He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) s01e34 Episode Script

Masks of Power

1 [dramatic music.]
I am Adam, Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
This is Cringer, my fearless friend.
Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Grayskull!" [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [roaring.]
Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, and Orko.
Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.
[dramatic music.]
Adam, we're never gonna find the City of the Ancient Ones.
Heh, never say never, Orko.
Then we're hardly ever going to find it, all right? [crash.]
And be careful when you say, "All right.
" [dark music.]
Well, let's move on.
According to what the Sorceress told us, we should be very near.
[robot raven cawing.]
Hey, w-w-wait for me! Orko, Man-At-Arms, we're here.
The City of the Ancients.
[dramatic music.]
He-Man There's some kind of power in the air.
- [warbling tone.]
- I feel it.
I'm not sure it's friendly either.
The Ancient Ones did have incredible power, Orko.
Power we must rediscover and use for the good of all.
Adam, Orko, look out! The Sorceress said the spirits of the last rulers might be haunting this place.
You don't suppose these are [He-Man.]
The evil wizard Demos and his witch queen, Tyrella, the last rulers of the City of the Ancients.
[robot raven cawing.]
That bird gives me the creeps.
[robot raven caws.]
Ha! My robot bird has tracked them perfectly.
The power of Demos will soon be mine.
Where are Beast Man and Evil-Lyn? My warriors are never around when I need them.
[warbling tones.]
Skeletor? Who are you? My name is Aran.
Oh! And I am Oona.
We have learned much from your warriors.
Now we want to prove our worth to you.
Let us do your bidding.
Whatever you ask, we shall accomplish.
Indeed? Let's see if you're worthy to serve me.
Oh! [Skeletor.]
Very clever.
That was quick thinking.
What else can you do? [warbling tone.]
Yes, your magic is strong.
No more tests, Skeletor.
Very good, young one! I like your spirit.
Now kneel before your master.
Are you sure this is what we want, Aran? Yes, serving Skeletor will lead to power and glory.
Now, do as he says.
[warbling tone.]
It is done.
Your task is to journey to the City of the Ancients and return with the Power Masks of Demos.
But that is impossible.
The City of the Ancients has been lost for centuries.
It was, but Prince Adam just found it for us! [cackling.]
Well, Adam, do you think any of these relics contain the secrets we're looking for? Hey! Get me out of here! What do you think, Duncan? Shall we leave him in there? Hmm.
Not a bad idea.
Unless, of course, he intended to help with dinner.
All right! I'll help! Orko, bring me that pot of water.
Ah, sure thing, Man-At-Arms.
[shimmering tone.]
Orko, can't you ever do anything like a normal alien? - Be careful.
- Don't worry, Man-At-Arms.
I've got it totally under control.
Aah! Yikes! Totally under control, eh? [stammering.]
Well, d-d-did you s-see it? Th-th-that awful, terrifying face? The only awful thing I saw was your magic.
Orko must have triggered some ancient power.
Try something else.
- [trilling tones.]
- [stammering gibberish.]
P-pots rise in air! Oh, well.
I've been wrong before.
[playful music.]
Uh, help! They're after me! [pots shatter.]
I guess Adam was right after all, eh, Orko? Oh, just my luck.
[dramatic music.]
Prince Adam is right in there.
He doesn't know that the room he's looking for is right under his feet.
[warbling tone.]
There's the entrance.
Can you lift this, Aran? If it leads to power, no task is too great.
[stone crashes.]
Ahh! Lumino crawnda.
[shimmering tone.]
This way.
Let's take a look outside.
I have a strange feeling that we've got company.
[suspenseful music.]
Look! Someone is down there.
I say we drop in on these mystery guests and see if they're friends or enemies.
I wish you hadn't said that.
I feel the Ancient Ones.
They call to us.
The Masks of Power! [Oona.]
They're alive! [faint warbling.]
Hear that noise? Something's about to happen, guys.
As soon as we put the masks on, the power will be ours.
Stop! You don't know what you're doing! You must not put the masks on! Aran, um, maybe we shouldn't.
We must seize the power for Skeletor.
[warbling tones.]
Look! They've changed! Just as the Sorceress warned.
The poor fools have been possessed by the spirits of Demos and his witch queen.
Yes, we are back.
And no one shall stop us again.
[warbling tone.]
Orko! Man-At-Arms! Look out! I think it's time I made a change of my own.
[dramatic music.]
He-Man By the power of Grayskull! [chorus.]
He-Man He-Man He-Man I have the power! Aha! Another enemy has come to test us.
But not for long.
- The powersquare will hold him.
- [zapping.]
We'll see about that.
He-Man Enough of this play.
The time has come to claim the Sword of the Ancients.
I hate to mention this, but I think you're trapped.
Correction, mortal.
We have nowhere to go but up.
[warbling tone.]
- I'll get him, He-Man! - Orko, no! [Orko.]
Stop! I command you! [both laughing.]
Yi-yikes! He-Man, they're getting away! Don't worry.
We'll see you're kept busy.
[warbling tones.]
Busy indeed.
I, Demos, command Aroo, the Protector of the Masks, to awake.
That doesn't sound very encouraging.
[Aroo roaring.]
That sounds even worse.
Orko, you'd better float out of here.
- [Aroo snarls.]
- I can't.
That blast must have knocked out my powers.
- [Aroo snarls.]
- Yikes! Orko! [Orko.]
He-Man, thank you.
I'm always happy to give you a hand or get you out of one.
Orko, you've got to get the rope and drop the rest of us a line.
I better get back before that oversized beastie makes He-Man mad.
He-Man, he's got me! [He-Man.]
Want to arm-wrestle? - [Aroo snarling.]
- [He-Man straining.]
Huh? [snarling.]
I'm coming, guys! [Aroo snarling.]
Oh, no.
It's too short.
I'd say we had a problem, a big one.
[dramatic music.]
[Aroo roaring.]
Duncan, up the wall! Quick! [Aroo roaring.]
You don't have to say that again.
Sorry we can't stay and play, but it's past your bedtime.
He-Man I hope the Sorceress can tell us where Demos and Tyrella have gone.
And why they've come back to life.
Castle Grayskull! [Sorceress.]
Demos and Tyrella seek the Sword of the Ancients, and they must be stopped.
I thought that sword was only a legend.
Demos and Tyrella were only legends themselves, until today.
[shimmering tone.]
[warbling tone.]
Many centuries ago, the Sword of the Ancients was thrust into a boulder of pure quartz, deep beneath Snake Mountain itself.
That is where you will find Demos and Tyrella.
Skeletor's not gonna be too happy about us dropping in on his headquarters.
Orko, maybe you better stay here and help defend Grayskull.
Good idea.
If you insist.
Skeletor knows nothing of the sword's location, which is fortunate, because next to your magic sword, it is the most powerful weapon in Eternia.
Demos and his witch queen must not succeed.
[warbling tone.]
[wolf howls in distance.]
[warbling tone.]
[shimmering tone.]
Snake Mountainat last.
The Sword of the Ancients calls from its hiding place.
It will not be long now.
Who dares to enter the domain of Skeletor? Who is this "Skeletor"? He looks familiar.
It is of no matter, my queen.
Skeletor, I think it is time you showed better manners to your new masters.
I command you to bow to us! I bow to no one! - [zapping.]
- Is that so? We shall see.
[laughs maniacally.]
I see you decided to bow after all.
No one defies Skeletor! [chuckles.]
Oh, no? [warbling tone.]
[straining grunt.]
Let's go.
He may be dangerous once he gets free.
I feel the pull of the sword.
This way! [warbling tone.]
Let me out! [warbling tone.]
There was never a door there before.
What's going on? [chorus.]
He-Man He-Man He-Man He-Man He-Man! You look right at home behind bars, Skeletor.
Let me out.
Looks like you've had some company.
Tell us where they went.
Why not? The four of you can battle it out, but only if you free me.
All right.
Where are they? They went through that wall.
Now keep your word.
I hate to do this, but I did give my word.
You'll never get through that wall.
It's 40 feet thick.
Oh, really? I'll be backfor you.
He-Man He-Man [Demos.]
It has taken us centuries.
The Sword of the Ancients shall be ours at last.
Demos, look! The door! [Demos.]
By the will of the Ancients, we command thee open! [warbling tone.]
I hope we're not too late.
[warbling tone.]
Hmm, whatever Demos and He-Man seek must have incredible power.
I can wait no longer.
I must have it for myself.
This portal should take me where I want to go.
[warbling tone.]
Behold the sword! [He-Man.]
And by the power of Grayskull, beholding it is all you're going to do.
I thought we had taken care of these two.
Well, we'll just have to take care of them again.
And you shall not escape either, He-Man.
[warbling tone.]
That wall looks hungry.
[growls softly.]
[both cackling.]
And now for the sword.
[blows landing.]
Sorry, guys.
I think I gave the wall a stomachache.
- I'll stop you yet! - [zapping.]
Don't worry.
I'll get us down.
Demos, quick! Take the sword! [chorus.]
He-Man [sword clangs.]
He-Man He-Man, your sword! No time now.
I, Demos, claim the Sword of the Ancients.
- No! - [zapping.]
Aha! [straining.]
Ah, the sword is moving.
He-Man No! [Sword.]
I am the Sword of the Ancients, and I have awakened to battle for freedom and justice once more! [Skeletor.]
You may have achieved your quest, He-Man, but I have your sword! Now I want the Sword of the Ancients as well! [shimmering tone.]
It was foretold that I would join with another mighty sword.
And that one has now appeared.
May the two become one [thunderclap.]
and help He-Man to defend Eternia! No! [warbling tone.]
Wh-wh-what's happening? The power of the masks has been destroyed, Aran.
I'mI'm me again! The very power we were looking for took us over and controlled our spirits.
Now you've seen what it is to serve the forces of evil.
Is that what you want? I want no part of it.
You're right, Oona.
I made a terrible mistake.
There's no glory in serving an evil power.
You'll pay for betraying me.
It's you who will be paying, Skeletorin prison.
- Not this time, He-Man! - [zapping.]
[warbling tone.]
Maybe not, but your time will come.
He-Man, how can we make up for what we've done? You've already taken the hardest step by admitting you were wrong.
That takes a lot of courage.
We'll never serve the forces of evil again.
It's a long way home.
Come on.
Oh! You mean you'll take us with you? Of course.
[warbling tone.]
You're going to like the bright side of Eternia.
He-Man [Oona.]
Funny it seems brighter already.
He-Man All of us make mistakes, and Oona and Aran made a big one.
But when they realized what they'd done, they didn't lie about it.
They didn't try to cover it up.
Instead, they admitted it.
As He-Man said, admitting you're wrong takes courage, but when you do, you've taken the first big step toward making up for it.
Of course, if you're like me, you never make a mistake.
- Orko.
- Guess I better disappear.
[shimmering tone.]
Oops! I think I made a mistake.
[dramatic music.]