He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) s01e54 Episode Script

The Return of Granamyr

1 [dramatic music.]
I am Adam, Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
This is Cringer, my fearless friend.
Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Grayskull!" [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [roaring.]
Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, and Orko.
Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.
[foreboding music.]
[pleasant music.]
[swords clashing.]
Very good, Adam.
Keep that guard up.
Now forward.
Good, good.
But watch out for this.
That sure was quick.
Get your sword.
I'll teach it to you, if I haven't tired you out.
Not yet.
[Zoar screeches.]
It's Zoar! [screeching.]
The Sorceress wants to see us.
Then I guess practice is over.
Sorceress! We're here.
[warbling tone.]
Welcome, Prince Adam.
I have a message for you or rather, for He-Man.
A message? From who? I think you'll remember him.
[shimmering tone.]
Granamyr! Sorceress, tell He-Man that I wish to speak with him in Darksmoke as soon as possible.
So that's the dragon who helped save me from Skeletor's evil spell.
Ooh, he's something.
There's not another like him.
But I wonder why he wants to see He-Man.
I don't know.
But an invitation from the oldest and wisest of the dragons of Darksmoke is a great honor.
Then I'd better get moving.
By the power of Grayskull! [chorus.]
He-Man [dramatic music.]
He-Man I have the power! I'd like to come along.
I never did get the chance to thank Granamyr personally.
That's why I summoned you as well.
And I can use the company.
It's a long way to Darksmoke.
He-Man A long way is right.
We've been flying for hours.
Granamyr likes his privacy, but we should see it any minute now.
In fact, there it is.
Darksmoke! Hold on.
Come on.
[doors slam open.]
Welcome, He-Man.
By the Ancients! I thank you for accepting my invitation.
But I did not invite you.
This is my friend, Man-At-Arms, the one you saved when we first met.
He wanted to thank you in person.
Poor excuse for bad manners.
Well, I didn't mean to be rude.
Please accept my apology and my thanks.
At least you speak with respect.
I wouldn't speak any other way to one as grand as you.
You show good sense for a human.
You may stay.
Thank you again.
And now, the the reason for my invitation.
Torm! [mechanical buzzing.]
Well, come on, come on.
This is the one we've been waiting for.
My champion? Champion? This is Torm, the youngest dragon of Darksmoke.
He is in love with a female of your kind.
Her name is Lyra.
She is the loveliest and sweetest being I have ever known.
She is small and foolish like all humans, but love blinds even dragons at times.
A dragon in love with a human? Amazing.
On the day of their wedding, Torm shall undergo the Great Spell of Changing and become human as well.
He will never again know the joy of flying freely or the power of dragonkind.
And he will live not thousands of years, but only the pitiful few of a human.
It is something few men would do for the love of a woman.
But what does this have to do with me? My Lyra's father is a wizard and demands a test of anyone wishing to marry his daughter.
By our dragon's codes, Torm may not become human until the girl has pledged herself to him.
But the wizard will allow a human champion to take the test in his place.
And you want me to be that champion? You are the only human we dragons can call friend.
But the choice is yours.
But what if I fail this test? But you mustn't.
You mustn't.
If you fail, my ears will ring for the next thousand years with the moans of this lovesick hatchling.
It is a thought that frightens even me.
Well, then I'll do my best.
I expect no more and no less.
The wizard will be expecting you.
Thank you.
Don't worry, Torm, I'll have your bride here before you know it.
It would be so wonderful.
A dragon in love.
The world will never be the same.
Farewell, He-Man.
[engines blasting.]
[regal music.]
I do not accept this.
Lyra should be my bride, not the wife of a monster.
Torm is no monster.
He's a gentle spirit, and I love him.
And I would not marry you in any case.
My daughter has made herself clear on this matter, Zem.
Go in peace and trouble us no more.
This beast has bewitched you both.
Guard your tongue, Zem, or [man.]
Great Brindle, the dragon's champion has arrived! Show him in at once.
As for you, Zem, leave my house now! And never return! Old Man, you have not heard the last of this.
[dramatic music.]
Out of my way, oaf.
Not very polite, is he? Pay him no mind, He-Man.
He wants to marry my daughter, but she won't have him.
You know me? There are few on Eternia who do not.
Torm has chosen his champion well.
Oh, He-Man, thank you for helping us.
Now I know Torm and I will be married.
He must still pass the test, Lyra.
But he will.
I know he will.
Oh, Father, I'm so happy.
She seems to love Torm as much as he loves her.
We will hold the test first thing in the morning.
But tonight, you must be my guests.
It will be our pleasure.
[cheerful music.]
I'll show that old fool Brindle.
Braylok, demon of the night, I call upon you.
What is your wish? In that tower room sleeps He-Man and his friend.
I want you to enter it and take He-Man to your dark land.
It will be done.
[ominous music.]
He-Man, look out! [warbling tone.]
[explosion booms.]
[dramatic music.]
Hold it, ugly.
One touch, and I shall carry you back to my land.
Not so fast, demon.
- Thanks.
- Save it.
That thing's not through yet.
Mortal fools! [grunting.]
Let's get him.
Where did he go? [warbling tone.]
I can't move! And now to my world! [Brindle.]
To your world indeed, demon! But you'll go alone.
[shimmering tone.]
No! Ugh, that was close.
Too close.
Are you all right? Thanks to you.
What was that creature? A Demon of Night.
Had I not stopped him, you would've been slaves in his dark world forever.
But who sent it? [Brindle.]
Must have been Zem that jealous fool.
We better be on guard from now on.
Don't trouble yourselves.
[shimmering tone.]
So Brindle casts a spell of protection.
It can only mean my demon has failed.
But tomorrow I will succeed, and He-Man will be finished! [Brindle.]
Are you ready to begin the test, He-Man? [He-Man.]
Then listen carefully.
Somewhere in my maze stands the Tree of Many Fruits.
On that tree grows a single silver apple.
You must find the tree and get the apple.
Bring it to me, and my daughter will be free to marry your dragon friend.
Now that you know what's to be done, enter, and good luck.
Just a minute, Brindle.
That Zem character might try to interfere.
Once He-Man enters, no one else will be able to follow.
My magic will see to that.
That's what you think, Brindle.
[warbling tone.]
[fly buzzing.]
[dramatic music.]
[shimmering tone.]
[warbling tone.]
It's done.
Now it's all up to He-Man.
What's happening, Granamyr? [Granamyr.]
He-Man has begun the test.
[fly buzzing.]
[flames crackling.]
Hmm, there's something funny about this.
If this is really fire, why aren't those hedges burning? No heat.
Which means this is only an illusion.
[dissonant harp notes.]
Can I help you, stranger? I'm looking for the Tree of Many Fruits.
Why do you seek the Tree? [He-Man.]
To get the silver apple.
Then your quest is ended.
But Brindle said the apple would be on the Tree.
Perhaps he lied, or don't you believe what you see? As a matter of fact, I don't.
[warbling tone.]
Well done, champion.
The true prize awaits you there.
The Tree! [centaur.]
What do you want here? I want that silver apple.
Will you fight me for it? I'd prefer to do it some other way.
Your strength must be tested, but if you can think of another way to do so This should do it.
Ha! A tug-of-war! An excellent idea.
Whenever you're ready.
Then let's begin.
You are no weakling champion.
You're not so badyourself, but I needthat apple.
[vine snapping.]
Are you all right? A most refreshing bath.
The silver apple is yours, champion.
But it won't be yours for long.
I'll take that.
Zem, stop! Oh, no, I must have taken a wrong turn.
This maze is tricky, isn't it? I believe that apple is mine.
We'll see about that.
[metal clanking.]
Stay away.
Just give me the apple, and I won't tell Brindle what you did, if you promise not to cause any more trouble.
I promise.
Good, and now I've got to go.
I promise you'll be sorry for this, He-Man.
Anybody want to go to a wedding? Oh, He-Man, you've done it! [dramatic music.]
So they think I'm finished.
Well, they'll see.
He-Man [Granamyr.]
You've done well, He-Man, and now you must all leave so that I may begin the Great Spell of Changing.
[sinister music.]
[wind howling.]
[thunder booming.]
[shimmering tone.]
Yes, this is it, exactly as the old legends say.
Forces of darkness, hear my plea! Revive the ancient enemy of the Dragons of Darksmoke! [thunder booming.]
Free! Free! Shadowwing, hear me.
It's I who freed you, and I ask you a favor.
Human insect, prepare to meet your doom! Wait, I want you to destroy Darksmoke and its dragons, and I'll help.
Darksmoke? It still stands? Yes, if you want revenge on the dragons for imprisoning you Enough! I shall destroy Darksmoke as you wish, though I am afraid you will not be there to see it.
[shimmering tone.]
[frog croaking.]
[dramatic music.]
[distant roar.]
What's that? Granamyr! I have returned for you! Shadowwing! [energy surging.]
Evil worm.
[shimmering tone.]
Torm! [shimmering tone.]
I've got to stop that evil dragon.
He-Man [lasers firing.]
He-Man Stupid human! You dare attack me? [chorus.]
He-Man [energy surging.]
He got my engine.
Only one chance.
Got to time this just right! Just one more second.
He-Man [cackling.]
He-Man, are you all right? - Did I do it? - Do what? [Granamyr roaring.]
It cannot be! Now, wretched worm, feel the wrath of Granamyr.
[flames rushing.]
[energy surging.]
And now, Shadowwing, to the realm of demons where you belong.
No! No! By the Ancients, I've never seen such power.
Like I once told you, he's, uh, one of a kind.
[Granamyr roaring.]
He-Man [joyful music.]
And so, by the great laws of dragon and man, I now declare you husband and wife.
I know you two will be happy.
I guess we'll be going, Granamyr.
Once again, you've proved to me that there may be some hope for humans yet.
For thatI thank you.
You're quite welcome, and if you should ever need me again [Granamyr.]
I shall call.
Farewell, hero of Eternia.
Farewell, oldest and wisest of dragons.
You know, this is something I'll never forget.
Neither will I, old friend.
Neither will I.
Helping his dragon friend sure kept He-Man busy today, and Brindle's tests were pretty tough.
In one of those tests to prove his courage, he was challenged to a fight, but He-Man wouldn't fight.
The fact is, fighting never proves anything.
Trying to find a peaceful way to settle a problem is usually the best way, and if someone calls you a coward or a chicken, don't let it worry you.
It often takes more courage not to fight.
Until later, bye now! [dramatic music.]