Hawaii Five-0 s01e10 Episode Script

Heihei (Race)

Hey, guys say you met Derek Jeter.
That true? Yeah, once.
How's that to happen to a malihini like you? - You're just a baby.
- I played for the Honolulu Sharks.
He, uh, came to visit once.
- How did you end up here? - Blew out my UCL.
By the time my elbow healed, Hawaii Winter Baseball folded, so here I am.
JORDAN: What's up with this white van? Oh, that's just Manny.
He delivers bread.
No worries, bro.
You'll learn the route soon enough.
It's only your first day.
MAN 1: Yeah.
MAN 2: Thanks, man.
- We good? - We're good.
LEO: Kid, look out! [GRUNTS.]
Please, my wife is about to have a baby.
KAMEKONA: Hey, you tired yet? I'm not hiring your brothers, okay? The best contractors on the island, bro.
Save you the sweat.
Doing it myself will save me the money.
You'll come around and when you do, I'll be right here to make that call.
Kamekona, you wanna hang around, that's fine.
Pick up a hammer and make yourself useful.
I already helped.
You come to me to cut you a deal on the wood.
- This is the best on the island.
- You mean this? You get what you pay for, bro.
This stuff don't grow on trees.
- Hey.
- How is it, my hoale? Baby Huey, what's good? What's the matter with you, huh? We got a situation.
I've been calling you like you owe me money.
- What? I didn't hear my phone.
- I called you five, six times.
I believe you.
I didn't hear my phone.
I left it here.
Where's my phone? You see my phone? Oh, sorry.
You didn't feel that vibrating, ever? Oh, that's what it was.
- Here.
- You keep it.
- Sure? - Yeah, you keep it.
It's an armored car heist.
Two dead, one hanging by a thread.
The kid's name is Jordan Townsend.
He's 25.
This kid looks like he's 12.
What else have we got? Eyewitnesses say everything happened real fast.
All they remember is the shooters were dressed like painters.
Some say there were two, some say there were ten.
You know how that goes.
- Carl, get these kids out of here.
CARL: You got it.
Let's go, kids.
- So where's the truck? - They jacked it.
Doesn't that seem suspect to you? Why not just take the cash? Well, maybe our cowboys needed a horse.
Maybe, but driving around in a stolen armored car is not exactly stealth.
They were able to disable the GPS.
We're still looking for it.
Downtown Waikiki, broad daylight.
Obviously no regard for human life.
This is a bold crew.
All right, Chin, contact the H.
, the TSA.
We're looking for anybody trying to travel with - or unload a large amount of cash.
- Yeah.
Don't cancel your lunch plans.
Might wrap this up sooner than you think.
- Really? - I just talked to the company rep.
Aeko Kula Security tags each bag of cash with a tracking device.
Cash with LoJack.
It's all part of some new secret security protocol they started a couple of weeks ago.
And you know you what? We have a hit.
All we gotta do now is follow the money.
Are you sure this is the place? Yeah, the signal from the cash is coming from right here.
- Anyone up for a swim? - Ah, forgot to bring my board shorts.
Looks like the rookie is going swimming.
I'll go along with you.
DANNY: Very nice of you.
Sure you don't wanna come for a swim? No, you go ahead, uh, with your pants.
I'll just be here with a dry towel.
CHIN HO: You can create shortcuts on that thing.
Type a letter and it'll finish the word for you, just for the words you use a lot.
Well, then I'd have to seriously consider the words I use a lot.
That you would.
- We found the money.
- And the truck.
Drove it right off the pier.
That was pretty smart.
Without the device in the cash, we might never have found it.
Uh, no chance the shooters are in there, right? The truck was empty.
Doors were open.
I get dumping the truck, but why the money? Maybe this heist wasn't about the money.
It takes a very specific type of psycho to jack an armored truck.
You got guys with vests, guns already drawn.
- Yeah, maybe they get a rush from it.
- Psychos.
McGARRETT: All right, all right.
- Oh, what is that, seaweed? - Yeah, seaweed.
KONO: Oh! Yeah, we'll We'll take the front.
All right, let's see what these guys left behind besides the money.
KONO: They ripped up the dash like they were looking for something.
These trucks come equipped with a black box.
Like a flight recorder on a plane.
It records every move on video.
KONO: Aeko Kula rep said 24 hours' worth.
Could be useful to us.
Yeah, if they didn't put a bullet in it first.
You can fix that though, right? [SCOFFS.]
A little elbow grease and a prayer, maybe.
: Copy that.
Mask, broken strap.
McGARRETT: The only one there? DANNY: Yeah.
Maybe a struggle.
It got caught on something.
The paramedics said the guard who's still alive had defensive wounds on his hands.
- If he tried to rip a mask off - Maybe he saw a face.
What are the odds, huh? He gets a bullet in the dome, goes through four hours of brain surgery and he survives, yet 150 people die every year from falling coconuts.
That's a fact.
I read it online.
Now you're not gonna let Grace go near coconut trees? Not without a helmet, I'm not.
: Dr.
Mura, ICU paging Dr.
McGARRETT: Excuse me.
- Uh, Camille Townsend? - Yes.
Hey, uh, I'm Steve McGarrett from Five-0.
My partner, Danny Williams.
We're investigating the shooting.
We're really sorry what happened to your husband.
I warned him not to take that job.
It was too dangerous.
But he didn't listen to me.
We've been together since we were 18.
I just don't know how to be me without him.
Hey, you're not gonna have to worry about that.
The doctor said he's strong and he's gonna pull through.
So you gotta be strong too.
I heard that the other two men didn't make it.
McGARRETT: No, they didn't.
Your husband might be the only witness to this crime, so at some stage, we're hoping we can talk to him.
DANNY: Obviously it's the last thing on your mind now, but if you could, when he wakes up, - please give us a call? CAMILLE: Of course.
It was his first day.
Hey, listen, we're gonna do everything we can to find out who did this to him and to you, all right? Okay.
KONO: Pulled this from the security camera at the loading dock.
There are four shooters.
This is the best frame we have.
Not much to go on.
They knew we'd pull video.
That's why they wore masks and coveralls.
Also not helpful is a group of painters standing nearby - dressed exactly like our thieves.
- Probably not a coincidence.
So I put the video through our facial recognition software and I got a hit from the H.
mug shot database.
Gordon Smith.
Prior for two home robberies.
Got out of Halawa six months ago.
I talked to his parole officer who said he missed today's meeting.
Okay, um, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I think I know why he missed his meeting.
All right, well, let's set a meeting he won't miss.
Hey, hey, hey, man.
What are you doing, man? I didn't do nothing.
- How did you even find me? - Your PO told us.
You remember him.
He's the guy you were supposed to see this morning, but didn't.
Therefore you violated your parole.
Huh? [SIGHS.]
So they sent Five-0 after me? - No, we don't care about that.
- No, we don't.
But what we care very much about is why you missed your appointment.
So please tell me.
Tell me.
When did you go from boosting laptops to capping people in the head? - Don't know what you're talking about.
- That's not true.
You were there.
- Where? - Don't play dumb, Gordon.
I hate that.
It is a personal pet peeve of mine.
You were at Fort and King at 8 a.
this morning, okay? We have you on camera while an armored truck heist is going down.
Look, man, I went straight in the joint and found the Lord.
I didn't do nothing wrong.
All I did was answer an ad.
- What ad? - Gavin's List for paint work.
They said meet there wearing a white jumpsuit, hat, dust mask.
Offering $30 an hour, cash money.
Figured my PO would be all right if I miss our meeting for a job.
Who was the meet with? I don't know.
No one ever showed.
Left me standing there with a bunch of dudes.
Then people started shooting, so I took off.
All right, go over there.
Don't give me a look.
I need some privacy.
- The ad was a fake.
- Yeah.
Shooters didn't want painters.
They want a bunch of guys at the sight wearing exactly the same thing.
- Bunch of clones to create confusion.
- That's it.
I think I'm gonna enjoy catching these guys.
We need to find out when that Gavin's List ad was posted and by whom.
- Chin, anything off the box? - I got what used to be something.
When our friends shot up the black box, they damaged the SD card that holds all the video.
I'm trying to get it without making it worse, - it's slow going.
KONO: Ballistics came back.
It turns out the same guns were used at a Waikiki bank heist a year ago.
- Four perps wearing masks.
- What was the target? KONO: The internal vault at Oahu Federal Bank.
They killed two guards, got away with close to $4 million.
- Wow.
Any suspects? - No.
Unfortunately, it happened during the annual Koko Crater Classic Triathlon.
Streets were closed.
was spread thin.
No one knows how they got in or out.
I ran the stats through an FBI database.
In the last year, there have been high-end four-person robberies in Boulder, San Diego and Austin.
Wait a minute.
All cities that host triathlons.
And the heists always happen during the race.
Okay, so this is their MO.
They use an event like this as a diversion.
Guys, the city shuts down for the triathlon tomorrow.
If we're right, this crew is probably planning another hit.
Which means we have like 18 hours before somebody else is gonna wind up dead.
Okay, thank you very much.
McGARRETT: Who's that? - Camille Townsend.
- Jordan is awake and he's talking.
- Let's hope he can ID his shooter.
- Oh, come on, man.
- What is with you today? - Your phone is blowing up.
- It's Rachel, all right? The lawyers have decided that since we activate each other, that e-mail would be a better form of communication.
Except I hate e-mail.
I'm never sitting at a computer.
And I can't type on this thing because I got goofy thumbs.
- Why don't you try turning it sideways? - What's that gonna do? It makes the things bigger.
I'm just trying to help.
Commander McGarrett, Detective Williams, I'm Meredith Michaels, Channel 9 News.
Do you have any leads on the armored car heist? - No comment.
- What's the press doing here? We're going live in 10 minutes.
I'm hoping to get a comment from Jordan Townsend, the surviving guard.
Okay, turn that off, please.
Jordan Townsend is a potential witness for a double homicide.
Okay? The people that did this, they do not want him to talk.
Understand? You putting his name out there, it only puts his safety at risk.
Jordan's condition was reported from the crime scene three hours ago.
: Room 218, code blue.
Code blue, Room 218.
The doctor said everything was fine.
I just went and got some coffee.
It happened in five minutes.
Did you catch that? - Yeah, why is he wearing a mask? - Hey, excuse me, doctor.
Sir? Sir, I'm talking to you.
Be my eyes.
DANNY: Okay, three.
: Four.
Five, he stopped at five.
McGARRETT: Hey, tell me something.
Who can outrun an elevator going hand-over-hand up a cable? Besides you, I have no idea.
I got the hospital on lockdown.
Without a face, we don't know who we're looking for.
I got two uniforms at Jordan's door and I got security at every exit.
- Uh, still nothing.
- How's Jordan? Doctor said he suffered an embolism.
Took air through a syringe through his IV.
He's unconscious.
They're looking after him.
- What about Camille? - Her husband almost died twice.
- What do you think? - I think if Jordan was targeted, he must have seen something.
- Kono? - That Gavin's List ad for painters? I tracked down the IP address through a Wi-Fi router.
It was posted from a chiropractor's office in Kaimuki.
- Clear.
- Clear here.
- I got blood.
DANNY: Yeah, me too.
Building manager said Dr.
Kinkirk's been out of town for the last three weeks.
Had no idea the office even had people in it.
Is that blood? Yeah.
Looks like our guys are dopers.
- What? - You draw a pint of your own blood, you store it in the fridge and then you reinject it days later.
- Why? What for? - It increases your red cell count and it, uh, allows your muscles to work harder for up to 12 hours.
Some SEALs in Coronado would do it before their underwater drills.
- Kind of like an all-natural steroid.
- Yeah, for vampires.
McGARRETT: Or ultra-endurance athletes.
If these guys are dopers, maybe our shooters are gonna be in the triathlon.
It would explain the Tarzan stuff in the elevator.
It's a perfect alibi.
You pull heists in the middle.
You still finish the race, but you claim to have been in the race the whole time.
It's perfect.
Where's he going? Where are you going? Oh, they got a cleaning crew for that, babe.
Do you need help? Oh.
Oh, I get it.
Steve the science guy is back.
I need a print.
Boss, I have a I have a print kit in my car.
There's no time.
Hey, I got the print.
I'm running it now.
Okay, did you get anything off the SD card from the black box? After all that, it's empty, as in brand new.
The thieves must have switched it with the real one before they shot the box.
I don't understand.
Why go to all the trouble? Same reason they drove the truck off the pier.
Slow us down, create another diversion.
They weren't just covering their tracks.
They were covering what they stole.
- They wanted the video off that card.
- Yeah, but what for? Well, I asked myself the same question.
So I pulled the video off another truck in Aeko Kula's fleet.
Their cameras cover four angles including the driver's side and the front.
McGARRETT: Okay, so they got video footage of, what, entry points, of gates? Wait a minute.
They've also got a peek at every pass code on that truck's route.
That video was the whole reason they stole the truck.
McGARRETT: This whole thing is recon for their next hit.
I mean, having that information is almost as good as having the keys.
Chin, we need to break down all the stops on Jordan's route, okay? And start narrowing in on potential targets.
Hey, I just got a hit from the fingerprint on the blood bag.
It's a local guy named Kai Rollins.
In the system for a string of liquor store robberies.
All right, where do we find him? - You need a spot, Kai? KAl: No, I got it.
Come on, I insist.
- Can I help you? - Let's talk story.
First thing I wanna know is what were you doing at Kinkirk's Chiropractic? - Never heard of it.
- I think you have.
For real? What is a human life worth to you, Kai, - Half a million? McGARRETT: I think it's relative.
I mean, every human life has gotta be worth a different amount, right? - Stop.
- Stop? What? - You want some more weight? - What did he say? - I'll put We'll put more weight.
- More weight.
DANNY: That should be easy for you.
Got that extra pint of blood pumping through your veins - to give you that big boost.
- Is this about the doping? No, it's about jacking an armored car and shooting three people.
Your fingerprints, they're on a blood bag at the doctor's office.
Look, my girlfriend does housekeeping for that building.
Kinkirk travels a lot.
I use the office sometimes to supply doping equipment to the triathletes.
Help them draw blood.
You might have found one of my bags, but I don't know anything about an armored car heist.
McGARRETT: Gonna need a name, Kai.
I mean, a group of four.
See what you can remember.
There's a woman.
Uh, Sabrina something.
Lives local.
Needed supplies for four.
What do you think? It's something.
A woman named Sabrina, Kai.
You're taut, buddy, real taut.
You know, I just had a thought.
- Don't hurt yourself.
- That's funny.
We're going after this Sabrina person based on the statement of a meathead.
She's the only Sabrina on the triathlon roster who lives on the island.
- That's true.
- And matches his description.
Why? What are you getting at? Well, we have Gordon on tape at the crime scene.
We have Kai's fingerprints.
All this lady did was buy some medical supplies and enter a triathlon.
Last I checked, neither of those are illegal.
We can't go knock down her door and pin her to the ground, you know? - Is there a plan of attack in there? - Absolutely.
We sit on her.
We wait.
See who comes, who goes.
We got three accomplices we're looking for.
Well, Danny, these people use bystanders for target practice.
And if they are using the race as a cover, then we only have 14 hours before they pull their next heist.
Without hard evidence, we need to catch them in the act or else we're gonna spook them, scare them, and we won't catch them at all.
Why are you going this way? This is the street where Sabrina rents a house.
Kono pulled the information off her triathlon application.
The house is rented to a Seth James, her husband.
Check your e-mail.
I know, I know.
Turn it sideways.
Okay, uh, so you realize we can't see anything? - I know.
- Mm-hm.
Not exactly optimum for our, uh, "let's sit on them.
" I just said, I know.
- Why are you so angry? - Because I am an angry person.
Can you just pull up, please? To where? This is their house.
Just, please? Okay, I know somebody.
What are you doing here? - Uh, I need a favor.
- How did you even get in the gate? The code is still Grace's birthday.
I told you to change it 15,000 times.
You don't listen to me.
Perhaps you'd care to explain what it is you're doing on my front porch and who your friend is with the luggage.
Uh, this is my partner, Steve McGarrett.
Steve, this is my lovely ex-wife, Rachel.
RACHEL: Absolutely not.
DANNY: Okay, then I'll talk to Stanley.
He's a goof, but at least he'll listen to reason.
- Stan is on a trip to Indonesia.
- Stanley! I knew that you would find a way to engage with me while he was gone.
Okay, this has nothing to do with you and I.
You have potential murder suspects living next door.
We just need access so we can surveil.
- Surveil? McGARRETT: Yeah, yeah, surveil.
Then we'll be out of your hair.
Trust me, they're bad people.
You don't want them walking around your neighborhood.
You got Grace and, you know.
Have you noticed anything unusual about their behavior? Not unusual.
I think they moved in a few months ago.
They're renters.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Nothing.
Just that they're only here for a short time.
They tend to keep to themselves.
Sorry, you had a rather large chip there.
Hey, Rachel, I know that this isn't ideal, but we don't have much time and we need your help.
Very well.
The two of you can do what you like.
I'm picking Grace up from school, then checking into a hotel.
- Uh, you can't do that.
- I'm not your suspect.
I understand that, but we all just need to act normal.
If you start breaking routines, they may get suspicious.
Oh, I got an idea.
Why don't you take Gracie over to Laura's for a sleepover? Because she's only been asking for like, you know, three months.
- And I'm supposed to stay? - I'm not thrilled about the situation.
This, no.
So, uh, if it's all good, we'll, uh, find a spot upstairs where we can get a good vantage point on the house next door and get to work.
This is This is ridiculous, okay? Nobody needs a bed this big.
I mean, my whole apartment could fit into this bed frame.
It's overcompensation.
It's absurd.
Well, I mean, this room, it does have the best view, Danny.
You're having fun with this? Enjoying this? I wanna rip my face off.
You're enjoying this? Would anyone like tea? - Do not mock me, Daniel.
- I wasn't mocking.
I wasn't mocking.
I think it's cute.
We're doing a stakeout and you're offering tea time.
It's called civilization.
- Would you care for anything? - No, thank you, Rachel.
Um, but could you tell me how many people live next door? - Just a couple.
- So two? Last I checked, that's what a couple was.
That's cute.
Oh, you know what we should do? Uh, we're about to take them down.
Maybe beforehand, we invite them for a game of tennis.
Tea and tennis.
Bite me.
That's very civilized.
She's cool, man.
She's cool.
I don't know how you got her.
How did I get her? Hey, I am a good catch.
No, really, how did you get her? Seriously? Uh, she hit me.
McGARRETT: She hit you? - Yeah.
Hit you with what? With her fists? Like in the face? - Or how did she hit you? - No, no, no, she, uh She was new to the States and, uh, she wasn't used to driving on the right side of the road and, um, she saw a cop car and she got flustered, so she rear-ended me.
So I get out of the car and I offer to give her driving lessons - instead of giving her a ticket.
- Pretty smooth, bud.
Yeah, well, I was just being nice.
And she did have a very nice tushy.
Apparently, the, uh, London School of Economics does not have driver's ed.
So driving lessons turned into dates and then dates turned into a two-bedroom in Weehawken.
She woke up married to a cop.
- That's not so bad.
- No, uh, that's what I thought, but All right, we're up and running here.
- Enjoying your tea? - Yeah, I like tea.
- You want You want a cup? - No, I'm good.
We got movement.
McGARRETT: All right, you want some fresh air? - Uh, yeah.
- Go.
Okay, guys, we got the suspects.
They're heading south in a maroon SUV.
CHIN HO: Copy that.
We're on it.
Think they're going on a dry run? Well, let's hope so.
We gotta find out what they're after.
DANNY: All right, I'm in.
What do you got? Anything? No, I don't have anything yet in the seven seconds I've been here, okay? No guns, no plans for world domination next to the cereal box.
Can I have a couple seconds, please? - What happened to you two? DANNY: "What happened" who? - What are you talking about? McGARRETT: You and Rachel.
DANNY: You're breaking up.
I can't hear you.
I'm gonna send you something right now.
Looks like it's a map of downtown, highlighted.
I think I just successfully sent a photograph.
All right, I got, uh, registration packets, some sort of electronic bracelet.
You know, long-distance races issue digital timing chips to all participants.
They keep track of time, they record GPS locations.
Send me the numbers so we can keep a tab on them when they're in the race.
DANNY: When did exercise get so complicated? [CAMERA CLICKS.]
And there it is, the third time we passed the Moana Surfrider.
We're going in circles.
Do you think they know we're tailing them? No, I've kept eyes on all their mirrors.
They're not looking at us.
Then what are they looking at? I don't know.
This whole strip is door-to-door jewelry stores.
All high-value targets.
We could put H.
on alert, but where do we tell them to start? I thought they were taking the armored truck route.
This doesn't match up.
Yeah, and that's the fourth triathlon blockade we passed.
We keep going off the triathlon route.
What if they're not chasing the target? What if they're mapping their escape route? RACHEL: How's it going? - Kind of slow, actually.
- I'm sorry again to invade your space.
RACHEL: It's all right.
Sometimes I let my emotions get the better of me.
What's that? That's Danny.
So he's in the house with the killers? Yeah, he's okay though.
He's alone.
There's no one there.
You know, uh, you don't have to worry.
Danny's a great cop.
He knows what he's doing.
Mm, I know.
I used to tell myself that every day he went to work.
Did it help? Not really.
McGARRETT: Danny? You gotta move, man.
I got the other two suspects coming in through the garage.
- Nice lead time, buddy.
McGARRETT: I'm sorry.
They're gonna be in there any second.
Go, go.
You got any flammables in the garage? - Any kerosene? Gasoline? - What? Danny's in trouble, okay? I gotta create a diversion.
Uh, I have a thought.
- Did you leave that open? KIM: No.
Maybe Sabrina.
Can you grab some more protein bars? [FOOTSTEPS.]
AARON: What the hell was that? [CAR HISSING.]
Oh, God, I'm I'm so sorry.
This is not my house or my gate.
I'm sorry.
I, uh Perhaps, um Oh, Stan's going to have my head, uh We need to exchange the insurance and get your name and fix it.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I've had a bit of, uh, G and T.
Names, though I'm fairly certain they're fake.
Maybe you can get prints off the pen.
Prints off the pen? I was married to a cop, remember? That was the extent of our pillow talk.
DANNY: Rachel, that's not right.
That's not true.
Not always.
Okay, not always, but sometimes.
What happened? It had a little chat with the neighbors' gate.
Nice work.
Thank you.
I feel like I've seen this trick before.
Well, it worked once, right? Excuse me? I'm sorry, um [CHUCKLES.]
Are you implying that when you hit me, uh, when we met, you did it on purpose? McGARRETT [OVER PHONE.]
: Danny, game time.
Hold on.
McGARRETT: Suspects are leaving for the race.
I'll meet you at the car.
Okay, um, I need a laptop.
- You have a laptop? - What for? I need, uh I need to see what's on this.
: Racers, ready.
Our crew is still in the water.
So far, nothing out of the ordinary.
Right, but we still don't know what the target is.
Kono had H.
alert all the banks and high-end jewelry stores along the triathlon's route.
- Okay, how you going there, kitty? - Not good.
- Is that how they do it in Jersey? - No, it's not how they do it.
It's Grace's computer, the only one Rachel could give me.
Whatever's on this flash drive is taking forever to load.
It's the biggest file in the history of files.
The names Rachel got from the neighbors didn't check out.
But their prints came back.
Aaron and Kim Rockwell.
And I also contacted the triathlon.
They said that all four suspects finished the race last year.
Average times, but they did finish.
So now we wait for them to go off course.
Or we get them earlier.
Aaron used to work for Oahu Federal Bank last year at the time of the heist.
Enough to detain him on probable cause.
RFID signal shows our four perps leaving the water, - getting onto their bikes.
- Let's go.
- They're coming up.
They're coming.
- Chin? CHIN HO: Here we go.
One, two, three and four.
- Right here.
One to four.
- Stop! Stop! - Take your helmet off.
I'm a cop.
- Take off your shades and helmets.
- What? - It's not them.
They tagged these riders with their tracking chips.
Which means they're pulling the heist right now.
- Danny.
DANNY: All right, so, uh Looks like they dumped video from the truck's SD card onto this flash drive.
And all the footage is of a place called Bobrow Imports.
- It's a diamond-trading conglomerate.
- That's our target, for sure.
Millions in diamonds are easier to transport than cash.
Hey, I know that building.
It's like three blocks from here.
Okay, well, our cars are never gonna be able to cut through this.
Let's go.
SABRINA: Forty-five seconds before motion sensors reacclimate.
SETH: Ready.
Three, two, one.
- Kono, I need you on that roof.
- Copy that.
Okay, I'm in position.
I don't see Wait, hang on.
They're exiting the building from Mauka side, all four of them.
They're dressed as racers with black lumbar packs.
: Kono, talk to me.
What's happening? They're splitting up.
They're taking the four routes from the map.
I'm coming down.
I'm gonna take Mission.
- All right, I'm this way.
- I'm on four.
Hands behind your back.
Hands behind your back.
Ride's over.
Oh, bro, your arm's all bust up.
I think it's broke, man.
Let me help you with that.
How does that sand taste? AARON: Ugh.
DOCTOR: We need a full work-up on him.
: Dr.
Miller to Radiology.
Miller to Radiology.
I can't thank you guys enough.
Well, you don't have to thank us.
Save your energy.
You gotta take care of that kid.
Jordan, when you're feeling up to it, we're gonna show you some photos.
The DA is gonna ask you to point out the shooter if you can.
Of course.
I feel okay, actually.
I just I'm so sorry to put Cami through all this.
Oh, no.
I'm fine, babe.
We're fine.
Everything is fine now.
DANNY: Thanks for letting me use your computer.
Did you catch the bad guys? Did I catch? Who are you talking to? You always catch the bad guys.
That's true.
All right.
I made this for you.
Thank you so much.
I mean, I'm the luckiest guy in the world.
I love you.
Come here.
Thank you, baby.
Love you, Danno.
I love you more.
- Raised a good kid.
- Yes, we did do something right.
What time do you want me to, uh, pick her up next weekend? I'll call you.
- Everything all right? - Uh, yeah.
You wanna hit Side Street? It's on me.

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