Hawaii Five-O (1968) s01e20 Episode Script

Along Came Joey

Get up high, Joey.
Keep it high! Get up, Joey.
Get up! Get up! Come on, Joey, get up! Get up and win.
Four, five, six, Get up, Joey.
Come on, Joey.
seven, eight, nine.
Attaboy! You can do it! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
And the winner, by a knockout, in two minutes, 13 seconds of the first round, the Maui Kid.
That's my boy.
Joey, you were just great.
Just great! What's wrong with your hand? Oh, nothing, Pa.
Just a bone bruise.
You had us worried for a while there.
You were worried? But I wasn't worried.
Not for a second, Joey.
Not for a second.
Come on, get dressed.
Because we've got a victory to celebrate.
You, me and Danny.
I'll take a rain check, Phil.
I gotta check out a narco suspect at H.
Great fight, Joey.
Thank you, Danny.
See you, Phil.
So long, Danny.
Lois, nice meeting you.
Great guy.
Good cop.
Joey, you grab yourself a shower.
I've gotta make a reservation for two at the Royal.
Lieutenant, you sound like a traffic cop.
Make it a table for three and you got yourself a deal.
I'll see you there in a half-hour.
Now, get out of here.
Lois, honey, you're with me, right? Yeah, I'm with you.
Only once, I wish we could be alone.
Hey, baby, it was a big win for us.
My old man wants to celebrate.
You know how he is.
Yeah, I know how he is.
Well, I'll wait for you outside.
Let's go.
Who is it? What do you want? Get back, Lois.
( suspenseful theme playing ) Leave him alone! Leave him alone-- That's enough.
That's enough.
Come on, let's get out of here.
( upbeat surf theme playing ) He's dead.
Your son is dead.
What are you gonna do, just stay here and? Lois, please.
Please hang on.
What have we got, Danno? Heartbreaker.
Two guys get out of a parked car, start clobbering Joey Kalama.
No reason.
Always a reason, Danno.
How's Phil holding up? Pretty good for a guy who's just lost his only son.
Hi, Nat.
Oh, now, don't you start with me, McGarrett.
I've been through it with Lieutenant Wilson.
Somebody got mad at your boy tonight, huh? Yeah, somebody got mad, all right.
Why? It's crazy.
Just crazy.
We're talking about a kid that everybody loved.
Best fighter I ever handled, and ten by knockout.
Crowds loved him, guys in the gym, even the guys he beat liked him.
A lot of money riding on tonight's fight, Nat? I'm a fight manager, not a gambler.
PHIL: But there's got to be more, Lois.
Look, you're the only witness we've got.
Now, think.
I told you, the headlights blinded me and I couldn't see anything.
Joey, did he say anything? Oh, Phil, will you please leave me alone? Just leave me alone.
Lois, you're the last person who saw him alive.
And he died a winner.
That should make you happy.
Why, you cheap little tramp.
Talk! Talk! Phil, Phil.
Steve, she was with my kid when it happened.
Said the headlights blinded her.
Come on, Phil, come on.
Danny'll drive you home.
I'm okay.
I've got to talk to some people.
Look, Phil, this is not Maui.
It's not in your jurisdiction.
But I've got to talk to Luther and Keller.
I've already talked to Nat, I'll talk to Luther for you.
Okay, thanks, Steve.
Come on, Phil.
I'll drive you and Lois home.
Hello, Luther.
How are you? Oh, I'm beautiful, McGarrett.
Just beautiful.
Of course, my Joey, he-- He ain't so hot.
But me, I'm just beautiful! How do you figure it, Luther? It's your job to figure it, McGarrett.
Wait a minute.
I gotta figure out how to find a new boy to train.
You got any ideas where I can find another Joey? He was that good, huh? Eight more fights and he was a contender.
He had all the moves and more.
Something you can't teach a kid.
Class, moxie, he had it all.
And what's left? That stinking locker in there that some other poor sucker will be using next week.
Joey, a poor sucker? You said he was a winner, a contender.
Everybody in this lousy game is a sucker.
Luther, did Joey have any money? He's seen some, but how much of it he got to use? Somehow, when you count it all up-- Manager, trainer, sparring partners, seconds, expenses.
--the guy catching all the punches winds up on the short end.
Take a look at me.
I was a contender once.
Let's stick with Joey, huh? Fifteen fights, 15 wins, ten knockouts.
How much is that worth? His life, man.
Go ahead, Luther.
Leave me alone.
Wait a minute.
I'm a cop.
I can't leave you alone.
You were his friend, his trainer.
He's lying on a slab out at the county morgue.
Can you leave it alone? How? Tell me.
How was being a winner worth his life? I was just his trainer.
Just a black man trying to earn an honest buck.
Now, leave me out of it, can't you? Luther, we've been friends for ten years.
I need some answers.
And I ain't got 'em.
Look, you got questions, go ask Nat Keller.
Nat's the manager.
Nat talks for all of us.
I talked to Nat.
What'd he tell you? Kind of closed-mouth.
Came up with one gem, though.
"I'm a manager, not a gambler.
" So Nat says he's a manager, not a gambler? That's what he said? That's what he said.
What do you say, Luther? That's a laugh.
What does that mean? Did you ask him about the money he owes? Who does he owe? Try Nick Morgan.
He was a good boy, Joey.
A contender.
It's a great loss to boxing.
If Joey was such a good boy, how come you dropped a bundle on Torilino? Who says I bet Torilino? Well, Joey was the favorite.
The word is out that you were taking all you could get on Torilino.
Not like you to make a sucker bet, Morgan.
Sucker bet, huh? I had 10-to-1 Torilino wins by a KO.
Torilino's no puncher.
He floored Joey, didn't he? Phil, what are you doing here? Don't worry about it.
It's okay.
I figured you wouldn't mind if I heard what you could tell us about last night.
Please, be my guest, Mr.
As I was just telling these two gentlemen, I don't think I could be of any help.
Well, don't let me interrupt you.
I'll sit right down here, all right? Mr.
Kalama, you have my deep personal sympathy.
It's a great loss, not only to you, but to boxing.
You're a smart gambler, Morgan.
Smart enough to know how to lay the odds.
Now, the odds against a cream-puff puncher like Torilino belting out Joey are what, 20-to-1? So I played a hunch and got racked up.
Isn't the first time, and it won't be the last.
What are you trying to say, Mr.
McGarrett? You think because I lost a few dollars last night, I decided to declare war on Joey, is that what you're trying to say? Interesting thought.
It's not practical.
Not businesslike.
If I dropped a bundle last night, it's all part of the game.
You know, I win a little and I lose a little.
You never know with sporting events.
Tell us about Nat Keller.
Well, I know Nat Keller only slightly.
He's been around forever.
What about him? We hear you're holding some of his markers.
You got a bum tip.
It's all wrong.
I don't play that way.
And managers don't bet on anything.
It's in the rule book.
And you know all the rules? Where were you when Joey got hit? Well, I'll tell you, I was playing gin rummy in the back seat of my car, with the world's most beautiful gin player.
No more games, Morgan! Now, talk! I want--! Phil, Phil.
Get your hands off me.
He's gotta talk, Steve.
He's gotta be made to talk.
He's got to talk, Steve! Stop it.
Quiet down.
Take him outside, Danno.
He had no call to do that.
I've been cooperating, haven't I? Where does he come off, acting that way? I'm sorry, Morgan, but you're not hurt.
He just lost his only son.
I'm sorry somebody killed his boy, so I'm gonna let this pass.
But you keep him off my back! I'll call in.
What's the matter with you, Phil? You were ready to kill him.
Not a shred of evidence, nothing to hold him on, nothing to convict him, and you were ready to kill him.
Does that make any sense? How would you feel if it was your kid, Steve? Probably like shooting up the world, but nobody can do that, Phil, especially a cop.
Don't you think I know that? I wonder.
Twenty-three years you've been on the force in Maui.
Twenty-three long, hard years, and a good cop all the way.
And in ten seconds up there, you're ready to blow it all.
They murdered my kid, Steve.
I'm sorry, it's no excuse.
You can't use that badge to blow off steam.
When you strap on that gun, you accept responsibilities.
Now, Joey's death is another homicide.
If you can't accept that, get out.
Are you saying I should turn in my badge? I'm telling you to let us handle it here.
It's not your bag.
But how can I? You've got to, or I'll bring you up on charges.
I'm not gonna let you blow a lifetime of work, Phil.
You're right, Steve.
Absolutely right.
I'll take myself off the case.
We'll find out who did it, that much I promise you.
I know.
I know you will.
Oh, Steve, do you believe all that stuff about Nat Keller owing Morgan? You know Nat better than I do.
Is he a gambler? All I know is I trusted him.
I let him take care of my kid, and you know what happened.
Well, we'll find out, Phil.
I'll talk to him again.
Keller's gone.
You sure? Took off last night, bag and baggage.
No forwarding address, no traceable phone calls.
Just one thing.
What's that? The desk clerk said somebody was looking for him just before I got there.
Get a fix on him? No, but I brought the clerk in.
He's going through the mug books now.
Maybe he'll come up with an identification.
Keller's disappearance make any sense to you, Danno? Maybe.
How? Keller owes Morgan money, tries to pay it off by getting Joey to throw the fight.
Joey wouldn't.
Morgan blows a bundle, hits Joey, now he's after Keller.
Interesting theory.
You'll make a good cop one of these days, Danno.
Could be that Phil Kalama figured the same way.
I wonder where he is now? I remember when he was a kid, 6 or 7.
We came here once.
Just before we moved to Maui.
Just the two of us, like we used to do from time to time.
I remember how he looked around.
His eyes were big and wondering.
He was always a sensitive, thoughtful kid, Steve.
Remember? He used to ask a lot of questions, not like other kids.
Questions about life, about death itself.
I talked to him about it then.
He said, "Listen, I don't want you to come here first, before me, Dad.
When we do come here, I'd like it to be together.
" "I'd like it to be together," he said.
I told him not to worry about that.
That we had all of life ahead of us.
All the joys, happiness, all the time it takes for a man to grow up and make something of himself.
That a man didn't need to worry about the kahunas who were praying over him.
Not while he was alive.
That's what I was hoping for Joey.
That he could lick the devils without their help.
That's what he said he would do.
He would always lick them, and that he would turn out to be a winner in life.
I remember he said that to me.
That he would be a winner in life.
Don't, Phil.
Don't torture yourself.
And now he's here.
He's here first.
And I'm alive.
It's wrong.
It's terribly wrong.
Phil, will you do me a favor, please? A personal favor.
Will you take a couple of days off? Please.
I guess you're right.
I guess you're right, Steve.
I'll keep in touch.
All right, let's run it down.
Chin? At least a dozen dead-end leads on the car.
So far it was a compact, large-size, four-door convertible station wagon.
Blue, black, green.
We've tracked down report Nat Keller's been living on a houseboat in Maui.
Shows up every day at a Main Street gym.
Was last seen dancing in a Waikiki nightclub.
No trace of Keller, is that what you're saying? Like the rock swallowed him up.
Danno? The room clerk couldn't get a make out of the mug books.
Still don't know who came looking for Keller.
Did Keller owe Morgan money? If he did, nobody's saying.
Morgan said he was with a blond playing gin when Joey was hit.
He was with a blond, all right.
Couldn't swear to what they were playing.
What about Joey's girlfriend? What's her name? Lois.
Talked to her again.
Same story.
Two men got out of a car, headlights blinded her, couldn't see a thing.
Okay, no leads on the men involved in the killing or the car they drove, no trace of Keller, no proof that Keller owed Morgan money.
Add it up.
Answer's zero.
All we know is that Keller ran and somebody besides us is looking for him.
Well, I got a feeling that we'd better find him first.
Okay, now put your hand up on the tree.
Little bit farther down.
Okay, now relax.
Take it.
Thanks, Mary.
Now go ahead and change into your other outfit.
Let's see, girls.
Uh, let's take the bikini shots out on the point, okay? I missed you at the funeral, Lois.
I couldn't make that scene, Phil.
You didn't figure you owed at least that much to Joey? I gave Joey as good as I got.
We both knew the score.
You wouldn't have given him the right time if he hadn't been a contender.
You used him.
Maybe I did.
And maybe he used me.
So, what's your excuse, dad? I never wanted anything for Joey he didn't want himself.
It had to be the best for Joey.
No second place, or don't come home.
Sure, I taught him to be the best in everything he did.
Anything wrong in that? The winner gets the gold medal.
You can't wear a pat on your shoulder or a "Nice try, sonny boy" on your chest.
Now, what do you want, Phil? Where do I find Nat Keller? How would I know? You were Nat's girl.
Before you found a better trick in Joey.
And before that it was a hoofer, and before that a football player.
Where is he? If I knew, I wouldn't tell you-- Where? Where? Ow.
Nat never forgave you for leaving him for Joey.
Maybe he never forgave Joey either.
What do you mean by that? Nat owed money to a certain gambler named Nick Morgan.
I don't know anything about those things.
Nat tried to get Joey to go into the tank for Torilino.
Nat wouldn't do that.
Joey wouldn't do that, you mean.
That's why Joey died.
And that's why Morgan is after Nat.
If you're right, I mean, say you're right, why would Nat come to me? Maybe because he knew you're the last person in the world anybody would figure to help.
And he'd be right.
And you should know that better than anyone.
You know, whoever is hiding Nat out is not doing him a favor.
Not really.
Why? Because if Morgan's boys reach him first, before we do Phil.
Go talk to Nat.
Bust the truth out of him.
It won't be hard, because he busts easy.
But let me tell you something, you're not gonna like what you learn.
Your place? Why? Maybe I figure I owed him one.
So go ahead, lieutenant.
Go ahead and find out why your son was really killed.
And then get your gun and blow your brains out.
Hello, Nat.
Oh, hi, Phil.
Why, Nat? Why what? What are you talking about? Why? Why did you have my boy killed? Joey, killed? That's crazy, Phil.
That's crazy.
I loved Joey.
You know that.
Joey's dead, that's all I know.
Joey's dead.
But I had nothing to do with it, Phil.
Please, you gotta believe me, I had nothing to do with it.
You were in Morgan's bag.
You owed him.
You owed him.
Well, a couple of bucks, maybe, but I had a contender, Phil.
I had the next champ.
Why would I--? How could I hurt a kid that could give me the crown? Phil, we both loved Joey, didn't we? She, Lois, she said you could tell me things.
Things about Joey.
Things that would make me want to blow my brains out.
That's crazy, Phil.
Why would Joey wanna take a dive? A dive? Who said anything about a dive? If it was a fix, I had nothing to do with it.
I swear to you, Phil, I had nothing to do with it.
I loved Joey.
I wouldn't have hurt him for anything.
You were there when it happened.
We were both together, weren't we? A dive.
You thought you had it fixed for Joey to go into the tank.
He wouldn't go along, so you had him killed.
No, no.
Please, you gotta believe me, Phil.
I had nothing to do with it.
It was Morgan.
It was all Morgan, I swear to-- ( action theme playing ) ( screaming ) ( screams ) ( dramatic theme playing ) ( tense theme playing ) It doesn't look too good for Phil Kalama.
I don't buy that.
Not yet.
Well, you heard what the lady said.
Description fits him like she had a mug shot in her hand.
Him and a lot of other Hawaiians.
No, Phil wanted answers out of Keller.
You don't get answers out of a dead man.
Maybe he questioned him a little rough, boss.
Too rough, maybe, but not murder.
Anything? Can't get anything more out of her.
Still looks like Phil.
Let's go.
We got work to do.
Your plan's no good, Steve.
You can't use kid gloves on a rogue cop.
Phil Kalama's no rogue cop.
The facts say otherwise.
The facts say he's a grieving father.
He's still a cop, Steve.
And no peace officer has the right to use his badge or his gun to work out his own personal problems.
We all know that, sir, but we have no proof that he's doing it.
You yourself said that he roughed up Morgan.
There's an eyewitness who said she saw Kalama push Nat Keller off the stairway of a ten-story building.
Now, what more do you want? Proof.
You know the code, Steve.
Phil Kalama's a cop.
He's more.
He's a good cop.
Twenty-three years on the force.
I don't want that 23 years destroyed.
I don't want Phil Kalama destroyed.
Better he be destroyed than the public trust in every man that wears a badge.
I'm trying to preserve that trust by preventing the crucifixion of an innocent man.
If he's innocent.
If he's innocent? Don't we assume he's innocent until proven guilty? How much time do you want? Don't pin me down, huh? Well, I've got to file on Kalama, Steve.
All right, give me 24 hours.
I'll try.
Thank you, sir.
Danny, Kono, Chin.
How'd we make out? We got 24 hours.
Any of your contacts know that Keller was holed up in Lois' apartment? Not a rumble.
But we know that somebody was looking for Keller, right? Okay, let's help.
Get the word out about Keller and the apartment.
Feed it out easy through your contacts.
If they don't know that Keller is dead, they could still go after him.
Hm? What about Lois? We'll find Lois.
Make sure she doesn't go home.
Kono, locate Morgan.
Dog him if you have to, but don't let him out of your sight.
Now that Keller's dead, you figure Kalama will move on Morgan? That's why we got Kono on his tail.
We take no chances till we bring Phil in.
( suspenseful theme playing ) All right, where's Morgan? I said, where is he? Where is he? I never complain when someone wants to wish me good luck.
I only have one question: why? ( sighs ) Now, you never struck me as the kind of a woman who questions the obvious.
Only when it's used to hide something else.
I got no secrets.
You're attractive, desirable.
Me, I'm comfortably fixed, good connections.
I could make life very easy for you.
Very comfortable.
You are obvious, aren't you? A good gambler always knows when to lay his cards on the table.
What happens if he only turns up the ace of spades? I'm not worried.
Well, I am.
Plenty worried.
Well, maybe your conscience isn't as clear as mine.
Maybe you don't know Phil Kalama as well as I do.
He's just a cop.
Right now he's an avenging angel whose son isn't yet cold in his grave.
It'll all blow over, be forgotten.
Me? I'll still be in business.
And my offer will still stand.
If you're right invite me back, ask me again.
So you can say yes? ( suspenseful theme playing ) ( car door closes ) ( car engine starts ) This is Kono.
Have Morgan under surveillance.
The girl Lois just left the area.
No sign of Kalama.
Will report any further moves.
( suspenseful theme playing ) Freeze.
Hold it right there.
What's happening? You're in hot water.
Why did you break into Lois Walker's apartment? We didn't break in nowhere.
You were there, you had guns, there was no key and there was a pick.
Now, that adds up to breaking and entering, and that adds up to 15 years hard time.
Don't say nothing more.
We don't have to answer no questions.
You heard him give us our constitutionals.
We don't have to answer nothing.
No, you don't.
And maybe you don't have to face a murder rap either.
What's with this murder bit? You forget Joey Kalama? We had nothing to do with that.
Doesn't look that way.
SUGAR: Who cares how it looks? Might not be that bad, Steve.
Well, no question.
Murder one.
Maybe they're just a couple of patsies, paid muscle.
Somebody hired them to rough up Joey a little bit.
Who was it? Nat Keller? Morgan? Who? SUGAR: You got no right to question us unless we want.
And we don't want.
So book us or let us go.
Book them, Danno.
Wait a minute.
You got no charges.
No? How's breaking and entering, concealed weapons and murder for starters? ( tense theme playing ) Half turn left.
Half turn right.
Recognize any of them? I told you.
The headlights blinded me.
I couldn't see anything.
You must have noticed something about them.
Clothes? Build? Nothing, I tell you.
Besides, I was panicked.
They were killing Joey.
Take another look.
No, it's just no good.
Now, I've tried to help you.
Scared? You bet I'm scared.
We have a tail on Morgan, he's not gonna hurt you.
And what about Phil Kalama? Any written guarantees he won't hurt me? Why isn't he here? I'd bet anything he'd be here twisting my arm or-- Why would he do that? Why are you so afraid of him? Because I killed his son.
( dramatic theme playing ) You said you killed Joey Kalama.
How, Lois? When he won that fight, he signed his own death warrant.
What do you mean? I don't know how well you knew Joey, but he was a kid brought up to be a winner.
Always a winner.
Except when somebody figured to make a big killing by having Joey dump the Torilino fight.
Why did Joey agree to blow the fight? Because it was his wedding present for me.
That rock you a little, McGarrett? Joey and I planning to get married? Nothing rocks me anymore, honey.
You know, when I came here ten years ago, I was flat broke.
So I used the assets I had and all the men I met along the way.
It wasn't easy, McGarrett.
Believe me, it wasn't easy.
Then along came Joey, and I could see my jackpot.
You mean that Joey agreed to blow the fight to get money for you to get married? Is that why you say you killed him? Yes.
You knew this before, why didn't you speak up? I had a little talk with Nick Morgan yesterday afternoon.
He showed me what I was.
What I'd really become.
What about Nick Morgan? Was it his money behind the fix? Could be.
Only, Joey would never tell me who it was.
But Nat Keller, he set up the deal? You hit it, McGarrett.
May I please go now? No, not yet.
You can still help us find the men who killed Joey.
( all laughing ) So I kept saying to him over and over again, but he just wouldn't believe me.
Over and over, I kept saying to him.
So, what do you think he did? He just laid there in the water and he went to sleep.
( all laughing ) ( intercom buzzes ) Yeah.
Send him right in.
Thank you, that'll do for now.
That's Joey's dame, ain't it? Yes, it was, Elroy.
Sit down.
What's she doing here? What was that bit that just went on? Well, it sometimes helps to get eyewitness identification.
Eyewitness to what? Danny here? He's out there with May.
She's typing up Sugar's statement.
What's with all this bull? Sugar don't sing for nobody.
You guys are bluffing.
That's what you're doing, bluffing.
No bluff, Elroy.
He signed a sworn statement.
You've been apprised of your constitutional rights.
Would you like to make a statement? Danny, will you bring in a transcript of Sugar's tape? Take a copy of Sugar's statement over to the prosecutor's office to draw up indictments.
Good as done.
Okay, Danno, read it back.
Quote, "We waited for Joey and his girl in the parking lot.
When we spotted them, Elroy hit the headlights.
" What is this? Sugar never said nothing like that.
He's a bull.
He'd never talk.
Go ahead, Danno.
Quote, "Then me and Elroy jumped Joey.
"Suddenly, Elroy's on top of Joey, belting away at him with a sap.
" No, no, no.
That's wrong.
That's all wrong.
I thought you might like to hear what he said.
Go ahead, Danno.
Quote, "I tried to stop him, but Elroy was like crazy.
"He kept belting away.
I didn't mind belting Joey a few, but I don't go for saps.
" That's a lie.
He's turning the whole thing all around.
I never used a sap.
I used my fists.
Just my fists.
( dramatic theme playing ) I didn't mean to hurt Joey bad.
I just wanted to rough him up a little.
Now, would you like to make an official statement, Elroy? Oh, you changed the taste of your lipstick.
Riot call.
Riot call.
Intersection Waimano and Vikoy Streets.
All cars in the vicinity respond at once.
Fellow officers in trouble.
( siren wailing ) Confirm riot call.
Identify yourself.
Confirm riot call.
Identify yourself.
Car 65 confirming riot call.
Intersection Waimano and Vikoy Streets.
Officer Anderson out.
( tires screeching ) ( siren wailing ) ( car engine starts ) Morgan, I wanna talk to you.
We got nothing to talk about.
That's not what Nat Keller said.
You found Keller? Yes, I found him.
Where is he? Dead, Morgan.
( action theme playing ) Gone, and no Kono.
It took a cop like Phil to come up with that riot call.
Half a minute to determine it was a phony, but long enough to make his play.
( gunshot ) Go that way.
( action theme playing ) ( gunshot ) MORGAN: Kalama I'm coming out now.
You hear me? My hands are in the air.
I'm coming out.
MORGAN: Kalama, don't do it.
Please, don't do it.
Kalama, don't kill me.
Please, don't kill me.
Hold it, Phil.
I'll take it from here.
It's too late, Steve.
No, it's not.
He's sewed up tight and legal.
You're lying to me.
Why would I lie to you, Phil? His muscle gave us a confession.
I know what he did.
He tried to corrupt Joey.
When he couldn't do it, he had him killed.
I have to do it, Steve.
And I'm saying you can't do it.
I could have killed him with the first bullet.
Then why didn't you? Because there's no way you can bring yourself to take the life of that man.
You're a cop, Phil.
I'm a father, and he killed my son.
McGarrett, he's crazy.
He's gonna kill me.
McGARRETT: No, he's not.
Do you hear me, Phil? You're not gonna kill him.
Because you know if you pull that trigger, you'll kill everything we stand for.
I have to, Steve.
Why? So you can ease the guilt in your gut? What are you talking about? Come on, Phil.
You're too good a cop not to know what really happened.
You figured it out.
You know that Joey sold himself to Morgan.
You're a liar.
You're a dirty liar, Steve.
That's what's eating you alive, the thought that maybe you pushed Joey so hard, you drove him to it.
That's what you can't stand.
That's why you're here with that gun in your hand, you're trying to kill yourself.
Now, look, Phil, you're too good a cop not to know that what I'm saying is true.
Doesn't matter what Morgan did or Keller or Joey.
The only thing that matters is that you're a cop.
Now, if you blow that, you smear the image of every law-enforcement officer everywhere.
You tear down everything we've ever worked for.
Book him, Chin.
Steve, against Torilino, Joey was supposed to lose.
It was a fixed fight.
But he got off the floor, Steve, didn't he? He got off the floor to win.
He could have been a champ.
I'm sorry, Phil.
He made a crooked deal, then he wouldn't go through with it, and you know it.
Now, that's the truth you gotta face up to.
That's the truth.
Come on.
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