HawthoRNe (2009) s03e10 Episode Script

Shot in the Dark

Six letters spread with water.
" Nice.
What? That's a legitimate answer to the question.
Four letters.
"Desire to push.
" "Urge.
" "Fart.
" Honey, that doesn't even make sense.
Yes, it does.
"To negotiate.
" Also four letters.
" "Dick.
" - Sorry.
- You're such an idiot.
Why? That's-- I'm trying to teach you something.
It's like playing mad libs with a 7-year-old.
Listen and learn.
You're back from your trip.
Actually, I didn't go.
It was bad timing.
You should know that I'm taking Camille to school this weekend.
Well, if, uh, she needs any help, have her call me.
I will.
It was really great seeing you guys.
And you.
You too.
Is she coming back? It's possible.
That keeps happening.
I walk up, people walk away.
This is Brenda Marshall.
Are you serious? I'm getting a complex.
" We need some help here.
It's Tony, Steve.
Uh, head for trauma 4.
Obvious abdominal trauma.
'S 115 over 60.
Lacerations and abrasions and a possible tib-fib fracture.
Bring it around this way.
Watch your back.
On three.
One, two, three.
Let's start another I.
-- Ringers lactate, and type and cross for two units packed cells.
Leave me alone.
Well, you don't see this every day.
How did this happen? He impaled himself putting up a fence.
Let's get a cross table c-spine so we can clear his neck.
And titrate up to Stop working on me! Tony, let us help you.
Just let us clear your neck so we can get you off this backboard.
Get away from me.
Call Wakefield now.
Okay, page tom.
So there's no evidence of blood in the peritoneal cavity, and the gutters look clear.
But I think the trauma may have caused an aortic aneurysm.
I need to speak with tom.
I'll send someone in to redress the wound.
Shut the curtain.
You're the only one I trust here.
I need you to make sure there's no mention of ALS on my chart.
You're a paramedic.
You know I can't do that.
Just don't mention it Unless absolutely necessary.
Look, the only thing I'm concerned about right now is getting you into surgery, okay? We're staying right here.
Listen to me.
If you have do have bleed out at any moment.
I'm refusing treatment.
I can't risk letting you put me under anesthesia.
As soon as I was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's, I did my research.
Now this is my chance.
I've decided I'm gonna wait it out.
What? You're-- You're Tony, don't do this.
Kendra will get my life insurance, and she won't be stuck taking care of me.
Tony, I cannot go along with this.
There's nothing you can do-- Nothing to do.
Like I said, I'm refusing treatment.
Can we at least move you to the OR where it's more private? Okay.
I'm trusting you, Tommy.
How long have you been here? About 10 minutes.
But it feels like about an hour and a half.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
You look great.
You don't even look like the same person.
I'm not the same person.
How about you? What's new in your world? You know, I'm trying to change a few little things myself.
Yeah? Yeah.
I just wanted to come by and tell you in person that I did accept the interim c.
Oh, fantastic.
You have all the right qualities to run James River.
But I just-- Congratulations.
Right, but-- Garlan couldn't have made a better choice.
Before you congratulate me, I just need you to know-- I'm just holding that position until you're ready to come back.
Well, thanks.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate that.
But I'm not even sure I want to come back.
Really? Yeah, I'm Seeing things differently.
And I'm not getting any younger.
And I'm finally understanding that, uh, there may be some things I want to do besides be a hospital c.
I understand because I feel the same way.
We don't know what tomorrow's gonna bring, Christina.
We only have this moment.
It's all we've got.
Let's just live in it And take what comes.
I can do that.
I understand.
I understand.
Don't understand.
The interview? What about it? Well, some people don't interview well, just like some people don't test well.
Look, I-I'm sorry.
I'm-- I'm due in the O.
Yes, t-thank you.
Marshall? Kelly? Yes? Were you following me? Was that about my O.
certification? No, it wasn-- Ugh.
Stop eavesdropping and stop following me.
Except for right now.
We're due in the O.
Yeah, Camille paged me.
Let's go.
I've worked on my clinical skills.
I completed my computer exam.
I honed my knowledge of instruments.
I learned about preps, procedures, and sterilization, specimen handling, pre-op and post-op.
The only thing I'm not confidant about is this interview with the nursing board.
And I figured that since you're my mentor, you could just give me a little bit of-- Kelly, that call had nothing to do with you! All right? And with me as a mentor, do you actually think you're not gonna be certified? Bah! I'm just-- I'm worried that you're allowing this to take on a life of its own, you know? Steve, I've poured my heart into this job and trying to fund the cancer center.
None of that's gonna change, even if Christina comes back.
Look, I believe Bryce is a man of his word.
If he said he's not gonna replace you as CNO, then he's not gonna-- Oh.
Listen, Bobbie, I know it's short notice, but I'd like you to join me for this afternoon's press conference.
You're having a press conference? Out front on the knoll.
See you then? Absolutely.
All right.
Steve, how you doing? Good, Mr.
How are you? I am well.
Thank you.
Do you think he was standing outside the door listening? No.
I, uh-- I doubt it.
I don't know.
He's a man of impeccable timing and inscrutable means.
Uh, w-what? "Inscrutable" I think you're letting this get a little out of hand.
I'm not gonna play the bad guy anymore.
Why should I? What did I do? Well, nothing.
You-- You stepped up at a critical time.
I'm-- I'm sure you won't back down.
Back down? I'm gonna quit.
Hey, what's going on? He doesn't want the operation.
A little patient privacy, huh? Hello.
No, no.
Now is a good time.
A little doctor privacy? Yes.
I-I'm-- It's okay.
It's okay.
He's alive.
He's in shock, but he's alive.
Tony! I trusted you.
Not to operate.
We're not gonna let you die.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What part makes this okay, huh? Tell her.
Tell me? What? Tell her.
What? Somebody.
Putting Tony on a respirator could, uh, force him to be on a vent for the rest of his life because he has Lou Gehrig's disease.
What's that got to do with saving your life? There's no life to save.
Oh, baby.
You don't know how fast the disease will progress-- You don't know if it'll go into remission.
I'm getting worse.
It's my choice.
You're my husband, our children's father.
Don't tell me this is your choice.
This is our choice.
It's our life.
I love you.
Baby, I love you.
I can't put you and the kids through years of taking care of me.
I can't do it.
Get me a priest.
Let me know if there are any changes.
Get someone from pastoral care.
Chaplain? Priest? Priest.
But I'll be damned if he'll get the chance to do his job.
Hey, Christina? Have you seen Nick? I'm looking for him.
Well, what do you mean, have I seen him? I haven't seen him in four days.
He hasn't shown up for work.
He's not answering his phone.
I went by the house-- He's not there.
You know, his mother just died.
So, I mean, maybe he just needed a little te for himself.
I don't know.
This-- This isn't like him, Christina.
If he calls you, just contact me immediately, okay? All right.
And, um, be careful.
All right.
So you're saying I can't consent? No.
Can't declare him unfit? No.
What about a court order? Can I get a court order? No.
This is insane.
He's being such a stubborn bastard.
Tom, I can't let this happen.
That's my husband in there.
To this day, I don't know how he loves me the way he does.
I'm not letting him go.
What have we here? This flight's in less than a week.
No point waiting.
And there's no return date.
I know.
I made the reservation.
You bought these tickets to London because of my father, right? Wrong.
So this isn't about me seeing him before Well, okay, I do think you should try and reconcile.
Just try one more time.
But I also bought them because I need to get out of here before I go absolutely nuts.
Are you really that unhappy here? It's been a really rough go for everyone around here, and we've weathered it better than most.
But enough.
Let's go.
Just us.
I thought you paged to say you convinced him to let us operate.
Maybe you're not convinced yourself.
Look, if the operation's successful and Tony gets off that table strapped to a-a ventilator till the day he dies, what kind of life is that for him or his wife and kids? The best possible life they can make.
Oh, come on.
How can that be good enough? Okay.
W-what if Tony's right? What if this is his out, all right? He won't he to suffer through years of ALS.
Or put a huge financial burden on his entire family.
Talk about God's perfect plan.
This is brilliant.
Look, I-I know I'm a doctor, okay? We're supposed to save lives, but You won't get an argument from me.
Well, I'm sorry.
You might get one from me.
Our kids are in the hall.
Which one do you want to see first? No.
You-- You wouldn't drag them in here.
You wouldn't do that to them.
To have you explain what you're doing? Try me.
Oh, baby.
I know you're scared.
So am I.
But we'll face this together-- After surgery.
Let Tom operate.
Let him try to save your life.
For us and our family.
I'm gonna go scrub in before you change your mind.
Uh, the peritoneal and retroperitoneal cavity is dry.
That have you worried? Yeah.
Big time.
Let me angle this towards you.
You were right.
He has an aneurysm.
'S dropping.
Hang three units.
Aortic clamp.
Come on, Kelly.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Brenda? No.
I can't see the aneurysm.
Well, I can't clamp off everything.
Penfield 2 and a retractor.
Ah Damn it.
I fought in a war with him.
I'm not gonna lose him! Hi.
I won't stay long.
Stay as long as you need.
Is it okay if I have a seat? Well, I like what you've done with the place.
I never could decide where to put my desk.
I have to say, Bobbie.
You're doing a fantastic job as CNO.
The money you've raised for the cancer research lab is impressive.
Steve and I are leaving for London.
I'm not sure when we'll be back.
That's great.
You're making Steve a priority.
I cannot tell you How important that is, considering everything I've been through.
But it is a double-edged sword because I really wanted you to stay on as CNO.
You're good at it.
I also want to take a minute to apologize.
Apologize? I can't imagine everything you've been through through this ordeal.
And I really wanted to say I'm sorry for any discomfort I may have caused you.
Congratulations on your new position.
It's temporary.
Well, then, congratulations on returning to your life.
Thank you.
All right, graft's in.
How we doing? B.
And heart rate are good.
All right.
Let's sew things up.
Good job, Kelly.
If you don't get certified, I'll eat my hat.
I'd like to see that.
When will we know whether he'll be on the vent for good? A few hours, maybe a week.
So, does this, uh Mean the operation didn't go well? He's alive.
Does that mean it went well? It'll be days, maybe weeks, before we know if he can come off the vent.
How about you? Oh, I'm still alive.
At least I'm still breathing on my own.
I didn't think she'd sign them-- Divorce papers.
So, what, you were trying to scare her? Uh, you know what? I don't know.
I know that filing was probably exactly what I shouldn't have done when it comes to Christina.
You know, I just-- I just thought she'd fight for me, you know, like she fights for everything else in her life.
Well, I think you could have handled it a dozen different ways, and, in the end, I'm not sure it would have made much difference.
Christina's a solitary creature.
You know, she's a fiercely independent, strong woman, capable of almost anything.
Does that mean she can't change, that I can't change? You tell me.
That's all you got? Come on.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Okay, yes.
Next week.
I'll call you.
Thank you.
Is he awake? Not yet.
I started tracking down clinical trials for ALS.
And there's two pilot studies, and they're just-- They're just getting under way.
You think I'm crazy, don't you? No.
No, I don't.
I know you two fought shoulder-to-shoulder together in the Gulf.
But you do not know the full strength and integrity of this man.
Tony's first tour started Two weeks after our wedding.
By the time he got home stateside a year later? I'd gotten pregnant by another man.
Never once Did he make me feel ashamed.
Never once did he treat Derek likeAnything less than his own son.
Now, if I can love my husband half as much as he's loved me, that's what I'm gonna do.
How's your friend? Ah, it's too early to tell.
Thanks for asking.
How are you? I'm good.
I saw your mom.
She said you two were headed up to your school this weekend.
That should be a real weep-fest.
Well, for me, too.
You know, it's been great having you in the O.
Really? Yeah, are you kidding? You've done an incredible job at making sure everything ran like clockwork on your shift.
You should be really proud of yourself.
Thank you.
And it's been really great getting to know you.
I'm gonna miss our talks.
I'm really gonna miss those.
But you do think it's time to go, don't you? I do.
And I also think you're gonna have a blast in college.
Really? I'm kind of nervous, actually, being a mid-term freshmen.
Are you kidding me? A mid-term freshmen, especially a girl-- You're gonna get all the attention, which is why I should probably take you there myself.
Why? Just to make sure those boys treat my stepdaughter with a little respect.
You know, I'm Sorry about you and mom.
Yeah, I know, kiddo.
But that's something your mom and I have to figure out.
And I don't want it to ever change our relationship.
I'm always here for you.
Excuse me, miss.
Ah, you dropped that.
There you go.
Christina! Yeah.
Oh, I've been looking everywhere for you.
What's up? Today has been the craziest day ever.
Yes? It started off not so good.
Then it got a little better.
And now it's the greatest day ever.
Because-- I had to tell you first-- I'm a certified scrub nurse.
Thank you.
Oh! And is it true? Are you running the hospital again? That's the rumor.
This day just keeps getting better.
You know what I love about you? Your loyalty and your gangsta.
You're very special.
Okay? But you get ready for a crazy, wild ride here at James River.
Oh, I'm ready.
Good night, Christina.
- Hey.
- Hey.
He's doing great.
O2 sats are normal.
And he's off the vent.
Just gonna stick with that, then-- Mr.
Bryce? Okay, you win.
We wanted to wish you well, sir, wherever it is you're headed.
Well, thank you.
Yeah, and if you can tell us where that is, we can call ahead and warn them.
That was very good, very funny.
Yeah, almost as funny as today's press conference that didn't happen.
I'm sorry about that.
But, uh, I did some thinking.
I think it really would be better for you to announce it yourself after, you know, I leave.
Announce what? About the pharmaceutical company that's gonna come alongside you and James River.
You got it-- Your cancer lab and research facility.
You did it.
You happy now? Yeah, well, don't worry.
It'll pass.
Thank youGarlan.
That wasn't so hard, was it? See? All right.
Hi, everyone! Whoa! Careful.
Same height.
So are you gonna make a speech? No.
I'm not.
Uh, this is your party.
There's not gonna be any speeches, no toasts.
There's not even a theme.
Everyone can just celebrate whatever they'd like.
Oh! They're here.
Bobbie, they're here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Careful now.
Marshall brought her niece.
All fun till somebody falls off a bench.
Listen, Steve In the course of me, uh, digging around to find Bobbie's money, I came across this.
Give that a read.
Good luck to you, doc.
Thank you.
Is everything okay? Garlan found this when he was searching for the stolen money.
It seems that million dollars that my father gave you pretty much cleaned him out.
It's a shame he had to get so sick to finally do something good in his life.
Honey, you need to see him.
Let's go tomorrow.
Well That's more like it.
Oh, mom, it's my friend's party.
It's, like, all ages.
There's no alcohol.
Don't worry.
Camille hawthorne.
No alcohol? You sure there's no alcohol? Yeah.
No, no, no.
I promise.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm so excited.
I mean, I can't believe you want to hang out with me and your friends.
Mom, mom, mom, mom, just be cool, okay? Cool.
All right.
Be cool.
Now, being cool-- Does that mean we can dance and-- Yeah, yeah! We can dance.
Are you okay? Ow.
Come over here.
Are you all right? Oh, I got a cramp.
It's crazy.
Why didn't you tell me you could dance like that? Girl, please.
That is nothing but the running man.
Okay? Y'all call it the shuffle.
We've been doing that since the '80s.
Whoo! Okay, I'm tired.
We've been through it, huh? We have been through it.
But it's always me and you at the end of the day, right? Yeah.
For now-- Till I go to school.
Please-- Even when you go to college, I'm still gonna be around.
Don't forget it.
That's what I'm talking about.
Sisters, right? Yeah.
You want to dance? No, I don't know.
Wait a minute, Camille.
Don't be too hasty.
Let me ask you a question.
You think you can handle the two of us on the dance floor? Madame, please.
Can you handle me? All right, well, let's see what you got.
Let's see what you got.
Can I go play by the fountain? Yeah, yeah.
Nice meeting you.
You too.
Isn't she cute? So cute.
I love kids.
I'm gonna miss Pete's.
I can't believe I thought you were talking on the phone about me.
I'm so embarrassed.
I only have temporary custody, just until her father gets his act together.
What are the chances of that? I don't know.
My sister couldn't do it.
Maybe herDeath will get his attention.
Oh, gosh, Kelly.
When I was 9, I was listening to joni Mitchell with the lights off in landlubber jeans and Huckapoo shirts and smoking true menthols.
You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you? Why were the lights off? And you smoked cigarettes when you were 9? Oh, well, I used to, um, steal the butts out of my parents' ashtrays.
But I didn't inhale.
Yes, I did.
Oh, I don't know.
Not that it means anything, but you have nothing to worry about.
You mentored me successfully, and now you're gonna be a great parent to Cara.
You have a lot to offer, Dr.
You just have to jump in, get your feet wet.
Nice shirt.
You know I've always liked wearing your shirts.
Is Camille here? No, she isn't.
Can we talk? Yeah.
I would love that.
I had a case come in today-- A-a friend.
Well, I-- I-I was sure that I'd have no choice but stand by his side and watch him die.
But Equally excruciating was His wife's profound despair at the thought of losing the man she loved.
And that's when I-- I had a huge realization.
A-as a doctor, I'm trained to keep my feelings in check, to be strong and stoic and never show emotion.
I brought that into this home.
And for that, I am sorry.
I am.
I never-- I never let you see how I was affected, or how you affected me.
I-I'm sure my distance, at times Must have made you feel alone, like I wasn't by your side or That-- That I didn't love you or protect you at least in a way that you could understand.
But that's not true.
I loved you, and I tried to protect you.
And maybe if you'd seen that a little more, things could have been different, but I just came over today to, uh To take responsibility for my part in whatever the hell's happened in the last few weeks.
And to say that, uh, although our marriage is over-- And I understand that-- Maybe one day we could-- I don't know-- Put all this stuff in the past and Have a friendship again.
I'm so sorry About everything.
Want to stay for a little while? I should-- I should probably go.
We've-- We've both had a pretty emotional day.
Is it okay if I hug you? Yeah.
Thanks for stopping by.
Of course.
Are you okay? Nick.
Are you okay? Um Antoine came to the hospital today looking for you.
He's Worried about you.
He wants you to give him a call.
Sit down.
Have you been drinking? Sit.
Are you scared of me? Are you scared of me now? Really? I read your letter.
I know you love me.
I do.
I Stop.
You see this? Whether you like it or not, this is where we live.
This is where we live.
I'll let myself out.
It was always you.
It was always you.
No, no, no.
Nick! Nick! No, no, no.
No, Nick.
Come here, baby.
Nick, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Oh, no, no.
No, no.
No! Nick, I need you to stay awake, okay? Stay awake.
Come on.
Come on.
Stay with me.
Come on.
Help! Come on.
Somebody help me!! Nick, stay with me.
Come on! Help me!! Nick!