Hawaii Five-0 s05e17 Episode Script

Kuka'awale (Stakeout)

How'd we do? You tell me.
No hard feelings, okay? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Daniel, sometimes I feel that you could be, uh, a little overly sensitive.
Okay, uh, why, uh why is it that you feel that way? I don't know.
I guess it's the way you are.
I mean, you'll take the most benign comment, and-and you'll take it as a personal insult.
It's extremely annoying.
Positive language, Commander.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Um, when you do that, it is the opposite of pleasing to me.
Is that okay? Okay, I think that the reason that you, uh, think that I am so sensitive is because I'm an actual person.
I mean, I have feelings.
I'm not an animal, I'm not a killing machine robot.
Active listening, Detective Williams.
Don't deflect.
This is stupid.
I'm sorry, but can we move on? I don't Gentlemen, when I conducted your psychological audit back in September, you agreed to check in with me and share your progress.
Frankly, I'm not seeing any.
Which leaves me to wonder whether you should be coming here more regularly.
Wait a second.
I didn't mean to give you that impression, because things have actually been great, right? Yeah, it's true.
Um, we've been getting along a lot better.
- More communicating.
- Right.
Fighting a lot less.
Really? Yeah.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Mm, and how do you account for this sudden breakthrough? Account Okay.
Well, I would say, if I'm being honest, that I think Steve is doing a really, really, really good job with his control issues.
He's working on it, and he's doing good.
And who's the sensitive one now? You see? What did I say? Did I say anything? I didn't say anything.
No, no, no, you didn't say no, you didn't say anything, 'cause that would require using words, uh, you know, to articulate a thought.
Why would why would you say anything? Why speak English when you can just blow air out of your nose Mouth.
and tilt your head to Out of my mouth.
It was your nose.
I know it.
I saw it.
It was your nose.
Ooh, Commander, I take it you disagree with Detective Williams' assessment? Okay, actually, you know what? Here's the real reason we're getting along so great, is 'cause I don't listen to him anymore.
Uh, can we get back to the control issue thing? Actually, we'll have to get that next time.
The hour is up.
Oh, wait, hold on.
What next what next time? What next time? I'd like to see you again, and Me, us, or what? And I'm giving you both something to take with you.
What is it? That, gentlemen, is your homework.
Since you saw fit to waste almost the entire hour attacking each other, you're going to do a little conflict counseling on your own time, and I expect that completed by our next session.
Hey, Lou, what's with the big turnout? Security guard was one of ours.
Mike Velasco.
He made his pension last year.
Took a part-time job so he could spend more time with his grandkids.
We're doing a door-to-door right now to see if anybody saw the perp fleeing.
All right.
What about witnesses inside the store? No.
All they saw was a guy in a mask with a big gun.
He was in and out, got what he wanted, psh.
The whole thing couldn't have lasted more than a couple minutes.
He shot Mike before he could press the silent alarm.
Move! I said, move! And then he made me empty the safe.
What was in the safe? About three million dollars worth of loose diamonds.
They were just delivered last week.
So who else knew about that delivery? Just my staff and our supplier.
All right, Ms.
Price, we're gonna need a list of everybody who works for you, of course, and whatever security footage you have, please.
Of course.
I'll get that for you right away.
Thank you.
All right, so our thief didn't just do his homework.
Somebody tipped him off about that diamond delivery, right? Kono, what do you got? Witnesses described a late-model Chevy Impala speeding away around the time of the robbery.
Canvass turned up tire treads consistent with the make and model.
All right, tucked-away alley, just a block or two away from the crime scene.
This has got to be the getaway car, right? Yeah, and there's something else.
It's a whole lot of blood.
It's on the passenger side, so I'm thinking our thief may have been shot by his own wheelman.
That's a smart move.
Let the guy with the gun do all the work while you wait in the car.
He comes back, you pop him, - and you double your money.
- Low risk, big reward, except for one thing.
Where the hell's the body? Well, there's a blood trail leading away from the scene.
HPD's still canvassing, but looks like he got away.
CODIS just matched our blood sample to a guy named Jacob Anders.
He's in the system for aggravated assault - and one burglary charge.
- We need to check emergency rooms and look into Anders' known associates, anybody he might reach out to now that he's wounded and on the run.
Hey, check it out.
Traffic cam just caught a black Impala running a red light three blocks away from our crime scene.
Now, facial rec I.
s the driver as Emma Mills.
The court documents indicate she's this guy's girlfriend.
It's a hell of a way to break up with somebody.
Kill him and cut him out of a score.
It's pretty cold-blooded.
Well, no honor among thieves.
Anyway, GPS on Emma's phone shows her to be at her apartment right now.
You know, she must think Anders is dead.
It's the only reason she'd feel safe just sitting at home.
Well, HPD dispatch is sending the closest unit available to pick her ass up.
Whoa, no, no.
Call them off.
What? Call them off.
All right? Anders is the priority.
He's a cop killer.
The best way to get to that guy is keeping this girl in play.
Anders is gonna patch himself up, and then he's gonna come after Emma.
When he does, we're gonna be waiting for him.
That's her.
Oh, it's perfect.
Thank you.
We'll take it.
This is crazy.
You cannot do this.
Agnes is coming back this week.
You're not supposed to do this.
How can you move into somebody's apartment? I'll tell you how we do it.
Okay, see this is a court order, says we can do anything we want.
Anybody asks, I'm Agnes's nephew, and we're just house-sitting, okay? It's gonna be fine.
I promise.
No problem.
Thank you so much.
She want everything just right! You don't touch nothing! It's gonna be fine, no problem, but okay.
Thank you.
No touch! Mahalo.
Nothing, all right? All right.
Smells in here.
It's like, uh, loneliness and despair.
That's mothballs.
Hopefully, Anders will, uh, show up soon, and we can call it a day, huh? Guess who's the queen of QVC.
I get it.
I got a match.
Hey! Oh! Hey, whoa, whoa! Oh! What are you? What is the matter with you? What's the matter with me? Thing jumped out of nowhere.
I got scared.
What do you want? What I want you to do-- maybe react like a grown man.
How about that? It's a cat.
Okay, let me explain something to you that you do not know.
I don't like I don't like cats.
I love cats.
Of course you love cats.
Yeah, I love cats.
Who doesn't love cats? They're awesome.
They're like like adorable little ninjas.
They're smart, and they're fast, and they're, uh, cute and cuddly at the same time.
Help me with this.
Okay, just so you know, cats are disloyal, all right? They would eat their owners if they could.
That's right.
They'd turn on them and kill them.
Yeah, they would.
You want to know why? 'Cause they never lost their predatory instinct.
Put it up here.
Let's get the couch, too.
For instance, a dog.
You take a dog.
Take, like, a domesticated canine, you put it in the wild.
Okay, but a cat-- they never forgot how to hunt and kill.
Well, I guess that's why you two get along then.
That's why you like cats.
That's funny.
That's good.
We got a situation here.
What do we got? I mean, this What do we do? I mean, I don't know.
What's the protocol? Do we watch, do we not watch? I mean, it's our job.
That's what we're here for.
We got to watch.
I don't It's not like Okay.
No, don't do that.
Lost visual.
Um I can't believe she's still in the shower.
Well, we got time to kill.
You, uh, maybe do a little bit of homework, huh? You smashed this cat to pieces, you know that, right? I understand.
I think I liked her better as a brunette.
Looks like she's ready to split town.
I'll give you five to one the diamonds are in that book.
Oh, yeah.
What did I say? Nobody under 30's got books anymore.
That's a big stone.
Hello? He's dead.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Slow down.
What-what the hell happened? There were cops.
They shot Jake.
I just I don't know what to do.
She's a good liar.
Just relax, sweetheart.
- Did the cops see you? - No.
I was able to get away with the diamonds.
Then this doesn't change our arrangement.
I'll be there in a couple of hours.
Just lay low until then.
Hurry, please.
Wait a minute.
What? I heard that voice before.
Money, money, money, money Hi, I'm Barry Burns, president and CEO of Gold Blast USA, and I want to help you turn your old and unwanted jewelry into cold hard cash.
Guaranteed same voice, for sure.
Where did you even see this? It was on an infomercial.
I have insomnia.
One of the benefits, you see.
silver, rings, bracelets and chains.
We even buy diamonds! He's got to be the fence, this guy.
If he shows up here, we're gonna have to arrest them both, and then there goes our bait.
Well, we got to make sure Burns doesn't make it.
So, Mr.
Burns, HPD just pulled you over with $2 million cash in your car.
Care to explain? Uh, sorry, since when is, uh, being rich a crime? It isn't.
But conspiracy to commit a robbery is.
And when a retired cop is killed in the course of that robbery, then you become an accessory to murder.
We're up on Emma Mills.
We know about the deal you had in place to fence those diamonds with her and Anders.
Gentlemen, I-I think this is the point in the conversation where I ask to call my lawyer.
Actually, this is the point in the conversation where you should listen.
And listen carefully because we're about to do you a very big favor.
Emma lied to you.
Anders was not killed by the police.
She shot him.
And he's still alive.
Look at your face.
What happened to all them smart comments? Just dried right up, huh? She actually tried to ice her own boyfriend just to cut him out of the score.
We're guessing she'll roll over pretty easily on her fence.
So, um, I gather the takeaway is you're offering me a chance to screw Emma over before she screws me.
She's expecting you to show up with the cash any minute, right? Yeah.
All we're asking you to do is call her and reschedule.
You know, she should've known she was playing with fire.
I mean, guys like Ivanovich, they don't die easily.
Wait a minute.
Who the hell is Ivanovich? Trust me, somebody you don't want to mess with.
Our thief's real name is Radomir Ivanovich.
He's former Serbian Special Forces.
After the Bosnian War, he repurposed his skills to become a high-end jewel thief.
Pulled robberies all across Europe, dropping lots of bodies along the way.
Now, a couple years back, he surfaces in Hawaii under the name Jacob Anders.
Now, he hooked up with Emma Mills on a bunch of smash-and-grabs until Emma finally got pinched.
She never rolled on the guy though, so she ended up serving ten months in prison.
Wait a minute.
She does ten months for the guy and then she gets out and shoots him? How's that make sense? Don't know yet.
But I'm gonna keep looking.
All right.
Roger that.
Keep us posted, Chin.
This, uh this broad's got a lot of heart, huh? That cereal looks good, doesn't it? What? I'm doing her a favor.
The food's gonna go bad.
What the hell is the matter with you? Who does What are you, an animal? Okay? I know you're lazy.
You don't want to get up.
But I don't need your disgusting bagel plate in my work space.
That must be exhausting, projecting that much contempt onto a onto a piece of porcelain.
Ceramic, putz.
Oh? Hey, Mr.
Want something to eat? Oh! Hey, Danny.
Look at this.
That's a lot of weed.
Aloha, neighbor.
You must be Agnes's nephew.
I heard you were house-sitting.
No, that's me.
Uh, news travels fast around here.
I'm Ruth Tennenbaum from 2D.
I made you a batch of my signature macadamia nut cookies.
That's nice.
Oh, I see you boys like to snoop, too.
Ruth, hi.
Uh, Ms.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
This is my partner, Danny Williams.
- I see.
- We're trying to keep a low profile.
So if you could keep this to yourself, it'd be nice.
We don't want anybody else in the building to find out.
Oh, I understand.
Some of the Alta cockers in our building are so small-minded.
Just so you know, I fully support gay marriage.
We're, uh we're not gay.
We're Five-O, ma'am.
We're, uh we're actually working undercover here.
That's why we can't, uh, let anybody else find out about it, you see? It's-it's very important.
Tennenbaum, can you you can keep a secret, right? Of course.
To tell you the truth, I-I feel much safer knowing you boys are here.
That's good.
There's been a lot of crime in this building.
Just the other day, a plant was stolen from right outside my front door.
While you're here, maybe you can catch the hoodlum who did it.
Yeah, uh, we'd love to help, but we're you know, we're kind of tied up.
Oh, I understand.
You're busy with important police work.
I'm just an old lady with a stolen fern.
Oh, did I mention that it's a fern? Six years I had it.
I don't mean to bother.
You know what, um, I'm gonna send somebody over to look into that.
Okay? Such a sweet boy.
Okay? So you go home, and, uh and you'll expect to see somebody soon.
All right? Be sure to return the plate when you're finished with it.
Thank you very much for the cookies.
Come here, Mr.
Sweet kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Thank you.
He-he is.
He's-he's good.
Bye now.
Bye now.
I personally would've gone with the, um the gay thing to keep our cover.
You hungry? Let's get some dinner.
You choose.
Any place you want.
What do you want? Uh, Chinese sounds good.
I get a headache from the MSG.
Uh how 'bout, uh how 'bout that pizza place that doesn't suck? Oh, I got it.
I got it, I got it, I got it.
You ever had Indian food? You're doing it wrong.
I'm doing it wrong? Watch me.
Get a piece of naan.
You dip it in the masala, okay? We got a little chicken there.
Get your chicken.
Put it inside, make a little meat pocket, however you want to do it.
Then you go mango chutney.
Mango chutney.
Put it on top.
That's it.
That's how you do it.
Huh? Uh-huh.
What's the matter? You don't like it.
No, I like it very much.
It's probably one of best things I've ever tasted in my entire life.
In fact, I don't know how it is that I've gone this long in my life without experiencing such exotic flavors.
Huh? All right, so what's the problem? The problem? What's with your face? Well, the problem might be 'cause you said I could choose where we eat.
What? "You choose.
" You said, "You choose.
" You said, "You pick.
" And I picked a bunch of places, you knocked them all down, and then you picked a place that you wanted Oh, I'm glad you think it's funny.
Are you kidding me? No.
It's dinner, Danny.
What are you talking about? Well, no, that's the thing.
It's not just dinner, okay? This is what's called relationship dominance.
Okay? It's like you having to drive my car.
You always got to drive my car.
You got to be in control, Steve.
Okay? You get that from your workbook? I did get it from my workbook, okay? It's a very enlightening chapter, okay? It's all about personality types.
Oh, you're gonna read it to me? Tell me this doesn't sound like you, okay? "ESTJ, or Guardian types, "are confident, dependable, loyal.
"Natural leaders.
"Tend to put forth much effort in fulfilling their duties and obligations.
" I'm sorry, can I stop you for a second? Am I supposed to be offended? 'Cause you just made me sound awesome.
Well, those are the strengths.
Now I'll get to the weaknesses.
"Not naturally in tune with what others are feeling.
"Difficulty expressing emotions.
Difficulty accepting criticism.
" Hey, can I eat my meal? Sound familiar? Yeah, you should.
Can I eat my food in peace, all right? It's fine.
The Look.
Layman's terms, you are a whacked-out control freak, okay? Yeah? But I love you, and I really thank you a lot for introducing me to this saag paneer or whatever it's called.
You're welcome.
Agnes isn't due back till next week.
I'm sorry.
I must have the wrong place.
I'm pretty sure that's not possible, considering you just let yourself in with a key.
So what's up, fellas? Uh, I'm house-sitting for my Aunt Agnes.
Who are you? Oh, I'm Ricky.
From downstairs.
Agnes has me check in on Mr.
Pickles while she's out of town.
Guy needs lots of play and stimulation or he gets a little moody, you know? Cats are, like, highly intelligent.
He's a dog guy.
Lame sauce, bro.
Cats are where it's Ats.
Come here, little feller.
Can you stop making that noise, please? Mee.
Please? All right.
I'm gonna feed my main Menehune here, and then I'll let you dudes get back to your chow.
Let's see.
Where did Agnes leave that cat food? You looking for this? Oh, no.
That's the, uh, catnip, bro.
So I don't know how I feel about this.
You're storing dope at my, uh my aunt's place? It's pretty genius, right? That way, the cops can never put me in the same room as the icky sticky.
Ergo, Icky Ricky never gets caught with the sticky.
You dudes want to smoke a bowl real quick? Family style? Uh, I'm good.
He-he gets crazy paranoid.
Oh, hey, man, if green ain't your scene, I can hook you up with something else.
Anything you want.
I got a connect.
Even have a guy that can get you snakes and ferrets.
Yeah? They're banned in Hawaii, you know? Because they're invasive species.
We know that.
Yeah, man, you dudes know what's what.
Let me give you my card.
"Ricky Schiff.
Travel agent.
" You want to go on a "trip," I'm the guy to call.
Ah, yes.
That's good.
We'll call you.
We will definitely call you.
Thanks, man.
You guys enjoy.
Be good, Mr.
Pickles! Have fun! Later, skaters.
The guy who sells the weed is in 2F.
What? A-Actually, I'm here about the fern.
Commander McGarrett sent me.
You tell him I don't want a new fern.
I want the one that was stolen from me.
Oh, no, this isn't a replacement.
This is bait.
You see we're gonna set this little guy outside your door to lure the thief back.
Only, this time, we'll be watching.
Oh! Aren't you a clever boy.
Come in.
Could you describe the pteridophyte? Who? The fern.
It wasn't Adiantum, was it? Commonly known as a maidenhair fern.
See, those require regular watering, which would mean we'd be racing against a ticking clock to get it back safely.
It's just a regular fern.
Dijon or or yellow mustard? Uh Dijon, I guess.
But, uh, like I said, I already ate.
Back to the crime in question.
Do you have any enemies in the building? Someone who might have taken the fern out of revenge or maybe for leverage? Well, there's Eileen Chow-- don't get me started on her.
But we can talk about all that later.
Right now I want to talk about you.
Is there a lady in your life, maybe somebody you have your eye on? Uh no, not at the moment.
Well, get on that, bubeleh, 'cause life isn't worth the price of admission if you don't have someone to enjoy it with.
And from the looks of these pictures, you seem to have done a lot of living yourself.
I have.
I slowed down since my husband Morris passed away.
I don't get out much these days.
Cut in triangles.
My mom does that.
The good ones do.
Aw, that smells disgusting, Steve.
Who microwaves an omelet? Huh? The body needs protein.
When you're not sleeping, it needs it even more.
What is that? What are you doing? I'm doing a little, uh, quiz out of this book: uh, how well you know your partner.
It asked me to list something you were very passionate about.
Oh, yeah? What'd you write? Protein.
Excuse me? Protein.
Protein? Well, you really, uh, really peered into my soul.
Okay, what are you passionate about? Well there's things I'm passionate about.
Like what? Music.
I'm passionate about music.
That's a terrible cop-out.
I mean, everybody's passionate about music.
I like music, too.
I mean, Bon Jovi, I could tell you every song he ever wrote.
Big deal.
Oh, no.
I'm not passionate about listening to music, I'm passionate about playing music.
Oh, you play music? That's funny, just 'cause I've known you for a very long time and never seen you even close to an instrument, let alone playing one.
Well, I used to play guitar.
Actually, I was really into it.
I was quite good, too.
But you stopped.
Why'd you stop? Well, I don't know.
I just stopped, didn't I? Oh, my God.
Get in there.
Hey, man.
Huh? The two of you haven't even been here more than a day.
How the hell does it smell this bad already? Because this animal is microwaving eggs.
He Oh, man, that's just reckless.
Y'all need to get some Febreze crackin' up in here, man.
What's the matter with him? You have a cat in here! Yeah, here.
Oh, I'm highly allergic.
Sit down.
Come here.
This is a true story.
I lost my virginity on a couch like this.
Now, you'd think the plastic would be a problem.
- It's not.
- Huh.
Okay, Dopey, listen to me.
You got a meeting in 15 minutes with Emma, and you're gonna make that meeting, you understand? But you're gonna tell her you need another 24 hours to get the money together.
Guys, no, I-I already stalled her once.
If I don't give her the money, she's gonna shoot me in the face.
Okay, it's a risk we're willing to take.
Either you're playing me, or you're a really terrible fence.
Which one is it, Barry? Sweetheart, relax, I'll have the money by tomorrow.
Every cent, I swear.
You better, Barry, or I'm gonna hunt you down and put a bullet in you.
Now, get the hell out.
All right, all right, I'll get it.
All right, Lou, he's coming down.
Looks like she's making a call.
You get it? No.
Son of a bitch says he needs one more day.
What if he's stalling? What if he knows I lied about what happened? Relax.
If he suspected anything, he wouldn't have even shown.
Just reschedule your flight for tomorrow, and I'll see you in a couple weeks.
No, I can't wait that long.
I'll see you tonight.
So, what happened? It doesn't matter.
That's the-the broad from the jewelry shop.
That's Mia Price.
Okay, so this was an inside job.
She helped them rob her own store.
I didn't ask you over to talk about Barry.
Oh, uh looks like she's getting more than just a piece of the action, huh? I took another look at the security footage, and check this out.
Right before the robbery, Price glances at her watch.
And then take a look at what else she does.
She calls the guard over so he won't be by the silent alarm.
And she doesn't know he's an ex-cop, that's he's not gonna lay down if his job is to protect the place.
Now, financials show that the business had been struggling for years, but just two weeks ago, Price maxed out her credit on a huge order with her diamond supplier.
Just in time for the robbery.
All right, so Price helps these guys pull this thing off for a cut.
She also gets her insurance money.
Nobody knows nothing.
Everybody wins.
Except somewhere along the way, Emma decides to hook up with Price and cut Ivanovich out of the equation, right? It's a bold move, taking out a Serbian badass.
I'm guessing that Price had no idea who she was double-crossing.
Hello there.
How can I help you exercise your Second Amendment rights this evening? I fell asleep.
I miss anything? Apparently not.
They stopped for a water break about half an hour ago.
That's good.
You got to stay hydrated.
Very important.
See this? This is bad for us men in general.
This is what gives us a bad name.
that includes a drink.
That's three hours-- make us look terrible.
This is impossible.
We can't do this.
You, uh you reading the workbook? No.
No? It was over here, now it's over there; you had to do something with it.
When you fell asleep, you dropped it on the floor.
I moved it for you over here.
You didn't look at it? I look at it? Maybe yeah, I looked at it a little bit.
I skimmed through it a little bit; I was bored.
What'd you think? Uh That's it? You're unbelievable.
I mean, I-I have seen you personally put yourself in every conceivable life-threatening situation without batting an eye, like it's nothing.
But when it comes to talking about your feelings, forget about it, you'd rather chew cyanide.
Huh? Forget it.
Wake me up if they stop or do something interesting, or.
open up their curtains.
You want to know why I don't play guitar anymore? Yes, I would like to know why you don't play guitar anymore.
Tenth grade talent show.
I signed up to perform.
I practiced the song every day for months and months, and the day finally came around.
I was standing in the wings.
My guitar was in tune.
They called my name, I walked out on stage.
I turn around and look at all those people.
And I couldn't do it.
I couldn't do it, so I walked off and never played guitar ever again.
That's it? That's it.
Tenth grade, you had stage fright, so you never played guitar ever again? I didn't have stage fright; it was bigger than that.
I'm telling you, man, it was a, uh You know, I guess it was an existential crisis.
I just, in that moment, I couldn't handle the-the vulnerability that I was experiencing.
I couldn't handle how exposed I felt.
I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I thought it was gonna kill me.
Look, man, I was raised differently than you, okay? I wasn't raised in a house with a supportive family encouraging me to share my feelings.
And in your case, every feeling.
The McGarrett men are a different breed.
They To them, showing emotion is like showing weakness, you know? I mean, it's stupid, but it's just the way it is.
Mm, I understand that, um I just figure after everything we've been through, you know-- your father, my brother, everything-- I figured maybe I was, you know, somebody that you could open up to, is all, you know? I just did.
Where's the cat? Oof.
I swear I didn't leave it open on purpose.
Yeah, yeah, that's him.
If I had just gotten to my piece fast enough, you guys would be taking him out of here in a bag.
Okay, Norm, do you, uh do you know what he stole? Guns, ammo? He took a lot more than just guns.
It sounds like Ivanovich is gearing up for a war.
According to Norm, he stole small and large arms, body armor, explosives-- the works.
Sounds like an awful lot of firepower to go after one girl.
Looks like Price is on the move.
Okay, I'll keep eyes on her and put a detail on the store.
See you guys later.
I'll get it.
You'll get it? Were you expecting someone? What up, playboy? What the hell is this? Cat's sense of smell is 14 times stronger than a human's.
And that sweet scent of Agnes is gonna bring Mr.
Pickles back home.
Stay frosty.
You called the drug dealer to find Mr.
Pickles? And why did I have to do that, Danny? No, no, no.
Don't do this, okay? It's not my fault, it's your fault.
How is this my fault Mr.
Pickles got out? You're the reason; you left the window open.
Well, I wouldn't have had to leave the window open if you hadn't decided it was a good idea to make a microwave omelet.
You know what, this whole passive-aggressive thing? I'm done.
I'm tired.
It's tired.
All right, let's do aggressive-aggressive.
You want that? How do you want to do it? 'Cause I could What the hell are you doing?! It's not our girl.
I got it.
Two floors down.
Apartment on the end.
Not good.
We got to do something.
We just got played.
Pulse is fading.
This is Detective Williams.
I got a shooting victim at 2119 Kuhio Avenue, Stay with us.
Diamonds are gone.
She's dead.
Stop, right there.
You thought you could steal from me? Got a feeling I know where he's going next.
Mia Price, you're under arrest.
Hands behind your back.
Wait, what? What's going on? You have the right to remain Si How big is your safe? You double-crossed me.
Where was I? That's right.
You have the right to remain silent.
Thanks, Duke.
Hey, what are you guys doing here? Well, uh, we're-we're cops.
That's really bad.
For me, I mean.
Well, it's not good for you.
Despite incriminating yourself in half a dozen felonies, you found Mr.
Pickles and you brought him back, so for that we're gonna give you a pass.
Thank you.
But you got to give all the names of your suppliers to Lukela here.
Sell my boys out? No way.
Not gonna happen, bruddah.
I'm no snitch.
This should be obvious, but if you don't cooperate, you go to jail.
Who's got a pen? There are a lot of names.
I'm really sorry, but I'm afraid this mystery may go unsolved.
Oh, well, that's okay, bubeleh.
What's important is that you tried.
You know, Ruth, I know it's easy to focus on the things we're missing.
But it's really important to appreciate what's around us.
Because when you actually get out there, you know, and take a look it can be really beautiful.
You're right.
Thank you.
Tell you the truth, I don't even think there was a fern.
I just think she wanted someone to talk to.
You know what, whatever you did, it worked.
She seems happy.
Good job, Jerry.
Well done.
Thank you.
So she asks her husband, "What does Mrs.
Goldberg have that I don't?" And the old man looks at her and he says, "Parkinson's.
" Jerry, your friend here has a filthy sense of humor.
And we fully approve, by the way.
This is some good-looking treif.
Let's start you off with a piece of resistance.
My garlic shrimp.
Take it easy on the garlic.
I'm thinking of making a move on that silver fox over there.
I think he was checking you out, too.
I got to go, guys.
I got something with Danny I got to take care of.
You late for an argument? Oh, the marriage counseling.
How's that going? Yeah, you rekindling your romance? Yeah, yeah, very good, guys.
I'm confused.
I thought they weren't married.
No, they're not.
They just fight like an old couple.
Got your homework ready? Dog ate it.
Look, I got something for you.
You got something for me? I do.
There you go.
What is this? What is it? Well, it's a tuba, you schmuck.
What does it look like? You got me a tuba? Yeah.
Danny, Danny, Danny.
Huh? Huh? Danny, that's, uh Nice, right? Nice? Yeah.
It's-it's beautiful.
You kidding me? Figured you start playing again, maybe play that song you never got to play.
This is really, uh This is I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Let's go before the, uh, lady has a panic attack.
Hey, man, thank you, all right? Uh-huh.
Oh, listen, by the way, why don't you drive.
I drive.
Definitely a breakthrough here, Steve.
Just don't get too excited, all right? I'm still controlling the radio.
All right.

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