Hawaii Five-O (1968) s02e24 Episode Script

Three Dead Cows at Makapuu (2)

I'm still not sure I heard you right.
What are three dead cows got to do with Five-0? He says the Army did it with their experiments.
And you don't think there's anything serious? - Do you? - I saw the cows.
They weren't very pretty.
I don't know what killed them, but I'm gonna find out.
- You think it was nerve gas? - I don't know.
You people never let us know these things until somebody makes a mistake.
But I feel I must warn both of you that what you're liable to hear is absolute classified information.
- This is top-secret.
- All of which brings us to what? All of which leads us to a man named Alexander Kline.
Bet you're from Pennsylvania.
- How'd you know? - I'm a telephone operator.
I play this little game with myself, trying to guess where people come from just from their voices.
But with a touch of genius and the benefit of a freak accident, Alexander Kline developed in the laboratory a "Q strain.
" A biological mutation which proved to be hostile to all forms of life on Earth.
Almost a year ago, Alexander Kline disappeared and despite the CIA, a worldwide search network, the man was nowhere to be found.
Now, Kline killed those cows with some kind of aerosol spray.
That means he's continuing his experimentation.
So he's gotta have a place with pretty sophisticated equipment.
There does seem to be trouble on that line, sir.
Will you give me the party's name and I'll have the number verified? Abel Morgan, Kewalo Basin.
Now hurry, please.
Pennsylvania? Is that you, Pennsylvania? - What? - It is you.
It's the girl on the beach, the telephone operator.
Don't you remember? How did you know I was here? By the telephone number you gave me to call.
You must think I'm awful, chasing after you like this.
Are you the gentleman who called about the picture? Yes, I'm Dr.
As soon as I saw it, I called you.
That's Arnold, although he's changed from the picture.
He calls himself Arnold Clay.
You're absolutely positive? Absolutely.
- Any idea where he lives? - No, never asked.
- Or where we could find him? - No.
Why do you wanna know? Because he's dying? Dying? I know you're in some sort of trouble.
I called one of the numbers you gave me and there was a policeman.
- A policeman? - But I hoped you'd be here.
I mean, you look so sick.
You shouldn't just be wandering around.
Why can't you leave me alone? - Well, Arnold - Why don't you just go away? Something has happened here on the island.
Something that will kill everyone here within the next 12 hours.
Yeah, she had a visitor all right.
Steve, just came over the radio.
Emergency hospital reported a man answering Kline's description.
- He brought a girl in for treatment.
- Let's go.
It's not on me.
It's hidden out there somewhere.
You'll never find it in time.
If you want to live, leave now, get off the island.
Where is it? Where did you hide the vial? My wife's in this hospital.
She just had surgery.
She can't be moved! Colonel.
Go on, colonel.
Back off, colonel.
Back off.
You don't give me orders, McGarrett.
He's gonna murder everybody on this island and they just stand around here, wasting time pleading with him.
Colonel, give us just a few minutes alone with him, please? You think I want people to die? You think I enjoy that? Don't forget, I'm gonna die right along with everyone else.
Who appointed you savior of the world, Alex? Who made you the keeper of law? The people.
The people decide.
The people? Did the people decide we should develop germ warfare? Did the people decide we should spend a million dollars a day flouting Geneva protocol? But the president has renounced chemical and biological warfare.
He's even asking the Senate to ratify the Geneva accord.
Honorable intentions, but it'll go on and on.
But you can't eliminate three quarters of a million innocent people based on what the military will or won't do.
Our whole economy is based on exactly that, Mr.
Our whole way of life is dictated by what they will or will not do.
And you think you can change that overnight by wiping out the 50th state in the Union? Yes.
If anything will stop global self-destruction, this will.
Well, think.
Okinawa, Dugway.
The experiments with anthrax on Gruinard Island that will leave that island uninhabitable for the next hundred years.
And all warnings of a greater disaster that nobody does anything about.
Alex, listen to me.
Granted, the experiments might continue and granted there's a possibility of error, but we've developed a system of safeguards that's practically foolproof against mistakes that can harm human beings.
Do you really believe that? That you can safeguard against mistakes? Yes, Alex.
Believe me.
Then what am I? McGarrett? The girl.
Is she? What about the girl, Alex? Arguments, threats.
What about sodium pentothal? No, we tried it this morning.
Perhaps Dr.
Malden can do what we can't.
No, sir, and we've tried everything.
Yes, sir, he is aware of your directive against CBW, but he feels that your renunciation of germ warfare will be meaningless.
No, sir, he still refuses to talk to you on the phone.
Yes, sir, we have an escort waiting at Hickam Field ready and waiting to take Dr.
Malden directly to Leahi Hospital.
Yes, sir, I'll keep you informed.
Well, Dr.
Malden should be here within a half-hour.
Why wait? Give me that half-hour alone with Kline.
I'll get your information.
We'll wait, colonel.
This is war, governor.
Kline is the enemy no less than if he were trying to kill us with nuclear warheads.
And the longer we wait, the more advantage we give him.
Colonel, that's enough.
Anything? She showed us the rock where she fell.
We covered the area.
Won't somebody tell me what's happening? I think I've been questioned by eight generals, and nobody will tell me what's going on.
I just don't know what Arnold has done.
His name is not Arnold, Wanda, it's Alex.
Alex Kline.
He's a very brilliant scientist.
A microbiologist.
But what's he done? What are you looking for? You said that he told you that there had been an accident, that a lot of people were gonna be killed, and that he wanted you to leave this island, is that correct? Yes, but I didn't know whether to believe him.
He had been very sick from the malaria.
He was delirious for a whole day.
He told you the truth, Wanda, except for one thing.
It was no accident.
Alex has created a germ, the only one of its kind.
A microscopic organism so powerful and so deadly that a thimbleful, one thimbleful, is capable of destroying all life.
Arnold? - Alex created it? - With the help of the government.
He's trying He's trying to show that the world is on the brink of a terrible catastrophe.
He thinks by wiping out all life in Hawaii he can save the rest of the world.
Wanda, he He asked about you.
He cares about you very much.
I'm hoping that you can convince him that this is not the way to do it.
Well, what should I say? How should he do it? By legal and ethical process.
By orderly and vehement objection, if necessary.
Will you help us? The last time I saw you, I was in the hospital bed.
Your name isn't Arnold, is it? It's Alex.
Are you really from Pennsylvania? Are the police holding you? Not exactly.
They wanted me to talk to you.
They've told you what I've done? You don't hate me? I don't believe it and it doesn't matter.
What they said is true.
Everyone here will die.
Now, you've got to leave the island, you promised me that.
I don't know what to say.
They told me what to say.
I can't seem to say it.
Seems like a dream.
Get out of here, Wanda.
Get a plane, a boat, anything, - Please.
- But get off the island.
- Please don't do it.
- Get out.
Get out.
Get out! - Don't do it! - Get out! Get out! Get out! Dr.
Malden, isn't it? The great mind bender.
Alex? Alex, can you hear me? - Yes.
- Good.
Then I want you to listen to me for a moment.
Listen to the sound of my voice.
This is the voice of a friend, Alex.
A voice you can trust.
Do you understand? Alex, I just talked to your mother.
Your mother, Alex.
- Mother? - Yes, she's just outside and she wants to see you, to talk to you.
I'll bring her in.
She'll be so happy to see you.
Alex, baby.
Mom? Are you all right? Mama? Are you doing what your teachers tell you? Mom.
Mom, they want I want you to remember, Alex, what they say about you, that you are something special, something very special.
I want you to listen to me, son.
I want you to listen to your mother and be a good boy.
I know that you made something for them in the laboratory.
You made something in one of those vials.
- No.
- Yes, you did.
You made it for them, but you won't tell them where it is.
No, not Mom.
Yes, yes, Alex, it's Mom, I'm right here with you.
- Dead, dead, dead.
- No.
No, sweetheart, I'm not dead, I'm right here.
Listen to me, I'm right here with you and I want you to tell me.
I want you to tell me, Alex.
God, go away.
You're dead.
You're dead.
I buried you.
- You're dead, I buried you.
- Tell me.
I buried you! - Go away.
- Yes, Alex, your mother is gone.
She's gone.
And you can't see her anymore.
But we are going on a little trip now.
A little journey through time and space - into the very depths of your mind.
- No.
- Through all the little corners.
- Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it! Alex's teachers were quite correct.
He was and he is something very special.
He has a mind like imprisoned steam, the more it is pressed, the more it rises to resist the pressure.
All right, doctor, did he mention the bacteria? Only that he had hidden the vial under a pier somewhere.
Pier? Any idea where? We're not sure of anything, McGarrett.
Danno, was there a pier near the rocks where he met the girl? Not that I know of.
Get a squad from H.
Check out the area.
Also, the wharf where the old man lives.
All right, gentlemen, is that it? Have we exhausted all possibilities? - I'd like to try something else.
- What? Letting him go.
- You can't mean that, McGarrett.
- I do.
He may change his mind, he may want to see if the vial is still all right and lead us to it.
And what if your men lose him? I've got an unlimited source of manpower, Mr.
, National Guard.
It's a calculated risk, but at least it's positive keeping him confined here is just waiting for the end to come.
No, it's too much of a gamble.
We can't accept that risk.
Alex Kline is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, correct? He's been drugged and threatened, his logic and guilt have been worked on to the point where he may soon collapse.
Now, if he breaks down mentally, gentlemen, what have we got? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Now, I'm hoping and praying that if we leave him alone for a while he may come to his senses.
If you lose him, McGarrett, it's your responsibility.
If I lose him, Mr.
Kaye, you think it really matters? Unit 3 to Unit 4.
The suspect crossing corner at Mauna Kea and Hotel.
Got him, Unit 3.
We'll keep on him with Unit 2 and 5.
Continue on to your marked destination and report to Central Dispatch.
Abel? The police told you.
- The girl.
- She was here? Tried to warn me, wanted to get me out of here.
I'm not going anywhere.
If I'm dying, I'm gonna die right here.
You're like Job in the Bible: Suffering, convinced of your martyrdom.
Maybe I'm wrong, Maybe I've lost my mind.
What's sane today? You don't know when you cross over the line from sane to insane.
What should I do? Abel, what should I do? We're shaped by the things that we love.
You stop thinking with your mind.
Start feeling with your heart.
Now, you go on.
Go on, get out of here.
I don't want you mixing up love with pity.
Go on.
He's coming out of the shack now.
Yeah, I see him, Kono.
Go over the shack from top to bottom.
We'll cover him from here.
McGarrett to all units.
We have suspect under surveillance moving Maki on Winam.
Units 6, 8, proceed to Winam and Kalakaua, possible intercept.
I told some friends.
Nobody can get any airplane tickets.
The airlines were all booked.
But Dolores Suzuki's boyfriend has a boat.
I still can't believe it.
It's true.
Why did you come here? To see if you were going.
I just don't understand it, Arnold.
I keep calling you Arnold.
I can't help it.
It doesn't matter.
What you're doing is horrible.
I know.
I meant what I said at the hospital.
I don't hate you.
And that's what I don't understand, I should hate you.
Why don't I hate you? I'm glad you don't.
You're going to murder people, thousands of people.
- Yes.
- And I don't understand why.
I really don't understand why.
A long time ago I had a beehive.
And on long summer days, it used to be a place of fascination for me.
The buzzing, mixture of smells.
And I always had a great respect and fondness for those little creatures, how they hatched out of their cells, each having his own work to do, answering an inborn sense of responsibility, one to the other.
People aren't bees, Alex.
No, Wanda.
But the person who loves life will answer the same call.
He understands the relationship between the living cell and the human body or the bee to the hive.
And somehow I've got to do this for the hive.
Can't you see that? Will you help me get my things down to the car? Six hours.
Six hours.
I don't think he's gonna give in, Steve.
Look to me like he was just trying to help her get off the island.
Central Dispatch, this is McGarrett, Get me Kono, please.
Go ahead, Steve.
Kono, anything? No vials, just the old man, Morgan.
Wanda, hurry up.
We're ready to go.
It's him.
It's the guy the cops were looking for.
Wanda said there was an accident, that's why we're leaving.
If it's true, why they looking for you? Was it an accident or did you have something to do with it? Bill, stop it.
He didn't have anything to do with it.
No point in lying, Wanda.
Maybe I've just been lying to myself.
There was no accident.
The police are looking for me because I hid a vial of bacteria, germs, enough to kill everyone on this island.
Bill, stop it.
Stop it! H.
, this is McGarrett.
No, I'm all right, Wanda.
You go.
Go with them, hurry.
- I'm not going.
- Wanda.
I know why I can't hate you.
Couldn't hate you no matter what because I love you.
Then you'll leave now.
Go with them, please.
I can't.
There's nothing without you.
I'd rather die with you than without you.
I was wrong.
So wrong.
No, nothing here either.
Will you report to the governor? Tell him we'll give him a progress report as we can.
- Priority 1, Steve? - Yeah, keep this channel open.
I'll take you to where I hid the vial.
The pier is located about two miles from Hawaii Kai Road at Coral Cove.
We're on our way there now.
I want an Army Decontamination Unit with a tank filled with bleach, water and DS2.
Notify the governor.
This is McGarrett over and out.
It's gone.
It's gone.
What have I done? Wanda, what have I done? They'll find it.
I know they will.
I don't see how.
- Where is it? - Well, we still haven't got it.
Somebody must have spotted the vial under the pier surface, maybe.
Picked it up before we got here.
Or maybe it was washed off the pier into the water? I doubt it.
High tide doesn't come up that far.
Chin, get on the radio.
Whoever picked up that vial has to be alerted.
Maybe we can find someone who saw him take it.
Excuse me.
Alex, you said that people would start dying in 12 hours.
Now, we've got five left.
Exactly what happens to the vial at the end of your timetable? I computed the rate of the organism's multiplication.
The vial will begin to leak.
Local contamination at first, then the air, wind, no stopping it.
We should have the Firefly detector from the Goddard Space Flight Center before then.
What is that? It was developed to detect life forms in outer space, but I think it might prove effective as a biosensor.
Didn't you hear what I said? When it gets into the air, there'll be no stopping it.
There's nothing in your beautiful technological arsenal that will prevent it from killing every living thing on this island.
- What about an antigen? - There isn't time.
You've gotta find it before it starts leaking.
Now, if the combination of bleach and DS2 won't kill it, fire and steam will.
When we find it, if we find it, I don't want it destroyed unless it's absolutely necessary.
That's not your decision or mine, Mr.
Kline's Q strain is the only one of its kind, McGarrett.
It could be the ultimate safeguard of our national defense.
I'm not gonna risk their lives to save your defensive capability kit.
We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the following news This is like looking for a needle in a haystack, boss.
Nobody saw or heard anything around that pier.
Cover everything, everything we laid out, it's vital.
I don't wanna miss one surfer in that whole area.
They'll find it.
It's no use, there isn't time.
Maybe they'll figure out something.
Not even if they had months instead of only hours.
Something will happen, I know it.
We're going to die, Wanda.
Alex, you can't just give up hope.
Steve, we got a lead.
Some kids say their buddy was prowling around that pier.
Meet us at the Kapiolani food shack.
Chin, what have we got? They said he was supposed to meet this buddy of theirs at the Coral Cove, but he never showed or took off before they got there.
You haven't seen him since? We figured he'd found something better to do.
He's like that.
- What's his name? - Kit.
- Kit what? - He never said.
Any idea where we could find him? I think he's been living in some abandoned shack someplace, but I don't know where.
I'm sorry, sir, I can't quite understand you.
What? Yes, yes, I understand.
Where are you? Where? Yes, all right.
Stay there, stay exactly where you are, don't move.
I'll have somebody right there.
I've got it, phone booth on the Kapua Highway just north of the junction.
Contact all units to clear for the Decontamination Squad.
Shirley Harris got a call from somebody sick, said something about the vial.
- Did she call McGarrett? - It's a phone booth on the Kapua Highway, not far from here.
- No, you stay here.
- Oh, no, I'm going with you.
Is it all over? Is it happening? It is if he opened the vial.
If he died from the leakage, we may still have a chance.
Honey, listen, please.
Do you know him? Does he live around here? Where? A shack out that way.
Alex, no! - Stop it.
- No! - Alex! - Get over there.
Seal off the area.
Block the highway from both directions.
Evacuate any residents.
Let's go.
McGarrett, the shack, burn it.
Burn it.
Break out the flamethrower.
All right, bring the flamethrower here.
It's here.
- Hey, wait a minute.
You can't go - No, let me go.
- Wanda, stay back.
Stay back.
- No, let me go.
Oh, Alex.
Oh, why? Why did you go near it? I had to gain time to keep it from circulating in the air.
Alex, is there anything we can do, anything at all? No.
No, it's too late.