Hawaii Five-O (1968) s01e14 Episode Script

Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember

( Asian-style music playing ) ( sirens wail ) ( thrilling music plays ) ( tires squeal ) Thanks for coming, Steve.
What have we got, sir? A student from the institute, found murdered.
As if it isn't terrible enough that a young woman is murdered, it has to be here at the institute.
Blast it.
Go to any city in the United States, ask anyone: "The Pacific Cultural Institute, what is it?" You won't find two in a million who've ever heard of it.
An honest attempt to help the emerging nations of the Pacific, and no one's ever heard of it.
Every press release winds up on the end of page 26, under an ad for T-shirts and tennis shoes.
Well, it'll make the front pages now, sir.
Yeah, front pages.
"Beautiful Asian Student "Murdered at Pacific Cultural Institute.
" Steve, we've got to button this thing up in a hurry.
We'll stay on it 'round the clock, governor.
Oh, what a terrible waste.
That girl worked to get here, worked to stay here.
All that hope, and there it goes.
Keep me informed, Steve.
Yes, sir.
What brought the governor out? He confronted a Senate committee when the institute was proposed.
He has the pen the president used to sign the institute into existence.
He was here at the dedication, and he's been trying to tell the people about it ever since.
That's why he's here.
Chin? Student.
Indonesian citizen.
Twenty-one, female.
Death by strangulation, the windpipe collapsed.
Found her purse, had money in it.
Identification say her name is Mira Bai.
We're waiting for verification on that.
Chick, what do we got? Well, it won't be certain until the autopsy,but from marks on the throat, it looks like whoever did it grabbed her by the neck, from the front, and choked her.
One hand? Like this.
There's a single mark under her left ear, below the jawbone.
And three or maybe four at about the same place on the other side.
Any other marks? None.
Any signs of a struggle? Nothing yet.
What is it? Don't know.
How recent? Since sundown last night.
After the shower we had, that'd make it sometime after The assistant dean of women confirmed the victim's identity.
Mira Bai.
Chin, get over to the women's dorm and see how many friends of the victim you can find.
Kono, you do the same thing in the men's.
Have everybody who knew the girl gather in the lobby of the auditorium.
Danno, contact the Indonesian consulate.
Ask them to notify the girl's parents.
We have to go through the State Department.
Follow whatever procedure is necessary, but let the girl's family know as soon as possible.
Right, Steve.
Anything else? Yeah, over here.
I got a footprint.
Looks like we're gonna get a clear impression.
We measured it already.
About a size 15.
Fifteen? And from the depth of that print, I'd guess he weighs between 210 and 260.
Little fella, huh? ( upbeat surf theme playing ) Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, my name is McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
I'm sure you're all aware of the murder that took place here last night.
Now, we're interested in finding out all we can about the victim.
Her friends, activities, anything.
If any of you were with her last night, if any of you know where she was, will you please come forward so that we can speak with you first? Thank you.
Kono, send them in.
Two at a time.
Sit down, please.
Sit down, won't you? What is your name, please? Mako.
Where are you from, Mako? Tonga.
At 5, she was walking back to the dorm.
We walked together as far as Truman Hall across the street.
Did she say anything about her plans for the evening? Do you know John's full name? John Hayes.
Well, at about 11, they were sitting off at one side, talking.
We danced together very early in the evening, about 9.
I think John was dancing with my date.
She was very upset and crying.
Then she left through one of the side doors.
She was alone.
Running, almost.
She ran past me.
Johnny went after her, but I didn't see her again.
But everybody gets into an argument sometimes.
Doesn't mean anything.
Now see what you can find out about John Hayes.
He's a student at the institute.
He was her boyfriend.
Right now, it looks like he was the last one to see her alive.
Lacrosse, soccer and football.
Rugby or American, he's a superb player.
I've never seen him lose his temper.
She had no enemies.
Kind, generous, pleasant, hard-working student.
And in love with John Hayes, who was also in love with her.
And John Hayes, last to see her alive, without a mean bone in his body, a resurrected Sir Lancelot, is nowhere to be found.
I just left the dean of men.
Guess who's 6-feet-6, strong as a bull, and wears size 14.
5 EEE shoes.
Sir Lancelot, John Hayes, who else? Twenty-five, blond hair, blue eyes.
Sounds like the prototype for He-Man commercials.
Nobody's 25, blond-haired, blue-eyed, strong as a bull and 6-foot-6.
They must have made him up.
Hey, boss, easy case.
Everything fits like one, two, six.
Well, how maybe? Hayes fits.
Got a motive.
Che Fong said the girl was choked by a cat that goes maybe 250.
Got big feet.
Kono, how much weight you carrying? About 245.
What size shoe do you wear? I got teeny little feet.
Size 13.
You got something against having an easy case once in a while, boss? Let's find John Hayes first, and see how easy it is, huh? I ought to choke you.
( hisses ) ( over radio): And before we play the flip side, we'd like to repeat an urgent news bulletin.
Hawaii Five-0 officers and Honolulu Police are continuing their intense search for John Hayes, graduate student at the Pacific Institute.
Anyone knowing the possible whereabouts of John Hayes is asked to contact Hawaii Five-0, Honolulu Police Department, or this station.
And now-- Now back to more-- Dear God in heaven, no.
It can't be.
No, please, no.
It can't be.
No, please, no.
Please, God.
What do you got? Autopsy report, final.
Only one set of marks, the ones that were on her throat.
She was not criminally assaulted, that's for certain.
Time of death? Eleven-forty, give or take five minutes.
All right.
I'd like to give you more time, John, but that's one thing we don't have.
Now, you were supposed to pick Mira up at the dorm at 7.
You were late.
Why? I was, uh-- I was downtown.
I, uhbought her an engagement ring.
I couldn't kill her.
I couldn't even hurt her.
What time did you pick her up? Seven-thirty, quarter to 8.
And then you went to the dance? Uh-huh.
What time did you get there? About 8, maybe a little after.
And the argument you had with Mira, did it start at the dance? It wasn't an argument.
Some people saw you sitting off to one side of the dance floor.
Your voices were raised.
She ran out of the auditorium, crying.
I told you, it wasn't an argument.
I wanted to marry her.
And she didn't wanna marry you? No, she did.
So there was a happy ending, huh? I'm confused.
No, she, uh-- Well, you see, we finish school this term.
I have a job waiting for me, teaching at a university.
Where? At home in Washington.
I wanted Mira to marry me and come home with me.
And she said she couldn't.
She had to go back to Indonesia.
Well, that shouldn't have come as any surprise.
Her student visa would have expired when she graduated.
No, th-- That wasn't it.
Her-- Her father has a small grocery.
No money.
She came here to learn and take back what she learned home with her, to stay.
She said she had to.
She said she'd make a liar and a cheat of herself, a thief.
Said she'd have stolen all that education and wasted it.
She loved me, and she had to go back.
It didn't make sense.
It didn't make sense that-- I tried to explain to her and she, uh-- She-- ( sobs ) Okay, John, go on.
Crying, she wascrying.
Then she ran out.
I--I went after her, outside.
Okay, John, then what? Tears running down her face.
She justwalked away from me.
What'd you find in his room? Nothing, and we went over it with a tooth comb.
His shoe size, a 14.
5 EEE.
He has a diamond engagement ring, he said he bought it Saturday.
Mutual Jewelers downtown, it's their box.
Check it out.
The bartender's on his way over to look at Hayes.
After Mira walked away, what happened then, John? I, uh-- I went out, like the genius I am, and got myself stinking drunk.
I never drink, but I went out and got stinking.
Isn't that-- Isn't that what you do when you're really feeling sorry for yourself? Get drunk? Stinking, blind drunk? And that was the last time you saw Mira alive, outside the auditorium? The last time.
How can it be the last time? Oh, it-- It can't be the last time.
Did you go back to the dance? No, no, I, uhwent to the Kahala for a drink.
What time was that? I don't know, I can't remember.
I don't know.
Well, was it 11? Was it 12? I don't know.
I don't.
How did you get to the Kahala? Took my bike.
Where's your bike now? I left it somewhere, I don't know.
What kind of a bike was it? Three-fifty cc.
Color? White.
You remember the license plate? No.
All right, we'll find it.
How long were you at the Kahala? Uh, one drink.
Then I went to, uh-- I, uh, still had the bike.
Still had it with me then.
I went-- I went to the Moana, sat under the banyan tree, had two drinks.
I threw up.
Had another drink.
Where? I don't know, I can't remember.
I was Head was spinning.
I don't know where I went.
Put out an all-points for his bike.
White, 350 cc.
Then call the Kahala and the Moana.
If he was there, I wanna know when.
Press them for an exact time.
Anything else? Yeah, find out what's holding Chin.
He went to the lab.
All right, John, after the Moana, where did you go then? I-- I don't remember.
I blacked out.
I just don't remember.
Well, you better remember, mister.
You better bust a gut remembering.
I don't know.
I remember being at the Moana, and the next thing I remember is the beach this morning.
And I don't know how I got there.
I'm blank, empty.
Then how can you be sure you didn't kill her? I loved her.
I wanted to marry her! ( knocking on door ) What do you got? Che Fong said the footprint was from a 14.
5 or 15 shoe.
Wide foot.
He can't be any more specific.
Still don't know what that other impression was.
The round one.
It measured 11 and three-quarter inches, outside to outside, at the diameter.
Start calling bars along the Kalakaua strip.
Find out if they remember Hayes being in there last night.
If they do, lock in the time.
He bought the ring on Saturday.
Picked it up at 6:30, closing time.
Give Chin Ho a hand.
When that bartender gets here, buzz me twice, then bring him in.
All right, John, you've had some time.
Can you recall anything else? Nothing.
Mira died at 11:40.
That's just about the time you blank out.
That's pretty convenient, John.
I can't remember.
I was drunk.
That's convenient too.
I couldn't kill her.
Did you get into any kind of trouble last night at all? Have a hassle with anybody? No.
Think hard.
I don't know.
All right, stand up, John.
Face the door, please.
That's him, that's him.
He's pupule, you know? He tried to tear my arm off.
He came in my place and he stiffed me, for a round of drinks for the house.
You know, brother? And then he tried to bust up the place.
Okay, Mr.
Stanley, we've got your statement.
We just want you to identify him.
Well, that's him, and I'll say it in court.
And I'll still say it's him.
On the Bible, that's him.
Okay, thank you, Mr.
We'll call you.
Well, that's him.
You know, he's pupule.
You know? I don't know that man.
Your bike was found in front of the place he runs.
I've never seen him before.
Well, I don't remember him.
You attacked the man, you damaged his place, and you still can't remember him? This is where you stand, John.
You had an argument with Mira.
That's motive.
You were the last to see her alive.
That's opportunity.
She was murdered at 11:40.
Now, you can't account for your whereabouts at 11:40.
There was a footprint found near the body.
Size 14.
5 or 15, wide foot.
You wear size 14.
5 EEE.
At quarter to 2, you attacked and injured the bartender.
Now, if there was any doubt of your ability to do violence, that was smashed.
Now, I want the truth.
I told you the truth.
I don't remember.
I just don't remember.
Have you anything else to add to your statement? Nothing else.
Prior to this interrogation, I did apprise you of your constitutional rights? Yes.
To have an attorney present, to speak or not to speak as you chose? Yes.
Would you sign this statement to that effect, please? Yes.
Why are you looking at me like that? You're left-handed.
The man who choked Mira was left-handed.
I'm placing you under arrest for the murder of Mira Bai.
Boss What's bugging you? You've got yourself hung up.
What do we tell the governor? He's been calling.
Tell him I'll call him.
Should I tell him you're still hung up? If he asks, tell him we'll go to the prosecutor within 24 hours.
But only if he asks.
What's on your mind, little one? Are you a policeman? Yes, honey.
My name's McGarrett.
What's yours? My name is Mioshi Kunioshi.
That's lovely.
Now that we have the amenities out of the way, what can I do for you? Do you find missing people? Yeah, sometimes.
Do you find missing fish? I'm afraid that's one thing we can't handle.
You run along now, huh, honey? Do you mean fish from this pond? Yes, two are missing.
Two? Tagahashi-san and Yamamoto-san.
Both came here from Japan last spring.
Well, with all the fish in this pond, how can you be sure that only two are missing? They are my friends, I know them.
They were here yesterday, but they're not here today.
Are you sure? If you had ten cats and they were all in one room, wouldn't you know if one was missing? Yeah, I guess you would.
All right, you're sure that two are missing.
Now, how do you know which ones? No two koi are the same.
Their colors are different.
Their markings are different.
Just like fingerprints are all different, aren't they? Yeah, they're all different.
Now, what do the two missing fish look like? I can show you, want to see? Please.
I drew their pictures.
You're very talented.
Arigato You're welcome.
You will find them, won't you? Well, we'll try, Mioshi.
We'll try.
May I keep this picture for a while? Yes, sir.
Thank you, Mioshi.
You've been a very great help.
Do I hear you right, Steve, or are you putting me on? Do I look like I'm making jokes? I said I wanted to put out an all-points for two fish, and that's what I meant.
Two fish.
Wh-- What names do they answer to, boss? Yamamoto-san and Takahashi-san.
May is on her way down to the photo lab with a copy of the drawing of the two fish.
It'll be distributed to the next duty watch.
Okay, Steve, I know you're not kidding, but what do we want with two fish? Give me a bucket.
A bucket? Yeah, a bucket, a pail.
Don't look at me.
Get him a bucket.
Did you get hold of the governor? Yeah, he said to tell you to play it your own way.
Said you would anyway.
Here's your bucket, boss.
Look familiar? Yeah.
Same size as the impression Che Fong lifted up at the murder scene.
Exactly, and two koi are missing from the pond.
How do you know that? Little girl told me.
What would anyone want with two little fish? You gotta be kidding.
You know what koi are worth? One fish, dig this, one fish sold for $17,000 last year, man.
Seventeen thou.
Cheapest fish you can buy is for 150, if it's a good one.
Them carp really cost.
Okay, where do we start? They can be in the Pacific Ocean by now.
If the thief wanted them for himself, it may be tough.
But if he sold them, we ought to be able to pick them up pretty quick.
Kono, start calling builders.
See if they installed any new fish ponds lately.
Chin, check with aquarium shops and wholesalers.
Any place they might sell them.
Done, boss.
Bucket, huh? You're always one step ahead.
That's why I got the big office, Danno.
Peace and joy, strong brother.
You're nobody unless you got a couple of these fish swimming in your pond.
That's what's happening, baby, right? That's what my buddy says to me.
Get a couple of these carp fish and nobody would be able to tell you from the natives.
We've only lived here two weeks.
I'll fire him.
Pay him off, dump him.
I don't care how many houses he does in the neighborhood, he's gone.
Who is that, Mr.
Babbitt? Lopez, my handyman.
I asked him how you go about getting some of these fishes.
Asked him, uh, must have been Thursday.
Then this morning, this fella comes around.
Bought them cheap, too, if my information is correct.
Yeah, ask me how much I got them for.
Go on.
You wouldn't believe me, but ask me.
How much did the fish cost, sir? Are you ready? I paid $237.
40 for the pair.
Can I fix you a little drinky? No, thank you.
And the man who sold you those fish was your handyman, Lopez? Oh, heck, no.
This fella that sold me the carp would have made five Lopezes.
Big as a mountain, didn't look too bright either.
But he was a smart trader.
Stuck to his price, wouldn't drop a nickel.
He said Lopez told him I was in the market for some fish.
You don't happen to remember his name, do you? Certainly do.
( chickens clucking ) Benny Apa? McGarrett, Five-0.
I'd like to talk to you.
Big brother, ain't he? Yeah, what happened to your open-and-shut case? Hold it.
We want him alive.
( tense, thrilling theme music plays ) ( chicken clucking ) Look like you caught up with him, boss.
Benny! You haven't got a chance.
Come out.
Get on the radio.
I want police units to surround this field, and quick.
And get some fire equipment out here, we may need it.
Get Chuck Powers to locate the owner of this field and haul him out here on the double.
( fast, thrilling theme music plays ) And you better double-check that area, huh? There's no way Benny can get out of that field, without us seeing him.
What about the owner of the field? He's on his way out here now.
How do the ribs feel, Steve? Bent.
I got a chopper on the way, as soon as he can refuel.
Not much chance of seeing Benny by air, but I figured any chance is worth a try.
Hello, Kono.
Hi, Mr.
There's a wanted man in that field, Mr.
It's yours, isn't it? I don't know anything about any wanted man in my field.
If he's in there, he's trespassing.
Cane is ready for cutting.
We'll save you the trouble and the expense of burning off the waste and the weeds, okay? I'm not so sure about that, McGarrett.
I was figuring to wait a while before I cut that field.
You're lying through your tooth.
Chin Ho Kelly said that the cane is ready for cutting now.
What does he know about sugar? Well, I know how tough it's gonna be for you to have my cousin here to help you burn off this field, if you don't go along with us.
You Chin Ho Kelly? Yeah, Kelly.
Now, what are you gonna tell me about cane? Okay, McGarrett.
Give me that bullhorn.
Benny, you're in a box.
You can't get away.
Benny, if you're ready to come out, stand up and wave your arms.
We'll see you.
Last chance, Benny.
Last chance.
Burn it.
Chick, when he breaks out of that field, there's a good chance he'll come out like a wounded elephant.
I don't know if he's armed or not.
I don't want your men to take any unnecessary chances, but make certain they don't fire at him, unless there's no other recourse.
( tense music plays ) Saturday night, Benny.
Tell us about it.
Come on, brother.
We know where you were.
We just wanna hear from you, where you was.
Did you explain his rights? Yeah, he doesn't want a lawyer.
All right, Benny, where were you Saturday night? I asked you a question, Benny.
You went up to the institute Saturday night, Benny.
You went up there to steal two fish from the pond back of the institute.
Right? KORO: Don't be some kind of dumb fella, Benny.
We know you took them fishes.
We know who you sold them to.
We just wanna give you a chance to explain.
Did the girl walk in on you, while you were stealing the fish? That it, Benny? What do you think this is gonna get you, Benny? We can place you at the scene of the murder.
What we wanna know is why.
Why did you kill the girl? She saw you stealing the fish, Benny.
Did she scream? She screamed and you panicked, right? Benny, hey.
Come on, brother.
Something happened.
What was it? CHIN: You got a bunch of money for those two fish, Benny.
What did you do with it? Buy that chicken? That ain't no chicken, what's the matter with you? That's a champion fighting rooster.
What? What did you guys do with my Chucho? He's okay.
Don't worry about him, Benny.
Ain't gonna let nothing happen to him.
He's all I got.
Can I see him, just for a little bit? I'll fix it for you, Benny.
Not just now.
When we finish.
All right, Benny, from the top.
What happened Saturday night? It was like you said.
Lopez told me them haoles wanted to buy some koi.
I don't steal.
I never been in no trouble.
We know that, Benny.
We checked your record.
Go on.
I went up the institute with a bucket, like you said.
I was taking the fishes out of the pond.
I've been big since I was a little kid.
My old man, he never let me hit nobody.
I don't hit nobody.
Never, not never.
All right, Benny, what happened when you were taking the fish out of the pond? This Portuguese guy, Lopez.
He had Chucho.
He was for sale.
Two hundred bucks.
I work for Fat Ryan.
I-- I wash dishes, u-- Up his restaurant, nights.
Fat Ryan's at Pearl City? Yeah.
You know Fat? He used to be a cop.
I could never save no All right.
Lopez told you about the haoles who wanted to buy the fish.
Then what? I-- I started thinking about it.
That pond full of fishes up the institute.
Who would miss a couple of them fishes? So I went up there and-- And took them.
When was that, Benny? What time? I got no watch.
I-- I don't know.
Uh, late.
Uh, Ni-- Nighttime, so nobody couldn't see me.
You took the bucket with you? Yeah.
And then it was like you said.
I started taking the fish, uh, ou-- Out of the pond.
I wasn't moving or nothing.
I-- I was trying to grab another fish.
I-- I wasn't even breathing.
They're fast, you know? Uh, they come up by you and you reach for them.
Gone, you know, fast.
Is that when the girl came along, Benny? I-- I don't know.
I-- I grabbed another fish.
Uh, he was flipping around, fighting.
He didn't want to get caught.
No, but-- But I had him good.
He was splashing around in the water, b-- But I had him.
And that's how the girl saw you? Sh-- She started yelling, that girl.
I said for her not to be scared, but-- But she kept yelling.
I told her.
I-- I reached out to make her be quiet, to don't be scared.
She was yelling, and-- And the fish was trying to get loose from me.
I put the fish in the bucket.
I had her by the neck.
I-- I didn't mean to have her by the neck.
I let her go and she fell down.
I-- I ran.
I-- I went to work.
I thought she was just fainted.
Sh-- She was so scared.
I-- I run.
I-- I went to work, that's all.
I didn't mean for her to be hurt.
When did you get to work, Benny? What time? Midnight, uh, 12:00.
I-- I never been late.
I'm always on time.
I never been late.
N-- Not to school, when I was a kid.
Not never to work late, ever.
Where did you park, Benny? I-- I didn't have no car.
How did you get to Pearl City? I-- I run some and I walked.
What did you do with the fish? I hid them up my place, and then I went to work.
Did you hitch a ride to Pearl City, Benny? I told you, I run some and I walked.
Can't be that way, Benny.
Girl died at about 11:40.
You couldn't have gotten from the institute to Pearl City that fast on foot.
I run some and I walked.
Couldn't be, Benny.
It's a 20-minute drive.
If you had a car, or if you caught a ride, you could make it, but not running or walking.
Was Lopez with you? Did he drive you? Lopez went to his kid's wedding Saturday night.
He wasn't with me.
I was by myself.
What about my Chucho? Can I have him by me a little bit? Kono.
If they only had two fishes, I wouldn't have took them, I wouldn't.
But I figured them other fishes would have babies, and pretty soon they'd have them two fishes back.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
They'd have as many as before I took them, you know? ( rooster clucking ) A king.
You should see him fight.
He-- He don't care about nothing.
Let some other rooster tear him up, he don't care.
He's the best.
A king.
You're gonna be number one, ain't you, Chucho, huh? Mister? Yeah? I gotta go to the bathroom, mister.
Okay, Kono, take him.
What do you think, Steve? I don't know, Danno.
I just don't know.
Everything fits but that one detail.
He ran to Pearl City in 20 minutes.
It's impossible.
That'd mean he'd have to cover a mile every three minutes.
We got two men we could possibly indict, neither one is a foolproof case.
Did we lead him? Did we feed him facts? Why would he say he killed the girl if he didn't do it? You heard him.
How far do you think he'd go to have that rooster with him? He'd give an arm, just to save the smallest feather of that silly bird.
He could have been telling us what we wanted to hear, just to have that bird with him.
( phone ringing ) Williams.
Yes, hold on.
It's Lopez.
They found him.
Lopez? This is McGarrett, Five-0.
No, I don't think you're in any trouble.
We just wanna know as many details as you can give us, about what Benny Apa did last Saturday night.
No, you're not making trouble for Benny.
He what? Are you sure? Will you come into the office, and sign a statement to that effect? Yes, thank you.
Lopez gave Benny Apa the keys to his truck.
Benny asked for them.
There's your answer.
If he had wheels, why didn't he say so? Well, that's crazy, boss.
( rooster clucking ) Sit down, Benny.
Okay, Benny, one more time.
How did you get from the institute to Pearl City? I run some, and-- And I walked.
No kidding.
I'm pretty fast running.
Benny, nobody is that fast.
We know you had the keys to Lopez's truck.
Now you've told us the truth about everything else, haven't you? About the girl and the fish? That's all true.
Well, the part about you running to Pearl City isn't true, Benny.
You're lying about that.
Why? Why are you lying about one small detail? The crime was killing the girl and stealing the fish.
Now, there's no reason for you to deny that you drove.
I got no license, mister.
I got no driving license.
( mysterious theme playing ) How do you live with it, McGarrett? It's all over, I'm free, no more accusations hanging over me.
But Mira's still dead.
She's dead.
I still can't believe it.
I can walk away.
Mira should be able to get up, and walk away with me.
But she can't.
How do you live with it? You don't.
You start from right now, wiser.
You live for today, and for what comes next.
You bury the dead and you move on.
What'll happen to the other fella? Benny Apa? Yeah.
They've agreed to prosecute for involuntary manslaughter only.
They told me I was free.
First thing I thought was I'd go to Indonesia, take Mira's place.
Take the learning back there for her.
What could I do in Indonesia, except make myself feel better? What could you do in Washington, John? Teach.
People learn in Indonesia.
( upbeat surf theme playing )