He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983) s01e63 Episode Script

The Once and Future Duke

1 [dramatic music.]
I am Adam, Prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull.
This is Cringer, my fearless friend.
Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said, "By the power of Grayskull!" [chorus.]
He-Man I have the power! [roaring.]
Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat, and I became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.
Only three others share this secret: our friends the Sorceress, Man-At-Arms, and Orko.
Together we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.
[sinister music.]
Let's get out of this place! [He-Man.]
What's your problem, Cringer? There are creepy, crawly things in here.
Yikes! [David.]
Help! Help! Listen.
Help! Somebody else is being munched by moths.
- [David.]
Help! - Over there! [hunger lily growling.]
A hunger lily's got that boy.
- Help! - We have to help him.
What do you mean, we? By the power of Grayskull! [chorus.]
He-Man [dramatic music.]
I have the power! [chorus.]
He-Man [roaring.]
He-Man [gagging.]
Battle Cat.
He-Man I hate to rush off while you're all tied up.
Are you all right? You look familiar.
You're David.
David from Abra, right? I-I don't know.
I don't know who I am.
He-Man rescued the boy from a hunger lily.
Teela, don't you recognize him? He looks like David of Abra, but it can't be.
How is it possible? You two played with David when you were all eight years old.
Well, if that is David, he should be the same age as you two.
We grew up.
Why didn't he? [He-Man.]
Well, he can't tell us that.
He's lost his memory.
- David, don't you remember me? - No.
We used to play together, remember? Remember the time we were playing ball? We broke a window here in the palace, and you were afraid of my father? But you were more afraid that I'd be punished.
So you marched right up to my father and said, "Teela didn't do it.
I did!" Oh, I was so proud of you.
I-I don't remember anything.
What's gonna happen to me? [Teela.]
Don't worry.
We're your friends.
We'll help somehow.
How did you happen to be in the Vine Jungle, David? [David.]
I don't know.
Take it easy, David.
Uh, if you'll excuse me.
Sorceress, can you help? If this is David, how could he still be a child? The boy is David of Abra, whom you played with as a child.
His people were keepers of the Ring of Remembrance.
They were happy and contented, and all was well.
He grew up, just as you and Teela did, but just as he reached the age when he would become Duke of Abra, his evil uncle, Count Marzo, cast a spell that reverted him to childhood with no memory of who he really is.
Well, what happened to the ring? Count Marzo has it.
The spell cannot be removed until the ring is recovered.
David was my friend when we were children.
I've got to help him.
He-Man This is taken from the orbiting eternoscope.
Since the Ring of Remembrance is made of the rare element Memorio, I have the scope tuned to detect it.
[scope beeping.]
It's in the Lake of the Lost! Let's go! Hold on.
There are strange magnetic currents in that area.
Last time I took the Raider through there, I had to recalibrate all the instruments.
Then we'll fly as far as we can and go on foot from there.
You really didn't need to come along.
David was my friend too.
But I never even knew him.
How come I've got to come along? [warbling tone.]
So they're after the Ring of Remembrance, are they? [chuckles.]
We'll see about that.
[gong resounds.]
[magic warbles.]
Yes, Count Marzo, you rang? Yes.
Prince Adam and Teela think that they are going to help my nephew.
Stop them.
Yes, master.
[warbling tone.]
And they can't help my nephew if they can't find him.
And the waters of the Well of Forgetfulness will help me.
[water bubbling.]
[dramatic music.]
[steam hisses.]
I got a sure cure for a lost memory.
I'll show you a trick so old, anybody can remember it.
Oh, no.
[shimmering tone.]
Pick a card, any card.
It's a gorgon, right? No, it's a gryphon.
Whoops, I guess I did something wrong.
Why me? Why is it always me? [laughs.]
I like you, Orko.
If you want to amuse the boy, forget your mixed-up magic.
Play a game with him and as far away from me as possible.
That's a great idea.
Come on, David! 9,998.
10,000! Ready or not, here I come.
Come out, come out, wherever you are.
You can't hide from me.
The great Orko sees all, knows all! Huh? Orko is sure to find you here.
Why don't you hide over there, David? [David.]
Oh, great! [playful music.]
Who are you? [laughs.]
You'll never know.
[tense music.]
Ah, there you are, my darling nephew.
Who are you? Your loving uncle, and I've come to take you home.
That boy's a champion hider.
Help! Help! Uh-oh.
Orko, somebody, help me! That's David's voice.
That must be Count Marzo.
Man-At-Arms! Count Marzo he's taking David away.
Who are you? I'm Orko, your old pal, uh, the great magician! I'm sorry.
I can't seem to remember.
What? You can't remember me? Oh, I'll help you remember.
I'll do a trick.
I'll make myself disappear.
Genie, feenie, fomie, foe, as you watch me, here I go! [shimmering tone.]
I think I goofed.
Well, that's very interesting but silly.
What's going on around here? I have to do something, but what? He's taking David.
Who's gonna save him? [engines whirring.]
[mystical twinkling music.]
Once we get through the pass at Crystal Mountain, we'll be halfway to the Lake of the Lost.
Boy, it's rough country.
My feet hurt.
- [buzzing sound.]
- What's that? [Teela.]
What is it? [Cringer.]
I've got a hunch it's not inviting us to a party.
Oh, I don't think so either.
I'll see if there's a way around it.
Come on, Cringer.
Adam, wait.
We should He's gone! Oh, why does he always run away? By the power of Grayskull! [thunder booms.]
He-Man Go back.
Oh, no.
I'm going through, even if I have to go through you.
That would not be a pleasant experience.
No, you don't! [Teela.]
He-Man! You'll have to come and get me.
I rather expected that.
What now, He-Man? [sword clanking.]
No, you won't! You trapped him! He does look sort of boxed in.
That crystal is the only thing that stops the chimera.
I hope that's the last we'll hear from Count Marzo.
Oh, you're very wrong, little lady.
[Marzo laughing.]
When the waters of the Well of Forgetfulness join the Lake of the Lost, the memory of any who touch that water will be gone forever.
[creature snarling.]
Oh, boy.
He-Man and Teela are in for it.
If they try to swim for the ring, they're going to forget what they're swimming for.
What can you do? I've got to tell them! How will you get there? [monster growling.]
Uh, nice birdie.
Uh, not-so-nice birdie.
Why don't you use magic? Why didn't I think of that? Why be angry, why be sad, with this powder, I'll make you glad! [magic chimes.]
All right, don't overdo it.
Hurry, Battle Cat, before the count thinks up any more tricks.
[thunder rumbles.]
Uh, a little more to the right.
Now hold that course.
Soon the Waters of Forgetfulness will be waiting for He-Man.
That glow in the middle of the lake! [He-Man.]
That's the ring! Let's go get it! I see 'em.
Hurry up, fuzz head! I'll have to swim for the ring.
Wait, stop, don't! It's Orko! The lake! Uh-oh.
Whoa! What were you trying to warn us about? Who are you? Who am I? Who are you? [growls.]
You've forgotten your old buddy? He can't remember anything.
He was trying to warn us.
He said, "The lake.
" That's it.
This must be one of Count Marzo's cute little tricks.
I'd better not go in.
But if you don't, we can't get the ring! Well, then, we'll just have to find another way.
If I can't go in the water, we'll take the water out! Now, to get the Ring of Remembrance.
Uh-oh, which one is it? [He-Man.]
It looks as if the count doesn't want it to be too easy for us.
What this is going to take is concentration.
Real Memorio should be attracted to the Power Sword.
[warbling tone.]
You hold this, Teela.
I've never seen Memorio before.
David will be glad when we get his memory back.
But there's still some unfinished business here.
I think these fish will be glad to get their old lake back.
We shouldn't disturb them any more than necessary, and since water doesn't flow uphill without help, I need to create a vacuum.
He keeps saying, "Who am I?" And I keep telling him, but it doesn't do any good! Who are you? I have an idea.
Orko? - Who? - [He-Man.]
That's you.
Float over here, please.
Hold the Ring of Remembrance up to the sun, Teela.
Now, think, Orko.
Try to remember who I am.
Hi, He-Man.
Hi, Teela.
Welcome back, Orko.
You too, Battle Cat.
Oh, my gosh, did I get here on time? You were trying to warn us.
Well, the count has David locked up in his castle.
Then that's where we're going, to Count Marzo's castle.
Let's go, Cat.
I just remembered, don't go near the water! [wails and yelps.]
I should be getting used to this.
[tense music.]
[power warbling.]
Count Marzo's castle.
Where did this fog come from? It'scold.
Stay together.
He-Man, where are you? [stammers.]
Who is it? It's Teela, Orko.
Stick with me.
I know where that castle is.
This is no ordinary fog.
Teela, Orko, stay together.
Where's together? [Orko.]
This way.
No, this way.
I know this place like the inside of my hat.
Trust me! Orko! I'm right here.
Orko, where are you? Is that you? Give me a hand.
I'm not going to get out that way.
How about that way? [wind whistling.]
I'm glad I found you, Cat.
Me too! I think he needs the full effect of the freezing fog.
[power warbles.]
It is cold, and I'd better do something about this before we turn into ice cubes.
[shimmering tone.]
By the time the ice melts, it will be too late for you to do anything to stop me, He-Man.
You sure you want to go in there? We're in Count Marzo's castle.
It's the great hall! I'll use my magic.
Door now open, open wide, give me room to go inside.
[shimmering tone.]
I did something wrong.
Let me try.
Teela! Come on, David.
We've come to get you out of here.
Now, you didn't think that I'd let you get away with this, did you? [David.]
I want to go with Teela.
But Teela's not going anywhere.
[warbling tone.]
Never fear, I'll get out.
Or maybe I won't.
Now, we're going to have to figure out what to do with you.
If I could get the Sword of Power up above the fog [ice shatters.]
The power of the sun [shatters.]
Why don't we put some light on this? [inhales deeply.]
[wind whooshing.]
Now, Cat, let's see what Count Marzo is up to.
He-Man I think I will keep you three in there possibly forever.
Forever's a long time, Count Marzo.
He-Man! I don't know how you broke free, but you won't win against my magic.
Well, so much for your magic.
I was just about to take care of that.
Count Marzo seems to have an important date somewhere else.
He won't get far.
He fell in the Well of Forgetfulness.
How niceguests! He's forgotten to be evil.
Who are you? [creature shrieks.]
This is the way He-Man brought back Orko's memory.
[device whirring.]
Where's everybody been? [Orko.]
Look who's here.
Oh, I'm afraid I missed all the fun.
That's all right.
He-Man got the Ring of Remembrance back.
David, hold out your hand.
Now, you'll be the rightful duke of Abra.
David, Duke of Abra.
But still our friend.
The ring, it will restore my people.
Thank you, Teela, Adam, for everything you did for me.
I can remember it all now.
Well, I guess it's He-Man you should thank, not me.
Well, there's one thing I want you to forget, the way I disappeared for you before.
I've got it down perfectly now.
Watch! Geebie, feelie, filee, foe, as you watch me, here I go.
Oh, uh-oh.
Oh, well.
Anybody want to play checkers? [laughter.]
Swimming is fun and good for you, but going in the water can be very dangerous on your planet as well as mine.
But there's no chance that you'll lose your memory as Orko did, but the threat of drowning is very real.
That's why it's important to be aware of the rules of water safety.
Don't play jokes in the water, always be sure to swim in an area where an adult is watching you, and never swim alone.
Go with a friend.
Keep your swimming safe, and live to swim another day.