Hawaii Five-O (1968) s08e03 Episode Script

McGarrett is Missing

Three cases heavy-duty detergent.
Storeroom B.
Well, give him a hand, Bombay.
All right, hurry it up, will you? Hold it.
Hey, Steve! Steve! Hey, Steve! Yeah, Chin.
What you got? Breakout, Oahu State Prison.
- How many? - Just one.
Charlie Bombay.
Charlie Bombay is out? Right.
Just came over the wire.
- Is he armed? - Yeah.
He overpowered a guard and took his gun.
I'd appreciate that.
Thank you, sir.
Chin, pull the file on Charlie Bombay.
Okay, how did he do it? Took off in a cleaning-supply truck.
And not one guard took a shot at him? Apparently not, Steve.
Has to be an inside job.
No question.
I got a bulletin off to all islands and air patrol and harbor patrol on full alert.
- Did you speak to the warden? - Just now.
Nothing yet.
Charlie Bombay out on the street after how many years it took us to put him away, Danno? Three? Two years just gathering evidence.
And one more just for trial and appeals.
That's the one I sweated.
When the witnesses started disappearing in direct proportion to the bodies found.
- Yeah, Jenny? - Steve, there's a man on line three.
Won't leave his name.
Says he has information on the escape.
Put him on.
May I help you, sir? - McGarrett? - Yeah.
I'm gonna do you a favor, and I don't want anything in return.
Who's this? Never mind that.
Just listen to what I got to say.
I'm listening.
Going somewhere, Charlie? The trip is cancelled.
Cuff him, Duke.
This is McGarrett.
I want a patch to Five-0 in Honolulu, please.
- Steve? - Danno.
The tip was legitimate.
We got Charlie in custody.
Congratulations, Steve.
I'm gonna bring him in personally.
L I'll feel better when we get him back behind bars.
Danno, one thing you can do.
Go out to the prison, get the story on the escape.
This time, I wanna make sure Charlie stays put.
I'm on it.
- All set? - Yes, sir.
We have weather building up between Hilo and Upolu Point.
It's just above minimums now.
- Have you filed a flight plan? - When you called.
I'm waiting for a clearance.
I suggest you tell them it's a Five-0 priority flight.
I already have.
All right, gentlemen.
Okay, honey, put this stuff in the car.
And I'll meet you at the Trans-Pacific ticket counter.
I'll be there at 5:00.
Okay, honey, see you later, now.
Marty, be careful.
Hilo, November 29162, over.
Hilo, November 29162, over.
November 29162, Hilo.
Weak but readable.
November 29162 encountering severe turbulence at 8,000.
Requesting to climb to 12.
Affirmative to climb as requested.
Report to Waipi'o Intersection.
we're out of 8 to 12,000.
What's all this Waipi'o stuff? It's a checkpoint.
Here's where the truck stopped to unload.
Bombay and the driver picked up some cases of detergent, took them back to Storage Room B.
Bombay knocked out the guard, overpowered the driver and took his clothes.
- Who was the guard? - Martin Langer.
- I'd like to talk to him.
- Of course.
- McGarrett? - Yeah.
You're supposed to protect your prisoners.
You got any suggestions? Yeah, let's swim.
It's gotta be safer than this.
What's our estimated time to Honolulu? An hour and forty-five minutes, sir.
We better off turning back? No, the weather's just as bad behind us.
- What's the matter? - Well, we've got an engine failure.
- What about the radio? - I don't know.
November 29162.
Vicinity of Waipi'o Intersection.
We've had an engine failure, over.
November 29162.
Any aircraft this frequency, please respond.
Had an engine failure.
Does that mean nobody knows where we are? They know our last position.
But we're not at our last position.
There's a beeper in the tail assembly.
- Any aircraft within our line of sight - All right, that's enough.
Charlie, shut up and leave the pilot alone.
You understand? Mayday.
November 29162.
Vicinity of Waipi'o Intersection, we've had an engine failure.
Any aircraft this frequency, please respond.
McGarrett? Thanks, McGarrett.
Okay, Charlie.
Don't get any ideas.
November 29162.
Vicinity of Waipi'o Intersection, we've had an engine failure.
Any aircraft this frequency, respond.
November 29162, this is Barber's Point Air.
What is your position? Over.
Vicinity of Waipi'o Intersection, we've had an engine failure.
November 2916 We're going in.
The infirmary sent Langer home.
He was complaining of head pains.
Know where he lives? I'd like to see him.
Somewhere in Pearl City.
I'll look it up for you.
Hey, Danny.
Steve's plane just disappeared from the radar screen, presumed down on the big island.
Let's go.
Coast Guard Rescue 1367, this is Barber's Point Air, over.
Williams, Five-0.
Any word on McGarrett? No.
Not yet.
Look, I'll show you.
Proceed to Waipi'o and commence search.
We've got the probable crash site fixed here, in the Kohala Forest Reserve.
Two of our helicopters are on the way there now.
Chin, Martin Langer, the prison guard who was injured, he went home after the escape.
He lives in Pearl City.
Why don't you pay him a visit? Okay.
I'll keep in touch.
This map will show it better.
Coast Guard 1072, this is Barber's Point Air.
Request present position and operations normal, over.
Kimo? Kimo? What about the pilot? He didn't make it.
What happened to you? I'll be all right.
Here, let me give you a hand.
Stay right where you are, Charlie.
I'll blow your brains out.
Well, you don't trust anybody, do you? Who have you trusted lately? Worked out okay, huh? To perfection, Mr.
Well, just tell Charlie to remember the favor.
I might need one myself someday.
No favor.
You were paid quite well.
And the last payment due.
With pleasure.
I was better off in the slammer.
You owe me for that, McGarrett.
Don't you forget it.
I just spent three years in there.
It should have been none.
Oh, now we're gonna get the innocent routine, huh? No, not from me, you're not.
Sure, I ran the rackets and I ran them good.
You take gambling and broads, all you cops think you're gonna wipe them out.
No way.
And the sooner you admit that these things gotta be, the sooner you realize that you need guys like me on the outside making sure everything runs right.
You know what the crime rate is in my neighborhood? Fifteen percent lower than Waikiki.
Now, why do you think that is? Because every punk, second-story man, mugger keeps his nose out of there or else he ends up in Ke'ehi Lagoon.
A suicide, naturally.
Law and order, McGarrett.
Same as you.
Every business has its bosses.
Every ocean needs a shark to keep away the little fish from eating each other up.
Only one thing wrong with your shark theory, Charlie.
Yeah? What's that? When a shark gets hit, all the other sharks home in on his blood and tear him to pieces.
No blood on my clothes, McGarrett.
Wise up, Charlie.
How do you think we found you today, huh? How do you think we homed in on that one container? What's that supposed to mean? You figure it out.
Barber's Point Air, this is Coast Guard Rescue 1367 on scene.
We have a 1,500-foot overcast, ragged ceiling and heavy rain.
Visibility 3 miles.
Encountering moderate turbulence.
an emergency transmitter on 121.
Report if it's audible, please.
Stand by.
This is Coast Guard Rescue 1367.
I have a faint signal on 121.
I will attempt to home in.
Can you give us some idea of its location? It appears to be in the vicinity of Waipi'o Valley.
Roger, 1367.
Thank you.
- Yes? - Hawaii Five-0.
May I speak to Martin Langer, please? But he's not here.
I was told he was hurt.
He was, but he felt better.
He went out.
Where? I don't know.
Well, just tell him to get in touch when he comes home.
Would you do that, Mrs.
Langer? Yes.
All right.
Homing in on the blood, Charlie? Get back.
Central, Chin Ho Kelly.
I want an APB on Martin Langer, prison guard, Oahu Prison.
Caucasian, age 50, May be trying to flee jurisdiction.
Barber's Point, this is Coast Guard Rescue 1367, over.
What's it look like, Eddie? Low ragged ceiling, heavy rain, visibility less than a half mile.
Expect low POD if men in the water.
Roger, continue your discretion.
Roger and out.
What's POD? Oh, that's probability of detection.
It would be low in this weather.
Barber's Point Air, this is Coast Guard Rescue 1072.
Breadfruit Intersection at 1,000 feet.
Roger, 1072.
Commence shoreline search from Upolu Point to Kawaihae.
Cannot follow that order.
Ceiling down to 700 feet.
Encountering severe turbulence.
Request We're losing the signal.
Rescue 1367, Barber's Point.
Barber's Point, this is Coast Guard Rescue 1367, over.
We have just lost signal on 1072.
Do you have him in visual? Negative, Barber's Point.
But have him on VHF.
on the weather? Roger.
Ceiling now down to 300 feet.
Heavy rain, winds extremely gusty, poor visibility due to rain and darkness.
I don't know how much longer I can stay here, commander.
Understand, 1367.
All Coast Guard Rescue aircraft, Barber's Point.
Abort the mission.
I say again, abort the mission.
Return to station.
I'm sorry, Williams.
I don't hear any planes, McGarrett.
No plane in the world could have come through that.
But they'll be up first thing in the morning.
What about that beeper signal? - What about it? - Well, they could find us.
They can home in on us.
Isn't that what the pilot said? Is that what he said? - Yeah, he said it was right over here - All right, Charlie.
That's the last time you're gonna try anything.
Get up against that plane.
Spread them.
Spread them.
Give me your right hand.
Give me the other one.
Don't tangle with a shark, McGarrett.
Let's go.
Put the cuffs on in front of you.
All right, let's go.
In expanding square pattern at minute to zero.
Coast Guard 1367, Barber's Point.
Are you getting a beeper signal from the downed aircraft? Over.
They picked up something last night, but nothing this morning.
Those things don't fail very often.
Except maybe by intention.
He'll start here, expand his search around this point.
All right, get down.
Get down! Shut up.
I guess you're wondering why I don't total you, McGarrett? Why would you total an insurance policy, Charlie, huh? That's right.
Class A, maximum benefit.
Your life for my escape, just in case I get boxed in.
You're already boxed in, Charlie.
Don't you know that? And you're my way out, McGarrett.
That's money in the bank.
I'm glad you've got something left.
Now, what's that supposed to mean? Ask the guys who took over your rackets as soon as your cell door slammed.
Well, you got a lot to learn.
Those guys work for me.
I run the rackets inside or out.
Must be pretty hard checking up on them from inside, though.
I got people on the outside watching the books.
Who watches your people? What are you trying to do, psych me out? It won't work, McGarrett.
I trust my boys.
They proved it.
They just got me out of the jug.
That proved something to me too, Charlie.
Like what? The call I got, telling me where I could find you.
The caller said that you were armed and dangerous.
He advised shooting on sight.
I figure he wanted Five-0 to ice you or to put you back inside permanently.
That would leave the territory wide open for somebody, huh? I got a score to settle with you, McGarrett.
You push me too far, and I'm gonna cash in on that insurance policy right now.
Get up.
Come on.
Come on.
Barber's Point Air, this is Coast Guard Rescue 1367.
Coast Guard Rescue 1367, this is Barber's Point Air, over.
Have aircraft wreckage, Kohala Forest.
He's on a 045 radial at 5 miles on the Kamuela Omni Station.
Can you put down nearby? Negative.
Wreckage observed in densely wooded growth.
No landing sites nearby.
Try to lower someone to investigate.
Roger and out.
Barber's Point Air, this is Coast Guard 1367.
Wreckage verified as H.
Aircraft 29162.
Pilot dead.
What about McGarrett? There were two others onboard.
No other bodies.
No survivors on the site.
Well, that could mean they're alive.
Well, then Charlie Bombay would have to be in control.
Steve would have waited by the wreckage for help.
Well, if they started moving at sunrise, they couldn't have gotten more than 3 or 4 miles on foot.
Can they be spotted from the air? Well, we can try.
The trouble is there's a lot of cover up there.
We'll need ground backup.
You'll get it.
All right, let's go.
Up the hill.
Come on.
All right, who tipped you off? Is that so hard to figure out? Come on, let's not play any games, McGarrett.
I want a name.
Who knew every detail of the escape? Who hired the truck? - Who paid off the guard? - No.
Ernie wouldn't double-cross me.
Okay, Charlie, if that's what you wanna believe.
Not Ernie Kwan.
You're lying.
Well, I guess you've got nothing to worry about then, huh? Just go on trusting him.
Good luck, Charlie.
Please tell us if you know this man, Mrs.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? Is that gonna bring him back that you're sorry? I told him not to do it.
Who needed their money? I told him not to deal with those people.
Which people? Well, there's no reason not to tell me now, Mrs.
Stand, right here.
Hold them up.
Come on, put them up.
- Around the tree.
- Come on, Charlie.
Come on, around the tree.
Be right back.
Hawaii Five-0.
Had a plane crash.
Two guys are dead.
I gotta use your phone.
Right over here.
Hello? Charlie.
Listen, I'm on the big island.
I need some help.
I want you to call some friends of mine.
Larry Mohini and Eddie Goff.
And don't call Ernie Kwan.
You got that? No Ernie Kwan.
- You got a pencil? - Yes, Charlie.
- Where are we? - Pu'uhonua Ranch.
On the old Waipi'o Road by State Highway 24.
Pu'uhonua Ranch on the old Waipi'o Road by State Highway 24.
Get those guys here fast.
I don't care if you have to charter a plane.
Got that? - Right.
- And tell them, when they get here, we're gonna ice McGarrett.
- Charlie? - Yeah? I can't wait.
Me too.
- Yeah? - Ernie, it's Luana.
I just heard from Charlie.
Where is he? Miss? Come over here, please.
Come closer.
I'm a police officer.
I need help.
Can you get to a phone? Please.
Get to a phone, call Five-0 in Honolulu.
Don't go in that house.
It's dangerous.
- You got any dessert, Pop? - No dessert.
Will you pay me for my food? Send the bill to Five-0.
You don't have cash, I'll take an IOU.
What's the matter? Don't you know you gotta be good to cops? I'm a poor man.
You should replace what you ate.
Chalk it up to public relations.
I call your boss in police department.
See what he says Why don't you just sit down and relax, huh, Pop? Did you get to a phone? Thank you.
Thank you.
I want you to do something for me.
Hold this gun.
I want you to fire when I tell you to.
Wait a minute now.
All right.
I'm gonna blow this link away.
You've been holding out on me, Pop.
Turn your face away.
Fire on three.
One, two Oh, hold it.
All right.
Don't move.
Drop that gun.
Drop it.
Get up.
Now, put your hands on your head.
Let's go.
Don't shoot! Please don't shoot! John, Kim, check the rooms.
Where's Ernie Kwan? All right, up against that tree.
Both hands.
You, inside.
Come out.
Thank you for your help.
I'm a police officer.
This man is my prisoner.
- Do you have a phone? - Used to have.
He broke it.
But you made a call first, huh, Charlie? Yeah, a local movie house.
There's nothing good playing, though.
Where you're going, you'll see movies free every week for the rest of your life.
Where's the nearest place I can make a phone call? Waipi'o.
Ten miles from here.
- Do you have a car? - Not one that runs.
I'd like to borrow a couple of your horses.
Yes, of course.
I'll make a deal with you, McGarrett.
When my guys get here, you let me walk out, nobody gets hurt.
No deal.
No way.
You don't seem to get it, McGarrett.
The odds are against you now.
You use that gun and you're dead.
Fish come to help the shark.
In the house.
In the house.
Get inside! Hold it right there.
Hey, let's go.
Officers, get down and help them.
Book them all, murder one.
Hilo, this is McGarrett.
Give me a patch to Dan Williams, Honolulu, priority one.
Danno, can you read me? Loud and clear, Steve.
You all right? Nothing that won't mend, Danno.
I'm coming in with four fish in a bag.
What about Charlie? Sharks got him.