Hawaii Five-O (1968) s09e18 Episode Script

A Capitol Crime

I'm wearing a bomb.
I'm serious.
I'm wearing a bomb.
[CROWD SCREAMING] The man refuses to talk to anyone but you.
This way.
- They're tearing down our house.
- Who's tearing down your house? - You and the City of Honolulu.
MARY BETH: Daddy! Daddy! Stay right where you are, Pops.
Okay, everybody.
Stay right where you are.
Featuring the Tihati Spectacular.
[RASPS] ANNOUNCER: And now, here's that crown prince of tranquility, Jimmy Borges.
[SINGING] Sweet Leilani Heavenly flower [SINGING] I do Love you With all My heart Aloha! ALL: Aloha! Ladies and gentlemen, speaking of hula contests, that's my very favorite part of the show because it pays me an awful lot of money.
And in the hula contest, you get a chance to make a fool of yourself, pay my salary, and have fun while you're doing it.
We need volunteers.
Anybody out there.
Anybody, come on up.
Don't be shy.
No fidgeting.
Volun This is fun.
Now, come on, come on.
Bring him up.
He looks like a dancer.
That's Fred Astaire.
Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it.
Come on.
Bring him up.
Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers.
Very good.
Thank you.
Anybody else out there? Now, we need some more.
Don't be shy, eh? Part of being in Hawaii is doing things.
Ladies and gentlemen, a veteran.
Beautiful, beautiful.
Now look, ladies, the hula is the simplest dance in the world.
All you have to do is Well, just kind of think of it as sort of Shake'N Bake, Hawaiian-style.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHS] BORGES: Now, for you guys, think of it as Polynesian jogging lessons, but from the waist down, grind the coffee.
And you can percolate if you wanna really get it going.
Gentlemen of the orchestra, a little grind-your-coffee music, if you please.
Keep that thing going.
Move it, move it.
Sir, if you're making coffee, it's very weak.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHS] BORGES: I'll salute that.
I'm not sure what you're doing.
Just keep that thing going.
Turn around.
Forget the coffee, order tea.
Is there any more volunteers out there? Any other volunteers? Any more? Ladies and gentlemen, a single volunteer.
A nice aloha.
[AUDIENCE APPLAUDING] - Your name? - Clinton Palmer.
Clinton Palmer.
That's a very classy name.
Palmer, may I shake your hand? You're the very first person to [ALL LAUGH] Ladies and gentlemen, I think we're engaged, or I've just been handcuffed.
I should have paid those parking tickets a few weeks ago.
- Mr.
AUDIENCE: Ha-ha-ha.
Now that we're so close, just call me Jimmy, baby.
This is no joke, Mr.
You're absolutely right, this is no joke.
I hope you got keys to these bracelets, because I got a dental appointment at 3:00.
Now, listen to me.
I'm wearing a bomb.
I'm serious.
I'm wearing a bomb.
[ALL GASP] Stop that music.
Stop it, you hear me? Now, look.
I don't mean to upset you people unnecessarily out there, but I suggest you get out of here, and get out of here as fast as you can.
I mean now.
[ALL SCREAMING] You musicians can leave too.
Come on, get moving.
Come on, move it.
Move it.
You people here on the stage, get over on that side.
You stay here.
You're my hostages.
That's it, keep it moving.
What do you want from me, Mr.
Palmer? I want the governor.
Did you hear that, George? He wants the governor.
Call the governor.
GEORGE: I want you to get Hotel Security up here fast, and I mean fast.
That's right, I want the governor.
Governor Paul Jameson.
And I want him here, and I want him now.
This warrant's in order, Mr.
Prisoner can be extradited at any time.
McGARRETT: Thank you, judge.
We'll turn him over to you at Honolulu International Airport.
When, McGarrett? When we're ready, Hawley.
When we're ready.
A secret, huh? [LAUGHS] My little army got you worried, huh? Ha-ha-ha.
Yeah, I'm worried.
If you've got nothing more to say, Hawley But I do.
Your Judgeship, I'm not gonna stand trial in Chicago or anywhere.
You know why? [HAWLEY MIMICKING GUNFIRE] [LAUGHING] - Take over, Danno.
- Come on, Hawley.
Captain Matthews, H.
, for you.
Yes, captain? What have you got? When? Oh, my God.
Okay, I'm on my way.
I got a walking bomb.
Out of the way.
Going through.
Going through.
Out of the way.
[ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SQUEAL] POLICEMAN: Ladies and gentlemen - Ma'am, would you move back? WOMAN: Sorry.
POLICEMAN: Thank you.
Sir, stand back.
We have a car coming in.
Let that car through.
Let that car through.
Thank you.
Stand back, stand back.
We have an emergency situation in the hotel.
We have a man with a bomb.
Sir, would you move back? Thank you.
Ma'am, stand back.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have an emergency situation.
We have a man with a bomb in the hotel.
Move back, please.
We have emergency vehicles coming through.
Okay, fill me in, captain.
What have we got? Not much to tell you.
Gave his name as Clinton Palmer.
KIRSTEN: I'm Kirsten, the manager.
- Checking Motor Vehicle records.
Handle this fast.
- What does Palmer want? - He won't say.
We have a convention due in tomorrow.
- Two hundred eighty rooms.
- He didn't say? They'll all cancel if this problem isn't solved.
I'm worried about the ones who are here now.
Have you evacuated the rooms above the east wing? We're looking for a spot to station a sharpshooter.
That's a last resort, captain.
No one, no one, under any circumstances, is to take a shot at that man without my approval.
- Is that understood? - Yes, sir, I'll pass the word.
Has the governor been notified? We're trying to reach him.
He's on the North Shore.
Palmer? - Mr.
Palmer? - Yes? My name is McGarrett, Steve McGarrett.
Yes, I know about you, Mr.
You're from Hawaii Five-0.
You got tricks up your sleeve.
Well, it's not gonna work.
All I have to do is press this button.
No tricks, Mr.
No tricks, I give you my word.
We're trying to contact the governor.
Yeah, he was supposed to be here in this show.
Well, I'm told that he had to cancel, that he had to go to the North Shore.
Now, look, I hope no one's trying to play any games.
No games.
I give you my word, Mr.
I'll get the governor here.
Now, it may take some time for him to get down.
Is there anything I can do in the interim? No, I just wanna talk to the governor.
I don't wanna talk to anyone else.
Well, perhaps if, uh If you told me what's bothering you, maybe my office and the governor's staff can look into it.
They don't talk to old people.
I tried to get through his staff You've gotta be under 65 to qualify as an American.
If you'll pardon me, sir, I don't think that's right.
Wait till you're 70.
Palmer, uh, is it money that you need? Now, let me get that straight once and for all.
I'm not holding these people for hostage and for ransom.
I'm not a common criminal.
- There's a man out there with a gun.
- Where? Where? PALMER: He's got a telescopic lens.
You better stop him.
You better stop him fast.
Do you hear me? We'll take care of it, Mr.
Come on, you've gotta stop him.
What are you doing? Almost got us killed.
What the hell is going on? What's the matter with that guy? Who is he? He's not our man, Steve.
He's one of the hotel security guards.
Get rid of him.
I'm sorry, Mr.
He is not a police officer.
He's a hotel security guard.
I'm sorry it happened.
Now, you just remember this, Mr.
If anyone takes a shot at me and hits this explosive, you've got the blood of a lot of innocent people on your head.
I'm aware of that, Mr.
No one's gonna take a shot at you.
No one.
Here, see what's wrong with her.
- I think she just fainted.
- It's all right, Emily.
- Come here, dear.
- Everything's all right.
You don't have to worry.
Oh, my, that's a shame.
Look, I'm sorry about your wife.
I hope she's gonna be all right.
[EMILY PANTING] Look, you two can leave.
Clinton, I don't feel that good myself either.
Oh, no.
No, you don't leave, not you.
The rest of you stay right where you are.
Steve, they've contacted the governor.
He's on his way back.
- Good, good.
What about Palmer? - Any word on Palmer? Not yet.
No record at H.
Or Motor Vehicle.
Tell them to shake it up.
I wanna know who I'm dealing with.
Stay on it, Jerry, and make it fast.
The governor's on his way, Mr.
Well, it's about time.
McGARRETT: It was very kind of you to let those people go.
While we're waiting for the governor, uh, is there anything that I can get for you? Anything that you'd like to eat or drink? Well, that's That's very kind of you, Mr.
Thank you, but I don't care for anything right now.
Wouldn't you be more comfortable if Jimmy were handcuffed to a chair? Supposing he fainted or tripped or fell.
Those blasting caps are very sensitive.
Well, that's true.
I think you might have a point there.
Sailor, will you bring that chair up there? Here, take that off.
Get over there.
Steve, this is Sergeant Asaki of the bomb squad.
Sergeant, I want you to take a look and make sure that Palmer is wearing plastic explosive under his coat as he says he is.
He could be bluffing.
Hey, what's going on in there? Uh We're just wondering if that explosive you have is real, Mr.
Wondering whether my bomb is a fake or not, huh? That has occurred to me, yeah.
Well, Mr.
McGarrett, I was an electrical engineer.
You don't have to know very much to make one of these things.
As you can see, this is an ordinary remote control.
Sends a radio signal to this battery.
As you can see, these wires are attached to these cakes of nitrostarch.
Will it work? It sure will, if those pockets are really filled with nitrostarch.
I don't want to seem overly, uh, skeptical, Mr.
Palmer, but how do we know that the nitrostarch is the real thing and not just putty that kids play with? Well, of course you don't know that, do you? Just to relieve your mind, suppose I send you up a sample.
Okay, that would certainly settle the question in my mind.
All right, Mr.
McGarrett, send up one of your blue uniforms.
All right, come on.
Careful, son.
Keep your hands away from that gun.
All right, come on.
Here, take that sample over to those gentlemen in the booth.
You don't have to be afraid.
It's harmless unless it's attached to a detonator.
The sample's on its way, Mr.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
[STRIKES MATCH] Well, what does your expert have to say? It's C-4.
Military explosive.
Could blow the whole wing.
Well, he says your bomb is real.
Oh, one more question, Mr.
Where did you get the explosive? I'm afraid that's something you're gonna have to find out for yourself.
Now, hear me, Mr.
McGarrett, and hear me well.
I'm 71 years old.
And I'm ready to die.
I don't wanna live to be 72 unless I speak to the governor right here today on this stage.
Now, I'm I'm gonna give you 15 minutes more.
If he's not here then, I'm gonna press this button.
- You have him on now? - Thank you.
You may be interested to know, Mr.
McGarrett, our switchboard is swamped with cancellations.
Now, the longer this thing goes on, the closer you draw this hotel to bankruptcy.
DUKE: Does he claim to have done anything like it? I draw this hotel to bankruptcy? That's absurd, isn't it? KIRSTEN: You're in charge.
And I'm also open to suggestions.
Do you have any? Have you thought of some sort of gas? Something that would put him to sleep.
And how do we administer it without his knowing? - You work out the details.
- We'll do that, thank you.
Steve will have to decide that.
Monitoring said a hypnotist called in.
For 10,000, he'll put Palmer in a trance.
- It may come to that.
- What's he up to now? McGARRETT: I don't know, maybe drawing his will or making notes for his meeting with the governor.
- Still no idea what he wants? - No.
Go ahead.
Yeah? He's gotta be a nut.
Gotta be.
I wish I knew what his grievance was.
What his frustrations are.
Will he push that button? You know, that's the big question.
Still on? Hold.
They've got a woman on, claims to be Palmer's friend.
She said not to believe Palmer.
He's not the type to blow people up.
That's a big help.
She wants to come down and see him and bring him something to eat.
- What's her name? - What's the lady's name? Mrs.
Amy Nichols.
Tell Mrs.
Nichols thank you very much, but Mr.
Palmer is not in a position to receive anyone now.
But get her phone number anyway.
The answer's no for now.
- Yeah, patch him.
- Get her number.
- Danny.
- Yeah, Danno, what do you got? Federal marshals called.
They booked George Hawley on a flight.
- When? - Uh, two hours.
You handle it, Danno.
I can't get away from here.
So keep in touch.
McGarrett? - Yes, Mr.
Palmer? Not much time left.
Palmer, the governor is a busy man, as you know.
He's on his way here to see you.
You have my word for that.
WALLENBECK: Sergeant Asaki of the H.
Bomb squad has just confirmed that Palmer is carrying a highly effective form of plastic explosive, which he's threatening to set off [ON RADIO] unless he's granted an immediate meeting with Governor Jameson.
The exact nature of Palmer's grievance is not known, and it probably won't be until the governor arrives on the scene.
He's expected at any moment now.
Steve McGarrett, the Five-0 chief, is on the scene and in charge of police activities here.
This is Richard Wallenbeck, reporting from the Palm Plaza Hotel.
We'll be back soon to keep you abreast of developments here.
[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO] [ENGINE STARTS] [ENGINE STARTS] [SIRENS WAILING] This is Richard Wallenbeck, speaking to you once again from the grounds of the Palm Plaza Hotel for KGMB News.
We expect any moment now that the governor will be arriving on the scene.
We have word that he is on the way.
I told you in an earlier report that Clinton Palmer is inside.
He has explosives wrapped to him.
We see the governor's car coming around a turn right now.
He's on the grounds of the hotel.
We expect him here in just a moment.
And when he gets here, we're going to try to get a few words from him.
As I mentioned, we do not know anything about Clinton Palmer's demands.
All we know is that he's in the hotel, he's holding hostages, and, uh, there are, uh, explosives wrapped around him.
Now, we'll see if we can We're getting pushed here.
See if we can get comments from the governor.
Governor, can you tell us anything about Clinton Palmer's demands? - I'm sorry.
No comment now.
WALLENBECK: Any comment, sir? The governor's coming into the lobby, Steve.
Palmer, the governor's in the hotel now.
You'll be talking to him in a minute.
That's about all the time you have left, Mr.
I'll be right back.
Talk to him if he gets anxious.
McGARRETT: Governor.
- I tried to call you, but the lines were all tied up.
- What's it all about? - You know as much as I do, sir.
The man refuses to talk to anyone but you.
This way.
Do you have any idea what he wants? No, I was hoping you might.
But I do know it's not money.
Well, we'll find out.
Governor, we don't know how stable he is, so please, just placate him, huh? - Chin? - Looks like he's praying or something.
Palmer? The governor is here now, sir.
- The governor in person? - In person.
- I'm right here, Mr.
PALMER: Yes? - Can you hear me all right? - Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, I can hear you fine.
I guess I just didn't expect you to show up, that's all.
Well, I'm here.
Now, what is it you want me to do for you? Well, it's not so much what you can do for me, governor, it's what you can stop doing to me.
To me and to a lot of people my age.
Can you be a little more specific, Mr.
Palmer? Yes, I'll try.
But you've got to account for feelings.
Now, look, governor, this is the 34th time I've tried to talk to you, and look what it took to get your attention.
There are a great many demands on my time, Mr.
And sometimes worthy causes or worthy people get pushed aside.
Well, I'm not only getting pushed aside, I'm getting trampled on, and so are my friends.
They're tearing down our house tomorrow.
Who? Who's tearing down your house? You.
You and the City of Honolulu.
Where do you live, Mr.
Palmer? At 2709 Waialae Avenue, right smack-dab in the middle of that fancy new youth center you're all putting up.
- You're being evicted? - Well, that's the fancy name for it.
Actually, it comes down to the fact that they're throwing us out in the street.
Nowhere to go and no money to get there with.
Didn't the state reimburse you for the house and the property? Oh, Mr.
McGarrett, that house is as old as I am.
The money they offered wouldn't buy a tree house on a coconut farm.
Now, look, I'm not doing this just for myself.
I don't even own the house.
But I've lived there for a long time, and I've been happy there and so have my friends.
Some of them don't get around too good anymore, but they don't see why they have to give up their home just because the city says they have to, and neither do I.
I know it's not easy to be a senior citizen.
PALMER: No "senior citizen.
" "Senior citizen," that gives me the fantods.
It's just an excuse to sidestep the fact that someday we're all gonna be down with an incurable disease called old age.
And it's high time we did something about it.
Palmer, I may be able to do something about your house if you'll give me a few minutes to look into the matter.
All right.
All right.
You do that.
And I sure hope there's something you can do.
For their sake as well as mine.
I'll do my best.
Let's make some calls.
Is it okay if I go watch? Thanks.
Pardon me, please.
Pardon me.
Officer? Uh, is the old guy with the bomb still in business? POLICEMAN: Yes, ma'am.
He's still in business.
JAMESON: You're sure about that? All right, thank you.
[PHONE RECEIVER CLICKS] JAMESON: Well, his story checks out.
It's an old two-story boarding house, been there since 1900.
Palmer's lived there for years.
The city condemned the property when the youth center was approved.
- Now they're ready to tear it down.
- And legally, they have every right.
This sort of thing has happened before, Steve.
Old people, poor people, getting in the way of something new, and getting hurt.
- What about a stay of eviction? - It would only be temporary.
That youth center is a multimillion-dollar project.
There's no way to stop it.
It's already been funded.
McGarrett! Governor, I'm thinking about that old man out there with his finger on the trigger of a bomb.
There has got to be a way to stop him.
There has got to be.
I'll try Judge Kincaid.
He's our last resort.
I wanna know.
I wanna know now.
Uh, we're working on it, Mr.
We're working on it.
Just hang in there.
Please, bear with us.
[HORN HONKING] POLICEMAN: Lady, what do you think you're doing? - This is a - I know what it is.
It's the Palm Plaza Hotel.
Here, take this, young man.
I'm Mrs.
Amy Nichols.
I'm a friend of Mr.
I brought him something to eat.
I knew he didn't want me to, but he's always like that.
Never asks favors.
Wait here, Mrs.
McGarrett may wanna talk to you.
Well, don't be long.
This soup will get cold.
You have a lovely crowd here.
Ha, ha.
Nichols? I couldn't help but hear what you what you were just saying, and I think it's really sweet of you to go to all this trouble.
Oh, it was no trouble.
I just hope Mr.
Palmer is all right.
I think it was so unfair the way they've been treating he and his friends.
Why, how nice of you to say that, young lady.
Most young folks nowadays don't feel that way.
Well, I'm Clinton Palmer's daughter.
[CROWD GASPS] WOMAN: Did you hear that? - Didn't he ever tell you about me? Why, no, and I can't for the life of me understand why.
Excuse me, is that the dinner that somebody offered to bring Mr.
Palmer? That's right, it's his favorite dish, turtle soup.
This is Richard Wallenbeck, speaking to you once again [ON RADIO] from the grounds of the Palm Plaza Hotel, and we're talking to Mrs.
Amy Nichols, who's a lady friend of Clinton Palmer's.
And Mrs.
Nichols has brought down Mr.
Palmer's favorite dish.
It's turtle soup, and I must say, it smells mighty enticing.
Young man, this is Mr.
Palmer's daughter.
You're Clinton Palmer's daughter? Uh, well, I'm I'm Mary Beth Palmer-Rogers.
MARY BETH [ON RADIO]: Rogers is my married name.
WALLENBECK: Have you told the police you're here, Miss Palmer? MARY BETH: Oh.
Well, I just got here.
Are you gonna try to talk to your father? Oh, I would just love to.
MARY BETH: I'd like to also reach my brother George, if he's listening.
And I'd like to tell him that I'm here and not to worry.
This is Richard Wallenbeck for KGMB News, on the grounds of the Palm Plaza Hotel.
We'll be back right after this message.
Would you like to make a little bet, Williams? On what? On whether I make that mainland plane.
Thank you, judge.
Seems Palmer's already had two stays of eviction.
Judge Kincaid can give us another seven days.
- That's the best he can do.
- I don't think Palmer will go for it.
There's nothing more I can do in such a short time.
- Mr.
Palmer? - Yeah? I I sure hope you brought me back an answer.
I've managed to get a court order that will delay your eviction for seven days.
Now, that's not an answer.
That's just a trick to get me off this stage.
We're not trying to trick you, Mr.
But I can't change laws with a wave of my hand.
A week will give us time to work out another solution.
Steve, that Mrs.
Nichols is here, the one who called in wanting to bring Palmer some dinner.
- Amy Nichols? - Yeah.
No, sirree, you're not gonna get us out there.
I can't promise you anything personally Duke, Amy Nichols down below.
Bring her up.
I'll guarantee that your friends won't be sent out there if we can help it.
And here's another thing.
The county appraiser says there's a possibility your property was underevaluated and can be reappraised as a multiple dwelling.
Yeah? - How much? - Maybe 60,000.
Palmer, I have a hunch about you.
Would you like to hear what it is? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess.
I think that something Mrs.
Amy Nichols said about you a little while ago on the phone is true.
I don't think you're the kind who wants to blow people up.
I think you're just angry and bitter and frustrated because you think that society has turned its back on you and on your friends.
You remind me of a man who saw his farmer friend beating his mule over the head with a 2-by-4.
And the friend said to the farmer, "Why are you doing that?" He said, "I just wanted to get that damn mule's attention.
" Well I get your point, Mr.
Now, Mr.
Palmer, don't you think it's time that you stopped beating us over the head with that bomb? Well, someone's got to listen.
Don't you understand? Someone has got to listen.
But we are listening.
Every newspaper, every television station in the whole country is listening.
That won't do.
That won't do, Mr.
That won't do.
[PHONE RINGS] - Chin, grab that, will you? CHIN HO: Hang on.
Yeah? Hold it.
For you, Steve.
You're sure? Glad to hear that.
Thank you.
Palmer, we may have some good news for you.
It seems you have another alternative.
The J.
William Hayes Construction Company has offered to move your house to a residential lot of your choice, free of charge.
- The whole damn house? - Garage and all.
And you'll all be able to get a pretty nice lot with what you get for the land.
Hey, Clint.
You did it.
Well, this could do it, governor.
This could do it.
McGarrett will wanna talk to both of you.
Palmer, I wanna ask you to do something for me.
First I want you to put that detonator down.
Then I'd like to ask you to release Jimmy Borges from that chair and let all the people up on that stage go.
Would you do that for me, please? No tricks, Mr.
No tricks, Mr.
I give you my word.
Daddy? Daddy! - Miss.
MARY BETH: Daddy? Daddy! Daddy! - Stay right where you are, Pops.
- I'm not your pop.
You're not, huh? Well, what do you know? Okay, everybody.
You stay right where you are! - Who is that? - Okay, now, this show's just begun! Capeesh? Just begun! McGarrett, my name's Mary Beth Rogers.
I'm George Hawley's girl.
I want you to pick up that phone, and I want you to tell your boys to bring George back here now.
Well, he may be in the hands of federal marshals out of our jurisdiction.
No stroke jobs, McGarrett.
You're not gonna con me like you did the old Gray Panther here.
Pick up that phone.
Now! JAMESON: Looks like you'll have to play along, Steve.
This is McGarrett.
Patch me through to Dan Williams.
On the double.
DISPATCHER [OVER RADIO]: McGarrett to Williams.
- Yeah, Steve? - Danno, where are you now? A few blocks from the airport.
Bring Hawley to the Palm Plaza Hotel immediately.
For what? I repeat, I want you to bring Hawley to the Palm Plaza Hotel immediately.
- We've had some change in plans.
- What did he say? He's on his way.
Come on, Danno baby, turn it around.
You got the big hog on the phone? Let me talk to him.
I got something to say.
Sure, George.
McGarrett? This is your old friend George.
Yeah? Yeah, Hawley, what do you want? Aw, just a couple of little things.
Like a jumbo jet out at the airport ready to go in an hour, $100,000 in cash, [OVER PHONE] unmarked, with serial numbers out of sequence.
- You got that? - You must be nuts.
Where do you think we can find a flight crew to take on that job? HAWLEY: You'll find it, McGarrett, because you've got to.
What did he say? It's your boyfriend.
It's your boyfriend.
Would you like to speak with him? McGARRETT: Huh? Okay, Hawley, I'm making a list.
What else? That'll do for openers.
Oh, remember to tell Mary Beth she is a moonchild.
HAWLEY: Out, McGarrett.
- Is he still coming? - I told you he's on his way.
All right.
This is not my day, governor.
He wants money and a plane.
- We have to give it to him? - We can't.
If Hawley ever took off with hostages, the demands would never end.
- Chin.
- Yeah? Tell Captain Matthews to get his best marksman in position to take a shot.
Let me know when the man is ready.
But under no circumstances is he to shoot unless I give the order.
Got it.
I'm leaving the booth.
And if the sniper misses, that can be it.
Yes, sir.
I'm aware of that.
I'm ashamed, young lady.
I'm responsible for all this.
Well, cry about it if you want, Pop.
Just shut up.
Steve, Captain Matthews has a man working his way through the air-conditioning vent.
I'm back.
What are you talking about in there? McGarrett.
Young lady, you're making a terrible mistake.
There are no arrest warrants out for you.
Now, if you wanna back off, I think we can talk this thing through.
MARY BETH: Forget it, McGarrett.
Get your hands out of that vest! Keep your hands on the floor! Yeah.
Okay, patch him through.
Again? Yeah, what do you want? You made our travel arrangements yet, McGarrett? Let's say I'm working on them, huh? You tell Mary Beth I'll be there in five minutes.
HAWLEY [OVER PHONE]: And be nice to her, you hear? Because she can be mean.
[LAUGHING] We're finding that out.
MARY BETH: What's the story now? Your friend will be here in five minutes.
He'd better be.
It's gonna be close.
Chin, get me a progress report on that, uh, marksman.
Where's the marksman now? Where's the marksman now? He's about ready.
- Tell him to hang in there for a minute.
- Hang on.
[GUNFIRE] McGarrett, get him down from there right now! Get him down! Get him down! This is McGarrett.
Back off, officer.
That's an order.
McGarrett, I want you out here.
Right now.
Right now! Get your tail over here or I'm gonna blow Jimmy.
I'll blow Jimmy Borges' pretty face all over this stage.
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm counting to ten.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine I'm sorry, Mr.
Haul out your gun.
Put it on the stage, right there.
[GUN THUDS] Everybody's not taking George and me seriously enough.
But I'm gonna show them.
I'm gonna show them to take it serious.
We're gonna die! Freeze! Freeze! We're gonna die! [DETONATOR CLICKS] [CLICKS] [MARY BETH GRUNTS] [MARY BETH SCREAMS] Let me go! Let me go! [MARY BETH GRUNTING] JAMESON: I got her.
Somebody call an ambulance.
No need.
My heart's as sound as a dollar.
My God.
- Good work, Mr.
- You son of a gun.
Come on.
Call Danno and tell him to proceed to the airport with Hawley.
All right, book them.
Both of them.
Let's go.
PALMER: That's all right, Mr.
McGarrett, I expected it.
What do you think they'll do with me? That'll be up to the jury.