Hawaii Five-O (1968) s08e17 Episode Script

Legacy of Terror

- You're welcome, Mr.
- Mr.
A very pleasant surprise hearing from you after all these years.
Here is the will you sent me and asked me to draw up.
I just wanted to be certain it's as you want it.
I apologize for my poor handwriting on this document I sent you.
I'm afraid my eyes grow dim and my body trembles at the proximity of eternity.
Are you ill? Have you seen a doctor? I need no doctor to tell me what I know.
In a few days, my son, Kazuo, will come from San Francisco.
You've sent for him? I know this will be the last time I shall see him.
I would like to have everything in order.
Well, if you're sure that's what you wanted.
In earthly matters, I wish that one can bequeath memories.
I couldn't complete the will, because of one paragraph that wasn't clear to me.
Something about Oh, here it is.
"The rays of golden sunshine illuminate future dreams.
" You do not have to understand.
Kazuo will understand once he has read the letter I left for him in the safe-deposit box.
Well, I think I should see that.
Do you have a copy? It is a very personal letter, Mr.
Kelsey, between father and son.
But I will give you this, the key to the safe-deposit box, for safekeeping in the event something should happen to me before Kazuo arrives.
Very well.
I'll have the will completed for signature and witnessing.
You are very kind and understanding.
Now my mind is at ease.
I shall go to my rest in peace.
And so, as Mr.
Tahashi's attorney and executor, I would like to examine the contents of the safe-deposit box before probate.
Do you have a letter of authority, Mr.
Kelsey? Well, no, but I was handling the will.
Tahashi gave me that key.
May I see a copy of the will? He died before he could sign it.
So, in fact, there is no will.
He died intestate.
Technically, yes.
But I still have to put things in order.
I got a cable this morning from San Francisco.
"Arriving Honolulu 22nd.
" That's today.
"As only son of Minoru Tahashi, request my father's safe-deposit box not be opened until I can be present.
Regards, Kazuo Tahashi.
" You can see my position, as manager? Yes, well, we'll just have to wait for young Mr.
Tahashi, then, won't we? Goodbye.
- Steve, this is Kazuo Tahashi.
- Mr.
Come in, won't you? Thanks for seeing me, Mr.
It seems to be that there's some question about your father? I want to know exactly how he died.
Well, you've come to the wrong place.
We don't deal in accidental death.
How do you know it was accidental, Mr.
McGarrett? When you called, I had the coroner's report sent over.
It's all here.
This is much as expected.
But on the day of the fire, I called my father to let him know I was coming over.
He told me he was expecting a visitor that afternoon.
An attorney named Kelsey.
- Alex Kelsey? - You know him? Oh, yes, we know him.
Did you know he defended my father at his trial for treason after Pearl Harbor? No, I didn't.
Did your father say what business he had with Mr.
Kelsey? - No.
- All right.
We'll check and see if Kelsey kept the appointment.
We'll be in touch.
Where are you staying? The llikai.
- Thank you for coming in.
- Thank you.
Kelsey, huh? What have we got on that fire, Danno? No chemical traces, no explosions.
Just to make sure, I want Che to have a look at what's left of that place.
And have Chin keep an eye on young Tahashi for his own protection, just in case.
What about Kelsey? Find out where he was yesterday afternoon.
Do we know who turned in the alarm? No.
Wasn't on the report.
Then have H.
Check all the business establishments along that block.
Whoever called it in might've seen something.
It's a perfectly simple question.
Say I inherited 3 or 4 million dollars in gold bullion, could you handle it, get it off the island? I think I could handle it, for 50 percent.
Fif? That's outrageous.
- So are your legal fees, my friend.
- There'll be no problem.
There are always problems when you try to run contraband across thousands of miles of open ocean.
The shipment would have to go to Malaysia or Singapore.
Then I'd have the initial buyers in the black market.
Magnificent, isn't it? Pearl Harbor.
A name that blazes in American history.
You know, Alex, this is how Admiral Kimmel must've seen it in 1941 when he was commander in chief here.
- He used to play this course often.
- I know.
I was here at the time.
I was legal officer in the Navy, fresh out of law school.
That's right, so you were.
And later, you were assigned as defense counsel at the trial of a captured Japanese-American agent, Mr.
Tahashi, the old man that died in the fire the other day.
All right, Lee, so you know the story.
You better have a solid alibi for the day the old man burned, counselor.
Equal partners, 50 percent? All right.
There is a son, I believe.
Does he know the location of the gold? He will very soon.
- Hello? - Hi, Kim.
- I just got in.
How are you, baby? - Fine.
Where are you? When can I see you? Well, not for a while.
It could be dangerous.
I think my father was murdered.
Who would wanna kill such a gentle old man? Alex Kelsey, maybe.
He had an appointment with my father yesterday.
That's right.
Why, he could've arrived after I left.
Kim, what's in that safe-deposit box? A personal letter in Japanese.
Your father wouldn't let me see it.
I'm sorry, darling.
Kelsey will probably be coming after me now.
Well, I'm ready for him.
Kaz, please be careful.
Don't be scared.
I'll be in touch real soon.
I told you, McGarrett, I called Tahashi, made an appointment for 6:30.
Then something came up.
I never made it there.
What came up? - Another client.
Big trouble.
- Who? I don't have to tell you that.
That's privileged information.
I know all about your privileged information, counselor.
I've seen your legal acrobatics.
I've watched you turn courtrooms into circus arenas.
I've lost count of how many killers and syndicate bosses you've kept at liberty with your legal technicalities, your intimidated witnesses, and your blatant perjury.
Now, you're still a member of the bar of this state, a servant of the law, and I'm gonna ask you one more time, who was your client? Sam Palley.
Why did Mr.
Tahashi consult you? I'm afraid that's also privileged information.
Tahashi is dead now.
I'm conducting an investigation.
I'm gonna ask you again, why did he consult you? Don't you read the papers? I defended Tahashi in 1942.
I was doing him a favor.
But now the will is worthless because the old man died before he could sign it.
Bring him in, please.
Kazuo Tahashi, this is Alexander Kelsey, your father's attorney.
My condolences.
Young man, I want you to know that, although the will was never signed, legally, you are still the rightful heir to your father's estate.
Was there ever any question? Of course not.
The key to your father's safe-deposit box.
If you will excuse me, Mr.
McGarrett, there are still some last-minute arrangements I have to make for the funeral.
Of course.
What time did you leave the building the day of the fire? It was about 6:00.
Maybe a little later.
How long did you work for Mr.
Tahashi? About four years.
If there's anything I can do My condolences.
Commander Blackwell.
How are you, sir? - Fine, fine.
- You're looking well.
Thank you.
You too.
So you knew Tahashi? - No, I know his son.
- Oh, I see.
You seem to be held in high regard by the Japanese community.
The older generation, those who were born in Japan.
I have been a member of the Friendship Foundation for over 14 years now.
If I recall, you were in Naval Intelligence.
That's quite correct.
- At the time of the attack on Pearl? - And after.
Did you know Mr.
Tahashi in those days? Know him? While he was posing as a trader in trinkets, I had him pegged as the director of the Japanese espionage ring in the islands.
Well, why didn't you have him picked up? Because I never could prove it.
He was incredibly clever, resourceful, audacious.
Clever enough for all those rumors about gold bullion to have some basis in fact? A policeman should know about press stories, McGarrett.
I've been listening to those tales grow taller ever since 1941.
Always a pleasure seeing a fellow Naval officer again.
- Thank you, sir.
Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
You said you'd call.
You've been avoiding me.
I don't want anyone to know about us.
What did they ask you at the Five-0 office? They just wanted to know about Mr.
- If I was there when he arrived.
- What'd you tell them? The truth, that I never saw him.
You sure that's all you told them? Look, I never believed the things you told me, Kazuo, not really.
I think I knew all along you were just using me.
And yet I did everything you asked.
But I kept some things back, just for insurance.
- What things? - I lied.
I do know what's in the safe-deposit box.
The letter? Your father's eyesight was getting worse.
His Japanese writing was almost illegible.
So I typed it for him in English.
Directions, Kazuo.
- So you know where the gold is? - I could get to it before you do.
And maybe get yourself killed.
Kim, you have to listen to me.
I can't explain now.
I'll come to your place this afternoon.
Right after I've been to the bank.
Okay? Hi.
You're with Five-0, aren't you? I caught you in my rearview mirror a few blocks back.
Is this what you call protective surveillance? Yeah, something like that.
Then look, why don't I save you some trouble? When I leave here, I'll be heading straight out to Hawaiiki.
I'll drive slow so you won't lose me.
- Hi, Steve.
- Che.
What do you got? This.
Lock? The door of the old man's upstairs apartment in the building.
And take a look here, Steve.
The key was still in the lock.
Are you saying that the room was locked at the time of the fire? That's right.
From the outside.
How can you tell the outside from the inside? Well, the door was badly charred, but we could tell from the location of the hinges.
I see.
Then there's no question whether it was murder or not? I wouldn't think so.
Good work, Che.
Keep digging.
Any car in vicinity of Tokyo International Bank, Officer Kelly needs an emergency pickup.
I repeat, any car in vicinity of Tokyo International Bank, Officer Kelly needs an emergency pickup.
I'm only four blocks from you.
On my way.
Steve, I just picked up Chin.
Kazuo's on his way to the girl's place at Hawaiiki.
Two of Din Lee's soldiers are tailing him.
Okay, I'm on my way.
What happened? Two of them followed me from the bank.
I thought I lost them.
And Kim Kim Steve.
Look at the bruises on her throat.
All right, gentlemen.
It was my fault.
I led them here to Kim.
I suppose this should tell us that the gold does exist.
And by now, I'll wager Mr.
Kelsey knows where.
Yeah, Kelsey and Din Lee.
His biggest client.
We've been in the ring with those two before.
And this is the letter your father left in the safe-deposit box? Yes.
"Ask Kim to give you the old photograph album I asked her to keep for me.
" The moment I got here, I asked for the album.
And she got it out of that drawer.
And before I could look through it, those two thugs burst in and slugged me.
It isn't like Din Lee's boys to be that sloppy.
Chin, get out an APB on them.
Why did your father have to be so, well, devious? Why couldn't he have just left simple directions to the gold, with a map maybe, along with this letter, instead of all this photograph-album business? You didn't know my father, Mr.
He enjoyed making riddles, dramatizing simple everyday events.
It was his nature to be conspiratorial.
All right, that's all for now.
- Can we give you a lift to the hotel? - No, thanks.
I'm all right.
- You're well enough to drive? - I'm fine.
Still want me to keep an eye on him? No.
The killers have what they want.
I think they'll leave him alone.
Well, what about Kelsey? Yeah, I want you on him, all right.
I wanna know every move he makes.
- Is Duke still on Din Lee? - Yeah.
With a stake this big, Kelsey and Din Lee might wait months, or even years, before they go near the hiding place.
I think they're too greedy, Danno.
I think they're too greedy.
But there is one person who should know more about that gold than anyone else.
- Commander Blackwell? - Yeah.
Find out what you can about him.
- I wanna know if he is really retired.
- Right.
Hello, McGarrett.
What detained you? I expected you long before this.
- Permission to come aboard, sir? - Permission granted.
- Coffee in the cabin.
- Thank you.
I spent a few hours this morning dusting off some old files, reading about the time that you and Mr.
Tahashi were adversaries.
Interesting chess game.
No game, McGarrett.
We were enemies.
Deadly enemies.
He was an obsession with me.
Master of his trade.
Superb at laying false trails and covering himself, layer upon layer of compounded deceit.
I'd like to hear your version, though.
If you're referring to that nonsense about the gold, just pure rubbish.
I'd like to hear it anyway.
- Well, very well.
Sit down.
- Thank you.
The way the story goes, when the bombs started falling on Battleship Row, Mr.
Tahashi is supposed to have received a frantic phone call from the director of the old Tokyo lmperial Bank.
Now the Tokyo International, isn't it? They say the director was afraid that over a million dollars in gold bullion that he had in the vaults would be confiscated by American authorities.
So the director got Tahashi to haul it away and hide it, huh? And if there were a grain of truth in it, I would be the first to know.
- Why is that? - Because I arrested Tahashi only a few hours after the attack.
Oh, but a lot of things can be accomplished in a few hours, commander.
The aerial attack on Pearl didn't take that, did it? Only, you seem to be ignoring the fact that the man stood trial and was acquitted.
But that was for treason.
Had nothing to do with the gold.
What about after the war? Well, Tahashi settled down quietly to rebuild his export business.
I used to visit him on occasion.
And a strange sort of thing happened.
We found, after all the intense conflict, we had a great deal in common.
We became friends.
Did this friendship continue after you retired? We went fishing or sailing or just sat and talked, until his wife died and his son went off to college.
Then he seemed to age suddenly.
Turned back to religion, the traditions of his upbringing.
He became virtually a recluse.
- And you didn't see him anymore? - Only occasionally.
- Afraid that's about all I can tell you.
- Thanks for the coffee, commander.
My pleasure.
Oh, McGarrett, would you mind dropping me off on your way into town? - Glad to.
- Just be a minute.
If you had thought of consulting me, maybe your goons wouldn't have bungled the job.
They didn't bungle the job.
They simply lost him.
- Where is he now? - At his hotel.
I have a man on him.
And what do we do now? Our strategy hasn't changed.
We wait for him to lead us to the gold.
What if McGarrett's waiting for the same thing? I'm not sure McGarrett even believes the gold exists.
All he's heard are rumors, but we have facts.
- Yes? - Call for you, Mr.
Line 1.
- Hello? - Mr.
Kelsey, this is Kazuo Tahashi.
What can I do for you? My highest priority is to live.
And I've decided that you have far too many troops for me to take on single-handedly.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about a deal.
What kind of deal? It will have to be just between us.
No one else, and that includes Mr.
I'll be in my office, if you care to drop by.
I'll be there in an hour.
Oh, I'd prefer it if no one sees me arrive there.
Very well.
When you get here, come up the back way.
I'll see you in one hour.
You can let me off at the center, next left.
Oh, the Sundown Center? - Do you know it? - Oh, I've heard about it.
It's one of your Friendship Foundation's projects for senior citizens, isn't it? Yes.
I'll be moving in there myself - one of these days.
- Oh, I doubt that.
This is it.
Thank you very much, Mr.
You're welcome, commander.
Am I to be considered one of your suspects? Of course, among others.
Then shouldn't you have someone tailing me? How do you know that I don't, commander? I'd know.
Central, this is Two-Nine.
Give me a patch to Five-0.
Got a locate on your wanted vehicle.
Avalon Apartments, Kahona Street.
- Stay on it till we get there.
- Ten-four.
There's your want, Danny.
I checked with the manager.
Two males and one female.
In Room 14.
Okay, we'll take the front.
You go around back.
Open up.
Hold it.
Hold it there.
Hold it.
Tolaka, stop him.
We know you followed Kazuo when he left the bank.
Yeah, but he lost us after about four or five blocks.
Really? He says you followed him all the way to Hawaiiki to his girl's house.
You killed the girl, you took the photograph album, and you took off.
- He's crazy.
- What photograph album? Come on, Williams.
You busted us before, right? For what? For punching out a couple of guys? You never came down on us this heavy.
It ain't our thing.
Some ammo, pot, but no sign of a photograph album.
Arch, you can let the girl go.
But book these two, suspicion of murder.
- Steve.
- Yeah, Danno? We just picked up Din Lee's muscle boys, Regan and Strang.
- I just finished questioning them.
- What'd they have to say? They both swear they didn't go near the girl's place.
They say they lost Kazuo in traffic right after he left the bank.
- And you believe them? - I'm inclined to, Steve.
Well, that's a switch for you, Danno.
Well, it's I have no facts, just a gut instinct.
- I think they were telling the truth.
- What about the photograph album? H.
Turned her place upside down.
It's not there.
Well, where do we stand, Danno? - Bowed but unbloodied? - Yeah.
You know, there is one possibility, though.
- You mean Kazuo could've been lying.
- Yeah, Kazuo could've been lying.
His is the only story we have about what happened at Kim's apartment.
I think it's time we ran a check on him, Danno.
I'll telex San Francisco.
Will you telex NCIC and request all information on Kazuo Tahashi, San Francisco? Make it priority.
- Officer Williams.
- Yeah? This gentleman is a witness to the Tahashi fire.
Would you come this way, please, sir? Is this the man? Yes, that's him.
- You sure? - Yes.
Thank you, Mr.
Appreciate your coming in.
Drive him home, will you? Well, one of the pieces just fell into place.
All right, let's pick up Kelsey, suspicion of arson and murder.
You're early.
I wasn't expecting you for a half an hour.
Central, this is Chin Ho Kelly.
Patch me through to McGarrett.
- McGarrett.
- Steve, Chin.
Kelsey just took a fly from six stories up.
- He what? - He's dead, Steve.
- Anything, Chin? - He didn't jump, Steve.
I heard him scream before he came over.
McGarrett? Okay, officer, let him through.
- What happened? - Your friend Kelsey is dead.
How? We don't know yet.
What are you doing here? I came here to kill him.
He killed my father.
Only, somebody beat me to it.
What kind of grandstand play is this, McGarrett? You had no right to have me picked up.
You wanna see your lawyer, just walk across the street to the morgue.
- Alex, dead? - You look properly surprised.
I suppose you have six people who will swear you were with them at the time of Kelsey's death, huh? Look, you back off.
I had nothing to do with it.
And you had nothing to do with the girl's murder either.
Let me tell you something.
We have your two enforcers, Strang and Regan, locked up tight.
They're gonna tie you into Kelsey's whole scheme.
- Now, listen - You're gonna find yourself facing two, maybe three murder counts.
I had no part in any killings! - What did you have a part in? - All right.
All right, McGarrett.
Alex wanted me to take the gold off his hands.
- Ship it out and sell it in the Far East.
- First, you had to help him find it.
It never happened.
I told you, I had no part in any killings.
How about the old man, Tahashi? - I never met him.
- What about the girl? - Who strangled her? - I don't know.
Could've been Kelsey.
- And who killed Kelsey? - I swear I swear, I didn't know he was dead until just now.
Now, look, McGarrett, maybe, maybe, you can book me for criminal conspiracy, but that's all! All right, that'll do for now.
Book him, Duke, criminal conspiracy.
Thanks for the charge.
- Steve.
- Yeah? San Francisco came through, big.
"Kazuo Tahashi, investigator for Asian Insurance Incorporated.
Three indictments.
No convictions.
Suspicion of fraud.
Falsifying claims.
" Three indictments, nothing ever proved.
Yeah, and listen to this: "Reputation for violence.
Witnesses intimidated.
Reportedly a karate expert.
" That could explain the bruises on the girl's throat.
That old man was pathologically secretive, so the son must've been using that girl, Kim.
To keep track of the old man's movements, - correspondence.
- Yeah.
Well, he must've promised her something.
A share, maybe.
- Or a marriage license.
- Maybe she was pushing him.
But he wouldn't stand still for it, then got rid of her.
Chin, call the llikai.
See if Kazuo is in his room.
If he's not, I want an all-points out on him.
I wonder if there ever was a photograph album.
And that letter could've been a fake too.
He knows the location of the gold, but he's playing it cool so nobody could follow him there.
Well, he's in the clear now.
Kelsey's dead, Lee's in custody, and we've stopped tailing him.
Thank you.
Kazuo's not in his hotel room.
- Steve.
- Yeah? - I found this in the ashes.
- What is it? It's a title deed to an old cabin up in Kipapa Gulch.
Look at the name of the registered owner.
"Minoru Tahashi.
" Now look at the name of the seller and the date.
"Commander Reginald Blackwell, That would make it about the time those two became friends.
Blackwell sold it to Tahashi? Yeah.
That's where that old fox hid that gold, right in the backyard of the man who was hunting him.
And I'll bet that's where Kazuo's headed right now.
Chin, see if you can work your way behind him.
Officers, work your way down there.
See if you come up behind.
Give me a bullhorn.
Kazuo Tahashi.
This is McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
You're under arrest.
Come out with your hands up.
Drop it.
You two, put down your weapons, or I'll kill him.
Do as he says.
Put your weapons down.
Okay, that's far enough.
Okay, inside, you'll find a trapdoor.
There's a crate.
You're gonna bring it out here and load it for me.
Come on, get going.
Do as he says.
Even if you make it out of here, there's no way you're gonna get off this island.
You should know me by now, McGarrett.
- I plan everything well in advance.
- Like your father? Let me tell you something.
You'll never be like your father.
Your father never had to hide behind a hostage.
- Stay back.
- Never committed fraud.
He never stole anything.
Was never motivated by greed.
- Stay back, McGarrett.
- He was an honorable man.
Well, thank you, commander.
Don't make a fuss, boy.
It's only a flesh wound.
Could've blown your head off.
Oh, would you mind setting it down, taking the lid off? Tahashi's treasure, gentlemen.
Get him to a hospital, Chin.
Book him.
Once, this crate was full, when Mr.
Tahashi and I first opened it We gave a great deal of thought to it, trying to decide who owned the gold.
In the end, we came to the conclusion that nobody did anymore.
So you found some use for it.
Japanese-American community.
We gave scholarships to the young, built the Sundown Center for the elderly.
We particularly wanted to help the elderly, you understand, the people with roots in both cultures who had lived through the war, lost all ties with the country of their birth, and now were too old to adjust to a new way of life.
That's quite a memorial to peace, commander.
From two tired old warhorses who finally came to graze in the same field, eh, McGarrett? Let's hope the governor approves.
And if the governor doesn't approve? Then I'm coming after you.