Hawaii Five-O (1968) s08e24 Episode Script

A Sentence to Steal

Hold it right there.
Drop those bags and get your hands where I can see them.
- We're unarmed.
- Yeah, sure.
Go against the wall.
Come on, move.
Steve, Chin on line one.
Yes, Chin? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Yes, I've got it.
Kanoni? Yes, thank you.
Patch me through to Dan Williams, please.
- Williams.
- Danno, Chin is with H.
On a gold robbery at the Kanoni, K-A-N-O-N-I, Dental Supply Company.
That's the third gold supply firm hit this month.
Yeah, except this time, a guard was shot, he's critical.
I'll be tied up with the governor for the next couple of hours and I want you to move on it.
On my way, Steve.
This is Ned Loe, owner of the company, Danny.
- How do you do, sir? - How are you? You know the amount of gold that was stolen? We estimate close to 30 pounds.
Nearly $60,000 worth.
Who do you sell most of your gold to? Dentists, dental supply companies mostly.
Well, we'll keep in touch as soon as we come up with something.
Thank you, sir.
The guard make a statement? Yeah, he said the thieves were wearing stocking masks over their heads.
He thinks they were young.
He also saw their vehicle.
It was a light blue van.
Any license number? Yeah, partial, 29.
We'd better run it through motor vehicle registration.
- Come up with anything, Yosh? - No, the vault's clean.
But we found a footprint outside.
We're pouring a mold now.
Does Loe have a list of the serial numbers of the stolen gold wafers? Yeah, in his office.
Let's get a copy.
- Steve? - Yeah.
Got word from motor vehicles registration on that partial.
They turned up 26 vans with the number 29 on the plates.
Seven of them are blue, but only four are light blue.
That should narrow the field.
One belongs to a dry cleaner.
Second is owned by the Holiday Nursery School.
The third is registered to a Don Alda, and the last to a John Manoa.
Okay, let's find out what we can about the owners of those vehicles.
- Top priority, Danno.
- Right.
- Sandal? - A very popular type.
Used by kids on the island.
I don't know if we can trace it down, but there is one identifying mark here.
Looks like a cut.
Gives us something to look for.
Stay with it, Che.
Oh, come in, please.
Steve, all those vans checked out but one.
It's registered to a John Manoa, but it's owned by the Makama Youth Rehabilitation Home in Waikiki.
- Manoa's the administrator.
- I know the Home very well.
It was set up by Elizabeth Rollins four years ago.
I was there for the dedication.
Her nephew, Edward Ross, works there as the liaison with the H.
Juvenile division.
But here's the kicker, Manoa's an ex-con.
His real name is Fred Napa.
Armed robbery, two counts.
He did a three-year stretch at Oahu State Prison.
Got out a couple of years ago.
When he got out, he must've changed his name.
Well, there's nothing illegal about changing your name, Danno.
- Any arrests since? - H.
Says he's been clean.
Well, I want a tail on him anyway.
Put Duke on it.
Juvenile home run by an ex-con, that's interesting.
Particularly since the guard thought the burglars were young.
Steve, even if they are from the Home, they couldn't dump the gold.
They need outside connection.
That's right, so let's try to find out who the outside connection is.
Jenny, get me Mrs.
Elizabeth Rollins, please, on Kahala.
All right, come on.
Let's go, gang.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Okay, let's pray.
Bless us for these foods which we are about to receive from thy bounty.
- Amen.
- Amen.
You get the weeding done in the backyard? Yes, sir, Mr.
Manoa, and I've got the blisters to prove it.
Pete, you and Mike had the laundry detail.
- You guys finished? - We sure did, Mr.
Now a word from your athletic director.
Hogan? Cooper, why didn't get up this morning and help fix breakfast like you were supposed to? This is the second time this week.
I wasn't feeling well.
I overslept.
I don't accept that as an excuse.
- No track this week.
- Yes, sir.
Shunning responsibilities doesn't cut it around here.
You know that, Cooper.
It puts a heavier workload on the others.
Now thanks to a few good people and the charity of our courts, you have a chance to avoid a prison record.
Are you gonna risk all that by being irresponsible? No, Mr.
- Better get your head on straight.
- All right, all right, that's enough.
I think Joey will make sure it doesn't happen again.
- What do you say, Joey? - Okay.
Okay, let's eat.
Rollins, please.
Thank you.
Oh, Steve.
- Elizabeth? - How nice to see you.
You're looking well.
God, how long has it been? Well, I think it was the governor's inauguration and that's too long.
The look in your eye tells me that you have come here for some reason other than to admire my beautiful ocean.
Yeah, we're not sure yet, Elizabeth, but there might be some trouble at the Home.
What kind of trouble? Yesterday, a guard was shot and critically wounded in a robbery at a gold supply company.
The van that left the scene, we think it's from the Makama Home.
Oh, well, then there must be some kind of mistake.
I hope for your sake it's a mistake.
But the van was registered to John Manoa.
Vinnie Kowa got out of the Makama Youth Home about a month ago.
And today, he has a meeting with John Manoa, who slips him an envelope.
What do you think, Duke? A payoff? Maybe.
Undercover man outside, Steve.
- Who is it? - Sergeant Louie Pakoa.
He's been working with H.
Narcotics says he's the man for us.
Why him in particular? Well, Pakoa's responsible for some of biggest teenage busts on the island.
He's worked the gangs.
Okay, send him in.
Excuse us, Duke.
Sergeant, come in.
Heard a lot about you, McGarrett.
Well, you've got me at a disadvantage, because I know nothing about you.
Very well, you've been briefed, so you know the operation of the youth home.
I wanna be alerted the minute you come up with anything.
And no heroics.
If anybody finds out who you are, get out of there.
Am I looking for anyone in particular? Keep your eyes open, but keep an eye on John Manoa.
He's the administrator.
He's done time.
- That it? - That's it.
Ciao, baby.
Stay close to the phone.
- Sergeant.
- Hey? Come back.
Sit down, please.
My name is Steve or McGarrett, or Mr.
McGarrett, take your pick.
So let's cut this, "Ciao, baby," juvenile jive, huh? In this office, you're a sergeant of police and I expect you to conduct yourself like one.
That understood? Yes, sir, Mr.
Very well.
Pretty cocky kid.
I hope he's as smart as he thinks he is.
Danno, I want you to run a check on all outlets selling gold.
See if any of them are selling more than they're buying from legitimate sources.
And get Chin to help you.
You'll have to check their inventories against their invoices.
Right, Steve.
- How are you, Mr.
Ross? - Officer.
This is Louie Keoki.
Ross is from Makama Youth Home.
- I'm touched.
- Just do what he tells you.
And don't give him a bad time.
- He's all yours.
- Thank you, officer.
Very nice, very nice.
Nice jewelry, Keoki.
Why don't you tell me about yourself? You mean about how our maid and our butler used to throw me in the swimming pool? Look, loosen up, Keoki.
You're not in a cellblock yet.
Yeah? What's the difference between there and where we're going? Freedom and a chance to make it clean.
Oh, man, don't you know the whole world is just one great big cage? They tell me you were brought up in Old Town.
- Tough go? - That's right.
Three months in your kiddie farm will be a breeze.
Let's get one thing straight.
We don't take any mouth from punks like you who think they know it all.
When you're accepted in our Home, you play by the rules.
You got that? May I help you? My name's Williams, Five-0.
I'd like to check your inventory.
Is there something wrong, Mr.
Williams? No, just a routine check.
It'll only take a few minutes.
I'd like to check the vault too.
For the benefit of you newcomers, I wanna explain something.
Anybody who causes trouble here is judged by the rest of the guys on whether he's worthy to stay at the Home.
Now, Bobby here, got caught yesterday popping reds.
The day before, stealing from a locker.
I wanna know what you guys think about it.
When I first came to the Home, I was in a lot of trouble, but I left it on the street.
And I think if Bob can't cut it here with us, there's no way he can cut it on the outside.
Bob will never learn to walk if he don't quit flying.
He needs a tighter leash than the Home can give him.
I'm sorry, Bob.
Anybody else? Okay.
Those of you in favor of Bobby staying, raise your right hands.
Is that it? Those of you that say Bobby goes? Bob, looks like your probation officer will have to take it from here.
Meeting's adjourned.
Hey, man.
I hear you and me are both in this nursery school on the same trip.
Got to be some kind of action going down around here.
Ain't no action, man.
Oh, man, come on.
Got to be some way to score.
If you were smart, you wouldn't hustle for no action.
Not here.
- McGarrett.
- It's Pakoa.
I got a line out.
I might be using the wrong kind of bait.
I'll know more tomorrow.
I got a chance to follow Manoa.
He met with a dude I used to know named Vinnie Kowa.
Oh, we already know about Vinnie Kowa.
We've got a man on him.
Just stay on top of things at your end.
See if you can get a match on that sandal.
You saw the mold, so you know what to look for.
You got it.
The governor told me you had promised to take your man out of the Home if you didn't find anything to implicate my boys.
Have you? No, Elizabeth.
And I'm not going to.
I need more time.
And John Manoa? We think that he's implicated in something outside the Home.
Implicated? - How? - We don't know yet.
But we've We're watching a boy that he apparently is passing money to.
Steve, I've tried to base the Home on trust.
I have tried to give my boys something that they didn't have.
Something they call a fair shake.
Something to believe in.
Someone to trust.
Now I'm not going to let you destroy that.
Elizabeth, why should I wanna destroy something? Something that's so important to you, something that's so constructive.
But think about that guard.
When somebody put a bullet in him, they're moving up.
That's attempted murder.
It's no longer juvenile delinquency.
But I know that my boys were not involved in that.
Now, are you going to take your man out of the Makama Home, or are you not? No, I'm not.
Not yet.
Not until I get some answers.
All right, then.
I'm afraid that you and I have nothing more to say to each other.
Have we? Sorry you feel that way.
- How is it? - I'm on a short run.
- What have you got? - Supposed to be on grocery run.
This should match that plaster mold.
- Who does it belong to? - Joey Cooper.
He's got real tight friendship to a dude named Jimmy Luka.
Anything on the stolen gold? Checked out the house.
I don't think it's there.
What about Ross and Hogan? Far as I can tell, man, they're straight.
Anything on visiting psychologists, POs? In and out.
In and out.
You hardly ever see the same one twice.
I can't believe Cooper and Luka are in this thing alone.
Picking them up would just scare off the big fish, their connection.
I'd better get back, man.
We'll be in touch.
The cut in the sole is identical.
That puts Joey at the scene.
Probably with his pal, Jimmy Luka.
I still wanna know if Manoa's connection with Vinnie Kowa fits somewhere.
Duke, I think it's time we picked Kowa up.
- Right, Steve.
- Okay.
Let's bait the trap.
Che, I want you to make up one of those gold wafers with a serial number that fits one of the stolen ones.
When it's finished, Danno, get it to Sergeant Pakoa.
Maybe if he plants it, he can shake something loose.
Something that will lead us to those 60 pounds of gold.
Everything cool, Joey? Ever see this before, baby? I found it by your bunk.
I read the papers, man.
I know what's going down.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- Why don't you get out of here? - Easy, baby.
Don't get tense on me.
I walk out of here, I'm going straight to the man.
Now there's one way you can stop me.
Cut me in on the action.
Simple, right? Think about it, baby.
Have a souvenir.
Why'd you put the arm on me? Sit down.
We wanna know why John Manoa is giving you money.
- You running errands for him now? - Mr.
Manoa? Turn him inside out, he wears a badge just like you.
His money still spends.
Look, this one's not big enough for you guys.
You're wasting your time.
- Try us.
- Okay.
I got into a poker game.
It was way over my head.
I lost a hundred and twenty bucks.
When I couldn't pay up, these guys, they were leaning on me.
So I went to Mr.
Are you saying he's been squaring it for you? Gave me 30 bucks the first time to give them.
Whenever he gets 30 more, he calls me up and we meet somewhere.
- How do you plan to pay him back? - I just got a job as a busboy.
I'm gonna pay him 10 bucks a week.
Hey, Mr.
Manoa really did a lot for me when I was in the Home.
Man, when he heard about me blowing that money, he was really mad.
Man, he really let me know it.
Okay, Vinnie.
- And when did Keoki say he found it? - Last night.
If you lost it, man, Ross is gonna string us up.
Come in.
I told you to stay away from this office unless I sent for you.
Where'd you get that? Louie Keoki gave it to me this morning in the carpentry shop.
He says he found it by Joey's rack, but I think he's lying.
He says he knows what's going on.
He's gonna blow the whistle if we don't cut him in.
Hey, I knew there was something weird about that guy.
Last night, I heard somebody messing around in your locker, Joey.
And I went looking for Keoki, but he wasn't in his bunk.
What do we do, Mr.
Ross? Keep your mouth shut and stay away from him.
We've got one more job, and then we'll take care of Keoki.
Another job? That's crazy.
The guard is still in the hospital.
That was your fault.
I planned this operation so there'd be no violence, but you blew it.
I ain't doing it.
No more jobs.
You've each got two weeks, and then you'll be out of here, back on the streets.
But with a few alterations in your files, I can go to Judge Reordon and recommend that you each spend one-to-five back at the prison farm.
Do you want that? I thought the guys had to vote us in or out on that.
There are exceptions in exceptional cases.
Yeah, I still say we ought to go to Mr.
And tell him what? That would be your word against mine.
Who do you think he'd believe? - Hey, cool it, man.
- I ain't doing it.
I don't care what he says.
I ain't doing no more jobs.
He's got us, Joey, and there ain't nothing we can do about it.
You better listen to your pal, Cooper.
Come on, Joey.
Steve, I just talked to the hospital.
- The guard is gonna make it.
- Oh, that's good news.
Good news.
We've got something else too.
A corporation, Kiko Gold, Inc.
No address, just a post office box.
Three of the eight firms on the island have purchased ingots from them.
And all of the purchasing receipts are in order.
Stores have purchased 60 pounds from them in the past month or so.
Sixty pounds? That's just about the amount that's been stolen so far.
Chin, get out the mug books, have the purchasers take a look at them.
Let's see if we can turn up some more information on Kiko Gold.
On it.
That's him.
I'm sure of it.
Harry Lio.
Yeah, give me McGarrett.
- So you're on undercover.
- You freak cop.
That's crazy, man.
Hey, we heard who you were calling, man.
Yeah, you think we don't know who McGarrett is? All right.
Now you two back up, because you got enough problems.
We don't know what you're talking about.
What I'm talking about, man, is we made you a long time ago.
You are lying.
That sandal, you left a perfect print behind when you shot that guard, man.
If you knew it was us, you'd have busted us.
No, because McGarrett's got this idea, see, he wants to catch the whole act together, only there's a couple of scenes missing.
Like who's been tipping you and the dealer.
Now that's a readout, baby.
But there might be something you can do about it.
Yeah? And what do you mean by that? Tell me who's been setting up the robberies and who the dealer is.
We don't know no dealer.
It was a multiple choice question.
How about the first part? Is it somebody from the Home? He got something on you? - No.
- You getting a piece of the action? Hey, we get nothing.
Then he's leaning on you.
What's he use for leverage? Hey, man, why don't you knock off all these questions? What do you care? Because I can dig where you're coming from, man.
Hey, I've been in the streets since I was 12 years old.
I raised so much hell with the cops they figured it'd be easier for them to give me a badge.
Hey, I know what's been going down, man.
So does McGarrett.
If you cooperate with him, and maybe he'd go easy on you.
But that's up to you, baby.
I don't know, man.
Joey, what do you think? Okay.
What do you want us to do? I don't know what you're talking about.
Well, we're talking about your new line of work.
Running a store.
You know I try to keep diversified, Williams.
Apparently you've succeeded.
From peddling drugs and prostitutes to selling gold.
Why the phony cover? A dummy corporation? Maybe I've got silent partners.
There's no law against that.
Depends on where you've been getting the gold you've been selling lately.
My company's carried that gold in its inventory for two years.
Two years, and you're just getting around to selling it now.
The market's dropped over $30 an ounce in the last two years.
- So I'm a lousy speculator.
- I don't buy that, Lio.
Maybe I'm running a little short of cash.
That makes two wrong answers.
Why don't I save you some trouble? Check my inventory records.
Oh, we intend to.
And don't try to leave the island until we do check it out because if you do, we're gonna come down very hard on you.
I don't think you'll find any reason to, Williams.
Not only did my company own that gold, but you'll find our tax records are in perfect order.
We'll see.
- What do you think, Danny? - I think he's a pretty smart cookie.
Somehow he gets inside information about gold shipments coming in, also the amounts.
And he includes a total in his inventory, even before it was stolen.
Then how do we nail him? Well, Steve wants us to try to tie him so tight to those thefts that there'll be absolutely no way he can squirm out.
Unit 1.
- Williams.
- Danny? Duke.
I just talked to Steve.
He wants you to meet Manicote - at Alani Park right away.
- Why there? Manicote's supposed to fill you in when you get there.
We're on our way, Duke.
Manicote, Officer Williams, Kelly.
Joey Cooper, Jimmy Luka.
Has anybody told you that the guard who was injured is going to be all right? Nobody told us.
I just spoke to him at the hospital.
He says the shooting was accidental and he's willing to drop charges.
- What do you want us to do? - Cooperate with us.
Sounds fair enough, doesn't it? I can't offer you any specific guarantee but as district attorney, I can offer you a recommendation.
What do you guys say? It's up to you, man.
- I guess we'll go along.
- Good.
Now, the first thing we need to know is the route you took after each robbery.
Well, no matter where we ripped the stuff off, we'd head for the H-1 Freeway, take us into Kalanianaole.
- Where's that lead to? - Goes down to a beach cottage.
- Who owns it? - I don't know.
What about the drop? Who picked up the gold? We don't know that either.
All Joey and I would do is just dump the gold into a bin then split.
Hey, wait a minute.
The first time, we got back up on the highway, we saw a boat pull out.
Yeah, it was just down the beach from the cottage.
But it was too far away to tell who it was.
In which direction was the boat headed? - Makani Point.
- Pakoa said something about another robbery tonight.
Oh, yeah.
Allied Precious Metals Company.
- At what time? - Six o'clock.
Hey, you're not You don't want us to go through with this thing.
Steve McGarrett does.
Okay, this is the way it's going to work.
Is gonna give us a hand.
We're gonna drop a net over this entire Hanihina Beach area.
Now, when we pull it in, I want Ross or Lio in it.
And if we get lucky, both of them.
- What if Mr.
Ross finds out? - He won't.
Handle it just as you've done before.
Now I'll be in touch with the company to see to it that you don't run into any problems with that fake robbery, but after you've made the drop, I want you out of that area.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir.
That's it.
Something wrong, Steve? Yeah, I was just thinking of Elizabeth Rollins.
What it's gonna do to her when she finds out her nephew is behind all this.
And listen, next time you get any more heat from Mitch or Bobby about the garbage detail, they get the job.
What's the matter with those guys? They know we don't play any favorites around here.
Come in.
Take off, Jerry.
Hello, John.
Come in, please.
Sit down.
How are things going? Oh, the same.
Ups and downs, sometimes sideways.
We just checked in a couple of new kids today.
What's troubling you? Nothing.
Well, there's one boy making waves.
You know, causing trouble.
It's more than a disturbed boy.
I can tell.
Now listen, John, you and I promised a long time ago there would be no secrets.
Particularly where the Home is concerned.
That's been the very foundation and strength of our relationship.
Now I want you to tell me what is troubling you.
I'm not sure you want to know, Mrs.
Does it have to do with the undercover policeman that Steve McGarrett has placed in the Home? - You knew? - Of course, he told me.
Did McGarrett tell you anything else? He told me that you were probably involved in something criminal.
Only he found out it wasn't me.
Are you suggesting it's someone else in the Home? It's Eddie.
He's been leaning on a couple of the kids.
Forcing them to pull some gold robberies for him.
Edward? - Are you certain? - McGarrett is.
He just called me a couple of minutes ago.
Well, there's no possibility for a mistake? I wish there was.
Thank you for telling me.
I hope we can always be this honest with one another.
Rollins, I'm sorry.
Yes, I am too, John.
Steve, this is Duke.
Everything went smooth.
No problems.
- Van just pulled out.
- Good, Duke.
Stay with it.
- What is? What is this? - Just move.
Steve, Duke.
Two guys grabbed Cooper and Luka when they were making the drop.
Two guys? Which way are they headed? They're boarding a boat.
They're taking off.
Okay, keep them in sight until they reach Chin's perimeter.
Chin, this is Duke.
The boat's heading around the point, should be coming into view.
Steve, this is Chin.
Boat's heading for the abandoned mission on Kalanianaole.
Got it, Chin.
All units, move.
Why so unhappy, fellas? Why'd you bring us here, Mr.
Ross? I thought you might like to see what we do with the gold after you've stolen it.
That's not why you brought us here.
Then why don't I leave it up to your imagination, Cooper? All right, gentlemen.
Danno and I will move in from here.
Chin, you and Sergeant Pakoa move in from over there.
Two H.
Officers will take the pier.
When you're in position, hold it until I give the word.
Well, that does it.
That's Lio's limo.
Okay, we'll move in.
I'll take that.
You inside, this is McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
We have you surrounded.
Come out with your hands on your head.
You guys make a move and you're both dead.
Hold it.
Lio, hold it.
Hold it right there.
Where are the kids? Inside, with Ross.
Take him.
Cuff him.
Hold it, McGarrett, or I'll kill them.
Hold it right there.
Put the gun down.
Pakoa, I'll blow this kids head off! Put that gun down.
Okay, McGarrett, okay.
Take him.
Book him, Danno.
McGarrett, Dan.
Just wanted to stop by and thank you both for testifying for us at the hearing.
Well, our pleasure.
Just remember, John, that a conditional parole means you're going to be personally responsible for those two boys.
Now if they step out of line just once, they're going to be sent to juvenile farm.
No worry about that, Mr.
They're in there punching all the way.
- They're gonna make it.
- Good.
I hope so.
What about Eddie Ross and Lio? They were indicted this morning, six counts.
Looks like they'll do a minimum of five-to-ten years.
I'd say they earned every minute of it, wouldn't you? Well, I'll be seeing you, Mr.
Not officially, I hope.