Hawaii Five-0 s04e12 Episode Script

O Kela Me Keia Manawa (Now and Then)

You want another one? Hi.
I'm Lani Richardson, reporting for KNZR in Honolulu, Hawaii.
You know, it's not all gloom and doom.
We actually have some good news.
Tonight, patrol officers in the HPD are a little bit safer thanks to the generosity of an anonymous Good Samaritan who has donated to the department through the Honolulu Police Foundation.
Mayor Kirk Caldwell says You just love giving your money away, don't you? I can't take it with me.
Well, if you're looking for another worthy cause, I could use a raise.
You're probably the highest paid bartender on this island.
Come on.
Yeah, you're probably right.
It doesn't hurt to ask.
Oh! Sorry.
I lost my ball under your table.
Can you grab it for me? Walk away.
Come on.
Help a girl out.
What did I tell you? Hey, what the hell's your problem, katonk? She asked you nicely.
Go away.
Back off! Now! Let him go.
You heard me.
Now, do it.
Now, I'm gonna ask you as a gentleman to walk out of here the same way you walked in.
No harm, no foul.
Let's go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Drive safe.
All right.
I will.
You, too.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Adam.
How did you how did you find me? It wasn't easy.
You shouldn't have come.
You might've been followed.
It's over, Adam.
There's no loyalty for Michael anymore.
Anyone who wanted revenge for his death is either dead or locked up.
So you don't have to hide anymore.
We can go home? Yeah.
We can go home.
Awesome, awesome.
Go, team! It's great, huh? Bye, Danno.
Excuse me.
What, uh What's your rush with the "bye, Danno"? I come in, say a few hellos.
Do you have to? Yes, I have Look, pay attention to me, okay? You are the number one most important thing in my life.
"And number two isn't even close.
" Close.
That's right.
All right? So what does that mean? That means that there is zero chance I'm just gonna let you go for a sleepover without seeing exactly who's looking after you.
Okay? Grace, come on.
Come on, you know all the moms.
Uh, do you have your phone in your backpack? Yes, and I promise I'll call you if I'm homesick.
before I, uh, have a panic attack or a nervous breakdown.
Come on.
Bring it in.
Thank you.
Love you, Danno.
Love you, too.
Your bag.
So, the vic's name is Gus Yamada.
He's a local gangbanger with a long rap sheet that says he doesn't play so well with others.
Woman over there worked the bar last night.
Says the owner, Jack Anderson, threw Yamada and one of his boys out around 11:00 after they mixed it up with another customer.
We talk to Anderson? According to the bartender, he locked up the bar around 2:00 but apparently never made it home.
His wife reported him missing early this morning.
So, what, we think Yamada and his pal waited out here for Anderson and then confronted him about being tossed from the bar? It's a theory.
Looks like he put up one hell of a good fight.
Since when does the captain of SWAT show up at a homicide crime scene? He doesn't.
Hey, Commander.
You might want to take a look at this.
Found this in the Dumpster.
Thank you.
This has got to be Anderson's phone.
Bridgette must be his wife.
Looks like she's been trying to reach him all morning.
Look at this.
His last incoming call isn't a local number.
Let's see who else has been trying to reach him.
Hello? Yeah, we need to talk.
I met Jack at a charity event a few months ago.
His bar sponsors a local youth football team.
And we're both Illinois boys, born and raised, and, um we bonded over the '85 Bears.
What brought you down here today? His wife Bridgette called me.
She was worried he didn't come home last night, so she asked me to come drive down here and see if his truck was still here.
He's a good guy, Steve.
Real salt of the earth, family man.
If he didn't come home last night, there's a problem.
Look, whatever's gone down, we're gonna get to the bottom of it, okay? Well, I'm sure glad you're on this.
Can you, um just keep me in the loop? Of course, man.
Come on.
Hey, Lou.
You know what? I can do one better.
I could use your help on this one.
Thank you.
I got a hit in CODIS from a blood pool at your crime scene, but it's not Jack Anderson.
It came back to this guy.
Dennis Koga.
He's been in and out of prison for the last few years.
History of assault, robbery Hold on, hold on, hold on.
I think I recognize this guy from the hospital check I did.
Dennis Koga.
He was admitted to Honolulu General this morning in serious condition - with multiple contusions and fractures.
- Hold on a second.
If Yamada is dead and this guy's in the hospital, where's Jack Anderson? How's Grover? Hanging in there.
How about you? Me? I'm sick.
I mean, she's only gonna be gone for a couple of days, Danny, okay? You're missing the point.
She did the drop-and-run, Steve, okay? Not even barely a kiss on the cheek.
All right? And this is not the first time.
This is not the first time that I have looked in my girl's eyes and seen something different.
I don't know what it is.
It's like her innocence is, uh, floating off into space or something.
I don't know what.
Yeah, well, she's growing up.
Okay, what are you gonna do? I'm gonna build a time machine.
I'm gonna go back in time, when she was just a baby, before I met you, to a happy time in my life.
Okay, good luck with that.
You think this is funny, don't you? Huh? No, I don't think it's funny.
I'm just saying you got to let her go.
You got to let her grow up.
There's nothing you can do.
You're always gonna be Danno to her.
All right? She's always gonna love you.
Isn't that enough? Hey.
Let me talk to him.
Hold on.
Yeah, listen, it gets worse.
Oh, yeah.
Wait till she asks you to take her bra shopping.
Huh? Or when the first boyfriend shows up.
You're gonna love that.
You ain't seen nothing yet, pal, so put on your big-boy pants because Father Time is not your friend.
Will you put Steve back on, please? Yeah.
Do not, under any circumstances, ever do that to me again.
Truth hurt, don't it? Okay, put him back on.
I'll tell you something else Excuse me.
I was wondering if you might know if this road would take me to Hale Iowa? La Uh yes.
Yes, it will.
What? I totally mangled that, didn't I? You did.
You destroyed it completely, just assassinated it.
It's Hale'iwa, but don't worry.
I've-I've been here four years, and I can't pronounce any of the places on this island.
And I had you pegged as a local.
Me? No, no, no.
I'm-I'm I'm from New Jersey.
No way! We were practically neighbors.
I'm from New York.
Really? Yeah.
That's great.
Are you here, uh? It's just a vacation? Are you here for business? What? None of the above.
I guess you could say I came here for a fresh start.
Oh, that's nice.
Well, it was nice meeting you, Jersey.
Nice to meet you, too.
Hey, is there any chance you might be headed towards Hailee? Hale'iwa.
I thought if you were going that way, I might follow you? Um I'm not, actually.
I'm-I'm I'm going the other direction.
Okay, then.
Well, I'm sure I'll find my way.
I mean, it's an island, right? How hard could it be? Yeah.
You just keep doing circles, you'll-you'll, uh you'll find it.
Thanks for your help.
Have a good fresh start.
Thanks, Jersey.
Hey, I'm gonna ask you one more time.
Jack Anderson-- where is he? And I'm gonna tell you one more time.
You want to talk, talk to my lawyer.
Do me a favor, would you? Can you close the door? Absolutely.
Just be a minute.
What's the matter? Everything all right, Mr.
Koga? Never better, Nurse.
Thank you.
You can't do this.
Oh, I am doing it.
See, I'm with Five-O.
They got immunity and means.
Ain't that right, Commander? That's right, Captain.
That means I can do whatever the hell I want.
You watch this.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I don't know where he is.
That's the truth.
I swear, I don't know! Calm down, calm down.
Just tell me what you do know.
Okay, look The guy Anderson disrespected Gus.
He just wanted to teach the dude a lesson.
What kind of lesson? We waited for him.
Gus had a knife.
He went at the man and tried to cut him but he fought back.
I've never seen anyone fight like that.
He got the knife away from Gus and killed him with it.
Planted that thing right in his chest.
I tried to help Gus.
The guy beat me down.
There was nothing I could do.
But run.
Would've killed me, too, if I didn't.
All right, so you take your beating.
And where does Anderson go after that? No idea.
So, where'd your boy Jack learn to fight like that, Grover? Hell if I know.
Military? Jack's a man of few words.
doesn't talk about himself that much.
Must have been some scintillating conversations between the two of you.
It's called being humble.
Maybe you should try it sometime.
All right, so Koga's statement confirms that Jack killed Yamada in self-defense.
Any jury in the world would have seen it the same way.
So, where the hell is he? I mean, why didn't he just stick around and call the cops? Then it's over.
Better yet, why didn't he call you? Yes, I admit, uh, following you might be a little crazy, but I want you to know that I am not crazy.
I know somebody who is crazy, and I am nothing like him.
Although, I am talking to myself, so that makes me crazy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! This is Detective Danny Williams.
I have a woman.
She's unconscious.
Kamehameha Highway.
Say about a half mile east of the Kawailoa exit.
I need paramedics.
What's the nature of her injuries? I don't know.
I don't know.
She's not breathing, can't find a pulse.
She's, uh she's unconscious.
She could be dying.
Come on, just s-send the ambulance, please.
I-I got a I got a gunshot wound to the back of the neck.
Put a rush on that ambulance, okay? Oh, yes, yes.
So, the prints that CSU lifted off the murder weapon match reference prints we took from Jack Anderson's house.
Well, that's consistent with Koga's story.
He told us Anderson stabbed Yamada to death with his own knife.
What aren't you telling us, Chin? Anderson's prints also popped up in AFIS.
He's a decorated Gulf War vet.
A Green Beret who just finished a tour in Iraq when this went down.
According to the DeKalb PD, Anderson was the driver of a getaway car in an armed robbery of a liquor store back in 1993.
Now, the car that he was driving crashed into another vehicle, killing its driver, a newlywed named Jessica Haley.
She was on her way home from work.
This guy really had me fooled.
Well, you and a lot of other people.
His accomplices were caught fleeing the scene, but somehow, he seemed to disappear off the face of the earth until today.
Jack deliberately tossed that cell phone in a Dumpster because he didn't want anybody ind him.
Jack Anderson's not a missing person.
He's on the run.
Is Jack okay? Did you find him? No, not yet.
Uh, Bridgette, we need to talk to you about something.
What is it? What's wrong? Steve, can you give us a minute, please? Yeah.
Did you know? Did I know what? What Jack did back in DeKalb? I'm sorry.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Hey, guys.
Are you a policeman? Am I a policeman? Why? Because of this right here? That a real badge? Is this a real badge? You want to see it? Fingerprints don't lie, Bridgette.
Your husband is wanted for murder back in Illinois.
He would never You know him.
You know the kind of man he is.
I thought I did.
Now, you listen to me very carefully.
In a couple of hours, this whole island's gonna be crawling with HPD, FBI and Illinois State Police, and they're all gonna be looking for your husband.
And there'll be some young, gung ho, trigger-happy cops looking to make a name for themselves by bringing in a fugitive on a 20-year-old murder case.
And they don't know Jack, the family man.
They only know Jack, the fugitive, and they're gonna bring him in by any means necessary.
Bridgette, I know this is a lot.
I'm sorry.
But I'm gonna need your help.
If you know where he might be, if he's tried to contact you, you need to tell me right now.
I don't.
I swear.
Bridgette, the boys said that Jack came back to the house this morning.
Uh, I must have been asleep.
Yeah, that's what they said.
He made them promise not to tell anybody that he'd come back here.
I guess he grabbed a rifle and some camping gear.
He also told them that he might be away for a little while.
You got any idea where that might be? He goes hunting in the Ewa Forest Reserve.
Uh, he-he usually makes camp around the Waimano Stream.
I know where that is.
All right, listen, don't worry, we're gonna bring him in safe.
Meantime, you just take care of those boys, all right? That looks perfect, just like that.
Thatta girl.
These are beautiful.
Turn here.
That's good.
Right there.
Keep your chin up.
These are beautiful.
Head down.
Excuse me.
I'm Detective Williams.
I'm with Five-O.
I need to see this weapon.
I need to see any other weapons you have here.
As soon as you tell me what's going on.
I'll tell you what's going on-- there's a woman, she's in the hospital right now fighting for her life.
She was shot up on that highway from this beach.
Like I said, I need to see all the weapons you have.
Thank you.
Look, Detective, all the weapons on this shoot are props.
They're inoperable.
Trust me, I checked 'em myself.
All right, how long you been here this morning? Since sunrise.
See anybody else? Just us.
All right, I'm gonna need to see all the photographs you took here this morning.
Look, I'm just calling to see how she's doing.
I don't know her name.
She's the one with the gunshot wound.
How many are there? No, please don't put me on hold.
What do you got for me, Duke? CSU found some stuff in Gus Yamada's house.
Thought you might be interested.
Yamada doesn't strike me as the type who went to church.
All right, so what do we got here? Photos.
Directions to Anderson's bar.
Daily schedule.
It's a picture of his truck.
This is a surveillance package.
He was being paid well.
There's ten grand in there.
It was in the gym bag along with this burner.
All right, so Yamada didn't show up at Anderson's bar to sample the mai tais; they were watching him.
This was supposed to be a hit.
Any idea who would want to kill your friend? Well, Jack's a fugitive.
I imagine he's crossed a lot of people between here and Chicago, but I don't know, I don't want to be the one to speculate.
I'd rather ask him myself, in person.
You can slow down if you, uh, if you can't keep up.
You know, my old man once told me never mistake somebody who's moving fast with somebody who knows where they're going.
Yeah, all due respect, your old man didn't know me.
I move fast and I know where I'm going.
Boy, I wish I was half as good as you think you are.
Long way from Chicago, huh? What's that supposed to mean? You think I don't know my way around in the woods? First of all, this is a forest.
Second of all, if you knew your way around this forest you'd know that the shrub you're standing next to is noho malie.
It's highly poisonous.
Well, thank you, Ranger Rick.
You're welcome.
You know, going through these woods-- oh, I'm sorry, "the forest"-- kind of opens your mind up.
Helps you see things a little differently.
What, are you getting all Zen on me, now? No, I'm just telling you I know what this is.
Would you want to tell me what this is? This: "I could really use your help.
" You think I think that you partnered up with me on this out of the goodness of your heart? All right.
Fair enough.
You're Jack's friend.
I know you're not gonna go home, sit in your rocking chair and wait on a call from me, okay? You're gonna be out here making a mess of things, you know? There you go.
Get in my way, so I figured I'd do myself a favor, right? Save myself the trouble.
But you're only half right.
Catherine Rollins is on reserve duty.
I got Danno on the North Shore, I'm short-handed so I thought about it and figured you were competent enough to tag along.
Competent enough? Well, you ain't exactly Mount Rushmore material yourself, you know.
Come on, it's a simple question.
Who hired you to murder Jack Anderson? I just need a name.
I don't have a name.
So do whatever you got to do.
Torture me like your friends did, 'cause I can't tell you something I don't know.
Yeah, well, you see, torture isn't really my style.
Now, Koga you got a three-year-old son and a little girl, right? You've been through the system.
You know how it works.
First person to step up gets a deal, and Yamada is dead.
I call that an opportunity.
Look, you talk now maybe you serve two to three years in a minimum-security prison and you get some kind of relationship with your children.
But if you don't I promise you, you will sit in a maximum-security prison for 15 to 20 years watching your kids grow up through a piece of Plexiglas.
So you got a decision to make.
Because when I walk out that door the deal goes with me.
Okay, look I'll tell you who hired us.
Decorated war hero.
Never in trouble with the law.
How's a guy like that end up robbing a liquor store? I don't know.
Maybe he was drunk or high.
Doesn't really matter, does it? No, it doesn't.
I'm not trying to give the guy a free pass, either.
I'm just saying.
Maybe he made a mistake, you know? I mean it's got to stand for something that he turned his entire life around, spent the next to make it right.
And what if it was your sister and my wife and kids he killed in that car wreck? What he did before, what he did after, wouldn't mean a damn thing.
Listen, man, you got a good point, okay? I'm just saying You can't tell me it's gonna feel good putting the cuffs on a guy like that, now, okay? Plus, he's your friend.
Try to think of the victim's family.
Well, what about Jack's family? You think I don't have a heart? I got a knot in my stomach just thinking about all this.
Man, I'm just saying don't write him off completely, okay? Sometimes good people do bad things.
We're all running from something, right? Could you be any more obvious? Excuse me? If you want something from me, just ask.
Them Jedi mind tricks don't work with me.
What drove you out of Chicago? Forget it.
You and me-- we ain't there, yet.
Hold up, hold up, h-hold up.
These are fresh.
He can't be more than ten or 15 minutes ahead of us.
How you doing? Can I help you? Uh, yeah, I'm, uh, Detective Williams with Five-O.
Um, just need to ask you, do you have a rifle on board? We do.
We use it when we go shark fishing.
What's the problem? Uh, you're gonna have to point to it, show me where it is.
Please stay where you are.
It's in there.
In here? Yup.
What's going on? This, uh, this was fired recently.
Um we were fishing off the beach this morning, and nothing was biting, so, uh I let my son Jon use it to take target practice on the chum can in the water.
Weren't any other boats around.
Didn't think it'd be a problem.
What's going on, Detective? Something happen? Uh, yeah, something, uh something pretty terrible happened, actually.
I know who hired Yamada and Koga to kill Anderson.
Who? Matt Haley.
He's the husband of Jessica Haley, the woman that Anderson killed in the car crash.
So wait a minute, Haley finds Anderson on the islands after all these years, and then hires Yamada to avenge his wife's death? What are the chances Haley's on the island? Oh, I'm thinking pretty good.
I have several incoming calls to Yamada's burner phone, all from a Malohi Inn.
One of them was as recent as an hour ago.
It was probably Haley trying to find out if the job's done.
That's what I'm thinking.
I'll let you know.
I'm on my way.
Copy that.
You see that? See those birds? Yeah, I see.
All right.
We're gonna split up.
I'm gonna maintain this heading.
Lou, I want you to flank north.
Okay? Yeah.
Remember radio silence and good target I.
I got you.
You shouldn't have come.
How many with you? I'm alone.
With a radio? Let's go.
Move! So what's the plan now, Jack? What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me, then hide up here in the woods for the rest of your life living happily ever after? Personally, I don't think you got it in you.
Sure, you took that guy in the alley, but that's kill or be killed.
Stop talking and keep moving.
That woman you killed, Jack, that was an accident.
And I know that you've done a lot of things, good things, to try to make that right, but you never will.
You never will till you own up to it.
I own up to it every day.
You don't think I carry that with me? That woman is in my head all the time.
I was a good guy, and I just did something stupid.
I got behind the wheel of a car, and in ten minutes, my life changed forever and I can't undo that.
No matter how hard I try.
You think you're the only one? You think I don't know what living with regret is like? Hmm? Every day, I look in the mirror and I think to myself, "What if I did this? What if I did that?" So welcome to the club, my friend.
Listen to me, Jack.
You got to end this thing.
Hmm? You got to end it right now, Jack.
Not for me.
Take a second to think about Bridgette and them two boys.
Oh, Jack.
You got him? About time.
What happened? I was trying to figure out a way to save your ass, wasn't I? All right, come on, Jack, let's go.
On your feet.
On your feet.
Five-O! Get on your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Matt Haley, you're under arrest for conspiracy and the attempted murder of Jack Anderson.
Jack Mitchell.
That was his name when he killed my wife.
What are we doing here? I told you.
I don't want my wife and kids to see me like this.
Turn around.
Give me your hands, Jack.
You know what you got to do.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Look, there's something I need to tell you, and I should have told you a long time ago.
So how much of that sermon you gave in the forest was true? All that stuff about living with regret, looking at yourself in the mirror, blah, blah, blah.
So you heard that? The whole thing.
Then I guess that means you heard me say me and you ain't there yet.
Hey, boys.
How you doing, boys? Hey, listen to me, all right? Look, Daddy's gonna have to go away for a little while, okay? But I want I want you to behave for your mom.
You understand? All right.
Give me a hug.
Give me a hug.
Thank you.
If you don't mind, there's one more stop I'd like to make.
The church bulletin? That's how you found Jack Mitchell? A couple weeks ago, a buddy of mine from DeKalb was here on vacation.
He went to Mass, saw the picture.
Thought it looked a lot like Mitchell.
So I did some digging.
Turns out he was right.
Did it ever cross your mind to go to the police? No.
Have you ever had someone you love stolen from you, Lieutenant? Yes, I have.
Then you know.
Hate corrodes the container it's carried in.
I've carried that hate around with me for 20 years.
I never remarried, never had the family I dreamt of with Jess.
That night changed me.
I know there's nothing I can do that would bring your wife back.
All I can do is say I'm sorry.
How you feeling? I've been better.
Yeah, I bet.
Do you remember me? Jersey.
The last thing I remember, you were in my rearview mirror.
I thought you were headed the other direction.
I was headed the other direction.
Well, what made you change your mind? Um, I don't know.
Uh, I think maybe that smile's what did it.
That's definitely what it was.
I know this sounds crazy, um, but I-I couldn't stop thinking about you when I was driving away, so That doesn't sound crazy.
No? No.
I don't think I ever got your name.
Uh, I'm, uh, Danny.
I'm Amber.
Amber Vitale.
Amber Vitale.
That's the best name I ever heard.
That's an excellent, excellent name.
Thank you.
Sounds like an Italian movie star or something.
Snap to the 35.
Drops back to the pocket.
- Throws over the middle.
- Come on! And it's caught! All right, party people, get it while it's hot.
All right.
What's going on? Just in time.
Hey, kiddo.
Hey, everybody.
Go get some of that chili, all right, before those animals eat the whole pot.
Okay, Gracie? That's it.
Grab Yeah, push Just push your way in.
Don't be shy.
Where you going, sistah? Back off, keiki.
Be careful, honey.
That's the most dangerous place on the island, between those two when there's food.
There you go, princess.
Hey, how's Amber? Oh, she's, uh she's fantastic.
Wow, a smile.
You perked up when I mentioned her name.
What, you got a serious thing for this girl? No, I mean, I got I got a thing.
I don't I don't think I perked up.
You did perk up.
That's not that's not what I do.
I don't perk up.
Let me ask you a question.
What's, uh what's going on here? What are you talking about? Well, you know, first you invite him over for Thanksgiving.
Then you guys, uh you guys partner up.
Now he's in the kitchen cooking chili, watching the game.
People are gonna think you two like each other or something.
I don't know.
H-He's not that bad.
No? No, he's not that bad.
I mean, he's, uh he's a bit he's a bit thick-headed, but he makes a great chili.
Oh, that's good.
So he's like you, but he can cook.
You want to eat? Mm-hmm.
You want to eat today? Mm-hmm.
Bruddah, I don't think it's chili unless you have Spam in it.
Where I come from, Spam is a controlled substance.
Eat up.
Here you go.
Come on, folks.
- Dig in.
- Mmm, that smells good.
You guys got room for two more? Aloha.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
It's good to be back.
Thanks, man.
Welcome home.
Did you get taller? What's up, sistah? You know I missed you.

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