He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) s01e11 Episode Script

Like Father, Like Daughter

1 [dramatic music.]
I am Adam, Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
This is Cringer, my fearless friend.
Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Grayskull!" [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [roaring.]
Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, and Orko.
Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.
He-Man [rousing music.]
[ominous music.]
You sent for me? Are you ready? - Oh, I'm ready.
- And the army? The army awaits my command.
No, my command.
Oh, yeah, of course.
[Skeletor cackling.]
Well, I hope He-Man tries to stop us, because this time, we will crush him! [cackling.]
He-Man [upbeat music.]
There, that should hold him.
He won't be able to get out of that.
Well, it looks like you've done it again, Man-At-Arms.
He-Man could put this to good use.
Right, Father, I'm sure he could.
[Orko laughs, clears throat.]
Is that it? Uh, can I go now? [chuckles.]
Go ahead and try, Orko.
[shimmering tone.]
You weren't supposed to be able to do that! The lasso should have held you until we released the controls.
Well, it looks like you'd better get back to the drawing board, huh? Maybe if we change the diode output [Man-At-Arms.]
No, I think it's the oscillating frequency, Teela.
Well, II'm sure you can get this invention thisthis lasso to work.
If we adjust this knob over here, that will control the radiation flow.
[Zoar screeching.]
Well, this is all very interesting, but, uh, you'll have to excuse me.
Have fun with the lasso.
I, uh, have an important appointment.
Hm! I'll bet.
Why can't Prince Adam show some interest in something other than fun, fun, fun? I wish he would.
He-Man [upbeat music.]
[whistles sharply.]
Come on, Cringer! We have some work ahead of us.
The Sorceress wants to see us.
Oh, oh, I hope it's not dangerous.
By the power of Grayskull! [chorus.]
He-Man [dramatic music.]
He-Man [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [chorus.]
He-Man [roaring.]
Let's go, Battle Cat, to Castle Grayskull.
What are we waiting for? [chorus.]
He-Man [chorus.]
He-Man [foreboding music.]
He-Man - [roaring.]
- [chorus.]
He-Man [chorus.]
He-Man, He-Man We came as quickly as we could.
I knew you would.
There's no time to lose.
Skeletor has a new scheme that threatens Eternia.
You must go to the region of Stardica.
But the only thing in Stardica is the old fortress that hasn't been used in years.
Until now.
Skeletor has Trap Jaw and Beast Man assembling a huge army to take over Eternia and ultimately Castle Grayskull and its secrets.
I'll ask Man-At-Arms to join me.
That is wise, but be careful.
Things are not always what they seem.
I'll do my best.
He-Man [cheerful music.]
I agree with you, Teela.
The problem with the lasso must be in the electromagnetic radiation output.
We have to adjust the wavelengths make them shorter.
[machine whirrs.]
Like this, Father? Yes, that's fine.
Now, if we amplify the electronic circuits, creating a circular laser Should I adjust the control knob? Yes, move it two stops to the right.
[electronic beeping.]
Good, Teela.
I think we almost have it.
Just a little more work.
I thought I'd find you in here, Duncan.
He-Man! Hello, Teela.
- What is it? - It's Skeletor.
He's using Beast Man and Trap Jaw in a plan to take over Eternia.
What is his plan? He's raising some sort of army.
That's what we have to find out and stop, whatever it is.
Well, when Skeletor's on the move, there's no time to lose.
Then let's go! No, Teela.
I want you to finish working on the lasso.
But Father, my place is with you and He-Man.
You'll be of much more help working on the lasso.
Yes, Father.
[warbling tone.]
[dramatic music.]
So you really think you and your friends can stop me, He-Man? Trap Jaw can make these Serpentoids as fast as we need them.
And with my strategy, Beast Man will lead them to victory.
And I, Skeletor, will rule Eternia and soon, Castle Grayskull.
My army will stop He-Man once and for all.
[suspenseful music.]
Orko, will you come to the workshop immediately? [shimmering tone.]
Immediate enough? Ha, that was fast.
Well, I am a magician.
And for you, Teela, I would doanything.
You're sweet.
[clears throat.]
Now, I think I've perfected this lasso, and I need you to help test it.
Must I? You said you'd do anything for me.
Ugh, sometimes I talk too much.
All right, Teela.
What shall I do? Float over there, please.
[lively music.]
Okay, Orko, try to get out.
I did it! The lasso works! [grunting.]
Oh! Ugh! Hmm, no reason I shouldn't join my father and He-Man now that I fixed the lasso, is there? After all, the lasso might be of great use to them.
Uh, Teela? Uh, would you get me out of this, please? Uh, oh, sure.
Just a sec.
Trap Jaw and Beast Man can be pretty tricky, especially when Skeletor's calling the shots.
Uh, uh, Teela! Oh, Orko.
Hold on, I'll let you out.
Ah, the things I do for you.
[ominous music.]
There's no sign of anyone, much less an army.
They're around here somewhere, and we have to find them.
Hmm, I don't even see any guards.
That is strange.
We'd better split up.
You check over there.
[exciting music.]
Stand back! [blasting.]
Duncan, try to get back to the Sky Sled! It's time to send your [cackling.]
"Friend" for Man-At-Arms, Beast Man.
Yes, Skeletor.
I, Beast Man, command you to do my bidding, and do it now.
Good, Beast Man.
My plan is working perfectly.
[powerful blast.]
[electricity crackling.]
Hang on, Battle Cat.
[electricity crackling.]
He-Man, help! Help! Man-At-Arms! Beast Man must be behind this.
But what does Skeletor have in mind? [Battle Cat roaring.]
I'll get to the bottom of this.
[exciting music.]
[snarling, hissing.]
Glad you could drop in, Man-At-Arms.
And I'm sorry I don't feel the same, Beast Man.
[Beast Man.]
Forget it.
You won't need this.
You won't need anything.
[suspenseful music.]
Trap Jaw! Yes, Skeletor? He-Man has taken the bait.
He's coming to rescue Man-At-Arms.
Get ready to release our army.
I'm ready.
I don't understand it.
Why isn't the fortress defended? I don't know, and we still haven't seen any of Skeletor's so-called unstoppable army.
That only puts me more on guard.
Let's go! [roars.]
Good going, Battle Cat.
[shrieking noise.]
Where's that coming from? [shrieking noise.]
[shrieking noise.]
Looks like he, or should I say they, have just answered your question.
Come on, Battle Cat.
[shrieking noise.]
He-Man [screaming.]
He-Man [Serpentoids screaming.]
He-Man [He-Man.]
No, you don't.
[Serpentoids screaming.]
Oh, would you like to dance? [Serpentoids screaming.]
[heavy thud.]
There's another one, Battle Cat, over there! [roars.]
[growling, shrieking.]
[heavy thud.]
He-Man [electricity crackling.]
Look, it's a machine! The Sorceress warned us that things aren't always what they seem.
And she was right.
I wonder what other tricks Skeletor has up his sleeve? Just wait, He-Man.
The fun has just begun.
[dramatic music.]
Get them, my little beauties.
[Serpentoids shrieking.]
So this is the Masters' unstoppable army.
Well, we can take care of them, right, Battle Cat? [shrieking.]
Take that! [smash.]
He-Man Thesethese creatures are showing up faster than we can stop them! [chorus.]
He-Man [screaming.]
[electricity crackling.]
This reminds me of a game my mother told me about.
It was called bowling.
Strike! [explosion booms.]
He-Man [roars.]
More? Come on, Battle Cat.
That's right, He-Man, keep fighting.
But I can put out more Serpentoids than you can handle.
[electricity buzzing.]
[Serpentoids screaming.]
Ha! Finally, He-Man, even you can't stop us.
I'm not through yet! [explosion.]
He-Man! Over here! Catch, He-Man! The laser lasso works now.
This won't do you any good now, He-Man.
[device humming.]
Teela, how do I [Teela.]
Just turn the knob on the right to increase the force field! [growling.]
He-Man [tense music.]
We don't have any time to lose.
And I think they're mass-producing these Serpentoids.
You can stop the production with your freeze ray, Teela.
But where's my father? He was captured by one of Beast Man's creatures.
And I'm not leaving until I find him safe and sound.
Battle Cat! Come on, let's go.
In here.
[machinery clanking.]
Hold it right there, Trap Jaw.
That'll do it.
[Trap Jaw.]
Not so fast, Teela.
You can't stop us.
You idiots! If I'm not there, nothing is done right.
Return, Trap Jaw, and you, Beast Man, to Snake Mountain immediately.
You haven't won yet, He-Man.
Your precious Man-At-Arms is still in my not-so-safe keeping.
My father! Now why don't you just try to find him? [cackling.]
This scanner can detect any life force.
[scanner humming.]
I'm picking up something! But that's the mountain.
[wall crumbling.]
[alarm blaring.]
What's that? [cackling.]
Fools! You've set the self-destruct mechanism.
It was designed to keep out intruders.
Now it may keep Man-At-Arms in.
He-Man, in here! [alarm blaring.]
[suspenseful music.]
Over here! We're coming! Where's the destruction device? Right next to me.
He-Man [grunting.]
He-Man [explosion booms.]
He-Man Thank you, He-Man.
That was a little too close for comfort.
There's just one more matter to clear up.
I better dismantle what's left of Skeletor's army.
[uplifting music.]
So when I got the lasso to work, I decided to follow you and He-Man.
Oh, no, not me again! [Man-At-Arms chuckling.]
Hey, what's going on? I'm sure you wouldn't be interested.
Oh, don't be so sure.
You know, Teela, sometimes things aren't always what they seem.
In today's story, I asked my father for permission to do something I wanted to do.
When he didn't give it to me, I did it anyway.
I was lucky; nothing happened to me, but it could have.
Now, maybe mothers and fathers aren't always right, but if they don't always let us do something we want to do, there's generally a pretty good reason.
All in all, I think it's pretty nice to have someone who's always trying to do what's best for us and who loves us enough to say no when it would be much easier to say yes.
[dramatic music.]