Hawaii Five-0 s05e19 Episode Script

Kahania (Close Shave)

First man, walk to the far end, then turn towards the glass.
The rest of you, fill in.
Number four, please step forward.
Step back.
Number five, please step forward.
Number five, turn to your left.
That's him.
Are you positive? Absolutely.
I'd never forget that face.
I'm telling you, McGarrett, it's all wrong.
I mean, it's like nobody's got time to appreciate anything anymore.
Take this spot they got over on Kuhio.
Calls itself "Quick Cuts.
" They actually advertise that they get you in and out of the place in 15 minutes.
I mean, you go there, different person cuts your hair every single time.
There's no personal touch, there's no familiarity.
Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition.
No, no, of course not, but it's bad for the culture.
You know, people forget.
The barbershop is an important social institution in this country.
It's a community gathering place.
Oh, my customers-- they come here, they hang out, they talk story.
No one's ever in a hurry to leave, and you know why? It's one of the last bastions where a man can truly unplug from the world.
You know, even if it's just for a trim and a shave.
You with me, Commander? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm with you.
I'm sorry.
I'm just, uh it's it's been a tough week.
Hey, you got the couch.
I'm-I'm here to listen.
No, no, no, it's nothing.
It's nothing.
No, no, no, no, no.
Nothing's nothing-- this is about something come on.
Well, yeah, it's about something.
It's about my mother, is what it's about.
We all got 'em.
Yeah, not like this one, we don't.
Ah, I hear you.
What do you think of the new place? I like it.
Yeah? Yeah, it's nice.
More space, less rent It's a win-win.
All right, this is cold, okay? But it's gonna help seal up those pores.
Now just relax.
All right.
Nice? There you go.
That's good.
Then, I'm gonna give you my special aftershave.
I cut up a little hibiscus, I toss it in there.
Freshens up the skin.
Nice, huh? Whoa.
How's that? Feel that? Uh, yeah.
All right.
That's nice.
Real nice, buddy.
Mahalo a nui, bruddah.
Mahalo a nui.
You open up early, you sacrifice your morning paddle, all for my schedule.
I appreciate it.
I'm touched.
Hey, man, my Grandpa Jack always said, "This is a people business.
" You clean up nice, McGarrett.
Not bad, huh? I like to think of myself as an artist.
You know, some canvases are better than others.
Speaking of which, I would love to get my shears on that partner of yours.
Oh That cat got a hell of a head of hair.
I've been chasing him around with a pair of scissors for five years now.
He's very precious about that do.
Trust me, but he'll be back in a week.
I'll tell him you offered.
So, what are we gonna do today? High and tight.
And don't touch the burns, right? Yeah.
Please, you got to help me.
They're coming to kill me.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) That's right, keep your weight off it.
It's bleeding really bad, man.
Give me a towel.
What's your name, kid? It's Eran.
Eran? Who shot you, Eran? Uh, I don't know.
These guys.
What guys? I don't know.
They had guns.
I saw them shoot someone.
They killed him.
And now, they're after me.
Call 911.
I can't do that.
Why can't you do that? I had a falling out with the phone company years ago, and I don't do cell phones, okay? Here.
Blue Silverado across the street.
My cell phone's in there, all right? Commander, I think we may have a problem.
What are you talking about? Keep pressure on this, all right? Yeah, we definitely have a problem.
Oh, no.
That's them! Take him behind the wall there, and stay down; stay down.
Stay where you are.
This is Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
Drop your weapons.
We just want the kid.
Hand him over, and we walk away.
That's not gonna happen! You know the story of the three little pigs, Commander McGarrett? Then you know this is going to end badly for you.
How can you not have a phone? All my regulars have standing appointments.
The rest are walk-ins, okay? How could you leave yours in the car, Commander?! 'Cause this is the barbershop.
This is where we come to unplug from the rest of the world, do you remember?! Oh, yeah.
Now, you're gonna use my words against me? Nice.
Kid, you got a phone? No.
Of course not.
Some days are just born bad! Oh.
Thank God, Chin.
Look, I had nothing to do with these home invasions.
I'm being railroaded here.
You got to believe me! Relax, Jer.
Eyewitnesses are unreliable, and Duke told me that you were just a plant.
Nobody thinks you're guilty.
We just need to play this out.
This is what I get for trying to make a little extra coin.
a lineup stand-in, and now I'm gonna spend the rest of my life in the joint.
You are not going to jail, Jer.
We just have to provide HPD with an alibi, so, were you with anybody last night between the hours of Yeah, I-I was with Max.
So, sit tight, I'll be back.
And from now on, no more lineups, okay? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What do you mean, you'll be back? You're leaving me here?! SOP, Jer.
HPD is gonna want to keep you here until your alibi checks out.
No, no, listen to me good, Chin.
You walk out that door, you may as well find yourself another roomie.
I've watched enough Locked Up Abroad to know I'll be doing 30 years for a crime I didn't commit.
I'll be like the next Hurricane, which would be cool if Bob Dylan wrote a song about me.
Bob Dylan is not gonna write a song about you.
You're right.
His recent work's less political.
It's more introspective.
Just promise me you'll look after my mom for me.
I promise.
Now try to relax.
I'll be back.
How's his leg? Still bleeding, man.
You got to pack that wound, and then put more pressure on it.
Pack? Pack with what? What do you got? You got gauze out there? What? Cotton balls.
There's cotton balls right here on the counter.
Hey, bring 'em in! Come and get the cotton balls! All right, listen I'm sorry, kid.
I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for smoking weed.
Okay? I never done this before.
But okay, okay? Is that all right? Uh-huh.
Here we go.
All right, here we go.
Easy, easy, easy.
You must be running low on ammo, Commander.
You can't hold us off forever.
Save yourself.
Give us the kid.
HPD's gonna be here in a minute! And trust me, they won't be low on rounds.
I don't think they bought that.
Where's this door lead? Hallway to the back door.
All right, we got to get Eran to the hospital, all right? I'm gonna lay down cover fire, you guys get out of here.
What are you, insane? You're not gonna come with us? Their guns are bigger than yours, man.
The minute I turn my back and stop firing on these guys, they're gonna come in here and they're gonna kill us, you understand? They're gonna track us down and kill us.
By now, somebody would have called in these shots fired.
I got enough ammo to hold 'em off until HPD arrives.
Well, what if nobody called the cops? Why are you arguing with me? This kid's losing blood while you're arguing with me, he's gonna die if you don't get him to the hospital.
Okay, all right.
I guess we're going, kid.
You okay? One One Let's go.
Two Two! Come on.
Let's go! All right, here we go.
Abort! Abort! Easy.
Okay, easy, easy, easy.
All right, all right, all right sit down.
All right, all right.
I'm gonna fix that.
I'm gonna fix that.
What are you doing back here? Why are you here? I came to say good-bye.
They got guys out back.
I secured the door but we can't go out that way.
How long till those cops you were talking about show up? I don't know.
It's a commercial area.
You're the only store open right now.
The closest residential isn't for a few blocks.
So I'm thinking the HPD's gonna take a few minutes to pinpoint our exact location.
Seriously? I think it's safe to say we're the only shop on the Island that's under siege right now.
How you doing on ammo? I think I got about three rounds left.
Well, can we recycle these things? There's like a million of 'em in here.
I'm gonna pretend you didn't just say that.
Okay, I'm just trying to help, all right? Okay, you want to help? Find us a way out of here.
The gate.
We can secure ourselves inside.
What gate? I got a security gate outside.
It rolls down at night to keep the undesirables outside of my shop.
Okay, I'm gonna ask you a question.
What do you call these, huh? What do you call these guys out the front with the big guns? Huh? Okay, forgive me for not mentioning it sooner, all right? I'm not exactly thinking straight.
It's not every day I have bullets flying at my head.
All right, all right.
Is it automatic? Tell me it's automatic.
What do you think? All right, all I need is to open the front door, pull the gate down, that's it.
All right, move fast, keep your head down.
Inspiring words, thank you.
On my mark.
I don't know what that means.
It means when I say go, go.
Well say that, then.
Okay, when I say go go.
One, two three.
Fast enough for you? That was good, that was fast.
But you didn't say "go".
You said, "One, two, three.
" You said you were gonna say "go".
You're right, I'm sorry.
Hey, Max.
Oh, Lieutenant Kelly.
To what do I owe this pleasure? What, you win a scratch-off lotto, Max? Me? No, no, uh, just another successful sale on eBay.
You get cash for your eBay sales? It's an option.
Lieutenant, is there anything I can assist you with? Actually, yes.
Uh, you were with Jerry last night and I Jerry Ortega? Uh Y No, I wasn't.
I'm afraid I wasn't with him at all.
I haven't seen him for-for a week Max.
Max, Jerry said that the two of you were together and he is in trouble.
It's very important that you tell me the truth right now.
What kind of trouble? I'm asking the questions, Max.
Um we were together.
There was a Magic: The Gathering tournament.
I was merely there to witness the impressive skill and gamesmanship of the players, while Mr.
Ortega had gambling on his mind.
And you gambled, too.
Oh, uh, I-I was gonna deposit the cash after work.
Uh, I I-I'm not proud of it but I can't deny being swept up in the competitive atmosphere.
I mean, the athletics on display were top-notch and one of the Planeswalkers was riding a hot hand.
You could just keep on I have no idea what you're talking about and I don't care about the gambling.
Jerry has been accused of a string of home invasions.
One of which occurred last night while the two of you were at your magic show.
You're his alibi, Max.
I need you to give a statement to HPD.
Of course.
I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help Jerry.
Provided the gambling doesn't go on my exemplary record.
I'll tell you what-- You make a donation to the HPD Widow and Orphans Fund and we'll just keep it between us.
You mean a percentage.
All of it.
That's what I meant.
Drink this.
Drink it.
You got to stay hydrated, all right? Am I Am I gonna die? No, you're not gonna die.
We're gonna get you through this, all right? Here.
Wh What is that? It's a styptic pen.
It's used to stop bleeding.
Usually just nicks from shaves, but, uh, it might help.
It's gonna burn like hell, though, all right? We're gonna give it a try.
All right.
All right, that's good.
That's good.
Look at me, Eran, look at me.
Look at me, look at me.
It hurts.
Yeah, I know.
I know it hurts, but you got to forget about that, though, okay? Forget about the pain.
Think about something else.
This morning-- what happened this morning, Eran? Talk to me about this morning.
Everything you remember.
Um Um I-I work the a.
shift at the at the Hoapili Bakery on Palolo Avenue.
I I, uh, I went out back to dump the trash from the overnight crew and I saw a couple of men in the alley.
They They were beating on this guy.
But they they didn't know I was there.
What happened after that? They They executed him.
Just shot him right in the head.
I-I panicked, dropped the trash, and they saw me.
So I ran as fast as I could.
I keep thinking I should have done something.
You know? Maybe Maybe that guy would still be alive.
Listen to me, these men that you saw in the alley-- did you recognize them? Yeah, but I I don't know any of their names.
Just-Just that they're part of some Armenian gang.
They pretty much run my whole neighborhood.
Now they know where I work, my face Even if I get out of this I'm dead.
No, you're not.
I'm not gonna let that happen, all right? And you're not bleeding anymore, either.
That's two bits of good news.
You got any duct tape? Who doesn't have duct tape? Okay, get me a roll of duct tape, get me a fresh towel, all right? You got it.
How you doing? You all right? Hey, you're doing great.
All right.
You all right? You, uh ever hear the name Garig Dobrian? No.
Used to be a major player in the Armenian Mob in L.
, moved down here a few years ago to hang his own shingle.
Word is he's ruthless.
Drugs, shakedowns, insurance scams-- got his hands in all of it.
He owns the Rainbow Valley Supermarket over on Palolo Avenue, but, uh, that place is just a front.
Wait a minute, you think Dobrian had something to do with this guy getting killed? Well, nothing gets done without him giving the order.
And if he's the one who told these guys to come after Eran, they ain't gonna stop till he's dead.
That can't be good.
He's coming over here.
I'm gonna open the gate.
You shoot him.
What am I gonna shoot him with? I don't have any bullets.
What the hell's he doing? Central to 2 Bravo 156.
Anonymous 911 callers reporting gunfire in the vicinity of the Calls being received as far away as the 2000 block.
Great, great, great, great, great, great, great.
See this mug? I got this in Munich.
I spent the evening with one of the most beautiful frauleins I'd ever seen.
One of the top five nights of my life.
I Shh.
You hear something? No.
Well, why are you shushing me? Because I'm trying to hear something.
Really sorry I dragged you into this.
Uh, you you were the only place open.
I-I didn't have anywhere else to go.
Don't sweat it, kid.
It's all just stuff.
Nothing that can't be replaced.
Hey, you're lucky you stumbled in here.
You got Hawaii's finest on your side.
Now we just need some of that luck to get us the hell out of here.
Bravo 156 going portable at the 1200 block.
Thank God.
No, no, there's something something's not right.
Something's not right.
They knew I was a cop, they didn't hesitate to open fire.
What, now they're just gonna let one roll up? Well, maybe they saw him coming and took off.
No way.
No way.
Buddy, hey! Hey! Hey, buddy, get out of there! - Get out of there! - It's a trap! It's a Hm.
Central to 156.
What's your status? Put him in the trunk.
What's your status? What's your status? We have a 10-8 60.
All right, 10-4, 156.
You're good to go.
Hey, what what's 10-8 60 mean? It means no one else is coming.
Just great.
Get rid of it.
So I sent Max down to HPD to give his statement, and I started looking into these home invasions that Jerry's been accused of.
There's a disturbing trend.
All three women were robbed over the past few days, and each incident was more violent than the one before it.
Last night's victim was sent to the hospital with a fractured skull.
She's still in the ICU.
We gotta stop this before the next victim ends up on a metal slab in front of Max.
Okay, so what do we know about the victims? Well, they all live in different neighborhoods, they all work in different fields; two of the three grew up on the mainland.
But they do have one thing in common.
They're all recently divorced and living alone.
Safe and easy targets.
Okay, so, two divorced women is a coincidence.
Three is a pattern.
That must be how he's choosing them.
So, the next step is figuring out how our guy knows that they're all recently divorced.
Well, divorce records are filed down at the family court.
Whoever did this probably has access.
Look at that.
All three women used the exact same law firm-- Kaio and Reed.
Somebody inside that law firm is behind this.
Eran ain't looking too good, man.
Yeah, that's why we got to get him the hell out of here.
Where's that lead to? That's the A/C unit.
I'm telling you, there's only two ways out of here.
Okay, listen to me, all right? The HPD is not coming anytime soon, which means we're on our own.
And waiting any more is no longer an option.
The longer we stay here, the better the chance we all end up dead.
Okay, what are you gonna do? You gonna crawl through the, uh, air duct? Yes, if I have to, yes.
There's a store next door, right? A florist.
I'm thinking this connects to the florist, and if I can get over there, maybe I can use their phone and call 911.
You see where I'm going with this? Help me.
Oh Careful.
I'm sorry.
All right? What is this? You're a lawyer? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm a lawyer.
Is that so hard to believe? Well, I mean, it's a barbershop, so, yeah, kinda.
I just blew your mind, didn't I? You know, most people hang it on the wall, you know.
Yeah, well, I'm not too fond of mine, and I just haven't had the nerve to toss it in the trash where it belongs, okay? There's a story there.
There's a long and boring story there, one that ends up with me owning a barbershop on a rock in the middle of the Pacific.
Do me a favor? You got a Phillips? Uh, yeah.
So, what, you spend 100 grand on a degree, but you realize you like breaking the law more than practicing it? I think we're done talking about this.
What are you talking about? I told you about my mother.
You didn't tell me anything about your mother.
Okay, well, she aided and abetted a man who was trying to kill me for years, and then she went into hiding so I couldn't call her on it.
Your turn.
My father's a big-shot defense attorney.
Park Avenue penthouse, summers in the Hamptons, first-class everything.
But that's not where he came from, and he resented the fact that he was a barber's son.
He didn't consider that a noble profession.
All that matters to him is how much money you make.
He sent me to all the best schools-- Horace Mann, NYU, Fordham Law.
Didn't matter what I wanted.
He was calling the shots.
After I graduated, I had enough-- wela ka hao.
Life's too short, huh? Yeah.
Getting shorter by the minute.
That is not encouraging.
It's, uh it's too small a space for me to fit into.
So what are we gonna do? Uh, guys? Guys! They're coming in.
What? What do you mean "They're coming in.
"? How? We need to get him into the storage room.
Let's go.
Ready? Up, up.
Go! You sure this is gonna work? Hair dye's got peroxide.
Aftershave's, like, 60% alcohol.
Might as well be Scotch.
Trust me, it's gonna burn.
So you're a barber, you're a lawyer, and you're an explosives expert? Yeah, my Grandpa Jack was a barber stationed in England during WWII.
Uncle Sam liked the boys cleaned up before heading to the front lines.
He was assigned to the Combat Demolition Unit.
One of his regulars taught him how to make a Molotov Cocktail using hair dye and aftershave.
Jack always said, "A piece of knowledge is better than a good tip.
" Good thing you were paying attention, huh? There we go.
I'm a pacifist.
She's all yours.
You got a light? Good luck.
Odell! Huh? We gotta move! Come on! Mahalo, Grandpa Jack.
Neighbors are gonna be pissed.
All right, here, here.
This is Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
I have a 10-15 at 1284 Queen Street.
I need an ambulance and all available units.
McGarrett! Okay.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
You're gonna be fine.
But we got no time to wait for an ambulance.
Where's your car? Across the street.
Follow me.
Let's go.
All right, guys, just hang in there.
It's almost over.
All right, listen to me-- get him to King's Medical Center and take this, just in case.
I told you, I'm a pacifist.
I don't do guns.
Today, you do guns.
Take it.
You're going after Garig Dobrian, aren't you? Yeah.
Be careful, brutha.
Now, go.
So I hear you had a very interesting phone call the other night.
Gabriel Waincroft.
Guy thinks he did me a favor by killing Coughlin.
He did.
By murdering that detective and then disappearing, he single-handedly ended IA's investigation against you.
You know that sick son of a bitch is gonna want something for it now, right? He didn't say.
Not yet.
You know what, the only thing I owe that guy is a set of cuffs.
All three women had different attorneys working their divorce, however, one of our clerks, Levi Papani, assisted on all of the cases.
My assistant's getting him now.
We appreciate that.
So, Levi, how long's he been working at your firm? Little over a year.
Any problems? He's a good kid.
Graduated top of his class at Berkeley Law.
We all think he's got a bright future here.
I was told you wanted to see me.
Come in, Levi.
This is Lieutenant Kelly and Captain Grover of Five-O-- they have some questions for you.
Actually, uh I think there's been a mistake.
Oh, yeah.
The man we're looking for is a really big guy, about 300 pounds, six feet, long curly hair.
You got anybody else at the firm who fits that description? Not that I know of.
Actually there is someone.
Taua's my first cousin on my Makuahine's side.
I got him a job in the mail room as a favor for my auntie.
I knew this was a bad idea.
Why's that? He was always in trouble as a kid, getting in fights at school, in and out of juvie Oh, yeah, I can see why you'd figure you'd get him a job at a law firm.
Good thinking.
Like I said, he's 'ohana.
My auntie swore he got his act together.
So far there hasn't been any trouble.
There he is.
Taua Lahani.
Yeah? Five-O.
Let's talk story.
I stuck my neck out for you.
Put my reputation on the line.
And you decided to repay that favor by going through your cousin's case files and finding out a few clients who were living alone, fresh off a big settlement.
I'm thinking you saw an opportunity and you took it.
Oh, you thinking about taking off? Go ahead, go ahead.
You take one step toward that door, I swear I will throw you a beating you'll never forget-- big, strong guy like you preying on defenseless women.
No, I don't think you got the stones to run, do you? I didn't think so.
All right, maybe the hair, but the rest of it Turn around.
Get 'em behind your back.
Garig Dobrian? Yeah, that's me.
Who are you? Commander McGarrett, Five-O.
Put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers.
You're under arrest.
Turn around.
Turn around! What exactly am I being charged with, Commander? On your knees! Huh? What are you being charged with? Yeah.
Take your pick.
Your men executed somebody this morning, and then ordered them to murder the kid who witnessed it.
And in the process, they killed a police officer.
I'm sorry to hear about that police officer, but I had nothing to do with it.
Now, the murder this morning-- it never happened.
Shut up! I got a witness who puts your men at the scene.
No, you don't understand.
My-my son lied to you.
What'd you say? My son lied to you.
The boy you were trying to protect at the barbershop-- that's my son.
He's your son? Why would you want to kill your own son? Eran is Answer me! He's a sick boy, touched by the Devil! What are you talking about? You're a police officer, right? Must have heard about those children who went missing from my neighborhood.
What's that got to do with Eran? Everything.
Eran he took them.
Then he murdered them.
Why should I believe you? What father would want this to be true for his own son, huh? When I when I found out, I had to make it right, but my associates failed to stop him.
Please tell me you did.
We're almost there, kid.
What are you doing, Eran? Oh, I think I'm feeling a lot better.
Now, make a right.
I'm on your side, kid.
I've been on your side all day long.
Now, we need to get you to a doctor.
Shut up.
Whatever it is you think you're doing, man, this is not gonna help you.
I promise you, this is not gonna help you at all.
Just get on.
What, you're stealing a boat now? It's my father's.
Now get on.
What'd you do, kid? What did you do? Eran! Whatever you did, can it be that bad? Do you really think it's that bad? Whatever you're running from Look you either move now, or you die here.
I mean, we'll fix it.
We'll tell McGarrett I won't ask you again.
I'm not getting on the boat! Don't do it, Eran, don't do it! Drop your weapon.
That's not gonna happen! You come any closer, and I'll shoot him.
You shoot him, I shoot you.
You don't shoot him, I still shoot you.
We understand each other? Hey! You get back, you hear me?! I said get back! Hey.
You all right? Yeah.
Come on, Odell.
Thanks, man.
You all right? I don't know.
I thought you were a pacifist.
Today, I'm making an exception.
What'd he do? You're a free man, Jer.
Don't mess with me, Chin, I'm extremely fragile right now.
No, we caught the guy who did it.
Really? Really.
Come on, I'll give you a ride home.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
You're the best friend anyone could ask for.
You're welcome, Jer.
You're welcome.
I can't believe it.
This nightmare's finally over.
I want my first meal as a free man to be tacos.
No, pizza.
Pizza tacos.
You've only been here a couple of hours.
Is that? Yep.
I don't see it.
He's dead, right? I'm sorry.
He was a monster.
He was still my son.
Thank you.
Thank you for doing what I couldn't.
If you, uh if you really want to thank me, help me close this case.
Help me get closure for the families of Eran's victims.
How? How can I do that? I need evidence.
I need you to show me whatever it was that you found that told you Eran did what he did.

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