Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e13 Episode Script

The Bells Toll at Noon

[MIMICS JAMES CAGNEY] We held this kangaroo court, see? - Who's we? - All of us.
Cagney, Robinson, Bogart, the whole gang.
We fingered the three of you for murder.
Whose murder? [IN NORMAL VOICE] A little girl named Makamae.
No prints, no witnesses and no nothing.
I think it's all written out for us if we could just read the language.
[MIMICS CAGNEY] This is Cody Jarrett.
On top of the world! Come down before you get somebody killed.
Hey, feds.
You want me? Come and get me.
DANNY: Any word? McGARRETT: No, not yet.
Could be he conned us or maybe he's in trouble.
Should we try to contact him? [PHONE RINGS] - McGarrett.
CHARLIE [ON PHONE]: McGarrett? Charlie, where the hell have you been? You said you'd call an hour ago.
What's the matter, sweetheart? Ruin your dinner? Don't get snotty with me, pal.
Just relax, they called a meeting.
I couldn't get out.
I talked to the district attorney.
No plea bargaining, but he said he'd look very kindly on any help you can give us.
McGarrett, I don't want no favors.
I'm through with these people.
I just wanna jug them.
I want it all, Charlie.
All of it.
Cutters, middlemen, distributors, the works.
Yeah, sure.
Who's number one? McGarrett, this will take an hour.
I got an appointment.
- An appointment? - Relax, man.
No pushing.
Um I'll meet you at the beach at Black Point.
- About 1:30, okay? - Charlie, we have an agreement.
Don't fight me, McGarrett.
One-thirty, all right? Beach off Black Point, 1:30.
Child, run to the sacristy.
Call for help.
Get an ambulance.
[MUTTERS] OFFICER [OVER RADIO]: Central to McGarrett.
Central to McGarrett.
Go ahead.
Reports a shooting at St.
Agnes Church at approximately 12 noon.
Victim was DOA at Queen's Hospital.
Personal possessions included a notation of the word McGarrett and the private Five-0 number.
- Victim's name? - Charles Hazard.
H- A-Z-A-R-D.
Okay, I'm on my way.
Father Neill, this is Steve McGarrett, Hawaii Five-0.
How do you do, sir? We didn't know what had happened.
I thought he had a heart attack or stroke.
Then I saw the blood.
- Didn't you hear a shot? - No, it was high noon.
- High noon? - The bells.
- The Angelus Domini.
- Oh, I see.
When you got to him, Father, was he alive? He was alive, but he wasn't conscious.
He never did regain consciousness.
I went with him in the ambulance.
You mean, to give him the last rites.
Well, for that of course.
But mainly because he was my friend.
- He was your friend? - I know his family very well.
I could never think of Charles as a narcotics addict, a pusher.
To me, he was always the same skinny kid I'd known ever since he was a baby.
Then he could have been on his way here to see you.
He was.
We had an appointment.
He'd needed to talk.
About what, Father? Could you tell me that? Steve.
Excuse me.
Here's the preliminary autopsy report on Hazard.
The coroner pulled one slug out of the victim's back.
Thirty caliber, 152 grain.
Sounds like an M1A1 carbine.
What do you think? A payoff for a squealer? Maybe.
Except the m.
Doesn't fit the local muscle.
Mainland talent? I doubt it.
He was too small-time.
Strange angle of entry.
He must have been shot from an extreme height.
That seems to be the only logical one around here, Danno.
- Check it out, Danno, will you? - All right.
Excuse me for the interruption, Father.
What were you saying? You asked me if I knew what Charles had on his mind this morning.
He was afraid of eternal damnation.
A little late for Charlie Hazard to be worried about his immortal soul, wasn't it? He'd been in the rackets half his lifetime.
He'd never killed anyone before.
- Before when, sir? - Two weeks ago.
That's when he started coming to see me.
We'd meet every day in my office at noon and we'd talk about the murder.
At least that's how Charles thought of it.
He'd re-hooked an island girl who'd been clean for over a year.
She died of an overdose.
Charles felt damned.
I told him to go to the police.
I suppose he was too weak.
- Oh, he called us.
- Thank God for that.
- What was the girl's name, Father? - He wouldn't give me her name.
Did he name any of his accomplices? No.
No one.
All right.
Thank you for your help, Father.
Appreciate it.
DANNY: Looks like it was jammed.
When did you first notice the lock was broken? Not until today.
The tenants seldom come up here.
Once in a while the fat dame in room 4-B comes up here and sunbathes in the raw.
- How would you know that? - We get complaints.
And your street door's usually open.
MANAGER: Always.
- So that anyone could come up here? - Right.
DUKE: Danny! See what I found? No sign of weathering.
Maybe the wind blew it up here.
You figure the wind blew that too? The murder slug very likely came from this casing.
It's a rimless center-fire cartridge, probably from a military clip.
Still consistent with the carbine.
What about the ticket stub, Che? I got two partial prints, right thumb and forefinger.
Were you able to restore the theater name? That was easy.
All right, Duke, check it out.
DUKE: Right.
Three female overdose deaths in the Honolulu area in the past four weeks, according to H.
Now, first, an Oriental, 41 years old.
- Would Hazard have called her a girl? - Could have.
Well, she's married.
Last prior conviction for possession, six months ago.
Caucasian, 27 years old.
Uh, mainland address.
Just arrived.
- No way.
- Hawaiian, 20 years old.
Last cited for possession a year and two months ago.
- Was she sent up? - No.
- Where? - Tommy Saito's place, Start Anew.
McGARRETT: Pretty little kid, isn't she? Oh, she was more than pretty.
She was beautiful with a beautiful soul.
Her name was Makamae Maile.
- What happened, Tommy? - She's dead.
She met a guy she couldn't say no to.
How long had she been clean? About a year, a little more.
And the guy, do you know who he was? Yeah, a snake named Charlie Hazard.
And he's dead too.
Thank God.
Tell me something, Tommy.
How did she fit in around here? She was like family.
Everybody loved her.
She was like everybody's kid sister.
Come on, Steve.
It was a hit, wasn't it? A gang killing? We'll see.
ROBINSON] Now, remember when Bogie joined Murderers' Row at Warner Bros.
Studios, he played a gangster so effectively that many people thought he was one himself.
He got letters from inmates at San Quentin and other prisons.
[AUDIENCE CLAPPING] I'd make a lousy cop, Steve.
You know what I'd do when this case came in? No.
What? - I'd go fishing.
- No you wouldn't, Tommy.
[MIMICS CAGNEY] I put so many slugs in Bogey.
One day I said to him, "Listen, mister.
You better start showing up wearing a rubber suit.
You're leaking all over the set.
" Look at that guy, Johnny Kling.
He's been coming around quite a while now.
Does a free show for the kids.
Sweet guy.
Is he a professional? Yeah, he was, before the junk got him.
He's gonna make it back.
He's been clean about two, three years.
[MIMICS SYDNEY GREENSTREET] Of course, it was extremely difficult to separate the private eye Bogie from the gangster Bogart because he was tough, sir.
Needless to say, he was the toughest private eye ever, especially when it came to tracking down a certain Maltese Falcon, sir.
The black bird, sir.
[CHUCKLES] TOMMY: Hey, Johnny.
I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.
Johnny Kling, Steve McGarrett.
- Johnny.
- Hi.
Watch out for this guy, Johnny.
He'll arrest you if you do an impersonation of a police officer.
He's the head of Five-0.
Oh, is that right? Well, I'll have to be careful, huh? That's a great act you have.
Yeah, well, you know, a lot of people do the old timers, but the difference is I do them with love.
It shows.
Well, nice meeting you.
- Bye.
TOMMY: Beautiful, Johnny.
Well, thanks for everything, Tommy.
Appreciate it.
For nothing.
I hope.
- This is one rap you won't beat.
HALLEY [ON SCREEN]: You're crazy.
MAN [ON SCREEN]: Sounds like Eddie talked out of turn.
Get up.
Open that door.
Eddie! Eddie! PANAMA [ON SCREEN]: Eddie! PANAMA: Eddie.
PANAMA: Eddie.
PANAMA: He's dead.
COP [ON SCREEN]: Well, who is this guy? PANAMA: This is Eddie Bartlett.
COP: Well, how are you hooked up with him? PANAMA: I never figured it out.
COP: What was his business? [MIMICS W.
FIELDS] Popcorn, my little chickadee.
Oh, hi.
My golly.
Are you back again? Again and again till I get it right.
How many times are you gonna see these pictures? Till it wears out.
- Steve? McGARRETT: Yeah, Duke.
Come in.
I checked out the Varsity Theater.
Nothing unusual.
They do big business with the revival of old movies.
According to the number of the stub, the ticket was sold last Monday afternoon, but they couldn't narrow it down to a specific customer.
Then I guess we'll have to.
[KELLMAN COUGHS, KNOCKING CONTINUES] Wait a minute! What is this, a fire this time of day? What do you want? JOHNNY: Package for James Kellman.
Oh, just leave it there.
JOHNNY: I need a signature.
[SIGHS] Just a minute.
JOHNNY: Morning, Jim.
Hey, what's the matter? Where's the big greeting? Cat got your tongue? Am I supposed to know you? Ah, how soon they forget.
Charlie Hazard's pad four years ago.
You dropped off two nickel bags of horse for Charlie.
Charlie sold them to me and I went floating away through the night.
Come on, you remember.
[MIMICS CAGNEY] Cagney never said, "You dirty rat.
" But if he had, you're the kind of rat he would have said it to.
Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- What do you want? I don't have any stuff here.
[IN NORMAL VOICE] Charlie's dead.
I saw it on TV.
I did it.
You see this? It's a.
It'll blow a man's head off at 40 yards.
It's got a silencer.
Nobody'd hear a thing.
[MIMICS CAGNEY] Now sit down, you dirty rat.
All right.
Now, let me fill you in, see? We held this kangaroo court.
Wait a minute, who's we? All of us.
Cagney, Robinson, Bogart, Raft.
The whole gang.
Anyway, to make a long story short, we fingered the three of you for murder.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Whose murder? A little girl named Makamae.
Sweet little thing.
I don't even know her.
Yeah, well, you helped murder her all the same because you distributed the smack that Charlie sold her.
If you so much as brush against that phone again, I am going to rip it off the wall and I'm gonna shove it up your nose.
Do you understand me? - Three of us, you said.
- Yeah.
Charlie for selling it, you for distributing it and Thayler for supplying it.
Oh, you don't wanna kill Thayler.
I don't? Thayler's got money he hasn't counted yet.
Let me call him.
I'm sure we can work something out.
You know, I never saw a man with such little regard for his own nose.
What do you want me to do? Beg? [MIMICS CAGNEY] Yeah.
On your knees, mister.
Mister What was it again? Cagney.
I can make it worth your while.
Just give me a chance.
Let me call Thayler.
[GASPS] [GUNFIRE] You didn't say, "Pretty please.
" [RINGS] McGarrett.
I know how busy you must be investigating the Hazard killing and all.
- Who's this? DANNY: Trace line one.
Why, I'm the killer.
Uh, incidentally, I wouldn't put a trace in this call.
I'm in a phone booth and I'll be out of here in a few minutes.
- What do you want? - I wanna cooperate with you.
Come on in and give yourself up, pal.
No, no, no, no.
I wanna help.
How's your spirit of adventure? Well, that depends on what you have in mind.
All right.
You know where the Manukai Motel is? No, but I could find it.
Go to the Manukai Motel right now.
You'll see a key to cabin seven under the door mat.
Go in and wait for me to call.
How do I know you won't put one between my shoulder blades? You're a pretty fair rifle shot.
McGarrett, I'm on your side.
How many times have you wanted to close the books on Charlie Hazard? Well, they're closed now.
[PHONE CLICKS] McGARRETT: Any luck? DANNY: Anything? No luck.
I think you're crazy, Steve.
At least let me go along.
- No way, Danno.
- This guy might be a psycho.
Somehow I don't think he is, but just in case [PHONE RINGING] - Hello? - McGarrett? There's a record on a phonograph.
Play it.
["I'M FOREVER BLOWING BUBBLES" PLAYS] Yeah? Now what? Now open the closet door.
[RECORD SKIPPING] [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Give me a computer readout on Kellman, James.
That's K-E-L-L.
Over here.
- This is Miss Cramer.
- Ms.
Cramer manages this motel.
She signed in the man who rented this room.
I see.
I knew there was something funny about that bird.
- Why? CRAMER: Why? Who checks in a motel room at 8 in the morning alone? What did he look like? Look? Oh, I don't know.
Who looks? He looked normal.
Well, was he short or tall? - Compared to what? - Compared to you, for instance.
Oh, he was shorter than me.
Maybe taller.
I don't know.
Do you remember what he was wearing? That I remember.
Just sunglasses? Oh, funny, funny.
Think I'd check in some nut in the nude? Oh, no.
Coconut hat, shirt, pants.
McGARRETT: How much is a cabin here? Three bucks.
Here's the registration card he filled in.
You get many John Browns these days? Not so many.
Lot of Joneses, Lees and Chungs.
All right.
Let her talk to the police artist, Danno.
Maybe he can work up a sketch.
Over here, please.
You're dreaming.
- Describe his eyes.
- Strange.
Deep eyes.
CHIN HO: Kellman, James.
Age 41.
Caucasian, single, three arrests, no conviction.
Oh, incidentally, this one was shot in the stomach.
Killer used a handgun at close range.
45 automatic.
- What were the arrests for? - Suspicion of dealing in narcotics.
So closes another set of books.
- What? - Oh, just talking to myself, Chin.
Must be getting old.
Well, a case like this would age anybody.
No prints, no witnesses and no nothing.
Oh, I don't know, Chin.
I think it's all written out for us if we could just read the language.
What language? Record playing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles," corpse wrapped like a mummy, propped against the door.
Hieroglyphics, Chin.
No good without the Rosetta stone.
JOHNNY: Well Here I am again.
Another beautiful day.
Very quiet up here.
Just enough wind to move the grass.
I'll tell you what it's like.
Do you remember the first day I came out to the place? Well, sure you do.
Tommy asked me to give a show down on the beach and you just about tore the place apart trying to get a seat in the front row.
And I did Bogie.
Do you remember? [CLEARS THROAT] [MIMICS HUMPHREY BOGART] "Here's looking at you, kid.
" [IN NORMAL VOICE] Then afterwards we walked.
And we talked.
I know I never told you this.
Well, how could I? You would have thought I was crazy.
A man twice your age.
But I know love when I feel it.
And I'll feel it until I die.
Maybe even after that.
Well, I better go.
There's some cars coming.
Hey, what's the matter with me? I nearly forgot the best part.
Now there's two gone.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] Charlie and Kellman.
No, I haven't forgotten about Thayler.
Thayler's next.
Sleep well, baby.
I love you.
I really do.
I'll be back.
Well, it's not a spitting image, but it's okay.
Thank you, Ms.
CRAMER: Hey, how'd you like to do a picture of me? Meet Mr.
One with glasses, one without.
Don't count too much accuracy.
She about drove the artist crazy.
- Ha, ha.
- Changed her mind a hundred times.
McGARRETT: Okay, show it around.
Show it to Father Neill, the apartment house manager, then, uh, file it.
It's probably another dead end.
[HONKS HORN] Danno, let's go.
DANNY: Thank you, Ms.
We'll be in touch.
I was on the phone, Steve.
Thought I'd give Tommy Saito a call out at Start Anew.
See if the description of Ms.
Cramer rang any bells.
It didn't.
[TIRES SQUEAL] What is it? My God.
That's it.
That's it.
Did he know the girl? Steve, he knows everybody.
Of course he knew the girl.
- How well? Was he in love with her? - No.
He mooned around a little.
Had he ever been a soldier? Yeah.
Yeah, he did a hitch about ten years ago.
Get Kling's address, Danno.
I'll get a search warrant.
TOMMY: Steve, wait a minute.
Thayler? Ah, thank you.
Uh, there's a gentleman to see you.
He says it's urgent.
He's right over there near the garage.
- You know him? - I don't think so, no.
Maybe he's an attorney come to tell you you've inherited a million dollars.
Or a process server, right? You know, my horoscope said this morning that, uh, I was gonna meet a stranger who would change my whole life.
That might be him.
I'll be back shortly, baby.
And, uh, no cheating, all right? Mr.
Thayler? My name is Johnny Kling.
Do I know you? You do now.
LANDLORD: You sure this thing is legal? I never seen a search warrant before.
DANNY: Have you heard of obstructing justice before? That I heard of.
This is it.
Open it.
There's his god, Steve.
- Hmm, yeah.
LANDLORD: Johnny won't like this.
He doesn't let anybody in this room.
Don't break anything.
He loves all of this stuff.
McGARRETT: Look at this, Danno.
"Hazard, Kellman.
" Who's Paul Thayler? I think he's president of Mid-East lmporting Company.
Maybe Mr.
Thayler imports more than meets the eye.
Yeah, maybe.
- Yeah, Steve.
McGARRETT: Two things.
First, I want an immediate APB on John Kling.
Uh, I would guess that he's 35, Caucasian, slightly graying hair.
Want him on suspicion of murder.
Mark him armed and dangerous.
Got it.
Two, locate the head of Mid-East lmporting Company.
His name is Thayler.
Paul Thayler.
Warn him that his life is in danger and put him under protective custody.
- Hang on, Chin.
- A current bill of the Varsity.
- Chin? - Yeah, Steve? Contact me as soon as there's any word on either Thayler or Kling.
I'll be at the Varsity Theater on University Avenue.
You're going where? We're gonna see Mr.
Let's go.
I don't believe this.
I just don't believe it.
JOHNNY: Believe what, sir? This kidnapping in broad daylight.
It's foolish.
All right, the key's in the ignition.
Slide on over.
Look, I don't have as much money as you people think.
It doesn't matter.
I'm not after your money.
What are you after? Well, we've still got a little time before nightfall.
Now, when we get out of here, turn left at the gate.
Where are we going? Start Anew.
You know where that is.
You're the one who helped fill the place up.
Now, crank it up.
Come on.
Come on.
- Ma, they're bringing Tom home.
- They are? When? - Right now.
He's on his way.
- Is he all right? He must be.
They wouldn't be bringing him home.
Oh, it's wonderful.
I'll get his room ready.
I knew my baby would come home.
Come on, Danno.
McGARRETT: Where is the projection room, please? In the lobby, to the left.
- Is there anything wrong? - No, no.
Hey, brother.
Can't you read the sign? - Can you read this? - Oh.
What can I do for you? We just saw the end of a picture.
Which one was it? Uh Public Enemy.
- What's the climax of White Heat? - White Heat? You know, to tell you the truth, I see so many of these, - I cannot remember.
- Put it on for us.
Just the ending.
You must be kidding.
I cannot do that.
- I'm on a schedule.
- Why not? DANNY: What's this? That's a Moviola.
You know, sometimes I gotta cut film, man.
- It's a viewing screen? - Yeah.
But listen, I got no time.
The last reel.
Put it on for us.
I cannot do that.
We'd like to see the ending.
Okay, brother.
Thank you.
Hold it a minute, Danno.
I wanna run it back.
Now, I wanna see it from here.
McGARRETT: There's Cagney on top of the tank.
There it is, Danno.
JARRETT [ON SCREEN]: They think they've got Cody Jarrett.
They haven't got Cody Jarrett.
You might as well come down, Jarrett.
There's no one left but you.
Ha, ha.
Come and get me! What's the name of that big oil refinery out on Nimitz just outside of town? Aloha.
[JARRETT LAUGHS] Made it, Ma! Top of the world! My God.
- One of you guys McGarrett? - Yeah.
If you'll excuse me.
- McGarrett.
- Steve.
Johnny Kling apparently kidnapped Paul Thayler.
Some time this afternoon from the beach in front of the Kahala.
Kidnapped him? Any word on the APB? No, nothing on Johnny.
But I just got an H.
Report that his car was seen near Start Anew.
I'm having the area combed now.
How far is the Aloha Oil Refinery from where the car was seen last? - I'd say about five miles.
- Okay.
Get hold of Duke, join us at the Aloha Refinery as soon as you can.
They'll be looking for Thayler and Kling, and to approach the subject with extreme caution.
But why oil depots? Because that's what the plot calls for, Chin.
Get on it.
Danno, let's go.
THAYLER: Johnny.
Johnny, look.
I can't stand heights.
I can't stand heights.
Aw, what a shame.
Would you like some junk, huh? Yeah.
The stuff you've been selling to kids.
Would you like a fix? That'll help you get up the stairs, huh? [THAYLER CRYING AND YELLING] Now, come on, move it, or I'll blow your head off.
Move it! Come on! Come on, move it! THAYLER: Johnny, please.
Johnny, please! JOHNNY: Shut up and keep THAYLER: Please! Please, Johnny.
No, no.
Anything you want.
Johnny, anything, anything, anything.
- No.
Oh, God.
JOHNNY: Come on.
THAYLER: Please, Johnny.
JOHNNY: Just go.
THAYLER [WAILING]: Johnny! Johnny, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, Johnny, no! No! No! JOHNNY [AS CAGNEY]: It's happening.
It's happening! [JOHNNY LAUGHING] They're here.
They're here! DANNY: Steve, look.
- They're here.
They're here! I knew it.
I knew it.
Come and get me.
Come and get me.
Come on! [LAUGHING] They're here.
It's the feds, Thayler.
They've come to get us.
McGarrett, help me! He's crazy! He's got Thayler up there on top of the tank, Duke.
Keep the other units back.
One bullet could send this whole refinery halfway to China.
Danno, aim your light up there.
[JOHNNY LAUGHING] Get that light out of my face! Give me the bullhorn.
They think they've got Cody Jarrett.
They haven't got him.
Try this.
Kling, can you hear me? Who's Kling? There's no Kling here.
This is Cody Jarrett.
On top of the world! Johnny, it's a whole new script, a whole new cast of characters.
No, no, no.
Those aren't the words.
Johnny, come down before you get somebody killed.
No, no.
I told you, those aren't the words.
You want me? Come and get me.
Johnny, don't disappoint her.
Remember the girl, Makamae? Remember how she used to laugh? Johnny.
Come and get me.
Johnny, come on down before you kill somebody.
Johnny, listen.
I'll do anything.
Don't die like a coward.
Come on down and be a hero.
She'd be proud of you, Johnny.
The girl loved you.
Now, will you please come on down? [THAYLER CRIES] McGARRETT: Where's Thayler? JOHNNY [IN NORMAL VOICE]: He's hanging on up there.
I can give him to you.
I'll tell you where he brings the stuff in, where he stores it.
I'll tell you everything.
[SINGS] I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy Yankee Doodle, do or die McGARRETT: Let's go.