HawthoRNe (2009) s01e08 Episode Script

No Guts, No Glory

- Easy, Camille.
- Relax.
I got it.
- Just watch it, okay? - I am watching it! - Mom! - Hold on! Stop! I'm so sorry.
I'm so She's a new driver.
Did you see that? She just, like, came out of nowhere! Actually, that's a crosswalk, okay? And the general rule of thumb is, when somebody's in it, stop.
Just pull over to my spot, please, slowly.
Camille! Goodness gracious.
- You owe me a spa day.
- Oh, yeah? Well, for the record, I'm not feeling all that chill, either.
Operating a thousand pounds of steel, chill is not really what we're going for.
I'm just saying you could really work on your approach.
Really? Because I didn't ask for this particular rite of passage.
You know, potty training.
I filled that stupid chart with all kinds of gold stars.
Riding a bike, I kissed every dang boo-boo.
First bra, I took you to Macy's, got you one of those training deals, which, by the way, you didn't even need.
- Mom! - But this right here.
Driving lessons? It's not for me.
That's Daddy's gig.
- So I guess this is all his fault, then? - Absolutely! Can you please tell Captain Buzzkill that she's officially fired? Enjoy the bus.
You'll be riding it forever! - Morning.
Driving lessons, huh? - Just kill me.
- "Uh-oh," what? - Uh-oh, you got that look.
- What look? - This look.
- That is not what I look like.
- Yeah.
It is.
But I know there's a good reason for that look.
There is.
See, this woman came in with a fractured arm.
She said she tripped over her son's Razor scooter.
But when I checked her ribs, she had all this irregular bruising all over her torso.
So, I asked her about it, and she got really defensive, which makes me think, I don't know, maybe That something else is going on? Okay.
I'll talk to her.
- What do we got? - Auto versus motorcycle.
He was riding his bike on the 111.
Girlfriend was on the back.
A dude in an SUV got distracted by his kids and slammed into them.
Girlfriend over there was ambulatory at the scene.
He was incapacitated.
- Helmets? - Yeah.
On my count.
One, two, three.
On my count.
One, two, three.
- Vitals are stable.
- Hers are strong.
- His name is Jared.
- Jared, can you hear me? Don't try to speak.
Just blink if you can understand what I'm saying.
- Did he do it? - Yeah.
Jared, I'm gonna touch you.
Blink if you can feel my hand.
How about this? Good.
You're doing great.
I'm gonna go lower now.
Can you feel this? No? How about now? What's wrong? What's wrong? Why isn't he feeling anything? - They're just preliminary tests.
- Is he Is he - Okay, get him to CT, stat.
- Jared! Jared! Talk to me! - We've got him.
- Baby, talk to me! - He's gonna be okay.
Look at me.
- Jared! Jared! We've got him.
You just have to breathe.
You can have one treat, Carlos, after you eat all that gross stuff that's actually good for you.
Be home soon.
Love you.
is his God-given right.
Who am I to argue? I have a 16-year-old who just started driving, so I get it.
I'm Christina.
- I'm Vita.
- So, banged up your arm, huh? I was carrying laundry, and I tripped over Carlos' scooter, fell right on my ass.
Talk about graceful.
- So you fell backwards? - Yeah, I guess.
See, 'cause you fractured your forearm, so No, I mean, I fell forward first, and then I ended up on my back.
- Okay.
May I check your ribs? - I was already examined.
I know, but we just like to double-check and make sure we haven't missed anything.
Vita, have you been emotionally or physically abused by your partner or someone important to you? It was a bad fall.
You don't get bruises like that from a regular fall.
Those are fingerprint bruises, meaning somebody had to use their hands to hurt you.
See It's just my boyfriend.
He just gets, you know Does he force you into sexual activity? Oh, God, no.
No, it's just that things get kind of rough, you know? - What's going on? - Nothing.
I was just explaining to Vita that it seems like some of her injuries are unrelated to her fall.
Did you tell her why, Vita? So, are we almost done? Because I really got to get home to my kid.
I just gotta cross a few more "T's" before I can let you go.
- Okay? - Okay.
So, I'll be right back.
Well, your scans show severe swelling of the soft tissue, - indicating a high cord injury.
- A high cord injury? Yeah.
Basically, it's the swelling in your neck that's pinching against your spinal cord, affecting your ability to move.
- So, the swelling's the problem? - Well, actually, Jared, it's a little early to make any kind of accurate assessment.
But I've put you on a high dose of steroids that'll help the swelling go down, and in the meantime, a neurologist will do an MRI, so we can figure out exactly what's going on.
And I'll check back with you after that.
- Is there anything I can do for you? - Could you make it be yesterday? I haven't quite mastered that one yet.
Damn B&B.
Courtney, she'd been bugging me for months to go to one of those bed-and-breakfast places, you know, down by the shore, with the, you know, the canopy beds and the frilly sheets and wine and cheese on the porch at sunset.
Sounds awful.
It wasn't even really our kind of thing.
We met on an Outward Bound trip.
That's one of those hardcore wilderness things, right? Seven days in the middle of nowhere, just me and the boys.
- Then And then we met our team leader.
- Courtney? We couldn't believe it.
I mean, here's this insane-Iooking chick, you know, and she's into rock climbing and camping.
I mean, any one of us would've killed to be with this girl, - and she picked me.
- Nice, man.
I thought it was gonna be a fling, like a week of hot tent sex, you know? Hot tent sex.
Sadly, I do not know.
But it wasn't like that.
I mean, some of it was.
- Yeah.
- But mostly, it was just Just hanging out.
We'd just stay up by the fire and talk.
And watch the sun rise.
You're still gonna be able to do that, you know.
Watch the sunrises.
Yeah? What about the rest of it? - Hi.
Mr Gache? - Gache.
Now, I understand you've been experiencing severe abdominal pains.
- Yeah, off and on, past couple weeks.
- Any constipation? Sorry.
Any mention of potty talk, and this one goes nuts.
Can we just go over this with the doctor? Actually, I'll be making an assessment of your condition and initiating the proper course of action.
- You? - I am a registered nurse.
Did you study here? - At this hospital? - In the States? I got my degree from Georgetown.
Graduated top of my class.
Any other concerns about my education? Great.
Then I'll be back in a little bit to draw some blood, so we can find out what's causing you such discomfort.
Good instincts on that Vita Gonzalez.
I really think there's some abuse going on with that boyfriend.
- What are you gonna do? - She's gonna swoop in and rescue that poor damsel, using her sassy wit and plucky determination.
That, and I'm going to stall her release until a social worker can come and assess the situation.
Thank you for getting involved.
Well, Kelly, that's my job.
What are you doing for lunch? - Lunch? - Yeah.
You want to go grab something? No.
I was thinking maybe you could take Camille for a spin.
You know, give her some pointers for her driver's test.
You want me to give Camille a driving lesson? Thought you'd be a natural, you know, with your patience and nurturing.
Qualities her mother is sorely lacking.
- I would love to help out.
- Great! So, I can have her meet you in the parking lot at 1:00.
- Yeah, 1:00.
It's, like, soon.
- Fantastic.
Give me a high-five.
- Yes.
- Bye, Christina.
Yeah, just a little bit more.
It's okay.
I deserve it.
- This is all my fault.
- Honey, it was an accident.
If I hadn't kept bugging Jared about going to the shore - for our 2-year anniversary - Two years? I was hoping that we'd get engaged, but he wasn't ready to get married.
But he wanted me to be happy, and if that meant spending the weekend at some cheesy B&B You know, you can't beat yourself up over this.
He was right.
It should have been enough.
Just him and I, our life together, it should have been enough.
- Incidentals we recovered from the crash.
- Thanks, bro.
- How's he doing? - Possible quad.
- Dude.
- Yeah.
So, this patient told you the boyfriend was abusing her? Well, more like implied it.
You know, I asked her direct questions, and she's too afraid to answer.
But when you see the injuries, nightstick fracture, fingerprint bruises.
Classic signs of abuse.
Well, I'll make note of them when I speak with the patient.
You know, I'll keep that boyfriend busy with paperwork.
- Excuse me.
What happened to our patient? - Fractured arm? New doctor on shift discharged her a couple minutes ago.
I'll be back.
Hey, Vita.
Hey, Vita! Wait up.
The doctor said it was cool to go.
I know.
I just I was thinking maybe Maybe you and I could have a cup of coffee, just the two of us.
Be my guest.
Listen, I know this might be overwhelming for you, but there are things that the city can do to help you.
I really gotta get home to my kid.
- You don't have to go with him.
- Wait a second.
You think I'm the problem? She's the one with the problem.
- You don't deserve to be treated like that.
- It's really not like what you think.
- Vita, think about your son.
- I am.
Believe me.
Just leave it alone, okay? The MRI shows that the damage to your spine is between C6 and C7.
Typically, that kind of injury almost always results in severe paralysis.
So, I'm gonna be in a wheelchair permanently? - It's most likely.
- What about my arms? Like, will I be able to feed myself or wheel myself around or, like, throw a football with my kid? Am I even gonna be able to have kids? It's too early to know the full scope of your condition.
Courtney and I always talked about having a big family.
Jared, there is one potential scenario that could affect your prognosis.
The MRI also shows that there's a bone fragment lodged between the two vertebrae.
We believe that's what's causing the swelling around your spinal cord.
And so if we take it out, I could walk again? The fragment is lodged extremely close to the spinal cord, so removing it could cause more tissue damage, and that could just make things worse.
I'm already in a wheelchair for life.
How much worse could this get? - You could die.
- Could die? We won't know exactly how risky it is until you're on the operating table.
But right now, we need to do another MRI, so we can monitor the swelling.
You've got some big decisions to make.
- Did you hear that, man? I could walk again.
- But the risks are considerable.
You probably want to talk to Courtney.
I can get her.
No, no.
I don't want her to know about any of this.
Didn't you hear them, man? - You could die on that table.
- Yeah, or I could spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, man.
It's the same difference.
Being disabled is not a death sentence.
I see it here every day.
There's people with all kinds of physical obstacles, and they are living fulfilling lives.
I just really think you should talk it through with Courtney.
Why? What, so she can tell me that it's okay? That she'll love me anyway? 'Cause that's what she'll say.
- And I'm sure that's true, man.
- It doesn't matter.
Courtney's that girl, man, you know? The world is her freaking oyster.
Hell if I'm gonna be the one that takes it away from her.
Hey, miss? Could you be a doll and help me out? This IV's at a weird angle, and it's kind of jabbing me.
I can get your nurse.
Do you remember who it is? - Exotic-Iooking gal, dark hair.
- Bobbie, one of the best in the building.
Yeah, well, between you and me, her work ethic's a little lacking, not to mention her bedside manner.
I mean, I'd really like to have someone like you.
There a problem, Mr Gache? His IV was just jabbing him a little bit.
- There.
That's better.
- Yeah, there you go.
Thanks a lot.
- Was he bitching about me? - Guy's a chronic complainer.
- He's a bigot, is what he is.
- Come on.
He practically asked to see my green card earlier.
Well, so he's a little ignorant.
You can't take it personally.
- Well, that's easy for you to say.
- What's that supposed to mean? Well, in this country, you're considered a purebred, and I'm what they call a mutt.
- I'm sorry you got roped into this.
- No worries.
I'm happy to help.
I'll just ease us out of here, and then we can switch.
You know, I thought that learning to drive was gonna be this totally awesome, cool thing.
But me and my mom have been at each other's throats all day.
Total nightmare.
I remember learning to drive, and I had this creepy instructor, Mr Dees.
He had this long, greasy hair, and he kept adjusting my seatbelt.
Yeah, totally.
Don't worry.
We're gonna make this as painless as possible.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, how's it going with Jared? Well, he's the first good-Iooking guy with a hot girlfriend that I actually don't envy.
The hot girlfriend's not so hot, either.
She really wants to see her man.
Can I bring her up? No, Jared's going through some pretty heavy stuff right now.
And Courtney's not? Well, she's not looking at being stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
But she's probably looking at caring for somebody who is.
Well, not necessarily.
Jared's considering emergency spinal surgery - which can allow him to walk again.
- Well, that's fantastic.
Except for the part where he could die.
And he's making that kind of decision without Courtney? - He doesn't think she can handle it.
- She can't handle it? This from a guy who won't step up and commit after two years.
- Courtney thinks Jared won't commit? - He told her that he's not ready.
- That does not make any sense.
- Yeah, sure, it does.
Guys are dicks.
No, he was gonna propose.
I saw the ring.
- What? Where? - It fell out of his jacket.
- Well, what did it look like? - It was a brown and leather The ring, dummy.
I don't know.
It was, like, you know, sparkly and stuff.
I gotta tell Courtney.
No! No, no.
No, that's exactly what we're not gonna do.
Okay, he's up there making a life-or-death decision, and you want me to sit on this kind of information? The last thing they need is for two meddling nurses to get involved.
- Meddling? - Okay, we owe it to them - to just let this thing play out on its own.
- Fine.
But you've got to convince Jared to talk to Courtney.
For the record, if some guy was about to profess his undying love for me, I'd want to know.
I'll keep that in mind.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, I put in a request for a home visit through family services.
How long is that gonna take? - A couple weeks.
- A couple of weeks? These agencies are incredibly backed up.
Yeah, but there has to be something else that we can do.
I mean, this woman and her son could be in serious trouble.
Unfortunately, since Ms Gonzalez is no longer admitted to this hospital, - she's not our problem.
- Problem? Ms Hawthorne, are you implying that I'm not doing my job? Quite the opposite.
You are doing exactly what your job description states.
Must be nice to be better than everyone else.
- More dedicated, competent.
- It's not.
It's actually a terrible burden.
You know where Courtney and I were this time last year? - Chile.
- Nice.
Up on this ridge, 2,000-foot vertical drop.
- Nothing but snowboards on our backs.
- Okay, that's nuts.
- No guts, no glory.
- Yep.
- Just words now.
- Well, that's one way to look at it.
What other choice do I have? I've done all these amazing things, and then, just like that, have it all taken away? It would've been better to have never had it at all.
- Even Courtney? - God, especially her.
I know you feel powerless, and that has got to be so scary for a guy like you.
But what you're doing to Courtney, just shutting her out, that God, that's got to be just as scary for her.
- Ready? - I don't know.
What do I say? - Don't say anything.
Just be there.
- Okay.
- Babe.
Babe? - Oh, God.
It's okay.
- Courtney.
- No! No! No! Jared, no! Just get her out of here, okay? - Baby - Get her the hell out of here! - I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Your labs came back normal.
That, coupled with your symptoms, led the doctor to believe you might be suffering from a mild case of gastritis.
Gastritis? It means the lining of your stomach is irritated, possibly the beginning stages of an ulcer.
I told you all that spicy food wasn't good for you.
My dad loves hot wings.
The jalapeno are his favourite.
Well, not so much any more.
My stomach's not strong enough.
Not like you, with all that lard and grease you put in your food.
- Excuse me? - Well, I'm just saying - you people have got a hearty constitution.
- My people? Come on.
I mean, now, don't get all politically correct on me here.
I mean, I I read the news.
I mean, I know what's going on.
How we're all different, but we're all actually the same.
Doug, please.
Don't start.
We got a black president in the White House.
I mean, if that irony isn't thick enough for you Mr Gache, I'm not Hispanic.
I'm Indian and Sri Lankan, and, yeah, there is a difference.
But you and me will never be the same because you're a small-minded, ignorant bigot.
- Okay, wait a minute.
- No, you wait.
I've been listening to your belligerent blather all day, - and I'm so over it.
- I want to speak to your supervisor.
Yeah? No problemo.
- Nurse Hawthorne? - Yeah? You got to be kidding me.
- What was that all about? - Jerk's been harassing me all day.
- Really? Sexually? - I wish.
- Racist, huh? - But thinks he's enlightened.
Yeah, of course.
They're the worst kind.
You need anything? No.
I got it.
I gotta run.
But good luck with David Duke.
Jared? Your most recent MRI indicates that the swelling in your neck is getting worse.
- Meaning? - Our window to remove that bone fragment is closing as we speak.
Jared, you have to decide if this operation is something you want us to attempt.
- What are my chances here? - Roughly 30% of walking again, and 30% of not making it out of the OR.
I hate to know what the other 10% is.
Look, Jared, if you decide not to go through with this, there still could be medical breakthroughs.
What would you do? I'm not qualified to answer that.
Yeah, yeah, you are, man.
Come on, you're a guy, right? I mean, besides the whole male-nurse thing.
Seriously, dude.
I need to know.
What would you do? - I'd do it.
- There it is.
Dude, I would totally fist-bump you right now if I could.
Us male nurses, we're not so into that.
- So, I take it that's a yes? - Lf this is my one chance of walking again and giving Courtney the life that she always wanted, then yeah.
Hell, yeah, I'm gonna take it.
Can I have a word with you? You do realise you just advised a patient to take an incredible risk with his life? - You wouldn't do exactly what he's doing? - Come on, Ray.
That's impossible to say.
No, imagine it.
You're in the prime of your life.
You'd never play another game of hockey.
You'd never operate again.
You'd never make love to the woman of your dreams.
You're telling me you wouldn't make the same choice? Courtney? - How could I do that to him? - You were scared.
Yeah, well, you know what the worst part is? It's that he probably wasn't even surprised.
- What do you mean? - He knows me better than anyone.
And he knows that I'm not that person.
Strong in the face of adversity.
I've never even had adversity.
- You teach wilderness survival.
- That's totally different.
Okay, so If I am clinging to the ledge of some godforsaken mountain somewhere, freezing my ass off, terrified, what do you say to me? Don't panic.
Keep breathing.
- And whatever you do, don't look down.
- Jared's on that ledge.
You know what to do.
Camille, that's not how I told you to do it.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Just keep them straight.
And, seriously, Camille, you have to stop with the jerkiness - 'cause you're making me sick.
- I'm really sorry.
Don't be a jerky driver.
No one likes a jerky driver.
- Okay.
- What are you doing? - Oh, no.
- What are you doing? Camille! Okay, now get in the left because we're gonna have to turn here.
- Can Can - Hey! Hey! Quit riding us, asswipe! Okay, now go.
Okay, go and slowly.
Come on, with aggression! With aggression! Seriously.
Okay, thanks.
What now? What? What is it? I think he wants to get around us.
I'll try and move up.
No, you're not.
Okay, this is crap.
I'm so sorry.
What the hell? You're totally crowding her! She is a student driver! Be a human! She's straddling two lanes.
She's a straddler.
Then wait instead of honking your horn like a crazy person! Get in your car.
Get out of the way.
That is real mature.
You know what? Let me see your licence.
- You want to see my licence? - Yeah.
Do you even have a licence? Look what kind of example you're setting.
Okay? She's just learning how to drive.
- I want it! I want it now! - Just let go! - I just want to help you! - Don't yell at me! - I'm not yelling at you! - Give it to me! I want it! Let it go! I want to help you! Just let it go! I'm trying Yes, I want to report a domestic disturbance at 610 Woodbine.
- You guys gotta hurry up.
- Let it go! It's not safe! No, you're hurting me now! You're hurting me! Carlos! Please! Hey! Hey! - No! - Hey! Hey! Carlos, no! The whistle wouldn't blow.
My train whistle wouldn't blow.
I just wanted to hear my whistle blow.
I know.
I know.
It's okay.
- Mom? - I know.
I know.
- Yeah? - Hey, come here for a second.
Come here.
And here I thought the idea was to prevent harm.
Yeah, well, that's what I was trying to do.
- Yeah, but - But my face got in the way.
Yeah, well, I guess we're both high-risk factors today.
- How so? - Some young guy, quadriplegic.
He wants us to attempt an incredibly risky spinal retraction.
He's willing to chance it if it could mean walking again.
Is this the same guy that came into the ER with his girlfriend? Yeah.
Yeah, the things we do for love.
Well, he's in good hands.
Honey, what happened to you? Three and a half miles in these shoes.
You should see the blisters.
- You walked all that way? Why? - It's safer than driving with that freak.
- Kelly? - Yeah.
I thought my mom was bad.
But that girl, she's an animal.
I don't even want a licence with people like that on the road.
When was Carlos first diagnosed with autism? About 14 months.
His dad took off pretty soon after.
When did he start getting violent? Ever since his last growth spurt, it's like he can't even control his own body.
His hormones are all over the map.
Which is hard for anybody, let alone a child with special needs.
I guess I thought it was just a phase.
The best thing we can do for Carlos is to treat his mood swings, work to even out his temperament, so he can focus on therapy and getting better.
And how long will that take? Sometimes it can take up to six weeks to see results.
- Wow.
- Until then, I can recommend some juvenile facilities that'll attend to his special needs.
No, I'm not gonna send Carlos to one of those places.
He belongs with me.
He needs to be with me.
Listen, you really got to think about your safety.
I'm his mom! I'm all he's got.
That's all the more reason why you need to get him the help he needs.
Hey, there.
Where are your folks? My dad's in the bathroom again.
Mom just went to get me something to eat.
Actually, they make a pretty good burger down in that cafeteria.
I like cheeseburgers.
Me, too.
They're my favourite.
I think it's because when I was a kid, I couldn't eat them.
Why? Were you allergic? My parents came from a different country, and they had a different religion and it had a lot of rules.
They didn't think it was right to eat meat.
- Even cheeseburgers? - Even cheeseburgers.
Even though we lived here in America, where there's all kinds of people, all different colours and different religions, they wanted me to do things the old way.
- Did you get mad? - No.
I love my mom and dad, and they taught me how to do a lot of great things.
And they still love me even though I don't always think or do things the way they did.
You know what I mean? My dad thinks my PlayStation is dumb.
Well, that's just what your dad thinks.
It doesn't mean you have to.
I really hope my mom comes back with a cheeseburger.
I didn't realise you Did you need something? Nope.
I'm all done here.
You sure about this? You can always back out, you know.
No, go in there and kick some ass, man.
And if it doesn't work out, never regret trying, okay? All right, I'll see you in there.
All right, here we are.
- See you, man.
- I'll see you.
- Wait! He's going through with it? - Yeah.
- But he could die.
- He could also walk.
Okay, the woman that Jared loves is downstairs, waiting to tell him that they still have a future together.
I can't go down there and tell her there might not be one.
- We've got to stop him.
- It's too late.
He wants to go through with it.
- And you support that decision? - Yes.
Okay, so you would risk dying alone over living disabled with the person you love? - It's really not that simple.
- Yes, it is.
- I'm gonna stop him.
- No.
No, it's too - Ray.
Ray, get off of me.
- It's too late.
Okay? But she won't have a chance to say goodbye.
- He doesn't want her to.
- Lf he loved her, then he would If he loved her? Candy, Jared's not doing this despite Courtney.
He's doing this for her, okay? To be with her, to give this girl everything.
If that's not love, then I don't know what is.
There's no angle that leaves any margin for error.
We're better off leaving it be.
Henry, we promised this kid we'd do everything we could.
We promised we'd go in and take a look.
We've done that.
I'm sorry.
It's too risky.
Let's sew him back up.
I want to go through with this.
- The risks clearly outweigh the benefits.
- Not for this patient, they don't.
- Tom, there are serious liability issues.
- Yeah.
I'm willing to take the hit.
You understand that, as specialist, it's my protocol.
I understand this is his one and only shot to get out of that chair.
He wants us to take it.
How much longer? I need to know what we're doing here.
I'm removing that bone fragment, with or without your help.
He looks so peaceful, like he did when he was a little boy.
He'd crawl into bed with me, and we'd watch videos until he fell asleep.
I just want to make him happy.
I used to be able to do that.
I'm tired of pretending I can do this on my own.
You made the right decision.
We're moms.
We feel like we're not doing enough if we don't have the weight of the world on our backs.
The hardest part of our job is being able to ask for help.
I know.
Listen, the facility that Carlos is going to is full of staff that are specifically trained to understand his needs.
They'll create a world for him where he can feel safe.
And where his mother can visit him any time she wants to.
- Mom? - Hey, baby.
You okay? Hey, Carlos.
I'm sorry.
I'm okay.
You didn't mean it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How's he doing? - Well, he's here.
That's something.
Yeah, it sure is.
We won't know about the paralysis for another couple days.
You took the shot, and that's what he asked for.
Well, it better be, considering how close I came to clocking Lee.
- Dr Lee? Seriously? - Seriously.
You think you could have taken him? Are you kidding me? Come on, with these guns? I would have whooped his ass.
Would you look at that! You made peace with the Dukes.
- Well, one of them, at least.
- One's better than none.
You should make peace with your own kid.
Looks like Kelly's driving school worked.
- You knew? - Yeah.
Kelly has road rage like no other.
I've been staying clear of her for months.
- Then why did you sic her on Camille? - So she could appreciate her mother more.
That's so twisted or genius.
I can't decide.
It worked.
Look at her.
- That's my baby.
Isn't she something? - She's all right.
I won't flip out this time, I promise.
All right.
Right over there.
Hang on a second.
You just might want to hang on to this.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I'm sorry I got so upset earlier.
- Well, I'm sorry, too.
- For what? For being so harsh.
For, you know, grabbing you like that.
No, no, don't be.
I kind of liked it.
- You did? - Yeah.
You called me out on my crap, - which was exactly what I needed.
- Yeah.
And to be honest, I didn't know you had it in you.
No, I do.
I mean I do.
You haven't seen it very much, that's all.
- Maybe I'd like to see more of it.
- Maybe you will.
Get out of here, woman.
I said I kind of liked it.
No guts, no glory.
Heads up.
You want me to drive? Really? Yeah, I want to see what you learned today.
Let's see, I learned a new octave my voice could hit while I was screaming bloody murder, so I think I'll pass.
I'll behave.
I promise.
I promise.
All right, she's all yours.
- Camille! - Sorry.