Hawaii Five-0 s01e01 Episode Script


: This is Castle, requesting an update.
: This is One.
McGarrett has the prisoner secure.
You know what's funny? You don't look Hawaiian.
You're gonna tell us everything.
But you were born there, weren't you? Every terrorist cell you and Victor helped arm.
Every supplier you've worked with, all your trafficking associates.
Everyone you've ever sold weapons to.
Chasing my brother and I around the world for five years.
Like a little doggy looking for a bone.
You don't think we'd do our homework on you? [PHONE RINGING.]
You should get that.
You don't speak to your father nearly enough.
- Dad.
: Hey, champ.
You all right? Who are these people, Steve? Now I know where you get it from.
You got a tough old man here.
Steve, we both have something to lose here.
So listen to me very carefully.
I'm offering you a trade.
Your father for my brother.
All things considered, I'd say it's more than generous.
You're smart enough to know that'll never happen.
I appreciate the compliment.
Are you smart enough? McGARRETT [OVER PHONE.]
: You know how this works.
- We don't negotiate.
VICTOR: Make an exception.
Ghost to One.
I've triangulated the cell signal.
The convoy is ten miles west of your position.
- I'm not gonna negotiate like this.
- Oh, are we negotiating now? You kill him, you get nothing.
Give me the phone, please.
I can get him to help you.
He'll listen to me, he's my son.
Listen to me, champ.
Dad, I'm gonna get you out of there, all right? Don't you worry about it.
- I'm sorry that I lied to you.
- What? Lied to me about what? What are you talking about? I love you, son.
I didn't say it enough.
Whatever these people want, Steve, don't give it to them.
- Don't you give it to them - Dad? Dad? No more games! I'm taking my brother now.
I swear to God I will hunt you down and I will kill you.
Hey, boom.
: We are under attack.
Taking rockets and small arms fire by hostile air.
SOLDIER 1: Move it.
Get down.
On the left side.
SOLDIER 2: It's on your right.
MAN: We're taking a lot of fire here.
SOLDIER 3: Come on.
Take cover.
Let's go.
Come on.
SOLDIER 4: Man down.
Watch your cover.
- Men, pull out.
- Come here.
Come on, come on.
Come here.
No, no, no, get down.
No, no, don't do it.
Put it down.
Come on, Anton.
Come on.
Come on, Anton.
No, no, no! [SIGHS.]
: What happened? Victor, listen Put Anton on the phone.
My brother's dead.
- Isn't he? - Victor, listen Isn't he? [OVER PHONE.]
Then so's your father.
No! Honolulu approach, Reach 717 level at 3,000.
: Seven one seven, turn left 010.
Maintain 3,000 until established on approach.
PILOT: How long since you been home? It's been a while.
Sir, I've got a call coming in for you from the governor of Hawaii.
- Governor.
- Thanks for agreeing to see me.
I'm so sorry about your loss.
- Is this about the investigation? - We have alerts all across the islands.
You won't find Victor Hesse with roadblocks and warrants.
He's gone underground until he can find a safe way to leave the island.
Now why am I here? I'd like to help you get what you came back here for.
Let's walk.
Your father's death was a wakeup call to me and every law enforcement agency in Hawaii, which is why I'm putting together a task force and I want you to run it.
- You don't even know me.
- I know your résumé.
Annapolis, five years Naval Intelligence, six years with the SEALs.
Your superiors say that you are the best that they have ever seen Let me stop you right there.
I've been tracking Victor Hesse for five years.
If he was bold enough to surface, I promise you, he already has an exit strategy and he knows I know it.
Which means I can barely afford the hour it's gonna take to bury my father, let alone stand here talking to you.
Excuse me.
I can help you find this son of a bitch with full immunity and means.
Your task force will have blanket authority to go after guys like Hesse and get them the hell off my island.
Your rules, my backing, no red tape.
And I promise you, commander, what you see with me is what you get.
Here's what I see.
An election year coming up and a politician who needs the PR, who's willing to do whatever it takes including bringing me to Pearl Harbor where my grandfather was killed so I might feel some kind of obligation to fulfill my family destiny.
Is that about right, governor? None of those things make me feel less responsible.
I knew your father, commander.
This is personal for me too.
All right, here's my private number.
Please think it over.
CHIN HO: She's a smart lady that one.
Steve McGarrett, right? - I know you.
- You better.
Chin Ho Kelly.
- Chin Ho Kelly, Kakui High School.
- Ha-ha-ha.
You were a great quarterback.
Oh, that's very kind of you to say, considering you broke all my records.
Aw, that was a long time ago.
- I heard you became a cop.
- I worked with your father in the 7th.
He taught me everything I know about wearing a badge.
Looks like you've moved on to greener pastures.
Well, let's just say the Honolulu P.
and I had a disagreement over my job description.
But your father understood.
He was very good to me after I was let go.
He stayed my friend.
I know that cost him something.
I only wish there was some way I could pay him back.
Now that you're here, maybe you can do something.
What do you mean? I heard the chief of police put a haole on your father's murder investigation.
Word is he's fresh meat from the mainland, which means he has no clue how this island works.
DANNY: No, it's perfect.
Right, I've been on hold so long I forgot who I was talking to.
I need a warrant for a surveillance wire on a suspect in connection with the John McGarrett murder.
Suspect's name is Doran, Fred Doran.
Yeah, that's terrific.
Thank you.
Hi, Daddy.
Thank you.
It was a good hug.
Who, uh? Who's that? Mr.
Stan bought him for me from the animal show-and-tell.
Good old step-Stan.
He's very cute.
Not as cute as you, though.
We better go.
We don't want Mr.
Hoppy to be late for school.
- No.
- That's right.
All right.
- Where you going? You driving? - Yes.
Come on, let's go this way.
You wanna drive? You can't drive, you're too little.
Let's go.
You're making me dizzy.
Come on.
Hey, look Who's that? What are you looking at over there? Let's go.
We're gonna be late.
JOHN: I love you, son.
Listen to me, champ.
: I can't continue this investigation into the police department from the inside.
I don't trust the people I work with.
So I'm gonna have to do this on my own.
It's all about the key.
I just don't know what it's for.
I have only been able to find two source DANNY: You, hands up, don't move.
- Who are you? - Who are you? - I'm Detective Danny Williams - Lieutenant Commander McGarrett.
Put your weapon down now.
No, you put your weapon down.
Show me your ID.
Show me your ID right now.
- I'm not putting my gun down.
- Neither am I.
- Use your free hand, take out your ID.
- Please, after you.
At the same time? - At the same time? - The same time.
- What, like on the count of three? - Okay.
Three is good.
One, two, three.
Listen, I'm really sorry about your father, but you can't be here right now.
This is an active crime scene.
Doesn't seem that active.
I can't share any information with you.
Hesse wasn't in here alone when my father was murdered.
Someone was sitting at the desk in study.
There was a space cleared for a 13-inch laptop and my father hated computers.
I'm gonna ask you again, you gotta leave.
- You got it.
- And you can leave the box.
- That is evidence, you know that.
- I came with this.
No, you didn't come with it.
I see the dust void it left here on the counter.
What's in the box? How long you been with Honolulu P.
D? None of your business.
You Barbara Walters? It is my business if you're investigating my father's death.
I'd like to get back to that, The sooner you leave, the sooner I can.
- Anything you say.
- Leave the box or get arrested.
- All right? - Gonna call for backup? An ambulance.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
What are you doing? Yeah, Governor Jameson, please.
Tell her it's Steve McGarrett.
: Governor Jameson here.
What can I do for you? DANNY: Kidding me.
Governor, I'll take the job.
No, let's just say I found something that changed my mind.
No, immediately.
I'll transfer to the reserves and I'll run your task force.
JAMESON: Raise your hand.
- Wait.
What, right now? JAMESON: Right now.
- Okay.
JAMESON: I, Stephen J.
McGarrett I, Stephen J.
McGarrett, do solemnly declare upon my honor and conscience that I will act at all times to the best of my ability and knowledge in a manner befitting an officer of the law.
Thank you, governor.
Now it's my crime scene.
I swung by your precinct, spoke to your captain.
He said you requested a wire be put on someone named Fred Doran.
- Tell me about him.
- Come in.
- This your kid? - Yeah.
Stunning detective work.
You don't actually let her stay here with you, do you? What are you, uh, Nanny 911? So, what do you know about this guy? Doran? Oh, surely you don't need my help, right? - Enlighten me.
- He's a suspected arms dealer.
Two years Maui Correctional for weapons possession.
Currently a person of interest on an unrelated homicide.
The weapon was never found.
So, what's he got to do with my father's case? I ran a ballistics comparison of bullet that killed your dad, I got a hit to the Doran investigation.
I think the first thing that Hesse did when he got on the island was hook up with Doran and get a gun.
Maybe Doran still knows where he is.
So let's go talk to him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Excuse me, are you suffering from dementia? This is no longer my case.
Your transferred in from New Jersey six months ago.
Your eye's still fresh.
You know, uh, I appreciate it, but my psych eval's not for six weeks.
Fold-out bed, no ring on your finger.
You moved here to be closer to your daughter.
Means between visits, all you got is your job, you take pride in it.
- That's what I'm looking for.
- Yeah, but you know what? Guys like you think they know how to do everything better, and that only makes my job harder.
You got no choice, detective.
Governor gave me jurisdiction and I'm making you my partner.
We're gonna get along great.
I take it your marriage didn't end too well.
No, it would have had my ex not remarried and dragged my daughter to this pineapple-infested hellhole.
- You don't like the beach? - I don't like the beach.
- Who doesn't like the beach? - I like, uh, cities, you know? Skyscrapers, no tsunamis, no jellyfish.
- Tell me you can swim.
- Can I swim? - You don't know how to swim.
- I swim for survival not for fun.
All right.
Yes, dear? Hey, monkey.
No, no, no, I thought you were your mom.
I am so glad that everybody liked Mr.
I'm excited too, babe, we're gonna have so much fun this weekend.
Hey, Danno loves you.
- Who's Danno? - Don't.
- Hmm? - Just Okay.
Thank you.
DANNY: Hey, hey, hey.
Doran's a shooter.
We shouldn't be doing this without backup.
- You are the backup.
- I'm the backup? I hate him.
I hate him so much.
Hey, slow down, huh? [GLASS SHATTERS.]
JAYCEE: You ruined my life.
DORAN: Shut your trap.
JAYCEE: What do you mean, shut my trap? DORAN: I You know what? You need to be quiet.
Sit down.
Get your ass back here.
Jaycee? Jaycee? - Aah! - Cops.
McGARRETT: Danny? - Go, go, go! [GRUNTS.]
DORAN: Put your gun down.
- We don't have to do this.
DORAN: I said, put the gun down.
You sold a weapon to a man named Victor Hesse.
- I'm not after you, I want him.
- I'm not talking.
- Where is he? - I said, I'm not talking to you.
Put the gun down or I'll kill her.
Don't think I'll do it? I'll do it.
I'll kill her right now.
JAYCEE: I hope it hurts.
- Careful, she bites.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Chen Chi.
- Chen Chi.
Chen Chi.
Okay, she smuggled in four days ago in a cargo ship from China with her parents, a couple hundred refugees.
- She gets here, she's traded to Doran.
- Okay.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
This typically where you would, uh, say thank you for saving your life.
- You just shot my only lead.
- Are you kidding me? If these are the same guys that are moving people out of Asia, they could've smuggled Hesse in.
You just took a stupid risk, okay? Understand that.
I am not getting myself killed for your vendetta.
I have a daughter, okay? Yeah, that girl there is someone's daughter too.
You don't get it.
You don't get it.
For somebody who lost his father, you're dense.
What did you say? What did you just say to me? What if she was yours, huh? Is there anything that you would not do to hunt down the son of a bitch that did that to her? Do not question my resolve.
Take your finger out of my face.
Listen to me, you son of a bitch.
Aah! Aah! - What I tell you? I warned you.
- You a ninja? - In front of all these people.
DANNY: Okay.
- It's fine.
Go back to work, it's fine.
- Aah.
Now, you don't have to like me, but right now, there's no one else to do this job.
Okay, let me go.
McGARRETT: Look, we need to find these human traffickers You're right, I don't like you.
Son of a How's the arm? Let's just not talk.
- You mean right now or ever again? - Just both, okay? You know, I think I might know why your wife left you.
- Really? - Yeah, you're very sensitive.
- Sensitive? I'm sensitive, huh? - Yeah.
- You think I'm sensitive? - A little bit.
When did you come to the conclusion I was sensitive, huh? When a bullet was tearing through my flesh? Is that when I seemed sensitive to you, huh? I'm really happy that you are not afraid of anything, okay? I'm glad you have that G.
Joe thousand-yard stare from chasing shoe bombers around the world, okay? But in civilized society, we have rules, all right? It's the unspoken glue that separates us from jackals and hyenas.
- All right? - Jackals, hyenas? Animal Planet, whatever, okay? The point is rule number one: If you get somebody shot, you apologize.
- I'm sorry.
- You don't wait for a special occasion.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay? Like birthdays - Sorry.
- Or Presidents' Day.
Hey, man, I'm sorry, okay? I said, I'm sorry.
I'm sincerely sorry.
That's what I was trying to tell you, last year, when this conversation first started.
Your, uh, apology is noted, acceptance is pending.
- You let me know now.
- Yeah, I'll let you know.
McGARRETT: Make the next left here.
- Why? McGARRETT: I know someone who can help us.
McGARRETT: Her name is Chen Chi.
- Where'd you find her? - Locked in a house.
She came here to start a new life.
They turned her into a prostitute.
Guy we're looking for is high-profile.
Victor Hesse.
CIA, FBI, Interpol, he's on everyone's radar.
He didn't just land here and get his passport stamped.
- He was back-channeled in.
- Okay.
You think the same network that brought this girl smuggled Hesse in? He made a fortune trafficking kids out of Malaysia, so Then you're looking for a snakehead.
Local Chinese gangs that specialize in human smuggling.
Okay, we need a name.
What, you kidding? Look at me.
I'm a rubber gun now.
Come on, you were on the force for 15 years.
Okay, look, I know a guy who's got ties to that world, but - Great, get us an intro.
- Forget it.
He's a former confidential informant.
He trusts no one, especially haoles.
- You talk to him then.
- I'm busy.
Expecting a crime wave in the gift shop this afternoon? - Look, I can't be a cop anymore.
- Why not? Because I can't be.
You understand? H.
accused me of taking payoffs.
So I'm the last person the department wants to see wearing a badge.
I gotta go.
This is going really well.
- Did you take the money? - Excuse me? Did you take the money? No.
Then come with us and we don't need to talk about this again, ever.
This is your ticket back into the game.
Call it payback, call it whatever you want, I don't care, but I need you.
How do you know you can trust me? Because my old man did.
CHIN HO: Hey, Kamekona.
- How's it? - Good to see you, my brother.
Hey, bro, I need a name.
They wait out there after they pay.
Two cones, two T-shirts to go.
- Medium.
- XL and up, bro.
My face don't fit on anything smaller.
How much kala, bulleh? - You speak bird, huh? - Yeah, I grew up here.
It don't matter, you still look haole to me.
This one feels a little bit lonely, bro.
One more thing I need you two fine white gentlemen to do.
- Are you a cop? - No.
Well, you look like a cop.
You like cotton candy? Find your mom.
I don't like cotton candy.
I got something you might like, okay? How about? - How about that? - Yeah, thanks.
You're welcome.
You better have a name.
Sang Min.
Came here from China eight years ago.
According to my man, Kamekona, runs the island's human import-export business.
So Hesse could have used him to get on or off the island.
Let's say this guy is for real, got no reason to tell us where Hesse is.
We find some leverage, twist his arm with it.
- Define leverage.
- Simple bait and trap.
Wire up an undercover, send him in.
Only one problem, malihini.
That might work on the mainland, but we're on an island with less than a million people, which means the bad guys know the good guys.
So we need to look for our bait outside the box.
I take it you have the perfect guy in mind? Oh, yeah.
That's your cousin? Choose your next words carefully.
Both of you.
- Well, she's very talented.
CHIN HO: Oh, she's off the charts.
Spent three years on the pro circuit before she blew out her knee.
Kid was devastated.
Had to re-invent herself, decided to wear a badge.
Graduates from the police academy in a week.
Unfortunately, she's family, which means H.
will never take her seriously.
KONO: Hey, watch out.
Are you sure she's ready for this? She's got no street experience.
Hello, bro.
Unh! Think twice next time you wanna drop in on someone's wave.
- Ha! - Oh, you had it, water woman.
- Double-overheads.
- Waste, first good pipe of the season.
What you gonna do? Kono, meet Commander Steve McGarrett and Detective Danny Williams.
- Nice right cross.
- No, man, that was a love tap.
- That's good, bro.
- Sure.
Your cousin tells us you're graduating from the police academy next week.
How would you like to earn a little extra credit before you do? I'm listening.
Yo, spoke to Chin, he's setting up the meet with Sang Min.
I got that surveillance equipment you asked for.
You recognize this guy? - No.
Who is it? - Jovan Etienne.
File says he worked for the Russians as a computer programmer in SVR.
He was here when my father was murdered.
I found his palm prints in the study, partial boot prints in here.
Wait, how do you know the boot prints didn't belong to Hesse? Hesse wears a Size 11 like me, except double E.
The prints I found were smaller.
Hesse gets his footwork custom made.
Direct-injected polyurethane midsole with a natural all-rubber outsole.
Your, uh, brain must be a miserable place.
I need a beer.
You ever gonna tell me what Danno means? Yeah, when you tell me what's in the box.
Truth is I don't know yet.
All I know is that my father wanted me to find it.
- Right now it's just a puzzle.
- Me and Grace, we like puzzles.
- You're a good father.
- Yeah, maybe.
I don't know.
You know, there's three ways of looking at it.
One: I could get myself killed chasing some meth-head scumbag, then what kind of father would I be? I always looked up to my father for that.
You know, the sacrifices he made.
I'm sure Grace is gonna feel the same way.
Yeah, maybe.
Either that or she might think I'm just a selfish son of a bitch.
Because the truth is this is all I got.
I need this.
I wanna do what I'm good at, I wanna be reminded I'm good at what I do.
If that means having to put up with your twisted belief that you are never wrong, so be it.
So, what's the third? Well, even if I tell myself this isn't permanent, this is Grace's home now.
It's my job to keep it safe.
Yeah? All right, good work.
- What do you got? - That was Chin.
Sang Min bought the pitch.
He meets Kono tomorrow.
Still no guarantee he's gonna tell where Hesse is.
He has to.
This is the only chance I have of finding the man who killed my father.
All right, guys, Kono's in play.
Here we go.
Okay, kid, just get him to say how he's smuggling these people off the island.
SANG MIN: My friend says you need help.
I have an aunt and uncle in Nanjing, they would very much like to live here.
SANG MIN: I can have your family here within a week.
Getting them out of China is easy.
Paying for it, that's the hard part.
I have money.
SAN MING: Do you mind if I ask what you do? I work at the cannery on Pacific and weekends as a housekeeper at the Royal Hawaiian.
Two jobs, very commendable.
Only I'm afraid the kind of money we're talking about might be out of your reach.
Unless, of course, we find some other form of payment.
What kind of person working two jobs has time to go to the beach? - Pull the plug, get her out of there.
- Relax, the kid can handle herself.
If he smells trap, he's gonna kill her, all right? - Trust me.
- I surf during my lunch hour.
Or maybe you're a cop.
- Did anyone check her for a wire? - We checked her when she came in.
Maybe you missed it.
Take off your dress, so I know you're not wearing a wire.
Turn around.
I'd like to put my dress back on now.
What are you? What are you doing? Gonna send this photo to a friend of mine.
Okay, we got a wire on that phone.
Trace the call, Danny.
SANG MIN: He's gonna show it to his friends.
If anyone recognizes you Mobile number.
- You're dead.
You got a location? Danny? - Ringing inside my precinct.
- You got a mole.
CHIN HO: We gotta move.
- You're early.
- You all right? Down, down on the floor now.
Put your hands behind your back.
Hey, let me see your hands.
Get down.
- Anybody hurt? - Good.
- Good.
CHIN HO: Good.
Keep your hands on the steering wheel.
Out of the car right now.
Hands behind your head.
We're clear.
We got movement over here.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, I got you.
CHEN CHl: Mama.
: Getting them out of China is easy.
Paying for it, that's the hard part.
CHIN HO: Laser audio surveillance.
You don't need a wire to get a confession out of your hupo ass.
I'm gonna sue you for entrapment.
And when I'm done collecting, I'm gonna find that little hottie you sent in here, and this time, I'm gonna be less of a gentleman.
CHIN HO: Sorry, boss.
- I didn't see anything.
You didn't see anything? Son of a bitch hit me.
You wanna file a report, you'll need a witness.
Do you wanna file a report? I wanna go to jail now.
Where is he? Where's Hesse? What about your wife and kid? You know where they are? I do.
She's getting her nails done on Kalakaua Avenue.
And your boy is at his private school in Diamond Head.
Wonder what he's gonna think when he finds out Daddy takes kids just like him and puts them on the street to be pumped full of black tar heroin then sold to strangers like animals.
You're going to jail.
That part's not up for negotiation.
Your family? Is about to lose a husband and a father.
In my eyes, now they're your victims too.
The trouble is the law doesn't see it that way.
Your wife? She's from Rwanda, she'll be sent back, they both will.
If they're lucky, they'll make it to a refugee camp.
And your son? Seven's old enough to hold a gun for the Hutu militia.
I can prevent all that.
But I don't help people who don't help me.
- What kind of cops are you? - The new kind.
Okay, okay.
McGARRETT: Sang Min put Hesse on a cargo ship headed for China: The Emma Karl.
JAMESON: Do not even think about McGARRETT: You wanted a task force that would do whatever was necessary.
- You promised immunity and means.
JAMESON: No, no.
Not Not to provoke a diplomatic incident by boarding a Chinese freighter headed for international waters.
If China is caught smuggling a terrorist, [OVER PHONE.]
they won't say a word.
I did my job, governor, I found Hesse.
Now you do yours.
Tell the Coast Guard to block the port.
That ship is not going anywhere.
Son of a bitch.
Yeah? Rachel? Rachel, don't start with me.
I left you two messages telling you you need to pick her up.
Don't tell me you had to change your plans.
You send the driver for her half the time anyway.
I can't I can't do that right now.
I'm in the middle of something.
Please stop for a second.
Can you just do me one favor? Just tell Gra Tell Grace Danno loves her, all right? Okay.
Gracie was 3.
She tried to say my name, and all that she could say was Danno.
That's all that came out, Danno, okay? - That's it? - That's it.
That's it.
- It's cute.
- Shut up.
- Why can't I think it's cute? - Don't.
Because I don't need you thinking about it.
- It's between me and my daughter.
- All right.
- There it is, the Emma Karl.
- Taking off.
How you wanna do this? - Right.
- Hold on.
All right.
All right.
All right.
McGARRETT: Cover me, I'm gonna find Hesse.
Something you should know about your brother.
- What about him? - He died the same way you did.
Put your hands behind your back.
Don't make me shoot you again.
Hey, get the Coast Guard to find that body.
What do you want me to do with this one? Book him, Danno.
What did I tell you about that? Where are you trying to go? Where? Where? Go ahead.
Do you want me to shoot you? Stop, just stop.
What, uh? What is this? Three nights at the Kahala Hotel.
Look, I know you're gonna say no Yeah.
What is it with you and my living arrangements? Grace is coming over this weekend, right? - Yeah.
- Okay, I heard this place has a pool, you can swim with the dolphins, just take it.
Oh, you look, ah You look really bad.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
DANNY: Thank you.
KONO: Okay, guys, honestly, I think we need a name.
McGARRETT: A name? DANNY: What kind? Yeah.
Like something to call ourselves.
What do you think? CHIN HO: Why do we need a name? KONO: We're gonna be working together and it would be cool.
I got it.
KONO: You're too much.
CHIN HO: What? What are you laughing at? That means "no task is too big when done together.
CHIN HO: This is the problem with you haoles, no team spirit.
No island spirit.
KONO: No, come on.
We need something cool.
- "Strike Force.
" CHIN HO: "Strike Force"? KONO: Yes.
DANNY: I hate that so much.
McGARRETT: You know, I say we keep thinking.

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