He Kills Coppers (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

You like my friend, don't you? He's a lot nicer than you are.
A lot more handsome as well.
I know he's not gonna walk off into the sunset with some tart.
She gave me one for free.
Why are you running around three-handed in the middle of the day? Give yourself up, son.
Please, Billy, before there's any more bloodshed.
I was jealous, OK? I was bloody jealous! - Is that a crime? - Yeah, as it turned out.
There will always be people to remind me of what I was.
I don't care.
I love you Jeannie.
But fantastic.
You won't catch him now.
This was your chance.
Get out of here before I do something I regret.
The Bone brothers told me about you.
Said you might want some work.
Cambridgeshire had a call about Porter.
Bloke reckons he knows him.
Part III Frank? Frank? What would you do, Frank? How do you ensure the crowd don't gain the high ground of the estate? First of all, they want us to bring out the riot gear.
They want a war.
- Protective equipment.
- What? Protective equipment is the preferred Anything except the "R" word.
All right.
You said the trouble's always on a Saturday night.
And it always kicks off in the boozer? Forget all this flanking manoeuvre, pincer movement, paramilitary bollocks.
The first thing you gotta work out is why is this happening? I mean every Saturday night doesn't exactly sound random, so there's a pattern.
You need a couple of undercovers down the boozer.
Get the undercovers a flat and a plausible story.
Jobbing builders up from London, say, maybe with a bit of form.
I'd just moved to Criminal Intelligence and been made a Chief Super in the process.
I was a bloody high-flier and still in my early 40s, but, in truth, I already felt like a dinosaur.
Stay there.
30 pennies a punnet.
You don't even like strawberries.
Johnnie said you jumped out the car like you were gonna hit the guy.
You thought it was him, didn't you? And what if it was? Was Johnnie supposed to bring up the rear? I'd have handled it.
Trust me.
Let it go, Frank.
For your sake.
I have.
I think you'll find he featured heavily in Issue 11, The Cop Killers.
He also appeared in Issue 20, The - Vanished Murderers.
- Thank you, Geoff.
I mean, he's never had a stand alone issue.
You're the editor, but perhaps you're letting personal interest - cloud your judgement.
- Billy Porter was just a small-time crook who lost his rag.
Billy Porter killed three policemen in ten seconds and has evaded capture for 20 years.
We still can't recycle 30 pages out of that.
Let's face it, Tony, you never had any takers for your book, did you? That's lovely.
Is it your boat? No.
I'm Janis.
I bet you get a lot of work.
A fair bit.
There's a waiting list, then? Well, depends.
You could do something great with our coach.
Sorry about that.
Oh, God, I'm hopeless It's just You know, it's just been a while.
No, no, no.
Don't be silly, it was nice.
Come over here.
Why don't you hook up with us for a bit? Me, in a peace convoy? Nah, it's all right.
But thanks for thinking of me.
Come on, I promise we won't make you sing Peace Train or anything.
You what? You know Peace train sounding louder Glide on the peace train Do you promise not to sing if I go? Sure.
It's me, Mrs P.
- Tony? - Hello, Mrs P.
Anything interesting? - Er - In the post? Oh, just a letter from my niece.
I'll read it later.
Which one? Mary or Andrea? Mary.
How how was your staff meeting? Very productive.
We've lined up the next five issues.
Oh, you are clever, Tony.
Have you ever heard of a Richard Trenton Chase, Mrs P? Can't say I have.
He made Billy look like a choirboy.
Used to eat his victims' internal organs because he thought Nazi's were trying to turn his blood into sand.
Why would he do that, then? Well, you can read all about it in next month's issue.
You all right, Tony? I'd kill for an aspirin, Mrs P.
Right, I'll Just a minute.
Tony! 15 years and I've never set foot in here.
Tell a lie.
When you had shingles, I administered the cream, didn't I? Er I'll get the aspirin.
Plastered it all over you.
Worked it into every fold and wrinkle.
And for what? Who's the letter from, Mrs P? Mary.
Is that what I deserve? Lies? Your only friend in the whole world? You're not exactly Mr Popular yourself.
You fucking ungrateful bitch! I won't have that language.
You're the mother of a triple murderer.
Give the airs and graces a rest! How dare you do this! How dare you do this! Mrs P? You crafty hag.
Glastonbury? Where are you? That's just a female defence mechanism.
- Sounds like she's interested.
- You reckon? Definitely.
- You crept in last night.
- Didn't want to wake you up.
- Everything OK? - Yeah, good.
Yeah? Jonny? Did I hear you might've pulled, eh? Is it true you had soldiers dressed as cops on the picket lines? We were capable of kicking their heads in without any help.
He swiftly added.
Come on, get your skates on.
I'll drive you to college.
- What's wrong with the bus? - What's it got to do with you? Come on.
- I'll see you later.
- See you.
Hello? Tony Meehan.
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same question, Chief Superintendent.
When's the funeral? All these years and you still underestimate him.
- He loved his mum, didn't he? - And he'll pay his respects the day you give up watching her grave.
You admire him, don't you, Tony? However long you can wait, he can wait longer.
Doesn't it mean anything to you, what he fucking did, eh? Come on, Frank, can you imagine life without him? Very easily, yeah.
He's a phantom, but he's more real than both of us.
Sure, you've distracted yourself with your career and your fam I've not seen your name in the papers recently, Tone? Next to Porter, it's all meaningless.
So much sound and fury signifying nothing.
No cruise! No cruise! We've got all day, lads.
Let's go for positions.
This is supposed to be a peaceful protest.
Yeah, that's right, embrace the base, give the state a great big hug.
If we sink to their level, what's the point? Oh, fuck off, you silly bitch.
Oi! Watch your mouth.
Fucking hippies.
Billy Porter is our friend Is our friend, is our friend Billy Porter is our friend He Kills Coppers - Advancing, Sarge.
- Copy.
They're advancing, Sarge.
Permisssion to charge? Granted! Leave him alone! Let him go! Fuck you! Get off me! Mick! 14th of October.
Greenham Common.
You're a traveller.
Ah, hello.
I'm interested in any recent footage you might have of travellers, or peace protestors.
It took less than ten minutes.
And with such a huge force of police officers the protestors have continuingly been thwarted in their attempts to block off the entrances to the Air Base and disrupt operations there.
However they He kills coppers Do you know who Billy Porter was? He killed three of the filth back in 1966.
Geoff Hurst wasn't the only one scoring a hat-trick that summer.
You don't like the Old Bill much, do you? No, they're the enemy.
Thought you lot are supposed to be into peace and all that.
- Not peace.
- War? The Class War.
On your feet.
We're letting you off with a caution.
Names and addresses.
What? You like it in here? You got a minute, sarge? Wanna use my address? Yeah, please.
- London.
- Yeah.
- Thought you had a day off? - Yeah.
Something came up.
Still a boy who can't say no, eh? You deserve it.
- I know you don't think you do.
- What? Chief Super job.
Thank you.
We need to talk, Frank.
Thought we were.
Look, there's no easy way to say this.
You want a divorce? It's for the best.
- You know it is.
- Do I? What's prompted this? Why now? Jonny's finishing A-levels soon.
He wants to go straight to uni.
Don't pretend this is some sort of surprise.
So how long have you been biting your tongue? - I haven't been doing that.
- Suffering quietly, putting up with me.
How long Jeannie?! Months?! Years?! We never stood a chance.
Did we? Right from the beginning.
We got together for all the wrong reasons, cos Cos we felt guilty, because no-one else understood, because some fucking psycho killed the person we loved.
I love you, Jeannie.
I'm sorry, Frank.
We can start new lives.
Poor cow.
She put up with me all these years for the sake of the kid.
Maybe Meehan was right.
Maybe all these years finding Porter was the only real thing in my life.
The so-called Peace Convoy is a large well organised group of travellers, who congregate every year to celebrate the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge.
I'm heading back to London.
You want a lift? No, that's all right.
Thanks, anyway.
Right, then.
Be well.
You too.
- Hello.
- All right? You made a new friend.
Oh, he's all right.
They left without us.
We'll have to hitch.
- What - to Stonehenge? - No.
We're stopping at a folk festival down the road.
I hate folk music.
You hate everything, Mick.
Now, that's not true.
Thanks for waiting.
I'll love her Then in 1915 My country said, son, It's time to stop rambling cos there's work to be done So they gave me a tin hat And they gave me a gun And they sent me away to the war As we sailed away from What have you got there, then? Ah, too late now.
It's mine now.
Bang, bang.
Excuse me.
I'm writing a piece for a national newspaper about police treatment of travellers and I wondered if I could ask you some questions.
If that's okay.
- Which national newspaper? - The Observer.
What I'm really looking for is first-hand accounts of draconian or militaristic police tactics.
Mick, tell him what happened to you? He was arrested just for helping someone stand up.
They didn't They didn't charge you, then? Caution.
It would be good to hear the full story Mick.
All right.
Let's go back to the coach.
It's quieter.
You from London? Yes.
You can't see the stars in London.
I mean, not properly.
Not unless you can afford Hampstead.
Hampstead? I buried a couple of pistols up there once.
On the heath.
The fucking funniest thing happened, right? I stashed them by a broken picket in a fence.
When I came back a couple of months later well, I'd been inside, see I mean, they'd only gone and mended the fence.
I mean, I was there all night.
You got to admit that's funny.
Did? Did you find them? What did you say your name was again? Tony.
Tony Meehan.
What's my name? Mick! Last chance.
What's my name? Billy.
It's Billy Porter.
How did you find me? Don't worry.
I won't go to the police.
I admire you.
- I've written a book about you.
- A book? I just wanted to meet you, that's all.
Why? Because Because you took a stand.
You stood up for the real outsider.
You killed for Queen and country and they threw you on the scrapheap, but you fucking showed them! You've got some funny ideas, mate.
Can I ask you something? Just Just one question? Please.
What went through your mind before you shot that first copper? Nothing.
Nothing went through my mind.
Nothing at all.
How did you find me? The postmarks on the blank cards.
- They weren't for you.
- Your mother and I were good friends.
I know everything about you.
How you saved her from your father, that your first word was "lion", that the only time she ever saw you cry was when you hit her on Christmas Eve Shut up! Shut your filthy fucking mouth! Lily needs me, Billy.
I buy her food and I wash her clothes.
If you kill me, you kill her.
Well, you said You said You said You and my mother WERE - were good friends.
- What? She's dead, isn't she? God, I'm sorry.
- Where you heading? - London.
- Hop in.
- Thanks, mate.
Chief Superintendent Frank Taylor.
Wasn't the funeral supposed to take place at 10 o'clock? - Yes, it was.
- What's the hold up? The gentleman who organized the service isn't here, and he was most meticulous about the arrangements.
Tony? Open up, Meehan! Oi! What the fuck is this? Excuse me.
You wouldn't know a Peter, would you? Oh, Mick! You've met Muttley, our liberated animal.
And this is Andy.
Make some tea, Andy, eh? - I'm supposed to be at work.
- You slave.
That's why they call them peace convoy vehicles, guv.
It's been tagged for days.
Where is it now? Convoy stopped at a music festival ten miles East of Cambridge, but they'll be en route to Stonehenge by now.
- ETA? - Some time tomorrow.
Paintwork's a bit classier than the average, innit? Yeah, it is.
What is it about this coach, then, guv? Nothing.
Moving out? Just going away for a few days.
Work? - Shouldn't you be at school? - Shouldn't you be catching criminals? I've got my second English paper tomorrow.
Remember? Can you tell your mum I might not be back tonight? Sure.
Jonny - We don't always get on.
- Dad, you don't have You don't hate me, do you? - Dad.
- I know we don't always talk.
There's something I want to tell you.
There's something that you have a right to know.
What are you talking about? Well? Come on.
What is it? I'm not your father.
I'm not your real father.
What? - Let me explain - No! I don't wanna hear this! I do not want to hear this! Jonny.
What a great time to tell me.
Thanks a lot.
- Christ, I'm sorry.
- Mum's right.
It's always about you! She said that, did she? You bastard.
- Where's the convoy? - About five miles up the road.
- So what's the road block for? - No one gets in, no one gets out.
We've got unfinished business with these hedge monkeys.
They're not getting near Stonehenge.
Let me in.
Oi! What the fuck are you doing? - You stay out of this! - Look again, you fucking oaf! I don't care what fucking rank you are! In 25 years I'd never seen anything quite so diabolical, and I'd seen my share of fuck-ups.
Were I to think about what I saw in England's green and pleasant land, I don't know what I would have done.
But I had one thought, and one thought only: to find that fucking coach.
Wait there.
- Tell me where he is, and you're free.
- That's Mick.
- Where is he? - Dunno.
I'd say ask his girlfriend, but you probably beat her unconscious.
Take them off.
I'm not saying anything until I see a solicitor.
If you cooperate with us, we'll let you go.
We weren't doing anything wrong.
Well, that is for the courts to decide, Janis.
Why do you hate us? We won't give you any more hassle, if you just answer a few questions, OK? Lovely paintwork on your coach.
- What the fuck has that got to do? - Just a great paintwork on your coach.
A coach? It's not my bloody coach.
It's my home.
It was And you've destroyed it.
I need to find your boyfriend.
Why? Just tell me where he is and you can go.
I don't know where he is.
- Janis.
- I don't care if you believe me or not.
He was arrested at Molesworth a few days ago and he was different after that.
I knew he was going to split.
Fucking bastards.
Fucking fascist pigs! Mick, come and have a look at this, it's your mates! maintained this was a carefully planned operation.
It might suggest a breach of security perimeter around Stonehenge.
I'm sorry.
One day they'll pay.
Yeah, they will.
But you lot won't have anything to do with it.
Get out the fucking way.
Christ if you're the Enemy of the State, the State can rest easy.
You can't even do the washing up, never mind bring down a government.
And all that crap about the workers.
It's a joke.
You've never done a day's work in your life! Really should've destroyed these prints.
Thank Christ you didn't.
- Vauxhall? - Yeah, same address as the other bloke.
What other bloke? He's in there.
- What the fuck? What is it? - House meeting.
Get up.
For fuck's sake.
Mick? I ain't Mick.
- Don't you recognize me? - Stop fucking about! Come on, I'm your friend.
I'm your friend.
- Mick, you lunatic! - I told you, I ain't Mick.
Maybe this might jog your memory.
- Come on, get up! - All right! Get down on your knees! Hands in the air! Don't move! - Sing it! Sing it! - Billy Porter is our friend - There's a good boy.
- is our friend, is our friend Sing it! Louder! Come on, you fuckers! Come and get me! Finish it! Louder! - He kills coppers - Come on! That's it! Billy Porter is our friend Is our friend, is our friend He kills Come on! Louder! Louder! Come on! Get the fuck back.
I'm warning you, I'm gonna kill this fucker! I'm warning you, get the fuck back.
Get the fuck back.
Come on, Billy, it's over.
It's over, mate.
Listen Bill, I'm tired.
It's over mate.
Come on, I'm tired.
It ain't over.
I'm tired.
Let's go home, mate.
I'm tired.