Hawaii Five-0 s09e18 Episode Script

Ai No I Ka 'Ape He Mane'o No Ko Ka Nuku (He who eats 'ape is bound to have his mouth itch)

1 (horn honking) (over radio): Now I don't know I don't know Damn it.
Where I'm a-gonna go When the volcano blow Let me say now I don't know (grunts) I don't know (grunts) (tires screeching) (growling, shouting) (horns honking) (yells) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 9x18 Ai No I Ka 'Ape He Mane'o No Ko Ka Nuku font Look for the record, all right? To be clear, I do this for you, we're even, we're square, right? There's no-no favor hanging over my head anymore? Are you referring to the liver that I gave you, the-the gift of life? Is that the? That's the one.
Yeah, okay, we're even, 'cause this is life or death.
All right.
All right.
Hey, bud.
Thank you.
STEVE: I just got to make sure you're okay with this.
I mean, you've been getting a lot of mileage out of this one.
You sure you want to retire it on something small like this? DANNY: Yeah, yeah.
You-you don't, you don't know what we're walking into, you haven't met her.
You'll-you'll understand when you, when you do, okay? Danny, I've done a lot of protection details in my life.
I got to say this is genuinely fascinating.
I've seen you in a lot of tough situations over the years, right? Yeah.
Life on the line type stuff, back to the wall.
Look at you, you're all tense and edgy over an old lady? Well, that-that should tell you something, shouldn't it? (elevator chimes) All right.
I mean, all I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to me, all right? And she's not even your mother-in-law anymore and look how dramatic you're being.
Okay, I'm not being dramatic, okay? You don't know her, I do.
She, uh, she's a certain way; she tortured me my entire marriage.
Okay? Just, what are you gonna do? Just tell me.
I'm gonna stand there and look handsome and not say anything ever.
That's right.
That's right-- she's-she's, she's very snobby, she does not, uh, have a good sense of humor.
You will offend her if you are yourself, so don't do that.
Okay? Whatever you want.
I'm just saying, I'm sure she's not as bad as you're making out.
(knocking on door) Oh, thank God you're here.
Something terrible has happened.
one die? The airline has lost my luggage.
Who's this? - Um Yeah.
- Come on in, come on in.
Stop dragging your feet, Daniel.
DANNY: I'm walking as fast as I can.
CUNHA: Victim's name is Brad Chen.
24 years old.
was Well, he was hit by a semitruck head-on traveling at 70 miles per hour.
Oh, yeah, that'll do it.
You'll excuse me if I don't lift the sheet to take a look at this one? - Of course.
This happened on the H-1 highway late last night, and according to witnesses, Mr.
Chen walked into oncoming traffic shirtless and screaming at passing motorists.
Really? Well, it seems to me that Mr.
Chen's sudden desire to stop a speeding truck with his face was perhaps chemically induced.
Oh, he was definitely on drugs, all right.
Just not the kind you might expect.
Tox screen indicates a cocktail of HGH and testosterone, as well as a huge dose of pyrovalerone.
Okay, I've heard of the first two, but what's Pyro Pyro Valerone.
It's a central nervous system stimulant.
Athletes use it to increase stamina and to shed weight.
But the thing is, this drug is almost chemically identical to bath salts.
It causes delirium, agitation, paranoia.
Users often feel invincible, which can lead to self-injurious behavior.
Okay, so the guy took a bad cocktail of drugs and convinced himself he was the Incredible Hulk.
What do you guys call that again? What is it, "death by misadventure"? Yes, but this isn't a case of that.
I had the lab run a tissue sample, and analysis confirmed that our Vic was definitely a regular steroid user, but there was no sign that he'd ever used pyrovalerone before.
And for good reason-- nothing good can come out of combining these drugs.
A high dose like this, and pyrovalerone is extremely lethal.
So you're saying the presence of this drug all but guaranteed his death? I'm saying that if Brad Chen hadn't been killed by the truck, he would have died within a matter of hours from massive cardiac arrest.
GROVER: Well, then that leads me to conclude there's only one of two things possible here.
Either Chen goofed up his regular injection by topping it off with the drug that killed him Or someone wanted him dead and then messed with his steroids to make it happen, in which case, this wouldn't be an accident.
- That's right.
It'd be murder.
AMANDA: This is all my fault.
This is what I get for flying commercial.
(chuckles) And of course, also for compromising my standards for the sake of my cheapskate publisher.
Do sit down.
(sighs) And now my beautiful Louis Vuitton vintage luggage is God knows where.
I mean, how difficult can it be to get seven suitcases on a plane? Seven suitcase? How long, uh, how long you staying for? Two days.
So you packed light.
That's a terrible joke.
This is horrible, what's happened, but we're gonna get to the bottom of it; we'll figure it out.
You know, I don't think that you really understand the enormity of this crisis, Daniel.
Oh, no, I-I do.
But please, explain to me the enormity of the crisis.
(chuckles): Isn't it obvious? I have absolutely nothing to wear for my book signing.
You look fantastic! You should wear what you're wearing right now.
Don't be ridiculous.
I can't possibly wear this travel-stained, creased outfit.
My fans expect me to look glamorous all the time.
I guess I'll just have to pray to the gods of fashion that I can find something suitable in this godforsaken place.
You don't say much, do you? How long have you known him? Daniel's my partner.
We work together.
My name's Steven.
And for the record, it's very nice to meet you, Mrs.
(laughs): Oh, please, call me Mandy Steve.
And I'm very happy that we're gonna be working together.
I hope that Daniel filled you in on the problem.
My usual security officer, Gavin, well, his visa ran out, so he's trapped in the U.
Well, we will endeavor to fill Gavin's shoes and make sure your stay here is both pleasant and safe.
Well you certainly look the part.
But are you capable? I can handle myself.
I'll bet you can.
(chuckles) Uh, he's a ex-Navy SEAL.
STEVE: Mm-hmm.
He's the head of Five-O, so he could definitely handle a couple of crazy fans, no problem.
Well, how divine.
A Navy SEAL-- that is so exciting.
Well, I think we'd better stop chitchatting, otherwise I'm never gonna get anything to wear.
Uh, would you mind calling the limo? The lim-- Uh, we got, uh, I got my car downstairs.
What is it? It's a Camaro.
A Camaro? I don't think so.
I'll just go freshen up.
(Amanda chuckles) (door closes) So what do you think? (whispers): Expensive.
Not about the champagne.
Oh, she's great.
I love her.
See? - I love her.
- Yeah, well, she served you champagne.
She didn't give me any champagne.
She also never told me to call her Mandy-- I've known her 20 years.
- Right? - Yeah.
- You hear the thing about the car? What do you think about that? Not nice.
Not a nice thing to say.
I think she knows what she wants, and I think you need to relax.
That's all.
Just take it, take it down a notch.
Okay? Ready to go, boys? Yep.
Do you mind? Do I mind? Of course I don't mind.
Thank you.
Uh andiamo.
Oh, you speak Italian.
You're quite the charmer.
CHEN: From the age of four, I couldn't get that mitt out of his hand.
Well, obviously, you had yourself one talented boy.
Scouts started coming to his games when he was in junior high.
All of them said Brad had the potential to be one of those five-tool players.
He got a full ride at Vanderbilt, won a national championship there and then worked his way up to Triple-A ball in Texas.
Coaches were saying it was just a matter of time before he got called up to the majors.
So how'd he end up back in Hawaii? (groans softly) About a year ago, he tore his rotator cuff.
Had the surgery, did all the right things, and eventually got back to about 90% of what he was.
Mm, that ten percent.
Yeah, that makes all the difference when you're talking about having a career in the pros.
Kid was tough, though.
Never gave up.
That's why he moved back.
To rehab and get healthy.
He knew the odds were against him, but that wasn't gonna stop him from trying.
Chen, were you aware that your son was doing steroids? No.
But baseball was everything to Brad, and he was desperate to get that back.
The injection he took last night contained a lethal dose of the drug pyrovalerone, and it's highly unlikely that that was an accident.
I don't understand.
What are you saying? GROVER: We're treating this incident like a homicide.
Do you know of anyone who might've wanted to target your son? Target him? Yeah.
No, of course not.
He was a good kid.
ADAM: Well, in that case, whoever supplied Brad with those steroids is our lead suspect, which is why it's very important that we track them down.
(crying): I'm sorry, but I have no idea where Brad would've gotten steroids from.
It doesn't make sense.
Why would someone want to hurt my boy? Well, Mr.
Chen, that's what we're gonna try to find out.
JUNIOR: Okay, here we go.
I got, uh, empty vials.
They have letters on them.
I'm guessing for the day of the week that he took the dose.
TANI: Yep, got one here, too.
This one says Wednesday, which would make that his last dose.
All right, let's bag it and take it back to the lab.
Our killer's DNA or fingerprints could be on one of these vials.
Wouldn't that be oh-so-helpful? Which probably means it's not gonna happen.
Ever the optimist.
Yo, check this out.
TANI: Bags of blood? Not typically what people put in their fridge.
You know, I thought "shop till you drop" was just an expression.
I may actually collapse under the weight of these bags.
Yeah, you guys got a lot in common, you know.
She's got no impulse control either.
And also, did you notice that she didn't take any of my advice, but you, it's like you were, like, uh, a fashion guru or something.
- Let me tell you something, buddy.
- What? I'm four glasses of champagne in today, I am going with the flow and enjoying the ride.
I suggest you do the same thing.
Small token to say thank you for all your help.
What? I realize, of course, that Daniel had to come because of the family obligations and that, but you came here of your own volition, and for that, I thank you.
- Cuff links, wow.
This I mean that-that-- you-you really, you didn't have to do this.
No, it's nothing really.
Nothing? That's what I got.
Did you say something, Daniel? No, I didn't.
(sighs) Amanda Mandy, tell me something.
Where do you get these ideas for all these books you write? Oh, well, they just come to me, Steven.
In fact, I've just had this wonderful idea for a new romance.
It's a brilliant story about a handsome police detective who risks everything for the love of an older woman.
Not that old, actually.
I would, uh, I would read that.
Yeah, except he can't actually read unless it's a cereal box or something like that.
AMANDA: You know, my favorite sex scene was in a limousine.
Well, not a limousine like this.
I mean, this reminds me of my daughter's wedding day.
Oh, yeah? I had such high hopes for Rachel.
She dated some wonderful men.
She even dated a minor member of the royal family.
- Is that right? Yeah.
Well, I had a vision of arriving at her wedding to a marvelous English cathedral in a horse-drawn carriage.
Instead, I found myself in a place called "Hackensack," driving in a white limousine with a fish tank in it.
My dad paid extra for the fish tank.
Really classed it up, you know? Really nice.
(laughs) Well, Daniel, you and I have different ideas of what constitutes class.
JERRY: So lab results are back, and as we expected, the blood in the mini fridge was drawn from our Vic.
ADAM: Makes sense.
The guy was doping.
Drawing and reinjecting his own plasma to increase stamina and endurance.
Yeah, that would be the natural assumption.
However, Noelani found no evidence of increased blood oxygenation during autopsy.
Well, why is this guy storing his own blood? Could be a member of a vampire community.
(laughs) Yeah, that was a good one.
Oh, you're not joking.
He's not joking.
JERRY: It's a real thing.
I mean, they're not actual vampires.
Just like-minded individuals who embrace a lifestyle and drink blood on occasion.
What do you say we table the vampire theory for now, Jerry? - Copy that.
Do we have anything else? Lab results on the vials.
The discarded silver-topped ones were a mix of steroids and testosterone, and the recently used gold-topped one tested positive for pyrovalerone.
JUNIOR: Okay, so what do we think? Someone switched out one of the vials, and our Vic just didn't notice? That sounds good, except for there's another possibility.
Maybe this gold top vial is one of many that are circulating at the moment.
Which means there could be a whole batch of bad product out there.
TANI: Well, if that's the case, we could be looking at a lot more body drops.
And this could escalate into a full-blown public health crisis.
Well, whatever the case may be, one thing is clear.
We're on a clock, people.
We need to find the source of these drugs before more people die.
MAN: Ladies and gentleman, it's my pleasure to introduce our honored guest.
You know her as the acclaimed author of such bestsellers as Five Nights in Cairo, Castle of Secrets and Mallory's Lament.
Her latest novel, The Queen's Chamber, is available through Mystique Publishing.
- Ah! - Please give a warm welcome to Amanda Savage! (applause and cheering) Hello.
(laughs) Keep these mouth-breathers away from me, and don't let them paw me.
I hate to be touched.
Anything else? Yes.
When I say the code word, get me out of here.
What's the code word? "Get me out of here.
" Got it.
Thank you for coming.
You look wonderful.
WOMAN: We love you, Amanda! - Thank you.
You rang? Indeed I did.
Adam? So I did some digging into Brad Chen.
As you'd expect for an athlete who was rehabbing from injury, guy was a total gym rat.
Those are the logs from a local gym called "Island Club and Spa.
" TANI: Okay.
Well, it looks like he spent every waking hour here.
Makes sense.
These places are swimming in steroids.
Plus, tons of people looking for shortcuts to get some gains, and dealers who see a captive market.
TANI: Right, so this is likely where Brad got his supply.
I'm impressed.
Thing is, if we're gonna catch the guy who sold to him, we can't exactly go in there flashing our badges.
Yeah, I know what this look means.
Do you know what it means? Mm-hmm.
Come on! Uh Uh, uh Come on! What you really want? Uh, uh, uh Uh, uh-uh What you really want? What, DMX Uh, uh Uh, uh Come on, Ryde or die Uh, uh Ay yo, ay yo, ay yo What's my name? DMX and I be the best You see the rest, they lookin' like They need a rest, one more time I'm-a spit at you some hits that's gonna get at you And be messin' with your mind Ryde or die, what you really want? Uh, uh What you really want? DMX! (grunting) - Hey, thanks for that tip.
- No worries.
Matt Zenner.
Matt Zenner.
Hey, dude, I'm gonna definitely hit you up about that personal training, all right? Only if you want to get swole, dude.
Yes, sir.
MAN: Hey, attention, everyone.
I want to introduce our latest addition to the ICS family.
This is Ashleigh.
She'll be teaching step aerobics and yoga.
But today, she's just observing and learning the ropes.
So make her feel at home.
Thank you so much.
(laughs) I'm Ashleigh.
Nice to meet you.
So, is this, like, a chill place to work? 'Cause, um, you know, the last gym I was at-- it was swimming with these muscle heads.
You know the type.
Like, they get all juiced up on steroids, and then they they get agro with the female staff.
Yeah, I hate to break it to you, but there's a lot of that here, too.
- Really? JUNIOR: All right, my man, thank you.
(sighs) I'm pretty sure that guy thinks I'm gay.
You're just a normal heterosexual dude chatting up every muscly guy in this gym.
What would make anyone think that? Anyway, did you find anything? Well, I've been laying it on pretty thick that, you know, I'm in the market for some juice, but everyone here is pretty cagey about where they get their product.
Meanwhile, I've done, like, 17 sets of bench press, 80-something dead lifts, ran ten miles on the treadmill.
I don't know how much more of this I can take.
Okay, well, I got a tip for you.
So, my new bestie, Millie the dance instructor? Mm-hmm.
She says that that guy, Derek-- he's, like, (grunting) really deep in the roids scene.
He seems pretty intense.
And he's single, too, from what I hear, so get in there, cowboy.
Go get him.
(grunting) That's impressive, man.
Yeah, thanks.
Hold on a second.
I got to 'gram this.
"Just another day in the lab.
"#Gymtime, "#Gains, #BeYourBest.
" Dude, your biceps, man-- they're jacked.
Got any tips? Most people, when they think arms, they think biceps.
Tri is the bigger muscle.
You got to do your dips, skull crushers, close-grip push-ups.
Oh, yeah, man.
Yeah, yeah, I-I hear you, man.
You know, sometimes I'm just a little bit impatient, you know? Want to see them gains.
I feel you.
So, uh, you know anyone who could hook me up? You know what I mean? Meet me out back.
Five minutes.
All right.
Yeah? I need a favor.
Um, okay.
What? My kid's school just called.
He puked all over the lunch room, and I gotta pick him up.
Can you cover my class? Um, okay.
Yeah, what-- what-what class is it? Hi.
Okay, hello.
Thanks for coming.
Welcome to Booty Boost 101.
DJ, drop that beat.
(up-tempo music playing) They stop and stare when I'm walking down the street And when I go into the club They play my record on the beat I say, watch your step I think you're sitting in my seat I smiled at you, and they freaked, I'm not surprised 'Cause it's nice to meet me It's nice to meet me Oh, my God, so nice to meet me.
Thank you.
You all right? Hear that stuff about the wedding? Yeah, it was a little harsh.
Little bit.
But that's the difference between, uh, English and American.
You know, they Look, first of all, they're notoriously stuck-up.
And second of all, their humor, it's I mean, it's a little cutting, you know? I-I don't I don't think it is, uh has anything to do with cultural differences.
I think she just doesn't like me.
You know, never has.
I know.
Uh, you know, when I, uh when I was gonna propose to Rachel, I thought it'd be a nice thing to ask her for her blessing 'cause her father had passed away.
So I flew all the way to England, which I could not afford at the time, only for her to tell me, "No.
Beat it.
" She told you no? Yeah.
Specifically, she said, "Oh, uh, I'm gonna tell Rachel "the same thing I always tell my agent.
Uh, never take the first offer.
" That's what she said.
I'm glad you think that's funny.
No, I'm sorry.
It's not funny.
Please, go on.
Uh, there's nothing to go on.
We obviously got married.
Rachel told me to blow it off, which I did, but then, you know, things start to get a little rocky between Rachel and I.
You got somebody in her ear telling, uh, you know, "You're not good enough.
You're not good enough.
" Then you start to think, "Not good enough.
Not good enough.
"Things aren't working.
Not good enough.
Not good enough.
" You know what I mean? You know what that is, right? That right there, that's self-pity talking.
Okay? 'Cause let me tell you right now, you, my friend, you are more than adequate.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
JUNIOR: Yo, Derek.
We cool? Dude, you got some nerve coming into our gym, asking around for product on your first day.
That kind of move will get people talking.
And the last thing we want is for you to ruin the sweet situation we got going here.
Okay, so you're worried about the cops coming down here? Uh, yeah.
All right.
Well, am I gonna get my product or what? Because I still need to hit my quads today.
(laughs) Smart-ass.
Yeah, I got your product.
But how about we give you a beatdown instead? Hmm? Kick his ass.
(all grunting) You broke my nose, man.
Oh, yeah, I broke your nose? Now you're under arrest.
All right? Dude, you're a cop? Yeah, I'm a cop.
Now you're gonna tell me the name of the dealer supplying this gym.
All right? Move before I break your teeth.
JERRY: So, I've been reviewing CCTV from the gym.
For liability reasons, almost the whole club is covered with cameras, which is good for us because a week ago, our Vic, Brad Chen, was captured lurking around the "employees only" area.
Check this out.
What is he doing? Where's he going? Into the men's locker room or something? What is that? Yeah.
No cameras in there, of course, but check out the time code.
He exits less than three minutes later.
Wearing the exact same clothes.
Oaky, where's he going in such a hurry? Well, I spoke to the gym manager, and he did a quick check, and it seems one of their master keys went missing.
These keys can open any locker in the place.
However, none of the members reported anything stolen around that date.
(chuckles): I guess not.
The only thing that Chen would have been going in that locker room to steal would be steroids.
So, no one's gonna report that.
So, Chen swipes the master key and then goes into the locker of someone that he knows has product.
He's only got a short window.
Doesn't check the vials, ends up grabbing one of the gold tops.
You're saying he dosed himself by accident? Which means that whoever he stole the drugs from was either the intended target Or that was the person who was peddling this new poisoned steroid.
ADAM: Just heard from Junior.
According to one of the regular buyers at the club, the steroids are all run through a member named Moses Pacheo.
You got an address? (indistinct radio chatter) The hell happened here? Neighbor called in a complaint.
The homeowner, Moses Pacheo, was tearing his own house apart.
Wait, one man did all this? Mr.
Pacheo was in an extremely agitated state when we arrived.
(grunting) (officers shouting) LUKELA: We tried to subdue him, but he resisted.
I've never seen anything like it.
He put five of my officers down.
Move! Move! That's it.
Stop! (groaning) Get down on the ground! LUKELA: So I gave the order to open fire, and he took three slugs like it was nothing.
So, uh, what put him under that sheet? His own heart, apparently.
All of a sudden, he collapsed and dropped dead from a massive cardiac arrest.
Well, sounds to me like he got ahold of the same toxic batch of steroids that killed Brad Chen, doesn't it? Yeah.
And now that he's dead, we're no closer to finding out who's behind all this.
(indistinct radio chatter) (siren wailing) Well found the inventory for Pacheo's house of roids.
And they all have silver tops.
Ones I found in the bathroom have gold tops.
Okay, these are unopened.
These must be the ones he's selling.
Maybe the ones with gold tops are for personal use? Yeah.
Also found a used vial and syringe.
Looks like he had just shot up.
Oh, well, that explains why he went berserk.
Got something you guys should see.
GROVER: See, that's just nasty.
I hope this guy didn't do a lot of home cooking.
Check it out.
GROVER: That appears to be the initials of whomever this blood was drawn from and the date that it was drawn.
If it's other people's plasma, then that likely means different blood types.
So Pacheo couldn't have been using this to dope himself.
Then what was he using it for? JERRY: So, I heard back from the lab.
That cache of drugs that Moses Pacheo was selling tested positive for HGH and testosterone.
However, his personal stash was positive for pyrovalerone.
ADAM: That confirms it.
Pacheo was the intended target of those tainted steroids, not Brad Chen.
Oh, yeah.
It's pretty obvious Chen got dosed when he stole the vials from Pacheo, not realizing that he had taken one of the tainted gold tops.
All right, let's talk about Pacheo's personal blood bank.
DNA shows it was drawn from several male donors, all of whom were steroid users.
Hey, wait a minute.
What does that say right there? "M.
" I talked to a guy at the gym today.
A juicer named Matt Zenner.
You don't say.
Okay, here's how it worked.
Once a week, I'd draw blood and trade it to Moses for steroids.
It was a great deal.
In fact, he even kicked me some cash to bring other guys in on the operation so long as they matched the profile.
What was the profile? Healthy, fit guys between the ages of 18 and 25.
So, that's how you came to know Brad Chen? Yeah.
I brought him in on the deal a few months ago.
But just the other week, Moses cut Brad out.
Why? Moses told him his blood was no good.
Something about his platelet count was off.
In any case, he was out.
Hang on.
(quietly): Maybe he's telling the truth.
If he is, it would explain why Chen stole steroids out of Pacheo's locker.
His supply got cut off, and suddenly there was no way for him to get his stuff.
It's not like he could just stop his rehab.
Moses Pacheo.
What'd he need all that blood for? I don't know.
He made it clear this was a "no questions asked" situation.
I wasn't about to jeopardize a sweet deal like this by pushing him for answers.
(Amanda laughs) (sighs) I'm done smiling for the month.
Well, I don't know about you two guys, but I'm absolutely famished.
Uh, I went ahead and made reservations at three of the nicest, most expensive restaurants on the island.
Uh, would you like to hear your options? No.
- No? - Steven, darling.
DANNY: No? This is your island.
So tell me, where would you take a woman hungry to explore the local flavors? I got just the place.
Come on.
Please make sure that everything is fresh, because if she gets food poisoning, uh, we'll all be killed.
FLIPPA: Hold up.
Your ex-mother-in-law is Amanda Savage? Uh-huh.
What? I read.
Y-You read romance novels? Don't knock 'em.
The Mallory series is dope.
You know, I got to tell you something, I've known a lot of people in my life.
And that man right there? He's the best of the best.
Are you talking about the heavy fellow in the T-shirt or Daniel? Mandy.
Did he ask you to do PR for him? No, of course not.
Oh, well, let's stop talking about him.
Tell me something about yourself.
You want to get you an autograph or something like that? - Yeah? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, no doubt.
Tell her hi.
I'll be sure to do that.
STEVE: Oh, hey.
Here we go.
Ah ooh.
Lunch is served.
Uh, the, uh, proprietor would like a autograph.
Oh, okay, I'll have Gavin send him, um, a headshot from London.
This looks delicious.
Thank you, Steven, this was an excellent choice.
You're welcome.
You know, if I, if I were to pick this place, you would've told me that it was, uh, no good, that it was cheap.
What is your point? Uh, my-my point is that, um is that I can't win with you.
- You're being oversensitive, Daniel.
- Am I? - Mm-hmm.
- All right, well, then you're gonna think this is very childish.
You guys enjoy, all right? Oh.
JERRY: So, I did some digging into our dead steroid dealer, Moses Pacheo, and I think I worked out what's going on.
Guy was a high school dropout.
Couldn't hold a steady job.
Cut to eight months ago, and his financials reveal that he's been making thousands of dollars a month.
My theory is that he's been trading the plasma of healthy young men for pharmaceutical-grade steroids and cash.
Okay, putting aside why anyone would even want human blood in the first place, we have any idea who was supplying the steroids to Pacheo? I've been trying to follow the money, but the cash received was run through several shell corps.
It's gonna take a while to sort that out.
We got something.
Given that Pacheo was regularly moving blood, we looked into the handful of biomedical couriers on the island, and, what do you know, we found one that made regular pickups at Pacheo's house and then dropped off at a clinic of a local doctor named Niles Werner.
Well done, young ones.
Saved Jerry a pile of work.
Well, it turns out Werner was a regular snake oil salesman.
Imagine a reality where you no longer have to accept the inevitable decline of old age.
That's right.
At the Namkha Clinic, we are the world leaders in cutting-edge life enhancement and bioregenerative therapies.
Call us today if you want to turn back the clock and stop Father Time in his tracks.
Always thought Father Time was undefeated.
Where do I sign up? Well, I don't think that's gonna work, because, two years ago, this guy's medical license was suspended after several claims of malpractice.
JUNIOR: Including a patient who died in a clinic he was running in Florida.
He was reinstated six months ago, and he set up shop here in Hawaii.
The guy is notorious for pushing the boundaries of ethical science.
And it looks like now he's taking the blood of these young men and injecting it into his rich clients, who are seeking, like, the elixir of life.
GROVER: I understand Dr.
Werner having access to the HGH that Pacheo was trading for blood, not to mention the pyrovalerone.
What I don't understand is why the hell a guy would want to murder one of his key suppliers.
Wait a minute.
Jerry, can you pull up Pacheo's financials again, please? Check this out.
You see how those payments keep increasing? What if that was because Pacheo was squeezing Werner for more and more money? Makes sense.
I mean, what the hell are you gonna do, go to the cops? Right.
Can't do that when your business model is trading illegal steroids for blood.
Sounds like a motive for murder to me.
We need to pay Dr.
Werner a visit.
(elevator dings) GROVER: Five-O! Show me your hands! Back it up! Hey.
Whoa, whoa.
Put your weapons down! Weapons down! On the ground.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
(grunting) (groaning) (grunting) (gasping) (gasping) Tani.
She has an irregular pulse.
Okay, she can't take much more of this.
This is Adam Noshimuri with Five-O.
I need an ambulance at my location right away.
No, no, no, no.
We can't do an ambulance.
We need to do something right now, Adam.
(grunting) Hey! (women gasping) Five-O! Don't move! (gasps) (gunshot) (shouts, groaning) Prison doctor will fix that right up.
Come on.
Get your ass up.
You ain't hurt.
(groaning) Paddles.
(beeping) All right.
(grunting) (sustained beep) Okay, Tani.
(grunting) Okay.
Three, two, one.
(whirring) Clear.
(grunting) Okay.
Move back.
Move back.
What is that? Adrenaline.
(gasps) (panting) You okay? (all panting) What's up, boss? What's up? How you doing? Can I get, uh, two Longboards, please? Rough day? Uh, well, yeah.
But, uh, no, I got a buddy of mine coming to meet me.
You can just keep it open, yeah? Satisfaction Good evening.
Do you mind if I sit down? Uh, no, please.
Thank you.
I, uh, thought you were having dinner with Rachel and the kids.
Yes, I am.
But I needed to see you first.
I feel like I'm being set up.
Oh, no, no.
I-I swiped Steven's phone.
It was on the nightstand next to the bed he was sleeping in with me.
(chuckles) I'm just kidding you.
No, I just-- - I borrowed it.
- I-I see.
And texted me from his phone to get me to Yes.
I'm sorry about all the subterfuge, but I had to have a conversation with you, and I knew that you'd say no if I asked.
Here I am.
What-what do you want to talk about? Right.
(grunts) I know that you think that, when we first met, that I did not like you.
Well, it's true.
I didn't.
I hated you, actually.
And not because of the reasons that you say.
Not because, um, you're American or because you're a man of modest means.
It's because you remind me of where I was from.
Excuse me? Well, I grew up with three siblings in a two-bedroom council house in London.
My father was a honest and hardworking man, and he loved his kids.
And he told them that every day.
A bit-- a bit like you do, Danny.
But what I had wasn't enough for me.
I was always searching for something else.
You know, the light at the end of the rainbow, the following the dream.
Something more.
I think that's why I got married so many times.
I was always looking for a man as good as my father, but I could never could never find him.
And then when Rachel found you, who was good, I I think I was jealous.
Okay? Right.
So now I will confess something else.
My bodyguard is not detained in England.
I used that as a ploy to come here to see you and to have a talk with you about something really important.
(chuckles): Yeah? Yeah.
You-you didn't want to-- you didn't want to just tell me that when you-- when you first saw me? (chuckles) You wanted to torture me for the whole day? (chuckles) Torture you? You sound like my agent.
No, I'm not gonna torture you.
I'm just going to ask you a very important question.
Do you care about my daughter, Daniel? Yes, I do.
Well, good.
Then don't toy with her affections.
I know that you two have been seeing each other a lot, and I know that she is talking about you all the time.
So I don't want to see her hurt again, okay? I want you to do right by her.
Will you do right by her? Yes.
I think this calls for a toast.
Uh, yes.
Uh, you want-- You feel free to have, uh Uh - Oh, I don't think so.
- Or anything else you like.
I could-- I could order for you.
Well, that's very kind of you.
Um, how about, um, some champagne? Champagne.
Coming up.
Champagne it is then.
(cork pops)
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