HawthoRNe (2009) s03e06 Episode Script

Just Between Friends

Christina! Hey, you, guys! What a great surprise.
How are you guys doing? Miles' gonna take us on an airplane! Really? You guys are about to leave? I'll miss you.
Can you play for a little while? I have to go a friend of mine who really needs my help so I can't do it today, but what about next time? Yeah! All right! Can we watch tv in your room? Yep.
Thanks! [ Chuckles ] Hey.
Thanks for being cool about this.
Is that the impression I'm giving you? Camille, let's be very clear about this.
Miles is a married man.
He's getting divorced.
Yeah, well, until that ink is dry on that paper, he's married, with children.
We're just friends.
"Just friends.
" Let me tell you something about just being friends with a man, alone, away from his wife, with children.
I get it.
You're not cool with this.
[ Sighs ] But there's nothing going on between us.
Mark this moment, Camille, because you're fooling yourself.
And I'm telling you right now, this is gonna end badly.
Is that what you want to happen? No, that's not what I want to happen.
What I want is for you to go back to school and learn and-- And find out who you are and have fun.
You got all the time in the world to take on a responsibility like this.
You don't have to do this now.
Go have fun.
Okay? I love you.
I love you, too.
How are you feeling? No complaints.
Ma, you're gonna outlive all of us.
Mikey: Nicky? Hey, Nicky! Carlitos: Come in here for a second! Ma, how do you put up with these two? [ Chuckles softly ] [ Chuckles ] Was he a perfect child? He imagines so.
W-what does that mean? [ Both chuckle ] All right, you know what? I'm just saying.
Okay? You good with all that stuff? Eh.
You figure it out.
[ Chuckles ] Be careful.
Nick loves you.
And no matter how hard you try to deny, you love him, too.
I love my husband.
You don't need to convince me.
You need to convince your husband.
I'm worried about you.
Your lungs are congested, and your heart is working very hard.
You know, I always wanted a daughter.
I know.
You told me.
You're my birthday wish.
When's your birthday? Hoy.
Today? Sí.
How old are you? [ Chuckles ] Ochenta.
[ Laughs ] 80?! Really?! Sí.
So, what are you gonna do for your birthday? I'm gonna have a birthday cake.
She never celebrates her birthday.
Is that because she's never been given a birthday party? She don't like to be fussed over.
But we have friends and family coming over for cake.
She's turning 80, okay? I mean, that's a special birthday.
Didn't we tell you about the cake? That's a great idea.
You know what? Cake sounds good.
Um [Clears throat] You know, I've been coming over here every day since your mother has gotten out of the hospital, and her condition hasn't gotten any better.
On top of that, she doesn't want the surgery.
So this could be a very special birthday.
You understand what I'm saying? Now, listen.
Celebrations help get people motivated.
It gives them incentive to want to get better, maybe even change their mind about getting surgery.
We should celebrate her while she's here with us.
I think she'd love it.
Right? I think it would be nice.
No, really.
I think she'd love that.
Thank you.
Wayne: That's when the fight broke out right at center ice, while on the bench sat me and Sanderson, pinched by two of Boston's finest.
[ Chuckles ] I got traded the following season.
That was a rotten feeling.
Of course, waiting here, like this Million times worse.
I know.
Hang in there.
Clock's running down.
You think I'm gonna make it, doc? I made you a promise.
No, she's just-- What is this? What is this? Oh, it was just a delivery mix-up.
No, no! What is this?! You never mentioned you were securing a 501 C 3 status for the James River cancer lab and research center! What is this?! You know, maybe you should have this conversation some other time.
No, no, maybe you should leave.
Well, that's not a way to ask me.
I'm not asking! Hey! You never mentioned a charitable organization.
You never mentioned a magazine article.
You never mentioned a pretentious cocktail party.
I'm not signing this.
I tried reaching you.
You have been gone for three days, John.
No, I haven't! Can you get out of my office, please? I put you in this office.
I'm calling security.
You're delusional Bobbie "nurse CNO" Jackson.
How can you fund a-a charitable organization when you can't even fill your goddamn water bottle?! [ Bottle rattles ] John I won't be bullied.
You're embarrassing yourself and this hospital.
I'm giving you five seconds to leave this office.
You need to leave.
[ Sighs ] [ Chuckles ] [ Door slams ] [ Clears throat ] Well, yeah, that's what I tried telling her.
[ Television playing indistinctly ] She's still my mother.
Here you go.
Eat that.
Hey, Michelle, no jumping on the bed.
Suzanne, you're starting to sound like-- No, there's nothing going on between me and Miles.
I'd tell you.
[ Beep ] Oh, hang on, psycho.
Camille: Thought you were in the O.
late surgery.
That's what happens when your favorite scheduler has the day off.
How are the kids? So not a problem.
Hey, Michelle, sweetie.
Oh, come here.
No jumping on the bed.
[ Sighs ] Where's the "off" switch on these kids? Good luck with that.
Hey, I'll see you later.
All right.
[ Michael coughs ] Yeah.
It was Miles.
[ Wheezing ] Camille! Camille! [ Gasping ] Michael? [ Wheezing continues ] Suzanne, I think he's choking.
Call 911.
Michael, turn around.
Come here.
Open your mouth for me.
Michael, open your mouth so I can see inside.
Do you have anything in your throat? Oh, my [ Wheezing ] Please breathe.
I'm not sure I have exactly what you're looking for, but it-- It's gonna be in here if anything, so Well, anything's better than nothing.
We're looking for a brown box.
Let's get some light in here.
Maybe you can find it.
Nick, you never told me you painted.
I paint.
For how long? A long time.
Oil or acrylic? Oil.
Why oil? Oil is patient.
Come on.
Be gone.
Come on.
You got what you wanted.
Come on.
Come on.
Get out.
apparent anaphylactic shock.
We gave him .
3cc epi, but he's still hypotensive.
Let's have another .
33 epinephrine.
Start a line of d5w wide open.
Ready? And 1, 2, 3.
Camille: Michael? Michael.
Steve, is he okay? Is he with you? Is this Dr.
Bourdet's boy? Find Miles-- Go ask him about any allergies his son might have, all right? He can't eat peanuts.
Camille: Oh, my God.
He's allergic to peanuts.
Camille, why don't you take Michelle outside? [ Breathing heavily ] Hey, how is he? He's, uh, he's doing okay.
Hey, buddy.
It's your daddy.
I'm right here.
[ Breathing rapidly ] Mm.
Listen, I want to intubate.
This happened once before.
And I'm afraid of respiratory failure.
I-I need an ET tube and an intubation tray right away.
Let's get 10 of versed, Miles: Okay? All right.
All right, bud.
You're gonna get a little sleepy, but I'll be right here, all right? Mm.
I'm gonna say that prayer, okay? God, just help me.
Guide my hand.
It's gonna be okay, buddy.
Look at this.
Just like that-- A match.
You're kidding.
A donor in Norfolk.
The real deal? Yeah.
The liver's gonna be here in a few hours.
I'll have the nurses start on your labs right away.
Hey, congratulations.
You remember this car? Oh, papi loved that car.
Until you rammed it into a lamppost on Morris.
I remember that.
Come on, now.
Why you got to bring that up? Who was behind the wheel? Maria Vidal.
La cubana.
I was teaching her how to drive stick! Ahh! Are we gonna really do this? Are we really gonna do this now? Come on.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I don't know.
Didn't work out so well, huh? Your mother was so beautiful.
Nick: Yeah.
She was beautiful.
Now, who's that? That's my father.
In one of this better moods, apparently.
Look at her.
My mom always had that red lipstick on.
And no matter how bad things got, she always had that smile.
I see she still wears her wedding ring.
And she always will.
Till the day she dies.
That's the Renata way.
Anyway Pictures, blow up.
Is that all you need? Yep.
Thank you.
[ Michelle giggles ] Look, if you're here to give me a lecture, I really don't need it right now.
I came to tell you that Dr.
Bourdet is inside with his son.
Look, when I, um, spoke to you about the two of you spending time together-- We're just friends.
Why don't I play with Michelle And you go see how Michael's doing? Thank you.
Hey, pretty girl.
[ Woman on PA speaking indistinctly ] [ Monitor beeping ] Miles? I'm sorry.
Look, I-I understand if you never want to talk to me again.
Why didn't you read the label? I eat those bars all the time.
They have oats and rice and, like, chocolate.
It must have had peanuts in it.
Camille, every time, you need to read the label.
What happened to his epi pen? It was in the bag, but I panicked, and Miles, please.
I'm so sorry.
Is he gonna be okay? [ Sighs ] He's on a sub-q epi and steroids.
He should be fine.
"Should be"? He will be after he stays overnight for observation.
[ Sighs ] I'm so sorry.
Please stop apologizing, Camille! Please.
You know I would never do anything to hurt him.
I know.
Chandra will be here really soon.
It's-- You probably shouldn't be around.
[ Beeping continues ] [ Sighs ] Piolin: Where's your mom? She's right there.
[ Speaking Spanish ] Iay! Piolin! What a surprise! "What a surprise"? [ Sniffing ] What's for dinner?! Come on, mami.
[ Laughter ] Starting when he was this tall, piolin was always at our house.
Nicky would say, "hey, go to your mother.
She's calling you.
" [ Speaking Spanish ] Hey, Nick.
You can't be leaving the door open, man.
Anybody could just walk in.
Tell me about it.
Good to see you, man.
Uh, mami, my partner, Antoine.
Hi, mama.
Happy birthday.
What a beautiful smile.
How are you? I'm good.
Okay, this is my-- This is-- Uh, Christina, Antoine.
Antoine: Hello.
Yeah, we've met.
Yes, we have.
How are you? I'm well.
Thank you.
Ready to set up? Let me know where.
Nick: Let's go.
Antoine: Outside, backyard.
You okay, mami? [ Smooches ] Kelly: Hello? Christina? Hey, Kelly! Come on in.
Hi! Hola! I brought my dress.
Me llamo Kelly.
This is my friend from James River.
I am going to give you a spa day.
[ Chuckles ] My goodness.
Yeah, I-I studied to be an anesthetician before I became a nurse.
I don't know how to say that in español, but it doesn't matter, because all women love to be pampered, right? Christina: Yes! I'm so glad you guys rushed.
Thank you.
Mama, look.
Oh! Oh, my God.
What beautiful flowers! Ah! Let me smell them.
Ah, and each one smells lovelier than the other.
[ Both grunting ] Oh! Oh, my gosh! Carlitos and Mikey are fighting.
Oh, they do that all the time.
When do we start? How about a luxurious foot massage? Hey! Hey! Guys! Guys, guys, guys, guys! Hey! Listen! Come on, you guys.
Break it up.
Break it up.
Break it up! He started it.
What are you doing?! The liver's been harvested and should be on its way soon.
Hey, you want to grab lunch? Oh.
Let's have liver.
[ Chuckles ] Yummy.
[ Pager beeps ] [ Groans ] I'm sorry.
Um, can you cover for me? I'll be back as soon as I can.
So, you're entertaining some heavy hitters tonight.
This fundraising will be a complete waste of time unless I can get Morrissey's backing.
Should have seen him, Steve.
I-I hadn't even had one cup of coffee, and he's dead drunk.
Worse than the health fair? Well, not far off.
You know, I know he's under a lot of stress, but it's really beginning to affect him, and quite frankly, I don't think he should be running the hospital.
Thanks for coming with me.
[ Knock on door ] [ Knock on door ] Tom: John? Damn it.
[ Grunts ] John? John, can you hear me? He drank himself unconscious.
We need to get him downstairs.
Not like this.
Bobbie, this is probably alcohol poisoning.
Yeah, I need to protect his reputation And that of the hospital.
Go mix up a banana bag.
Give him 100% o2, then put him on an EKG and a pulse oximeter.
Renata, the surgery we spoke about at the hospital-- It could make you feel a lot better and add years onto your life.
You told me.
Look, I-I understand having an operation can be frightening.
But please reconsider.
[ Chuckles ] Dr.
nice eyes You come all this way.
The least I can do is come to your hospital to talk.
But not on my birthday.
Tomorrow? Okay.
We'll work it out for tomorrow.
That's good.
Happy birthday, mama.
Carlitos: Thanks for coming, doctor.
Let's see the other hand.
[ Chuckles ] [ Indistinct conversations ] Christina: You convinced her to come back to the hospital.
Now, that's big.
Thank you for that.
Well, you know, I'm glad she changed her mind.
And you're right-- She doesn't look good.
Thank you for coming all the way here, too.
Yeah, well, if it was anyone else but Nick's mom, I'd have no problem with it-- You know that, right? Which is why I should say thank you for allowing me to be here.
You're welcome.
[ Salsa music plays ] Come on.
Why don't we dance? [ Scoffs ] No, I-I don't think so.
Come on.
One little dance.
I've got patients to see.
I really should get back to the hospital.
Mira, ¿qué es eso? Parece que mami se quedó sin peinado.
Mikey: Peinado.
Dios mío.
Does that mean they like it? Sí.
Mirror, mija.
Give me the mirror, please.
[ Speaking Spanish ] Mama? Wow.
[ Speaking Spanish ] Christina! Christina! Christina! Christina, she-- Oh, wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We want that to be a surprise.
Una sorpresa.
Antoine: Big surprise, mama.
Hey, Mikey, do me a favor.
Can you fold these up? Mikey: How'd you know I was on the couch? Carlitos is in the Navy.
He knows how to make a bed.
Christina, she's looking pale.
Are you okay? [ Speaking Spanish ] I'll get a glass of water.
All right.
It's just part of her condition.
Hey, mama.
Uh I need you to just relax, okay? [ Speaking Spanish ] But is there something else we should be doing? What more can we do? I mean, Gail's looking after him while he sobers up, but in the long term, John needs to address a bigger problem, you know? Could you imagine if he'd come to this reception absolutely hammered? Well, it might have been quite amusing.
Perhaps he'd have jumped in the fountain.
Yeah, that's what James River needs.
All right.
I know how to make this better.
We shall make a wish.
Ready Steady.
[ Water splashes ] [ Laughs ] What'd you wish for? Well, I'm not supposed to tell you.
But just in case it comes true Why don't you pack a bag? [ Smooches ] I'm gonna miss that jello.
[ Laughs ] Hey.
So, I checked with Lifenet.
We're still on for today.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
[ Chuckles ] Get some rest, Wayne.
Next time you lace up, remember what I said.
Yeah, if I want to lift the puck, open the blade.
You got it.
Wait, wait.
You play hockey? Yeah, my dad used to coach peewees.
Well, you've got to come with me.
What do you mean? You'll see.
[ Chuckles ] What? It was nothing.
I know, but, um, it might be too much excitement.
Maybe you should just go in the bedroom and get some rest.
Well, t-the party's just starting.
I want to enjoy myself.
Mami, listen to Christina.
We're worried about you.
Nicky, please.
This is my day.
All right.
Let's get ready.
But you have to promise me that you're gonna take it easy.
Okay? Okay.
All right.
Come on.
Brenda: Ready? What? No, no, no.
This is awesome.
Are you sure this is okay? Yeah.
They're remodeling the wing.
Oh, a twisted wrister.
[ Chuckles ] Wait.
My dad said never get caught shooting with your head down, but, see, I can't get the puck to lift.
Here, it's like Wayne said-- If you want to lift the puck, you just open the blade a little.
[ Breathing heavily ] I guess I hated stopping by Nick Renata's a little more than I thought.
Brenda, I don't like that guy.
And I don't trust him.
[ Glass shatters ] Okay.
Let's put the last finishing touches.
No one has ever given me a party.
Oh, you're gonna have a good time, and it is my honor to do this for you.
[ Knock on door ] Hey.
What's going on? Hey.
Everybody looks beautiful.
Ready for a party? Bueno.
[ Speaking Spanish ] [ Chuckles ] What are y'all talking about? What the hell happened? He got ahold of a snack bar.
How? Look, Camille gave it to him.
You left my son with that child? Hey, that's my son, too.
Bourdet? Hey, Camille, not right now.
I-I'm so sorry.
Listen-- Miles: Hey! Come on! What are you doing?! Chandra: Stay away from my children! What are you doing?! Stay away from my husband! And stay away from my kids! What are you doing? Understand?! What are you doing?! Huh?! I work here! You just can't go putting your hands on people! Are you crazy?! What were my babies doing with her?! Listen, I had to work! Camille offered to babysit! She damn near killed our son! Our son! What are you doing? It was an honest mistake.
You're getting real stupid.
Some girl who looks barely out of high school with a crush, and your ass can't think straight! I'll tell you what.
Her stepfather is my boss.
I don't give a damn! And it's clear you don't, either.
But you know what? You and Camille don't have to worry.
My children will never-- Do you hear me?-- Never come back here again.
[ Both sigh ] I'm having Michael transferred to another hospital.
And when he's released, we're flying home.
How about that? [ Salsa music plays ] Hey, mami! Mami! Ohh! Uh-oh! Everybody, your attention, please! Listen up! [ Music stops ] It is my brothers' and my honor to present Maria Evangelina Renata.
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Music resumes ] [ Speaking Spanish ] [ Man singing in Spanish ] Thank you.
[ Indistinct conversations ] So, you, uh, packing? A heater? A jammie? A gun? A piece? [ Laughs ] What do you think? Roger that.
[ Laughs ] [ Salsa music continues ] Now, you know it's not polite to look better than the guest of honor.
Aww, thank you.
Christina, really, my mom has never been this happy before oh, thank you for all your help.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Nick: Ooh.
Here you go.
I've been watching your little friend over there.
I'm telling you right now, she better have bulletproof panties 'Cause he's packing heat.
That's Antoine.
For sure, there's gonna be a shootout.
Well, he seems like a good guy.
He's the best.
I'm sorry he surprised you at the hospital.
But that's what a good partner does, so I get it.
Just give me a sec.
I deserved it.
Mom warned me.
Want me to talk to Miles? No, um, but thanks.
I should probably just call mom and get this over with.
I'm proud of you.
Okay, Wayne, we'll see you inside.
Did you call Traci? Mm-hmm.
Ah, Ms.
Nakagawa, quiz mistress.
Hello, Traci.
Hello, doctor "you still owe me $20.
" [ Brenda chuckles ] [ Sighs ] [ Keypad clicking ] [ Salsa music plays ] [ Cellphone ringing ] [ Receiver clicks ] Brenda: Bzzt! Who is David Clayton-Thomas? I'm sorry.
That's incorrect.
Who is Al Kooper? No.
Tom: Stop buzzing.
Bzzt! What is "spinning wheel"? Look, I can't play like this, okay? And I'm doing all the work.
It's your turn.
Wakefield, "blood, sweat, and tears" is often misquoted in this famous 1940 speech.
Who is sir Winston Churchill? Correct.
Brenda: I knew that.
Number-10 blade.
[ Door closes ] Gail: John.
What did you do?! [ Slurring ] Did I miss it? Bobbie Jackson's fundraiser? Damn it, John.
What? What is the matter with you?! Don't you understand how serious this is? Don't you remember the last time this happened? I won't cover for you.
I won't lie.
I swore, no more.
You know, maybe you just need to lose everything you have, including my friendship, before you realize that neither of us need to go through that hell again.
This was an accident.
[ Sighs ] What? Sit down, John.
[ Siren wails ] You know, I'm gonna have to report this to the hospital board.
I'd like for this to go away, Bobbie.
Yeah, John's problem isn't gonna go away.
But when he's sober, he's the very best at what he does.
Come on, now.
You know that.
[ Indistinct conversations ] I can support John remaining CEO.
If you convince him to check into rehab.
I can do that.
And I'll get him to sign off on your cancer lab and research facility.
Thank you.
You're doing great, Wayne.
The new liver pinked right up.
Our pleasure.
See you at center ice.
Thank you.
You know, you've got a wicked slap shot.
How are you off the tees? Red or blue? Oh, there's my answer.
Oh, you want to play, Nancy? Huh? [ Salsa music plays ] Piolin: I'm gonna play another song, guys! Carlitos: Hey, hey.
[ Music stops ] Uh, could I get everybody's attention, please? I want to give a very special shout-out to a special person in here.
Her name is Christina Hawthorne! Yeah! [ Cheers and applause ] Christina! Christina! Carlitos: Hey, you know what? Without her, none of this would have been possible.
Piolin: Let's keep playing music! [ Salsa music resumes ] Come on! Let's keep up the party! Yeah! Christina! This is for you.
Oh, boy.
Hey, Kelly.
Whoo! Ah.
Christina: Whoa.
[ Laughter ] Whoo! Yeah! [ Applause ] Nice.
Now, that girl never backs down from a dare.
I told you! I see.
[ Laughs ] Truce.
To Nick.
A truce to Nick.
I don't drink.
[ Chuckles ] That's really sad, 'cause I do.
[ Chuckles ] Nice.
Whoo! Come on! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
Christina, I'm learning so much Spanish! Really? How much have you been drinking tonight? Let's get you some water.
I really did it this time, huh? Even scared myself.
John You need to get help.
I'm gonna-- I'll-- No.
Listen to me.
Bobbie agreed not to approach the board about this Provided you check into a rehab facility.
[ Sighs ] Is that one of her mandates? Along with supporting the construction for the cancer wing.
You don't have a choice.
I don't know what I'd do without this job.
Don't think about that.
What do I do? Let me help you, before things get worse.
I won't offer again.
Let me help you.
[ Cheers and applause ] Familia, guess what? We have a cake! Oh, yeah! Delicious cake! And now please join me to wish my mama the most wonderful birthday! [ Cheers and applause ] Brava! Candles, mama, please.
Yeah, you can do it.
Come on! You can do it! Okay.
Kelly: Make a wish! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] Yeah! I-I wish to-- To say thanks to you for being here and for your generosity and for being with us in this wonderful afternoon.
The memory of this will stay with me for a long, long time.
And I-I cherish your friendship deep in my heart, and I thank you very much.
Muchas gracias.
God bless you.
[ Cheers and applause ] So, how was it? It was great.
People drifted in and out.
They ate cocktail weenies and drank spritzers And, in total, they pledged three-quarters of a million dollars.
Not bad for spritzers and weenies.
[ Laughs ] It was remarkable, really.
I don't know if it was the magazine article or word of mouth or how the hospital is starting to look orThe full moon.
Maybe it was just you.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah! Yeah, it was.
[ Both laugh ] Can we go home now? Yeah.
This day could have ended a whole lot worse than that.
I-I'm thankful.
So thankful.
Don't be blaming yourself.
Miles I think our friendship has come to an end.
Listen-- No.
Let me explain.
I've never met anybody like you-- Somebody who treats me as an equal, who respects me as a woman, who cares for me more than anybody I've ever met.
And I can't do this anymore.
When chandra slapped me, it-- It literally knocked me into reality.
My apologies.
What I mean is I realized th I would do anything for you, a-and I think that you would do anything for me.
So everybody at this hospital already knows what's going on, and I think that we should, too.
I love you.
Are you gonna say anything? Anything at all? Are you okay? Mm.
There you go.
Mija, today was a wonderful dream.
I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.
You're like a butterfly Going from flower to flower.
Where do you rest? [ Sighs ] I don't know yet.
I don't know.
But I'm gonna tell everybody outside to be quiet so you can get some rest.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Sounds so lovely.
Music to my ears.
Okay, mama.
Get some rest.
[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Later, man, all right? Take care.
[ Salsa music plays ] [ Chuckles ] You.
What? You.
Come here.
Yes, you.
Put that down.
Put it down.
Come on.
You've been cleaning all day.
If I don't clean, who's gonna do it? Come here.
What? I haven't seen you dance all day.
That's because I don't salsa.
I don't-- How do you know? 'Cause I-I don't.
Really? Is that right? Yeah.
I don't.
Come here.
Let's try something.
It's simple.
Just put your hand on my That's it.
All right? That's not bad, right? Look at you.
[ Chuckles ] We got a natural! There you go.
You don't salsa.
[ Both laugh ] Listen, all right.
That's good.
Let go.
Let me lead.
All right? Yes.
I'm the boss.
All right.
Let's try it again.
Wow, that feels different already.
[ Both chuckle ] Okay.
Ready? Yes.
Okay, now, I need you to stay with me, okay? Nick: Turn this way.
Turn that way.
Turn that way.
Christina: Oh! [ Salsa music ends ] [ Slow music plays ] Mm.
It's my favorite song.
Really? Mm-hmm.
Why? You don't want to know.
[ Man singing in Spanish ] I'm gonna tell you a little story.
You know what it's about? Nope.
It's about a man who's madly in love with a married woman.
All right.
[ Music continues ]