Hawaii Five-O (1968) s01e01 Episode Script


( suspenseful theme playing ) ( respirator passing air ) ( analog machines clicking ) Ready, sir.
VOICE: Get on with it.
Get on with it, Wo Fat.
Get him.
( monitors beeping ) WO FAT: Immersion time: three hours, 54 minutes.
About average for a very stubborn man.
Well, shall we look into Mr.
Hennesy? MAN: Get on with it.
( shocking theme plays ) ( screams ) ( upbeat surf theme playing ) ( gentle theme plays ) GUIDE: Ladies and gentlemen, the 'Iolani Palace.
Oh my.
GUIDE: The only royal palace on American soil.
Built by King Kalakaua and completed in 1882, this remnant of Hawaii's glittering golden past today houses offices of governor, attorney general, and State Police Unit Five-0.
The 'Iolani Palace is a must-stop on every tour on the six-- ( slaps side of bus ) ( speaking Chinese ) ( speaking Chinese ) GUIDE: As I was saying, 'Iolani Palace is a must-stop Good morning.
Happy birthday, May.
Thanks, boss.
Chief Paul called from Hilo.
They picked up that official from Hong Kong on your orders, holding him for deportation.
Attorney general thinks we're on political thin ice.
By the time the ice cracks, we'll have that hotshot back in Hong Kong.
Thanks, love.
That was Honolulu police on the horn.
They just picked up a floater, Hanauma Bay.
It's Hennesy.
( tense theme playing ) Hennesy? Notify Intelligence immediately.
Will do.
( action theme playing ) ( siren blaring ) DISPATCHER ( on radio ): Dispatch calling Five-0.
Dispatch calling Five-0.
Five-0, go ahead.
Intelligence notified as requested, sir.
( action theme continues ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) As soon as we checked his papers and saw he was Intelligence, we put out a hotline for Five-0.
SURFER: That's just the way we found him, sir.
We didn't touch a thing.
I found this down the beach about 50 yards.
Watch, wallet, clothes.
Nothing missing, everything neatly folded.
Looks like he went for a morning swim and just didn't make it.
Hennesy couldn't swim.
You knew him? Yeah, I knew him.
All right, I want an autopsy report immediately.
You tell Doc that I want a fine-tooth-comb job.
He's working on a homicide.
( wind chimes tinkling ) WOMAN'S VOICE: Such a nice man, Mr.
Such a nice man.
Now, if there's any further information I can give you McGARRETT: I'll let you know.
WOMAN: We always cooperate.
We never have any trouble with the police in my place.
McGARRETT: Thank you very much.
( blows ) "Cocoon.
" "Cocoon.
" ( gunshots ) ( screams ) MAN'S VOICE: Open up in there.
( banging on door ) Open up in there.
Intelligence to the rescue, huh? You all right? Yeah.
What happened, Steve? Him or me.
What was he doing in Hennesy's apartment? Same thing we are.
We've got a hysterical landlady downstairs yelling "cop.
" McGARRETT: I was just about to do the same thing.
This is McGarrett.
I'm at 26 Colair Road, apartment 204.
Tell the coroner to send a wagon.
Yeah, it has been a busy morning.
This one, John Doe.
No, no identification whatsoever.
Yes, I want a print man and a photographer and I want them here on the double.
Thank you.
Well, thank you for your help, McGarrett.
Intelligence will take over from here.
Is that an order? Everybody knows that Steve McGarrett only takes orders from the governor and God.
And occasionally, even they have trouble.
Five-0 and Intelligence have worked together before, Brent.
Always ready to cooperate.
Right now, I want it.
All yours.
I'll hold off while you sweep it clean, but make no mistake about it, nobody backs me off a homicide on my beat.
BRENT: Homicide? Homicide? Can you prove it? I will.
By the way, what was Hennesy working on? Routine.
Routine? That figures.
( door slams ) Believe me, that's no way to handle McGarrett.
Oh, forget McGarrett.
You check in here, I'll take the other room.
( suspenseful theme playing ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( buzzes ) Yeah.
What do you got, Doc? Yeah, I know I'm pressing you.
What do you got? Now, wait a minute, Doc.
I know the routine by heart.
Evidence of water and sand granules in lungs.
Blood chloride count higher in heart ventricles.
And so forth, and so forth and so forth.
Yeah, but Hennesy didn't just drown.
And the great Chin Ho Kelly strikes again.
Shut up and sit down, huh ? McGARRETT: Yeah, you're through? Okay, Doc, I understand.
Yeah, everything unquestionably points to drowning, but he didn't.
Proof? Why the hell do you think I'm calling you? ( indistinct angry talking on phone ) Terrible temper, that man.
Someday you'll get Doc so steamed, he'll go out and discover the lost chord.
We try.
What do you think, Danno? Interesting.
Make anything? Depends.
How long? ( exhales ) It depends.
You better try anyway.
Same goods, huh? No question.
Where did it turn up this time? On the big island, Mauna Kea.
Flooded the place.
Well, Inter-Island's got a flight out at noon.
See that somebody's on it.
People of Hawaii, have no fear.
Chin Ho Kelly is-- Sam says you wanna see me.
Yeah, come on in.
I got a list of, uh, names from the landlady.
Nosy old biddy.
I don't think many people got in and out of Hennesy's apartment without her spotting them.
Lots of chicks.
No, nothing serious.
He was too good an operator for that.
Last night he had dinner in his apartment with a, um, Rosemary Quong, graduate student, University of Hawaii.
Check them out good, all of them, especially the Quong girl.
Will do.
This pal of yours, Hennesy.
He must have been quite a guy.
Yeah, he was quite a guy.
( thoughtful slow theme playing ) He hated this island paradise he was assigned to.
One of those redheads who got sunburned walking to the grocery store.
That's why he never learned to swim.
We seem to be working a street full of dead ends, Kono.
So anything you can come up with, anything, huh? Will do.
I was right, you know, absolutely right.
No question.
No question about it whatever.
Cause of death, asphyxiation under fluid, commonly called drowning.
Okay, Doc, you were right.
You're always right.
Now, what have you got, huh? Take a look.
Doc, just this once, can we-- Can we skip the games, huh? Take a look.
The eyes.
Now? Yeah, beads of white stuff, right? Yes, that's right.
Beads of white stuff.
Excuse me.
Police lab on the phone for you, Mr.
Use that phone over there.
No make on the prints, huh? Well, that figures.
Did you run that set of dupe prints off as I asked? Good.
Good, I'm on my way to Intelligence.
Get that set of prints over there for me right away, will you? Bye.
White stuff.
Trade name, gutta-percha.
Gutta-percha? Ever been to a dentist, have a temporary filling? Yeah.
White stuff the dentist uses.
Strong sealing substance with a slight eucalyptus taste to it.
While you're trying to figure that one out, here's something else you can chew on.
I found residuals of that same sealing substance in the hair follicles of the nose and of the ears.
McGARRETT: That's terrifying.
Eyes, ears and nose sealed with this stuff.
Why? When you find out tell me.
May I have that, Doc? Thank you.
( moody theme playing ) ( upbeat action theme playing ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) You're suggesting that the man who rifled Hennesy's apartment was a foreign agent.
I'm not suggesting anything, except Intelligence check those prints out against their files.
All right, will do.
I'll hear from you, then? Absolutely.
Oh, by the way, we've made arrangements for Hennesy's burial tomorrow afternoon.
National Memorial Cemetery.
Kind of fast, isn't it? Well, Hennesy had no family, no reason for a delay.
It's a funny thing.
I'm used to Intelligence playing it cool.
Really cool.
But you seem more interested in a quiet funeral than in finding out who killed your man.
You go ahead and think what you like, McGarrett.
Thanks, I usually do.
You will be there tomorrow? I'll be there.
I keep telling you, that's no way to handle Steve McGarrett.
Then what do you suggest? Level with him.
Tell McGarrett? Hennesy was a friend of his, a friend.
That's a big word to McGarrett.
I been on this beat for years, I know what I'm talking about.
I don't.
McGarrett won't give up.
He comes up with a decent lead, he could blow this thing open.
Here we are with the whole world caving in on us and you suggest that-- I do.
Then forget it.
And that's an order.
Where are you going? To pour some cold buttermilk on my hot ulcer.
I can't let McGarrett in on this.
Not this.
I don't dare.
You don't dare let him in, and I don't dare keep him out.
Your decision.
( gunshot ) Aim, pull.
Aim, pull.
Aim, pull.
( bugle playing ) Order.
Thanks for coming, McGarrett.
Hoping the Quong girl would show.
You find her.
I don't care if you have to turn this island inside out.
You find the Quong girl.
Yes, sir.
( pensive theme playing ) ( grave theme playing ) Say, would you do us a favor and just grab one for the folks back home? Sure.
How's that? Just fine.
( camera clicks ) Thanks very much.
Sam Adams, Billings, Montana.
If you're ever up our way, why, please, look us up.
I will, thanks.
( mysterious theme plays ) Beautiful day.
Too bad Hennesy isn't here to enjoy it.
He'd get sunburned.
( laughs ) Those prints, we got a make on them.
McGarrett, have you ever known me to stick my neck out, violate a direct order? You? You're the original Mr.
Yeah, that's me.
Safe, Mr.
Strictly Second Banana.
Prints, what about them? The man you shot in Hennesy's apartment was a Red Chinese agent, an important one.
If Brent finds out I informed you, it's kaput.
Why did Brent order the freeze on me? Because he's running scared.
So am I.
Yeah, but you're sticking your careful neck out.
I am.
Why? I may be Mr.
Safe but I'm not a fool.
And Brent is? Brent is either a total incompetent or worse.
Could be.
And could be you're an opportunist, or worse.
Passed over again for the top spot, top money, for a young man with a so-so record? Yes, I could be.
You judge for yourself.
The way I look at it, you're a dangerous man, McGarrett.
Much too dangerous to be allowed to blunder around in the dark at a time like this.
Okay, let there be light, huh? What was Hennesy doing? What was he working on that got him killed? Hennesy was one of a dozen top investigators working in a dozen different countries.
You know Anderson? Glen Anderson? Yeah.
Ten days ago in Jakarta, his car crashed off of the road, going at top speed.
Killed instantly.
Yeah, I remember the quiet notice buried in the back section.
Well, now I can tell you.
He was our key agent in Indonesia.
So? So.
Last month, in one month, Statton in Bangkok, accidental fall from an office building.
Bergan, Bombay, accidental asphyxiation from a gas jet in an apartment.
Brubaker in Hong Kong, another accidental car crackup.
Anderson, and now Hennesy in Hawaii.
Now I want something from you, McGarrett.
Before you make a move-- No matter what you come up with, before you make a move, check it out with me.
I'll think about it.
You have any idea of the red tape involved in getting an out-of-state body exhumed for autopsy? Yes, sir, that's why I came directly to the attorney general.
In that case, the difficult we do immediately.
The impossible takes us a little longer.
How much longer? McGarrett.
At times, I get the distinct impression you think I work for you.
Oh, no, sir.
You're certain? Oh, yes, sir.
I'm glad one of us is.
"The deceased: Glen Anderson.
Home and place of burial: Lake Forest, Illinois.
" Father? Stephen L.
"Stephen L.
" Now, let me get this straight, you want the coroner to especially check the eyes? Lashes.
The lashes and the hair follicles of the nose and ears.
Damnedest thing I ever heard of.
Yes, sir.
How long do you figure? Hard to say.
If we don't hit any roadblocks, Good, thank you, sir.
DANNY: "Cocoon" Now, that's the only complete word in all of it.
Finally, some repeated letter patterns did emerge.
Um, A, R, something.
Capital A, R, something.
It could be C.
Now, the two fragmented symbols before the A appeared over and over, but I can't crack them.
I just can't crack them.
Now, something, R-U-S.
Now, that's clear, and clearly the end of a word.
You see the finishing stroke on the letter S? Now, the R-U-S ending appeared on a number of pages.
Now Now look at this key section, Steve.
Now, the C is very clear here.
Watch this.
Now, watch.
There it is.
" Arcturus.
Arcturus what? I don't know.
The name of a star.
Yeah, Arcturus.
One of the three brightest stars in the Northern Hemisphere.
From the Greek.
Yeah, "the bear.
" So what? So now we have two words: Arcturus.
( intercom buzzes ) ( clears throat ) Yeah, May? Yeah, send him in.
KONO: Movie time? Yeah, great flick.
Sorry you missed it.
May I? Yeah, help yourself.
Found the Quong girl.
Turned her house insideout, walked my feet to a stump, all the time she's in the lockup across the street.
She there now? Yeah.
Who'd she kill? Worse.
Well, give.
Carried a sign, laid down on the steps in front of the station house with a bunch of other kooks.
What kind of a sign? Protesting police brutality.
WOMAN: Rosemary Quong? Let's talk a deal, Ms.
You've got me at a disadvantage.
Name is McGarrett.
McGarrett the cop.
I don't make deals with cops.
Very intelligent.
Yeah, I think so.
( laughing ) Hennesy's dead.
He was murdered.
As far as we know, you were the last one to see him alive.
Now, I want some straight answers to some, uh simple questions.
You wanna talk a deal now? ( suspenseful theme playing ) I'm scared.
Of what? Well, I don't know, that's what really scares me.
Was Hennesy a cop? Was he? I have a psychiatrist friend who pulls that.
He's smarter than you'll ever be and it doesn't work for him either.
Your psychiatrist friend ever tell you you're a pain in the, uh neck? Okay, Mr.
Now that I've decided to tell, suddenly it occurs to me I don't have much to tell.
We got a deal, right? Right.
The night before last, you had dinner with him.
Tell me about that.
Well, there really isn't much to tell.
Let me be the judge, huh? ( sighs ) I live in the dorm at the university.
No men allowed above the first floor.
I bragged about what a good cook I was.
Hennesy gave me the key to his apartment and told me to cook up a storm.
Really, there's no punch line to this bit.
Well, did you cook up a storm? Yeah.
Six o'clock, as agreed, I had everything ready.
Best TV dinner money can buy.
No Hennesy.
So? About 8:00, looking thoroughly beat, Hennesy walked in.
He was so dragged out, I spared him the big scene.
We no more than sat down, the phone rang.
Hennesy answered, said about three or four words, hung up and walked out.
That was the last I ever saw of Hennesy.
This is very important: Did you hear any of that phone conversation? Yeah, I heard it all.
Like I said, three or four words was the whole shtick.
Well, tell me.
Give it to me.
Hm "Yes, sir, the pier.
" That's it.
No mistake? Quote: "Yes, sir, the pier.
" No mistake.
Kono, Danny, come in here.
( sighs ) Listen to this.
( clicks ) McGARRETT: Give it to me.
ROSEMARY: "Yes, sir, the pier.
" That's it.
McGARRETT: No mistake? Quote, "Yes, sir, the pier.
" ROSEMARY: No mistake.
( recorder clicks ) Kono? Blanksville.
Danno? Double Blanksville.
Chin Ho Kelly strikes again.
Shut up and sit down.
Kono, get the blinds.
Danny, snap that thing on.
May, get the port captain on the phone.
Now, watch.
Sure, S.
, Steamship.
Yeah, Steamship Arcturus.
MAY: Yes, sir.
One moment, please.
Port captain.
Oh, thank you.
Captain, McGarrett.
Are you in your office, sir? Would you check out your master log for me? Do we have an S.
Arcturus in port? Pier 39.
Thank you, sir.
Captain, uh, one more question.
What was her last port of call? Jakarta.
Beautiful, beautiful.
Captain, I've gotta check her out.
Can you help me? Yes, sir, thank you.
I'm on my way.
( suspenseful theme playing ) That man's eating habits would kill a billy goat.
( all chuckle ) You folks just stand around like this all day, huh? ( mellow theme playing ) Talk another deal? Dinner tonight.
Sam's, eight.
Huh? ( action theme playing ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) Five-0 calling central dispatch.
Five-0 calling central dispatch.
MAN: Dispatch.
Go ahead, Five-0.
Heading west on Ala Moana Boulevard, toward, um River Rat district.
Got a tail on me.
Light green, four-door sedan, '67, Hawaii plates.
I can't make 'em out.
In five minutes, at exactly uh I want a riot drop.
Corner of Kukui alley and King Street.
Repeat, Kukui alley and King Street.
Got it? Roger.
( soft surf theme swells dramatically ) ( tires squealing ) ( tires squealing ) ( car door closes ) Intelligence.
Book him.
Wait a minute, you can't do that-- Book him! ( suspenseful theme playing ) Mister, right now I'd hate to be your boss.
WOMAN: You can't go in there.
Don't you ever put a tail on me again.
What are you talking about? Look, Brent.
Get this and get it straight.
Just a minute.
Don't ever put a tail on me again, hear? Don't you ever do that again.
( slams door ) Just another tanker that's logged a million miles and rusted through a thousand coats of red lead.
What'd you expect, McGarrett? I don't know.
I don't know.
Sure is sitting low on the water.
Well, she's carrying of diesel oil in her belly.
Yeah, and what else, huh? I gotta get aboard somehow, captain.
Without tipping my hand? Easy.
How? You didn't read my log very carefully, did you? What do you mean? She's tied up for repairs.
Cracked shaft.
The Yamato Yard's doing the work.
McAnkers is ramrodding the job.
Now, you just get yourself some work clothes by 6:00 tomorrow morning.
I'll talk to McAnkers.
He can, uh Well, he can always use a good man.
( mellow music playing ) Shoo! ( sighs ) My favorite place.
In the barefoot bar, the haoles are jammed navel to navel.
Here the music is free.
Just the stars and us.
Nice, huh? Nice.
What's the matter, McGarrett? Got problems? Yeah, could be.
Wanna talk about it? Not particularly.
There's something I want to talk about.
Mm With Hennesy and me, we were friends.
Good friends.
Look, you don't owe me any explanations.
I-- I just want you to know that's all it was.
( upbeat surf music playing ) ( music ends, applause ) I wish I could psyche you out.
For instance? Well, for instance, ever been married? Mm-mm.
Why not? Uh Waiting for the perfect girl? Now, what would I do with the perfect girl, huh? Hm Got another for instance.
Why did you become a cop? Why did you become a hippie? Umbecause I care.
I care.
Anything wrong with that? Mm-mm.
No, it's good to care.
It's also a good reason for becoming a cop, huh? Yes.
( romantic theme playing ) ( thump ) ( machines clanking ) Aaarggh! Hit it again.
( grunting ) ( speaking in Chinese ) ( whistle blows ) Okay, chow down.
We'll bust this bugger loose after lunch.
( footsteps ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( door slams ) ( grunts ) ( metal clanging ) ( grunts ) ( hatch creaking ) ( grunts ) I gotta see the man, Mildred.
The man wants to see you.
Go right in, Mr.
DANNY: Steve! Cablegram from Illinois just came up from the attorney general's office.
( sighs ) Sit down, Steve.
Wanna get writer's cramp? Run for governor.
What's the getup for? Well, sir-- No, don't tell me.
But keep those work clothes handy, you may need them on your next job.
Don't you ever work through channels? Who blew the whistle? Brent? Loud and clear.
Governor, I've tried to work with local intelligence from the beginning.
Brent threw me out.
Now, why? Because it's big, that's why.
We've had big ones before, but this time all I get is smoke.
Why? You tell me.
( sighs ) McGarrett, this is an important state.
It's our Nation's extended finger into the Pacific, the ocean where two-thirds, two of the three billion persons on earth, meet and touch.
As governor, I can't have a man who blows his stack, manhandles people and sets himself above the law.
I can't, and I won't.
Here, sir, take a look at this.
Anderson is one of the agents I mentioned to you, one of the five listed as "accidental death.
" "Confirm, gutta-percha, lashes, hair follicles.
" You were right.
Yes, sir.
And if we exhume the bodies of Stanton, Burke, Brubaker, we'll find exactly the same evidence.
What we're dealing with here, sir, is murder, mass murder.
Now, about these work clothes that I I'll be using on my next job At 6:00 this morning, I went aboard an old rust bucket tied up at Pier 39, the Arcturus.
It's Iranian registry, but her crew is Chinese.
The security aboard is like Fort Knox.
Now, in number-two hold of that old rust bucket, I uncovered something out of Captain Midnight's 25th century.
Absolutely terrifying.
It looked like some kind of a-- A giant cocoon.
Exactly what it is I've uncovered, sir, I don't know.
But it's hot.
I think it's too hot for Five-0 to handle alone.
Maybe too hot for any, uh, local agency.
Maybe, yes, sir.
WOMAN: Yes, sir.
Come in, please.
I want you to put a hotline call through to a Mr.
Jonathan Kaye, chief of Pacific Operations, counter-intelligence, offices in the Pentagon, Washington, D.
( tires squealing ) Aloha, Jonathan.
I never expected anything short of dynamite would get you out from behind that desk at the Pentagon.
Nothing short of dynamite could.
Quite a bomb you delivered, Steve.
Good job.
Thank you, sir.
May I offer you gentlemen a little something? Mm-mm, pass.
All right, let's get down to work.
Steve, besides your discovery of the gutta-percha, every agent that died had one other thing in common: They all talked.
Talked? They talked, Steve.
All five, tested men of absolute dedication.
Before they died, they spilled their guts, every code, every contact, every scrap of information.
It doesn't add up.
I knew Hennesy, he was tough.
He didn't have a mark on him.
From the time he was last seen, till he was discovered on the beach was less than 12 hours.
Nobody could make Hennesy talk in 12 hours.
They did.
For some time now, we've suspected that the Chinese Reds had some kind of a-- A brain drain, a doomsday weapon.
The cocoon.
Doomsday weapon.
How does a--? How does a thing like that work? Well, from what you've uncovered, my brain boys have come up with a theory.
But that's all it is, a theory.
So far all we can state with certainty is, we know what Chinese intelligence is after.
The one man who knows every brick in the Pacific-Asiatic security wall.
If they capture control, that wall could be toppled overnight.
It could be.
Have any of the agents taken so far--? Compartmentalization.
A basic rule of espionage, governor.
No one individual is allowed to know more than is absolutely essential to the execution of his particular operation.
So far what they've managed to do is smash through from one airtight compartment to the next.
But they haven't been smashing through laterally.
Now, with the help of the brain drain, they've been able to break through vertically.
And each agent drained has led them a step closer, and led them ultimately here, to Hawaii.
Is a--? Is control in Hawaii? Well, this is all very interesting, but it so happens I have a state to run, so if you'll excuse me.
Jonathan, good seeing you again.
Thank you.
My pleasure, governor.
Good luck to you, Steve.
Thank you, sir.
( sighs ) Well, is control in Hawaii? He was.
Well, if we found them before they uncovered control, why don't we smash 'em? What are we waiting for? We have a plan, Steve.
Well, go ahead.
To bring it off, we need a man, a special type of man.
Unbreakable, a man who refuses to be beaten.
And we take this man and we stake him out, bait, like a lamb in tiger country.
If we win, we turn the doomsday weapon on the enemy, befuddle and route their intelligence.
If we lose Uh, this uh-- This lamb You, uh-- You got somebody in mind? Mm-hm.
Hm Well, let's see your plan.
Uh, Dr.
Bernard, would you come in, please? Thank you.
Bernard, I'd like you to meet Steve McGarrett.
I've read about you, Mr.
Your service record makes quite interesting reading.
Rebel, brilliant operator, hardhead, organizational misfit, brilliant operator, flies by the seat of his pants, couple of field promotions, couple of presidential citations.
How's your memory training? Still good.
Ever worked with forced hypnosis? Forced hypnosis? No.
Hypnosis? Yeah.
BERNARD: Results? Good.
Using forced hypnosis will program him to trigger on the word "control.
" Control.
Whatever they do to you, whenever you hear that word, that's your trigger.
Last call, Steve.
( sighs ) We go.
Now, if we win, Chinese intelligence will buy every lie that you feed them.
They'll jet out of here with a time bomb in their briefcase that'll blow their whole intelligence to shreds.
It's a list of double agents.
They'll liquidate them.
( sniffs ) Discarded codes, they'll believe them.
Dead-end contacts, run 'em ragged.
And here, Pacific-Asiatic operations, more dead ends.
Result, total confusion.
There's your bomb, Steve.
Now, doctor, the only question is, how long? Start immediately, step by step, build a memory bank, then forced hypnosis.
I can have him ready in 24 hours.
So be it.
Steve, in 24 hours, there'll be a leak from an unimpeachable source in Washington, D.
to the effect, quote: "Steve McGarrett, head of Five-0, can identify control.
" Within minutes, Chinese intelligence, here in Hawaii, will have the information.
And within minutes, they'll be after you.
Now, all you have to do is make it look like business as usual.
What do you do on Saturday nights, McGarrett? ( high-energy drum music playing ) Hey, you're supposed to be my guy.
What's going on here? Now you know why all the haoles are in here, jammed navel to navel, instead of out there under the stars for free.
How sweet it is.
Yes, indeed.
How sweet it is.
( audience clapping ) ( cheering, applause ) ( traditional Hawaiian music playing ) It ain't no big thing Brother If things aren't looking up Ain't no big thing Brother If there ain't no coffee To fill the cup Because good times Are coming Let 'em roll Let 'em roll Ho! It ain't no big thing Brother If things Aren't looking up It ain't no big thing Brother If there ain't no coffee To fill the cup Because good times Are coming Let 'em roll Let them roll It ain't no big thing Brother If things Aren't looking up It ain't no big thing Brother If there ain't no coffee To fill the cup Because good times Are coming Let 'em roll Let 'em roll Let 'em roll Let 'em roll Let 'em roll, roll, roll Roll, roll Roll, roll, roll Roll, roll, roll Hey! ( cheering, applause ) ( traditional Hawaiian music playing ) One paddle, two paddle Three paddle Four to paddle me home Fourteen on the right Sorry, I gotta go.
Wait for me.
Last time I took one of these, it didn't work out too well.
This time it will.
Promise? Promise.
And I seen enough cities To last a lifetime Going away no more One paddle, two paddle Three paddle ( ship horn blows ) The squad car's in position.
Got the whole dock area corded off.
Okay, brother.
I don't like it.
One stray shot on that deck and "pow.
" Two hundred fifty thousand barrels of diesel.
All of Honolulu Harbor could go up.
You wanna live forever? Heh-heh! I sure do.
Relax, everybody's been briefed.
We hit fast and hard, without gunfire.
Mahalo, and amen.
( clattering ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( grunting ) His hands, his hands.
Pin his hands! You dirty, double-dealing fink.
WO FAT: Open, please.
Why does the man from Five-0 carry a cyanide pellet? As we clever Chinese say, "the plot thickens.
" My congratulations to you on a unique cover.
And my congratulations to you.
We almost lost this one.
That would have been most upsetting, especially to Mr.
You're worth a quarter of a million American dollars to him.
That is, as soon as you identify the man we want.
( snaps fingers ) Everything you know, everything, from the time you learned two and two make four, you will tell to Wo Fat.
I can see your mind racing, "What medieval Chinese torture.
" You're wasting your time.
Hm? Perhaps.
I know this man.
Believe me, you're wasting your time.
What he's saying is, you are a stupid, unreasonable man.
Is that true? I shall proceed on the basis that the assumption is incorrect.
No, Mr.
McGarrett, no Chinese torture.
On the contrary, I want you at your best, Mr.
The top of your stick, so to speak.
Listen carefully.
I shall explain only once.
Perhaps we can both save time and pain.
The brain.
McGarrett-- ( shouts indistinctly ) No further interruptions, please.
Ehthe brain.
The brain is a computer, an incomparable computer.
From the day you are born, from the moment the obstetrician slaps you on the backside, perhaps even before, your computer is receiving data.
Sound, smell, touch, temperature change, pain, pleasure, receiving and sorting data at a fantastic rate.
Case in point.
An everyday situation.
You drive your car.
You approach the corner where you live.
The computer is fed data, it calculates.
The light signal, is it green? Red? Did it, or is it about to change? The approaching car, how fast? Does he see me? The child on the corner, is he reliable? Might he run out into the street? Should I brake? On and on, ad infinitum.
The computer feeds and calculates.
Agreed? No matter.
That is the fact.
What would happen? What would happen if, for the first time in your life, all sensory input, all messages to the brain were shut off? Completely shut off.
He begins to understand.
That hatch has been converted into a cocoon.
Silent, dark, soundproof, a perfect sensory-deprivation chamber.
Now, what I do is, I seal your eyes, your nose, your ears.
I put this heavy latex watertight mask over your face, attach breathing hoses, and lower you into the cocoon.
In there, even a scream dies before it can reach across the dome.
Then, perfectly counterweighted, you are submerged in a vat of water maintained at precisely skin temperature, eh, 94.
2 degrees.
You drift, not knowing if you are facing stars or earth.
No sight, no sound.
Drifting, lost.
And most terrifying, no messages.
For the first time in your life, no messages.
You can't whistle, drum your fingers, or even lick your lips.
No messages.
The time varies with each individual.
But eventually, the starved computer panics.
After that, in minutes-- A matter of just minutes.
--the brain blanks, washes out.
What was a human being is now a vegetable.
An amiable vegetable.
I have it removed from the vat.
I ask it questions.
It answers.
McGarrett you choose.
I have one question.
Will you cooperate? Will you answer? ( ominous theme playing ) Long night.
Yeah, longest I ever been through.
Why don't you two take a break? There's some hot coffee down there.
Do me a favor.
I gotta have something to do or I'll blow my stack.
( dramatic theme playing ) ( whirring ) ( speaking Chinese ) I thought you said no man could stand six hours without breaking.
No one ever has.
He hasn't made a sound.
Not a sound.
Maybe he's Don't talk like a fool.
Fantastic feat.
( chuckles ) You know the proverbial character you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley? That's the man.
( chuckles ) McGARRETT: Kumu.
Kumu, baby.
Can you make it out? Very clearly.
Know what it means? Kumu , red salmon.
Or in Hawaiian slang, " Kumu.
Oh, you doll.
" ( chuckles ) A dame, a love object.
After seven hours and 52 minutes, McGarrett is chasing a mirage of kumu .
( chuckles ) He's falling in love.
I trust that's an hallucination.
Yes, indeed.
The iron man has broken.
It won't be long now.
Get him.
( ominous theme playing ) Good.
No panic adjustment necessary.
Ah, fine.
Deep wash, excellent.
Now I will question and you will answer.
Do you understand? ( grunts ) Do you understand? Yes.
Who is control? ( mumbling ): I am control.
How can that be? Shhh.
Who is control? I am control.
Do you know what this means? Microphone.
I will suggest, you will comply.
I will order, you will obey.
Understand? Yes.
Tell me the name and code name-- Repeat, name and code name.
--of every American agent in the Pacific-Asiatic Theater.
Jakarta, Wyandott, J.
Code name, Terrier.
Bangkok, Jackson, E.
Code name, Blue Star.
Bombay, Weedland, K.
Code name Pencil.
Hong Kong Hong Kong Harris, C.
Code name, Oak Leaf.
Auckland ( suspenseful theme playing ) Alert, alert.
Agent leaving Arcturus .
Begin surveillance plan.
Repeat, begin surveillance plan.
On his way.
When do you shove off? Flood tide is approximately 6:00.
When you get to the other side of the reef, dump him.
And don't spare the anchor chain.
Last thing I want is McGarrett's body drifting up to the beach.
You worry a great deal, Herr Miller.
And you talk too much.
Well, in that case, Herr Captain, just give me the bankbook with the numbers to my Swiss account, and I'll be glad to get off your garbage scow.
Wo Fat left precise instructions.
When the driver returns and confirms takeoff, you will receive your 30 pieces of silver.
I'll wait.
I assumed you would.
( action theme playing ) Five-0 calling, Five-0 calling.
MAN: Come in, Five-0.
Surveillance plan complete.
Agent airborne.
Proceed Operation Smash.
Proceed Operation Smash.
( car starts ) ( phone beeps ) MAN: Operation Smash, execute.
( sirens wailing ) MAN ( over PA ): Move fast on the bow, on the double, on the double.
( speech continues indistinct over PA ) Come on, guys.
Let's give 'em some air.
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up in the air.
Give 'em some airgang fight.
We have a gang fight.
Park that car on the bridge.
( grunting ) ( gunshots ) Clear this ship, all of you.
Clear this ship immediately.
Get off or I'll blow her out of the water.
Drop it! ( dramatic theme playing ) ( speaking Chinese ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( action theme playing ) I knew you'd come for me, Miller.
( grunting ) Well, what shall we drink to, Steven? You name it, huh? To cops.
To hippies.
Peace? Peace.
( upbeat surf theme playing )