Haven s05e25 Episode Script


Previously on Haven - Hello, Dove.
- Croatoan.
Not "Dad"? Clearly we have a lot of catching up to do.
What they did to you, turning you into the Barn's controller Could you do it to me? Vince! What have you done? What I had to.
It's a Holloway trouble, where a building merges with a person.
Are you trying to talk to me? It's Laverne.
Who am I talking to right now? Duke? No.
This is what I am.
Croatoan's inside your head.
You can force him out.
Don't let him control you.
Daddy? I need to teach you a lesson.
You can control the Troubles that you take from people? They're gifts, and in the right hands, they can accomplish anything.
I created you.
All the times that you asked me to kill for you, look what I have become, what you turned me into.
I got snacks from the vending machine.
Please tell me you got the P3 unstuck, and that's a Baby Ruth in your hand.
- Sorry.
- Ah.
Laverne controls the vending machine now.
She only dispenses the healthy stuff.
A little healthy wouldn't hurt.
How you holding up? You must be exhausted.
Croatoan locked me in a child's room and said he was going to help my friends, make them happy.
It was scarier than a flat-out threat.
Sounds terrifying.
I'm sorry.
He was different than I expected.
So much hurt.
He really thinks that he's doing the right thing.
By getting you to help him trouble people.
It's more than that.
He's a father that wants his daughter back.
But you are not his daughter.
Mara was.
She's dead.
But when he looks at me, he sees her.
Which is why we need to get this thing fixed, get that Barn built, send that monster back to the Void.
Has Vince come up with anything yet? No, not yet.
Dwight's working on it with him.
He's got him stashed away just in case In case Duke comes after him.
Has anybody seen him since he took the census? No.
If Croatoan gets those Troubles, he's going to use them against us.
He is not gonna get the chance.
We're gonna get Duke back.
Victor Kirby.
I knew your aunt.
She could see the future too.
Anyone she touched Vanessa knew exactly how they were going to die.
What do you want? Your trouble.
But why? It's horrible.
Not for Croatoan.
He can turn it into a power, use it to show his daughter how amazing the future can be if she joins him.
Please don't.
You look so worried, Kirby.
But don't you know what's going to happen? Haven't you seen how you're going to meet your end? I've tried, but I can only see how other people die, not me.
If you had seen it, it would've looked a lot like this.
I know how it ends for you, Crocker.
I can see it.
Just like Vanessa did.
I'm not that man anymore.
Vince says there's nothing in his new programming to fix the Aether core.
I was afraid of that.
How's he doing otherwise? He says he feels mostly the same, but it's gotta be weird.
Being turned into an otherworldly crystal, yeah.
I'd feel better if I at least knew where you hid it.
You can trust me, Nathan.
Of course I can.
You keep working with Vince.
We'll try to and figure out a way to fix the core on our end.
I'll call you if we manage to come up with something.
Why don't you want to tell them about Lizzie? Because you're afraid they'll take her? I need to know what she is.
An Aether creature maybe Like the ones William made? Or a product of a trouble? A resurrection trouble.
You don't think she could actually be Lizzie? No.
My daughter's dead.
It's Duke.
He's out there.
Daddy, what's wrong? Nothing, honey.
Everything's fine.
Why is he just standing there? What's he waiting for? Okay, I want you to take Lizzie to the back stairs.
If Duke comes in, I want you to both run.
But what about you? I'll buy you some time.
Couple of minutes.
You can't confront him.
I can't let him get a hold of you.
He might be here for Lizzie.
Lizzie, I need you to go with Uncle Vince, okay? No, I want to stay here with you.
Honey, it's a game.
You and Vince go hide and see how long it takes for me to find you.
Oh, I love hide and seek.
Okay, you count down from Come on.
I know a good hiding spot.
Oh, he was stabbed in the chest.
It looks like Duke's work, all right.
Poor Victor.
He didn't stand a chance.
Anyway, I gotta go.
Intern's watching baby Aaron, and she keeps giving him apple juice.
You think Croatoan's tough, try an infant on a sugar high.
Vickie still has her sketching trouble.
So maybe if she can draw the Aether core, she can put it back together.
- She can make it whole again.
- It's worth a shot.
I'll have her meet us at the station.
You must be Nathan.
An "ask questions later" kind of guy.
- I like you already.
- You bastard Nathan, the Troubles he holds We can't hurt him.
Smart, pragmatic.
That's my girl.
And right as usual.
Strike me, and your internal organs liquefy.
A trouble I gathered from your census.
Why did Duke kill Kirby? To take his trouble? Collecting Troubles was what I designed him to do.
So you could take them with you, use them for your revenge? No, you're going to design those Troubles.
Oh, these are for my personal use.
So what, you're just here to make sure Duke stays on schedule? No, no, Duke's fine.
I'm here to talk to you, Nathan.
You're a lucky man.
From my conversations with my daughter, I can tell she loves you very much.
And she'll do anything to make you happy.
And that's very hard to find.
Leave Nathan alone.
As I promised you, I'm here to help him.
Nathan, what if I could offer you a new life far from here, the life you've always wanted with the woman you love? Audrey.
There she is, Nathan.
Everything you've ever wanted.
And I'm giving her to you.
You want to give me a copy of Audrey? One that loves you with all her heart.
I'll take you both outside the shroud, set you up in a new life far away from here.
Neither one of you will remember Haven.
Nathan, I'm offering you a fresh start.
Why? Why would you do this? Oh, Dove, what is coming It'll be such a wonderful time for us.
You don't have to worry about Nathan.
This way you know he's taken care of, that he's happy.
You think that copy can make me happy? I assure you you will never know or be able to tell the difference.
Well, if she's so perfect, why don't you just keep her for yourself? I said you would never know the difference.
I'm her father.
I would know.
You think I would abandon Audrey for some illusion? I belong here in Haven with Audrey, fighting you.
What do you want, Duke? Question is, what do you want, Dwight? Right now I want to kill you for murdering my friends and betraying us to Croatoan.
I'm afraid that's not going to happen.
Do you have a second choice, like, perhaps, raising your daughter? My daughter's dead.
She's right in there.
- That's not Lizzie.
- Are you sure? Croatoan used a very special trouble to bring her back.
He must really like you.
Why did he send you here, Duke? What does Croatoan want? The controller crystal.
What makes him think I have it? He knows that you have it.
The crystal isn't here.
Then go and get it.
Deliver it to Croatoan, and he will let you keep Lizzie.
I think you know me better than that, Duke.
Then he will come for her.
Or maybe he'll just send me.
Where's Lizzie? Upstairs.
What did Duke want? He said Lizzie's some kind of gift from Croatoan, an example of his power.
He's going to let you keep her? I'm not even sure she is a her.
I mean, come on, Vince, she can't really be my daughter.
I see the way you look at her, Dwight.
It's not just that child.
A part of you has been brought back to life here.
Losing Lizzie watching those bullets tear into her, it was like dying.
For a long time, I wanted to die.
Thought about ending it, a lot.
I know.
I was afraid for you.
It took so long to crawl out of that hole.
I can't go through that again.
I know.
And to this day, I feel responsible.
I led the Guard.
They were my men who shot Lizzie.
I couldn't make it right back then.
I can never make it right.
How terribly ironic if Croatoan can.
I can't believe I let you involve Intern in all of this.
What if Croatoan finds out she's helping you and sends Duke after her? If my trouble can fix it, you know I have to try, Gloria.
Yeah, well, it doesn't mean I have to like it.
It's really good, Vickie.
When I'm done, if we fold it here, the crack in the core should close.
And then we will give it to Vince, and finally we can build a new Barn.
Get rid of Croatoan.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Stick with the paper, kid.
They never see it coming.
Got a few more security cameras going.
Perimeter looks good.
We I think we might need to talk about something.
I'm not leaving you.
Croatoan's offer has to be a little tempting.
You're asking me if I want all this to be over, live behind some white picket fence, adopt a shelter dog? Of course I do.
But I want that with the real Audrey Parker, not some copy.
You wouldn't even remember that she wasn't real.
How can I claim to love you as much as I do if I don't at least give you that chance? Your asking me to consider this is exactly the reason why I never, never could.
Vickie's almost done with the core.
We are gonna beat Croatoan, save Duke, and get our lives back.
Laverne, do you have something? Duke.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
Where did they run to, Laverne? You can play all the games you want.
I'm getting what I came for.
Vickie, you have been very, very busy.
Still warm, Nathan.
Okay, what do we do now? Well, we can't stay here.
Why? We're 3 feet above the lava.
We need to rescue the princess before the dragon gets her.
I thought you were the princess.
No, silly, I'm Lizzie the Lionhearted, and you're Dwight the Dauntless.
It's how we always play.
Well, we need some stepping stones.
- Here goes nothing.
- Hang on.
We made it.
Did we rescue the princess? Yes, but you melted your feet.
It's been a while.
I'm a little rusty.
Dad, we played last week.
Lizzie That was a lot of fun.
There's some milk and cookies in the kitchen.
I'd say we deserve them.
She has no idea she died? No, but she remembers everything else.
She even called herself Lizzie the Lionhearted.
How could she know that? Have you noticed anything different about her? Not yet.
But the cookies - The cookies are a test.
- A test? It's been a thing for her since her mother left.
I stocked that kitchen with ten types of cookies.
If that's my daughter, she'll bring out two types her favorite and her least favorite, and they'll be arranged on the plate like a flower.
Milk and cookies, Mr.
What a polite young lady.
Thank you, Lizzie.
How's it going, Vickie? - Almost there.
- Hurry.
Laverne may have been able to move this wall to hide us, but Duke won't be fooled for long.
Or fooled at all.
Duke knows this place like the back of his hand, poor kid.
So if you fold it, the core should be able to fuse together, right? - Nathan.
- Duke.
Don't make me shoot.
We have to get the core fixed.
Laverne, slow him down.
I want that drawing, Vickie.
Oh, Jesus.
Duke, please.
This isn't you.
Oh, this is me, just with improvements.
The Duke I know stands up to bullies like Croatoan.
You don't want to hurt Vickie.
I should've killed you when you were a statue.
- The Aether core.
- Got it.
You don't.
I always liked your trouble, Vickie.
I can't wait to try it out.
Oh, is it your turn now? You going to tell me how much I mean to you? How we're family? No.
No? Hundreds and hundreds of your little speeches "trouble whispering" all of your little lambs.
You must have something special in your bag of trick for me.
I'm not going to tell you what you already know, that what you're doing is wrong.
I'm not going to beg for our lives, Duke.
Don't be so melodramatic.
Croatoan wants you alive.
Nathan too, for now.
As long as the old lady doesn't get in my way, I will take the artiste and go.
- I will not let you kill Vickie.
- Oh, I see.
You'll only let me kill when it serves your purpose.
Well, I don't work for you anymore.
You never worked for us.
No, Duke's right.
We used you.
I used you.
When we found out about the Crocker family curse, about what it could do, I used that as a tool to stop the Troubles because that's what I was sent here to do.
But I didn't think about how much it was going to hurt you, how killing all of those people, how how it would change you.
It didn't change anything.
This was always meant to be.
I don't think it was.
I think you were fighting your destiny.
And if left alone, maybe you might have even won.
But I didn't know that.
And I came along, and I sent you on that path.
And for that, I am truly sorry.
I know how it feels, Duke, to be fighting to be the person that you want to be when everyone is telling you to be someone else.
Croatoan thinks that I'm his daughter.
I-I look like her.
I sound like her.
Do you know how easy it would be to just say, "Sure, it's good to see you, Dad," and stop being scared? I'm so tired.
I'm so tired of fighting my destiny.
But I can't give up.
Because when I look in the mirror, I only see me.
I see the person that I truly am.
The only person I want to be.
So tell me, Duke, when you look in the mirror, when no one else is around, who are you? I'm Duke Crocker.
And I just want to go back to being a pirate.
Time to eat your peanut butter.
I already ate mine.
Maybe we shouldn't eat the cookies we don't like.
But we always do it that way.
You have to eat the yucky one.
Why, Lizzie? Why do we always eat a cookie we don't like? 'Cause that's how life is.
Sometimes it hands you a bad cookie, like when you got hurt in the Army or when Mom left us.
But if you hang in there, the good cookies will come, right? Right, like how we still have each other.
Like how we still have each other.
Welcome back, kiddo.
Glad to be back.
I knew you could beat him.
Yeah, not soon enough.
We have to make sure that Croatoan doesn't find out about you.
Is there any way that you can use your phasing trouble to get out of town? I'm not going anywhere.
I'm going to kill Croatoan.
No way.
You're not going anywhere near him.
Nathan, the things that he made me do, the people I killed, the friends I hurt, what I did to the both of you He's trying to split you up.
He knows you are stronger together.
Please, you have to let me help.
I need to make things right.
You will.
I promise.
But we have to be careful.
If Croatoan gets a hold of one of your Troubles What? What's wrong? He knows.
Croatoan knows.
He's taking them.
I can't stop him.
What can we do? There's got to be something that we can do.
There is.
You have to kill me.
You have to kill me.
Before he takes any more.
There has to be another way.
There isn't.
Duke Whenever a Crocker has died, the Troubles stayed with them.
If I'm dead, Croatoan has no way of collecting them.
No, Duke.
I can't.
Yes, you can, Nathan.
You can to save Haven, to save Audrey.
No, not like this.
Look, I'd do it myself, right? I'd go up to the roof and jump.
But if I break open and bleed out all my Troubles, then I died for nothing.
Croatoan took everything from me.
I have to take something back.
I have to choose my destiny.
I have to show Croatoan that Duke Crocker's nobody's bitch.
So please.
Come on, please.
Please! Gloria? No, I'm sorry, Duke.
Do you see that? Who knows which one that was? You have no idea the horrible Troubles that I've taken inside of me.
And if I let Croatoan get them, then he wins.
That's not my destiny.
That's not me.
Nathan, please.
I can't do it myself.
There's no time.
I know.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Duke, it's gonna be okay, all right? We love you.
You are the bravest man I ever met, Duke Crocker, you always have been.
So much we've done together.
So much we never could've done without you.
I owe you so much.
I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay that debt.
Oh, God.
I'm so sorry.
What Duke became wasn't who he was.
No, and in the end, it's what saved us.
Maybe all of Haven.
It stopped Croatoan from getting his Troubles.
The Aether core, it's destroyed.
There will be no way to build a new Barn, no way to end the Troubles.
Dwight, maybe you can just help me get him to the truck.
We'll put him on ice until we can give him a proper burial at sea with Jennifer.
He would like that.
At sea.
I'm gonna take a walk.
Be back in a minute.
Oh, Dwight, glad you came.
That makes one of us.
Difficult decision, I'm sure.
You brought the crystal? The crystal's useless now.
Why do you even want it? Useless to you.
I can do wonders with the technology behind it.
What do you mean? This room is similar to the one my daughter grew up in.
I intend to make an exact copy of this entire house.
You want to rebuild a house? Not a house, a home.
When Audrey joins me, we'll live here together, and we'll be a family once again.
Without Charlotte, of course.
Because you murdered her.
Charlotte betrayed me.
She had me banished.
Then she tried to poison Mara with lies.
Then she killed her.
Mara was evil.
Like father, like daughter.
But Charlotte Charlotte was good in the sack.
Yeah, she had that going for her.
You know, Dwight, you're lucky that I have other concerns right now.
You've seen what I can do with people who try to take what's mine.
So the crystal or Lizzie? Which are you gonna bring me? Are you really going to walk away? I'm giving you a second chance with your daughter, Dwight.
I, more than anyone, know how remarkable that can be.
Are you really going to walk away from it? I'll be back in a few hours.
With the crystal.
You made the right choice, Dwight.
You all have.
Thanks, Laverne.
I needed that.
Laverne, what is it? Is some Is something wrong? Good, Nathan's back.
Laverne, where is he going? Try to follow him.
Where are they going? Last time it was the carrot, so I assume you're here with a stick.
There's that wry sense of humor the girls love.
Mara thought William was hilarious.
I thought he was a moron.
What do you want? To offer my condolences.
Shame about Duke.
The Crockers grew so cowardly over the years.
Duke died so you wouldn't get any of his Troubles.
He died a hero.
He walked away from greatness.
Have you thought any more about my offer? No.
My future's here.
Not without Audrey, it isn't.
What have you done with Audrey? Where is she? Audrey is going to be exactly where she belongs By her father's side, which means you Need to leave Haven.
I knew you'd come here, someplace familiar.
If you need to talk What have you done with Nathan? If you've hurt him Hurt him? Nathan told me he had said his good-byes.
His good-byes? What does that mean? Before he left with your copy.
I thought you knew.
I'm so sorry.
No, that's not true.
I'm afraid it is.
Nathan is beyond the shroud.
This is weird.
What can I get you two? Uh, actually maybe you could tell me, did you see us come in? Oh, things get so busy around here sometimes, all I see are hash browns.
But now that I come to think of it, I could've sworn this table was empty, and then I turned around, and there you were.
Ah, maybe we all need a cup of coffee? - Sugar.
- Black.
Don't worry.
At least we're together.
We'll figure it out.
We always do.
Nathan told me he changed his mind.
The tragedy of having to kill his friend He realized the futility of fighting me.
Nathan never would've left of his own free will.
I'm sorry, but it's true.
He begged me to take him away from Haven.
He said that saving the world had become too exhausting.
I know you're upset.
But really, isn't this what you want? Nathan far away from the terrible dangers he would've faced? Dangers? Well, once we begin our experiments, there will be a lot of trial and error.
Things will become volatile.
I'm not helping you.
This is what you were meant to do.
Nathan abandoned you.
But not me.
I will never abandon you.
You don't have to be so morose.
Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world.
What we're about to do will be wonderful.
What is that? Mm, the question is, what is behind that? I'm using an abrasion trouble to create an opening to the Void.
Why is it Turning black? It's filling with Aether.
And soon it will rain, and then you and I will begin our work.
And it won't seem like work because we'll have casual Friday, we'll have music, bring dogs.
Take a few hours before there's enough Aether and we can get to work, so go grieve, make your peace, do whatever you have to do to move on, because Nathan is gone.
Your life is with me, here, now.