Hawaii Five-O (1968) s01e12 Episode Script

Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born

( mysterious theme plays ) ( mysterious theme stops suddenly ) Jimmy.
Jimmy! It's a little soon for that surfing bit, young fella.
Better wait a couple of years before you tackle that again.
( laughs ) WOMAN: Jimmy.
Jimmy, Jimmy, are you all right? Yes, he's all right.
He's all right.
I was just fixing his breakfast.
Turned around for a minute How can I ever thank you? Forget it.
Remember what I tell you, young fella.
STEVE: You wait a little while for that surfing bit, huh? Anything I can do for you? Wait a minute.
Don't I know you? ( tense action theme plays ) ( engine starts ) ( car peels away ) ( upbeat surf theme playing ) ( sirens blaring ) Will he make it? Let's get him aboard.
Doc, you didn't answer me.
Can he make it? Your guess is as good as mine.
Where do we start, George? Absolutely no idea, Danny.
What kind of an answer is that? An honest one.
Don't give me that.
Three bullets pumped into him, broad daylight on a public beach.
You tell me you've got no idea who, why, what or how? That's right.
This lady is Mrs.
She heard the shots.
She was the one who called in.
Did you see anyone? No.
No, I didn't.
Just a minute before, that man saved Jimmy from the waves.
Jimmy's my little boy, and I'd just taken him into the house when I heard shots.
And when I came out, he was lying there.
You saw no one before, no one afterwards? No, the beach was deserted.
Just like now.
But I heard a car driving away.
Did you see it? No.
That's all I know.
I'm going to the hospital.
Then I'll report to the governor's office.
George, I want this entire area cordoned off.
Find me something, anything.
I'll be at Five-0 offices later.
Check with me.
JAMESON: Well, there's nothing more we can do for Steve right now, Danny.
He's in surgery.
Whether he lives or dies is out of our hands.
But getting the man who shot him is not.
Bring me up to date, hm? The entire area has been blocked off.
It's being combed for any possible witnesses, any physical evidence.
The island's been sealed.
Any known criminal trying to get away is bound to be picked up.
We're contacting all sources of information, going back through the files, checking out anyone who ever threatened Steve.
All undercover men have been fully alerted and, of course, Chief Tan of H.
is giving us full cooperation.
Steve was, uh, hit approximately 47 minutes ago.
You've been busy.
Yes, sir.
All right, Danny.
It looks like you've touched all the possible bases as far as Steve is concerned.
But now, what about the rest of your operation? Well, I haven't given it much thought, sir.
Not with Steve getting hit.
We don't feel any differently, Danny.
But the attorney general does have a valid point.
Five-0 still has eight islands to police.
Over a million people living in an area of 540,000 square miles.
They're Five-0's responsibility.
And no matter how we all feel, that responsibility doesn't stop just because a cop gets hit.
Even if that cop is Steve McGarrett.
Yes, sir.
Thanks, Danny.
That's all.
Get him.
GEORGE: Steve was shot here, .
45-caliber automatic.
We picked up three empty shells.
Whoever pulled the trigger must have been standing pretty close to him.
Couldn't have been any warning.
Steve would've never let him get close.
Well, maybe he knew the man.
Where's the McGovern house? Here.
It's pretty close to where Steve got hit.
And she claims she didn't see anyone.
So the assailant must have been hiding in the underbrush, or the path here.
GEORGE: That's the way we figure it.
What about footprints? Tire tracks, clothing threads, fingerprints, any kind of physical evidence? The lab boys are working on it now, Danny, inch by inch.
But, so far, nothing.
There's got to be something.
We got something, Danny.
What? Not everybody knows our boss jogs on that beach at that hour of the morning.
So somebody cased him.
With that m.
, it could be a pro from the mainland with a contract to hit Steve.
Or somebody with a long-standing grudge against him.
GEORGE: Or a psycho, or a kid hopped up to the gills with speed.
Or a current case.
Somebody Steve was closing in on and figured things were getting too hot.
Charley Mangan.
What's with Charley Mangan? Narcotics smuggling this time.
It wouldn't be the first contract he ever put out.
Maybe, Danno, but as far as we know, Mangan still thought he was in the clear.
How do we know Mangan didn't learn Steve was working on him? Put that contract out? We don't.
Then let's go find out.
( serious theme plays ) Freeze, Charley.
What's the big idea? I said freeze.
What is it? Snub-nosed .
You put the contract out on McGarrett, Charley.
Not me.
Now, don't lie.
We got the word.
You hit him.
Okay, okay, I put out a contract.
Twenty-five big ones I was ready to lay out.
What do you mean was? It could have been It wouldn't matter.
I never paid it.
I found some guy and then he backed out.
No back-out, Charley.
Steve was hit.
Well, wait a minute.
Not by my man, he wasn't.
Don't double-talk me, Charley.
SI'm giving it to you straight.
I pulled the offer back.
Why? McGarrett.
We had a talk.
He came out here and he said: "Charley, I understand you're looking to have me hit.
Well, if you find somebody, you better make sure he does a good job.
" And he wasn't bluffing.
You'd better believe it.
I did.
I cancelled the contract.
You're lying.
Look, if McGarrett's been hit, it's gravy on my potatoes.
Am I sorry he's been hit? No.
But I had nothing to do with it.
You're lying.
KONO: Cool it, Danno.
Ain't no good walking that line.
Book him.
For what? Loitering.
Oh, come on.
You-- You can't do that.
You'd be surprised what we can get away with until we find who shot Steve McGarrett.
( heavy brass theme plays ) ( mysterious theme playing ) VOICE: Rudkers.
( gunshots ) ( intense danger theme plays ) ( rings ) Hawaii Five-0.
Yes, Dr.
Just a moment, doctor.
I think you ought to talk with Mr.
Mangan was at his home all morning from 6:30 until the time he drove down to the yacht harbor where we picked him up.
Witnesses? Seven.
Danny, it's Dr.
Yes, doctor.
I see.
I understand.
Thank you, doctor.
They just brought him down from surgery.
He's in the Intensive Care Unit now.
He was hit three times.
Once in his arm, grazed in his side and a direct hit in the abdomen.
His condition is extremely critical.
They'll call back when they have something more to report.
Well, now.
Got some chalk? Thanks.
We'll list every suspect we've got.
Next to them, we'll put alibi and anything else we can come up with.
Mangan's a pretty good possible.
He could have done it himself.
His alibis could be lying.
How about Sammy Shane? He came after Steve last December.
Where is he now? KONO: On the mainland, last anyone knows.
Anyone else? Make a list of all the known hoods on the island, then take your pick.
( intercom buzzes ) We gotta start somewhere.
Yeah? Send him in.
Got something for you, Danny.
What's up, George? A couple of hours ago, a carpenter named Carl Swenson was found dead near Pearl City.
Two .
45-caliber slugs in him.
Got a tie-in? On a hunch, I had ballistics make a fast comparison with the slugs we dug out of Steve.
They were fired from the same gun.
I tell you, officer, I've never had such a shock in my life.
That poor, dear man, to have this terrible tragedy happen to him.
Why, I simply can't believe it.
Was there any reason you know of why anyone would want to kill Mr.
Swenson? That sweet soul? There couldn't possibly be any reason why anyone would wanna hurt him.
Obviously, there was.
It's impossible.
It must have been a case of mistaken identity.
Why, that man lived here for ten years.
And he's one of the nicest persons anyone would ever hope to meet.
Was he ever married, Miss Feathertree? No, he was a bachelor man, Mr.
Were there any women in his life? None that I know of.
Oh, he used to chat together of an evening, but no.
Was he a drinking man? No, he never drank or smoked.
He was a churchgoer on Sunday, and worked hard on his job.
He was one of the finest men that has ever been my privilege to meet.
Nothing, Danny.
Well, make a house-to-house.
See what you can turn up.
Did he ever mention the name McGarrett to you? McGarrett? Steve McGarrett.
No, he didn't.
You sure? I'm positive.
Who is this Mr.
McGarrett? He's the head of Five-0.
A policeman? Yes.
Well, I can assure you, Mr.
Williams, that in no way could Mr.
Swenson ever had been involved with the law.
Take my oath on a stack of Bibles that in any way, shape or form, involved with the police while he was alive.
It's different now that he's dead.
( light theme plays ) Remove this patient to the emergency operating room at once.
Find Dr.
Kuniosha and Dr.
This is Dr.
I have an emergency.
I'll need a full operating team at once.
All I know is, Swenson was too good to be true.
And nothing on his prints? Not here.
The FBI office has radiophotoed them to Washington for clearance.
Got anything? Swenson's clean.
Doesn't even have a traffic ticket.
Checked Steve's files.
Nobody by that name shows up there either.
It doesn't make sense.
There's got to be a connection between Swenson and Steve somewhere.
We just keep going until we run it down.
What's the matter? The hospital just called.
They've rushed Steve back into surgery.
Chin, take over.
See if you can find that connection.
What if there ain't one, Danny? Then we're dealing with a psycho, without a prayer of knowing when or where he's going to hit again.
( suspenseful theme plays ) Yes, can I help--? Oh, no.
( heavy frightening theme plays ) You didn't have to, Joe.
Thank you.
Fifteen years.
It's been 15 years, Joe.
I wasn't sure you were gonna ask me in, Emma.
Well, why shouldn't I? After all, we're still I wasn't sure about that either.
What had happened.
All that time.
I must look old to you, Joe.
No, Emma, you-- You're like I thought you would look.
Like I remembered you.
Oh, you sure got a nice place here, Emma.
Well, thank you, Joe.
Everything all right? I mean, you're doing okay? Yes, I think it's okay.
I'm an office manager in a small insurance company downtown.
I've been getting along quite well, I think.
That's good, Emma.
I'm happy for you.
Why, Joe? Why now? Why do you still wear that band? That's hard to accept.
All this time, not even a letter.
You know what we had, Emma.
It doesn't end in 15 years or even 1,500.
I didn't even know you were out of Portsmouth.
It was, uh, three weeks ago.
Three weeks ago yesterday.
And now? Well, now That's up to you.
Is that really why you came back here? There could be no other reason.
Well, I don't know.
I just don't know, Joe.
I'm a different person now.
I've even changed my name.
And I have a different life.
And my little house and my job and my friends.
And all of a sudden, just like that, you.
There's no hurry, Em.
I've waited for 15 years.
I've learned to be patient waiting for what I want.
There's no hurry, Em.
( light compassionate theme plays ) WOMAN ON P.
: Dr.
Fogerdan, ??? one, stat.
Fogerdan, one, stat.
What are his chances, doctor? Seventy-thirty.
For or against? Against.
Any idea who shot him? No, but whoever did killed another man a few hours ago.
Any clues from the second victim? Would two patients hit by heart attacks let you know where the third one would be? And they'd like you to appear on the 10:00 news broadcast regarding the case.
The answer is no.
Thank them and tell them they'll get equal release with the other news media as soon as anything breaks.
Judge Kanabe is convening court tomorrow at 10:00.
He's got two habeas corpus hearings, the Wrightwood and the Benson cases.
We'll be there.
Everything else is taken care of.
Oh, the boss had a 9:00 meeting tomorrow with Senator Nakamura on the new gun-control bill.
It's one day too late.
See if we can postpone it.
Leave it up in the air.
No, wait, you can't do that.
Make a note.
I'll call him in the morning.
Will do.
Anything else, Danny? Yeah.
Why don't you go home and get some rest? Thought I'd stop off at the hospital first.
Just to see if-- Yeah.
How about you knocking off? It has been a busy day.
Oh, I think I'll stick around a while.
Just in case.
Fresh coffee outside.
( moody theme plays ) MAN: Come on, man, give it to him, baby.
Right in the head.
Yeah, yeah.
That's it.
Make it, make it, make it.
Hey, knock it off, man.
Get up.
Settle down, boys.
Any trouble you got is the trouble you make.
What you want, venerable pain in the ancestor? Any reading you got on the man that hit Steve McGarrett.
That and no more smart mouth, or I'll shove it down your throat.
You aren't that tough, old man.
Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time: What do you hear? You're breaking my arm.
Last time.
Nothing, nothing.
Now, behave yourself and watch your mouth, son.
All right, so you didn't hear anything.
Who do you guys know that wants McGarrett dead? Everybody and nobody.
He's a straight cop, but nobody digs him as a buddy.
Everyone knows, you know, if you're on his side.
You know what I mean? I know.
I need names.
Like what? Like maybe Charley Mangan.
Or who had it in for a cat called Carl Swenson? You strike out here, man.
Anybody here was gonna shoot a cop, they'd be running and, you know, they'd be all over the place, you know, like boozing up and bragging about it.
Hey, let me tell you something, man.
What about hypes? Know any junkies been spending big? Man, we don't do nothing with junkies.
You know, like that's bad scene.
You dig? You know what I mean? Tell you how it is, son.
If we learn you held out any information, you're gonna have more heat than you ever thought possible.
So if you hear anything, you call Five-0.
Talk to anybody, dig? Sure we will, like Christmas.
Come on, man, let's split.
( radio beeps ) Chin Ho.
Danny, Chin.
Steve? No, condition's unchanged.
Get over to the office on the double.
Looks like we got a break.
Here it is.
The tie-in between Swenson and Steve.
We got the fingerprint report back from Washington? Right, the FBI sent us some copies of their file material.
Carl Swenson's real name was Ben Rudkers.
He's been on this island for 10 years under the alias of Swenson.
Before that, he was in the Navy under his real name.
CHIN HO: Don't get it, Danno.
Why the switch in names? And what's the connection with Steve? When Rudkers was in the Navy, he was a small-time crook.
Gambling, black market, stuff like that.
He and a supply officer stationed in Seoul, Korea, were picked up on charges, including one of homicide.
The officer was tried and sentenced.
We're still waiting for the connection.
The investigating intelligence officer who broke the case wide open was Steve McGarrett.
Okay, we have a tie-in.
We know what happened to Swenson and to Steve.
That leaves us with the supply officer.
He was a CPO, name of Joseph M.
He was sentenced to 15 years in Portsmouth.
KONO: Fifteen years.
Korean War.
Should be coming out about now.
He is out.
I've got calls in to Naval Intelligence here and in Washington trying to locate him.
Doesn't the FBI know? This is the file on active known criminals.
They've kept an eye on Swenson for years, but he kept his nose clean.
They'll reactivate on Trinian as soon as they can get a fix on him.
( whistle blows ) ( marching band plays ) Kamehameha Day parade starting to warm up.
It'll be just another day for us, unless we get the man we're after.
You know, Joe, Thank you.
I think the holidays were the worst.
I was thinking about you up there and wondering what was going on with you and how you felt.
There were lots of those holidays.
You never went out, Em? Never saw any of the old crowd again? Oh, it was like a steel curtain had been dropped.
I really got to know the meaning of the word "ostracize.
" Fair-weather friends.
Oh, boy, there's a lot of them in this world.
Well, I didn't mind after a while.
I knew how they must think, what they must feel.
Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore, Em.
That's why I'm here.
To get rid of those years and the things that caused them.
To wipe them out completely.
I'm not sure I understand you, Joe.
Em, I'm going back to the mainland tonight, just as soon as I finish a little business I have here.
And I'd like you to go back with me.
Tonight, Joe? But you said there was no hurry.
That we had plenty of time to get accustomed to each other again, and, and to think about things.
I have been thinking, Em.
I've been thinking.
Ab-- About the way it was with us and the way it is.
And if we can wipe out those 15 years.
You're asking too much too soon, Joe.
Maybe I am, Em.
But believe me, I know how I feel.
I don't know.
I don't know.
All right.
You think about it.
I'll be back in a little while.
Where are you going? Well, that business I talked about.
It won't take too long, and then I'll come right back.
Em? Some things never change.
Other things maybe can't be forgotten.
But removed.
You think about it, Em.
( brooding theme plays ) ( foreboding dramatic theme plays ) DANNY: Joseph M.
Trinian, career Navy man.
Chief petty officer in supplies, stationed in Seoul, Korea.
Trinian had his dirty fingers in a lot of different things.
Navy got suspicious, assigned the case to Steve.
FBI file mentioned something about a murder.
Any new details in that Naval Intelligence report? Plenty.
There was a young sailor found dead in an alley.
Turned out he was a big winner at a gambling joint owned by Trinian and a Korean.
How did they nail Trinian? Steve dug up a witness, named Ben Rudkers, alias Carl Swenson.
Apparently, he was involved in the gambling.
Anyway, he got a dishonorable discharge, came here and changed his name to Swenson.
Well, Steve sent up a lot of men.
Don't mean they come back and try to hit him.
No, but according to this report, Trinian threatened him after he was convicted.
He yelled frame from the word go.
Fifteen years is a long time to hold a grudge.
It seems Trinian did.
His last appeal was two years ago.
He was still charging Steve with framing him.
( intercom buzzes ) Yeah? I'll put him on here.
Chin? Chin Ho Kelley.
That so? Oh, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Okay, son, shoot.
Got it.
What's the name? Let's have the rest of it.
Yeah and merry Christmas to you too.
Kid by the name of M.
Shook him up a little bit this morning.
Paid off.
Got something on Trinian? Nope, Charley Mangan.
Name and places.
If the kid is straight, we can get Charley on that narco-smuggling.
If you don't need me, I'll go check it now.
( intercom buzzes ) Yeah? Right.
This is Williams, commander.
What's the address? Got it, commander, thanks.
Oh, and don't forget that transcript.
Blanchard, Naval Intelligence.
Seems Trinian has a wife living here in Oahu under an alias.
( quirky theme plays ) Cover the front.
Yes? Are you Mrs.
Crawford? Yes, that's right.
My name is Williams, Five-0.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
What about, Mr.
Williams? Your husband, Joseph Trinian.
Do you know where he is, Mrs.
Trinian? Why do you ask? We'd like to ask him a few questions.
Why should you want to ask Joseph any questions? We're working on a case.
We think he might be able to help us.
Do you know where he is? I'm not sure I understand.
I don't know why the police should be interested in Joseph again.
Is he here, Mrs.
Trinian? No, he's not.
Do you mind if I look in the house? I most certainly do.
Why? You hiding something? I find that remark a little insulting, Mr.
Now, maybe you'd better tell me what this is all about if we're going to get anywhere.
Does the name Steve McGarrett mean anything to you? Yes.
What does it mean? Mr.
McGarrett was the Naval officer who persecuted Joseph in Korea some 15 years ago.
Persecuted, or did he just find the evidence that sent your husband to jail? There was no evidence.
McGarrett brought in a false witness and manufactured evidence.
He sent Joseph to prison for 15 long years.
A lifetime, an eternity, Mr.
And my husband was innocent.
You really believe that? I believe that.
Why would McGarrett do such a thing? Oh, well, I don't know.
There must've been a reason if it were true.
It was true.
Then what was the reason? Well, what difference does it make? He sent Joseph to prison.
Now, he served his eternity there.
Why are you now coming here to persecute him again? So you have seen him? I didn't say that.
You said I was here to persecute him again.
Same thing.
Oh, I don't have to listen to this.
None of this.
Steve McGarrett doesn't have to lie in a hospital with three bullet holes in him.
Wait a minute.
There's nothing to wait for.
I wanna know if your husband is on this island.
I wanna know if he's the man who shot Steve McGarrett.
He did not shoot Mr.
What makes you so sure? I know he didn't.
He couldn't have.
Why not? He killed a man in Korea.
He swore up and down for 15 years he'd get even with Steve for putting him in jail.
So, what makes you so sure he didn't shoot him? Because he-- Because he told you? Because you have seen him.
Because you've talked it over with him and you believed everything he said.
Isn't that right, Mrs.
Trinian? Isn't that it? No, no! We think it is.
Now, where is he? I am not going to answer any more questions.
Now, if you want to arrest me and throw me in jail, you go right ahead.
I am not going to answer anything more.
All right, Mrs.
But remember, if he didn't shoot McGarrett, he's got nothing to worry about.
If he did ( tragic theme plays ) Oh, Joe.
Oh, Joe.
Kono, keep this place under surveillance.
He might show up.
( ringing ) Hello? Hello, Emma.
Joe, where are you? What's wrong, Emma? Joe, the police were here looking for you.
The police? Yes, they said that you-- Are they still there? No, they've gone.
But they said that-- They'll come back.
They'll come back after me.
Why did you lie to me, Joe? Why didn't you tell me why you'd come back here? I was so careful.
I covered my trail all the way.
They shouldn't have found out it was me.
Just once in your life, just once, you could've been honest with me.
What did they say, Emma? Do they have any idea where I am now? No.
No, I don't think so.
Joey, why did you do it? McGarrett and that other man? From the first day, the first day, all I could think about was getting McGarrett.
He crucified me, Emma, so I shot him.
It's been too much for you, Joey.
All those years locked up away from the world like that.
You need help, Joey.
Please give yourself up.
You need help.
There's still time.
I can still finish it.
Joey, look, if you'll come home and-- What do you mean, finish? Yes.
Yes, I can still do it.
What are you saying, Joey? Whatever it is, don't do it.
Don't do it, Joey.
Give yourself up, please.
Joey, can you hear me? You just can't go on-- You've got to stop killing, Joe.
You got to stop killing, Joey.
You got to stop.
You got to stop killing, Joey.
( radio beeps ) Williams.
Danny, we just got a call.
The hospital? No, I've heard from them too.
Steve's still in critical condition, but that's not why I called.
It's Mrs.
She says her husband's going to kill again.
( marching band playing ) I don't know, Mr.
I don't know who he's going to kill.
Trinian, he tried to kill Steve McGarrett.
He did kill Ben Rudkers.
They were both involved in his trial.
I know, I know.
Now, you say he told you that he could wipe those years clean with one more act? Yes, that's right.
Then it has to be someone who was at the court-martial.
Someone he feels is as responsible as Rudkers and Steve for putting him in prison.
Who could it be? There was no one else.
There had to be.
Think, Mrs.
Trinian, think.
I am.
I am thinking.
But there was no one else.
There couldn't be.
( lap steel guitar music playing ) Mrs.
Trinian, we've got to find him.
There's only one person who can help now, and that's you.
Now, think.
At the court-martial there was Steve McGarrett, investigating intelligence officer who got the evidence.
There's Ben Rudkers, witness who came forward to testify that your husband had been involved with the killing of that sailor.
And who else was there? Were there any other witnesses? No.
Was there anyone your husband felt was trying to frame him on those charges? Mrs.
Trinian, there had to be someone.
The trial judge advocate? One of his fellow officers, the prosecutor, counsel for the defense Commander Stewart.
Who? Commander Stewart.
The man who prosecuted for Naval Intelligence.
Commander Stewart? Yes, that's the man.
Do you know him? Yes, I know him.
He's the man who recommended Steve McGarrett to be head of Five-0.
Walter Stewart is the attorney general of this state.
( band continues playing ) He's gotta be somewhere on those palace grounds.
I've got Mrs.
Trinian with me to make the identification.
According to her description, When last seen, was wearing a green shirt, dark slacks.
He's out to get the attorney general.
( marching band playing ) Joe! Trinian.
( tragic theme plays ) Joe? He's left me, Mr.
He's left me again.
( sobs ) Joe.
Well, Danno, you can close the book on Trinian.
What about Charley Mangan? The attorney general's drawing up the indictments right now.
Senator Nakamura's gun-legislation bill? Met with him, gave him a complete rundown on it from our standpoint.
What about Danny Williams? It's a heavy load, Steve.
It's heavy every day.
But you gotta carry it for a while, Danno.
Only, don't make it too long, huh? Danno.
Well done.
( conclusive friendly theme playing ) ( upbeat surf theme playing )