Hawaii Five-0 s05e08 Episode Script

Ka Hana Malu (Inside Job)

Look out! Oh, my God! Did we hit it? Looks okay to me.
This is Riley.
The Kealoha's dog.
Babe, we should go.
We can't just leave him.
Hello? Mrs.
Kealoha? We found Riley.
Are you home? Hello? Is anybody home? Hello? Mrs.
Kealoha? Are you home? Anybody? Hello? Hello? Mrs.
Kealoha? Are you home? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey! Oh-ho! Aloha, Stevie.
Oh, it's so good to see you, Aunt Deb.
It's so good to see you.
Oh, honey.
Well, it's good to be seen.
Oh, honey, before you ask, I-I don't know where your mother is.
Your sister said that you called.
She doesn't know where Doris is, either.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's Tell me about your trip.
How was it? Was it good? It was amazing! Here, I was a little worried because we booked it after my last round of chemo and I-I didn't know if I'd be up to the trip, but, sweetheart, that sea air is just what I needed.
Treatments were rough, huh? Kiddo, “rough” doesn't begin to describe it, but the doc says the tumor in my brain has shrunk half its size.
So I guess the poison works.
Well, you look great.
A little makeup and a good wig hides a multitude of sins.
Listen, I'm so glad you decided to fight back, Deb.
You can thank Leonard for that.
He's the one who talked me into getting into the ring.
Where is he by the way? Honey? Ooh-hoo.
Over here.
And you file that subpoena, Stan.
Your old boss owes you the money.
I thought your boyfriend was a shop teacher.
Why's he, uh, why's he handing out legal advice? Well, he just likes to be helpful, that's all.
Sweetheart! Darling? This is Steve.
Steve? Leonard Cassano.
Nice to meet you, Leonard.
Welcome to Hawaii.
I finally made it to paradise.
Honey, we're on land five minutes already.
When are you gonna give him the news? What news? Oh Well, short version.
Leonard popped the question and I said yes! You're engaged? Yeah.
Well, you've been dating for a couple months.
What's the rush? Oh, my pragmatic nephew.
Never one for romance or the grand gesture.
Honey, you know that country western song “Live Like You Were Dying”? Yeah.
Well, it makes more sense when you're actually dying.
I've got my tumor.
Leonard is stage IV leukemia.
We've got no time to waste.
And I knew Deb was the one.
The moment I saw her at that cancer support group.
Okay, so you're gonna have a nice long engagement though, right? Make some plans.
Plans are made.
We're tying the knot tomorrow at 6:00 p.
Okay, hold on.
Hold Excuse me.
Hold on just a second now.
Um Because Mary will be devastated.
Your sister already gave us her blessing.
And she can't come anyway because little Joanie has an ear infection.
Sonny? Can you do me a solid and grab our bags for us, would you? Mahalo.
You just made his year.
Can't take it with you, right? Right.
Excuse me for a sec.
Yeah, Chin.
He's got to go.
That was work.
I got to go.
It's okay.
We can get ourselves to the hotel.
And you'll call me later? Of course.
I love you.
I love you.
Leonard, nice to meet you.
Pleasure's all mine.
So, good news is Deb's feeling better and she's in love.
Bad news is you don't like her boyfriend Fiancé, fiancé, okay? Soon to be husband.
Tomorrow actually.
All right? Mm-hmm.
It's not that I don't like him.
There's something off about him.
Off, off.
What do you mean “off”? He's a retired teacher and he tips like a rapper.
Oh, well, you can't take it with you, right? That's what he said! And since when does a retired shop teacher hand out legal advice? I don't know.
Maybe he's a big fan of Judge Judy.
You know what else? What? His hands.
His hands? His hands were smooth.
They're beautiful.
It's like They should be rough.
He works with tools, right? Ah, you just said he was retired.
Okay, I think personally that you are looking for trouble.
But if you are really concerned, I would say maybe put somebody on it, ease your mind.
I already got Jerry on it.
Oh, Mr.
That ought to ease your mind for sure.
Nice work.
So, our victim's names are David and Kate Kealoha.
It looks like they were sitting down to watch some TV, and someone came in the back with a shotgun, got very generous with the ammo.
Hollow core slugs filled with buckshot.
Designed to do maximum damage.
These people were massacred.
A hyperbolic, and yet also an astute assessment, Detective Williams.
The firepower that was utilized is a very clear definition of overkill.
What else do we know, Max? Our male victim, David Kealoha, was first shot in the back of the head.
He was seated, no defensive wounds.
Guy never knew what hit him.
All right, what about the lady? The blood spatter on her blouse indicates she was beside her husband when he was shot.
All right, so her husband's hit.
She stands up, turns around and immediately takes one center mass.
Both shots were fired from the lanai entry as well.
Okay, so whoever did this never even came inside.
We're gonna get no fingerprints, no DNA.
Good call.
So far, CSU's come up empty.
But we're pulling traffic cam footage, hoping that we get a hit on a vehicle.
Gentlemen, if there's nothing else, I'll finish my prelims and get back to you with a full report later today.
Where are the kids? Slept at a friend's house last night.
HPD picked them up an hour ago.
Travis, Jake? I'm Steve McGarrett, this is Detective Williams.
Why can't we go inside? Why can't we see our parents? Ah, it's for your own good.
What about Riley? Our dog.
Is he okay? You still got the dog up top? Grab the dog, please.
When was the last time you boys saw your parents? Uh Around 9:00 last night.
That's when Jake and I went to Tai's house.
Tai? He's a friend from school.
Okay, you guys, you were there all night? Yeah, just hanging out as usual.
What does that have to do with anything? Gentlemen? Boys, would you excuse us, please? I'm Eugene Goodman, the family attorney.
This is inappropriate.
The boys are obviously distraught.
I'd like to take them with me.
Yeah, that's fine.
Uh, we're gonna need to speak to them a little later.
Well, call my office, make an appointment so I can be present.
What, do you think these boys need an attorney? That depends.
Are they suspects? What's the matter, boy? Why's he acting like that? What's wrong with him? Riley.
Hey! Riley! You think the dog's trying to tell us something? Yeah, I do.
So I ran Jake and Travis Kealoha.
They've never been in any trouble before.
And there's no records of them purchasing a shotgun or shells.
But as it turns out, there's a whole lot of people who would've wanted to see David Kealoha dead.
How many's “a whole lot”? About 250.
David Kealoha made his money as an investment banker, and he was very successful for a long time, but then the economy took a downturn.
Well, Kealoha took some heavy losses, but rather than deal with unhappy clients, he tried to cover them with an elaborate pyramid scheme.
But of course it all fell apart.
SEC was investigating the guy for over a year.
His company went bankrupt-- all the investments are gone.
He ruined a lot of lives.
Yeah, and he was going to prison.
The SEC was just about to send their evidence over to the U.
Attorney's office.
Within the month, he would have been arrested, his accounts frozen, and anything he still owned repossessed.
Maybe one of Kealoha's swindled clients didn't think that was punishment enough and took matters into his own hands.
Yeah, well, most live on the mainland, but there is one who's pretty close to home.
That's Tai Gable Hold on.
Tai Gable? That's the house that Jake and Travis - Kealoha spent last night.
- Yeah.
The Gables are going through a very nasty divorce.
Jason Gable, as a part of the settlement, agreed to supersize the kid's college funds.
Tai was about eight months away from collecting his.
David Kealoha lost all of it.
How much? Over half a mil.
I know if my best friend's dad stole my money I'd be pretty pissed.
A double shotgun blast? Definitely the work of a pissed-off individual.
Tai Gable's mother alibi'd those kids.
I mean, she said all three boys were home from 9:00 p.
to when HPD woke them up this morning.
Steve take it from me-- if there's one thing a teenager knows how to do, is sneak out of the house when they want.
But we pulled the traffic footage from around the Kealoha house.
Tai wasn't in it.
What about traffic footage from around the Gable house? HPD's going through that right now.
We're gonna go light a fire under them.
All right.
Get them.
Caught these two trying to bust through security out the front.
Sorry to pop in unexpectedly, but we were across the street at the courthouse getting our license, so we thought we'd come by and say hi.
I'm glad you did.
I'm so glad that they did, too, 'cause I get to hear all about their cruise they just took-- this place is amazing.
They had mini golf, zip line, spa treatments.
This guy's hands-- smoothest hands I ever felt in my entire life.
Deb insisted we both get Mani-pedis before the ceremony.
Danny here was - busting my chops.
- Yeah, he does that.
Well, I don't care.
This our one and only wedding, and I just figured we ought to look our best, hands and feet.
Makes sense to me.
Make sense to you? Complete sense.
Hey, if you're free for lunch, I'm buying, Steve.
Oh, I'd love it for my two favorite guys to get to know each other better, huh? I would love that, too.
Unfortunately, I'm right in the middle of this case, uh, right now.
Hey, Lou, you remember, uh Aunt Deb, you remember Lou Grover? Oh.
Yeah, yeah.
And, Lou, this is Leonard.
- Leonard, nice to meet you.
- Lou.
Well, I hope maybe you'll be able to come to our wedding tomorrow-- Royal Hawaiian.
What do you mean, “maybe”? I wouldn't miss that for the world.
Of course I'll be there.
Thank you.
There you go.
Listen, now, that, uh, traffic cam thing, it worked out.
Okay, we got a lead here.
I got a lead on the case.
Okay, okay.
Thank you.
He loves me.
I knew he would.
Okay, I don't know, but I think I might have cracked the mystery of the smooth hands.
For you I did that, so You know what? Thank you.
You-you're a big help to me, Nancy Drew.
Listen, listen, listen, now.
I just got off the phone with HPD.
This is what they sent me.
Now, there's no clear picture of the driver, but I ran the plate.
This car is registered to Tai Gable.
Okay, well, either Tai Gable is lying to his mother about going out last night, or she's lying to you.
Well, I say we go ask him.
Hey! Slow down.
But what, do you take driving lessons from McGarrett or what? You ever been to Chicago? I've been to Chicago.
Well, in Chicago, when we tell somebody to drive, this is how we drive.
And in the snow.
Steve, he's making a left on Puahi Street.
I got him.
Move, move, move! Get out of the way! Tai Gable you're under arrest for murder and reckless endangerment.
And messing up my SUV.
Are you insane, man? I had nothing to do with the Kealohas getting killed.
Then why'd you run? When we came to talk to you, you ran.
The customer I was with, I was selling him some weed.
Tourists rent scoots, and sometimes they're looking to make the drive to Laniakea Beach a little bit more scenic, if you get my meaning.
Please don't tell my boss.
You I'm sorry, you sell people, uh, marijuana, and then you rent them scooters, and then you let them drive around this island that they've never been on before, to crash into things and potentially kill people? Is that what you're saying to me? We're telling your boss.
We're telling your boss.
Ah, man, this day is the worst.
Today is worse than when Mr.
Kealoha stole half a million dollars from you? He blew my college fund.
So what? My dad's got plenty more where that came from.
I'm not exactly university material, man.
Oh, my God.
Okay, genius.
We still have to know where you were last night.
Me? No, I want to know where he was last night.
Yes, you.
Hey, Cheech.
We got traffic video of your car blowing a red light at 20 after midnight.
Where were you? Maybe, but it wasn't me driving it.
I smoked a bowl and fell asleep at 11:00.
Anyone in the house could have taken my ride once I was asleep.
Like Jake and Travis? They ever borrow your car without asking? Yeah.
Thank you for bringing Tai home.
I promise I'll speak to him about the drugs.
Although, in Colorado, it is legal now.
Not if you're under 21, and not to sell.
It's been hard on Tai.
Both my kids.
With their father leaving last year, so I just try to be understanding.
I get it.
You think, uh, maybe they need a friend more than a mother.
I disagree.
Don't cover for your son.
Don't cover for the Kealoha boys, either.
I don't understand.
We spoke to their lawyer.
Both Jake and Travis say they didn't take Tai's car out last night.
So, are you saying that they're lying? Well, you know, if you didn't take it, Tai didn't take it, they didn't take it, somebody's lying.
Jake and Travis are good kids.
Yeah, well, sometimes good kids have bad problems, right? Jake said they stayed here a lot.
Was there, uh, trouble at home? They just need a break sometimes.
Their dad could be demanding.
Demanding in what way? David wanted them to be successful.
And for him, success meant making tons of money.
Nothing was worth doing if you didn't get paid.
What about their mother? Kate was more sensitive.
She had a conscience.
When we found out that David had stolen my kids' college fund, it was Kate who came over here begging for forgiveness.
I had to forgive her.
I wasn't angry at her anymore, 'cause she had no idea that her husband was doing such a thing.
Positive about that? Oh, yeah.
She was devastated when she found out.
She felt like their whole life together had been a lie.
Then, two months ago, I dropped by unexpectedly, and I found her unconscious on the sofa.
She'd-she'd taken a handful of prescription sleeping pills.
I put her in a cold shower, she came around, and I told her, “You need to be strong for your sons.
Think about them.
” And she promised me that she would.
The three of them were so close.
And that's the thing.
The horrible way that she died.
The violence.
There's no way that those boys could have done that to her.
No way.
All right, that woman is a hot mess.
Think so? But she makes a good point.
Maybe the kids hated their dad, but why would they kill their mom, too? I don't know.
Look, with the government taking everything, there's zero inheritance, right? So the money as a motive is completely out.
Jerry, what's up? What's up is it looks like your Spidey-sense was right again.
Your aunt's fiancé, Leonard Cassano, is not a retired shop teacher from Queens, New York.
His full name is Bruce Leonard Cassano.
He's a mob lawyer.
Son of a bitch.
Cassano represented the Leone family in New York.
And he really came through for his clients.
Gino Leone beat three murder raps in ten years.
All right, but everybody's entitled to a defense, right? Even a creep like Leone.
Why would Leonard lie to my Aunt Deb about who he is? Yeah, that's probably 'cause of the evidence tampering.
Nothing was proven, but the FBI claims to have wiretaps of the Leone brothers discussing a weapon that Gino used to murder Andre Ochoa in 2010.
Gino said Cassano got rid of it for him.
Thank you very much.
So I just hung up the phone with Kealoha's insurance company.
Even though David was about to lose everything, he was still paying the monthly premium on a $10 million life insurance policy.
The beneficiaries on that policy are Jake and Travis.
Okay, wait a minute.
Isn't the government just gonna take that cash like they're going to take everything else? That's what you'd think, but it actually goes into a protected trust that the government can't touch.
And six weeks ago, they upgraded their policy to include a double indemnity clause, which pays out twice the cash in the case of David's accidental death.
That includes death by murder.
Well, nothing says murder like a shotgun blast to the dome, right? All right, so that policy's now worth $20 million? Yep.
There's our motive.
It keeps pointing back to the kids.
Okay, I promise you, we get those kids alone, put a scare into one of 'em, he will rat, they will crack.
I guarantee you.
Yeah, but that lawyer, he's never gonna let us get those kids alone.
I'd like to talk to the dog.
You should've seen the dog went after these kids.
It was like a canine lie detector.
I don't understand.
You want us to take a polygraph? Absolutely not.
Hang on a second.
We didn't know anything about that insurance policy.
And as executor of the estate, I can vouch for that.
That's nice.
Thank you.
Uh, nothing.
Your parents never - mentioned anything? - No.
They never talked about that stuff with us.
Pass the polygraph, - we'll believe you.
- This is ridiculous.
As your attorney, I strongly advise you not to participate.
I advise you to shut up.
Zip it.
Let these kids think.
Okay? Guys? Look, somewhere out there is the guy that killed our parents, but you're not even looking for him.
We're following the evidence, Jake.
And you want evidence that we didn't do it.
So fine.
We'll take the test.
All right.
Travis? Yeah.
We'll set it up.
So? All right.
I mean, Jake's confident.
Did you see the look on Travis's face? The kid's scared to death he's gonna fail.
Maybe the older brother acted alone, okay? But pass or fail, I hate polygraphs.
They're inadmissible in court.
We need something more solid.
Travis doesn't want to take the test.
Let's see how far he'll go to get out of it.
By the way, I need to take an hour while you wire up Jake.
Is that all right? I got to go, uh, talk to my Aunt Deb.
You sure you want to do that? Yeah, she deserves the truth.
She deserves to be happy, too.
Just my opinion.
But you do Good luck.
Good luck.
Your lawyer said we can use this room.
You need anything while you wait? Uh, no.
No, I'm okay.
It's me.
We have a problem.
Just relax, Mr.
Did you take Tai Gable's car out last night? No.
Is your name Jake Kealoha? Yes.
Did you kill your parents? No.
My favorite auntie.
Oh, honey, thank you so much, but I've had lunch already.
I can't.
You have to have a little room for my delicious shrimp casserole.
Since you were so rudely denied the opportunity at Thanksgiving.
I'm pretty sure she said she's full.
But you know what, I'll take it.
I got some of those shrimp bucks left over from the poker game.
They're good from every day, right? No, no, no, no.
Those expired, sorry.
Bye, Auntie.
Shrimp casserole, half price.
Come and get it! Hi.
Is everything okay? You sounded pretty serious on the phone.
Well, I-I didn't mean to worry you, Deb, but it is serious.
It's about Leonard.
He's lying to you.
He-he's not, he's not a shop teacher from Queens.
I know, I know.
I know exactly who he is.
And Leonard isn't lying to me.
I've been lying to you.
What? I was afraid you wouldn't approve if you knew who he really was.
Deb, he's involved with some very bad people.
You know, there's allegations that he helped destroy evidence.
Leonard says he didn't.
Well, I mean And as for the rest of it, his clients, all of that, it's long over.
Honey I know you're worried about me, but I can take care of myself.
And I know from disappointment.
I thought I was gonna have a singing career.
It never happened.
And then I thought maybe someday I might get married and have babies.
But it was never the right time.
But you know, it's okay.
I have no regrets.
But, Steve, the one thing I never gave up on was love.
And I guess it never gave up on me either because here he is.
At long last.
And now, you know, I can leave this earth, knowing that I have experienced the most profound and life-altering thing a person can.
I just hope that someday you'll know how wonderful that feels.
Steve, you're so willing to risk your life.
When are you gonna be willing to risk your heart? I did.
Then where's Catherine? She's in Afghanistan, Deb.
Why? We went over there together, looking for a little boy she knew from her time in the country; his name is Najib.
He'd been kidnapped by the Taliban.
Catherine found him.
He's okay, but she's worried that the Taliban will come back, so she decided to stay a while.
Try to protect these kids in the village.
She's teaching at a little school.
Uh she's making a life.
So she's not coming back? She said to me I shouldn't wait for her, that she's found her place.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
Listen, we were supposed to be talking about you.
Me? Hey, I'm fine.
I just need one thing.
What's that? Someone to walk me down the aisle.
You know anybody? I do know someone.
Jake is telling the truth when he says he didn't kill his parents.
Does he know anything about the murder at all? Not according to the machine.
I hope this means Jake is no longer a person of interest, Detective.
Let me put a wire on Travis, then make my decision.
Come on.
Travis? Hey.
Travis? Does this go down to the parking lot? Yeah.
This action is in no way an admission of guilt on the part of my client.
You're the reason I hate lawyers.
Chin, you got him? We got him.
You guys were right about this kid.
Travis slipped out a couple of minutes ago and jumped into a cab.
All right, let me know where he lands.
Okay, he just pulled into the Aloha Motel on Beach Walk.
Listen, I know you're scared, but I can't cover for you anymore.
What are we gonna do? Hands! Hands! Get 'em up! Turn around, get on your knees.
Put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers, right now.
Running out on us like that, Travis.
That wasn't nice.
Look who we found.
Come here.
All right, so here's what we think happened, Travis.
You're young, you're impressionable, you've been going through a rough time.
Patti's an older woman, she's a divorcée.
She's looking for someone to take care of her.
Someone with money.
Only, you don't have any.
Not while your parents are alive, right? So let me ask you.
Did you come up with the plan to kill them, or did she? That's not what happened.
Then why did you run? You hiding something? It was Patti and me who took Tai's car last night.
We lied to you.
We just wanted to be alone.
- We needed to talk.
- In a motel? About what? He wanted to tell his parents about us, but I said that we couldn't.
Not now.
Maybe not ever.
Why not? Patti's ex wants full custody of their daughter.
If he found out that Patti was sleeping with their son's best friend, he would use it in court.
No one could know.
You knew you'd fail the polygraph, so you ran.
I love Patti.
I wanted to protect her.
But I wish I'd gone back to the house last night and told my parents everything.
I wish we'd had the biggest blowout fight of all time.
Because if there were people in the house, if there was yelling, then maybe the guy who killed them wouldn't have ever come in.
Maybe my folks would still be alive.
Kid seems genuinely broken up.
Yeah, and you got to admit, Mrs.
Robinson does have a valid reason why she and her boy toy would lie to us.
Trouble is, they still don't have an alibi.
Yeah, which means we can't rule them out just yet.
I think we can all agree that we like them less and less for the two murders.
All right, so where do we go from here? You know, there is someone we haven't considered.
Goodman? What makes you think he's involved? He's the executor of the Kealoha estate.
Which means he had a strong financial motive for killing them.
How do you figure? Fees.
That estate is worth $20 million now.
And as executor, Goodman's entitled to a piece of that.
That's right.
Think about it.
Put yourself in his shoes.
The Kealohas used to pay Goodman a big retainer.
Now, if they go to prison, that money is gone.
But if they go to the morgue Money just keeps rolling in.
We need to start getting into this man's life.
All right? Yeah.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, what can I do for you? As soon as Deb told me what her nephew did for a living, I figured we'd have some issues.
I got no issue with you being a lawyer, Leonard.
You just don't like my client.
I worked for Gino Leone, yeah, but I felt like my real job was to keep the government accountable.
There were times they overreached trying to put Gino behind bars.
Yeah, because they knew he was guilty.
But if Gino Leone doesn't have the same right to privacy and self-incrimination as the rest of us, sooner or later, none of us will have those rights.
So I gave him my best defense.
Apparently, you gave him a little more than your best defense.
The word is that you helped him bury evidence.
I checked you out.
I knew you would.
That's why I brought this.
One morning, an envelope was dropped at my office.
Inside was a key to a locker in the Penn Station and a note that read, “Destroy anything you find.
” This box was in the locker.
What's in it? I don't know.
If I had opened this box, and there was evidence, morally I would have been compelled to share it with the prosecution.
So I didn't open it.
But I didn't destroy it either.
I would never do that.
What do you want me to do with it? Do whatever you think is right.
I ended my treatment the day before Deb and I got on the boat.
There's nothing more they can do.
I'm feeling pretty good right now, but in a month or so, I'm going to take a turn for the worse.
All I really want to do is spend whatever time I have left making your aunt the happiest woman in the world.
We're getting married tomorrow, but I know it wouldn't feel right to her unless you were there.
Appreciate you hearing me out.
I really want to know what's in the box.
If it's a murder weapon, I-I got to give it to the New York D.
right away.
I mean, they're gonna figure out where I got it.
It's definitely gonna cut Deb and Leonard's honeymoon a bit short.
Right, now that that is trouble I did not go looking for.
That trouble was dropped at my door.
No, technic no, not technically.
Specifically, this trouble exists only because you went looking for trouble by thinking Leonard was a bad guy and looking into him.
Quiet as kept.
Ladies, if you don't mind.
So, Goodman's alibi checks out.
So maybe he didn't pull the trigger.
He could've hired someone.
I thought about that, too.
But we looked through his financials; there's nothing here that indicates a payout to a hit man.
Check you out.
You're getting, uh the moves, right? Yeah, yeah.
That's old-school, baby.
You looking at the Lincoln Avenue air hockey champ.
Is that right? That's right.
Look-look at this, now.
You look at the paperwork, you don't see any large withdrawals, there's no curious wire transfers.
All right, hold on.
This guy's a lawyer, he's smart, right? He's gonna cover his tracks.
He's not gonna take the money out of his own account.
All right, then.
From where? How about from the Kealohas themselves? Turns out that Goodman's firm had access to an old bank account in Kate Kealoha's maiden name.
It was before it was seized by the SEC.
Now, when the investigation started, the Kealohas gave Goodman power of attorney over all of their accounts, which of course gave him the ability to authorize withdrawals.
They must've really trusted him.
Maybe a little too much, because when I looked through the recent transactions, I found a wire transfer in the amount of $100,000 to an off-shore account to this guy.
Greg Barber.
He's an old client of Goodman's with ties to organized crime.
Fits the profile of a gun for hire.
So Goodman used his own clients' money to hire a hit man? Take cover! Cover me.
Seriously? Hey, we're about to run out of ammo.
Then what? I prefer the glass half-full scenario where one of my shots hits him.
Good luck with that.
You'll get used to it.
Don't do it.
All clear.
HPD checked Barber's car.
We got no shotgun and no hollow core slugs-- nothing.
All right, we're striking out in here, too.
But I'm thinking he wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave the murder weapon here.
All right, look, we have got to tie Barber directly to this murder or our 100K theory is out the window.
Hey, guys, I found this on his laptop.
All right, they're photos of the Kealoha house.
That's right.
So he did some recon beforehand-- so what? Yes, but he didn't take these pictures.
They were e-mailed to him.
Must've been from Eugene Goodman.
No, not Goodman.
These were taken by Kate Kealoha.
Our victim.
You're telling us our mother hired someone to kill her and our father? I don't understand.
Why would she do that? We think it's because she wanted you and Jake to inherit the $20 million in insurance money.
Give you guys a fresh start.
Fresh start? I Travis I know this is hard to accept, but it's what happened.
Your mother had access to the account that Barber was paid from.
She e-mailed Barber photographs of your house so he'd know how to get in.
We took a blood sample from your dog and we found traces of your mother's sleeping pill medication in your dog's blood.
She drugged Riley so he'd sleep through the murders.
I'm so sorry.
That's why he was so freaked out this morning.
How could she think that we would want the money more than having them here? They always cared too much about the money.
They didn't know how to see what was important anymore.
Boys, there's something else you, uh, you should know.
Even though your mother was so careful with the planning of all this, this insurance company may still refuse to pay out on the policy.
It's blood money.
We would just give it away to the people our father cheated.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
The boys are upset, but the fact is David Kealoha knew nothing of his wife's intent to murder him.
The direct beneficiaries, his sons, not only did not know about the murder, they didn't even know there was a policy in effect.
There's no conspiracy here.
The insurance company will lose this battle.
Well, I-I don't think your battle's gonna be with the insurance company.
I think it's gonna be with these two boys.
I think he's right.
These boys have got too much honor to take something that's not rightfully theirs.
Travis, I misjudged you.
I'm really sorry about that.
And we're both deeply sorry for your loss, both of you.
So what are you gonna do with that thing? You know what? I think I'm gonna put it in a locker for a couple of months and accidentally forget about it and then I'm gonna give it to the New York D.
That's very nice, I think.
You know, Leonard never has to deal with it.
You know what, man, you were right.
My aunt deserves to be happy.
She does.
Come on, now, we gonna do this thing or what? I got on my monkey suit, man, I'm ready to party, baby.
I'm going, you see, I'm putting on my shoes.
Let's go.
Here's the thing-- No, I'm never gonna know what's in Leonard Cassano's heart.
But he loves my aunt and my aunt loves him, all right? That's got to be good enough for me.
Yes, we're gonna do this.
All right? You look great.
You know what you are? You're like a big marshmallow filled with testosterone.
You'd have done the exact same thing.
I would have done the same thing-- that is because I am known for my warmth.
Oh, yeah, really? What am I known for? You? You're known for, uh, you know, bad driving and being cheap.
You know what? Uh, uh Bad driving better not be all this fighting all the way to the thing, man, 'cause I can't handle it.
Don't make me give you two a time out.
Everybody, please rise.
This is your last chance to make a run for it.
No way.
Please be seated so we can start the show.
He's got the authority to do this? You can get anything on the Internet.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're gathered here today to witness the marriage of Deb and Leonard.
A couple of months ago they were just strangers in the night, but now they know their love is here to stay.
And they're gonna be together come rain or come shine, because for Deb and Leonard truly Your boy Sinatra needs some new material.
Yeah, tell me about it.
the best is yet to come.
Who here presents this lovely bride to be married to this man? I do.
Thank you.
Before we start with the vow-taking, the bride and groom would like to say a few words to each other.
Leonard? My beautiful Deb.
I can't believe that a diagnosis of stage IV cancer could make me the happiest man in the world, but it's it's true.
You held my hand through chemo, but you were my real treatment.
I can't even remember my life before you came along and changed everything.
You are my angel, my one in a million and all I want is to be your husband.
To cherish every moment we have together.
I love you.
I love you.
I don't have a way with words the way my darling Leonard has, so, uh, I've chosen to rely on the Gershwin brothers.
'S wonderful 'S marvelous You should care For me 'S awful nice 'S paradise 'S what I love To see You've made My life so glamorous You can't blame me for feeling Amorous Oh, 's wonderful 'S marvelous That you should care For me.

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