Hawaii Five-0 s10e15 Episode Script

He waha kou o ka he'e (Yours is the mouth of an octopus)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O Why would a guy come to a bar and order a club soda? - Would you like to sit? - Yeah.
I don't know, if you're up for it sometime, maybe I'd like to take you out to dinner? I would like that very much.
- Wait, what are you doing? - I'm calling a Lyft.
Think I can give you a ride home.
He sees us, right? - Hold on.
- (horn honks) (siren wailing) - STEVE: What is this? - I'm sorry, Steve.
Hey! I'm talking to you.
I've had your back from day one.
You deserve the truth.
I can't give you that.
RYO: Mr.
Kenji is not fit to be oyabun.
You feel you are better suited to lead? Oyabun - is my birthright.
- I will allow this.
You'll return to your task force on Hawaii to be my eyes and ears inside Five-O.
The question remains how badly do you want to fulfill your destiny? To whom are you loyal? (insects chirping) - Sure this is safe? - ADAM: Endo.
Just get out.
You didn't answer my question.
It's a hell of a lot safer than the last spot.
All right? HPD is gonna be all over that location tomorrow morning.
Yeah, interesting how that happened.
Are you suggesting I had something to do with HPD finding out about the dump site? It's a theory.
Well, I suggest you keep your theories to yourself.
Or I'll be burying four bodies tonight, not three.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song playing) (door opens) Excuse me.
LaPietra? Hi, um, I'm-I'm Detective Danny Williams.
I asked them to call me when someone from Joanna's family got here.
So, you're him.
Joanna, um, texted me from the bar.
I guess you got up to take a work call.
She said she met this funny, good-looking guy.
(chuckles): Yes, that's me.
(laughs softly) - Um, I, uh - W Y-You don't have to say anything.
Um, I read the accident report.
No, I know what happened.
How, um how she died.
It wasn't your fault.
I know you did everything you could.
It means a lot to me that you're here.
You were the last You (crying) You were with her when she died.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
That's it.
I just want to tell you I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- I know.
You want to talk about it? No.
What am I gonna say? Let's go.
(engine starts) TANI: Look at you, early to class, head buried in a book Sup, Tani? Wait, are you teaching this class? I am indeed.
Yeah, but don't get too excited.
It's a one-off.
I'm doing a favor for Captain Keo.
- What is that look? - Come on, now.
You just couldn't pass up an opportunity to check on me for Uncle Lou.
I assume he knows you're here? Mm-hmm.
- Y'all ain't slick.
- Okay.
I mean, he Fine.
He did float the idea of me reporting back, but to be honest, I heard you're killing it.
Captain Keo told me you were practically acing all your classes.
I believe he used the term "prodigy," - but don't quote me on that.
- He said that? His exact words.
I kid you not.
So, obviously, I had to come see for myself.
- Thanks.
No pressure.
- Oh, girl, you got this.
Um, okay, I should probably get this class started.
But, uh, if you're free later, let's have lunch.
I promise to ask lots of deeply probing, uncomfortable questions.
- I'd like that.
- Okay, good.
(chuckles) All right.
Good morning, recruits.
I'm Officer Tani Rey.
I'm with the Five-O Task Force, and I'll be your guest instructor - for today's weapons training.
- Five-O in the building! (cheering) Thanks for saving me a seat, babe.
Of course, Endo.
TANI: Okay, let's start with some simple door work.
If your door opens inward - (device beeps) - (multiple gunshots) 2.
06 seconds.
Nice grouping.
Not bad, Recruit Tanaka.
But on the street, "not bad" could see you end up in the morgue.
The Failure to Stop drill is designed to prevent loss of life Specifically, your own.
Movies and television have conditioned us to believe that shooting someone stops them dead in their tracks.
It doesn't.
You could miss vital organs, your perp could be wearing body armor, or worse, he could be so strung out on PCP, he doesn't even realize that he's been shot.
And every step towards you narrows the gap, along with your chances of putting your suspect down.
You want to go home alive? You want to go home alive? Get faster.
All right.
Recruit Dayton, you're up.
Let's go.
(device beeps) 1.
02 seconds.
Just so everyone knows "get faster" means this.
Tight center mass grouping.
Headshot directly below the chin, severing the perp's spine.
That means good guy goes home, bad guy goes to the morgue.
All this, and more than one second faster than the fastest time today.
On the street, one second could be the difference between ending up dead or alive.
Well done, recruit.
(quietly): Teacher's pet.
Recruit Kaholo, you're up.
Let's go! (horn honks) (car door closes) Hey.
- Morning, Lou.
- Adam.
What do you say, buddy? - Oh, you know.
- Come on, now.
- Hey.
- My man.
Thanks for the coffee date.
I appreciate it, buddy.
Of course.
Of course.
I'm just checking in with you, is all.
I got to be honest, though.
Um We're all a little worried about you.
Seem to have a lot going on these days.
You know, look, I could've been, uh, a lot better about keeping you all in the loop.
- I'm sorry about that.
- Oh, no.
Come on, you don't have to explain anything to me.
I just want you to know that, uh well, if you really do need help, we're here for you.
You know that.
We got you, man.
Thanks, Lou.
(sighs) You know, I didn't expect Masuda's death - to hit me like it did.
- Mm.
It brought back a lot of painful memories - about the way my father died.
- Yeah.
I just needed some time away, you know? That's why I went to Tokyo, to clear my head, - to reconnect with family.
- Yeah, I can see that.
But I mean, if it's family you're looking for, you don't have to go all the way to Japan.
You got that right here on the rock.
I do.
And I really appreciate - the support, buddy.
- Of course.
So, should we get that coffee now or what? - Yes, sir.
- Yeah.
- Well, next time, it's on me.
- Oh, you damn right it's on you.
- Yeah, I know you'll hold me to it.
- You got that right.
(phone dialing) Yeah, I'm still here with Adam, but, um - you better start wrapping things up.
- Copy that, thanks.
Well, you heard the man It's time to wrap it up.
Not that I wanted to be here in the first place.
Oh, good we're gonna to have that conversation again, huh? Do you not find it a little bit crazy that we're doing all this just because you had a feeling about Adam? A feeling? Okay, you're not in any way interested in the fact that Adam resigned from Five-O, then disappeared, and now, he just rejoined the Task Force.
You don't find that sequence of events suspicious at all? Maybe I find it a little suspicious, okay? Maybe, but the point is that if I was a human being, I would sit down, I would talk to the guy.
I would say, "Hey, what's going on?" instead of snooping around in his underwear drawer, breaking into his house, you know? What do you want to do, now, Steve? Rip up the walls? There's nothing here.
Look, he never explained what his watch was doing at that crime scene.
I'm telling you there's something we're not seeing.
Okay, all right, well, I got a question.
Um, if you're so suspicious of the guy, why'd you welcome him back to the team so easily? I want him where I can keep an eye on him.
Oh, that makes sense.
TANI: That was, uh, quite the show you put on back there.
Really? Okay, yeah, it kind of was.
(laughs) - Thank you.
- For? For checking on me.
I'm starting to really get what that word 'ohana means.
Between Uncle Lou, all you guys at Five-O, I just really feel like feel like you guys really got me.
I just want you to know I appreciate it.
Yeah, always.
So I kind of need some advice.
Ooh boys? Okay.
- What's the tea? - I'm kind of feeling one of the other students in my class.
You mean Recruit Tanaka? Damn! Is it that obvious? Siobhan.
- Okay, fine.
I'll stop fronting.
- Thank you.
Everything's been really cool.
He's super sweet.
And I really love spending time with him.
But I don't know.
I'm worried he might be seeing someone else.
Like, on the side.
Have you had "the talk" yet? The boyfriend/girlfriend talk? No.
Not yet, I just - I don't know what I should do.
- Well it's normal to feel insecure when you're first starting to fall for someone.
That's just part of the deal.
You know, it makes you feel vulnerable and crazy.
And then, sometimes sometimes it's the best feeling in the world.
What? A few nights ago, I was at his spot, and I noticed he had two cell phones.
Okay, hmm.
Bat phone.
All right, this one's easy.
- Run.
- I know, but Bat phone.
(sighs) All right, let okay.
Let's say that he's on the up-and-up.
Here's one thing I know for sure You have to have a conversation with him.
Just tell him how you feel.
Tell him that you'd rather you two not see other people.
Or just ask him about the phone.
'Cause maybe there's some innocent reason he has it.
The bottom line is if you're not on the same page or he's not giving you the answer that you're looking for, then it's early enough that you can cut bait.
It's better now than a year from now.
(sighs) MAN: One more, guys! Hurry up, let's go, let's go! (indistinct chatter) - Hey.
- What's up, quick draw? Listen there's kind of something I need to talk to you about.
Hey, uh, babe, can we talk about this later? There's something I need to take care of right now.
So, we're not gonna study together? Uh, you sure that was today? Pretty sure.
Babe, I'm really sorry.
I-I don't know how I got mixed up about it.
I promise I'll make it up to you, okay? (soft chuckle) (elevator bell dings) - Hey.
- Hey.
So, I spoke with Duke.
HPD went out to investigate that alleged Yakuza burial site this morning.
They found three freshly excavated pits, but no bodies.
They moved the bodies overnight? Intel was accurate.
Right, but clearly somebody tipped off the Yakuza that HPD would be digging up that site this morning.
All right, good work, Quinn.
Stay close to HPD, keep us posted.
Got it.
Say it, what? Who do we know who had access to that information, and who would've known about an HPD raid in advance? (insects trilling) (phone dialing) (line ringing) ENDO: Hey, babe, what's up? Hey, I'm actually not far from you now.
If you're home, I could swing by.
Aw, man, I'm actually out with a friend right now.
But, uh, let me hit you up when I'm back.
Maybe you could come over then? - Sure.
- Can't wait.
- (phone beeps) - (sighs) (indistinct voices) ENDO: There's been talk of HPD shifting more resources to the Wahele district.
You may want to let your dealers know.
Move! Siobhan, come back here! (engine starts) (engine shuts off) You really shouldn't have done that.
SIOBHAN: Leave a message, I'll call you back - Again, straight to voice mail.
- Don't assume the worst, Lou.
She's gonna turn up, you'll see.
Hey, yo, what's going on? Bonnie didn't come home last night.
And before anybody says I'm overreacting, and I need to get my old ass with the times, she also didn't show up at the academy this morning.
Okay, and no-no word from her, nothing? No phone call, no text, nothing.
Okay? And apparently, her phone is switched off, because every time I call that, it goes right to voice mail.
This ain't like her, man.
Well, have you tried her friends? Yeah.
Again, nothing! I even got a little crazy this morning, started calling around the local hospitals, which has done nothing for me, except grow this increasingly large pit of anxiety in my stomach.
Lou, maybe she just spent the night with her boyfriend.
"Boyfriend"? I'm sorry, I didn't I just assumed that you knew.
Girl, look at my face! - Ooh.
- Lou, I just found out yesterday.
Apparently, it's a new thing.
Meaning she hardly knows the guy?! Who, well, who in the hell is this?! He's a recruit at the academy.
Endo Tanaka.
STEVE: Let's run a trace on Siobhan's cell.
See if we can get a GPS location.
TANI: All right, looks like it was powered down at 8:07 p.
last night.
Shortly before that, it pinged at a tower in the Manoa district.
Wait a minute, pull that kid's ID back up.
117 Kalawao Avenue That's in Manoa.
Yeah, that's right where Siobhan's phone records place her last night.
Okay, so maybe she visits the boyfriend.
Decides to spend the night, and, meanwhile, her-her cell phone runs out of battery.
Yeah, or it was switched off.
TANI: Siobhan recently discovered that Endo had a second cell phone.
A secret one.
She thought he might be cheating.
I suggested she go over there and talk to him about it.
And you didn't think to tell me any of this stuff yesterday, Tani? You know what, fine, fine.
Now this chump can talk to me.
Let's make it happen.
Damn it, Bonnie.
(phone dialing) (ringing) Didn't expect to hear from you so soon, Noshimuri.
Do you have more information for me? That kid I was with a couple of nights ago, Endo, said he was your godson Where is he? I need to talk to him right now.
You really think you're in any position to call me up, making demands? - Where is he, Kenji? - I don't know, but even if I did - What about Siobhan? - Who? Damn it, Kenji, I don't have time to play games.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Siobhan is Captain Lou Grover's niece.
Apparently, she and Endo have been dating.
For now, let's leave aside the fact that you have a sleeper enrolled at the academy, because last night, Siobhan went missing shortly after paying a visit to Endo's house.
So, you can see why it's urgent that I speak to him.
This is all news to me.
Well, I suggest you get up to speed.
Locate Endo as soon as possible and hope to God Siobhan is okay.
Because if we don't get her back safe and sound, this alliance, this deal I made with Ryo? Everything is off the table.
And there will be hell to pay for you.
I promise you that! (phone beeps) Hey.
- Hey.
- I'm I-I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about the boyfriend thing.
Oh, Tani, it's not your fault.
I'm sorry, I I shouldn't have spoken to you like that.
I was out of line.
I apologize.
You know, Siobhan's father Mike and I have been tight since the fifth grade.
And it wasn't easy, but he finally started wrapping his head around the idea that this is what Siobhan wants for her life, you know? And he's trusting me to look after her.
When I think about the fact that I may have to call him a-and tell him - that his daughter - Lou.
- Is - Lou, don't ever think that.
Do you hear me? Don't think that.
We're gonna find her.
Lou, Bonnie's coming home.
All right, so Endo is officially MIA.
His phone is switched off.
HPD has confirmed that he's not at home, and there's no news on Siobhan.
DANNY: I spoke to the Academy.
Uh, he's due for a class at 11:00 a.
Yeah, assuming he shows.
Tani, do us a favor, reach out to Duke, make sure he's got HPD officers standing by to grab Endo as soon as we - get his location.
- Yeah, you got it.
- HPD just located Siobhan's car.
- GROVER: Where? Parked near the Pamalele Bridge.
Her cell phone and her purse were found in the passenger footwell.
Car keys were left in the ignition.
CSU's doing a full forensic search of the car as we speak.
They'll reach out to us as soon as they have anything that can help us.
(car approaching) Brought you some food as well.
You should eat something.
I should eat? You got me tied to a chair.
Stop pretending like you give a damn about me, Endo.
Siobhan, you don't understand, okay? After what you saw, I didn't have a choice.
Endo, you have to believe me, I didn't see anything.
Endo, this ain't you.
Just let me go.
I promise I won't say nothing to nobody.
I can't take that chance.
(sighs) The cops, my uncle, they're probably already looking for me.
How long do you think it'll be before they come asking questions? Have you thought about that? Endo, listen to me.
There's only one thing left to do here.
Stop trying to get inside my head! Why'd you have to go and ruin everything? Go on then.
Do what you got to do.
(grunts) You didn't bring me out here to kill me.
You brought me here because you're scared and you're in over your head, but, Endo, you can trust me.
Whatever it is that you're wrapped up in, I promise I've kept my mouth shut about a lot worse.
Come on, babe, just untie me and let's figure this out.
Okay, yeah.
All right.
- (cell phone ringing) - Endo.
(panting) K-Kenji, hey.
What have you done? I'm sorry.
I was, I was gonna tell you That you're dating the niece of a member of Five-O? Or that she's missing right now? The cops are looking for you.
After everything we did to get you in HPD, to protect your identity, you go and do something stupid like this.
- Is she still alive? - Yeah.
Yeah, but I-I She saw me last night with Haru.
She may have heard things, I don't know.
Where did you take her? - Where is she? - The cabin in Mokuleia.
I'll take care of this now, you understand? - Yeah.
I understand.
- Good.
Now here's what I need from you.
Whatever it is you would normally do today, do it.
Act like nothing's changed.
Is that clear? Yes, sir.
(cell phone beeps) Endo, who was that? I'm really sorry.
Endo, don't leave me.
- (door shuts) - Endo! Hey.
CSU just finished looking into Siobhan's car.
It's clean for blood and foreign DNA.
What do you guys got? Uh, yeah, good news.
HPD intercepted Endo en route to the Academy.
Okay, yeah.
That's-that's good news.
Where is he now? Downstairs.
Steve and Lou are about to question him.
GROVER: We pinged your phone last night, a quarter mile from your place.
You already admitted Siobhan came to see you last night.
You really expect me to believe you don't know where she went after she saw you? I really don't know.
Captain Grover, I know you're upset, but - Oh, do you now? Do you? I'm - Lou.
I'm good.
STEVE: Why don't you tell us what happened when Siobhan came to your place last night? Siobhan calls me, says she wants to talk.
Truth is, things haven't been going really well for us the last couple weeks.
I put up a front for as long as I could, but last night, I ended it.
You know, things, they just weren't working out.
I did it as gently as I possibly could.
Now, Siobhan, she didn't take it so well.
She cried.
- She Cr - A lot.
You know, she was distraught when she left my place.
I Obviously, I offered to drive her home, but she refused.
Yeah, I figured she just needed some time.
But now I-I'm hearing she's-she's gone missing? I'm really worried.
You don't think she hurt herself, do you? Over your punk ass? Boy, choose your next words - really carefully.
- STEVE: All right, look, if everything you're saying is the truth, where were you this morning? Why was your phone off? I go for a run every morning along the Manana Ridge Trail.
There's no service up there anyway, so I turn my off phone to save battery.
How about that second phone, though? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
That second phone, the phone Siobhan saw you with when you thought she wasn't looking, what about that phone, you turn that one off, too? I don't have another phone.
STEVE: All right.
Just sit tight, Endo.
We're gonna vet your story.
Of course.
Yo, all I care about is Bonnie's safety.
Bonn Hey! You think I'm buying any of this cock-and-bull story about you breaking up with my niece like you were putting your damn dog to sleep, you little son of a bitch? Let me find out you lying about that phone.
I swear on everything, I'll bring it back here and stick it where it don't come out! Lou, hey! You little son of a bitch.
(panting) Lou, so HPD is still canvassing the area where they found Siobhan's car.
So far, they've come up empty.
They also sent divers to dredge the canal, but Lou, hey, hey, it's only because of where the car was found, okay? It's protocol in these situations.
Good news is they haven't found anything yet, and they're not going to.
I don't believe one word out of that lying little son of a bitch's mouth.
The location they found Siobhan's car is all the proof I need that he's mixed up in this.
Why else would he try to make me think that Siobhan might've killed herself? Because he parked her car himself at that location to give that exact impression.
DANNY: All right, Lou, uh, we also, uh, ran his phone.
He, um, apparently powered it off last night at 8:05, which is around the same time that Siobhan's phone was powered off.
STEVE: Well, that's interesting 'cause he just told us he turned his phone off this morning when he went for a run.
Because he thinks he's smart.
He shut down his phone the same time he shut Siobhan's phone down because he didn't want anybody tracking where he was taking her.
All right, Lou, look, everything you're saying makes sense, but you know as well as I do we don't have enough on this kid to charge him with yet.
What about that second phone? That second phone that Bonnie saw him with? What're we do We doing anything about that at all? HPD tore the house up.
Quinn and Tani are still looking, though.
Take it that wasn't the first time you've done that.
Oh, yeah, I used to lock my keys in the car a lot.
Okay, Endo, let's see what we've got.
You know, I thought having two cell phones meant that this guy was just a player.
No idea it could be something darker.
Well, let's hope your first instinct was right.
I don't know.
I mean, I saw them together, and they were, like, totally flirty, you know, how people are when they first start dating, they're super into each other.
So no indication they were on the rocks? Exactly.
I got nothing.
Well, bad guys tend to be pretty creative when they're hiding things in a car.
Well, what do you know? (lock buzzes) (door opens) Nice to finally see a friendly face.
Forget prison.
If anything happens to Siobhan, you're as good as dead.
You're not in a position to make threats, Noshimuri, just keep your mouth shut, this all goes away soon enough.
What does that mean? Means it's being taken care of.
You told Kenji where she is? Listen to me very carefully, Endo, 'cause I'm only gonna ask once.
Where's Siobhan? If I don't tell you, then what? Are you gonna tell your friends how we know each other? How do you think that's gonna work out for you? (Siobhan grunting) (continues grunting) (yells) (straining) (screams) Boss, you're gonna want to take a look at this.
Tani, what is it? Just ran Endo's secret burner and things got interesting fast.
Several of the numbers came back to individuals in the system.
All of these gentlemen have one thing in common.
They all have ties to the Yakuza.
(lock buzzes) (birds singing) (soft, distorted breathing) - (ropes creaking) - (straining) (groans) (yelling, grunting) (phone ringing) Is it taken care of? ADAM: You better hope not.
I have your godson in the trunk of my car.
I'm taking him to a nice, secluded spot in the jungle where he's gonna dig himself a hole.
Then I'm gonna put a bullet in his head and bury him.
That would be a big mistake.
One that you would pay for with your life.
Yeah, well, in case you haven't been paying attention, Kenji, I'm not afraid of much these days.
What do you want? An exchange.
Endo for Siobhan.
Or your godson's blood will be on your hands.
(phone beeps) - Here's good.
- (grunts) (guns click) (birds singing) (pop song ringtone playing) (ringtone stops) Yeah? Okay.
Change of plans.
What the hell would make him do this? How do you explain that? I obviously can't.
It doesn't make sense.
Well, there's got to be a reason why he did it.
GROVER: Because he's involved.
- He's working for the Yakuza now.
- STEVE: I'm calling Adam.
(phone ringing) It's him.
What are you doing, man? Lou, listen to me.
I'm going to get Siobhan back, but to do that I have to give them Endo.
GROVER: So you just took him?! You didn't think to loop us in on your little plan? That's my niece's life you're playing with! Trust me, I'm aware.
Look, it had to be done this way.
They'll only deal with me.
If they even suspect Five-O is involved, they won't hesitate, Lou They'll kill her.
But that's not going to happen.
I'm going to text you where to meet me.
By the time you make it out there, I'll have her back safely.
- You better.
- I know.
STEVE: Look, you know I've had my doubts about Adam for a while now.
But if he says he has a plan, my gut says he's gonna deliver.
Well, I'm gonna tell you just like I told him.
He better.
'Cause if he's mixed up in any of this, or if Siobhan ends up getting hurt because of this move he just made, I'm telling you, hand to God, he ain't comin' out of them damn woods.
She walks first.
Out to the middle.
Then I send him.
Right now! Siobhan, walk.
You lucked out, kid.
She's alive, so you get to live, too.
Now, walk.
And do not stop.
ADAM: That's right Siobhan, just keep walking.
Come on.
Right around here's where Adam told me to meet him.
Bonnie! Bonnie! Uncle Lou! Uncle Lou.
GROVER: Oh, thank God.
Thank God.
(sniffles) Hey.
You listen to me.
The next time you decide to go out and get yourself a boyfriend, (sobbing): you tell me so I can check him out and see if he's good enough for my niece.
I love you so much.
I love you, Uncle Lou.
Let's go.
You all right? (Eddie barking) (whines) Yeah, good boy.
(door opens, closes) Yo.
You want some coffee? No.
I feel like I'm a hundred.
I got to hydrate first.
What, uh, what's going on with breakfast? Not much.
You're late, so I gave your breakfast to Eddie.
I'd say that that's funny, but I don't think you're kidding.
- Do I look like I'm kidding? - No.
This is not my joking face.
I just got a call from the Duke.
They did a deep dive into Endo's time at the academy.
That kid, while he was there, hacked into HPD's central database.
They're still trying to figure out how much data was actually compromised.
Well, you know, uh, what this means, right? Yeah, I do.
Endo could be the reason the Yakuza is up on us knowing about that burial ground.
Could be.
You-you still think that Adam, after what he did getting Siobhan out of there, you think that he's still working with those people? You can grunt once for yes or twice for no.
What, y-you're quite the conversationalist this morning.
I'm better off talking to the dog.
No disrespect, - Eddie.
- (whines) Do me a favor, don't eat my breakfast - next time, huh? - Do me a favor, - don't shame my dog.
- I'm not shaming your dog.
I'm cooking you eggs, all right? Thank you.
You don't have to do that.
But if you're gonna do it, I'll take scrambled.
- And I'd like - And a little burnt, right? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Well, I got a text from my contractor.
He, uh, he told me everything's going going good over at the house.
- Well, that's good.
- Yeah.
I got the floorboards back in, running water.
It's livable.
So I could probably get out of your space soon if They paint it yet? Any paint? They didn't paint it yet, no.
No paint? Mmmm.
Furniture? - Storage.
- Don't be crazy, all right? You're not gonna live in there with workmen running around.
Just stay here.
Stay for another couple of weeks.
You can stay here as long you want, you know that, right? Thank you.
I appreciate that.
You're welcome.
I'll stay, maybe to hang out with Eddie, so he's not so lonely, 'cause you're not very good company.
You know, uh, the eggs, um, you-you could burn 'em without cremating them, you know what I mean? You could keep a little fluff.
You get what you get, and you don't get upset.
I know, but I'm gonna be upset if you ruin my eggs.
Why don't you come - and cook your own eggs? - No, I want you to cook the eggs - like you said you were - I think I'm regretting - that decision now.
- The hell's the matter with you? The matter with me? What's the matter with you? - Why are you such a maniac? - You're a maniac.
- You're a maniac.
You're a maniac.
- I'm a maniac? Can I have bacon? - No bacon for you.
- Why not? 'Cause I don't it's not a bacon day.
You really are a maniac.

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