Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e03 Episode Script

Assault on the Palace

Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness a recreation of the infamous Wilcox rebellion just as it happened in 1889.
Not just a bank heist, but the biggest in Hawaii's history.
And right under our noses.
Arthur, where are you taking me? I haven't time for nonsense.
I guarantee, Henry, it will be a most unique experience for you.
You, of course, know the legend of King Kamehameha's grave, right? KOLANl: That's for my freshmen students, Arthur.
LAMBERT: The morning star alone knows where Kamehameha's bones are guarded, isn't that how it goes? KOLANl: That's close enough.
What of it? LAMBERT: Suppose I were to tell you that I have discovered that grave, Henry? KOLANl: Then I would say that either you're the victim of a hoax or totally ignorant of ancient Hawaiian lore.
LAMBERT: Is that what you would say? Well, then take a look right down there.
Arthur, give me a hand.
Certainly, just a minute.
Arthur, what are you doing? Are you crazy? No, Henry, just brushing up on the ancient lore of Hawaii.
Very fine, for last year.
But we need something special for this day's Kamehameha Day celebration.
LEWIS: The chamber of commerce agrees with you.
Something, uh, new is called for this year.
Perhaps something that touches on Hawaiian history.
- Oh, excuse me.
Sorry I'm late, Edna.
EDNA: It's all right.
Gentlemen, uh, Mr.
Chairman, could I have the floor for just one minute? I've been working on something.
Uh, I'd like to propose a reenactment of an historical event right on the palace grounds.
A little bit of history coming to life, as it were, within view of literally hundreds of thousands of people.
Now, it just so happens, I have the details right in here.
The Wilcox raid? Uh, wasn't that an armed rebellion? Yes, luckily one that failed, Steve.
Wilcox tried to overthrow the constitutional government and set up an absolute rule.
With Princess Liliuokalani as the figure head.
Actually, they did pretty good.
They held the palace, several buildings for a whole day and were finally routed by the loyal Hawaiian army.
I assume it's all been checked for accuracy? Oh, yes.
Yes, it certainly has.
I had it read by Professor Henry Kolani.
Who, incidentally, approved it enthusiastically.
By the way, where is Henry? This is the first meeting he's missed.
No idea.
Have you seen him, Steve? Not since we played chess about a week ago.
Well, I wouldn't be too concerned.
He told me they have a heavy enrollment at the university.
You know Henry.
Ha, ha.
This looks very good to me.
- I'm only worried about one thing.
- What's that, Steve? Well, something like this is bound to attract even larger crowds than in previous years.
And crowds tend to bring every crook and con man out of the woodwork.
That's quite true, governor.
And the business community is very concerned about that.
Well, I'm sure you can handle it, Steve.
We've already started.
If you'll stop by H.
Later, Harry, Danny Williams will show you what we're doing about the problem.
- Fine.
- Well, what's the verdict? All those in favor of letting Wilcox raid the palace, say, "Aye.
" ALL: Aye.
JAMESON: Unanimous.
- That's terrific.
Thank you, governor.
Appreciate it, Edna.
- Good work.
- Thank you, Harry.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Hey, driver, you sure we're headed toward Waikiki? Honey, it just don't look right to me.
Hey, look, you don't like the way I'm driving, you can get out right here.
Now, that's the best idea you've had.
Come on.
Hey, one more thing before you go.
Leave all your money on the seat.
- Clint.
- Easy, honey, easy.
I think this fella means what he says.
So So we'll just give him what he wants.
You want big bills or singles? WOMAN: H.
, honey.
Taxi Joe.
Still using the phony cab bit, huh? How many years in the cage do you need to learn it's getting a little shopworn? Okay, listen, everyone.
Your lawyers will be here soon.
Most of you will be out on bail by this evening.
But I want you to take this as a solemn warning.
We're getting ready for our annual Kamehameha Day parade.
And Five-0's guaranteed the governor there will be no heists, no scams and no rip-offs of any kind.
Anyone who violates that pledge will be in trouble.
Big trouble.
Understood? Okay, lock them up.
GUARD: Single file, move it.
I don't know if my talk will do any good.
Well, at least you've given them a scare.
Danny, just off the press.
"Missing persons bulletin" - Professor Henry Kolani? - Yeah.
- Better get this to Steve right away.
- Okay.
[RINGS] - McGarrett.
- Steve.
I just got an MPB on Henry Kolani.
Kolani is missing? - Have you checked his apartment? - Yeah, we did.
Everything was in order, according to his landlady.
No signs of a struggle.
What about hospitals and the morgue? No, not a sign, Steve.
And there's no record of any airline or steamship ticket purchased in his name.
All right, I want an all-points bulletin put out on him immediately to every police officer from Diamond Head to Kahuku Point.
- Full description.
- Okay, got it.
[PHONE RINGS] - Hello, Mr.
- Now, who is this? Pier 40, 35 minutes.
Right on time, Mr.
I like that.
Hey, who are you, mister? What's your angle? I thought my message might give you a hint.
That message meant nothing to me.
But you're here, aren't you? Three banks, Mr.
Three banks that were robbed.
Three cases unsolved by the police.
But I studied the methods used in each one.
Remarkable how consistent you are.
Let me straighten you out.
Last guy tried to shake me down had a bad accident.
- Oh, relax.
- They never found all the pieces.
I'm not a shakedown artist, Horton.
Matter of fact, I'm a fan of yours.
You're the best bank mechanic in the business.
Or were, till the Ala Moana Trust.
Ha, ha.
Allowing four minutes for a getaway? You could've cut that in half.
We'll do better next time.
We'll do better? We're going into business, Mr.
At an enormous profit to both of us.
How do I know you're not the fuzz? A policeman asking you to commit a crime? Come on, Horton, you've been around.
You know that's entrapment.
It would virtually guarantee your acquittal.
My acquittal for what? Suppose, Horton, I were to tell you about a plan for a different kind of bank job.
No problems about getaway time.
No worries about alarm systems or guards.
The bank president would actually be helping you.
If I were to tell you about that kind of plan, what would you say? I'd say you were nuts.
But I'd sure like to hear about it.
I heard you worked miracles with a sewing machine at the women's reformatory.
Yeah, I'm a regular Betsy Ross.
What's the pitch? I need two s I need two sets of costumes made to order.
One set nobody knows about.
Couple dozen altogether.
- A lot of work.
- Hundred bucks apiece.
And 100 more if nobody knows about it.
When did Betsy Ross ever say no? Get out and don't come back.
Hey, brother Horton.
When did you get out, man? They just sprung me.
How you doing? Would it do me any good to complain? Kimo, old buddy, your luck's about to change.
Come here.
LAMBERT: All right, now for the good part.
I, uh, tell you, gentlemen, I think this is the first time in history that a rebel leader's tried to recruit the chamber of commerce.
[ALL LAUGH] But, uh, I am gonna need a few volunteers.
Now, what do you say? Just a few.
I know there's some frustrated actors out here.
Now, come on.
Help me out here.
Sam? Okay, good.
Jeff? What do you say? Okay, good.
And, uh, Harvey Adams, can you help me out? Thank you.
Jimmy Han, what do you say? Okay, Jimmy.
I'll need one more.
Well, the Army taught me never to volunteer, but for you, Arthur Okay, let's hear it for Harry.
Yeah, yeah.
- Joey, what are you doing? - Hey, Mr.
- How are you doing? - All right.
It's good to see you.
Kimo tells me you got busted again.
Yeah, I'm out on bail now.
I'd blow this island if I had the bread.
Suppose I could supply that for you? A big chunk.
- What's the deal? - I need a wheelman, a good one.
Listen, listen, come here, come here.
I'm talking about minimum $10-million take.
[WHISTLES] Split six ways.
Double for the idea man.
- Who's he? - Ha.
Only a genius.
Tell me more.
HORTON: Okay, everything's set.
LAMBERT: You're beautiful, Horton.
I got key people for every job.
LAMBERT: But everything has to come off like clockwork.
This has gotta be one of the biggest bank jobs in history, you know that? HORTON: Hey, that's great with me, man.
I've been waiting for a long time.
Remember, Horton, once everything's in motion, nothing must stop us.
Absolutely nothing.
You know that? You can count on it.
This is a good place to rest.
I'm beat.
[SCREAMS] Chin, who found the body? CHIN HO: A young couple hiking saw a hand sticking out of the ground.
God, what a loss.
Brilliant mind.
Danno, get the word out to Five-0 and all police districts: No leaves, no days off.
No rest until the killer of Professor Kolani is found.
- Right.
- Sergeant.
Get the body to the morgue, I want a full work-up as soon as possible.
McGarrett, Five-0.
Tell me exactly what happened, please.
Well, we were out hiking.
[CAR HORN HONKS] DOC: I was on my way to your office.
- What do you got? DOC: The autopsy report on Professor Kolani indicates swelling and local hemorrhages on the scalp.
He sustained blows by a heavy object, but there was no contusion or hemorrhage in the brain itself.
So we can discount that as the cause of death.
We did find aspiration of dirt occluding the tracheal tube.
- Meaning what, Doc? - He died of suffocation.
- You mean he was buried alive? - Right.
He was hit on the head, buried and then reached out before he died.
My God, how horrible.
No vehicle found in the area.
Which means he probably drove up with his killer.
Could be somebody he knew.
Yeah, somebody who had the grave already dug and waiting, but why? Probably wasn't robbery.
His wallet and money were still on him.
Okay, Doc, thank you.
You say Professor Kolani's apartment was checked carefully? By the Missing Persons Bureau, - and I looked in again myself.
- And? Well, no sign of a struggle or forced entry, but I did find one thing I thought you might find interesting.
What is this? Kolani's copy of the scenario for the Wilcox raid.
- Look at the cover.
- A question mark.
Yeah, I found it on the desk, near the phone.
That might indicate he was talking to someone about it.
Did you check with the phone company? Three calls the day before he disappeared.
His secretary keeps a log.
I've checked out the numbers.
- What are they? - Uh, first is to the library.
For some reference material.
Second, to the mainland, to talk to his publishers.
And the third to the museum.
- What museum? - Museum of the Pacific.
That's interesting.
Arthur Lambert is curator there.
Thank you, Danno.
LAMBERT: Hey, Steve.
Pleasant surprise to see you out here.
McGARRETT: Sorry to bother you.
- Oh, no, no bother.
McGARRETT: We're investigating Professor Kolani's death.
LAMBERT: Yeah, it's a tragic thing.
I still can't believe it.
We just learned that the day before he died he made a telephone call here to your museum.
Well, that wouldn't be unusual, Steve.
You know, Professor Kolani was an expert on Hawaiian history.
But that call wasn't to me, by the way.
Do you know if he spoke to anyone else? No, I don't, but I'll certainly ask around.
No, no, that not necessary.
We'll take care of that.
If you'll just give me a list of museum employees.
Uh, Nathaniel.
Would you get a staff list for Mr.
McGarrett, please.
Yes, sir.
One more thing.
You mentioned that Professor Kolani read and approved your scenario.
- When was that? - Well, let me see.
At least a month ago, long before our last committee meeting, Steve.
Then you had no recent conversations.
No, no, none at all.
Thank you, Nathaniel.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch, Arthur.
Well, anytime, Steve.
You know that.
LAMBERT: Hey, Harry, how's it going? Uh, could I have your attention, please? These are your schedules for the big day, gentlemen.
They tell which limousine you've been assigned to, uh, what time it's gonna pick you up.
So take one before you leave.
And remember, now, I want you ready in costume, in front of your house, before the limo gets there.
I mean, we can't have a revolution, without troops.
[WHIRRING] Steve, here.
We got the intelligence report on all known con men, thieves and pickpockets in Honolulu.
We can't watch them all.
We brought them all in, given them the impression they're under a microscope.
Good idea, Danno.
Security reports on all government buildings and commercial buildings in the area.
But nobody gets in today unless authorized by us or the parade committee.
Looks tight, let's keep it that way.
Thank you, Chin.
Marksmen on rooftops along the route of the parade.
We've got every VIP in Hawaii to protect today.
Well, there's one we didn't protect, Duke.
Professor Kolani.
- Who's that for? - The governor sent this for you, sir.
Thank you.
[CHIN HO CHUCKLING] What's so funny? Never saw a lei before? All right, let's go, fellas.
HORTON: How you doing? MAN: Pretty good.
Okay, let's go.
[CAR HORN HONKS] HORTON: How you doing? - Good, how are you? HORTON: Come on in.
MAN: Okay.
HORTON: Ready? Okay, Joe.
Well, we couldn't ask for a nicer day.
The weather's fine, anyway.
No leads on the Henry Kolani killing, huh? No, sir, not yet.
[CAR HORN HONKS] Hi there.
HORTON: How you doing? - Good, good.
Glad to see you.
You all right? Here you go.
Thank you.
I know you.
Police station, the lineup.
I saw you there.
- What are you doing driving this car? - You've got me wrong, sir.
- Oh, no, oh, no, I'm not wrong.
HORTON: Lewis.
- No, I don't trust you.
HORTON: Get in the car.
- All right, get in the car.
- I'm gonna check this.
Get in the car.
Kimo, cover.
Okay, go, go.
[TIRES SCREECH] [DOG BARKING] - Steve, Harry Lewis was shot.
- He was shot? He was found in his car on Kilauea Avenue, critically wounded.
What was he doing on Kilauea? - He was to be in the parade.
- I don't know.
They took him to Leahi Hospital, he keeps asking for you.
Excuse me, sir.
Kibbo, take over.
- Having troubles? - It appears that way.
HORTON: All right, everybody out.
Come on, move it.
Move it, move it.
Kimo, get them out of there, man.
Come on.
Out, out, move, move, move.
Look, any of them get itchy feet, you blast them.
All right, guys, come on, come on, fast as you can, come on.
All right, come on, come on, get going.
- How's Harry doing? - I'm sorry, Steve.
We tried everything.
He's gone.
[SIGHS] Okay, doc.
Thank you.
[TIRE SCREECHES] Steve, I just had a careful look at Lewis' car.
McGARRETT: Yeah? - No bullet holes.
But dried blood on the outside door handle.
That would probably mean he was shot before he got into the car.
He was one of the Wilcox raiders.
Weren't they to be picked up by limousines from their home? Yeah, 20 men, four cars.
Let's see if that's what happened.
- Okay, you know what to do? - Yeah.
All right, guys, come on, let's go.
Well, I think the main event is just about here.
- Guess I better go.
- Good luck.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Kamehameha Day committee proudly presents living history.
You are about to witness a recreation of the infamous Wilcox rebellion just as it happened in 1889.
In a moment, the rebels will invade key buildings surrounding the palace and declare a state of siege.
Are the rebels ready? Ready.
[CROWD CHEERS] Storm the buildings.
That's right.
All right, men, charge.
All right, rebels.
We surrender.
Take over, huh? Thank you, sir.
We already have.
Let's open the vault.
- Hey, they said there'd be a rebellion.
- The vault.
- But it's on a time lock.
- I'll take care of it.
The palace and government buildings are now in a state of siege.
But not for long.
The commander of the king's guards has secured a cannon.
Carter-Wesson 1912.
LAMBERT: USS Adams, which was anchored offshore.
You're making a mistake.
You'll never get away with Get him out of here! The king's guards will exchange artillery fire with the Wilcox raiders as a symbolic reenactment of the Wilcox rebellion.
Are the king's guards ready? Ready.
Commence firing.
That's number one.
- Are you ready? - Okay, that should do it.
Okay, ready.
Let's go.
Outnumbered and faced with superior firepower, the rebels soon panicked and surrendered.
LAMBERT: Thus ending the legendary Wilcox rebellion of 1889.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Danno, check inside the house, will you? Looks like bloodstains.
Apparently, he made it to his car, then drove until he collapsed.
Chin, get over to Chin, get over to King Street.
Find out what happened to the other businessmen.
Steve, no one's home.
Harry's family's probably at the parade.
Wait here a minute, Danno.
I've got a hunch.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
WOMAN: Yes? - Five-0, state police.
- Have you been here all morning? WOMAN: Yes, I have.
We're investigating a shooting that took place across the street.
- Did you see anything? - No.
- Did you hear anything? - No, I didn't.
Well, a shot was fired.
You must have heard something.
I heard a noise.
It was It sounded like the backfire of a truck.
Or at least that's what it sounded like to me.
I was dressing at the time.
Thank you.
- Going to the parade? - Yes.
- I hear it's the best one yet.
- So they say.
- What kind of truck was it? - It wasn't a truck, it An innocent man just died in the hospital.
I try to understand why people don't wanna get involved, but we're talking about a possible murder here.
We need your help.
All right, it was a black car.
I saw it all.
Did you happen to notice the license plate number? No, I was too upset.
What kind of a car was it? Oh, I think it was a Cadillac, it was a big car.
- How many men were there? - I don't know.
- Any women? - I believe they were all men.
I'd like you to come downtown.
- All right.
- Thank you.
CHIN HO: Steve, I checked with the parade committee.
- The raid came off like clockwork.
- Good.
That's one of them.
He was the driver.
Taxi Joe Malua.
- You know where to find him? - I sure do.
Chin, get a warrant.
Let's go.
DANNY: Steve, look at this map.
It's marked.
Yeah, someone laid out a route.
And all these markings are in the Waialae and Kaimuki districts.
That's mostly residential.
- That's where Harry Lewis lived.
- That's right.
And that neighbor lady said that the limo went west on Pahoa.
So assuming that this is the route, after shooting Harry Lewis, the killer or killers must have driven up here to Kuliouou Ridge.
What's up there? I don't know.
Let's go and see.
[HORN HONKING] McGARRETT: Wait a minute, Danno.
That tower could be what we're looking for.
DANNY: Yeah.
Central, this is McGarrett.
We're at Kuliouou Ridge.
We're about to check out the old tower up here.
Request H.
Backup immediately.
Cover Danno from this little shack here.
Danno, you go down to the fence.
Work your way up.
I'll go up over the top of this ridge here.
We'll have the pincer movement.
Be careful.
Chin, take him.
It's okay, fellas, Five-0, come on out.
McGARRETT: What happened? - They shot Harry Lewis and then they took us here.
Had their own people wearing our costumes.
What were you men supposed to do? MAN: We were to take over the Unified Bank.
- On King Street? MAN: Yeah.
Danno, let's go.
McGarrett to Central.
McGarrett to Central, code red.
Full mobilization directed to the Unified Bank on King Street.
Robbery in progress.
Repeat, code red.
Not just a bank heist, but the biggest in Hawaii's history.
And right under our noses.
CHIN HO: We did everything possible.
- Yeah, but not enough.
Which means we go into overtime until this thing is wrapped up.
- What have we got? - Booked the guard from the tower.
Got a long record here and on the mainland.
- So far he won't talk.
- What else? We got an APB out for Taxi Joe Malua.
What about the bank robbers themselves? Somebody must have seen something.
A lot of people, Steve.
But they all wore mustaches and whiskers.
They all looked alike.
And we're gonna settle for that, is that it? What else? We found the limousine abandoned near a parade assembly point.
- Ownership? - Rented from an agency.
- In whose name? - You won't believe this.
- Robert Wilcox.
- Wilcox? Robert Wilcox.
Robert Wilcox.
It seems to me that whoever planned this caper knew an awful lot about the Wilcox raid.
Gentlemen, I want every book you can find on the subject and I want them now.
We've got some homework to do.
Memo to Five-0 staff.
It's now shortly after 2 a.
I typed a report on what I've learned about the Wilcox raid.
You'll each find a copy of it on your desk in the morning.
Study it carefully, I want to discuss the contents with you.
Uh, there will be a staff meeting in my office at 9 a.
Thank you.
Good night.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
DANNY: Morning, Steve.
Well, have you all had a chance to go over the report? CHIN HO: Yeah.
DUKE: Yup.
Who's the mastermind? Danno? Lambert.
Gotta be.
- Chin? - No question.
- Duke? - I agree, but how do we prove it? How was Wilcox routed by the king's guards? Direct frontal assault.
Yeah, and that's the way we're gonna prove it.
Ah, this lashing's getting old.
- Tell Joe l - Arthur.
Hello, Steve.
- I need your help.
- Well, certainly, anything I can do.
Nathaniel, why don't you take a break now.
- Thank you, sir.
- Yeah.
- You heard about the robbery.
- Yes, it's a shocking, shocking thing.
Whoever pulled it off certainly took advantage of your thinking, your planning.
- How do you mean that, Steve? - Well, they had to know every detail.
Which businessmen were assigned to the bank.
When and where they would be picked up.
Even the costumes had to be duplicated exactly.
Yes, it must have taken some kind of planning.
How many people had early access to your scenario while there was still time to make plans? Well, just the committee, as far as I know.
I mean, there was the governor, and you, Edna Kalakaua.
And my dear friend Henry Kolani, and of course there's myself.
- I suppose I'm a suspect too.
- We all are, technically.
But - Arthur, I have another theory.
- What's that? The people you mentioned were entitled to access.
But isn't it possible, just possible, that someone else saw your manuscript without your knowledge? Someone who works here, for instance.
An employee, a typist, or someone who runs the duplicating machine.
Yes, it's possible, Steve, but I don't know.
- Logical, isn't it? - Yeah.
Someone here got a glimpse of your Wilcox raid scenario and it gave him an inspiration.
What an ingenious way to get robbers inside a bank, and all under the guise of the reenactment of an historical event.
A lifetime of riches for just a few minutes of risk.
I can see how that might appeal to someone of limited means.
Someone of limited future.
Surrounded with all this art and these expensive treasures.
Someone who appreciates them, but could never own them.
But [SIGHS] The plan The plan was shot down before it got off the ground.
Because of an error.
- An error on your part, Arthur.
- Mine? A simple research mistake.
It seems that the Wilcox raiders never got near the bank.
The coronation stand, yes.
The tax office, yes.
The Royal Hall of Records, yes.
But the bank, no.
Well, I tell you, Steve, I, uh I could have sworn that I, uh, read that somewhere, you know? Professor Kolani picked up on the error and that's why he put a question mark on the scenario.
Then he made a call to someone here.
That's why, I think, he was killed.
I just can't believe that someone here would do such a thing.
Well, I can, Arthur.
And if I were that man, I'd want that money in a safe place where I could watch it most of the day.
If we find it, we've got the murderer.
Could be anyplace here buried.
In that old war canoe, inside any of these idols.
Even in that old throne.
All units stand by.
Suspect leaving in haste with evidence.
All units, stand by.
Come in, please.
DANNY: Halt.
Good work, gentlemen.
Okay, let's start with the names.
Thomas Horton.
LAMBERT: Kimo Eahana.
Maggie Burns.
LAMBERT: Greg Phillips and Eddie Rabal.
And Taxi Joe Malua.
Book him.
I expect some consideration, Steve.
Consideration? Two innocent men dead, assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, and millions of dollars stolen.
What more could you have done? Well, you have to admit, I almost made it.
Well, almost is a big word.
Book him, Danno.
Murder one, two counts.