Hawaii Five-O (1968) s11e06 Episode Script

A Distant Thunder

Tell me what you're talking about.
We want you out of that race.
Wait a minute.
You listen to me.
Heed me, monkey.
I will not be a prisoner of public service.
I'd leave it first.
Okay, I think you're wrong, Bobby.
Absolutely wrong.
But I can't force you to accept police protection.
We're here to exercise our right to picket.
Okay, then get your hobnail boots off this street and over on the sidewalk where you're permitted to picket by law.
[ALL CHANTING] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Well, was it something I said? [CROWD CHEERING] So I say to you today that the quest for human rights is no idle journey, but I commit myself to that road, no matter how long the trip or how great the obstacles.
Now, the United States has declared itself the champion of those rights throughout the world, but how can we uphold the cause of human freedom and allow that freedom to be mocked in so many parts of our world? [MARCHING BAND PLAYING UPBEAT MUSIC] [RINGS] Hello? MAN [OVER PHONE]: Listen and listen carefully You will burn in hell.
- Who is this? - Never mind who this is.
You've been warned.
Now, wait a minute, you listen to me.
We know where you are, and we know where your family is.
What do you want? Do you like your kid? Do you like your wife? Now, you tell me what you're talking about.
We want you out of that race, and none of you will be safe until you are out Heed me, monkey.
What kind of an animal--? [LINE DISCONNECTS] Again? Hey, what are you doing up, huh? You should be in bed.
Go ahead in.
I'll come in and see you in a minute.
Okay, Dad.
What are we gonna do, Bobby? BOBBY: Well, they began maybe two weeks ago.
Always the same voice, always the same theme.
Why didn't you call me then? Steve, if I telephoned you for every nut call I got, you'd begin to consider me a nut caller.
They come with the territory, so I didn't pay much attention to them at first.
Campaigns draw flakes right along with crusaders.
But then last Thursday someone came into the backyard and dumped out the garbage, ripped up some plants.
That night he called again and took credit for doing it.
Now, it's got to be the same guy.
So he knows where you live, then? Heh, he knows everything.
I'm his life's work.
He started threatening Lois and Bobby Jr.
last night.
All right.
As of now, Bobby, you and your family are under 24-hour police protection.
No, Steve.
I'm telling you this because you're my friend, and because you can handle this quietly.
Now, you find him, you watch him, whatever.
But I won't run this campaign surrounded by police.
Now, that flies in the face of everything I believe in.
I will not be a prisoner of public service.
I'd leave it first.
Okay, I think you're wrong, Bobby.
Absolutely wrong.
But I can't force you to accept police protection.
Very well.
This is what I want you to do.
Whenever you're not with your family, have someone watching Lois and the boy.
- I'll get on it right away.
- Thank you, Steve.
Thank me when we get this guy.
We have a new enemy.
His name is Robed Tamara.
I've heard him and I've seen him.
He's an ape out of the jungle who seeks national power to rule over Aryans.
He must be stopped.
No question.
Robert Tamara is a dangerous man who preaches dangerous ideas.
From now until the election, all of our thoughts and all of our energies must be directed to the defeat of this man.
If blood must flow, then let it flow.
Harris, work the mimeograph.
Where you would print hundreds of sheets, print thousands.
Simms and the rest of you, you will gather the material for the picket signs.
On Friday, the enemy, Tamara, will speak at the university.
And we will be there also in full uniform.
Heil Hitler! ALL: Heil Hitler! MAN: Bobby, stay right out front.
: All right.
Come on, Pixie.
MAN: Have a good time.
: I will.
Let's go.
[ENGINE STARTS] [TIRES SCREECH] Bobby! Bobby! - He hit Pixie! He hit my dog! - I know.
SOBBING] Bobby! - What have we got, Duke? - We got a partial plate, Steve.
how about a model, year, color? Blue Chevy pickup, 1970, '71, maybe.
- Get a description of the driver? - No, we didn't.
I'll run the plates through the computers and see what kind of a match they come up with.
- I'm sorry I didn't see Bobby-- - it's all right.
Like hell it's all right! You should've been more alert - It won't happen again.
- It better not happen again! - You're worried, aren't you? - You bet.
Starting right now, you, your wife and son will have 24-hour police protection whether you like it or not, until we can close the book on this thing.
BOBBY: Now, there is no question in my mind that unless our world learns to coexist, we will cease to exist.
Now, can we afford the quarrel over political ideologies when nuclear stockpiles grow among major powers, and nuclear bombs are being built by smaller nations? There are three answers to that.
No, no and no! [ALL CHEERING] And we must no longer confuse coercion with coexistence.
Now, you ask me, should that circle of humanity I advocate, should that include our enemies? I ask you back, why not? Why not our political enemies abroad? And why not our friends here who might refuse to agree with us? Why not everyone? [CROWD CHEERING AND APPLAUDING] He's a real spellbinder, isn't he? Always was.
Because there is no nation on this earth that can afford isolation, either politically or philosophically.
And that ought to be true in Cuba, Russia, China, as it is in the United States.
So the time has come to deal in attitudes, not in platitudes.
We must recognize that indecision and indirection, they are the cornerstones And we must no longer hold on to that comfortable presumption that somebody, somebody will do something for our problems and our progress.
Well, there is no somebody.
There is only an everybody.
And that everybody is you, and you, and you, and with your help, me! Duke, I'm going back to the office.
If you need me, I'll be-- MEN [CHANTING]: No on Tamara! No on Tamara! No on Tamara! No on Tamara! [CROWD CHATTERING] No, no, no! No, don't do that.
Let them.
Let them.
[ALL SHOUTING] Please, be cool.
Violence will do-- Will do no one any good.
McGARRETT: Are you in charge of these people? I'm the commander.
Commander? Commander who, and of what? Commander Wendell Stoner, National Socialist Movement.
Throw his Nazi tail in the can! [ALL CHEERING] What are you doing here? We're here to exercise our right to picket.
Okay, then get your hobnail boots off this street and over on the sidewalk where you're permitted to picket by law.
Providing it's orderly.
But stay off this street.
You're blocking traffic and causing a disturbance and that's against the law.
We may want to say something to the speaker.
You'll say nothing to him.
He has a permit to speak here today, and you haven't.
Obviously you've never heard of the right of free speech.
You're damn right I've heard of it.
And what's more, I believe in it.
But obviously you've never heard of a gentleman named Oliver Wendell Holmes.
He was a chief justice of the United States Supreme Court and he said, and the majority of the court agreed with him, that the right of free speech ends when one tries to yell "fire" in a crowded theater.
That's what you're trying to do here.
Now move it.
And I mean now.
[CROWD CHEERS] Uh, that was once an enemy insignia, Stoner, and to me, personally, it still is.
But this is a country of laws, not men.
All right, folks, let them picket.
That's America.
[STONER CHUCKLES] Let them picket.
Providing it's orderly.
Oh, well Move it.
Okay, officers, other side of the street.
All of them.
STONER: Over there, gentlemen.
There's no doubt it's the truck that killed Tamara's dog.
Apparently our Nazi does more than picket.
- Should we pick him up? - On what evidence? Part of a license plate? That wouldn't get us up the front steps of the courthouse, Danno.
But at least we know now that Stoner and his Nazis were behind that hit-and-run attempt and are probably behind the phone calls to Bobby Tamara.
Doesn't seem to be too many of them.
One or 50, they're dangerous, Danno, because they're cunning enough to work just within the law, which puts us in the position of protecting their rights.
- Makes me sick.
- Yeah, me too.
But what we're gonna do is catch them breaking the law.
Now, before we get to that, let's review what we've got so far.
Nazis hate blacks, Jews, Catholics, almost anyone not white, Germanic, and Aryan.
Let's take Tamara.
Our local storm troopers hate him because he's dark-skinned, self-confident, handsome, reasonably wealthy and will probably be elected.
Now, by Nazi standards, a winner, a superior person, must be fair-skinned, blond, clean-cut, Protestant, and Aryan, of course.
Danno, how would you like to do a number on Stoner? Sure.
What do you have in mind? Could be dangerous.
Well, surfing can be dangerous.
Lay it on me, Steve.
First you have to go to school.
- School? - Yeah, school.
Game? - Name of the street in San Francisco? - Porlola.
- High school? - Lincoln.
- You've been here how long? - Eighteen months.
- You came here why? - On a construction job.
- What construction job? - The Barrett Building.
And what was your high-school mascot? A duck.
Quack, quack.
I think you'd better go home, Danno.
You're getting punchy.
I appreciate what you're doing for us, Jim.
Besides, you'll find he's a good worker.
Glad to help out, Steve.
Walter Mantell reporting for work.
You know anything about cars? I used to fool around with them when I was a kid.
He's referring to the engine, Danno, not the back seat.
[ALL CHUCKLE] Keep in touch, Walter.
You put in some chemical? Yeah, I put some.
You put some? how much? STONER: Two-to-one, just like you said.
Three-to-one, dodo.
That's why you're leaving streaks.
We don't want any streaks.
Now put in some more.
Hey, you.
STONER: What do you want? You don't like me or something? I don't have time to talk to you.
I'm working.
- Don't I know you? - No.
Sure, I do.
I've seen your picture in the papers and on the television news.
- You're that Nazi.
- Go away.
MAN: That Hitler guy that thinks all us black folks come out of the jungles.
You think that, Nazi? You think we ain't quite human? - You think that, window washer? - I told you, get out of here! I'll go, but first, I'm gonna rearrange your face! DANNY: Beat it, Rufus.
Beat it! - Who you calling Rufus? - I'm talking to you, nigger! Beat it.
I'll go, but first I'm gonna finish off this Nazi.
Then it's your turn, Nazi-lover! Unless you wanna leave the back of your head on this sidewalk, buzz off! Yeah, I didn't wanna use force.
Sometimes you have to, I guess.
I appreciate it.
My pleasure, commander.
You know me too? I know you and I respect you, for what you're doing for white Christian people everywhere.
Well Who are you? My name's Walter Mantell, sir.
You fought that jungle-monkey to assist me.
The least I can do is, uh, offer to buy you a beer.
I'd be honored, sir.
Over there.
You okay? He called me Rufus.
REPORTER [ON TV]: There hasn't been anyone like this Hawaiian Kennedy in years, and political speculators are already predicting that Bobby Tamara may end up in the White House someday.
The crowd responses to the young civil-rights lawyer turned candidate has been phenomenal.
Meanwhile in-- President.
I'll see him in hell first.
I'm with you.
Get a guy like that leading the country, you might as well give it to the Russians.
We won't have a guy like that leading the country.
I don't know how you can stop him.
We'll stop him.
[SCOFFS] I mean, somebody's gotta take action.
The Jews fill our places of business.
Blackie fills our bedrooms.
It's draining our white Christian culture.
The Führer was right.
He realized what mongrelization was.
Boy, you're right.
You know, that's the kind of thing you try to tell somebody, they don't listen, or they don't know what you're talking about.
But you hit it right on the head.
Bartender! Two more beers.
[SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] Hey! You heard the commander.
Two beers.
Over here! To the new Führer.
Anyway, that's how I feel.
Well, you're right, of course.
[CHUCKLES] People who understand history know that the leftist movement Withers eventually when faced with firm opposition.
Oh, Walter, we gotta stop him.
And if you think-- If you think I'm the one to lead the opposition, then you've gotta join us.
- Do you think I could? - I don't see why not.
There's one thing.
DANNY [OVER PHONE]: it's some test to see if I'm committed.
He didn't say exactly what but we meet tomorrow.
All right, play it out, but be careful, Danno.
We're dealing with lunatics here.
That's being kind, Steve.
I have him on tape.
Good, I'll pick it up at the service station.
[CROWD CHATTERING] That'll be a 5-dollar donation each.
I got it.
Here you go.
What now? In here.
MAN 1: Oh, it's a stink bomb! [CROWD SHOUTING] MAN 2: Let's get out of here! This place stinks.
Let's get out of here, Trooper Mantell.
To protect and defend the white Christian race against all enemies.
To protect and defend the white Christian race against all enemies.
To lay down my life, if necessary, for the sake of blood purity.
To lay down my life, if necessary, for the sake of blood purity.
I swear by all that is holy that I will die before violating these sacred vows.
I swear by all that is holy that I will die before violating these sacred vows.
Trooper Walter Mantell, I welcome you into the National Socialist Movement and may your membership be long and rewarding.
Heil Hitler! ALL: Heil Hitler! That's right, firm evidence that Bobby Tamara has belonged to at least two communist front organizations.
Hello? Uh, you'll bunk here.
Now for the next six weeks, in addition to our campaign against the enemy, Tamara, you'll undergo heavy indoctrination - by the others.
- I'm ready.
There'll be a regular program of study, physical exercise and testing.
Reveille is at 0600 hours and lights out at 2200, unless otherwise ordered.
The drinking of hard liquor is not permitted on the premises, nor is the use of drugs.
And you'll be expected to maintain a high level of personal cleanliness and will be punished if you do not.
Are there any questions, Trooper Mantell? No, sir.
Except I was hoping for a little more action.
Well, what we're doing now, Trooper Mantell, is only the prelude to an even greater plan to assure that the ape Tamara will never be elected.
You'll get your action soon enough.
No, it doesn't matter who I am.
A neighbor who doesn't want to see an out-and-out adulterer and tool of the pornographers on his way to Washington.
That's correct.
[HORN HONKS] - Fill it up, sir? - Yeah.
And check under the hood.
It's another world, Steve.
Swastikas, candles, hate-filled messages over the phone.
I was half of the stink-bomb squad.
You did quite a job.
Anything definite? That tape contains all their names, and as much background information as they've given me.
Mostly their business is hate, and they work at it full-time over the telephone and with pamphlets.
Where do they get their money? Oh, living expenses from those of us who work, sale of pamphlets, street donations.
Stoner keeps hinting at some, uh, secret donors, but I haven't found the existence of any.
At the moment, I take it that Bobby Tamara's their number-one target, huh? Target in more ways than one.
Stoner keeps talking about a knockout blow against him.
He's not joking.
They may look comic opera in their uniforms, but they're not.
- Any idea what he means? - Not yet.
He says I'll know when the time comes.
I think he's working something out.
He's like that.
Real Nazi strategist.
Strategist, huh? Well, let's outmaneuver them, Danno.
- What do I owe you? - It's 8 bucks.
See you Wednesday, huh? Yeah, Wednesday.
Steve, I appreciate that.
I know there's danger.
But short of ending the campaign, there's not a hell of a lot I can do.
I can't stay low.
Look at the schedule.
Fundraiser, two rallies, two dinners, TV appearance.
Now, those are things I have to attend or drop out of the campaign.
The election's two days away.
Bob, you've got to understand my position.
Now, there's serious danger to your life and there's not much I can do about it, except to keep you under wraps or to beef up your security, both of which you seem to object to strongly.
That's right.
I do.
Steve, I know what you're up against.
I don't wanna hurt either myself or my family, but you've done enough.
You're already guarding us.
[CROWD CHEERING] Bobby, the latest poll has you ahead of Morley by four points.
Now, that's a 2 percent increase over last Thursday.
Hey, hey! You see? There's no letting up now.
Meanwhile, in the camp of the enemy Tamara's opponent, John Morley has challenged the validity and the conclusions in the newspaper poll.
He says it's not an accurate sampling of those voting.
And he follows it up with his own Figures to substantiate-- Mantell! Enter.
Close the door.
You said you wanted action.
You're about to get it.
DUKE: This is about everything on the names Danny gave us, Steve, from FBI to state intelligence.
Do they tell us anything we don't already know? Well, that depends.
Does it surprise you to know that every goose-stepping one of them is a failure? Not a bit, Duke.
Not a bit.
The losers and the dimwits are usually the ones who wind up wearing swastikas or Ku Klux Klan hoods.
Stoner was raised in a foster home, on his own since he was 15, divorced three times, takes whatever work he can get, and has served light time for disturbing the peace and misdemeanor assault.
Anything about the way he got started in this hate business? Well, eight years ago he was pamphleteering for the Klan and then apparently went with a half-Nazi group in West Virginia.
Then drifted from there to groups in California and finally Honolulu.
What about his storm troopers? Basically, they're all on the outer fringe.
All losers, Steve.
Except one.
He runs a pig farm.
Yeah, that figures, doesn't it? Duke, a loser sometimes takes greater risks than anyone else.
Especially if he's committed, and these people are definitely committed.
[PHONE RINGS] McGarrett.
DANNY: I haven't got much time.
I slipped out for a minute.
Stoner's big deal is in the works.
I'm in the middle of it.
- Yeah, what is it? - It's a smear thing at the televised rally in the auditorium.
Stoner wants some suggestive pictures of me alone with Tamara.
- Homosexual setup, huh? - Yeah, can you believe it? He figures that even if the charge doesn't stick, there will be enough publicity to erode Tamara's four-point lead.
Well, he could be right, Danno.
Very well.
Play it safe, but try to go along with the setup.
I don't wanna tap-dance around this, Tom.
Look, do me a favor, boss, will you? Temper it a half-beat, okay? I'll look it over.
- Give me 15 minutes.
- You got them.
Go back to his dressing room.
When you hear the noise, slip in.
- I'll be back in time.
DANNY: Yes, sir.
[CROWD CHATTERING] [FIRECRACKER POPPING THEN CROWD SHOUTING] Yeah? Who is it? Do I know you? Look, Bobby, just sit tight.
Don't ask any questions.
Listen, whoever you are, I don't mean to be rude, but I wanna be alone-- [FIRE ALARM RINGING] After you, Mr.
Tom! Hey! Come on, we don't have time.
[RINGING CONTINUES] [SIRENS WAILING] STONER: What happened? Somebody tripped the fire box.
Looks like a false alarm.
- Did you get the picture? - Yes.
- Where's the camera? - He lost it in the crowd, but it wasn't his fault.
I'll tell you about it in the car.
Well, off to work.
Oh, take it easy.
Have another cup of coffee.
We've been working hard.
Today's election day.
Let's see what kind of job we've done, okay? - Well, I-- - Sit down.
Carson, pour Trooper Mantell some more coffee.
That's better.
I don't mind taking the day off, but I think I should at least call in.
Oh, nonsense.
Forget all that.
Let's relax.
Let's get to know each other.
Now, where did you say you went to high school? Uh, Washington? - Lincoln High School, San Francisco.
- Oh, yeah, that's right.
- And you lived in, um - Portola District.
Well, what's this all about? You made a phone call yesterday from a booth.
[CHUCKLES] You caught me.
I have this girlfriend, see? And, well, a guy gets lonely.
You could have called from here.
But it was personal.
- You were born in Portland? - No, Seattle.
The way we met, a coincidence.
And the false alarm yesterday just as the plan was about to be carried out, another coincidence.
The camera being knocked out of Lehman's hand, another coincidence? That's the way life is sometimes, I guess.
But the way these coincidences occurred, Almost as though they were planned.
- Search him! - Hey! I got nothing to hide.
Cigarettes? I've never seen you smoke, Trooper Mantell.
What are you? Cop? FBI? Jew spy? What? You'd do better to speak, scum.
I charge this man with being a spy and a traitor.
He must answer for his crimes.
Let the trial begin.
No, Duke, no.
Jim doesn't know where Danno is.
Stand by a minute, will you, please? Has Danno said anything in the past day or so to indicate that he might not show up? - Nothing, Steve.
- All right, Jim.
Let me know if he calls or comes in, will you, please? Sure.
- Duke? DUKE: Yes, Steve? You'd better stake out that Nazi headquarters until I find out what's going on.
There's been no word from Danny at all.
We checked everywhere.
Very well.
Keep trying, Duke.
I don't like it.
I'm on my way in.
In addition to tape recording us, what were your other missions? Subversion? Assassination? You're not Nazis.
You're nutzies [CHUCKLES] Oh, you find this funny? He finds this amusing.
I find this unbelievable.
You talk.
Then you'll answer our questions.
Your life may depend on it.
What is your real name? Who are you and where are you from? My name is Walter Mantell.
I am 31 years old.
The defendant will not answer our questions and refuses to defend himself on the charges of spying and treason.
I ask you in the name of National Socialism, how do you find him? ALL: Guilty! Then the verdict of this court is death.
You're crazy! Carson, you will be responsible for carrying out the sentence.
Take him to the forest.
You have cost us dearly, but you have cost yourself and your candidate, because both of you will die.
- Take him away.
- You damn fool! You're the one that's gonna die.
They're gonna shoot you like the maniac you are! Heil Hitler! Central, this is Lukela.
Patch me through to McGarrett.
North on Kalane, approaching the golf course.
DUKE: Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm all right, but Bobby Tamara won't be unless we stop Stoner.
Let's get on that horn.
DUKE: Steve, we've got Danny He's all right, but he says Stoner's after Tamara.
McGARRETT: I'm on my way Let's go.
Ha, ha.
A new day is coming! [CROWD CHEERS] He's got a gun! [CROWD SHOUTING] Give me the gun.
Give me the gun! DANNY: Excuse me.
It's all over, Stoner.
The war's ended- Out of the way.
I don't wanna kill you.
You're not gonna kill anyone.
Give me the gun.
I'll kill you first, and then him.
I don't care if I die.
Come on, Stoner.
You don't have the guts to die, and you know it! I do.
With or without your swastikas you're nothing.
You're a loser.
A failure.
Alive or dead.
Give me the gun.
God will bless me for my work! DANNY: Okay, commander.
Book him, Danno.
Book him, but first, read him his rights.
This is still America.
Thank God.
Get him out of here.
How do you feel? Is it really over? Yeah, for the moment, Bobby.
But there'll always be a fanatic somewhere.
A Nazi, or a communist, or an anarchist.