Hawaii Five-O (1968) s11e17 Episode Script


[CAR CRASHES] If Alika and his goons come looking for me, I gotta have something I can hold over him.
If you have the pictures, bring them to Mr.
McGARRETT: Remember one thing, my friend: you're playing a dangerous game with people who make their own rules.
Unfortunately, this is the kind of mistake that, uh, somebody has to pay for.
STRINGER: Aw, you are beautiful.
- Heh.
[CAMERA CLICKING] You're steaming up my lenses.
I mean, this is incredible.
- Cheryl Tiegs, eat your heart out.
- Oh, Stringer, I don't know about this.
I don't know if I wanna be on a poster.
Besides, I don't even look like an island girl.
There are all kinds of girls on this island.
Just because you were born in Shaker Heights in this life doesn't mean you weren't Queen HaleKulani in your last.
- Heh, heh.
Maybe, but I don't think so.
- Look at the left.
I've got a perfect picture here, you know that? You're a beautiful woman, Maren.
And you're a con man.
I don't know howl let you talk me into these things.
Because I give you $9, that's why.
DUKE: According to this map, this road comes out at Banyan Point.
I think that's where they're headed.
Are you sure Alika's in that first car? Oh, no doubt about it.
They still there? BILLY: They're still back there.
Okay, give the boys the signal.
Get rid of them- DUKE: The road gets pretty narrow up ahead.
We'd better drop back, Duke.
Uh, Stringer, you know how uncomfortable I am dressed like this and when you wet me down, you can see everything.
- Yes.
I know that.
I know that.
- Uh! Come on.
I'm embarrassed.
Trust me, nobody ever comes up here.
Turn around.
You know, my daddy says when somebody asks you to trust them, don't.
- Heh, heh.
- Oh! Trust you? [CAMERA CLICKS] [TIRES SCREECHING] - What the hell was that? - I don't know.
- Let's get out of here.
- Okay.
[CAMERA CLICKS] Oh, no, Stringer.
Do you think we could go and help them or? No.
Nobody can help them now.
Oh, God.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Danno, how about Duke? How is he? Why don't you ask him yourself? Hey, Duke.
- How do you feel? - Unh, I'm pretty sore, Steve.
But I'll be okay.
- Sit down a second.
DUKE: Unh.
I was lucky I was thrown free.
What about Sergeant Napoli? He's dead.
[DUKE SIGHS] Oh, my God.
How did it happen? There was a blowout.
Sergeant Napoli tried to control it, but he couldn't.
A blowout when you were tailing Alika? That's a coincidence, isn't it? Think maybe that blowout had a little help? Why not, Danno? I'll have the lab give those tires a hard look.
Duke, um You've been assigned to the Alika surveillance team ever since he got out on bail.
Was there anything special about today? I don't know, Steve.
They always traveled in two cars like that.
What was he doing up in the mountain in the first place? Had he ever gone up there before? Not since I've been tailing him.
If he went to all that trouble, my guess is that he was meeting someone.
Any idea who? No idea, Steve.
Well, let's try to find out.
[KNOCKS ON DESK] You get some rest, Duke.
[DOORBELL BUZZES] Who is it? MAREN [OVER INTERCOM]: A trusting soul.
- I'll be right out.
I'm in darkroom.
MAREN: Hurry up.
I Gaffed the photo editor at The Advertiser and he's holding the front page.
Yeah, well, don't worry.
He won't be disappointed.
Think he'll pay for that? - He'll buy it in a second.
- What do you think they'll give? I don't know.
Come on, we've got a deadline.
Relax, relax.
Speaking of money Let me show you something I took while you were hiding.
Who's that man? That's Howard Kramer.
What is this? I don't know.
What's a Howard Kramer? He's just one of the biggest political power brokers on the island, is all.
I mean, I see him at all the big parties that I cover for the newspaper.
- He's a state senator or something? - No.
No, no, nothing like that.
He's a middle-man.
He gets things done that nobody else can do.
Like what? Uh, well, like if you wanted to build a hotel on Waikiki and you couldn't get a permit? - You go to Howard Kramer.
- Go to Howard Kramer and he talks to the people who give out the building permits.
I see.
Yeah, he, uh, gives them something that they want and then you get the permits.
- Who--? - He gives them money? I don't know.
Who is this? The other man is Tony Alika.
- The head of the Kumu? - Mm-hm- Oh, Stringer, you have to take this to the police.
Look, you take the picture of the car crash to the paper.
I will take the other one to the cops, okay? Oh, wait, Stringer.
Why don't we go together, then I can drop you off.
No, no, go, go, go.
Do what I tell you.
Tell him to get my photo credit right this time.
Welcome to my little grass shack.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Like a little lunch? - I got some nice fresh opakapaka.
- This is not a social call, Alika.
Caught fresh this morning.
A little, uh, green Chinese vegetables, some rice and soy sauce? No? Suit yourself.
I wanna know what you were doing up near Banyan Point early this morning.
If you were tailing me, you should know I was looking at some property.
Why? You know damn well why.
One of the men tailing you is dead and Duke Lukela is lucky to be alive.
Every time something bad happens on this island, you try to pin it on me.
Now, why is that? Because whenever something evil happens, you're likely to be involved.
Well, if that were true, I'm sure that a big superstar cop like you would be able to prove it just once.
I thought at first a blowout caused the officers' car to go off the road.
And then And then guess what.
We found this.
Familiar? What's that supposed to be? It's a rifle slug, in case you don't recognize it.
It was found by one of our lab technicians embedded in one of the tires.
Are you trying to say that I shot out somebody's tire? Somebody shot out somebody's tire.
Now, isn't it interesting that we can positively place you at the scene with two of your goons in a car behind you, huh? You got witnesses, McGarrett, or are you just, uh, grabbing at air as usual? Not this time, Alika.
I have a feeling-- A premonition, if you will.
I keep seeing your face behind bars.
My lunch is getting cold, McGarrett.
- Are you through? - Yeah.
For now.
Oh, uh That property you were looking at, be a shame to buy it and not be around long enough to enjoy it, huh? My friend would just like to have that Banyan Point property looked at again.
Yeah, heh, you know that would make a wonderful site for a resort hotel- Mm-hm.
Harry, look, all I'm asking you is for you to review the situation.
Okay? Good.
Okay, Harry.
Thank you.
You were expecting this? KRAMER: Who brought this in? Some creep.
I think he was a messenger.
Aw, well.
Thank you, Linda.
That's all.
[PHONE RINGS] - Yeah? - Hello, Alika? What are you doing calling me? What's the matter? Somebody just sent me a picture of me and you.
What picture? Where, in the mountains? - Yes.
- That's it? I mean, just the picture? - No demands? - Not yet.
Just get a hold of yourself, all right? You call me the minute you hear from them.
Billy Swan.
Billy, where the heck are you? - Steve.
McGARRETT: Yeah? Take a look at this.
Well - There was a witness, huh? - Yeah.
"Byline, Tim Powers.
" - Luana? LUANA [OVER PHONE]: Sir? Get me, uh, Ben Richmond at The Advertiser, please.
LUANA: Right now, sir? - Yeah, right away.
Thank you.
I thought you said you didn't see anybody? We didn't exactly hang around, but, no, we didn't see anyone.
Somebody must've been there.
Somebody took a picture of me and Kramer.
Now, you go find this photographer.
This, uh, Tim Powers.
Go find him fast.
Mn Kramer; please.
Just tell him it's the call he's been expecting.
[PHONE BUZZES] KRAMER: Yes? LINDA [OVER PHONE]: Mn Kramer? Call on Line 1.
- Hello? - Mr.
Kramer? KRAMER: Who is this? Uh, this is your friendly neighborhood photographer.
I photographs weddings, bar mitzvahs, private meetings in the hills.
What do you want? It's 10:30.
At exactly 11:00, be outside your office building.
A pedicab driver will ask you if you want your picture taken at the beach.
Get in the cab.
Meanwhile, don't do anything stupid like calling your partner [CHUCKLES] - Tour of Waikiki? - Oh, yeah.
- Take your picture on the beach.
- Great.
It's, um it's under the floor mat.
Now you've got the whole story.
You? Yeah, I'm sorry, Burt Reynolds wasn't available for the assignment.
What you see is what you get.
Oh, uh, heh, heh.
I didn't mean to offend you.
Sure you did.
But that's okay.
I'm in a position to, uh, be big about it.
Uh What's this all about? I know who you are, Mr.
I know who Tony Alika is.
How much do you want? Oh, gee, heh.
- Look, I don't have that kind of money.
- Tony Alika does.
Well, talk to him then.
I think I'd rather do business with you.
He has a tendency to get a little cranky, you know? I like you better.
And, uh, you'll give me the prints and the negative, huh? You do your part, Kramer, and I'll take care of mine.
Incidentally, I'm not in this alone, so don't get any funny ideas.
Maren Wilson? Oh, yes.
May I help you? My name is Dan Williams.
Ben Richmond, uh, told me you might be able to help us locate Tim Powers.
Uh, Tim Powers? Oh, Stringer.
Oh, uh, see, that's the nickname that everyone calls him.
- You see, a Stringer is a person who-- - I know.
Somebody who sells articles or pictures to a publication on a freelance basis.
Um, what do you want him for? A police officer was killed in an accident.
This accident.
Stringer took this picture.
We'd like to ask him some questions.
Well, what kind of questions would you like to ask him? The questions are for him.
Do you know where he is? Uh, no.
He shows up here every once in a while when he has a picture to sell.
Surely he must do something else besides take pictures? Look, I really don't know anything about him.
If you'll just excuse me now, I have some other business to attend to.
YOSHI: Hey, Danny.
- Hey, Yoshi.
YOSHI: Hey, how's it going, Danny? - How are you doing? - Okay.
- Listen, I heard you talking over there.
- Ah, my, what big ears you have.
Well, I know this guy, Stringer, and he drives a pedicab around here sometimes.
- What company does he work for? - He'd call himself an independent.
- What's the guy look like? - He's a short guy, late 20s maybe, uh, blond.
That's it.
If you come up with something else, give me a call at the office.
Take it easy now.
ALIKA: Now, what's the story? KRAMER: He wants 250 grand.
- Oh, he does, eh? - Right.
What's worth that kind of money? What did he look like? Well, he's a short blond punk, drives a pedicab in Waikiki.
ALIKA: Mm-hm.
Uh, how'd he leave it? He said, get the money, wait for a call.
You set up the meeting.
I'll take care of him.
We've gotta pay him.
He's not in this thing alone.
He said if anything happens to him-- The cops are gonna get the pictures.
That's what they always say.
Well, he's got any partners, I'll take care of them too.
Can't we just pay him? It doesn't work that way.
Don't you understand, Howard? It's like joining one of your exclusive clubs, blackmail.
First you pay your initiation fee, then you gotta pay your dues every month, like clockwork.
- Look-- - Will you relax? You take care of our business.
I'll take care of this other thing.
- I wanna talk to you.
- I'm in a lot of trouble.
- You better believe it.
- Mm-hm- Come with me.
Stand right there.
- Five-0 is looking for you.
- Oh, yeah? Did I forget to pay a parking ticket on my pedicab? Oh, come off it.
They wanted to know if you saw anything else when you took those pictures of the car crash.
What are you doing in there? Ah, Stringer.
Oh, this is my burglar alarm.
I, uh If somebody breaks in, I got a picture of them to show the cops.
What, uh? What did you tell Five-0? - Okay, what did you tell them? - Nothing.
Why didn't you take that picture to the cops? Oh, I was going to, but, uh, I got busy.
- I'll do it in the morning.
- You had a whole day to do it in.
Well, I got this call from a big magazine back east.
They want me to do a spread for a travel issue.
You know, uh, a lot of girls in bikinis and Hey, Maren, I was their first choice.
They called me first.
Stringer, I don't even believe you.
I don't even know what I'm doing here.
Hey, you're just crazy about me.
I am worried about you.
I think you are in something way over your head.
Short jokes in a darkroom? - Stringer, can't you ever be serious? - Okay.
Now, I'm serious.
I'm serious, look.
Take that picture to the police.
First thing in the morning.
I will.
REED: We've been at it for hours.
Maybe the cops got him.
Hey, you wanna tell that to the boss? All right, we'll keep on rolling.
- Danny, it's been three hours.
- I know.
I know.
Three hours and a handful of air.
Well, let's take another circuit, Tom.
Stringer's gotta be out there somewhere.
I hope.
Hey, over there.
Isn't that him? - The description fits.
- Like a glove.
Hey, you! Powers! That's him.
DANNY: Stringer.
Central, patch me through to McGarrett.
McGARRETT [OVER RADIO]: What have you got? DANNY: We've got that photographer, Stringer.
McGARRETT: Good work, Danno.
Bring him in.
We will, soon as we dry him off.
McGARRETT: When you took the picture of the crash up at Banyan Point, did you see anything else? - Like what? - Like what? Like who caused the accident, for instance.
Anyone you can identify? No, I didn't see nothing except what's in the pictures.
What were you doing up there? I was taking some photos of this girl that I know for, uh, posters.
You know.
Who was the girl? You wouldn't know her, I don't think.
Who was the girl you talked to? Maren Wilson.
She didn't mention being there.
No, no, she didn't see anything.
She was changing her clothes at the time.
So you were the one and only eyewitness.
Yeah, now that you mention it, I was.
You know, the story I just told you, the paper will pay a lot of money for.
I wonder what-- I wonder what they would pay for that.
Okay, you can go.
But just remember one thing, my friend: You're playing a dangerous game with people who make their own rules.
[DOOR CLOSES] - He's lying through his teeth.
- Sure.
He saw plenty.
I have a strong hunch that Alika's right in the middle of it.
Put a 24 hour tail on our little friend, Danno.
For his own protection, of course.
[PHONE BUZZES] - Yes? LINDA: There's a call for you, Line 1.
He won't give his name.
That's all right.
Uh, I know who it is.
- Hello? - You got the money? KRAMER: Yes.
[SIGHS] Good.
Look, I want you to tell Tony Alika something for me.
If his boys follow me again, the whole deal's off.
I'll go straight to McGarrett.
- No.
Don't do that.
- Okay.
Assuming that you don't screw things up, this is the plan.
I have a loft in a warehouse at 223 Pearl Street.
Be there in one hour with the money.
No, wait a minute.
I don't think I can get there that fast.
I think you can.
[SIGHS] MAREN: You're welcome.
Did you take that picture to the police? [IN NORMAL VOICE] Get off my case.
- Did you? - Yes.
- And? - And what? And what? What did they say? I'll tell you what I can, but the less you know, the safer you'll be.
The safer I'll be? I just spent an hour with Steve McGarrett.
You know who he is? He's the head of Hawaii Five-O.
- You mean it's that important? - Crucial.
Those are his words, not mine.
" The man took me into his confidence, I shouldn't even be saying this.
Well, why did he take you into his confidence? That's between McGarrett and me.
I can say no more.
- Uh, Stringer, I don't-- - Maren Maren, that's all I can say, [AS HUMPHREY BOGART] sweetheart [SIGHS] [ENGINE SPUTTERING] Listen, he said he'd go straight to McGarrett.
He does that, we're out of business.
ALIKA: All right, Howard.
You can relax.
I'm gonna pay him.
- You mean it? - I said it, didn't I? I thought it over.
With what we've got at stake, it's worth 250 grand.
That is, if our deal's been made.
You needn't worry about that.
- Your money's working for us.
- Okay.
The blackmailer milks this coconut just one time.
I want the pictures and the negatives.
And if he comes back at us, I'll blow him away.
- You be sure to tell him that, eh? - Right.
- Call me when it's over.
- Okay.
MAREN: Oh, you'll love the other side of the island.
The waterfalls are beautiful.
Oh, and, uh, don't forget the luau tomorrow night.
Of course, there's Maui.
Maui's terrific.
- Miss Wilson? - Uh, yes.
I'll be with you in a moment.
Anyway, I'm sure you'll have fun.
And if you wanna go to any of the other islands, it's only $25.
Have a good time.
- Yes.
Can I help you? - McGarrett.
Hawaii Five-O.
Oh, yes.
You know, Stringer told me that you took him into your confidence.
- He told you what? - You didn't? Oh, he didn't.
Miss Wilson, your friend could be in a lot of trouble.
Oh, it won't be the first time.
How well do you know him? Well, he's been on the street for about two years.
Uh, he talks big, but he's really a very nice guy.
I guess I felt sorry for him, so we got to be friends.
Anyway, whenever he has a photo assignment, I get to be one of his models.
Do you know where I could find him? Uh, no, not at the moment.
Miss Wilson, if you have any feeling at all for this man, you'll tell me everything you know.
If you don't, you may never see him alive again.
You really think he could be in that kind of danger? Trust me.
Now, I know these people.
And as I told your little friend, Alika not a man to play games.
He's in a warehouse loft on Pearl Street.
- The number is 223.
- Thank you.
Thank you, very much.
Oh, Mr.
McGarrett, wait.
I might as well tell you everything.
The day that Stringer got the photo of the car crash, he got another picture too.
- Of Tony Alika? - Yeah.
And another man.
Do you know who the other man was? Howard Kramer.
Thank you, Miss Wilson.
You were very helpful.
Come on, come on in.
We're alone.
- So this is where you live.
- Yeah, but not for long.
- Is that the money? - Yeah.
Put it down over here.
Open it.
Now, wait, wait.
The pictures, the negatives, where are they? That's easy.
The pictures and the negative.
- I'm not in this alone.
- Shut up, punk.
What are you doing here? - Those the pictures? - Yeah.
All right.
Where's the rest of them? That's all there are.
I don't think you heard me, kid.
Howard, I think it was a mistake, our, uh Our trying to do business together.
Well, Tony, ahem, I'm willing to forget it if you are.
Oh, I wish it was that easy, Howard.
Unfortunately, this is the kind of mistake that, uh, somebody has to pay for.
No, wait.
[KRAMER GRUNTING] Tony, please.
Please, stop! Tony.
Please, don't! Are you listening now, kid? One more time.
Where are the other pictures, the ones you've been holding out on me? The pictures.
What's that on the floor? That's everything.
I swear it is.
Okay, kid.
I believe you.
You gonna kill me now? Well, I could do that.
But, uh, see, kid, in my business, it's not good to have too many unexplained bodies laying around.
It attracts the guys like McGarrett.
Besides, I need you.
I need you to take the rap for Kramer.
Now, McGarrett may not buy that, but the D.
's gonna have to.
I could go to the police, you know, and I could tell them what really happened here.
That would be your word against the three of us.
And it happened in your place to a man you were trying to blackmail.
You're my out, kid.
Now, that's worth something to me.
That should make you very hard to find.
You mean it? I said it, didn't I? You ever show your face on this island again and you're dead.
No talk.
No questions.
That's it.
You understand? Yes, sir.
I wish McGarrett could be here to see this.
It would give me a lot of pleasure.
[LAUGHING MANIACALLY] Looks like Kramer put up quite a fight.
One thing for sure, Danno.
Stringer didn't kill Kramer.
I think Stringer was blackmailing Kramer with that picture of him and Alika.
Kramer and Stringer weren't the only ones here.
- Alika? - Yeah.
Or some of his goons.
Let's make sure the lab boys go over every inch of this place.
And put out an APB on Stringer.
- Duke's already doing that.
- Good.
I wanna hear his version of what happened here.
Oh, one more thing, Danno.
Put a surveillance team on his girlfriend's apartment.
He might be confused enough to show up there.
DANNY: Will do.
MAREN: Stringer? McGarrett came to the hotel again looking for you.
Howard Kramer is dead.
Maren, I didn't kill him.
Well, what happened? Some guys Some guys broke into the apartment and threw him out a window.
Well, what were you doing with Kramer? We had some business.
Oh, Stringer! Maren, you know how I always talked about a big score? I made it.
Look at this.
I mean, no more tips.
Look at this.
Stringer, what are you doing with that kind of money? Never mind about the money.
Look, after it's dark, I gotta go back to my place and get some pictures.
Heh, and after that we got it made.
Pictures? What pictures? Pictures of Tony Alika and his goons throwing Kramer out the window like a sack of potatoes.
What are you gonna do with them? I need them for protection.
Don't you understand? If Alika and his goons come looking for me, I gotta have something I can hold over him.
If you have the pictures, bring them to Mr.
He will help you.
No, there may not be any pictures.
Look, the mirror was broken.
It was cracked.
The camera was ruined, the film was ruined.
There may not be any pictures.
If there's no pictures, McGarrett's the last person I wanna see.
Pictures or no pictures, you can't keep that money.
Maren Maren, this is for us.
I mean, this is our dreams in a box.
We can We can go anywhere, we can do anything we ever wanted to do.
I mean, no more tips.
[SIGHS] Aw, Stringer, you are such a sweet guy.
But you have to know that I couldn't have anything to do with that kind of money.
I mean, you're a good photographer and everyone knows it.
If you could just get a real job and work at it, then you'd have your chance at everything you want.
It's not enough.
Looking for these? Okay.
Hold it.
Hold it right there.
- You told him.
- Yes, but it didn't matter.
He'd already found the film.
The film was my only protection against Tony Alika.
There's only one thing that can protect you now and that's the truth.
Well, unless I'm mistaken, you've got the truth in your hands there.
I think that'll show that I didn't kill Howard Kramer.
Yeah, but this is one time a picture isn't worth a thousand words.
We're still gonna need your testimony.
Well, what will happen to Stringer then? What happens to him will be up to the D.
But he doesn't have to worry about Alike- Believe me- Whatever it is, I guess I got it coming.
Okay, Kimo, take him downtown.
Book him.
Can I go with him? McGARRETT: Yeah.
You don't deserve a friend like her.
You know that? Yes, sir.
I do now.
Okay, Danno, come on.
Let's pay Alika that visit I've been waiting to make for along, long time.
[DOORBELL RINGS] - Where's Alika? - Right this way.
ALIKA: Well, McGarrett.
This is a pleasure.
Oh, the pleasure's all mine.
Isn't that considerate of him.
He saved us the trouble of looking for the others.
Very thoughtful of him.
All right.
Enough fencing, gentlemen.
What do you want? Oh, I got what I want.
- Yeah? What's that? - You, Alika, you.
You know, McGarrett, you're beginning to sound like a broken record.
Ever since you took over from Pahoa, I've been telling you that your time would come.
Well, it's here.
Welcome to hard times, pal.
Ah, I see you've read the headline.
Howard Kramer's fall is not a mystery any more, Alika.
Wait till you read tomorrow’s headline.
Well, I can see them right now.
Sherlock Holmes of Hawaii solves another big one.
Hey, that's not bad.
It would make a great front page with those pictures.
What photos? These.
Where did you get these? That little fellow, Stringer, has a real talent for candid shots, wouldn't you say? Yeah, well, that's not what it looks like.
We was just having a little argument, that's all.
Oh, that's not what Stringer says.
He's going to make a devastating witness against you.
Aw, hey, hey, hey.
All right, gentlemen.
Come on in.
Book them, Danno.
- Let's go, Alika.
- Oh, no.
Oh, no.
I want this one for myself.