Hawaii Five-O (1968) s08e06 Episode Script

Death's Name is Sam

- Yes? - He's been hit by a car.
- The suitcase? - Still with him.
Stick with it, like glue.
It's all right, Mr.
You're doing fine.
You were hit by a car.
No broken bones, no serious injuries.
My things? - Where are my things? - In the closet, safe and sound.
That's not a good idea, Mr.
Sir, please.
Please, you must come back to bed.
- Mr.
Ambok, please, you must - Let me go.
Duke, I want a stakeout of all four rooming houses.
If he shows, it should be within 24 hours.
- Steve.
- Yeah? Got a strange one.
Man was hit by a car at the airport, he wakes up at Honolulu General and kills himself with a cyanide pill.
With a cyanide pill? He was looking for something in the suitcase, couldn't find it.
We figure it was this.
Had it locked up in the hospital safe, along with his watch and money.
- What is it? - Nobody knows, but look at those markings.
Russian, huh? Who was the guy? We found a hotel-reservation slip in his pocket.
"Timor Ambok.
" Seattle, Washington.
I've got a telex into Seattle now requesting background.
Sheets and a complete set of prints are on their way to Central File.
Okay, Danno, stay with it.
This could be military hardware.
Chin, get on the horn to the hospital.
A Five-0 request that they ice that body.
No word to the media about this case, not about the suicide, not anything, till they hear from us.
Arrived in Hawaii when? Yesterday morning, 9:17 a.
What is it, Pete? It's one-fifth of something very deadly: A missile.
A missile? From the markings, I'd say a Russian SAM.
Surface-to-air missile.
Sometimes called a Strella weapon.
Let me show you something, Steve.
This is a drawing of our REDEYE weapon.
Works very much like the Strella.
The missile operates on a heat-seeking principle.
Homes in on the engine of the target aircraft and corrects itself in flight.
These things are nightmares, Steve.
Didn't the Arabs use these against the Israelis? Yes, in the Sinai.
You say what we found is one-fifth of the missile? Right.
So we can presume that four other parts may be coming in.
- But why stop at four parts? - Or more.
Who can say they're just assembling one missile? So, what have we got? An unknown number of handheld missiles being brought into Hawaii to bring down a plane? Or planes? Where and why? I can't tell you that, Steve.
But I suggest an immediate screening of all incoming luggage.
We'll need the cooperation of the FAA.
They won't give us any trouble.
I'll be in touch.
Asian male, age approximately 40.
Cause of death: Cyanide poisoning, self-administered.
Verified by postmortem examination.
Thank you, doc.
What have you got? A readout from the Seattle police.
Ambok, he ran a small camera shop for approximately 15 years and lived on the premises.
He arrived in this country in the 1950s as a student from the Malay Peninsula.
Quiet man, no family, lived by himself.
Never known to have left the state of Washington until now.
That could be an agent's profile, Danno.
They've been known to stay undercover for 20 years till they're needed for an important assignment.
Twenty years of cover blown to deliver this.
To whom? If we knew that, we know the target.
Well, there just might be a way of finding out.
- Nathaniel Blake? - Yes, sir.
McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
I have the honor to inform you that you've been picked by computer.
What do I win? A trip to Hawaii? A sense of humor too.
Looks good, huh? Except for the age.
Well, we'll put a little age on him one way or the other.
I understand you have top-secret clearance? Yeah, I learned early to keep my mouth shut.
Graduated from Army flight school? That's right.
Your mother was Malaysian.
And my father a Nebraskan preacher, which makes me pure Hawaiian.
Did your mother teach you her language? Yes.
Gets better and better.
Come with us.
We've cleared it with your commanding officer.
Blake, you've been selected for a very sensitive assignment.
Don't tell me.
I'm playing Sky Masterson in the Police Department production of Guys and Dolls.
And this is the doll.
You know what it is? Piece of machinery.
Soviet? Brought into Hawaii at 9:17 yesterday morning.
We think to link up with four other parts.
Together they'll form a Strella.
Handheld SAM missile? What's the feedback from the hospital? Cooperating fully, Steve.
Nothing leaked about the suicide.
Any inquires about Ambok? One guy's been around the hospital desk asking questions.
That figures.
They haven't told him anything, not even the room number.
Where is he now? Waiting out in the hospital parking lot.
We got him tailed.
Okay, we have to move fast.
I want Officer Blake to look as much like Ambok as possible without the use of cosmetics.
Maybe some graying around the hair.
And I want him to wear everything Ambok wore or exact replicas.
This way.
One thing, Mr.
Setup like this has to be for a pretty important target.
Any idea what? No, but we've narrowed it down to 192 flights coming in and out of Hawaii every day.
Maybe you can do better.
Jordan, I'd like you to meet His Excellency Boon Lianuk, the president in exile of Camponesia, and his family.
Your Excellency, I'm honored.
How do you do? Mr.
Jordan is in charge of security.
I can assure you, you will be in excellent hands.
Thank you.
You realize the importance of this voyage, Mr.
Not only for me and my family, but for the people who have elected me.
A people that have been cursed by dictatorship ever since we were forced into exile.
We've taken all possible precautions.
You might wanna review our security plan.
Thank you.
A commercial flight? Lt'll draw the least possible attention.
Space reserved beforehand in fictitious names.
Plain-clothes security men sitting in front of you and behind you.
We won't even board the aircraft until just before flight time.
Then tomorrow, it's home.
With just one stop, sir.
Try these on.
The wrong end of the milk bottle.
Well, we'll just use the frames, put in some plain glass or a mild magnification.
What did Ambok have in his pockets? All here, Steve.
Wallet, keys, hotel reservation at the llikai, a comb, a half a package of mints, and a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
Good-luck charm? Who knows? You may need it.
Any scars or other identifying marks that have to be matched? Just one, Danny.
A gold tooth on the left side of his mouth.
And you came to Seattle to study what? Chemistry.
Degree? Bachelor of science.
What then? I opened a photo shop, Woodland Drive.
I lived there too.
With whom? No one.
I lived alone.
Be careful of that one.
Seattle P.
Found a picture of a woman near his bed.
They've got no make on her.
At exactly 8:05 a.
, you'll check in at the llikai where Ambok had a reservation.
Now, we'll have the entire area staked, hoping that sooner or later, someone comes for that Strella part.
Now, you'll take your cue from whoever makes contact.
Play it straight, right down the line, Nat.
Who wants to smile? That's beautiful.
We got one more base to touch.
Yes? He's just being discharged from the hospital.
He looks okay.
- The suitcase? - Yes, with him.
Big as life.
Is he wearing a black suit, green shirt and stripped tie? Yes.
And the gold-rimmed glasses.
Let me know when he checks in to the hotel.
Yes, sir? Ambok.
Timor Ambok.
I was supposed to check in two days ago.
We still have your room, Mr.
Front desk.
- I'll carry that.
- Room 455, please.
Follow me, sir.
Thank you.
Hey, fella, hold it.
Where you going? - The ticket counter.
- That's the wrong way.
- Hey, I'm going back to the mainland.
- Let's see the bag.
Hey, I told you, I'm going back to the mainland.
Let's go, fella.
- Yes? - You can relax.
That new baggage screening at the airport, it's for narcotics.
- Yes? - Timor.
Timor, this is Evelyn.
Remember me? Well, I really couldn't blame you if you didn't.
It's been a long time.
You know, I was a friend of your darling wife.
Poor thing, I still can't believe she's gone.
Listen, I'm downstairs in the lobby.
Are you decent? I'd love to come up and say hello.
I'm in Room 455.
Paging Mr.
Paging Mr.
Iolani speaking.
I just got a call from a woman in the lobby.
Says her name's Evelyn.
She's headed up to the room now.
I spotted her.
Danny? Chin.
Someone just contacted Blake.
A woman.
Around 5'6", maybe 40 years old.
Big hat, green and white dress.
How wonderful to see you again.
You haven't changed a bit.
And you must say the same thing about me or I shall never forgive you, darling.
Oh, I see you've eaten your pineapple.
I had them send it up for you.
And now you're wondering how you knew you were here.
Well, I'm on a sort of welcome-wagon committee.
It's a glad hand to the visiting VIPs, if you know what I mean.
And when I saw your name on the registry, I said, "Stephanie Stephanie, send a pineapple up to Room 455.
The biggest and the best you've got.
" You are coming out to our place for the weekend? If you want me to.
Want? Want is hardly the word for it.
You know that Harold would never take no for an answer.
You don't have to bring very many things with you.
We have everything out there that you could possibly need.
Just a few things in an overnight bag.
Of course.
I'll get my bag.
Room 456, please.
We'll be leaving in exactly five minutes.
On their way out, Danny, suitcase and all.
I got them.
Steve? Danny.
A woman made contact with Blake.
They left the hotel with the suitcase.
I'm in pursuit.
Chin is heading back to the shop.
Good, Danno.
Be careful.
If you need a backup, notify.
We've got two members of the Strella ring under surveillance.
Where is your place? You'll see.
Darling, I see you found him.
Harold, this is Timor Ambok, a dear friend from Seattle.
I hear you were in some sort of an accident.
Yes, at the airport.
Nothing serious.
I was released this morning.
Well, make yourself at home.
Food, drinks.
Anything you don't see is either extinct or fattening.
Darling, I thought for the wine tonight Pomar '67.
Oh, that would be lovely.
Welcome to the CLF.
Please come with me.
Williams, Five-0.
I want a radio patch.
- Yeah, Danno? - Steve, I think we've been had.
Pilgrim 1, this is Pilgrim 12.
Do you read me? Over.
Pilgrim 12, this is Pilgrim 1.
I read you loud and clear.
Wild Turkey passing over Grand Canyon at 2214 hours Greenwich Time.
Repeat, Wild Turkey passing over Grand Canyon at 2214 hours Greenwich Time.
Nerve center of Operation Turkey Shoot.
If I may A glorious day, Mr.
Thanks to you.
Where are we now? Passing over Los Angeles.
We're right on schedule.
Los Angeles.
Pilgrim 1, Pilgrim 1, this is Pilgrim 10.
Come in, Pilgrim 1.
Pilgrim 10, this is Pilgrim 1.
Go ahead.
Position Wild Turkey verified over Movie City, 2307 hours Greenwich Time.
Attention all passengers arriving on Flight 402 from San Francisco: Please pick up your baggage in Area B.
Thank you.
Attention all passengers arriving on Flight 402 from San Francisco: Please pick up your baggage in Area B.
Thank you.
- What's all this for? - Special baggage inspection, miss.
If you'll get in line.
But I'm not coming from a foreign country.
Doesn't matter, miss.
Please get in line.
- Miss, just a minute.
- Be back in a minute.
I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to come with me.
Who are you? We know this is one of five Strella parts that together make up a handheld missile.
To be delivered where? For what target? Okay, honey.
We'll know about you soon enough.
Your prints are on the way to the mainland now by telefax.
We should get a readout in minutes.
It may interest you to know that we picked up your contact at the airport.
He was carrying a missile projector.
The old-fashioned kind.
It's called a.
38-caliber Colt.
Unlicensed, of course.
So he'll be going away for a long, long time.
But you, you can still help yourself.
Just in from Central Files.
Carmen Hewitt, San Francisco.
Arrest record for bombing, arson, gunrunning.
All for radical causes.
Most recent known affiliations: CLF, Camponesian Liberation Front.
Who was this intended for? Somebody from Camponesia? Can I have my jacket? Sure.
Duke, the lady is cold.
This what you're looking for? Pilgrim 1, this is Pilgrim 8.
Come in, Pilgrim 1.
Pilgrim 8, this is Pilgrim 1.
Go ahead.
Position Wild Turkey estimated longitude 140 degrees, latitude 28.
It's been a long day.
Someplace where I can take a nap? Oh, yes, of course.
One flight up.
First door on your left.
Thank you.
If you need anything, just call.
Number 2 complete.
Did you have any trouble? Wild Turkey estimated one hour Honolulu.
Tell Hilo to stand by.
Repeat, Wild Turkey estimated one hour from Honolulu.
I'm Police Officer Nathaniel Blake I want a patch to McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
- McGarrett.
- Steve, this is Blake.
I'm in a chopper.
I've just escaped from the Strella ring.
They call themselves CLF.
Yeah, we found that out.
Do you know the target? Negative.
They've got a code name for it: Wild Turkey.
I know it left New York at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.
I'm over Waimanalo just over Blake? Blake? Okay, but keep at it.
Coast Guard team is searching Waimanalo Bay, but so far, no sign of the chopper.
- Did the tower get a radar fix? - No.
Your call to Jonathan Kaye, radio on scramble.
Put it on speaker, Jenny.
- Jonathan? - Hello, Steve.
What's up? We've got what appears to be an assassination plot against some VIP who left New York at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time for Hawaii.
That ring any bells? Jonathan, do you hear me? Well, it looks as though you've stumbled onto something, Steve.
What can you tell me about it? It's a UN operation.
Highly classified.
I'm not even supposed to know about it.
Our people had nothing to do with it.
Jonathan, we have an emergency here and there are lives at stake.
All right.
All right, I'll take the responsibility.
But only for you and your team.
That's agreed.
They departed Trans-Pacific Flight 906 for Honolulu.
They were supposed to refuel and then head for the Asian continent.
Who departed? The president in exile of Camponesia and his family.
Thank you, Jonathan.
We'll be in touch.
There's no way that flight can be turned back now.
It's long past the halfway point.
You said that missile range was effective at two to three miles? Right.
That means it could be fired from anywhere within this line of approach.
So we'll have to protect this corridor with everything we have.
Get me the tower at Honolulu International.
Make sure Hilo gets the signal in exactly 20 minutes.
Trans-Pacific 906, this is Honolulu Tower.
Honolulu Tower, this is Trans-Pacific 906.
Go ahead.
We have an emergency here with possible danger to your aircraft and passengers.
Countermeasures have been worked out by police authorities.
I am turning you over to Steve McGarrett of Hawaii Five-0 for instructions.
Go ahead.
You have it over there.
I'll keep other air traffic clear of it.
Go ahead, McGarrett.
This is McGarrett speaking.
We are changing your flight plan.
You will not touch down at Honolulu.
Repeat, you will not touch down at Honolulu.
- Roger.
- You will be cleared for alternate destination at Hilo Airport on the big island of Hawaii, and you will make a different approach.
McGarrett, Hilo runway has just been closed, sabotaged.
- What do you mean sabotaged? - A fuel truck explosion.
Burning debris all over the place.
That can't be an accident.
Kimo, can we put 906 in a holding pattern until we clear the airport at Hilo? There's no way of telling how long that'll be.
He's been flying almost 11 hours, Steve.
He's close to minimum fuel.
Trans-Pacific 906.
This is McGarrett.
Trans-Pacific 906.
This is McGarrett.
Come in, please.
This is Trans-Pacific 906.
Go ahead.
Disregard previous clearance for Hilo airport.
Revert to original flight plan for landing at Honolulu International Airport.
Confirm, please.
We read you, McGarrett.
I don't wanna alarm you, but we've been informed of a major security alert on the ground.
People are taking countermeasures.
Thank you.
And keep me informed.
Do not worry.
Pete, you said that the Strella works on a heat-seeking guidance principle.
Suppose something with heat were interjected between the missile and the aircraft, would the missile be decoyed? Well, it has been tried, but there's no guarantee it'll work.
- Worth a try, isn't it? - You know damn well it is.
But I'd feel a lot better if that missile never gets off the ground.
Are any of your units equipped with, say, Icarus flares? - Our whole task-force group.
- All right.
Deploy them along the approach to the airport right now.
Flight 906 is turning to final approach, Runway 8.
I want a report three miles from touchdown and each succeeding mile.
Now close the rest of the airport to all other traffic.
- Right now.
- Okay.
Post 1.
All clear.
Post 2.
All clear.
Ten miles from touchdown.
Task force units with flares take firing positions.
Duke, check that truck at 3 o'clock.
Catering truck on the field heading out for the runway.
Let's go.
Steve, truck heading out to the runway.
- Duke and Chin are after him.
- That must be the CLF.
Stop them.
Two and a half miles to touchdown.
All units, stand by to fire flares.
One mile to touchdown.
Fire flares.
- Welcome to Hawaii, Mr.
- Thank you.
- How was your flight? - Very smooth.
Very smooth.