Hawaii Five-0 s09e05 Episode Script

A'ohe Mea 'Imi a Ka Maka (Nothing More for the Eyes to Search For)

1 ("(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Öyster Cult playing) (song continues over radio) All our times have come (moaning) (laughs) (engine sputters, stops) Seasons don't fear the reaper What just happened? (ignition sputtering) We're out of gas.
So what do we do now? It's okay.
There was a station about a mile back.
Well, you're not leaving me here.
You want to walk in those heels? I'll be back before you know it.
Baby, I'm your man Promise.
La, la La, la, la, la, la (volume increases) (groans softly) (music stops) (insects chirping) (metal scraping) (screaming) (door closes) - (crying): Please turn on.
- (ignition sputtering) Come on.
I beg you, please.
Please! Please! (screams) ANO: Come on, Jerry, you know that never happened.
(laughs) Yeah, well, Scotty Hartwell's uncle lived two houses down from the girl that got murdered that night.
You can ask him if you don't believe me.
GORDIE: Jerry, no one believes anything you say anymore.
Last week, you told us Tron was based off real-life events.
Fine, guys, don't believe me.
But you better watch your backs, because the Axe Man is real.
And his name is Bo Bradley.
And he lives in these very woods, waiting for unsuspecting campers to wander onto his property, and then (imitates slashing) Bleh.
ANO: (laughs) If he's really out there, how come no one's ever seen him? 'Cause no one's ever lived to tell the tale.
Or maybe it's 'cause he doesn't exist.
Not true! Yes, true! JERRY: Not true! - Yes, true! - Not true! - Cool it, guys.
- Yes, true! It would seriously suck to get busted breaking curfew.
You know what, guys? I'm gonna go take a whiz.
I'll meet you guys back at the cabin.
The counselors will see you.
We're not supposed to be outside, remember? So where am I supposed to go? Careful out there.
GORDIE: If you don't come back, can I have your comic books? (laughter, jeering) I'm coming to get you, Jerry Bo Bradley! (laughter) Oh, man.
(creatures chittering, hooting) (grunts) JERRY: I laid there for what felt like hours, holding my breath.
CRYSTAL: Hours? Felt like hours.
Then what happened? I mean, how'd you get away? Well, I almost didn't.
My heart was beating so loud, I thought for sure he was gonna hear it.
When he finally moved on, I ran back to the camp, told everyone what I saw.
No one believed me.
CRYSTAL: Well, we believed you, we just didn't think it was Bo Bradley, the axe murderer.
Yeah, you made that clear when you made me the laughingstock of the camp.
She used to be kind of a bully.
Okay, first of all, destroying you guys at Donkey Kong does not make me a bully.
Secondly, I did not make you a laughingstock.
You did that to yourself.
JERRY: Look, I know what I saw.
A crazy axe murderer who'd just finished burying his latest victim.
ANO: And that's why he brings us here, to dig holes in search of a dead body that may not exist.
Hold up, I thought you were just telling that story cause it's Halloween tomorrow.
You mean we're actually out here looking for a body? (laughs): Yeah.
- What? Jerry.
What happened to coming up here to camp, bond and drink in the woods and stuff? Look, I'm sorry.
I know I should've told you about all the digging, but I figured if I did, you wouldn't have come.
And you would have been 100% correct.
This is our last chance.
ERIC: Why is this your last chance? Whole property's been sold to developers.
Couple days, they're gonna bulldoze the place and put up a golf course.
We won't be able to dig here again.
Well, then we can just dig in my backyard next year.
(laughs) JERRY: Come on.
Look, I know you guys think I'm crazy.
But if there's even the slightest chance that there's someone buried out in those woods? Well, that victim deserves to be found.
And since this is our last shot, I'm gonna need all your help to do it.
ERIC: All right.
I'm in.
I'll help you, Jerry.
Guys? Dig it up.
ANO: I dig till the vodka runs out.
ERIC: That's a good plan.
REPORTER: Breaking news tonight in Moanalua.
An HWP crew called to repair a broken water line at the Church of our Saints made a grisly discovery when they found a body buried on the property.
The remains have since been identified as 24-year-old Karen Miles of Manoa, reported missing four months ago Honey.
What's wrong? Honey, what's up? Uh, it's Katie.
(whispering): Tell me this doesn't look like what they just showed on the news.
Katie drew that? Yes.
Three days ago.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x05 A'ohe Mea 'Imi a Ka Maka font color="#FF8000 TANI: Okay.
Autopsy report's back from Noelani.
Our victim is Karen Miles, 24 years old, from Manoa.
She went missing four months ago.
was blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
So Noelani could only establish an approximate time of death, but it's consistent to when Karen disappeared.
Autopsy also turned up ligature marks on her wrists and ankles, as well as an injection mark on her neck.
Toxicology shows traces of ketamine in her system.
So she was drugged, tied up, bludgeoned.
Well, then there's this.
That crucifix necklace that she's wearing, that appeared in Katie's drawings of the victims.
Here's the thing, though.
HPD has confirmed that that detail was never released to the public.
JUNIOR: Well, that settles it.
The kid definitely knew about this murder.
- All right, how? TANI: Well, maybe it came to her in a vision.
In a vis-- What you mean, like, "I see dead people"? Like, that kind of vision? I mean, like, a medium.
You believe in that stuff? You don't? The existence of people with psychic abilities has been well-documented.
Yeah, like, in movies? STEVE: Okay, okay.
Presuming there's a, uh, real-world explanation for all of this, we're gonna need to go to the source and find it.
So we need to go and talk to that girl.
James Worthy, uh, NBA Finals MVP for '88.
It was Magic.
Dude, I wouldn't test Crystal.
She's the undisputed master of Donkey Kong and sports trivia of Camp Hina.
Well, it doesn't change the fact that you're wrong, and to prove it, let's see what the Internet has to say about the matter.
Oh, my God.
No service.
The Internet's saving you from yourself right now.
There's never Internet up here.
JERRY: All right.
That's four holes.
So far, Nada.
ANO: I'm shocked.
This is my shocked face.
Who wants next shift? I'm really just supposed to pick some random spot and start digging? Of course not.
There's a science to this.
I've been keeping a detailed, color-coded record of every excavation site for the past years.
Well, why haven't you ever tried right there? I mean, I'm no killer, but it seems like a pretty clutch spot to hide a body, you know? It's accessible from the road, by the river, so the soil's easy to dig in, no tracks.
I'd I'd check right there.
That's actually some pretty sound logic.
I'm being helpful already.
Only problem is, that spot you're pointing to? It's right at the edge of Bo's property line.
As in Bo Bradley's a real person? ANO: Yeah, but he's probably not some psycho axe murderer.
He's probably just some regular dude.
No, truth is, no one really knows what Bo Bradley's like.
I checked every database I have access to, all I ever found was an expired driver's license from 26 years ago.
Guy's a ghost.
Or maybe he's dead and he's actually a ghost.
- Ooh-ooh! - Ooh-ooh! You know what, guys, come to think of it, you got a real solid system set up here.
Why don't we just forget I ever said anything? No, what you said makes a lot of sense.
So starting at dawn we head into the belly of the beast.
And since none of you believe in the legend of Bo Bradley, you have nothing to fear, right? I saw Bo Bradley with this big axe and it had blood on it.
Did you? Out there, in the pitch dark? And you're sure it was Mr.
Bradley? Yes, 100%.
So what did he look like? Uh, tall, scary And you saw a body? There wasn't a dead body at that moment.
He obviously just buried it already.
So you saw a man in the woods with an axe.
Do you think he was just out there chopping wood? I know what I saw.
Okay, Jerry.
I think maybe we've taken enough of the officer's time.
Son it sounds like your imagination's got the best of you.
MORGAN: And he's got a great one.
I keep telling you.
You should've seen his presentation on Roswell at the talent show.
(girls laughing) JERRY: No one believed me.
The sheriff, counselors not even my friends.
I wasn't gonna give up that easy.
I spent months researching the case at the local library.
Eventually, I came across this teenage runaway named Susanna Tumuro.
She disappeared around the same time.
I did everything I could to track her down.
When the trail went cold, I became even more convinced that she'd been Bo's victim.
She's still missing to this day.
The thought that she might be out there in those woods I'm the only one who's still trying to find her, bring her justice.
Keeps me up at night.
(snoring nearby) Guess I'm the only one.
(creaking) Oh! (bird wings fluttering) (car door closes) Hello? Who's there? Identify yourself.
NOELANI: Hey, Jer.
Sorry to scare you.
Noelani? What are you doing here? And why are you dressed as Sadness from Inside Out? Really? Barb from Stranger Things? Okay, now you're just guessing people with glasses.
Jinkies, where are my glasses? I can't see without my glasses.
Velma from Scooby-Doo.
Of course.
And I would've gotten it, too, if it wasn't for your meddling headlights in my eyes.
Let me turn the car off.
Anyway, so I was at a costume party when I got a call from Eric, and he told me about your camping trip/victim search and he thought that the GPR that we have at the M.
's office might help expedite the digging.
That or he was asking me to bring a VCR.
His reception was kind of bad.
Wow, I'm touched.
You came all the way out here to help and you brought ground-penetrating radar? Hey, tomorrow's Halloween, right? What spookier way to spend it than playing a game of Capture the Cadaver? We got this, Jer.
If there's a body out there, we'll find it.
JUNIOR: Hey, uh, Katie? Do you know who that woman in the picture is? Oh.
Well, Katie, if you don't know who-who that woman is, how did you know what kind of necklace she was wearing? Hmm, okay.
Hey, Katie.
You're not in trouble.
Okay? We just want to know why you drew this picture.
I didn't draw it.
Molly did.
A few months ago, Katie started talking to herself in her room at night.
And when we asked her who she was talking to, she said it was to her friend, Molly.
TRAVIS: We were concerned at first, but our pediatrician said it is quite common for intellectually advanced kids to have imaginary friends.
Has Katie, uh, made any other drawings since she invented Molly? Yeah.
We're gonna need to see those, please.
Of course.
We'll get them for you.
STEVE: All right, we need to look into all the adults that Katie's come in contact with over the past few months.
I mean, this information had to have been shared with this kid, right? So we're not just looking for a killer.
We're looking for some creep who's sick enough to share the details of their crime with a five-year-old girl.
NOELANI: Still nothing.
We should probably pick up the pace.
Looks like it's about to rain.
JERRY: Hey, Noelani, I can help push the GPR for a while if you're getting tired.
You know, this is a $15,000 piece of state-owned equipment.
I can operate it.
Copy that.
CRYSTAL: Oh, my God.
It can't be.
This is my flashlight.
I dropped it that night.
What night? YOUNG CRYSTAL: Are you sure this is his house? YOUNG JERRY: Does it look like anyone sane lives here? Gordie, take this.
So, who wants to go in? Ano? This was your dumb idea.
That you're chickening out of? It's not like I'm afraid of Bo.
It's just the cops could arrest us for trespassing.
(sighs) Fine.
I'll do it.
(gasps) (creaking) ANO: Run.
(Jerry gasps) - Oh.
- Leave it.
Wait up.
(screaming) (screaming continues) You came face-to-face with an axe murderer twice? And you're still coming out here? ANO: Or maybe the reason he survived is because Bo Bradley's not a murderer.
It's just some dude that lives in the woods.
JERRY: I know what I saw that night.
And if you don't believe me after all these years, why don't you just go? (GPR beeping) Guys.
I found something.
JERRY: You think it's a body? NOELANI: Only one way to find out.
Hold up.
Stop digging.
ERIC: It's a bone.
This is huge.
This is awesome.
(thunder rumbles) I can't believe it.
Um Um? No, please, no "um.
" Well, it's just that the bones are deteriorated, so it was hard to tell at first, but based on the fusion of the tibia and fibula, these are canine.
A dog? You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
I wish I wasn't, but sorry.
(thunder rumbles) We should get going before it really starts to come down.
Come on, we're tired.
Time to call it.
Hey, dude, what are you doing? Sometimes killers bury dogs on top of bodies.
It throws off scavengers and search teams.
CRYSTAL: Come on, Jerry.
Let it go.
Look, it's been fun, man, but we're about to get drenched.
You can go if you want.
Wouldn't be the first time.
CRYSTAL: Dude, that was 30 years ago.
How many times do we have to apologize for bailing on you when we were 12? ANO: It's why we've been coming out here every year with you since.
I thought it was to get justice for Susanna Tumuro.
Or maybe because you're my friends and you actually believe me.
But apparently it was all out of pity.
Jerry, you really believe that? Come on, Crystal.
I'd really like to help you keep looking, but I got to get this GPR out of here before it gets worse.
It's already pouring.
Jerry, I-I can't let Noelani lug that thing back by herself.
Right? Hey, maybe McGarrett can pull a favor and-and get us a permit to come back here after the demolition.
Look, just go.
(thunder rumbling) (lightning cracks) TANI: Hey, guys, check this out.
Okay, the lab analyzed all of Katie's drawings.
So, of the 42, these three all featured the same blue-eyed, redheaded woman.
STEVE: Yeah.
TANI: There's something else these three have in common.
Handwriting analysis determined that Katie didn't draw them.
Then who did? (baby monitor beeps) KATIE (over monitor): No, I don't want to play that game, Molly.
Katie's been through a lot today.
It's okay.
Who the hell was that? (gasps) Stop! What are you doing here? Come back! Wait, what are you doing here? (shrieks) She bit me.
Where's Jerry? He refused to come with us.
Oh, great, so he's alone in the pitch dark.
Yeah, what were they supposed to do, throw him over their shoulder? Has anyone seen my keys? No.
My keys and my phone are missing, too.
I'm good.
I put my phone and car keys under my pillow when I made my bed this morning.
And now they're not here.
All right.
I see what's going on.
Noelani told you I spook easily, so y'all are messing with me, right? Funny.
Not cool, but funny.
Really? (lightning cracks) (shovel thuds) Hey.
Okay, so as of now they got the dogs searching the woods, but it looks like she got away.
Well, at least we know that Katie's telling the truth.
There is a Molly.
Judging by the bite marks on the mother's hand, clearly, she's very real.
So, what, she just sneaks into people's houses and draws creepy pictures of real-life crime scenes? Why? STEVE: Maybe the kid can't speak.
Maybe she was born that way or maybe from some kind of trauma.
What if this kid knows so much about the murder because she was there? She's just trying to tell the story the only way she can.
Now listen to me, there's a chance this girl knows who the killer is, which means we need to find her and we need to find her right now.
I knew it.
I was right.
Now they got to believe me.
(lightning cracks) Take your time, Emily.
Whenever you're ready.
It was early in the morning.
I was leaving the Laundromat.
(Molly crying) Hey, honey.
Are you lost? I don't remember what happened after that.
I must have managed to flag down a car.
The next morning I filed a report, but it went nowhere.
Well, not nowhere.
That report is how I found you.
You really think the same man that did this to me killed the girl they found in the church? It's very possible.
Like you, she was also injected with ketamine.
We also think he might be targeting a certain type of woman.
Karen Miles also had red hair and blue eyes.
So if I hadn't gotten away Hey.
Emily, you did, you got away.
GROVER: Well, there's no denying it, these two women look very similar.
So either our perp has a thing for blue-eyed redheads, or he's targeting these women because they remind him of someone.
Okay, Molly drew three pictures all featuring a redheaded woman.
Now so far, we've presumed this is three drawings of the same incident, but what if they're three different victims.
If that's the case, then we're looking for a serial killer.
It's possible.
Lou, do me a favor.
Search missing persons for redheads who have gone missing in the last few years.
Tani, I need you to go back through Molly's drawings.
See if you can find anything at all that might help point us towards potential burial sites.
That means that this poor girl would've witnessed three different murders? Yeah, I guess it does.
How could we all lose our keys? The keys, anyone? CRYSTAL: Looked here eight times.
(screaming) Jerry? A-Are you okay? We were really worried about you.
Are you kidding? I'm better than okay.
Will you cut the crap and just tell us where you put them.
- Put what? - Look, Jerry.
I've been a good sport for the last three decades.
Coming up here, digging holes so you can live out some stupid Hardy Boys fantasy.
Ano, dial it back.
No, no, no.
But-but-but keeping us hostage by taking our keys and our phones? You've gone too far this time.
What are you talking about? I didn't take your phones.
Why would I? To make us stay, Jerry.
But I'm done.
We all are.
It's over.
You're right, the search is over 'cause I found proof.
This look like a dog bone to you? Well? I mean, I have to take it back to the lab to confirm, but this is a human femur.
I'm sorry, but could you say that again, only slower? It appears you've found human remains.
Booyah! Where did you find this? Four feet under the dog bones.
So the dead dog was there to throw off the scent, just like you said.
CRYSTAL: You were right.
You actually did it, Jerry.
We need to get an excavation team up here ASAP.
ANO: Yeah, I hate to change the subject, but at least one of us is gonna need our phones in order to do that.
Don't look at me.
I told you I didn't take them.
Who did then? (loud banging) ERIC: Wait, wait.
One (mouthing) We're all here.
(all screaming) Surprise, suckers! (laughs) When my heart starts beating again, I'm gonna kill you.
Aw, oh, look at your faces.
Dude! Who the hell are you? Oh, Eric, Noelani, this is Gordie.
He-he was in our bunk, too.
He usually comes up here every year with us to dig, but he bailed 'cause he had a conference.
Oh, it wrapped early.
Figured I'd come out and surprise you guys, but by the time I got here, you were already out digging.
And then I remembered I had this costume in my car from the office party last night, and, well, you know, the whole "scaring the crap out of you guys" thing just kind of snowballed from there.
(chuckles) Oh, come on, guys.
Who can blame me for having a little fun at your expense? - I can.
- Yeah, me.
I blame you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
It was you? You took our keys and our phones? Yeah.
Nice touch, right? No, I didn't.
- Yeah, I hated that.
- Jerk.
I stashed 'em in the car.
I'll go get them.
Okay? All right? Just try to lighten up.
ERIC: You're right, he is a jerk.
Sorry about that.
Gordie's usually a really good guy when he's not being a total asshat! ERIC: Yeah, well, Jer, I'm gonna have to take your word for that one, pal.
ANO: Speaking of asshats Dude I'm sorry for doubting you and acting like a dick, and calling you crazy and all that stuff.
JERRY: Past few years, I was even starting to think I might be crazy myself.
- (choking) JERRY: Gordie? Not cool.
- It's not funny.
ERIC: Come on.
You guys are so gullible.
Oh, come on.
I'm not even falling for that a second time.
Guys, this isn't a joke.
His throat's been slashed.
What? It looks like they missed the carotid artery, but he's still losing blood rapidly.
- That's real blood? - Yes! Clear! Come on, come on, get him on the bed.
Get him on the bed.
Wait, that means Somebody's out there.
Only one person that could be.
Jerry, the door! He must know we found his victim.
He's got no other choice but to kill us all.
We got to fortify all these windows.
ANO: Hurry! He's trying to get in.
- I got this door.
- Pulse is fading.
- Stay with us, Gordie! - Someone get the back door.
(Noelani screams) (screaming) Crystal, help me move this.
Maybe he gave up.
Because axe-wielding maniacs have notoriously short attention spans? He's plotting his next move.
What is he gonna do? We got every way in sealed off.
Eric, get me more towels.
I need to stem this bleeding.
- Is he gonna make it? - I can stabilize him but we need to get him to a hospital right now.
Hey, hey.
You smell that? Gasoline.
He's trying to smoke us out.
We leave, he's gonna chop us to bits.
Yeah, but if we stay, then we're literally toast.
That's why we need to get out of here.
I'll go out the front and cause a diversion.
- You guys head out the back.
ANO: Are you crazy? That door's on fire and there's an axe murderer out there.
I got us into this 30 years ago.
Now I'm gonna get us out.
Aah! (gunshot) (groans) Let's-let's put him down right here.
Uh, Bo Bradley's a lot younger than I thought he'd be.
That's not Bo Bradley.
That's our old camp counselor.
CRYSTAL: Blaine Morgan.
ANO: He must've been the one that Jerry saw with the axe that night.
So Bo Bradley had nothing to do with this after all? He just saved our lives.
You guys all right? We will be now thanks to you, Mr.
Okay, so, HPD returned Karen Miles's personal effects to the family today.
According to them, that crucifix necklace that she was wearing, that didn't belong to her.
She was an atheist.
So, I had the lab run it for traces of DNA, see if they could get a hit.
They got a hit.
Jane Martin.
Arrested for possession three years ago.
Well, we're not thinking that this Jane Martin is our killer, are we? She looks like one of the victims: red hair, blue eyes.
TANI: Well, except that she's still alive.
Public records showing a current address in Minnesota.
All right Huh.
She filed a petition for divorce from Dennis Coleman two years ago.
She was denied custody of her daughter because of her drug history.
Her daughter's name is Molly.
STEVE: Serial killers, they often leave a totem on their victims, right? TANI: And that's interesting because Molly's other two drawings clearly show jewelry on the bodies.
Look at that.
That's-that's a bracelet.
And this one is definitely, that's a ring.
Maybe Dennis Coleman's our guy and he's leaving his ex-wife's jewelry on his victims.
Got an address for this guy? Clear.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Hey, hey, I got him.
Hold it right there.
He's sleeping.
We good.
(Molly crying) Come here.
You're safe now, Molly.
TANI: So, CSU exhumed two more bodies.
Locations match Molly's two other drawings.
Both were redheads, both were wearing Jane Martin's jewelry.
Well, it sounds like Coleman lost his mind after his wife divorced him and just took his rage out on any woman who looked like her.
I have come across some sick individuals in my day, but to take this little girl and use her as part of your twisted revenge fantasy? If there's a special place in hell, boy, he's got that all to himself.
Poor kid never had a chance at a normal life-- no friends, no school.
Well, at least she gets to see her mom now.
GROVER: Well, where the hell has she been all this time? She was in rehab when Coleman took off with Molly.
She's now clean.
Apparently, she's been looking for her daughter ever since.
She's actually on her way right now.
(sighs): Well, Tani getting that DNA off that necklace, that was a great move.
If that kid's got any kind of future in front of her, she owes it to you.
He's right.
Excuse me.
(birds chirping) Mr.
Bradley, hi.
Uh I just wanted to say thank you for saving our lives.
I wasn't sure what you get someone for that, but the store had hot cocoa gift baskets, so I figured who doesn't like hot cocoa? You'd have to be crazy not to.
BRADLEY: So, tell me what happened.
Well, Blaine Morgan made it through surgery.
HPD already has his confession.
He admitted to abducting Susanna Tumuro in 1982 and burying her near your property.
He was trying to exhume the body before developers found it, but had forgotten the exact location.
But then he saw us up there and figured he'd sit back and let us do all the work.
You know, Jerry, if it wasn't for you, no one would've ever known what happened to that girl.
Well, I had help.
And if it wasn't for you me and all my friends would be dead.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Bradley, for thinking you had anything to do with this.
I heard all those stories.
And I did nothing to discourage 'em.
In fact, I welcomed it.
Kept campers off my property.
Most of the time.
(chuckles) Do you know I nearly caught a kid who was hiding in my living room once.
What? That's crazy.
Is that for me? Wow.
- - That's beautiful.
Well, thank you.
Is this you? - And who's this? - It's you.
(knocking) (clears throat) Uh, Molly? Uh, someone's here to see you.
Mom? Yes, baby, it's me.
(phone vibrating) (beeps) Excuse me.
Captain Keo.
I wasn't sure I was gonna hear from you.
Well, this went against my better judgment, believe me.
But I ran the ballistics on the gun you gave me.
Looks like your hunch was right.
Um, it it matched to an open case? That's right, homicide.
Victim's name is Noriko Noshimuri.
Listen, I got to ask.
Is she any relation to Adam Noshimuri who married Officer Kono Kalakaua? (exhales) As far as I'm concerned, prison would be letting her off easy.
She deserves worse, a lot worse.
I'm guessing by your reaction, that's not what you wanted to hear.
No, it wasn't.
Captain Keo, thank you for your help.
I really appreciate it.

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