened the door in the cave, he must have come through.
Croatoan is the no-marks killer.
- Thank you truly.
You saved my life.
Ah, you're too kind.
- Put her there, friend.
You son of a bitch.
It's motor oil.
- What the hell are you talking about? Piss off! You come clean, or I'm gonna rip this thing right off of you? Okay, okay.
I'm just trying to make a quick buck, all right? How did you know? - I know how I feel around Troubled blood.
Yours isn't.
But you know about curses and Troubles How? - I got the story from some nut job.
He said a demon couple came here 500 years ago, cursed people with some black stuff.
Spooky wise man story It just seemed like easy money.
- Two demons from 500 years ago, you couldn't have made that up.
I want to talk to this wise man who told you that story.
- Walter? He's up at Blue Ridge.
He's always there.
It's a hike.
- I'm telling you, Croatoan shouldn't have been able to leave the Void.
- It doesn't matter how.
He did, and he's here, killing Troubled people and leaving a black stain in their eyes.
- Maybe that's aether.
Maybe he's pulling Troubles out.
- With a shroud around town, Haven's a feeding ground.
We know who he is, but how the hell do we get rid of him? - We already have the answer The new Barn.
The way it'll work, it'll send everything that came from the Void back to where it belongs, including the Troubles and Croatoan.
It'll take care of them both at the same time.
- Guys, he knows.
He knows who we are and what we're doing here.
That's why he's targeting us with this Trouble.
- Okay, you two need to get back to work fast.
I'll stay here, guard the tunnel in case he comes back.
- Okay.
Come on, Audrey.
- Dwight? - How's it going with Lainey? - It's not.
I don't know how to solve her Trouble.
I thought it was about her estranged husband.
He died, but apparently Lainey's sister is a medium.
Used her to talk to his ghost and find closure.
I'm worried her Trouble is always on, like yours, mine, Vickie's.
- So we might not be able to turn it off.
- Dwight, with my bad luck, maybe I shouldn't be the one doing this.
- Yeah, but who else is there? - Dwight? Dwight? Dwight? I can't breathe.
- His Tarot card is killing him.
- If we can't turn off my Trouble, what do we do? - Our readings.
They aren't finished, are they? - No, no.
There's only one card drawn for each of you.
- Draw his next card.
- Are you insane?! Do you know that this could be so much worse? - He's dying, Lainey.
Pick a card.
The Devil.
Oh, my God.
Dwight? Dwight? Dwight! Dwight? Dwight.
How's it going? I'm okay.
But there's a catch.
I got, uh, chained up.
And they're getting tighter.
- Of course.
The Devil card could mean bondage.
His servants are literally chained in the picture.
- Good news is you're alive.
- Bad news is, if Croatoan comes, I can't protect Charlotte and Audrey.
- Or yourself.
Okay, well, there's Walter.
- No.
No, it can't be.
- Maybe we're looking for a different Walter Faraday.
I don't know.
What is this? It's kind of pretty in a weird, creepy, labyrinth-y sort of way.
What? What? What's it mean? - It means we're too late.
My answers are buried in that grave.
- Come on, dude, you don't know that.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I do because this has turned out like everything else I've ever done in Haven.
I don't know what the hell I was expecting.
- Hzey.
- It's Charlotte.
She's weak.
I can't help her like this.
I can't see.
Please, you need to figure out a way to stop this Trouble.
- We pulled another card for Dwight, but it might have made things worse.
- Nathan, if you don't, I could lose her.
Can you draw new cards for us? - Draw cards for Charlotte and Audrey too.
- Please do I have to? - Charlotte first.
- The Lovers this card it represents a-a couple coming back together, the way it was meant to be.
- Must be Charlotte and Dwight.
It's finally a good card.
- I can't tell if it's working.
It's my turn.
- The Moon.
It symbolizes reality fading into illusion.
It's I'm sorry, this This could mean a lot of things.
- Yeah, but what does it mean for Audrey? - Nathan? It worked.
I can see.
Oh, I can see.
Charlotte! Are you feeling better? - I'm okay.
- Good.
I'll call you back, Nathan.
He drew new cards for us, but that means that we have to move quickly before the effects kick in, whatever they are.
- All right.
Why isn't this working? - Maybe we're going about it the wrong way.
Okay, when I controlled those men made out of aether, it was because I was about to lose Nathan.
- We should be able to replicate that result.
It's science.
- No, it was about emotion.
We need to focus on what we're feeling, on what we want.
- And why we need to condense it down.
- And what we'll lose if we don't This place these people the ones we love each other.
- Okay.
- Think about that.
We did it.
The aether core The first piece in the new Barn.
But our Tarot cards What did we draw? - I drew, um, a Moon Something about becoming an illusion.
And yours was the Lovers About a couple coming back together.
I think that's a fate that you can handle.
What is it? Charlotte, what's wrong? - It's nothing.
I, um We should go.
Come on.
Dwight? - Ladies.
Always a pleasure.
Stop, no, no.
It's no use.
It's the Tarot card.
If I struggle, it gets tighter.
- I need you to take this and go.
- No, we're not splitting up.
We have no idea what these new cards will do to us.
That's why you need to go now before anything else happens.
Dwight's in danger.
I'm staying with him.
It has to be you.
Hide it someplace safe.
- Wow.
You really will stay with me when I'm old and helpless.
- I wanted to - What? What do you mean? What are you doing? Wait.
Charlotte, where are you going? Wait! Charlotte, wait! - What the hell? Oh, no.
My new card.
Please, not now.
Not not now.
- Okay, Bert, Ernie, I got something.
But I'm a doctor, not a magician.
So I have linked the lost time to temporary damage in the brain's hippocampus.
That's where new memories are formed.
- Well, that's great.
So can we undo the damage? Get those memories back? - I'll get our witness back in here, pronto.
When she remembers Croatoan - Guys, I wasn't able to recover the memories.
Once they're gone, they're gone.
The only thing I can do is test if someone's lost time.
- Well, Dave and I know we've lost time before.
- I've lost time too.
All three of us have in the last 24 hours.
- That means Croatoan's already been here, and we don't even remember it.
- Or we already captured him, but he just erased our memories of it.
- And how many times? - So I'm trying to find a place to hide this thing.
Where are we with this Trouble? - We're right where we started.
- Nathan, we have a problem.
- Parker? Parker? Audrey? Parker, are you okay? It's the Moon card.
You have to pick a new card.
Pick a new card for her now.
- How can we keep doing this? It feels like we're losing her.
- We, uh Okay.
If you can't win at the game, then you change the game.
- What? - For your readings someone asked you a question to start, right? - Yeah.
So? - Croatoan asked you the question for our reading, it's killing us.
So reshuffle the cards and start a new reading for all of us.
- How do you know it will go any better? - Because I will ask the question, and make sure there's only one possible answer A good one.
I'm losing her.
- It better be a damn good question.
It's now or never.
What will it be? - There's one thing I know about us.
We'd do anything for this place.
So with everything we've done for Haven over the years, what fate have we earned? Judgment.
Is that bad? - Not with the question you asked.
As long as your cause is just, it means you can overcome any obstacle.
- Nathan? I don't know what you did, but But it worked.
- Come on.
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Damn it, Charlotte.
- Dwight? - Audrey, are you okay? - Yeah, are you? - Charlotte she was acting weird, and she left.
I don't know where.
- What? Well, why would she do that? - Don't know.
She gave me something.
Audrey, it's her ring.
She wouldn't go anywhere without it, right? - No.
But she had to leave it with you for a reason.
Leaving? - I thought you were dead.
But when I heard what was happening to people, it all started to come together.
- How did you know I would come for you? - My Tarot card the Lovers.
- So you're one of them now.
- They're good people.
I'm staying here with them.
Why don't you come out where I can see you? - You think after all these years, after all that waiting, you can goad me into a mistake? - You're not strong enough not yet.
- And you think that means you can stop me? - I think you do.
- You turned the aether that you found into something.
Give it to me.
- No, it's too late.
Audrey has it.
My daughter, Audrey.
- Good.
I've been looking forward to meeting her.
- That will never happen.
- Ah, come on, don't look so glum.
- Where's Seth? Who are you? Am I hallucinating? - Sadly, no.
You want answers, don't you, Duke? Hmm? Want to know what it is you really are.
- Yeah.
- Well, friend, it is your lucky day, 'cause I'm here to tell you.
- No.
No, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Audrey.
Oh, my girl.
I am so glad I got to know you.
- Don't, don't.
- I'm sorry.
Just when you needed me - Shh.
Listen, you're gonna be okay, all right? You brought me back for a reason, and I'm so glad you did.
- Audrey, the new Barn it's the only way to stop him.
He's furious about what we did to Mara.
- I don't understand.
- I thought that Croatoan killed my husband, but I was wrong.
My husband became the monster.
Croatoan is Mara's father, your father.
He has plans for you.
- No.
Hey, hey, hey.
No, Charlotte, please.
No, don't.