Hawaii Five-0 s07e06 Episode Script

Ka Hale Ho'Okauweli (House of Horrors)

1 (engine shuts off) Good afternoon, ma'am.
We've received a number of noise complaints regarding this address.
Is everything okay? Your husband home? Ma'am, please step aside.
We're going to have to come in.
(speaking Japanese) Ma'am, we won't ask you again.
Open the door and step aside now.
GIRL: Go away.
Go away.
Please go away.
Go away.
(speaking Japanese) (speaking Japanese) Hey.
You okay? You need to leave.
You're going to make them angry.
Who? (whooshing) (speaking Japanese) What the hell was that? What's she saying? She says this place is haunted.
(tinkling) (”Ta Hu Wa Hu Wai” by Eddie Pongrac playing) Get her out of here! Now! (shouting in Japanese) Please stop.
Don't hurt him.
Please don't.
Please don't hurt him.
All right.
Well, I'm gonna go ahead and say that none of that actually happened.
I will have you know that my old man got the story directly from the desk sergeant who was working that night.
And it was in the papers the next day, so Oh, it was in the papers in 1940.
Then it must be true.
Right? Yeah.
I see what you're trying to do, and it's not it's not gonna work.
What am I trying to do? Well, uh, we are, uh, walking up to this spooky house.
It's Halloween.
And, uh, you are telling me this ghost story that you probably stole from Tales from the Crypt or Haunted Lives or something like that.
And it is your attempt, your weak attempt, to try and frighten me, which It's not gonna work, 'cause I don't frighten easily.
Hey, I'm just telling you the story, all right? Hey! Max! DANNY: Max! Back in the building.
What's up, babe? How was the sabbatical, buddy? Well, not to oversell it-- it was, without a doubt, the single greatest experience of my lifetime.
Working with the Twa people in Burundi, it forever altered my perspective on my career, my role in the world, and what it means to be human.
Well, that's fantastic.
That's awesome.
And I like You got the beard.
It looks nice.
I love it! Nice new style.
Look at the long hair.
Actually, this facial hair is part of my Halloween costume.
I'm playing the titular character of the film John Wick, which is my latest tribute to the film legacy of STEVE/MAX: Keanu Reeves.
I've seen this one, and I-I like the attention to detail, with the wedding ring and everything.
You are correct in noting that this wedding ring was worn by the character John Wick even after the untimely passing of his wife.
However, I'm wearing it because I married Sabrina.
Excuse me? Way to bury the lead, Max.
Mazel tov, buddy.
That's, uh that's fantastic.
Congratulations, Max.
That's awesome.
Hey, Chin, guess what.
Max and Sabrina tied the knot.
What? That's great news! Hey.
Ho'omaika'i 'Ana, Max.
Uh, I want to hear all about it.
Right now we got work to do.
Uh, body's this way.
64 years old.
And before she retired, she made a name for herself as a TV medium.
Oh, of course.
I remember all the late-night ads for her psychic hotline.
I guess it makes sense that someone like her would choose to live in a house with this kind of a history, huh? What history? Uh, 1940 haunting.
Everybody on the island knows about the well-documented paranormal incident.
Everybody except for Detective Williams.
Let's just stick to reality, like what actually happened on Earth in this house tonight.
We're still trying to make sense of the scene, but, so far, it looks like a home invasion.
Now, our victim called 911 early in the evening to report an intruder.
But by the time HPD got here, she was already dead.
And the weird part is, the alarm was still armed and there's no signs of forced entry.
Okay, well, do we have any idea how the intruder got in and out of the house? Dispatch just sent me a recording of the 911 call.
You got to hear this.
(beep) DISPATCHER: 911, what's your location and emergency? WOMAN: It's back.
It's in my house.
DISPATCHER: Ma'am, are you saying there's someone inside your home? Yes.
Yes, it's it's come for me.
It's come.
DISPATCHER: Okay, I need you to get to a safe place and lock the door.
(crying): Oh, my God! (woman screaming) (beep) “It's back,” huh? Yeah.
If I got an intruder in my house, I'm saying “he” or “she”" I'm not calling it “it”" This is peculiar.
What is it, Max? Well, uh, well, this is just my preliminary observation.
I would have to do a full autopsy in order to give a definitive analysis.
To me, it seems that she died of a sudden and catastrophic cardiac arrest.
So nobody laid a finger on her? No.
I-In fact, based on the disturbing phone call and the fact that her pupils are dilated, I would say that C.
was the result of overwhelming emotional stress.
Max, what are you saying, exactly? Well, what I'm trying to say is that, whatever it is that she saw, it literally scared her to death.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x06 Ka Hale Ho'Okauweli (Ho @elderman (crickets chirping) It's bad enough I'm grounded on Halloween.
Why do I need a babysitter? I'm 14.
DANNY: Okay, listen to me, if you will recall, last year, you deliberately, deliberately disobeyed your parents and you snuck off to a party, okay? So, this year you, uh, you serve your sentence.
The babysitter's just there to make sure you do your time, okay? So, I'm under house arrest? No, you're not under house arrest.
You are free to go trick-or-treating with your little brother.
This is cruel and unusual punishment.
Well, don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
All right? (doorbell dings) Doorbell.
Sounds like the babysitter's there.
I love you.
I got to go.
Okay? Have fun.
Can you help me? I seem to have lost my head.
Charlie, Jerry's here! That's right.
And I got big plans for us.
We're gonna make Halloween cookies, carve pumpkins and, of course, go trick-or-treating.
That all sounds so thrilling.
I know, right? Oh, right.
I get it.
(screaming) Great start, dude.
Uh, Nikki how long have you been Ms.
Webb's assistant? About, uh, two years now.
At first she just wanted me to organize her personal affairs and and manage her schedule, but recently, it became all about keeping her company.
She'd grown terrified of being alone in the house.
What, uh, what was she scared of? (laughs) Okay, this is gonna sound crazy but, um over the past month or so, Marjorie had become convinced that she was being haunted.
DANNY: Oh, okay.
By a ghost, naturally.
I know.
I didn't believe it, either, but then I started to see and hear things myself.
What kind of things? Weird noises.
Items disappearing then turning up somewhere else.
And a few times I heard footsteps when I knew there was no one home but me.
If it had been one or two isolated incidents I would have just dismissed it, but it kept happening.
Trust me, there is something very wrong with this house.
All right, well, uh, listen, thank you very for your time.
Thank you.
CHIN: Guys.
Let's take a look at this.
Our Vic upgraded her security over the past two weeks and had a 16-channel camera system installed.
Which is great for us 'cause, trust me, you need to see this to believe it.
Hold on.
I'm gonna cue this up to the 911 call.
It's come for me.
It's come.
(cries) Oh, my God! (screams) Pretty great we get to spend this time together, huh, Uncle D? Absolutely.
This place I've heard some crazy rumors about this place.
Oh, you mean it's haunted? It's true, it is.
Wait, what? I'm just kidding.
Come on.
Not cool, dude.
What's eating him? Nothing.
He's, uh, he scares easily.
Yeah, who's to blame for that? GROVER: What's the matter, Eric? Did your Uncle Danny do something terrible to you? No, not really just psychologically scarred me for life is all.
He has that effect on some people.
Halloween, 1995.
I was ten.
It was the first time I was able to trick-or-treat without my parents.
So, me and some friends decided to dress up as Power Rangers, which was already embarrassing enough 'cause I drew the short straw, had to go as the pink one.
It was all hunky-dory until we were a few houses in, we notice we were being followed by these creeps with masks.
So, we run, they chase us.
It ends up with me getting separated by my fellow Rangers, surrounded by a bunch of maniacs with knives and hatchets.
So, I'm guessing your Uncle Danny was, uh, one of seven maniacs? That was pretty great.
You should have seen him; he lost his mind.
I also lost control of my bladder.
Took me till high school to shake the name Pee Pee Russo.
You say I'm sadistic.
You're sick.
It was not that bad, okay? A tougher kid might not have wet his unitard.
His pink unitard.
(laughs) Eric? Eric? Hey, listen I need you to tear this place apart, find out how our perp got in and out without tripping the alarms.
All right, I can do it.
I'm on it.
All right.
(clears throat) Hey, uh, you guys, uh, sticking around, right? Yeah, no one wants you to have another accident.
Don't pay no attention to him, Pee Pee.
Ha! You guys All right, let's, let's put aside the “how” for a minute, and-and focus on the why would somebody want Marjorie Webb dead? Well, start off with, she's a con artist, she's telling people she got psychic powers, hustling folks out of their hard-earned money.
I would say the suspect pool is very broad.
GROVER: I'll dig into her financials, maybe I can compile a list.
I just dumped Marjorie's phone.
Over the past couple of weeks, she made over 40 calls to the same number.
Ghostbusters? Close.
Local priest.
This just keeps gettin' better.
Okay, you're not even gonna ask? You said it was a surprise, so, no.
I don't get you.
See, if it was me, I'd at least be a little bit curious about where we were going.
Then there'd be some questions, some light interrogation.
Kono, I spent the last ten months in nine by 12 cell with a lifer named Nugget, so when my wife tells me she's taking me on a weekend getaway, I don't ask questions.
You never told me about Nugget.
Yeah, it's not something I'm ready to talk about.
(chuckles) I'm just kidding.
He's actually a really interesting guy.
Adam! (brakes squeal) (gasps) You okay? WOMAN: Oh my God, thank you! (sobs) What happened? Back there, we had an accident.
My friend, she's still in the car.
I tried calling 911 but my phone won't work.
Okay, how far? I don't know.
About half a mile.
All right, get in.
It's this way.
No no! No, no, no, no, no.
Your friend, you said she was conscious when you left her? I think so, but but she was pinned against the wheel.
How the hell did she get out? It's blood.
Hurry! She couldn't have gone far.
(crackling) You're telling me, buddy? I gotta live with her.
She turned 14, and all of a sudden she's bipolar.
Moods all over the place.
It's nuts.
On the phone all the time, texting all the time, I don't know.
Have you considered maybe she's got a boyfriend? Uh, no.
I had not considered that, Jerry, but now that's all I'll be thinking about, so thank you.
Anyway, I haven't given up on her yet.
If anyone can put Grace in the Halloween spirit, it's good old Uncle Jer.
Hi, Danno! Hey, buddy.
Is that, uh, is that a knife in his hand, Jerry? We're carving pumpkins.
Well, to be honest, I'm doing the carving.
His is made of rubber.
Jerry, don't maim my children, okay? Do my best! Hey, Cortana! Play my pumpkin carving mix.
(beeping) (door creeks) (music continues echoing in distance) (quiet clatter) (squeaking) (loud thud, crack) Great.
(Eric screams) DANNY: What are you yelling about? Look! (buzzer sounds) (door latches) Yo I must be some kind of criminal mastermind to get pulled out of lockup for a sit-down with Five-O.
Yeah, relax, Godfather.
We're not interested in the little misdemeanor possession charge you got pinched on.
We are, however, very interested in how a low-rent junkie like yourself ends up with a $5,000 check from Marjorie Webb.
You recognize that name, there, genius? “Nathan Betts.
” See, that's you.
She make this check out on the 27th.
You went to a check cashing spot on the 28th and cashed it.
I'm sure your dealer had your money in his hand before lunch.
Yeah, yeah.
You're right about that.
What'd she pay you for, Nathan? Let's just say, um, I did some landscaping work for her.
Let's just say you're gonna need to elaborate on that.
And you're gonna have to incentivize me if you want me to talk.
Incentivize you? Okay! Well, how's this: you cooperate, and we'll take you back to county lockup to be arraigned.
Don't, and I'll personally make a call to the U.
Attorney to make sure you end up in a supermax for a very extended vacation.
How's that for a deal? (whispering): Supermax.
(sighs) (sniffs) All right.
Fair enough.
About a week ago, this, uh, this Marjorie woman approaches me on the street and asks me if I want some work.
Being the enterprising young man that I am, I say sure.
What was the job? Well, that's where it gets a little freaky.
You see, she hired me to break into a cemetery and dig up a grave.
Whose grave? NATHAN: Some guy named Eli Jones.
(thunder crashes) CHIN: Hold on, so you're saying that the body wasn't in there? That's right.
And that's not even the weirdest part of it all.
Go on.
(exhales) See, if I tell you you ain't gonna believe me.
(creaking) Well, apparently, Betts wasn't hallucinating after all.
(insects trilling) Dana? Dana! Dana? Dana? I don't get it, why would she come out this way? She could be disoriented from the crash.
ADAM: Dana! Dana! KONO: Still more blood.
Dana? Over there.
Dana? Dana? Dana? (grunts, blows falling) (groans) (grunts) (groans) (gun hammer clicks) On your knees! Hands in the air! (thud) Wait.
I I can hear him.
(higher-pitched): Mom? Dad? He's still here.
Your son Eli is still alive.
WOMAN: That's amazing! Isn't that amazing, everyone? (applause) Can you tell us anything else, Marjorie? MARJORIE: Yes.
Ah New Orleans.
It-- It's so clear.
He was there.
Just a few days ago.
(beeps) So, after this consultation with Marjorie, the Jones family spent a fortune trying to find their son Eli.
They hired a private detective, they even moved to New Orleans for six months to try and find him.
But two years and tens of thousands of dollars later, they learned that he was already dead.
In fact, he died within 48 hours of first being reported missing.
I guess Marjorie's psychic powers were on the fritz that day.
Her reputation took a pretty big hit after that.
Soon after, she retired.
I mean, what she put that family through you got to think, man, they had motive.
Yeah, they do.
Except right after they found out, the whole family moved to Canada.
I think we can rule them out as suspects.
Yeah, makes sense.
Who's gonna exhume their own son for a revenge play? So we're back to square one.
(phone chimes) Meaning our prime suspect is still a ghost.
All right, Danny just hit me.
He wants us to meet him at the house.
(wind whistling) Hello? Danny? That's weird.
(rattling) Oh, hell no.
(evil laughter echoes) Yeah, okay, Danny, you can come now out now.
DANNY (echoing): How'd you know it was me? It was a stab in the dark.
Which is what you're gonna get if you don't get out here right now, how about that? All right, hold on, watch this.
Eric, hit them with the picture frame.
(glass breaks) You know you're destroying evidence, right? Where are you? I'm right here, relax.
Come on, I got to show you something.
You spooked me, man.
Look how cool it is.
I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand Walking through the streets Of SoHo in the rain Great job, kiddo, it looks just like you.
A place called Lee Ho Fook's You might want to start your pumpkin, Charlie and I are almost done.
I'll pass.
Well, Charlie, my man, if you thought that recreating the Williams family in squash plants was the highlight of your night, think again, 'cause now it's time for the main event.
We're talking ninja-level T.
, Uncle Jerry style.
What's “T.
?” Trick-or-treating.
But wandering around aimlessly with a bucket in your hand is for half-assers.
Which is why we're gonna hack Halloween.
First, we target all the houses with the most decorations.
They always have the top-shelf candy.
And second-- and this is gonna seem counterintuitive-- we go late, when they're looking to dump the booty they got left over.
Capisce? Great.
Sounds pretty lame to me.
Yeah, you know what's lame? This texting people who aren't in the room, when you could be spending time with your brother who is.
Sorry, did you say something? You know what, Grace? I'm tired of your attitude.
Why don't you put down that phone and (yells) Oh, my God! You should see your face right now.
Seriously? (laughs) ERIC: We found hidden speakers in the wall, blood packets in the faucets, stage wire on the door and bookcases, all hooked up to remote control triggers.
Check this out, this is the attic, where there's definitely enough room for someone to camp out for a couple few days.
That would explain the sleeping bag.
Okay, so, uh, somebody rigs up this entire house, and then camps out in the attic for days on end.
That seems like a lot of trouble to go through to, uh, convince an old woman that she's being haunted, no? This guy was good, I mean, he knew the blind spots in the security system, which points of entry were unprotected.
Good news is we did recover fingerprints and DNA.
Hopefully we'll get a hit soon.
Lab finished processing Marjorie's phone-- there was spyware on it.
Oh, somebody was listening in? Yeah, IP address was traced back to a Charles Michael Triblaine.
Better known by his stage name, “Triblaine the Great.
” And what makes Triblaine so great? Let's find out.
Now, watch, as I'm about to take a bite out of this quarter, huh? (grunting, then sniffs) Mm? But wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
No one leaves here (blows) shortchanged.
(laughs, crowd applauds) Thank you.
TRIBLAINE: Thank you! That was pretty great.
A guy like that's definitely got the skills to rig up a haunted house.
Yes, he does.
(dogs barking) (dogs continue barking, men yelling indistinctly) (men continue yelling and whooping) (Dana crying) (door slams) (crying): What are they gonna do to us? TRIBLAINE: I'm sorry to hear that Marjorie is dead, but why do you think I killed her? Well, we did our homework.
Uh, we know about your beef with Marjorie.
We also know that you spent the better part of the last decade trying to destroy her career.
STEVE: In fact, you were so obsessed with making sure the whole world knew she was a fraud, in 2008, you offered her a half-a-million dollars if she could prove her psychic abilities in a controlled setting on live TV.
Is that not correct? DANNY: I personally would've liked to have seen that, uh, but, unfortunately for you, she retired, and you lost your chance to expose her.
STEVE: Right, and that right there, that's that's kind of what we call motive.
DANNY: Yeah.
No to mention, that place, that house it was tricked out like a Vegas magic show, and you had the expertise to do that.
Despite what you may think, magicians are the most honest people in the world.
We tell you that we're gonna deceive you, and then we do, for entertainment.
But people like Marjorie Webb, con men, psychics, spoon benders, faith healers, they're dangerous because they convince their audiences what-- that what they do is real.
That they have special powers.
I have spent my life in pursuit of the truth.
And the truth is that Marjorie Webb was a wicked fraud who brought misery to dozens of people by giving them hope where there wasn't any! So, yes, I resented that she didn't receive the public exposure and comeuppance that she deserved.
But I wanted justice, I didn't want her dead.
You do understand that we can't just eliminate you from this investigation just 'cause you-you said you didn't do it, right? We're gonna need alibis for certain key dates.
It's gonna be a process, you get that, right? Of course, um Possibly, though, I could also give help in, uh catching the real murderer? Help us? DANNY: Yeah? How you-how you gonna do that? Your suspect pool is much bigger than you can imagine.
There were the public cases, but Marjorie was also involved in dozens of private consultations over the years.
I have extensive records detailing all the damage that she has done, which I'm happy to share with you, free of charge.
Huh? But y-you should also know, though, that there's only a couple of places on the island where you can get some of the, uh items in the spook house that you described.
Happy to point you in the right direction.
All right.
Looks like I got the size right.
Also, I packed you a backup bucket.
That way you'll have an extra one for the overflow.
All right, Grace, it's go time, let's do this.
Let me guess.
You're going as yourself a year from now? I like it, very meta.
But I think you'll score more candy if you wear your costume.
I'm not coming.
What? Why not? It's bad enough that I'm missing an epic Halloween party with my friends.
There's no way I'm dressing up in some stupid costume, begging for candy.
Give me a sec, buddy.
Do you know why I love Halloween so much? The chocolate? Just a guess.
It's because it's the one night of the year when you can dress up, and act like a kid, and no one judges you.
Don't be in such a hurry to grow up.
There'll be plenty of time for parties, but how many chances are you gonna get to go trick-or-treating with that little guy over there? CHARLIE: Come on, sis.
(snickers) Sorry, I just can't take you seriously in that costume.
So you're coming? Still no.
What about Grace? Sorry, kiddo.
She's not coming.
But we're still gonna have a great time.
CHARLIE: Boys' night? (door opens) JERRY: That's right.
(door shuts) (men yelling in the distance, Dana crying) (chuckling) What's so funny? I'm starting to think trouble follows you around, Mrs.
Oh, really? I'm just saying, you know, nothing like this ever happened to me before I met you.
I think I could say the same thing about you.
On the plus side, it's never boring.
(sighs) Never.
Turtle Bay.
That's where you were taking me? Hmm.
Yeah, I think I would've preferred that.
(door opens) Oh, my God.
(groans) (groans) KONO: Adam.
(Kono grunts) Please, tell me you meant the whole thing with the axe and the chain.
(chuckles) Just say yes.
Let's go.
GROVER: What's up? Triblaine's alibi checks out.
He was in Europe for the past six months doing performances.
Yeah, well, that would be one hell of a magic trick if he pulled all this off from a different country.
Yeah, we do have a lead on another suspect.
I was able to trace several of the items recovered from the attic back to a magic store here on the island.
According to the owner, the purchases were made by a local guy named Ian Miller.
Let's bring him in.
Well, unfortunately, that won't be possible.
HPD discovered the body after responding to a noise complaint.
COD was a stab wound by stiletto blade to the posterior neck area.
Liver temperature puts the time of death at roughly two hours ago.
Okay this guy spooks Marjorie Webb to death and then goes back to his own house where, a few short hours later, he's murdered? Now this is one hell of a coincidence or somebody else knew about Marjorie's death and wanted to make sure Ian Miller kept his mouth shut.
Right? An accomplice.
Makes sense with all the haunted house trickery that there was two of them.
Well, I may have an answer to that.
I found foreign DNA in the form of a hair on Miller's body.
I ran it through the system and got a hit in a most unexpected place.
The DNA profile was in the archives of old missing persons' cases.
Julie Hillman.
She was registered as missing by her family in May 2010 but reported alive and well some four months later.
Wait a minute, we know her.
Nikki Pressman.
Marjorie's assistant.
(whispering): This way.
(dog barking) (men yelling) Get them back.
(men yelling) Hi, uh, I'm with Five-O.
I need to use your phone.
It's an emergency.
Uh, of course.
Right this way.
Everything all right? Will be, as soon as we get the police out here.
It's in the kitchen.
Thank you.
There's no phone.
(shotgun hammer clicks) Ain't no help coming for you.
It's Bobby.
I got them.
My place.
See you soon.
KONO: Nice to meet you, Bobby.
I'm gonna call HPD.
(line ringing) STEVE: So, in May of 2010, you, Julie Hillman, disappeared.
Your parents, they went to the police.
They couldn't get any answers and so, out of desperation, they called Marjorie Webb.
I guess I can understand that.
I would've wanted answers myself.
Any parent who loses a child wants answers.
They want to find their kid, all right? But Marjorie Webb lied to your parents, didn't she? She told your parents that you were dead.
They were never gonna see you again.
Now armed with that knowledge, your father went home and he realized he couldn't live with that, so he killed himself.
You know, the saddest part about this story for me is that you were a kid.
You ran away from home.
Kids run away from home.
But as soon as you found out the effect that had on your dad, you went back home and you started plotting your revenge.
Most people would've wanted her dead right away.
I wanted her to suffer the way my family suffered.
The way I suffered.
The way all those other people she hurt suffered.
I wanted her to spend the rest of her days staring at a wall in a mental institution, mumbling to herself about ghosts.
Believe what you want, but the plan was never to kill her.
But you did.
You killed her.
Okay? And then what happened? You and your partner, Ian Miller, you're-you're looking at a manslaughter charge you never anticipated.
What happened after that? Ian must've panicked.
Did he threaten to go to the cops? I never meant for any of this to happen! But, you see, it happened.
Y-You stabbed a man in the back of the neck and you killed him.
Now you're looking at a straight-up murder rap, on top of the manslaughter charge.
You know what? We don't even need a confession.
We got her DNA.
Come on.
Hey, hey, Danny, hold just give me a second.
I lost my old man, too.
And there's not a day that goes by I don't think about him, so I understand how this must haunt you, knowing that your running away affected your dad the way it did and if you'd have just gone home, just gone home your dad would probably still be alive right now.
(sniffles) I can see how blaming Marjorie was easier.
(lock buzzes) (latch clicks) What's going on? It's Kono.
I can't find the keys.
We have a tactical advantage here.
So, we hold them off.
Wait until HPD arrives.
Thing is, this is the only gun and we only have three shells left.
All right, we'll have to improvise.
(sighs) They're coming! Dana.
You got to take this, okay? Anyone comes through that window okay? MAN: Bobby, open up! MAN 2: Bobby, open the door.
(screams) (screams) I'm out.
Okay, fall back, down the hall.
(gunshots blasting) (groans) Come on, come on, come on.
I got you, I got you.
In here.
(gunshots blasting) (gunshots ricocheting) Okay, bathroom, come on.
(gunshots ricocheting) I'm out.
I got two left.
(distant gunshots) (sirens wailing) (lightly chuckles) (cries) You sure you're okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Just, uh just a few cuts and bruises, a little psychological trauma but I'll be fine.
Lou, you find anything? Plenty.
HPD searched the entire compound.
They found two shallow graves with human remains.
Also found a cache of video tapes dating back three years.
It was you two stumbled upon some kind of death cult.
These psychos had a thing for making their own horror movies every Halloween.
BOTH: Trick or treat.
CHARLIE: Gracie, you came.
How'd you guys do? Not so good.
Come on, Charlie.
I know a house up the street that's always stocked.
My work here is done.
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