Hawaii Five-O (1968) s08e11 Episode Script

How to Steal a Submarine

There he is.
Scott, give him a hand.
Don't! Hey, no! Hey, Orduno.
Take a fix and turn her to port when I tell you.
Look busy.
Now, turn her into port.
RCC, this is Chopper 1402.
This is RCC.
Go ahead, Chopper 1402.
Am over fishing vessel spotted in close proximity to the freighter Matusu.
- You make out her name? - Hold it.
Irene Kay.
We want her escorted into Kewalo Basin.
Sit on her all the way.
We're sending out a cutter.
Ahoy, aboard the Irene Kay.
This is the Coast Guard.
Turn your boat around.
Proceed at once to Kewalo Basin.
Ahoy, the Irene Kay.
We're coming aboard.
Heave to.
Throw us a line.
Danny, I want the IDs of every man aboard.
I know my rights.
You can't board and search me without a warrant.
Without a search warrant, huh? Well, how about this? Of course, you're an expert on search warrants, aren't you, Orduno? You're wasting your time, McGarrett.
- You aren't gonna find anything.
- How about heroin? You gotta be kidding.
I've been clean for over two years, McGarrett.
Don't try to saddle me with a phony possession charge.
I don't deal in phony charges and you know it.
What if it's not phony? Then it's up to you to prove it, McGarrett.
- You got any proof? - No.
No, not yet, but what I do have is a tip, a tip that a large shipment of heroin came into Oahu on that freighter that you were just playing footsies with.
According to Interpol, enough heroin to cut into several million dollars on the street.
Hey, just because I'm out here, don't think you can tie me into that ship.
Besides, if you knew what she was bringing in, why didn't you search her when she was in port? Oh, we did.
We did.
But there's a lot of places to hide things on a 20,000-ton freighter.
And we figure that she sailed with the junk still onboard.
So go chase her and leave me alone.
Yours was the only vessel close enough to her, and you have a history of trafficking in drugs.
- So? - So maybe the junk changed hands midstream, huh? - Yeah, Danno? - Nothing.
Nothing? Has to be.
It doesn't make any sense to throw it away.
There is no space left big enough for a match cover.
Are you James Scott? Yes, sir.
Something bothering you, Scott? No.
What would be bothering me? - Why don't you tell me? - There's nothing to tell.
I'm just feeling a little seasick.
What did you do with the junk, throw it overboard? I don't know what you're talking about.
You know what I'm talking about and I know what I'm talking about.
I told you you wouldn't find anything.
Up, up, up.
- Up high.
- Up, up, up.
- Again, high.
Up high.
- Up, up, up.
- Yes? - Telephone.
Thank you, Wallace.
Carry on, boys.
- Morwood here.
- This is Orduno.
- Oh, yes.
How did it go? - Slight problem.
I had to dump the stuff at sea.
You what? You threw away over a million dollars.
No, no, let me finish.
We took a fix.
I know exactly where it is.
But I had to dump it, I had no choice.
Five-0 was out there keeping an eye on their freighter.
McGarrett boarded me.
Was Sing Yen onboard when McGarrett stopped you? He was 50 fathoms under by then.
Are you sure you have an accurate fix on that position? Positive.
I tagged it with a red streamer so it'd be easy to spot.
Now, we gotta go careful.
McGarrett's gonna be watching that whole area.
Oh, and another thing, that kid you asked me to take along, Scott.
Yeah? What about him? He went ape when I took care of the sailor off the Matusu.
He really flipped out.
I told you I didn't wanna take him along, remember? But you told me he'd be okay.
Did Five-0 talk to him? McGarrett asked him a couple of questions and dropped it.
But I'm telling you, that kid ain't worth having around.
Now, he could make big trouble for us.
All right, all right.
I'll talk to him.
That ain't good enough.
- I'll take care of him.
- I said, I would talk to him.
How deep was it when you threw the heroin over? I can tell you better when I have time to study the charts.
Well, make the time.
In the meantime, stay out of that area and go about your regular business.
Whatever you say.
Hey, Scott.
You say one word to anybody You got that? Anybody.
- About what happened this morning and you'll be shark bait.
I won't.
If I had my way, you wouldn't have been taken aboard.
Morwood's got a soft spot in his heart for you.
So don't you do nothing to make him sorry, you hear me? Okay, according to the Coast Guard pilot, this is where he picked up Orduno's boat several hundred yards from the freighter and moving away from it.
And this is where we intercepted Orduno and boarded him.
So somewhere in this area is where he had to drop the heroin.
Which means we have roughly to worry about.
That's about it.
Like finding a needle in a haystack.
And we're only guessing that Orduno dropped the stuff.
Yeah, but it's an educated guess, Danno.
What else would he be doing out there, a man with his record? The Narco squad has a rap sheet as long as your arm.
Okay, he got the stuff off the freighter.
But how? Matusu's captain got a clean bill of health from Interpol.
He even helped us search his own ship.
Yes, put him on.
Steve? Chin.
I'm with H.
At the Makai Pier on the other side of Diamond Head.
Well, we've got a body.
Some coral divers found it about three miles out.
Any identification? An Asian, about 40, 5-foot-5, wearing a swimsuit and tank.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
Two bullet wounds in the back.
Okay, Chin.
We're on our way.
Chin, what have we got? Sing Yen.
Out of Singapore.
- Singapore? - Yeah.
So was the S.
Kind of odd, isn't it? Went to all the trouble to put his personal papers in a waterproof bag and take them with him.
Yeah, unless he was planning to jump ship.
Chin, just to make sure, radio the captain of the Matusu.
I want confirmation that Sing Yen was indeed a member of the crew.
- Right.
- Doc, have a time of death? I'd say between 14 and 18 hours.
Immersion in seawater delays rigor mortis.
Hard to pin it down any closer.
Check with you later.
He was wearing all this gear when they pulled him out, Steve.
Serial number's been filed down.
- Tank looks brand-new.
- And American-made.
Maybe Che can raise it with acid or something.
It's worth a try.
If somebody went to all that trouble to file down that serial number, it means the tank was probably bought here.
Yeah, probably.
Matusu was in port for 48 hours, plenty of time to buy a tank.
Duke, I wanna know who bought it.
Take it to Che.
Hey, man.
You don't look so cool.
I thought you were out making a big score or something.
Whatever it was, it didn't turn out so good, huh? Maybe you should take that job I got for you at the cannery.
Slinging cartons around all day for 2.
80 an hour? You know that's not my thing.
Oh, hey, I almost forgot.
Nani called.
She said if you got back in time to go pick her up from work.
Hey, man, you wanna know something? If I had a chick like Nani, I wouldn't be dragging my tail around like it was the end of the world.
Yeah? If it's Nani, he's on his way.
May I speak to James, please? Sorry, he just left.
- When do you expect him back? - I don't know.
He's probably gone down to Maui Divers to go pick up his girlfriend or something.
- Who's this? - Oh, thank you.
I'll call back.
Got something? Those two slugs taken from the seaman were.
45 caliber.
The land and grooves would suggest they were fired from an automatic.
I have something on the air tank.
I was able to raise a portion of the serial number, "DF 2-7," which leaves five unknown digits.
Why five? Well, the DF series have seven digits.
Well, how does that help us? In itself, it doesn't, but it narrows the tank distributor to one of five on the island, which narrows the retail outlets to 15.
Oh, good.
Good, Che.
Okay, thank you.
Chin, pick up Duke and get on that right away.
Nani, can you take a break? How did it go today? Lousy.
What happened? What's the matter? Nothing.
It was just a lousy, crummy day, that's all.
Is there anything I can do? I mean, do you wanna talk about it? No, not really.
Just being around you helps.
You haven't forgotten about the beach party this afternoon? Hey, is that really a submarine? What does it look like, Jimmy, a turtle? I mean, does it really work? Yeah, it works.
They use it to pick up coral at the bottom of the ocean.
Hey, out of sight.
Hey, what's the submarine got to do with anything? I gotta go talk to Mr.
Yeah, he's really gonna dig it.
Jimmy, I don't understand.
Will you make sense? Look, I gotta go.
I'll pick you up later.
I gotta go see Mr.
Steve, found this.
Like the same one we discovered when we searched his boat at sea.
Yours? No.
It belongs to one of my men.
He has a permit for it.
- You wanna see it? - No, I'll take your word for it.
What did you do with the.
45? What.
45? I don't own no.
Not since you dropped it overboard.
That's crazy, man.
Hey, why don't you two just get off my back? You had three crewmen when we boarded you.
What happened to the other one? How should I know where he is? I ain't his keeper.
I only use him when I need an extra hand.
- What's his name? - Scott.
And when I saw that sub, I knew I had the answer.
All we gotta do is get ahold of it, take it down, and pick up the smack right under the cops' noses.
What's the matter, Mr.
Morwood? Don't you like the idea? It's better then sending down divers, isn't it? Well, of course, we couldn't send any divers down now.
That entire area's under surveillance.
Then what's wrong? You look kind of funny.
It's you, James.
I'm worried about you.
You panicked aboard that boat.
The elimination of that seaman was necessary to our plan.
That was not a random act of violence.
I just didn't expect any killing, that's all.
It's regrettable, it's true, but when you're making an omelet, it's necessary to break some eggs.
It's my fault, James.
Perhaps I've misjudged you.
See, I thought you were a boy with real backbone, with a real desire to get ahead.
I am, Mr.
Look what I just came up with.
Yes, yes, I must say that submarine idea is very appealing.
I'll tell you what.
I've purchased a ticket for you.
I'd like you to take a couple of weeks over on the big island.
You're gonna stay over there with Frank Brannen.
Remember him? I'll call him and announce that you're coming.
And then, just as soon as things cool off here, I'll be in touch with you.
But I don't wanna go anywhere.
James plane leaves in less than two hours.
Now, you be on it, huh? Yes, sir.
Good boy.
Get that, will you, Danno? Williams.
James Scott's address is 159 Macananie Street.
Got it.
I want him run through the computer.
Central, this is Williams.
Requesting computer readout on James Scott.
- Where is he? - Sorry.
Jimmy could be anywhere.
He never lets me know.
Central, McGarrett.
I want an APB on James Scott of 159 Macananie Street.
Male, Caucasian, 6 feet, approximately 20 years old, wearing a red checked shirt and blue trousers.
I want him picked up and held for questioning.
What are you doing here? Mr.
Orduno, you gotta hide me.
The cops are after me.
What the hell you talking about? - What have you done? - Nothing.
I was on my way home and they were talking to my roommate.
So I ran.
I have no place else to go.
You gotta hide me.
Get below.
Morwood speaking.
Your boy Scott just showed up here scared half out of his wits.
He said the cops are after him.
Must be Five-0.
Did he talk with them? No, not yet.
He ran.
They'll be coming here looking for him.
You can be sure of that.
We shouldn't have fooled around with him.
If we don't do something now, we'll all go down the sewer.
- Yeah, I'm afraid you're right.
- There's another thing.
If he talks, I'm facing a murder one rap, and I ain't taking that all by myself.
Well, apparently, only one solution presents itself.
We're gonna have to terminate young James' employment with you.
James Scott.
Two arrests for possession of narcotics, huh? First arrest while still attending high school.
Second arrest June 7th last year.
Still on probation for that one.
Well - Steve.
- Yeah? Just checked with H.
Nothing on the APB on Scott.
- What about Orduno? - Boat left this morning an hour ago.
Put him on.
Yes, commander? Yes, sir.
Nothing? Very well, sir.
Thank you.
Well, nothing suspicious out there yet.
No unusual boat activity, no divers sighted, nothing.
Chin, I want to talk to Scott's roommate again.
What's his name, Pete something? - Akulu.
- Yeah.
Bring him in.
Morwood speaking.
This is Nani Hakua, Mr.
Hello, Nani.
Can I do something for you? Do you know where Jimmy is? He was supposed to pick me up almost two hours ago.
No, I'm afraid I don't.
When he came by to see me today, he was uptight, like something was really bothering him.
I thought you might know what.
No, I'm sorry.
You say he was supposed to pick you up? Yeah, we're invited to a party tonight.
He hasn't called you or talked to you? No, Nani.
Of course, I've been out a good deal of the day.
He might have tried and I missed him.
I even went by Mr.
Orduno's boat, but the boat is gone.
Oh, well, then there's your answer.
He undoubtedly went out on a fishing charter with Captain Orduno.
He didn't have time to call you.
I'm sure he'll be back tomorrow.
I wouldn't worry.
Well, thanks anyway.
No, I never met Orduno, but Jimmy talked about him a couple of times.
I got the impression he really didn't like him too much.
Except he kept working for him.
Guess it's close to a year now.
I sure don't know how all this is gonna help you find Jimmy.
Well, the more information we have, the better.
Where did? Where did Jimmy work before? He's a cashier at the high school cafeteria.
But now that school's out, Mr.
Morwood found him a part-time job working on Orduno's boat.
Morwood? Who's Morwood? He's the vice principal at the school Jimmy went to.
He's kind of been like a father to Jimmy, you know, since his folks died and everything.
He really helps Jimmy out.
I guess he's the closest thing to a family that Jim's got now.
I see.
How about girlfriends? Anyone special? There's one.
Hey, Mr.
McGarrett, why all the questions? I mean, why did Jimmy run from you when he saw you at the house? What's he done? When we locate Jimmy, we'll fill you in on that.
Now, this special girlfriend, what's her name? Why? Why Jimmy? He never hurt anybody.
What we're trying to find out is who would wanna hurt him.
I don't know.
Nani, if there was any way to avoid putting you through this, believe me, I would.
What do you wanna know? Rafael Orduno.
Did Jimmy talk about him much? Sometimes.
I don't think Jimmy liked him very much.
I thought Jimmy might have been on the boat yesterday when he stood me up.
Why do you say that, Nani? Mr.
Morwood told me he might be there.
Orin Morwood? The teacher? I didn't know who else to call when Jimmy didn't show up.
Morwood's the only person I know who really cares about Jimmy except me.
Our friend Morwood again.
What do you want me to say? I'm sorry to hear about the kid.
He was okay.
I sure didn't wish him no bad luck.
Where were you when he went off the cliff? Out there.
Blowing out a rebuilt engine.
- Can you verify that? - Yeah.
They were with me.
- How long were you out? - The whole afternoon.
- Go anywhere near Mokulua Cove? - Nowhere near it.
I'm sure they can verify that too, huh? They're probably well-rehearsed.
How well did you know Morwood? What's he got to do with it? Just answer the questions, if you don't mind.
I don't know him that well.
He seems like a nice enough guy.
He comes down here once in a while looking for jobs for those kids of his.
You know he spends all his free time with those How you call them? Underprivileged kids.
And, of course, you were glad to help Morwood out? Listen, Williams, I'm glad to help anybody who treats me right.
And that's why you helped him out with Jimmy Scott? Because he treated you right? - What's that supposed to mean? - You tell me, you said it.
Do you realize Scott's roommate, Pete, his girlfriend Nani and now Orduno, they all had something in common? - They all know Orin Morwood.
- Yeah.
Makes me wanna get to know him too.
First I think we ought to run a check on him, Danno.
- Mr.
Morwood? - Yes? McGarrett, Five-0.
My assistant, Danny Williams.
- May we speak with you? - Yes, of course.
- I suppose you've come about James.
- Yes.
I saw it in the early edition.
Just terrible.
I can't tell you how badly I was affected by it.
I feel as if I've lost a son of my own.
As indeed, James was as much my son as if Well, I'd been his own natural father.
I just can't believe He never seemed like the type of boy who would take his own life.
I wasn't aware that he had.
Well, I suppose I was just reading in between the lines.
Morwood, your salary as vice principal and boy's counselor is $14,000 a year? Yes.
What on earth does that? How does that enable you to take a dozen trips to the Far East in the past 16 months? Specifically Hong Kong and Singapore.
And on five of those occasions you only stayed overnight.
Well, that's very easily explained.
L What on earth does that got to do with James' death? - Why don't you explain it, then? - Certainly.
I happen to know a good deal about raw silk.
Most of which, I'm sure you both know, is marketed in the Far East.
I've been acting as an agent for several of the garment companies here in the islands.
It's easily checked.
Gentlemen, I really think you owe me some sort of an explanation.
Why am I being investigated? I wasn't under the impression that you were being investigated, Mr.
Yeah? I just had a visit from the Five-0 people.
Yeah, I was afraid of that.
They were here earlier asking about you.
Don't worry, they didn't get anything from me, but I'm convinced we're gonna have to make our move now.
But how? They're watching that whole area.
Oh, there's a way.
I want you to meet me at the Maui Divers' pier in a half hour.
And make sure you're not followed.
Why? What have you got planned? We are going to steal a submarine.
What bothers me is that nobody Nobody has made any effort to recover the junk.
They probably know we're watching the area.
All right, put him on.
- Yes, Duke? - Got something, Steve.
The scuba tank, we found out where it was bought.
But that's not the best part of it.
We got ourselves a break finally.
You know who bought the tank? Tell me.
Sammy Kulu.
One of Orduno's crewmen.
Dog him, Duke.
Don't let him out of your sight.
Right, Steve.
That should lock Orduno in, Steve.
Should we pick him up? No.
No, no.
Not yet.
I wanna find out who set this up.
Let's go and talk to Scott's girlfriend.
Miss Hakua.
Miss Hakua.
Miss Hakua.
Open up.
Danno, get some black coffee quickly.
- You're lucky she's not dead.
- Yeah.
Feel up to answering some questions now? There.
Sit down.
Drink some of this.
Where did you get the stuff? Where did you get the stuff? From Jimmy Scott? And where was Scott getting it? From Morwood? - Answer me.
- You have to understand about Mr.
Morwood and Jimmy.
Morwood was like a father to him.
I didn't ask you that.
I asked you if Morwood was supplying Scott with drugs.
- Yes.
- Here.
Drink some more of this.
And who was Scott supplying beside you? Other kids at school? Answer me.
Jimmy was the campus pusher? All he wanted to do was please Mr.
That's what he was talking about the last time I saw him.
How happy Mr.
Morwood would be when he told him.
Told him? Told him what? - I don't know.
- Told him what? It was kind of weird.
We were standing on the pier when Jimmy started talking about our little two-man sub.
- Submarine? - A what? A what? The one they use at Maui Divers to pick up the coral.
Pick up coral.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Well, I must say that's certainly an interesting vessel.
Gets the job done.
How deep will she go? Oh, I got her down to about 1,200 feet.
That much? Do you mind if my friend came aboard? No, come on down.
Let me ask you, is it very difficult to operate? No, it's a cinch.
Once you get the hang of it.
Then why don't you show us? - McGarrett.
- This is Duke, Steve.
I'm at Orduno's boat, but he's not around.
- What about the other two? - They're here.
I want them pulled in and held for questioning.
Right, Steve.
What's that? - What happened? - They gotta be a couple of nuts.
Those two guys, they stole my submarine.
Turn around.
Central, this is McGarrett.
Patch me through to Commander Miller, Coast Guard Search and Rescue.
Orduno, are you sure you know where you're going? If these instruments are right.
Here, show me.
How far is it? Right about there is where we made the drop.
About three and a half miles out.
Get this bloody thing to move a little faster.
We should be approaching the perimeter now, Steve.
I'm sorry we couldn't narrow the drop area down more.
Well, if she's down there, sonar will pick her up.
Where the devil? There it is.
That's it.
All right, get that arm out now.
Pull it back again and go out there for it.
Easy, easy.
You've got it.
Now let's get out of here.
I've got something, sir.
It should be the submarine.
- How far away? - Practically right underneath us.
Depth, 420 feet.
What course is she on? She's been steady on a 2-7-0 for the past three minutes.
Looks like she's headed back in, sir.
That means they've probably made the pick-up already.
Thank you.
- Come left five degrees, please.
- Come left five degrees, sir.
If she stays on that course, she'll beach at Mahelani Cove.
Pretty isolated area.
Well, I can't take this cutter within 500 yards of the beach, Steve.
Coral reefs all around.
And the water's too shallow.
Then I suggest we bring the sub up now.
How? - You got percussion charges aboard? - Yes.
Well, that should shake them up.
Break them out.
How far is it to the cove? We're about an hour and a half.
Why don't you just relax? - Bring that rear on it.
- Okay, get them out there.
What was that? What? Those are depth charges.
They're trying to kill us.
No, it couldn't be depth charges.
This close it would rip us in half.
- Well, if it's not that, what is it? - Percussion charges.
They're probably trying to get us to surface.
Take her up.
I refuse to die like this.
Take her up? You know the charges we're facing? Take her up.
I'm not gonna die down here.
You're not gonna die.
Now, take it easy.
I'm not gonna tell you again.
Now get this thing up.
Now! All right, put a line on her.
Whop her in.
Look for the junk.
Come out! Out.
Frisk him.
Orduno! Canned ham, huh? Never owned a.
45? Well, when we get a ballistics match, both of you are gonna be looking at murder one.
Book them, Danno.