Hawaii Five-O (1968) s01e08 Episode Script

Twenty-Four Karat Kill

( chattering ) That one.
No, that one.
Three dollars even.
( baby crying ) ( suspenseful theme playing ) Fresh from the docks.
( screams ) ( ) Phil.
Got the call from your office, came right over, Steve.
What's up? I got something here I think might interest you.
You know Phil Grey, Treasury.
You made pretty good time.
When McGarrett calls, there's usually a reason.
Take a look at this, Phil.
Gold? Pure mint.
Where was it found? On the edge of a knife.
The murder weapon? No.
The knife was found on the kitchen sink.
What have you got on the victim? We ran a make on her.
What about the husband? He's a bookkeeper at Daley's Department Store.
He's clean too.
Did you get anything at all from the husband? No.
Nothing? What are you gonna get from a guy who just died inside? McGarrett, when I put out the word that millions of dollars' worth of illegal gold were floating around the world, and that a big size chunk of it might be heading this way from Japan-- Yeah, you weren't talking about a little Chinese housewife.
Frankly, no.
Well, I'm afraid that's all we have at the moment, Phil.
Well, then we'll just have to continue the 24-hour alert on anything and everything moving in or out of the island.
Well, there's one other thing we can do.
What's that? Find the maniac who butchered that little girl.
Hey, Danno, you work with the Treasury.
Anything they come up with, you feed to us.
We'll do the same thing.
Chin Ho, I want to know all about the family.
Brothers, uncles, aunts, nephews, everybody.
I want to know everything.
What do you hear in the street, Kono? None at all.
There's a price on the guy who killed the girl.
Who put out the contract? I don't know.
Maybe her family.
Maybe yes, maybe no.
( phone buzzes ) Yeah? Yeah, send him in.
Howard, what do you got? On the front door frame of the girl's house, we lifted a hot print.
Belongs to Kim-Tung Chang, male, Chinese, 31.
Weight, 210.
Height, 6-foot-1.
Four arrests, no conviction.
All for gambling.
No, it doesn't figure.
Nothing ties the girl or the husband in with gambling.
JOHNNY: Come on.
Come on.
MAN: An eight.
The point is still six.
Let's go, boys.
Give it a six.
A six.
Come on, a six.
A six, come on.
( chattering ) Come on.
Come on.
Roll that thing.
A nine.
This is the one.
This is the one.
MAN: It's a six! Blow, baby, one time for luck.
How can I lose? Seven.
Five-0, open.
On your feet.
On your feet.
Line them up.
No Kim-Tung Chang here.
Looks like we have to sweat him out.
We'd better make it fast.
Why? He's got a price on his head.
What have we got? The kind of fish that has to hold his breath underwater.
Name, Kim-Tung Chang.
They beat us to him, huh? What will it be, Steve? Oh, water would be fine.
You don't care if my wife and three kids starve, do you? You're single, Al, remember? Yeah, but my sister's married and she's got five kids.
You didn't come in to hear about my no-good brother-in-law, did you? I want to know about Kim-Tung Chang.
Oh, that who you fished out of the ocean? Yeah.
Who pushed him? If I'd heard, I'd have called you.
What else, Al? He came in a lot, usually broke.
He a gambler? A born loser.
Where did he hole up? I can't help you there.
What about his friends? He was a loner.
Look, if I order the super luau special, do I get any more information? I couldn't tell you any more if you bought the joint.
Where did he get his money? Worked the aku boats.
Anybody use him for muscle? I wouldn't swear to it.
He came in a lot, but-- Wait a minute.
I cashed a paycheck for him a couple of days ago.
Maybe it's still in the register.
I guess he worked a couple of days for Johnny Fargo.
Do you know him? Yeah, just by name.
Ties up near here.
Keep it.
Oh, thanks, Al.
A funny thing about Chang He always came in at the end of the month and paid his tab.
Got to give him a couple of points for that.
He just killed the mother of a 10-month-old baby.
How many points do we give him for that? Want a look at Chang before we roll him into the icebox? I've seen him.
What have you got? Okay.
The lieutenant has the whole thing.
What makes him so friendly, Howard? Native haole charm, I guess.
He died of a broken back, three crushed ribs, one through the left lung.
He was dead before he hit the water.
He had an appendectomy, scar tissue on the left shoulder and a prehensile toe.
First one of those I've seen in years.
We asked him for a complete autopsy.
He's getting even with us now.
I've been here for two and a half hours.
He hasn't stopped talking once.
Yeah, but has he said anything interesting? Just one thing, McGarrett.
Underneath his fingernails, I dug out some flecks of gold.
Good catch? I'd get a better price if everybody wasn't catching them this size.
Johnny Fargo? That's right.
McGarrett, Five-0.
I'd like to talk to you.
Takes more than that to get the stink off.
What can I do for you? What do you know about Kim-Tung Chang? How do you play it, with cards or dice? He worked for you, Mr.
He's the guy they fished out of the drink.
He worked for me? Yeah.
Hey, Walter, did we ever have a guy who worked for us named, uh? Kim-Tung Chang.
Kim-Tung Chang? Couple of days ago, in November, October too.
Sorry, Mr.
Must've hired 100 of those beach bums the past ten months.
Only interested in one.
Well, I'll ask around.
Sometimes the guys will talk to another guy, but not a cop.
Say, that was-- That was McGarrett of Five-0 you were talking to.
He introduced himself.
Did he? Well, what did he want? More than he got.
Johnny, you know, my people are worried about you.
Is that so? That's so.
Yeah, like when McGarrett broke up that gambling game and you nearly got caught.
My people run that game, Johnny.
It's my money, Mr.
Then spend it someplace else, huh? We don't want any connection with you.
Don't push it, Mr.
Johnny, you made one small mistake and you got away with it.
Don't make another one.
Are you done? Why, you have something to tell me, Johnny? You go back to your people, remind them of their small mistake and who had to bail them out when they sent that knucklehead Chang to get their bar of gold back.
If it wasn't for me, McGarrett or the feds would have them out of their plush houses and into small cells.
Now, you tell them that.
That temper of yours.
That could get you into trouble, Johnny.
But I'll tell them.
How is he? They don't know yet.
Where did they find him? In an alley back of Maunakea Street.
Where we busted that gambling joint? Yeah.
How long had he been there? Don't know.
Who belted him? Don't know.
What do you know? All I know, he's in room 321.
That's a big help.
And he's still alive.
That's great.
McGarrett, Williams, Five-0, doctor.
He's been asking for you.
How is he? He's got a hairline fracture of the skull.
I gave him a sedative.
What he needs now is rest.
I'd like one minute with him, doctor.
All right.
Chin? That you, boss? Yeah, you okay, fatso? That you, boss? Easy, easy.
A combination of the blow and the sedative.
What happened, Chin? Followed lawyer Dennison.
Followed Where to? Where did you follow him, Chin? Had meeting with With Wong.
With Wong.
Wong? Wong Tou? Gambling syndicate? Followed lawyer.
Lights out.
Were you close enough to hear anything? Followed lawyer.
Lights out.
Dennison, please.
Dennison is busy.
I'm sorry, sir, you can't go in there.
Stay out of this, honey.
One of my men is on the critical list and you put him there.
I did? You did.
If he doesn't come out of this a whole man-- A whole man, you understand? Mm-hm.
--nothing will save you.
There must be some mistake.
No mistake.
He was on your tail and somebody beat him over the back of the head and fractured his skull.
Well, why would one of your men be following me? Good question.
And when I get the answer, don't be surprised if you're in jail for the rest of your life.
You do know who you're talking to? Yeah, I know.
You'd better know that name.
Sharp operator.
Walks a tight line, leaning on the shady side.
Defends pushers, prostitutes, bagman for the number boys.
Principal client, gambling syndicate.
Including Wong Tou's outfit? Including.
Got the word on Johnny Fargo.
Let's have it.
Ex-GI, dishonorable discharge, crooked gambling.
Spent three years in Tokyo, black-market operations.
Big man with the ladies.
Came here one year ago.
Started tuna fishing two months later.
Takes a couple hundred big ones to start that kind of an operation.
Who's got that kind of loot hanging around loose? You tell me.
Wong Tou.
Sit down.
Let's recap it.
Gambling syndicate's got big money to invest.
Best buy in today's market is gold.
Treasury tells us there's a big shipment of yellow stuff headed this way from Japan.
Who's got contacts in Japan? Who's got the facilities for smuggling it in? Who could act as a middleman between Dennison and Wong Tou? And who did Kim-Tung Chang, the flecks of gold under his nail, who did he work for? Johnny Fargo.
The word from the dock says that Johnny's been bragging he's gonna have his first million before he's 30.
You know something? We might just give it to him.
A million dollars? It's the kind of bait he can't resist.
If you lose it, they take it out of your salary.
What's a couple of hundred years of peanut butter sandwiches? Steve, I just came up with the perfect gift-wrap for that bait.
We're understaffed here, but I know an agent who's riding a desk in Washington.
Now, if we could spring her on Johnny Fargo-- Her? Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
No dames, please.
But she's good.
Absolutely not.
And made-to-order for a lover boy like Fargo.
And she's worked undercover before? The Far East.
And she's good? How good? She's still alive.
I wanna see A.
And your name? Johnny Fargo.
Tell him I'm in the import business.
I'm Dupraix.
What do you want, Mr.
Fargo? You're-- Correct.
Andrea Claire Dupraix.
What do you want? The world.
I was playing five card stud.
Somebody slipped me a sixth card.
Well, embarrassing questions could be asked if my card was found on the wrong person.
How can I be sure you're the right person? Well, you can't.
When did you get in? From where? Saigon.
World Wide Airlines, please.
It's a nice place.
Oh, there's a sort of sameness about all the hotel rooms.
Flight information, please.
I'm with the Honolulu Star.
Did a plane arrive from Saigon this morning? What time? 9:01.
Was a, uh--? Miss or Mrs.
? Miss.
Was a Miss Andrea Claire Dupraix on that flight? She was supposed to be traveling with a business associate.
I can't remember the name.
You arrived from Saigon, Well, since I've obviously already made inquiries about you, Mr.
Fargo, do you have a sample of the merchandise with you? Uh-huh.
Then let's get down to business.
This will only take a minute.
Take your time.
You'd be surprised how very often my time is wasted by amateurs.
It's 24-karat, mint pure.
And I presume that all the merchandise will be of this quality.
As you will notice, there are three combinations, a single number for each.
Perfect, baby, perfect.
Act your age.
Maybe that's what's wrong with the deal.
You mean sending a boy to do a man's job? Something like that.
Try me.
No, thank you.
But I would suggest you take your eyes off me and examine this case very carefully.
It's interlaced with fine little wires, all leading to a very powerful explosive.
And if it's tampered with in any way, it blows up.
Careful, aren't you? Very.
You always travel with them? I travel alone, remember? Okay, let's talk price.
Can you handle a million-dollar shipment? I can handle it, if you're willing to go $45 an ounce.
Don't be naive, Mr.
You can re-peddle it anywhere from 50 to 100.
Oh, can you? No.
Then let's be reasonable.
I'm authorized to buy at the going rate of $35 an ounce.
That's the legal price.
Do you know of anyone who has license to traffic in this you can deal with? Forty-two fifty an ounce.
Look, I've got other buyers, you know.
Guys who are willing to go to 42.
Oh, I know.
Your financiers.
They'll only pay you a small percentage for handling the transaction.
I'll give you 36.
And it's all yours.
You're trying to steal it.
Oh, that, Mr.
Fargo, is something I let other people do.
Look, I figured on 41.
Thirty-seven twenty-five.
Final offer.
Well, maybe we can do business and maybe we can't.
I'll call you either way.
Don't bother, Mr.
Fargo, unless you can deliver.
What do you think? Well, I think if he can get his hands on the gold, he'll take the deal.
I agree, but I want more.
Fargo's small fry.
I want Dennison, Wong Tou, all of them.
Same bait? Same bait.
What do you have in mind? Simple.
Dennison finds out that Fargo is trying to cross him on a deal.
He's a local attorney and very smart.
What I'm counting on, that he's too smart to let him.
The way I got in touch with Fargo only works once.
Dennison has a long list of clients.
We have pressure points on most of them.
I'll pick a soft one.
The time has come to dispose of Johnny Fargo.
Have a little patience, Wong Tou.
Paul, you've known me for a long time.
That is not one of my virtues.
But the golden opportunity has knocked.
Don't talk in platitudes.
Talk sense.
You agreed to a million-dollar shipment, immediately.
No argument.
I am not looking for an argument.
I'm looking for a reason.
Wong Tou, now, you're a sensitive gentleman, a brilliant businessman.
And I don't want flattery.
You tell me Johnny Fargo is gonna cross us.
He's gonna steal the gold and sell it to someone else.
That's his plan.
Then I see no advantage in letting him live.
Look, may I give you two? A million dollars in gold and a million dollars in cash.
Any word on Chin? Nothing yet, Steve.
They brought him down from surgery an hour and a half ago.
He's in the recovery room with the doctor now.
How long has he been in there? About ten minutes.
Doctor give you anything before he went in? Yeah, a courteous nod.
Wife in there with him? No.
Still forbidden territory.
I told her to get a cup of coffee.
How's she taking it? Walking on egg shells, like the rest of us.
The bone chips resulting from the fracture have been successfully removed.
Kelly's out of danger and resting comfortably.
Can we see him? Yes, but only for a few minutes.
You go ahead, Steve, I'll tell Mrs.
Kelley and call May with the good news.
( ringing ) Hawaii Five-0.
May? Danny.
We just got word.
Chin's out of danger.
Oh, what a relief.
That's wonderful.
Does the boss know? Yeah, he's here with me.
Listen, any word from Andrea Dupraix? Nothing.
The bait's still out, but Johnny Fargo hasn't gone for it yet.
Something's up, though.
Why? Phil Grey called in from Treasury.
He said that Fargo's tuna boat left the dock sometime last night.
Hasn't reported back.
Thinks maybe he's starting his move.
You can bet on it.
Tell Phil we'll pick up the stakeout, relieve him as soon as we leave here.
Will do.
Something else too, Danny.
The attorney general came by and left a certified copy of a search warrant.
You mean he's got the fix on the home base of the smuggling operation? He sure did.
He said you're welcome to use it any time, with his compliments.
A free pass to the fish cannery owned by Wong Tou.
May, you're beautiful.
Now, just keep your fingers crossed.
We'll check with you soon.
Bye, Danny.
Good luck.
( rings ) Hello? This is Fargo.
Got the shipment ready.
Pick me up at the Kula-mao traffic island on the road to fish harbor.
Repeat that again, slowly.
I said, I've got the shipment ready.
Pick me up at the Kula-mao traffic island on the road to fish harbor in 15 minutes.
I'll be there.
( beeping ) Communications, this is Five-0.
Receiving you, Five-0.
Our plant car is moving out.
Well, Dennison took our bait.
Tail car is blue sedan, license number B89542.
Alert cars nine, Come in, car nine.
Car nine here.
Come in, car 12.
Car 12 here.
Come in, car six.
Car six here.
Just passed, with the car tailing her.
Come in, Five-0.
Five-0 receiving you, loud and clear.
We're cutting off.
Car nine will pick him up.
Come in, car nine.
Come in, car nine.
Car nine here.
Car nine, pick them up and tail.
If they slow, pull by and make it a lead surveillance.
Car 12, come in.
Car 12 here.
They're approaching your position.
Repeat, they are approaching your position.
Okay and out.
Fargo just entered lead car.
(tires screeching ) Fargo just drove into the Yelaki garage.
Do we follow? No.
Cover the entrance and exits and we'll take over.
Where are we going? We were followed.
You passed out one too many cards.
All right, take it back down.
Hold your hands up.
I wanted to kill Fargo, but you were too smart for that.
They have nothing on us.
Okay, don't shoot.
Book 'em, Danno.
Fargo pulled a switch.
I've got to get out of this concrete box and see if I can pick up that bleeper.
You know the routine.
Hands against the car.
The attorney general will hear from me, just as soon as I can get to a telephone.
The line may be busy.
Some of our boys raided a cannery that you and Wong Tou own.
Guess what we found? A room full of gold.
If I were you, Mr.
Dennison, I'd find myself a real good lawyer.
( beeping ) Well, it looks as though your delivery of the merchandise is satisfactory, but I'll need scales to weigh it.
This is where we start to trust each other.
Oh, a double-cross at this point, Johnny.
You're a dead man.
You're cool.
You're really cool.
That gun in your hand hardly calls for any trust on my part.
If you were a man, I'd cut you in half right now.
Well, that would be very stupid, Johnny.
Such a waste.
Open the case.
The combination is 8-0-8.
Not me, baby.
You wire it, you open it.
Okay, in there.
What happened to trust? You stick out your beautiful head just once and I'll blow it off.
You all right? Yeah.
Sure? Mm-hm.
Lover boy is dead.
( sighs ) I wonder how far he would have gotten with $1 million-worth of phony money?