Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e09 Episode Script

Let Death Do Us Part

Spier's wife left a million-dollar estate.
As her convicted killer, he can't collect a dime, so he's out to prove himself innocent.
McGarrett, my mom is talking to us.
Yes, Mama.
She trusts you to see that justice is done.
I want this case cleaned up.
Now we've got a jailbreak, a homicide, two counts of breaking and entering.
Now, Spier is not some comic weirdo we're dealing with.
Are you okay? [ALARM WAILING] Move over.
Spier, Jim Spier.
The guy's a trusty.
I didn't get careless.
I didn't.
I mean, he just jumped me.
How was I supposed to know? Let me get this straight, John.
You're telling me that this guy Spier twice refused a parole.
The last, just about a month ago.
And then he attacks a guard and escapes from prison.
Making himself liable for an even longer stretch.
- That's right.
- I don't get it, John.
What is it? Some attention-getting device or what? What can I tell you? In the population, there are a certain number of crazies.
Would you believe 11.
7 percent? Always the optimist.
Go on, John.
All right.
Uh "James Jim Spier, personable, broke, no previous arrests.
" He marries, uh, a wealthy widow, Helen Newhall.
She's considerably older than he is and she wills the bulk of her estate to him.
A year later, her remains turn up in a lime pit.
The jury is out an hour and 20 minutes, Spier is convicted.
So how come he doesn't take his parole? A matter of principle.
Oh, Spier claimed that accepting a parole would be a tacit admission of guilt.
So naturally, he goes over the wall.
Wasn't there a charge of police brutality from Spier's attorney? That's right.
Spier claimed H.
Hated him because he was a big man with the ladies.
- How about that? - Well, he can't be all bad.
Helen Newhall's estate.
What happened to that? It's still in litigation.
The, uh, daughter, Anita, will wind up with most of it.
Well, we'd better get into this one, gentlemen.
Split it up, run down the principals, see what's left of the physical evidence.
Who handled the case for H.
D? Lieutenant Norton.
He's retired now but we've got an address on him.
Send it over, John.
I'll go and see him personally.
Chin, check on Spier's cellmate, if he had one.
Any visitors he had while in prison.
Ma'am, would you give the check to this gentleman, please? Thanks, John.
Great meal, John.
You know, Claudie, there's no doubt about it.
Lieutenant Norton is the key to this.
He had nothing on me.
He had me framed.
[SIGHS] Must have been something in it for Norton, some kind of payoff.
[CLAUDINE SCOFFS] Jim, I've spent close to two grand having Norton investigated.
If there was any kind of payoff, he sure hasn't spent the money.
Not yet, anyway.
Well, maybe he hasn't gotten it yet.
But that estate is gonna be settled this week.
Somebody's getting away with murder and being paid for it.
[SIGHS] You really think Norton conspired with someone to put you away? I'm gonna prove it.
[SIGHS] Well, I've done all I can to help you.
And I hope you're not gonna do anything crazy.
What do you mean crazy? Look, I'm in this with you now.
Helping you prove your innocence while you're still in prison is one thing.
Helping an escaped criminal is something else.
- I'm not a criminal.
- Look.
Don't do anything crazy.
That's all I ask.
[SIGHS] McGARRETT: Lieutenant Norton? - Yeah.
McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
Oh, yeah.
I know who you are.
All right, let's get this over with.
Tell me, what is it that you want to know? I'm told you are the expert on the Helen Newhall murder case.
I was the detective in charge.
I'm trying to understand why a man would turn down a parole and then break out of prison.
Very simple, McGarrett.
Spier's wife left a million-dollar estate.
As her convicted killer, he can't collect a dime.
So he's out to prove himself innocent.
Any chance of doing that? [SCOFFS] None whatsoever.
The man's guilty as Cain.
There was a missing witness, wasn't there? A woman by the name of Kentner.
Edna Kentner.
Oh, yes.
Let me tell you about that mythical lady, Edna Kentner.
The first we hear about her is when we dig up Mrs.
Spier's remains.
Now, during all the time that his wife was listed as missing, Spier never once mentioned Edna Kentner.
Then all of a sudden this woman, a one-night stand he picked up in a bar, becomes his alibi.
Claimed he was with her the day his wife disappeared.
Only he couldn't find her and neither could we.
Really gave it a try, huh? [CHUCKLES] Hotels, motels, airlines, missing persons.
We covered them all.
There was no such person, believe.
Spier is a murderer.
And there's a funny thing.
I'm against murder.
So are we, lieutenant.
Thank you.
Hey, McGarrett.
Hold him a second.
- What's his name? - Mike.
Hello, Mike.
Did you ever read my book? No.
I don't think I have.
My Ten Toughest Cases.
Chapter three covers the Helen Newhall murder.
Might help you.
Thank you, lieutenant.
Thank you.
Let me know what you think.
I'll give it a try.
Yes? If you're the police, get a warrant.
This is not an arrest, ma'am.
You know about Jim Spier.
He murdered my mother.
I don't discuss Jim Spier.
He escaped.
You didn't know? No, I, uh I disconnected the telly a year ago Christmas.
Went over the wall yesterday.
Ha, ha.
Thanks for the tidings of joy.
Excuse me, if you will.
Ma'am, there are a few questions.
Uh, mail them to me.
Ma'am, for your own protection Sir, if you insist on staying, you're trespassing.
Or are you one of those policemen who keeps the law by breaking the law? We serve and protect.
[GROWLING AND BARKING] Go on, get him.
[DOG BARKING] Hold it, police! NORTON: Oh, yeah.
It was Spier, all right.
No question.
McGARRETT: Do you have copies of what was stolen? NORTON: Well, I don't know yet what's missing.
McGARRETT: Besides the Newhall files, what would Spier want? I can't answer that till I check the files.
You'd better get on it, lieutenant.
Should be plenty of latent prints on that cabinet too.
Mostly mine, probably.
Oh, that guy's got to be crazy, tangling with me.
I just hope he comes back.
McGARRETT: Yeah, Danno.
Hey, McGarrett.
Did you, um? Did you get a chance to look at my book? Yeah, I read the chapter on the Helen Newhall murder.
And what did you think? Well, with all the, uh, policeman's instinct and detective's intuition, I thought it was a bit romantic, lieutenant.
Yeah, that's just what I wanted.
That's what'll sell a million copies.
Yeah, Danno, what have we got? Well, some gal came to see Spier in prison every visitor's day for the last six months.
Spier's cellmate thinks she was a beautician.
- Beautician? - Yeah.
All right, Chin, stay on it.
Maybe she'll lead us to Spier.
- Anything else? - Anita Newhall, the daughter.
She is one flaky lady.
She's running some kind of big mystic trip.
Guess I just couldn't connect with her astral plane.
Well, I'll go and see her.
Maybe my karma is more in tune, huh? Let me know what happens.
Count on it.
Oh, brother, what trash.
That fink egomaniac has the guts to call this a book.
All this jive about Anita Newhall and her messages from the beyond.
CLAUDINE: I'm trying to collate Wait a minute.
Ho, ho.
You ready for this? "While I was not one of those persons who subscribes to the occult, hmm, as an experienced detective, I came to know the value of intuition.
The victim's daughter, Anita Newhall, I recognize was a very intuitive person.
" - Such bull.
- Ha, ha.
I never heard such bull.
What did he have to say about Edna Kentner? Nothing.
Well, practically nothing.
He says I conjured up a witness.
Conjure, and he didn't even give her a name.
- Well, I found her name.
- Huh? Look at this memo from a Sergeant Pearson who worked with Norton.
Anita Newhall hired a private eye? To look for Edna Kentner.
Yeah, but why? I don't know.
But look at the date on this memo.
Written two weeks after your wife disappeared.
So? When did you first mention the name Edna Kentner? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
That was after they found the remains of Helen's body.
Now that must have been months after she disappeared.
You're sure you never mentioned the name to Anita or anyone else before? - You're sure? - Are you kidding? I never would have mentioned it in the first place if I didn't have to.
Well, Anita Newhall and Edna Kentner could have had some sort of contact.
That's what that indicates.
Anita Newhall, Edna Kentner.
You know, I've broken this thing down, put it back together 8,000 times, I never figured that one, never.
If the police knew about this, and you could show that Anita and Norton withheld evidence, wouldn't that get you a new trial? Yeah, maybe.
Maybe, maybe, maybe.
If I could just get a lock on it.
If I could nail that down.
She's, uh, in her special room.
I never know what I'm supposed to do.
It's all right.
I'll announce myself.
ANITA: Yes, yes, I understand.
Yes, you're trying to warn me.
Come in.
McGARRETT: Sorry to interrupt.
It's, um It's, uh, not, uh, words that interrupt.
It's presence.
I see.
Well, the presence is Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0 State Police.
Shall I leave? Please.
You've come to tell me that you've recaptured James Spier? No.
Not yet.
Naturally, I'm protecting myself.
I've hired Mr.
Do you know him? He used to be a detective.
I know him.
Well, he's going to work with the estate patrol until your people put Jim Spier back where he belongs.
That shouldn't take long.
Spier does such incredibly dumb things.
Well, it may only be a matter of hours before he stumbles into one of the incredibly clever traps that we've set for him.
[CHUCKLES] Do sit down, please.
Thank you.
This is a Ouija board.
- Really? - Yes.
Tell me, what can I do for you? I know it's part of the record, but would you mind running through the story of your mother's disappearance for me once again? On the day my mother disappeared, she was going to spend two weeks at a health retreat.
Car broke down.
Now, she called here first, but there was no answer.
Then she called me.
It was, oh, after 2:00 when we arrived back here.
Jim's car was in the driveway.
As I drove off, mother was going up the steps.
I never saw her again.
Not on this astral plane.
Um Do you communicate with your mother? Are you scoffing, Mr.
McGarrett? No.
No, no.
That's an honest question.
Yes, I have communicated with my mother.
[GASPS] Not always when I wanted to, and sometimes when I least expected it.
But, yes, I am not separate from my mother.
From these, um, conversations, did you learn anything about your mother's last confrontation with Spier? Any, uh, detail that is not in the transcript? Crime is hardly a fit topic for transcendental conversation, Mr.
Well, Hamlet did discuss murder with his father's ghost, didn't he? Jim Spier killed my mother when he found out she was going to change her will.
Money is not an uncommon motive.
Thank you.
McGarrett? Mr.
My mom is talking to us.
Yes, Mama.
She trusts you.
She trusts you to see that justice is done.
I'll try not to disappoint the lady.
SPIER: Anita.
Ah, don't turn around.
It's just your old Uncle Jim.
You listen to me, kid.
You pay the same price for killing two as killing one.
You just go into that bedroom.
[CHUCKLES] Don't worry about a thing.
You're not about to get lucky or anything like that.
[GUN CLICKS] Sit down.
Well, it's good to see you.
Look like you took off a little weight.
What are you made up for, you scum? Ha, ha.
Same old Anita, huh? Well, we're gonna have one of our frank little talks.
I don't have anything to say to you, ever.
You're gonna speak to me, sweetie, because I wanna hear all about you and Edna Kentner.
Where did you first hear about her? When? - You killed my mother.
- That isn't true.
You wanna talk? - Yeah.
- Huh? You wanna talk about all the different ways you killed her? You married her but you despised her.
And when she found out, that didn't kill her? - No, huh? - We had an arrangement.
You were going to love her but you didn't.
You didn't.
You wouldn't.
We're not going into that.
Yes, we are.
You were gonna be her companion.
She trusted you.
She gave everything over to you.
Money, anything you wanted.
She signed her life over to you.
And you didn't kill her? No? Shall I make you a list? How many ways a cheap hustler? Anita, damn it.
You shut up! Helen was afraid.
"Once we get married, once we get married.
" - That's what she always said.
- She was afraid to be loved.
- Yes.
- Yes.
People aren't afraid.
I know it.
Ha, ha.
The expert.
And what do you know? I wouldn't be afraid.
If I wanted it, I wouldn't be afraid.
Oh, man.
I wouldn't.
Listen to me.
I want to know about this.
You hired a private eye to check on Edna Kentner.
Why? And who was the shamus? [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Who is that? I have no idea.
NORTON: Anita? Are you there? [KNOCKING] Anita? Are you all right? [ANITA GRUNTS] You all right? [ANITA GROANING] WOMAN [ON RADIO]: To all units, there is no officer needing assistance.
I was coming up the stairs and Spier was hiding in there.
Well, he knows this place like the back of his hand.
By the way, he looks completely different now.
He's dyed his hair dark brown and he has no mustache.
Thank you.
That's very helpful.
I think he's absolutely insane.
I mean, I'm not pretending I ever liked him, but he did have a seedy sort of charm about him.
- Just tell me what happened.
- Yes.
Uh, he came out of there with the gun and he started threatening me and ranting, swearing that he was innocent.
Well, Mr.
Norton must have heard the shouting because he forced the door open.
Downstairs? Downstairs.
Then, uh, he called up to me and Spier then went over to the railing.
- You mean like this? - Like that.
Uh, he exchanged a few words with Norton then Spier shot him.
What happened to the gun? Uh, he turned and he dropped it and ran.
Where did it land? Uh, here, just about here.
Did you touch the gun? Uh, of course.
I picked it up and I tried to shoot Spier.
It clicked once and, uh, then it shot.
I missed.
Sorry about that.
You'll have to come downtown to make a formal statement, you know that.
Yes, I understand.
McGARRETT: Morning, gentlemen.
CHIN HO: Morning, Steve.
I want, uh, Anita Newhall put under surveillance.
You think Spier might go after her? Oh, he might.
But I'd like to know more about that lady.
She's very strange.
Oh, and one more thing.
Spier apparently has changed his appearance, so, uh, Chin, get an accurate description from Miss Newhall - and pass it on to H.
- Got it.
- Yeah, McGarrett, this is Jim Spier.
- I wanna talk.
Got things I gotta say.
- Spier? Yeah? Listen, why don't What you've been listening to, everything's wrong.
I've got the facts.
Now, if you come in, I can guarantee All that stuff in the papers, that's what I'm trying to say.
It's another frame.
I did not kill Norton.
I didn't.
Anita did.
They're all in that thing together.
Look, I've got all the answers and they're on the way to you, special delivery.
What do you mean special delivery? What answers are you talking about? Spier, now why don't you? - Cut off? - Yeah.
Yeah, I know, operator.
Yeah, we tried.
Thank you.
Spier is innocent again? Gentlemen, I want this case cleaned up.
Now, we've got a jailbreak, homicide, two counts of breaking and entering.
Now, Spier is not some comic weirdo we're dealing with.
But Spier's cellmate doesn't know why he broke out.
Chin, dig.
Dig until you find that beautician.
I don't care if you have to check every beauty parlor in the state.
And, Danno, I want the book on this mythical and missing witness of his.
This, uh, Edna Kentner.
Check the airlines, hotels, car registrations, everything and anything.
Any questions? CHIN HO: Thank you.
JANE: You people ask the wildest questions.
You know how long it's been? Well, we're just going back over everything.
You know, trying to get lucky.
Oh, isn't everybody? You know, the first time I talked to the police I couldn't remember a thing.
Then all of a sudden, about a month later, I remembered this woman who was having trouble with her teeth.
She was in a panic, so I sent her to a dentist friend of mine in San Francisco.
- Did you report it? - Oh, no.
Well, I wasn't absolutely sure it was the flight in question, you know.
And it was one of those things to do today that you never quite get to.
Do you remember the dentist's name? Irv? Sure.
- I dated him for two years.
- Irv.
Irv Cutler.
A very serious type.
Let me see.
He lives at, uh, 4237 Penelope Way, San Francisco.
Thanks a lot, we'll check it out.
Sure, okay.
Oh, uh, will you be flying back to San Francisco? Maybe.
I have to get off a Telex to San Francisco.
Well, I'd, uh, just as soon you didn't mention my name to Irv.
- Of course not.
- Okay.
CHIN HO: She's the lady, Steve.
Claudine Hessler.
Charlie at the Surfside recognized her.
She owns and operates a beauty shop, Danielle's.
What about the sketch? Did you check it with the prison authorities? Yeah, a positive ID.
You want me to pick her up? No, no, Chin.
Just stay a step behind her.
She may be doing that hair-job for Spier.
Ha, ha.
That figures.
What about Anita Newhall? She pick up on your surveillance yet? I sit very low in the car.
That way I sneak under her radar.
- Ha, ha.
- Very shrewd.
She does some flaky things, that lady.
She left home yesterday at 3:35, went to a coin booth and placed a long distance call to San Francisco.
The number she called was a public phone in a shopping center.
Oh, yes, will you read it to me, please? It's the answer to your Telex to San Francisco.
Yes, I have it.
Thank you.
The dentist dug out a file.
That stewardess friend of his sent him a patient.
She used the name Evelyn Knight.
You thinking what I'm thinking.
, Evelyn Knight.
, Edna Kentner.
One and the same person.
Yeah, could be a married woman out for a little extracurricular romance using a phony name.
When people use an alias, uh, they often keep the same initials.
It's on their towels and silver.
And even on their napkin rings.
How'd you figure that one out, Chin? Ha, ha.
Charlie Chan knows all.
What about the dates, Danno? How do they jive? When did this Evelyn Knight leave the islands? Let's see.
Uh It checks.
The day after Helen Newhall was murdered.
Why did she run? That's what we're gonna find out.
Danno, next plane to San Francisco.
That dentist must have an address on that woman.
- Find her.
- Bring her in? Alive and hopefully not kicking.
We'll get Manicote to get you a set of papers.
- Uh, Malia, get me Manicote, please.
Tell him I want a set of extradition papers on one Evelyn Knight, alias Edna Kentner.
I'd like a full description of the woman who lived in 140-A.
- Steve.
We traced Evelyn Knight down to an apartment here in San Francisco.
She made several moves.
We finally found her place through an unlisted phone number.
But the cupboard was bare.
She checked out yesterday.
Left no forwarding address.
Looks to me like she was tipped.
Have you got a description? It's on the Telex.
By the way, she was single and lived alone.
Good work, Danno, good work.
Come on home.
Chin, pick up the description on the Telex.
Get out an APB on Evelyn Knight, also known as Edna Kentner.
We'll give her a little lead.
These pictures are of the artifacts Norton said he found in the lime pit.
And this other jewelry and the bridgework were found with the remains.
And this is the ring I spoke to you about.
It was returned to the daughter, Anita Newhall, after the trial.
Listed value, $3,500.
And all of these things belonged to Helen Newhall, the mother, no question? That's what the prosecution claimed and the defense never challenged.
You would think that in the absence of a corpse, there would have been more challenges.
Is there any way that this thing could have been a hoax? No way, Steve.
The remains were there, that's certain.
In that kind of lye base, human bone disintegrates quickly.
I'd say somebody had that figured.
We're moving in.
Let's go.
What makes you so sure you shook them? Oh, come on, Jim.
How many times do I have to tell you? It seems kind of quiet.
Well, that's why you're staying here.
It's quiet.
Maybe you're right.
Jim? What are you doing with that? Just to be on the safe side.
No, absolutely not.
If you're so damn sure you shook them, then there's no problem.
If you're so damned innocent, there's no problem.
[SIGHS] Jim? It's open.
Easy, ma'am, we're police.
Jim Spier.
- Where is he? - He He just left.
- Be careful.
SPIER: Stay where you are.
All right, drop the guns.
Come on, both of you, drop them.
Jim, don't be ridiculous.
CHIN HO: Listen to the lady.
- Do yourself some good.
It's over.
You're caught.
Oh, no.
I'm not caught.
They're caught.
True? Tell her who's caught.
Go ahead, you.
I'm caught, okay? And don't you forget it.
I didn't surrender because I had to.
I gave myself up.
That's understood.
CHIN HO: Yeah, understood.
Man, you gotta do everything the hard way.
I'm doing this because that's how good you been to me.
It'll be okay.
It will.
Well, we'll see.
Come on, Spier.
Let's go.
McGARRETT: All right, Spier.
Slow down, slow down.
One thing at a time.
I admit that, okay? So I cheated on my old lady.
Big deal.
If that's a criminal offense, you better start building some bigger jails.
Strike that.
All right, Anita Newhall has your gun and you start running down the stairs.
Then what? That's it.
Norton had the drop on me at the foot of the stairs.
She fired down over the railing.
She was trying to kill me, not him.
All right, cut it there.
Type it up.
We'll have a statement for you to sign on the Norton homicide.
- That's it, Kim, thank you.
- Good.
I sure didn't want to see him get killed.
I mean, I hated his guts, but I still didn't want to see him dead.
All right, now off the record, let's go on to this, uh, Edna Kentner-Evelyn Knight matter.
What about it? [SIGHS] Helen and I had an arrangement.
It was no great love match.
But I was up front about that.
Honest, McGarrett, we had a deal.
Maybe it bothered the pants off her daughter, Anita, but I'm telling you, it was okay with Helen.
And that's the truth.
And was it part of your deal that you could have these one night stands, pick up any lady? Was that okay with Helen Newhall? No.
I gotta admit it.
Listen, I caused that old girl a lot of pain.
I thought I could be a friend and a companion to her when the physical thing didn't work out.
But I gotta admit.
I never made good on any of it.
How I came to resent that woman.
Man, you just You just wouldn't believe.
Anita's right about one thing.
I contributed to her mother's death all right.
I really did.
But I didn't kill her, and that's why I never accepted parole.
Yeah, Danno.
Got something? A woman fitting the description of Evelyn Knight showed up at the Newhall house.
Taxi picked her up at the airport.
Evelyn Knight? - No mistake? - No mistake.
Anita met her at the door of the house.
Sergeant, back in the holding tank.
SPIER: Hey, what's happening? Well, we may have your missing witness, and maybe something more.
Ah, Mr.
McGarrett and friend.
I thought you'd be out chasing escaped convicts.
Jim Spier turned himself in.
- Seriously? McGARRETT: Seriously.
[GASPS] Oh, I am so relieved.
Spier's version of what happened to Lieutenant Norton differs from yours in some very important details.
Does it? Well, then you have the real Jim Spier.
Whatever happens, he always has his own version.
Do you have visitors, Miss Newhall? Yes, I often do.
There's a warrant out for a woman using the aliases of Edna Kentner and Evelyn Knight.
Now, we have reason to believe that she might be here in Honolulu.
No, uh, I can give you my personal assurance that there's no one here by that name.
WOMAN: Anita.
Ah Our heroine is heard from.
- You are Mr.
McGarrett? - Yes.
And you are Helen Newhall, this lady's mother.
That's right.
- Uh - No, Anita, please.
I didn't come here to hide.
May I join you? By all means.
McGARRETT: You've been living in San Francisco, Mrs.
Newhall? Yes, all this while.
She didn't know who she was.
You were using the name Evelyn Knight, were you not? Yes.
I had a terrible shock and suffered from what has been called a traumatic loss of memory.
I woke up in San Francisco and didn't know who I was or where I'd come from.
I thought I was senile or insane.
It was terrifying.
McGarrett, this is hardly the time Please, Anita, please.
I had a sizable sum of money, and, uh, the identification of Evelyn Knight.
Of course, it didn't fit me.
But that didn't matter.
I tried to make the description fit me and me fit the description.
I wasn't very clever at it, but, uh, people don't seem to be very observant.
Were you and your daughter in touch? Only on the extra sensory level.
ESP? If you want to call it ESP, yes.
But, I mean, ha, we weren't legally conspiring or anything like that.
Newhall, may I see your hands? Palms down, please.
Danno, take a look.
No question, Steve.
That's the ring.
This ring was introduced as evidence in Spier's trial.
Now, if you and your mother were not in touch, how did she get it? By astral projection? Oh, I don't have to sit here and take these snide, vicious attacks on my beliefs.
They're my convictions.
They're my religious convictions.
Because you don't happen to understand.
Anita, Anita, that's enough.
L I can't, Mr.
We've been in touch since the beginning.
My daughter has been trying to protect me.
I killed Edna Kentner.
You killed Edna Kentner? You don't have to say anything.
I want to, dear, I really want to.
Evelyn Knight used the name Edna Kentner, didn't she? I guess.
People often come to the islands for romantic adventures.
Maybe she was ashamed to use her own name.
Tell us what happened, Mrs.
Please, Anita.
[SOBBING] When l When I came home that day, the woman was with my husband.
They didn't see me or hear me.
I was so shocked, so horrified.
I was crazy.
I I waited till Jim left.
And then I I confronted the woman in my bathroom, naked.
I I just attacked.
I just attacked her, and I felt my nails in her throat.
And she kicked and she screamed, and I pushed her and she fell over the tub.
Shh, shh.
You have the story, Mr.
I'd like you to finish, if you feel up to it, Mrs.
My mother will make a statement.
Isn't that what you want? It's not gonna get any easier, if you can tell us now.
[WHIMPERS] It's cruel and inhuman.
It's all right.
The woman was lying there, and I ran downstairs and Anita was coming in.
No, dear, uh, I came upstairs and she was dead.
So together, you arranged the ring and the other artifacts and the disposing of the body in the lime pit, huh? And then you steered Lieutenant Norton to his, uh, discoveries, huh? No, l I didn't say I did anything.
Is that the way you remember it, Mrs.
Newhall? Well, yes.
Except that I didn't go back upstairs.
Remember, Anita, I was trying to call Dr.
Imhoff? - Operator, please.
ANITA: Mother.
Mother, hang up.
The woman is dead.
Yes, dear, but, uh, think now.
Uh, you were on the phone when I came in.
Yes, dear.
And you came back to the top of the stairs, and you called down to me.
"It's too late.
She's dead.
" Do you think I could forget a thing like that, Anita? Was she dead, Miss Newhall? No, Mama.
No, Mama.
You were on the phone when I came in.
That's right and you were at the top of the stairs, dear.
All right.
Was she dead, Miss Newhall? Was she dead when you walked into that bathroom? - Anita? - You killed her, Mama.
You killed her.
You killed her, Mother.
No, you killed her.
You're under arrest for the murder of Edna Kentner.
Oh, no, that's impossible.
Why, Anita? Why? Why? I'll tell you why.
There's the will and the estate that Anita stood to gain.
Her hatred of Spier and her jealousy of him, that's why.
I'm so sorry.
It was my fault.
It really was.
Book them, Danno.
Both, for conspiracy.
Get me John Manicote, please.
John, McGarrett.
Arrange for the release of Jim Spier as soon as possible.
Yeah, I know all about the charges against him.
And be good to him, brother.
And you better get yourself a sharp lawyer because I have a feeling he's gonna sue the pants off somebody.